OMF - GM Merloni plans the Sox' future; Sorry green teamers, the Average Al nickname isn't going anywhere 11-14-17

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Tuesday, November 14th

HOUR 3 - Otani? Stanton? Martinez?? GM Merloni pulls up the arm chair as the guys talk about possible targets for the Red Sox. "Average" Al is going nowhere. Sorry, Anna. Sorry, green-teamers. The nickname is just something you'll have to learn to love; just like we have. And it sounds like Christian has jumped on the Jayson Tatum train.


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On you when he. Speaks Fort Wayne and moaning and forty I think you're on or MF. Terror. Some guys who blew Christian towels and I love Christian love you guys let me Christian love you Lou we can you guys today. But you're stuck with this loser of this load this note found with the blue and Christian just Maloney and Fauria split apart which and Paul when he talked of vengeance and it's hard. They don't have it doesn't matter what. And I. You through this morning he's doing everything where I have yeah go out and got up for it and not to ask or I'll go down to the and for myself and stop and on Sports Radio WEEI. Aren't all that evidence you without lord way get BM efforts for a couple more hours a lot of anger. Lot of anger and Florio was if you're right they're not great. Now knowing there today and we pretty much federal everything figured everything out you know one button and nobody school of the conference also is good football to clean conference call without. Clean. Drag water right there aren't exactly known are who are on everybody to know what he has what does he have is he sick like throwing up as easily like this losses tire rolled stayed up late night its losses late arias has his and I just use you starting I don't have Agassi as late Sunday night in al-Qaeda two of those are he's the only thing nobody else in this finally yesterday he had no sleep in the last three days right he's not only one ticket I did talked on the phone is poised to Democrats. So he's really you know there are crap. You ask someone to find a picture of the senate out to us always just shower and all that he's opened it up that morning to all sorts of pictures now. Also lies you see it and I voted. The navy seal like you know. You don't up on the short somewhere down the case. Are we talked bats global early we just dive in on some Red Sox offseason talks as GM meetings head out to or let their own Olindo right now let's get back to those phone call 617. 77979837. Sort of film Portland Helio at the M efforts. Take out all our. I am not to that so I think the stare at mile into a bad deal. Yeah I think we're gonna have to give way actually trot specs. Yeah I have the authority that he didn't wanna be traded at saint who are all so why wouldn't want her out I liked that. Artest CD and went last year most people that they really didn't like our. We can they got to care that are on the chain so. He's back to hire you ordinary thing but. I don't really seem logical direction I'd rather eat artwork on the air yet leadership in policy experience. Like that you know so I mean I don't take battle that they stay at that. You know pretty much every day we. And I just don't see why you wanna go higher so outstanding. And who knows what happened if you know when he traveled to Boston if they don't go that way ate there and you'd epic novel how he's gonna react if there's a spotlight on the beach and Janelle. Well there's Ozzy hits I mean I don't think anybody cares and known until it matters but it it there is something that's been set for panic that much muddy almost feel like. It's if it's the David Price situation kind of get locked on a guy like that for that long period of time would that much money and this is what puts an alternative. Sonics and Hosmer rights Huskers not even the department that you need not point five home runs so even if he's even be placed here. Just look at the 81 games at Fenway Park maybe that's a lol maybe you hit thirty is instead of it I guess not he's I don't want any be brought on his sanity and 45 ago. Okay that the reason why talk about a bring you gave does that 300 hitter with thirty bombs. Mitch Moreland hits 245 skinny to 2223. Bombs and played gold glove first baseman. So you better be allowed better than Nat if I'm really gonna improve myself. You'll giving multi year multi million dollar deal to Carlos Santana who is the same guy with a higher on base percentage. Or to Eric Hosmer now I it's a qualifying offer right so does that play into it you go up a second round draft pick. And give a 500000 dollars and its national signing bonus and but still. How much better is he's a better clubhouse guy but that contract is going to be a big dog you know for a guy that's gonna produce on the field. Higher average than its smaller. Now to club must present he's won he's a winner so what do you think you you could use that. But I just. I don't know I I just look at single get a break you he should be minimal one option first base. And is he with the deal could be in Jackie get in there this talk about late Stanton and will not want to come here I don't. I don't buy anything you out of Iran that I'll buy it at all I mean at just don't listen this coming rumors left and right is going to be rumors that the Red Sox a two front runners and rumors that they've. Got no shot to get them this can be Saint Louis just forget all that stuff. Listen to you you