OMF - Glenn is triggered by Bill Nye & Skip Bayless had an all-time awful take, 7-17-2018

Ordway, Merloni and Fauria
Tuesday, July 17th
HOUR 3 - The difference between last year's Red Sox and this year's club are striking. Ordway calls Bill Nye a complete fraud who made a fool of himself in the MLB Celebrity Softball Game. Skip Bayless thought last night's home run derby was an all-time great baseball moment.

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It it. Fort Wayne alimony and for their defense will be really good even if he doesn't like okay 3130. To 32. 32 ain't nobody coming close to carry yourself Craig can I get a lot. Well hey I want you pissed off everybody troops. Including county executive. With the gland Lou and Christian prayer is nobody gonna pay him that that kind of must unbelievable this the greatest time ever assembled why. Really feel we're all on teens now on Sports Radio WEEI. I think there near pine hills golf book club the W me yesterday thought celebrity golf tournaments all hosted by Jane Park she just Jamie just give me a list of all the people nervous that you sit there and that shows that he's seriously go after. And our guys want everybody you know one of blood the LP one. I would say it was that LP one the end of the we or run down the entire list much longer than you that you thought. I don't you go hole on real quick because teams. Nervous about the weather and and I I keep talking I'll look at my dark sky and if you will not cosigned ladies and gentlemen the chief meteorologist. Against Soria SO right now severe thunderstorm watch. I don't watch Kate for where. For you for your right here anyway but full of flat. It pulls up the address that your rat somewhere before clubhouse Adam and Matt Matt. Max. The right now eight degrees by 2 PM a breezy partly cloudy outlook PME Yang thanks lower case you're you're fine. It is possible Serena doll. The did you get people landing in indoors I can ring it'll rain and you'll get other stones with the Canadians aren't I don't care isn't really a comedian here today. Who here. Tony he was supposed to be here. It. Like to give give give him you. Gotta get on our guest we're working over here hello. Yeah he's a broadcaster that it used to do you know site for these football coach you guys disagree yes yes or who's the comedian. So it's Christine Hurley a she's very guy is very funny yes it's that she makes a lot of fun man I'll give you I don't know I don't know. I hope I'm I don't know what did I don't like that wouldn't make. Apache. Actually doing joints of that expect me to that I Tyson at all times I have three. He added I don't like. Odds are she's gonna come there and yuck don't make him laugh. Yes what's it becomes easy that's because it dropped and there will be pressure is coming to with it and I think it's or make everything crime. Certainly it deregulated doing and we and live auction brought LB here and everybody would rise significantly the Icrc is alive auction now I've eulogy she and with it. You make it by lap subject and yeah they're better. That's me yeah winners. Around yeah I played you you bodily you're talking about. Leaving town I don't know if from them. You want you want purple heart stories right that you want to pull a heart strings and then you go live time that they hope for it went well yeah it was great Yahoo! great. Right there Leon will hold have a photo ops center resurfacing at 11 o'clock eleven easier now there's no golf. Like that is part of what that news conference that beds ultimately it is this shows up on like now like an oddity shows. Which. I'd LP. It's a political. LP has been. But what happened to me is don't be hugely great he's fantastic he's been here nine years of me Aniston the United States which isn't malicious it's a no I would never put some ice to bring them great cigars and pie loves pie. Argument about it. I don't I'm. I think ours every year old needs to get us to get it up. A breath on that. It's gonna account that is to say cost. Of doing both at Wimbledon they. Right here by a neck high Lugar I am wearing a white. This year qualities that you mention he's in his he's got a brand new show is taken up without an Alley right now so he's got an emotional range and it's really good for him well and I loved he's that much of lives and yeah he's so why did you review the holes is very giving them. They spit and yeah I was and I I my life I think you know. That place. Get that it was the YE Mikey call and we get bigger over the Philadelphia who was the wolf I do that wolf guy what I've got caught. All odds that we need that we. Now think about it until that. So we know you wanted to call you this big name players officers. I think Italian public does. If I think players you know we talk of the clintons here re able or jobs we mean an iTunes Indonesia. Those are all alone last year Brian Boyle. Brian Boyle is here alone humor Loney about any of which there yet but they asked you become acute. It knocks it out but just like the guys that never leaves. You know he's he's you know which is you that movie what about Bob. Puts it is about hot where I am I kind of. Well I can't believe. It. God didn't think he's done a good. I orgy. Only about an all celebrity's. As we know that is good day with a load up you know we know Hillary Bill Murray. One of the better right yeah there treasures we have tried those in the era Padilla a place that would suck in a and he won't little doubt now that he's average drivers that there's this therapist. And he needs some big steps to baby steps that they have been announced that I'm sailing. Without Stanley I think I have to personally ask me what about