OMF - The guys use their expert sports analysis skills to break down the Tim Hortons pooping lady 5-17-18

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Thursday, May 17th

HOUR 4 - The guys use their collective sports brilliance to analyze one of the most popular/grossest stories making the news cycle. We get a special sneak peek of this week's Baseball Show. And can we expect Tom Brady to be at the mandatory part of training camp? And if not, what does that mean for TB12 and the Patriots going forward?


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So a lady comes into a a teamwork we know why was it because they refused used abet them should Nokia Moliere. I had no idea why she was that noise going to the person at the counter though about some days were running something like that instills wasn't quite cook the right way. So you could see in the video and I'm a tweet this out by the way he pocketed possibly another dad's been story okay great that's sort. So she gets upset irate and she backs up against the wall polls are. I desperately hands down there and drops me. Be careful. Just toss it to lose drops it right entity not anything I Mickey. That's why he's getting everybody knows reader but we can't get worse is it's it's worth it because of the guy from behind the kind of comes out tries to stop or and then he's got all these she picks the couple clues. And Rosie asked him you now can she take some napkins wipes. Throws that at more Atkins once again throw that out of a dead mean all the want help. Mum and included taped up just. You don't play. Just like a deal as well yeah at all this union does either way gonna hate me dates or something I think is very case whatever it is she's the most insane thing about. As you teach the quick due to let us it was great ego yeah I was right there at the edge you know and she just put a right to thwart him bring this place. And it picked up and throw that she thought about the protest that I'm watching right now are at iTunes isn't one Israeli you know I want you need to accuse all their all and now that's. A viable. It's soda all of us have had to quickly. It is always. Had a gap and once again and she alleged against. Mila got other got to guys don't know what's going on cutesy answer these. Got a shirt up that he's literally you can hear some screaming and he's looking but he's not the idea disgusted. I don't know I don't get it I can't. You know what your saying you know every advantage she she planned this. Again could have one of the chamber and it really be ready to go on just bands is can I I may Canadians are like this they plan is. I'm I'm just presuming that maybe she's just water meal I don't know but maybe she is just that one of those things that Starbucks addict and a political event and making it a go with a bat them no you're not all of gold ring here than. Knowing not only and a throat Eisley a little debate OK you don't do it also it is gonna be that mad comedy. Manuel I think I'll. Towards a release a statement OK in limited cases across the country restaurants have a restricted access policy for restaurants to ensure the wellbeing of gas ego our current. Understanding that the team member used discretion in this case in denied access to the gas. Based on past behavior out of concern for the immediate safety of the team members in guess the restaurant so it. Unless she probably an issue before you ask somebody as young man I ran yet attitude. Did I let you about them because of safety. We'll not know the public and the press is ready and I'll probably go even higher than what you price didn't she wasn't in the restaurant she probably came off from the street journal times you know you have to go that's the key. To go resurrect activities against the zero citizens into Portland just say yeah that's sling. And grassroots candidates same exact thing. You know this is the situation would be at the lady's front coming in over and over again and is abusing when it goes and how she was derision by your electricity generating go to his when he viewed as a bathrooms don't get why you are gonna go I'm Laurie I don't I don't believe he'll have a little treasure. I'm gonna grab it with my came about that I don't know of heroic action it did look a little running with the arrows you. Like I screen what is wrong with you dairy queen. The doors doors is is not looking at right now it's two guys right across from the partition. Eating who's watching a little bits and peace he said that as well he's picking up but it's I don't know how do we hear a and when you could would you call 911 what you say. You say somebody just go to college dorm all of you would issue and threw me when pressed charges what would the charts as we go into law that was a lot of money behind Hansbrough can't throw the that is just that's what most discussing things that I think it's disgusting when you take your dog out you have to do you take those little bags now because of him but he's got to be you know we gotta be careful in the environment so again I say take it little by again but the dog doesn't. Does his thing and you reach in with a bag. And you have to use of Iranians to meet this