can read any ever any butare clause right. Is yes and no trade in at the thing that report came innate in you just referencing an article I think Jennings had in The Herald that. People sources close to him said he wouldn't OK trade to Boston Saint Louis. Nice article Mozy mostly East Coast the West Coast but you don't wanna come to Boston I don't buy area here. President crease so you don't wanna play were for two of you know most historic teams in baseball you read a stay in Miami because what has built a Newhouse are out there and it's nice and sunny and it's I don't know that makes him what are the options up. Up the coast we really played New York doesn't want you to lose other reports to this kid down the Japanese Babe Ruth upon oh honey yeah act so I want him elect. The Red Sox pitcher and. Yeah teams of interest or it's also one of them they're gonna look at you know one of the Greek and doing this is where the other thing. Note to keep all people always a group who the idea of it going all the luxury tax threshold and and and that's ridiculous and who cares it's minimal penalties and signing a qualifying freeagent Sousa said. It was 500000 international signing bonus right here over the threshold which they weren't. They could lost a million dollars in its national signing bonus. Think about me that big book every Douglas you know Tony. They changed the rules so you posted twenty million dollar bid for these Japanese players all of these teams do that are interest it. And you can talk to you almost a Red Sox can offer a Tony the sound of the to a Boston Red Sox this year. 462000. It's it. That's why did it again yeah you don't wide because it's all the international pool. OK so you Sino us we're 500 is off that ball next year may be a Tony holds out maybe comes up next year signed moss were loose 500 grand in Mosul timing because I don't know. Maybe you lose another prospect that could change or franchised. That you draft because you know the bonus to give them. The the highest teams. The Rangers can offer 3.3 five the Yankees get off from 3.2 five. Winston off from 3.2 million it's all voted to national bonus that's all you can pay the guy. So Tony you wanna come twenty million goes to your team you know you'd get Boston 4161000. That's less than a Major League minimum. I can get this kid yankees conduct in this case you know they are given 3.2 five per year in and whatever and of their own sorrow long term deal laughed at whatever it is but. You only Japan for threes 462000. I don't edit their question I seriously doubt would have gone to Japan it was only 462000. No you wouldn't go out. John Jones and in that you know about him coming here what's gonna happen right and that's that's pretty much done if it's coming but the only way do we mama you can give them comes from the international pool. That's almost a Red Sox have left. So I exists. I don't see it does expect the calls let's go to like nick and Providence Nacchio Dilma efforts. Only for home efforts dead body. Know nick you there. They knit unit is either eating lunch and on doing intelligence you hold them a lot of fire and it's chilling. But I I just go tiny thing I don't know duty unit reported 62 grand. That's all you young now you can Nike of course is known as the one particular doesn't get a sense. Now I'm gonna happen I understand what people once there and tell us about the hits him on the ice. You you pretty good but I don't think when you a pretty good like you know being in the whole you know. The Greeks and duly figuring out exactly what's gonna happen whose unit is so opt out of that the slow as you said you wanted to eighty Martinez yes you'll be okay and so that'll be the guy right yeah. Freeagent. Six years 1456. Years on fortified citadel bourses to order Clint Easter DH Hanley Eagles the first. No he's my left fielder Angel outfielder yes bear attendees and Senator Kerry Tokyo shows doesn't it feel Jackie's gone Jackie is dealt. The gates is everything points to Jackie being dealt because it's a surplus. Way to improve your team is all feelers out daily JD your stand and so Jackie to me is being on the market. You're hearing news about San Fran being one of the team's interest it. Does that mean he's already being dangled. Why the interest it. Why paged in bookie because he's not being offered Lukas out in what they just didn't been attending because he's not being offered Y Rangers didn't Jacqui because he is. At a big I think people undervalued Jackie Bradley junior like as far as all leaders like him but as far as what he what he gives you. I know it's that you probably disappointed in the power in his eyes opened down in his is consistency but overall and best center fielder baseball. Well I I think that we under value maybe what he's worked in the market I understand frustration I have to I don't know if he's gonna figured out here it's going to be consistent guy a dose helps you win. As I know that if you'd be striking out. All powerful fall punch outs he's making plays to make you help you win exactly they could pop some home runs on the east Missouri I think we undervalues. What he's worth in the market. So even if you know you use you you just bring back let's just say you played out you'd be signed GD Martinis and bring back Mitch Moreland for first base you steal the still deal Jackie Bradley. To replenish the system. Whether it's at double A pitcher whether it's so whatever might be AAA hitter. Who wants one year. Kind of as the seed at