Bob. Best musical knowledge note. If you visit but. But I don't know what were known but that's that's what that's gluten. Is again. My back and lose by it was a 3-D like organized by all the guys up and ask him what we season. He should be term right now I should ask why and other stuff I think this study done different holes none of it eventually. It's getting it well what does this. It's all tied Arnold magnitude anything drastic restructuring Cuba. I looked at video phone calls here as I feel bad political hole for law is Paul Winchell thanks for it at all. This matter pleasant carrier cellular. Good good the humidity gets to rub some and Lou this is far more fact based respect the person I lose my back Christians are. And here this is what acting JD. When he was at Detroit errors or use in the three other teams. At that time being injured and not really hitting well. They let him go because his performance was what you would call at that level not that great. What you comic created which is. And Apple Computer and in the enclosed. It is probably the best deal we've ever gotten and a great inspiration for everybody with and rookie we know what. So I'm glad you gotta be Christian I happen here is not being high dollar demand he get sent base will not all the obviously not going anywhere but you gotta look at this realistically in the big money and attitude the wrong way to go. I'm looking at a bigger sample that you war and if you look back the last couple years and you see what he's done. You have to buy into the fact that he is a late bloomer. He figured this thing out. It plays right into the statement Saber metrics mentality. That that's what he figured out you know launch handle all this other crap and miles per hour in and pick them parable about not hitting hero of the year and the way he can move the ball around and protect. Every part of the that the strikes if you buy into that. I don't see how you look at this guy I think he's gonna fall apart the next 45 years I don't see. And we talk about durability. Where you're right he's had some injury situations in the past. But what he missed 23 games so far this year. Which you measure it's it's it's funny how late the injury. Injury history is not part of the equation not a part of the story that but maybe he's figured all of this element is to get out of his body did you. Goes to a period of all the winners at eagle. What I'd like hurdle Marlon whether I know I mean I think that I think bad luck has something to do with it sure do everything right and just have a bunch of bad luck you know you just pull answering that leaves something else. He's you become. You know aware of what you need to do and how to fix it you have to deal with self correct itself I guess I say self medicate but it really mean. Not about taking drugs but really you grow what's. Speaking in what's ailing you and that you that you built exit on your on your own. And and that to me lately David Price like the price has this. You know he's heard it. This the stigma attached to him that he saw. That he's injury prone and can't trust element in this is in the last like six months its offer. For now it is but it never wasn't an assault he was tough he was consistent he was reliable. I keep I would go back to that when before he became a red sock. And it was when he threw it repeats it it was like nobody is bigger than the game. While people with people eating that up like crazy the fact that. This guy had the balls to go David Ortiz right who thought he was bigger than again right always do that game I'll do whatever I want I got to regulate. I'm David Price. And the musical wild that diner team completely. Different perception now. I'd say this based on what what Paul was and the other thing I've got to look at from the Red Sox I think he has then. The single most important. Difference in the red stuff from last year to this year all of it was citing outscored Matra. In any way diminish what course but he obviously it's changed the atmosphere inside that clubhouse and and deserves. You know credit for that. But nothing has changed. Give war that would Judy Martinez system it will last illegal ones like. They're first this year go look at him at home runs in doubles slugging percentage go look at the let's first first first first first first. He's changed everything. And they've changed there were cramped in this is a god. About changing your approach is yet some coach and it showed you video you've been around the league for 45 years Williams coached it was evident he sat near each teach you how to do it. Is another thing. When a player comes here. Who had great success over the last few years. And he says they're going this is what I do want you watch this idea that. Doing at the other players are picking it up because you would have somebody else has had success with it. He's on the same level as you walk he's a player you tell me coach tells you it's a little. Oh yeah really it is funny because that LLC the approach I would like some would do this stomach him. Is you know the amount of first pitch strikes that the Red Sox eight compared to last year. Boston sports a group of guys theaters and it's another because it's been in every time I see. Some Red Sox picky pitch right down the middle and they don't swing. Who missed out of that out because every they've been told to be aggressive right to not sit back and it like it not there it is and we know you'll be aggressive you. Someone title yeah. Okay you remember last year win now. Freebies meant to John Ferro which sit here and defend. The crazy pace for a base paths. It's worth of rain is. You know we still want every once in awhile