the field yet it is there is Nancy Reagan you're not really touching because it is galaxy and I warned it's just it's just a fill in all that or are attacking not the textiles yet. Her job not because you know like you know distance runner I never was you know guys like have to go while they're running it or like you know current starter yet you let it run at ago just went on the side. That broad. Excuse is under wondered why don't look at the games finish line that's immediately act royals Sunday at that happened or do long distance learning how good she was not a guy and definitely this. You know I was got to go surveys I don't the real. I'll hop in the republic by yeah Kodak and you know right I've. Everybody had this strange story as well just just ram random question right. Wally from Fall River want to talk about his reality based on the exercise that we are happy he's excited lose the all time asking we are having it all on its wallet open and gets rolling out slowly and add a story does Wally how excited are you that lose in this alzheimer's can. We access to lose a good guy. Well yeah I drive bay relate some motorized circular to cut to submit now we get Blake's wife. Who misread that they put him on the disabled list so what. Yes that's yet probably different list but for now it's called disabled. I mean it is just unbelievable with these guys put December it would dissent then but the bottom but he ought to. Will you leave monopoly that some tablets to the race and that was made me feel more media guide and Wally young men and Morton's. While you're the minutes at Martinsville is more. According. Wally can you please call into the based on show the we've got something I'll always won't show all call always on the baseball should have read you this question on Sunday that everybody denying it denying all that funny is how. I thought he was gonna ask. To the stores like Hillary I don't mind wow patrons and operate only go to the company was like an older guy you know thought maybe he had some stories are like hold it. That that story owed you Jesus and ageism things yesterday. Okay ageism. We don't the body was at a federal. Definitely not this thing yes. Page go to visit the baseball season is Bristol since. Lovely little getting a little all of a sudden I'll run not going to be around but I you guys just smile around based on this one good well what do you know us. We wouldn't medical staff we have I mean it passes meant that problems you know these guys who live there and I would see a lot of money invested in spaces in play is. I area with the guy he's got to be honest law. You guys are excuse Heatley and meals stupid yet but a child. Siblings or watch baseball for you like to watch and witness the return emotional rally rehearsed on your own time to Atlanta journal. It is a topic well. You guys that don't know I wanted to look good about Wally would happy story. That really happened and I think all. Wally was that there are important. To York. Hey I can't count once so well all good to see Dick rather pitch it in a muddy this guy bwic nowadays ball. Yeah instead of the end result is that it's even not on the right side we awards this judgment that Johnny quid Obama got a load of pages. When Tom trouble. What you are pretty and nice guys. I have actually around him whatsoever and eleven. And it and while re just gave you fifteen minutes of content British don't know let's look at me you're gonna call and million question. And we'll know I think our goods and to our laws that little incident ravaged rumors are busy week in baseball show will be read. Honest and we can. She sees me doing it here I'm leaving what she got while it wants to go to Louis. These little little weird why don't question a little. Well. Today I very much Wally you thank you all always call backs down. We've been rude to the call as I want to be in room neighborhoods that equality exactly I was gonna call us at night clubs I don't wanna. The call this race and the whole thing was kindly as one goes there. And in Sydney the would you weed through. If you guys want to go on and on the opposite the good you went through by the way when Wally gets going those names they kind of all went fine each other we're talking about I don't think a lot of it's we're. Sure I understand more Wally or should insure Hawley I don't have a real solid and I'll always Ali Ali as consistent as Decker is on talk about anything else baseball and baseball you don't baseball season all you have to tell me hold his return equals. I like walk. This will be right you don't care about along with a what you're going through my oldest just a lot of this stuff I think they just disrespect the bodily just found out about what are some on the moving the moving committee that's why I'm saying it. The movie committee is meeting its authority to they just wanted to see gas station I got the William Ayers and thirty though don't you know this is my router I'm like yeah cards on the one you come do when he went back channel stuff. I didn't really wants some I'm not associated with any side Vietnam just kind of like but I'm a democratic it's been a record cigarette red from shops and project