first base with a slash handling and year to this first basically you got for Jackie Bradley is the guy. I don't know either way I think you deal Jackie Bradley normally you don't is if you don't make a trade for now fit or send an author and I'll see it happen. I just I don't see it happen they got to get involved drugs to browse you will get involved. And I think Jackie barely at some point. Will be traded it won't be surprised if he rod or even import silo or somebody else maybe Palmer it's it's dangled as well RTM efforts. Or two ways out Maloney and Fauria. I don't know this and I don't know this is breaking news or not it will get to a we come back when we get brick I don't know all this freedom of its technically breaking news but I think it'll kind of pot is gonna happen and now it says he's somebody on his way home on Sunday. All right well we've good breaking news come from Christian forest continue right after this it's peace time right now in the morning and the relationship action. And good food chain. Sarah James he's right now the wartime against him. They are a good good show right now I want to say OK okay. I live here they have figured it out to export way more Loney and Fauria talk Sports Radio WEEI. Provided an update on the car. You know we'll talk this morning it too was going home tonight. He had to get any peace and I aren't you came into the opening bell will be fun. These cards are bigger. Come and I. The three used to live players accused of shoplifting in China are on a flight back from Shanghai to Los Angeles expect to win around 5 PM local time later today. In a statement pat felt commissioner Larry Scott took the matter had been resolved. The satisfaction Chinese authorities. The freshmen including me Angelo hall have been detained a Chinese hotel since first being questioned the investigation last week. President trump had asked Chinese president she is Jean king for his help in resolving the case the rest of the team returned to the US last weekend. Would you rather have. Your son lemon cello obtained or served time in prison. I. I'm as good as they hit though Lee Angelo let it sell it on the way home free ball. Gas so it it's crazy so. A couple of witnesses from Dan Wetzel says the quickest path to leniency and expediency through the strict in arbitrary Chinese criminal justice system. Was simple. Had president Donald Trump lobby Chinese president. Jai Eugene teen who would. Ever write some thing you want god. Her child's visit last week of the country says for a picture from. Can date mercy to his Chinese count but that's when you need to allow non probable every base in the south China city. Of a show on social poll mean no fault no it's not that I don't smoke but you have this is crazy bang and now stop it. Stop at. The end of the pilot there were. From personally asked. It wasn't right Shia side he's the next anything that don't matter sunny. So trump personally as the to help resolve the case this is the post reported citing an unnamed US official. The report he said he would look into the case and ensure the players are treated fairly and expeditiously. Betsy officials said the charges have been reduced. Height so. They don't talk about building you know building bricks and he's very bringing families together so there on their way home so here it is so. No three to ten years in jail. No this is just released thirty days in a hotel. Until I figured as they don't happen it's it's Donald Trump met with Z. And it was at. Yes noses so that sold the players are Dell on that delta flight. As you look at the delta flight tracker to curly shields to please far from Shanghai around the same time Tuesday night local time. And both are scheduled to arrive at Los Angeles international airport around 5 PM today and got that they're gonna press conference. They're gonna talk I mean so really is great remorse at all what you hear from lemon cello one influential talk. He's got a personal reasonably low remorse and I had my bad sorry bears everybody my coaches my family. But I think it was actually good thing for the ball to him. Welcome to big ball zone and you know he is the told student. Knows he's in China. Having could only take care ever signing autographs and a mic in money to. Money make you mean they did it on purpose. About it from day one in this part of it the most editing you don't. It really what they talk about I mean the guys. Listen I can't stand attack. But talk about like you know turn this into a money they plan to go to go to China. And I you know and partake in all these festivities they had they they may have been the best of the situation it out from day one. There's no question did it's amazing at all play and I. The guy goes to China and Donald Trump all people that the president they don't. President of the United States what they held you care about three basketball players from UCLA who were caught shoplift I. Three different and three infants. Or zip lipped that out because I I sort of look at his one of those things like trump sit down that chair there advertise the conversation with and they shake hands and and he gets up they need to spend as children little guys organize it I'll you don't want. One last thing and that's a very good athlete this is one last thing. Right because it's not part of it got real discussed righted that he had only like eight there were about one less thing to go to hell yeah. That streak it's got to avoid it looked out of Africa yeah yeah. Easy it was