he's sort of this whole thing it was full. And this year if you look at. The nation hasn't changed. Still there was some stupid stuff from the place that's taking a lot of risk and he ambles. The difference is because they're hitting home they're hitting for power they're reducing war. Mistakes that they make in the basement and not a big deal yeah we started out of Larry is so the risk that John Barrow was talking about last year. He had no margin for error because they couldn't hit home runs they couldn't fix a mistake could drive it in front of he made it was going from second first second this year if that happens and you scrub that can't. Why are two run homer it oh clinical and it was like last week police wire hard he got. Beat time. And day. It was hit in the left field. And this accident to double island not a he yeah he. The infielders active lights. The ball was gonna Robertson like that in the right to second base yet it now I think they are tag you know it was it was going. Not aware at the you know the broadcasters like he didn't know where the ball is hit. How could you not know about our first base I think my first job would be okay make sure not aware of where the Ball State. Do I act out of these he didn't drop what are my opportunities okay how Falk and I pushed this. No clue you just visually looking at the infield the second baseman and shortstop and completely schooling him. I think they've really cleaned out. Iraq on the base I think that differences they have a huge market for air gap because if you screw up but it waste basket they do steel down enough of while. You know they do take you know Jackie Kennedy's idea he's usually really good now. He he's not gonna steal unless he's got an opportunity and that's why he has an unbelievable success rate but that and the Packers start with royalist here. So. But I think the differences of margin for error is they're all right let's figure Martinez he has changed that fire team from now about what they always break. The fair thing to do that. Alone only. The the Orioles apparently Bob nightingale on vetted it got out of the Orioles are treating many which Otto true. Los Angeles Dodgers guests are able to say. You know he's pulled out what rent for a year. John Boehner the bar according to nightingale a barring a last minute snag apparently they have worked out. AT. According to a baseball official with direct knowledge of the deal pockets of weights and so does he is the Yankees are often are yankees had already been out in the deal apparently the brewers. And the Phillies were still in on the deal. But according to Bob nightingale easy pretty good with this stuff. One minute ago. The Orioles are about to trade many shout out to the Dodgers ice it is great for the rights but is this just a lot of the. And of it is this weird though because now he's dodger right so please if he's at Dodgers and is in beer the Dodgers and author doctor ores and or. And what we do this deal is not my caddie says this deal is done and your swat teams. This happened in the regular season for players they show to the ballpark. They won't with a team bigotry it legal the other article go the other locker room and up but not a New York for what you can tonight. Analysts and Ecstasy would not want to. Tell more. What's more or what what is it about the way he's if he's he might yet. One of late doesn't everybody is everybody not a lot Sarah lineup Surat because you had to close game at the end doesn't matter who wins anymore. You have at least at least it for some properties that. Are not easily you have to keep it got around justification need some heated. Pitches at the end if you didn't like that you ought to be you know authors don't care. Who gift here usually that's crazy ego and it's crazy it was crazy. Who cares you it's an exhibition you peaceful so I don't love me all I little more it was really talkative as I love baseball you know you know it's all love hockey markets of mark to market we got to die from. Like Christian Fauria care about baseball. Parties working she'll when radio says in the net for now authorities are bitch and complain yeah probably you do a little bit bored and you should come out tomorrow with an idea its board Widmer loading and for E. A. SPORTS. Is guy. When you go. At Belmont. Over Johnson won't go there it's not good. A great ovation. Were killed nine won't be. The mom ovation of the night. Could rely. The science guy. One guy. What would that they've gone. It's much. As I am today. This is the celebrity softball team it on after I dropped. Out it was it was. I don't just do. It sooner he'll I was up in the senate is up first. It's crap yeah though Chris Allen. So it does so gets up there the in the first. And they are literally pitching to him. The same what you would gates who can't. Who's six years old Eddie stuff the T this is the first times that he's actually pitched here they are they're coming close to home plate off the so we're capable he is sixty. He's 6262. It. He's only six feet. I think like Indy zoo yeah it's. Is I never like to legitimize my son's T ball team lately you know the light you know sixties it needed the T. However the key was not given them a good pitch. The key was okay. Under game where decades back pay half wise and making sure that the ball hit the bad not bad at the ball the way around. The ballot but but the funny looking guy I've ever seen actually swing back. Who we actually had a lot of street cred it was like deal him now really topic days without Snoop Dogg. If you ever go back in wash supposedly in which is just. I don't know he's done it was an athlete I'm got a scoffs at UCLA and left school