gonna help and have gone American vote and I don't I got lemon cello lot of China. There is no way. This secretly I really want them to be in like that whole title for the next like two months in the throws threw mostly reduce the sentence and and are gone appointing a Zune service so nothing I feel like it's not I don't want any of the kids to pay I want Lavar ball in a prison each on a three pay a little bit. But Iranian excitement about the kids that this lemon cello can be a nice kid. I don't know Luntz a ball I did you all day until we want them. Locked up in a chat I had jailed Chinese jail for three hits and you got on his dad that's how people wanna I want them to work in the same sweat shops that that dead that produced issues that he's selling for 1000 dollar to close it. Ultimate goal and that's what's up on Google make that. Make them well all the work of making ten cents an hour -- the putting together those crappy shoes. Yes that's I want to do yet you know that's that's what you need to do go make the product you're selling and let me tell you about these meanwhile get back UCLA let's play some baseball wanted to hear all as insurer exit at the best here's the point he's not the most Sunday ticket to degree that is good either. And that's going to be able to four years you don't need to focus on our. No dad probably in the lead the executive a bit nomad you're too stupid for me except. He's he's probably yet I would be shocked at all these cyclists and limit shall. Enjoy your four years UCLA there's a figure may sort of Fryer majors finance does when you get out you're gonna be that guy for us a -- you know you know you were harmed or lost result of an awesome if you're gonna be you are you going to be special advisory will be your brother's keeper right manually or via pre law city to be the agent or whatever you're completely tipped pass the bar but agencies try to build this site does not convenient to yank. The doctor right you don't come out today that the cut don't pick and cast worked called doctored trying to break out of real doctors. Haven't got a it. He's making a basketball went down. I haven't told you there yet yeah I went on this a cute little podcast last night she did that. And there are no good for the release did not drop it right he's got a drop there it these guys are so good at this marketing PR thing addicted to gonna decide the tropic to 2 o'clock PM after the show we don't stick it to you Lou by doing that why I wanted to stick it to me I'm trying to do get if any current artists are stupid to realize that we can't play doesn't hurt our show I could care less about this thing but it's kind of cute. But here's the thing of again meal last night in the lake alone stop begging for and Horford to come on your show you've been doing for three weeks she sympathetic. What is our discussion Ben about it Horford. Costing him off on an aunt there Thelma and at the compensation that we would have all mode what would you wanna roll dongle. You look at the end of including our name is the Dow Italians we hope you're seven but it adds I hate every have been Cilic you know explain. Like what the business in out picketed the use both phones. Would already know. And they like to keep Madison on Twitter and I'm like yeah. We want in a hole for doctors and a radio show and if we say that she's coming on it's good people wanna listen to a but the discussions are said to be pissed pour. Because she doesn't know what the hell in my opinion is he goes off like people like this that's out crap off left and right about her brother. And it adds a atom atom re tweeting things to you 'cause I knew I was gonna come when your podcast and trying to help to get some kind of interest you know causeway street podcast. So I'm just gonna bitch slap them around for awhile because they don't know hole. What it's all about I understand and Al Horford being upset that somebody calls her brother out. OK I wouldn't lately. This play offers play has not been averaging hasn't been for it if it's been word should be and has always got the looks of the article or yet it hasn't been for eight months. It was efforts. When Bradley was down any went five games a role in the team was struggling new efforts evidence for it was average then that was with a nickname came up. But the post season this year it's been well above average he played outstanding but doesn't mean a nickname get a goal way but I understand the system being upset about a nickname. Not to cut costs and it. Had just gone. To sell this fans might just. You don't yourself it's a nickname okay that's all it is I think now against it here. Nick yeah he's well above average player I you know I heard rebook all I heard regarding Henry is more outstanding. Leaving me a it was a Luke warm take. Luke warm take back what we call them that yeah we loved those. Fabulous we'd love to but to his point though talk out a nickname that kind of a year old who has sought the old and it's kind of in all it's kind of like we're trying to hide a new one yeah right you don't sound right oldest veteran you know at the at the that the bid from the that is before you guys don't like apple and that was hit that interleague it's just another. Just don't want to get people don't do more than I should just the average you can pull out there over to and he called the move didn't move. Do you do I call them average but it plays well above average rent an element that you can't figure visiting Alan yet. You