is applicable to know so. Or he may be even worse. Athlete I participated in those terrible. I mean he looks like he's bad he's in the dark about softball when he settles rocket docks are all things an idea he would you go out there and hit it was not what it looked like. Like replica you know four year old who's learning in holed it out for the first I would like they don't swung the bat it kind of lunged at it trying to Coke addict. No sense so I have a couple of athletes in this John wall of the waddle wise on the indictment yet you complain at first base he's that but you'll and I struck out. It at first it looked pathetic. They are feeding him as iso six year old so to get the ball like it up as you said I gonna put the bet here. So the reason they were giving him that big ovation. These guys didn't pick up on it is everybody understands watched his first get sick I get a chance of ever touching the ball science. Now that they want boy to you break down the cellular structure as an atom crap and I'll go real life this guy. That's why you didn't I hear about it. I love the game yes he opens he's not a real signs yet. And science teacher so the straw would you like Dr. Phil is. Not a real. These totals for threw him aside I don't know your talent but again I I think I can you tell him I can't do can't run by or on. I use of Natal. Really he knows. He's most working it works OK lightly cluttered ago. Was he was invited to what he was a leader in the ninety's so he really good bankruptcy was huge in the nineties like when outplayed us for the COC auction. Guy totals for this is total complete on matters take a deflate it. Yet at all rocket science all agree I think that everybody had signs from now. The ideal gas law is the law for a reason you can't manipulate the ideal gas law a law out there it's a law that if it. Not an opinion it's all law that if you remember his hold it was. He was trying to find a way of making it work because he was ease ease the Seattle. It's. Really you know at some point time. Some would introduce some sorely documentary earth during the thirty. Because when you really look back on that. The errors for the NFL. Errors for the NFL. Does everything just because if you look at an ice is thought about it you looked at this and raise equaled the world. Watching the flea it would keep you. Would you be all the confidence the world that this would be illegal. Useless to me it's stuff that the NFL's only you know the fact that it actually went too late. Probably civil court double double times. I was money and energy money if somebody. Documentaries that well that will hurt you most people write a book. I've heard some. Railroad and what eliminate the audience analyzed Lily you. Like all of these interactive and I'd like I saw somebody that would really help us out program you don't ever want what did you what did you like it and I couldn't without need. That gives these acts that it's on the air with them. If the united that is that is these guys. He's type thing. I don't think anyone's more tighten. That's being honest I actually swap stories all the time it's neither one of us will site you'll he'll go suck more than I well I. And ever was something I given some audio now. If I don't know. I think fearful to back. Just listen for it though I know I know you don't stuff. Do without a formal player. Outlook really beat this is somebody it was aired out my personal dirty laundry list reads. About it I'm still kind of affected by Sonoma Mexico city's own bills but he does think. Shirtless the Ohio house and that's. The problem still audience. And no name and in this room right now. What would you do although the coach I don't wrote in the eye contact a steal my soul. Bills you don't know this guy and everything one. But it is it a much much would we get today. Tickets you'd take a while it was one. Angela and ask bill will open about what. How much I have to pay to get cute I do view the I would I would put some money but I you could we don't. We reject great attention. If we had a wireless Mikey knew walking in there and readiness. If we were like if we Hadley if the if the media the media that covers the patriots if we are more like. Like a fraternity or likes colt's okay and then death you know everyone would be required every Wednesday. The opening question regardless so if it was an oddity called you first got to ask the question. So why did knuckleballer plated it we can do that for a year 1716. Weeks three I seventy because there's going to be by we can. No matter what it's somebody's got to ask Iran to the kids to greet. Not gonna do is argue that the somebody from the outside it would have a market they would have to ask them so that's really are getting somebody else that. To believe that locally says. Erica that's my nominee that guy could show up he could be a different person every single week you could ask the question to Bill Belichick. About what happened in the case you mentioned him the other day or not I anything. I have no idea you're talking honestly and I hope is that like what is the show what is it about zero or. Years an English comedian and I know he you know. I now am I so there is right now what does this mean I don't know what you know what you don't you talked about it for a few of us are. So calm the show is very similar to the Ali G show them that were he. You know an imposter is different. Personalities is that make up that it's well done. And this is called it's called something America. Who is America. Who is American who has ever. And so it was pretty boring he had Deborah Sanders in this one. He's got Cheney coming please get Sarah Palin coming so what ails them. Let me just wasn't it was at its funny the stuff that the couple. Big rosters from fans sitting. In the here having dinner with him or something like that. It was maybe eight. Maybe the the outrageous as we if you see him do it in use him in it. We can't look at it. The only thing that's still the bad man with a guard he's a good boy we go yeah. Even a good toddler. Exactly I hope that it ended the great thing about both clintons is they don't any view of god it's. I think about it for a lot of left out pretty good. I didn't soon. It was so what Regis the first time around. The algae show you set the senate can't lead these people phone yeah I should just last week I I can't believe some people fought for some stuff. Because you should know by now who this guy is but after watching the show people chastised me last week's debacle that you'd you'd fool quiet as well work. After watching them make count is phenomenal he does not look anything like himself. And we do you really of their character really like let's say guys that want Obama and is this other guy you know I notice that they would not Nelson congressman years there where some politicians. So removed. From pop culture history especially like such a hit it and I'm watching any missiles and you hire somebody to open to argument I think they're just isolated insulated vicious stuff right now and you're not I would say anything it's so everything here on cable news in regular broadcast stations. It's all outrageous. Couldn't tell what they can what's my age you would clue because the thought that sat on a regular basis you. The public what's wrong with the main thing that activity and you can't make this a spot outs they now I think most people what had no clue. If you console war increased weird about the stuff that they stay in the Q it looked. There's no weak intelligence on the scene to me so I will watch it again next Sunday this half hour show a little bit disappointed to be Zoellick maybe I was expecting too much expectations. There today today. I would broadcasting live pine hills golf course itself to Jimmy funds at W I'll the guy yulia celebrity golf tournament for the Geneva. And it's hosted by reference to meet more. Lenny and Gloria lots. Give them the wonders. When Glenn I'm gonna wanna shut the radio I'm. Sports Radio WEEI. So for me long time die hard baseball fan. Last night with one of the most electrifying baseball moment moments I have ever witnessed. He is all time box office if on the flip it around on the view all on the treadmill and late Saturday morning which is. These games that started I'm looking for baseball game to watch. If I find this guy I'm watching this guy this is lightning rod I I see it. Too excited about Mike Trout these numbers scream much more loudly than these numbers. And I know airing judge can be electric Stanton can be electorate that this is the guy I'm watching is this guy's got flare. He's got swaggering guy he's got hair off solve this he's got at all he's where in the head band last night red white and blue shoes in sweat and. That's the bailiff that might be one of these elements. Things. I've ever heard and at the top then dumbest things I've ever heard it was probably occupied several of these idiotic anti itty. Passes himself off as a baseball fan first of Austria. It's home run derby. It's a freaking little exhibition it's not a baseball game. It's homework every reset here at its cervical cancer despondent. It was hoped and little bit too long when it was okay. Where the hell do you come off in if you are true baseball player. If you've watched baseball like he claims that he. Are you into coming off and in claiming. That he's watch baseball for the last week while she years whatever. And that's one of the most electrifying. Moments. You've ever seen for a Major League Baseball they. Last year's home run derby. There are judgments and back last year back to the warning. Ball. I. Think the yeah. So. I would wake up my. The way. It's LeBron James. LeBron James is. Achievers at all sports. Watched. Every single day he missed. It means the most electrifying. I think it's. God. Washington national team. With talent loaded in and series. It. That of the national got the right please channel your victim but Obama. That's out. On you. Now from nationals. That big audiences. As much about on locally. All over the colts. They make. That statement. This is a guy Bryce Harper who you would hate Bayless you'll. Most people think he's under achiever. You said it numerous. He's vastly over rated. He should he he's at I've watched it. I. Might watch on a regular basis all by yeah he's though in show. Ogle get honey dew commercial model actually you actually paid for the actual Jersey Bryce Harper. As my sharper because it's an old maybe good for Bryce Harper make as much money you can't markers up as much money but I can't you eateries calling Nike. Unita subway you name it they're comical because what her stage for him. To showcase. Game if you want to say they did rule that requires. They booed Freddie Freeman. If the game will be played in Atlanta they would have been bowling him same performance he wins it. Campus and you know now that I rebuke it was the perfect setting out for marketing the perfect setting for somebody who doesn't get. Or understand how shall not let us put this guy right on right wrestler it's a Bayless is that as you and your hands the other thing I did heat's LeBron James. Here's the other thing is that if you watch. All day is meant for. Now the all star game for Sox do it. No it was Greek. And culminating with the united only advocate for the two wanted to won it wants the chance to