three buffoon is it's and it's trying to sickness or did we welcome view for. Basketball knowledge nobody come from two. 58 Latino sport is that they don't all like Boehner tell you something Jolie jolts away both the Osaka our basketball careers and out of high school okay. They ended in high school just like me just like you'll. Played in murals in college you guys didn't play any NBA either. I don't know what just because you got a podcast. And you'd just yet since it licked the Celtics up and down people who listen to you like the Celtics would have pulled it like your opinions. I. Saw you down all you walking you kind of walk importantly is that you know corporate and that is all you had in that offered Jersey on and I was like OK all right millions of the I had to say it maybe it is always has no idea who you arts and I should nutrients she Jillian and turns it can happen that you shouldn't give her a note these. We don't know about the housing anymore until the last that was just it was a bit. Of course now two billion dollars or edit it and did it but he let our way it played out that was just a bit and that was that's the Internet and don't let up on it. And like that doesn't that I guess that was pathetic that's you to order. We had to pay it down until soon follow me between the speaker into a bunch of rather deal likely he'll be likely. Please like because I think Heidi and see that's that's fantastic town Kentucky and then. Pretty Vegas pathetic you know. One of those guys that looks the Boston Globe. All right yes. And I'll take what. That part of the this guest of the green T gamers. Who and it worshiping Obama insolvent by any crowd down too late assist or or the brother of any player. My god why why does suck up to the to the sister of the brother. To does that mean day you have a source of that mean you're one step closer to the main person. So is that is a bridge to get away any of it it does not. It amid a ten day contract good game but that mean they're all right and and I'll continue to say that Lou still think she's playing average guy does not only knows and and if I still think he was average right now than I would be classified as an idiot. But I said over and over again that he's been outstanding. He's a lot better than it was last year we do this now this isn't already this year he's been above average when ever when the band was an average last year at times. It's just mine all blowing and it. We're gonna add on to this were to make it worse enemy networks make it better to better for us when ever we talk. Al Horford when ever we talked Al Horford won't that be mean and this uses the meat on on a plane that just played as though Doug and public player just like loves Texas. Is close actors like back back for our board to mossy just like banana tail pipe four our good friend. Yeah just like I've been at Delphi for Chris gas burner yeah. This is your call this is your bat signal right here yes this is what it is I agree I put it together and I agree targeted. World war won't want to slight the teachers from. You know. Who's looked really just a bulletin nickname was the 52 keys every note it's all about the nickname. Disagree team is all. WB average but hey how cool you you were putting the pathetic. If you're if you're doing it you're it you're like you know a Comcast's that you're doing the recaps and you're doing late in the shot sheets and knowledge that you're breaking down game and couple of the average out there it is now the report and it all gets. He'll slam dunk averaged out what the but not little tidbit that he was and even if we can't be paid and so there's a BP. Al Arab emirates. Oh her back. The Celtics. Corporate Celtics dot com or an article headline aggressive now play again and again. Whitney get the aggressive out however came from Lou we're laying off why they would be playing off. This was misleading who's renting space in their head when you don't call it. Did you doesn't get into the practice started there always does not have a good quarter of the season yet no barely. This is Raleigh gorgeous right now luckily the reason why is because it's a good nickname I tell if I I phase averages play right now they get on me. But I haven't said that since last February march unit disfigured by war and Sports Radio acts like new melody like that drapes. Stoking the fires don't some hot sauce on the acting when we're not. About that sentence or would you don't give it that he knew nobody pick and roll movie Munich. Lou you really used to people come to you the best ball knows nobody come do you do IA guy Joseph so way. Who is just what full of basketball knowledge as you sat and you freaking out your whole life and you watch basketball guess what Sosa. The I don't have an old podcast. If you like you are. Can just address so let's everybody loves it did you ask them and making money on the podcasts like I don't even though this corporate money on his podcast there's just like this these odd thing now really get that little extra something like people authority on the website it is believed he certainly making money so they play against Atlanta for the public good. It'd be better with about this one without the podcasts okayed anything to make money that podcast to be making money writes in a case of the green team is in the causeway street. What is it a cause. Waste I apologize any cause waste or something or other notice called calls mr. toleration is it 'cause we street podcasts. Oh I see Israel Eisner because he's right there and they can rule now. Our very eyes that Matthews they actually pulled Leckey the apple the Gilroy you know who wrote this this article that it just needs to hide the laugh that you know Rick in the career up and down nearly like a cancer it off the Gilroy. He gets mad that they reacted to his than they did this podcast in Horford in that little Langley avenue on his because you'll go nuts on the directly before my. Okay why I was acting on a full on Twitter about your podcast you know it's dead eye hand talked about me with in a Horford correct yes it's a reach you when you react. Does someone get on you. You're in the wrong. We do here right we we've we've got everything we play everything kind of quaint key if you're suggested it's tired man this guy Beckham as weird so it's gonna drop this is a deal it meant. America it's weird. Losers here. What you know is an average and is stepping it from didn't. Okay good movies I know you've got some and I think you would do that is doing is hell yes here's the candidate and concert. You obviously it got late comeback to do that to come back there's. Students are stupid. And you might still fought as hard on forget it. And it was good enough to use it. I don't believe I totally agree I don't believe this is the amount you probably are really really into it it's like the book the green team books we're supposed to be angered. I so I don't think he's got good drop yet because that's part of the do that. They get it out right away is that obviously we've particle a little bit of it but they're not bright enough to join us tomorrow maybe we'll do it tomorrow I don't even know me -- I don't need them won't. Who knows we'll see we had the MF for his order ways out taking your calls it 61777979837. We'll do more that we return right after this. You'll run in the mid day with the Bo van and a sport wait for ammonium Fauria fox Sports Radio guy. And now the car running today on average you know once again I have to think but that's what we lose six. I didn't feel it out at every those are different. And I couldn't find it made the difference tonight. We got hardest in the heart he's a nice guy tries hard. Every. Job one. Good job. Good spring braverman if you wanna be a little bag you'll be a loser and pretty average down. Sorry Zola you know what you guys aren't. Tunnels and a set goal at the united. They know better they know better you're you're you're the target that you are the champion of the average so I'll slow him so what are things you say hanger honor real quick before the break you said done. You're who isn't out average test is yours who was decent he'd go blue oh yes. You know we we we've. But it's it's all Celtics all the time now and he isn't it because you were around a bunch of stats I was looking at Brian Ramona article Bosnia sports journal. We series already developed geez do Murray developing into in nineteen year old closure. For the Celtics are some un believable numbers. From Jason Tatum in the fourth quarter. Yes shooting that's fair that these 9% from the field and it's in the fourth quarter 55%. From three point range in the fourth quarter. He is second team in three free throw attempts. Any leads the team with 90%. Accuracy from the free throw line in the fourth quarter is a nineteen year old kid. Who is walking in the fourth quarters. And displaying a basket and owning them you know yeah Sosa when you when you rank. All of the rookies so far Ben Simmons is number one. I had a great year old played thirty games but that's fine so we have Kyle Kouzmanoff. Out of Los Angeles. Dennis Smith junior and that was a guy that LeBron James is talking about yesterday mark. So I went in market into. Yes and marketed. It in the Jaycee didn't I mean it's a good company chair fox you know John Collins Malik monk. And lob the ball out of which is odd because they need it pension should make. Gay got benched in the fourth quarter of DO lakers suns game lakers and pull that off because there's no doubt about I don't know that shots gonna go but he's averaged almost seven boards and seven assists a game to go with nine points they kind of it's shots and absolutely it's broke and it's a mess it was just an easier with the minutes that he's averaging thirty minutes thirteen points per game this draft is crazy was or went by the way when you need to Jonas is like you know takes a while for guys to kind of impact though he had garnered at the arena Josh Jackson needed sisters to Simmons is missed the years so technically those rookie year yes yes he has Fultz we know is is broke done months all we don't know that earned him. Then Tatum. Thirty minutes a game we know he's doing. Dear Fox's average 26 and a half minutes a game eleven points five assists. In a school up and down market it was 730 points fourteen point 78 assists. Dennis Smith get a Carolina fourteen and after. These rookies playing late thirty minutes and that's is that averaging 1414. Points a game and eight rebounds whatever might be. Isn't rookie class is music this is the best case scenario though I mean it really is when you think about the way the season started. Your main guy goes amber horrific accident as he's done for the year so Buehrle I'll never be the same again. You lose again that the next week to Milwaukee years and they're all right this is gonna sock this is going to be terrible. The way this team has responded really is amazing to me how quickly they have jelled. I mean I could