treat its increase circumstances. I mean it was perfect it's there to the great back story. It by the way that it took that attitude Bayless at York the appeal to Bayless. Order that was. Dad was out there on the mom dad was unable to outline. That's all and oral tablet and it went well liked for the price and Bryce Harper at some to write out. He was just think clay. You thought it. It was going to be re. Why he lost to opt out he took it out that's awful they gave him some advantages with the clock work that the expert. At the and he yet he ties for AT. Or forty before we get the next 32 double adult 888. An expert on form during the course but no problem within. He should've won you wanted to win it if you're looking at the marketing aspects of it. The hometown guy you want him to win and he was the old he was the biggest. Of the named players and the candidate that you are great and it was the most and I apologize he was easily. It looks terrific and I don't nobody knows who you in the water pipeline they'll argue nobody nobody knows who so. Alex. Has. Everything. These ads both ex. Us baseball all low. True we are talking about a home run derby. One of the most electrifying baseball moment moments I have ever witnessed. Is it. Saying it's not true it's that I did it sensationalize it instilled it up our fox Hawaii. How did you hear notion of. Back you know long yeah. Yeah yeah. Would you say it. It was it was in that's insane. To make. It was a nice moment and a senior docket say it was that are that are just doing matches to do that. It was fun I should go back for baseball it was a it was a it was a it was a good thing they needed it it showed some personality the players the players like that. The campaign with him and my great uncle and lash years I mean I don't play. Doubles member. There you recount. Last year with Eric judge was it alls. Oh I see you he was saying it ain't about aired jobs. Because there just now lashes of the police Eric judgment the audience and 280. Or six or do they should be playing linebacker now and looks like who. And they're just an. It. So I don't mean. That you need to do to get a LaMont out. Over south still argue this you know forever that baseball needs more this emotion maybe the equipment they need some of the stuff. I love the fact that we fund you won it. Park accident you waited tossed back now that's what he liked it I but I like. I've seen more of that. I don't care about that he's gonna that he. Even to field its legal you're embarrassing if he just want something and he's displaying emotion like policy. I think you need that indicate. Got a. We Wear out money. It is different it is a it is the showcase. It the next exit. Tests. OK it was slam dunk contest how many times those guys can all be called. Every recession and all politics but yeah dribble the ball but the next Roma at the rugby ball our football go to a ripple. So do we need to do that though because the slim that companies get to the point where they had to incorporate. Trucks are ours public medical officer of justice. And also about wild animals in the field that advocates like like the wild animals and the wild animal finally figures out the ball's coming off the bat and charges. Today. Well actually I'll make it works really took out some some snakes in the batter's box. I would I would do something were like maybe there's like. Something word you were being distracted. At you or should you to really put your apps on the line really devote yourself to this stupid game but it was great it was good. And that's what it should be. It's it's tailor made for for for this type of drama. You get to the best hitters and actually bestsellers at this rattle around every that you're both getting like little meatball that you can hit. It's summer you had you met your dad it's who's pitched you your whole life so he knows exactly where to put it. It was a nice and then it made it culminated with something very emotional in. If it periods that were really so low. Other way they hit like 225. To fifty home runs so let's stop this whole like Europe. Right. It was 100. All Ireland right or not I don't go democratic ads. Energy level. So it goes to corporate it like night in a row. Again that laughter. I mean that was cool cool I'm not in my. The most what was that whole moment now that preceded us as well over -- a baseball fan I think that that. That shows up in the top 1000. Electric moments in baseball history that you've been alive and they atlas then. They literally will bring it back but don't jump out and policy. Acts. They're picked up at Grand Slam with more at night or funny although electrifying. And that's. It all out. Right and ethical of why. 160 games a utility in. And want it would highlight what's and dot com. When they show the top five in place. Feel with electrifying moment walk off home you know great moment great it is unbelievable circumstance people write to the occasion. Surely. Add to him doubles a lot which you add it to orbit 48 and. It's embarrassing. It atlas would throw that out as a so called baseball fan. Oh you're so awesome machine and a shark yeah yeah. She went to rehash and a sharp response when I don't know looks I got. How did you rate which candidate assuming it's a more on that we also have some updates at noon news on call one letter that was not coming to Boston but you know. Some of that coming Padilla in the final. But he should watch the mask on the basket at home run competition and they did. Would Evernote automatically entered in that it could. But I would have when you're looking for I got my buddy nobody else thought that was great though we don't one more hour ago.