undertake these games look I read it plea Diaz Horford yes I mean and then the fact that Jalen proud that would be the guy that's OK he's going to have the biggest. Turn around but. In the US sit there and look at the look at the guys from last year. Who have been elevated to have a more of a starting position morbid contributor okay yeah. Terry rosier stud stud and you kind of solving no you know glimpse of them last year. Jalen brown stud Marcus Smart side. And as much yes it's serious yes but I guess. I'm done. Trying to get something out of Marcus Marcus Martin I know he. Doesn't have a different like market's smartest different but Al Horford. You know there's more there you expected you've seen it before. Forget about it like you could call on average out. Marcus mark is not gonna change appeared and shot is gonna get any better he's always gonna crank them off the rim he's always gonna flop but he's also got to make a bunch of plays for you where and just being scrappy SP in the king of the loose ball movement that's who we as. Any payroll and campaign to me really just. Can I don't stop this that the death will be the biggest issue right but then you throw went back rose zero off the bench tomorrow off the bench you were selling off the bench. Moshe lay even seen lark to saint marking in the fourth quarter being in the defense to shut down guy that he is is given you like Avery Bradley type. I don't I and as we know. Last year's team was was special it was fun to watch but we knew there was a ceiling what is Ross's better. This trust is better right this year's team was much better and that's on the right thing all what do you think I would say no and I thought that. It this team would have higher upside in expect Jason Tatum for one know the player that he is you know we wondered what hi Reba. I was as were able carries as some. Boyd didn't truly think or Knowles was that this thing was actually going to be deeper the last year's team. That was a big concern right death now like. You know I would take that take the Biggs and his team. Is that will be means you're talking about Tyson talking able Horford I mean markets Morse I'll take those guys over Crowder. Who direct goal only take two Ramiro on yeah Amir Johnson who is based suggests a space heater market Smart all utilizes bases the same guy but -- years taken to a three steps forward tonight your bench. And when your your garden bench is that much deeper with the way rouge years plain mean. It's him it's a better team it's not just higher upside they're better the last year smaller socially like I said I still stay. If he had the minutes you'd I think he looks like a better player than Jae Crowder. I'll take him all day long he looks tougher defensively he looks bigger and he actually plays bigger wears like Jake crowd of maybe he just looked the part. I think JJ product that is all fooled. Idea and he has all fooled as far as you miss a chain lock is another one a comes in yes I wanna look Imus and they're going RA eight. How did we miss it was a fact that they they had really two's two rookies he had Ada. And you had brown brown only as an you know only played one year but he wasn't known conservative like all the time especially wasn't gonna start but those two guys. You sit there go really use your starting 383 rookies so browns playing great Tatum playing great. Harry Irving has admit I actually think he's better but I thought he was now that he's on his own. You can see that. And how they use as it palace fan as far as what he was able to do and at any care about the size and care about you know how we can in the league didn't matter to me. The indeed the production was the same yes. Better defensive player and a. Thought it would notice me in a carrier Irving plays a key he doesn't have anything to prove. And that's not a knock on him. More so than say Isiah Thomas. Went to mean Isiah Thomas a great player great score and I would never say anything bad about him as far as the player goes but. I did feel like there were times when. You really want to lead the league in scoring. You know we we really there's that fourth quarter he had to get his he had to give you shots. And I got to do with that there really wasn't anybody else up there and a quarter I understand that but at the end he wanted to be player of the month. Each thought he should have been accused he wanted to be you know first team all star. What college he was out there and it was taken his shots to prove it is not about and I think and I think every Irving. Isn't really about that he seems a little more secure in himself. He exited the team needs don't don't go for 35. 36. But he's more about you know see who see things that I'm more of big picture as far as what Tatum. In June brown what this team can being get those guys involved every involve known it if it guys are struggling to take overs got packed yeah but I just feel like. He doesn't have as he has a play he plays it more confidence. Then that Isaiah that sounds weird. Because Isaiah toward a fourth. But as if like your team needed that he needed to score thirty some points every game we needed the fourth quarter. He needed to lead the league in scoring needed to be player of the month. It carries a group you know all that's. Yeah I've always done it I think he's playing great he's got it looks like he's gonna play they with a mask on so your. Going back and everything you're saying about tire which is what we need you said you what you said he was going to be the next David Price. Does say was be the next sitting here as if things go all the way he continues to be doesn't live up to his expectation. His personality would turn him into the next David Price yes he would be that NBA's version of the Celtics version. A dear price. They're widows echo he's playing well. And what he says it's just you look at almost like you do go rock. When he says silly stuff like earth is flat. You don't you don't you don't critique of the you don't over analyze some musical ball because the ball yeah he's he's Google buddies are who bought he's a stud so the waitress and David Price. As if the team sucks he has a little expectation. He dogs it he misses that shot. He doesn't make the all star game and then everything that he says all the cookies up but he says. You read into it differently you look at it differently I. During not I would agree just adding that the chances of that happening are very good and because of the sport. At the MEL you can grab yeah but I know we've seen it here take or sell for example try to tell me was the cy young and he is there as a five ERA wins the Cy Young is a five Vieira. Here in baseball David Price comes here is a career to seven coming off a 23 years he has a 399. In the NBA. Maybe don't averaged 26 point five whichever one senior pact is another areas in over a guy like carrier ring. The mall for the most part if your top fifteen player in the league this year. You gonna be one next year. LS is an injury or less like yeah honest comes in a bomb she kind of just out of it but. I don't feel it is a huge drop off in play in the NBA the great players are great players yet with room. True but you can you can see it right even if he's having an all star game and he's playing great but that's the team is losing. Eventually. Felt like something was to come back to haunt them like he would just it decisions too long there's too many ups and downs there's too many you know just. You know just conversations with reporters beat her Boras who were and say something that's what he got a context and use it against you for whatever reason they want to. That it happened he's turned into he's. He's turning into a rock type deal which is seeming like he's gonna play. Guerrillas who knows how poorly he was at second Milwaukee game when he was bitching about the court. He always told some goddess with others you know one bright but that he went off. When knocked those that can't I don't let that you're a bit and let's get a better form and and everything cools doesn't matter you pretty much really wanted to you actually hope that he says something silly. You wonder if you wanna you wanna talk and bright because it's just it's good or great Sal my guys since it carries a filly regret that. Somebody. Perfect example we're looking for. I just feel like this team is better I feel like carrier ring is more secure where he is. In this league and and I love the fact. That Isiah Thomas had this chip and his shoulder and and played the kind of prove who he is. But I think that's a big difference when I see carrier ring and Isiah I love that about Isiah Thomas but I felt like there was still in the security. Any maximize that you play with a chip and a shoulder I just don't feel like that would carry the answer it's just more confidence. Which allows a guy like Jason Tatum. Because this team. It's odd ball carrier ring you talk what Al hole for all you want. This team is. Could take it to the next level because of Tatum and Jalen brown. And I feel like he's already look at some teams numbers in the fourth quarter feeding these guys. Feed and Jalen brown you know when he is hot building confidence and I think he realizes that and last year I felt like. He notifies it was on his team would Tatum B average in these numbers. Owed it have to be point two his watch doughnuts I tee time because I gotta get paid I gotta get the Brinks truck I got to prove everybody Max player I got legally can score. I'm hopeful we happy yet he's in I don't know it's hard to tell because. You know that the way that teams played Isaiah. You would think their release be similar the way they play. Carrier but I think the guys that you had on the on a quarter or more of a threat now. Yes right because you actually eat the legal clinic out there that we what do you do with Amir Johnson's only cover him like edgy crowd resources so streak it really solidly Bradley. This team would have been different last year federal role guys. You take Amir Johnson out and pick a big tour go Zeller I don't pick somebody and you put in Tyson Baines. And a big difference. Let me out of order got past one nice thing that I'm deserving of a person becomes part of your Johnson stuff on the disable one got to protect the rim is more athletic the other guys is that big piece declares a Coleen. In this there's still is concerned we take it to the basket against the Celtics now there's actually rebounding. They did third or fourth in the league in rebounding last year that one of the worst. I think is because of the of the bigs the role players that they have been a great template roster. The name great job and got the next here tonight before the big wanna Golden State Thursday here at the garden art. Maloney for US three hours doubt we got an hour ago by the way WEEI Celtics coverage. Brought to you by JBL we'd love GPL the officials sound of not so average Jason Tatum the Boston Celtics and the NBA and efforts to match here at this.