through. I don't come across from time and time let let management know he's out. Easy about it not only be in orderly as judges who put him on. You'll figure out takes food you you get parking personal offense that's a Mandela did okay. Well it is good why can't we just keep we have a ballet have a young capable Parker Parcells took part in the same locked the door to try to run the Iran and we'll have our cars ready to go to play. If football baseball you know you guys have valuable parking garage league park so we're gonna have a valley are not personal value as an idea a good idea to give you know. Another bomb plot we put it on you you go find it ironic yeah I used to get rid of Allah god date one element three of us apart in its gonna surround admitting his car. I gained one thing we can't beat you can't leave that. Of the day one of the worst part they all there they've got all of these pictures with men in trying to destroy their their building up not and obviously a matter aren't 6777. On seven for seven. They don't know enough heat shield on Twitter away and on WE she wore jewelry and after the show. Back to more afford wait are blowing in 48 right now. Fox Sports Radio W. And he finds a way on the left Teflon social media for what does you know pulled back here a lot of these people people who really. And what. You guys are too funny bleeping on 120 year old man who supports your bills that I'm the senate for a long time stop picking on the view is used up economically and say guys I'd love life support one show while you say he's been the caller or Albert got a seven month. Please don't have to take you to commit any its appeal is this right so when we ever been lately as a little I had it in my life and our camera guy and all we're not in the Red Sox right now so it's that you army at this I was just curious here but no. If he was actually gonna stay on topic or he was really committed to his. Red Sox question. And so as we're talking about old guys it is somebody gonna take any heat if Tom Brady doesn't show that any of these I listen to the next phase mandatory exec faces mandatory correct he'll be there. Insurance mandatory ya know there's no assurance limited zen calm for a birdie or is that just an opinion pages may. It's their results. It's because they're rumors out there than others or what. Birdies telling other people. Who are chirping that there's a possibility may now there's there's that the ball at the the voluntary mini camps are stuff. No big deal the mandatory stuff. That's the message war I want more money after you feel pain so if he doesn't show up at that audio problem OK I am and people have a legit when is that. Was the day that is. June sometime in June. That's coming up. Eleven of oil have. Three year deal but. I ever appease us to another three year deal by the incident report. Yeah now do you use you think you won't show up. I think it's it's been it's been let me start by any peace being thrown a start but of course I don't know may wanna know maybe that's what he's still he's using his leverage right now you know. Done he's certainly going down to my. Skip more family time he wants to spend more time with the event even though kids going to school limited right position you know I was I'm going to be out of you you would think so. So maybe he wants to spend a little bit more thing we thought. But that can be just leverage. Of exactly what loosen he he wants a new contract until it pretty obvious he wants to do some things you could get in the something you can't skip so if you skip that. With a huge array of well you go through February low fifties. But she got into this I don't know I don't know anyone so if he sticks to it he skips the mandatory session. Then I think it raises some red flags when we start talking about it records to this point is it really worth even engaging in talking about a big deal is it gonna affect him. And on one single play next season if he's not showing up a case. Also there's this this mandatory. Mini camp is no different than the first day of camp. The first day of camp let's start of summer. They're the same exactly the same show but this time you can leave at this time. Practice starts here we go bowling combine guys everybody know lunging and other K team bonding gone a field trip whatever. On that he will not know he's gonna miss it. Everyone will be here. Yeah I don't I knew you know you're good at this stuff you've the got little birdie but you know and the birds I mean just it was just do the math in your home well. I am but let's price the fear exists it's huge I think so I still think it's big that he missed the last month the fact just footballs out there. The fact that there are young kids are did his dog football to a free agents or other signings that he isn't total football to. The year all the time. That's been so overblown and so overrated. Why is it just David so much credit Null because that it's all really working the new kid you know what you say and you know he was getting credit for it and that to me is is the misconception the fact that you gave him credit for getting these guys on the same page. Democrat it was like he's an old guy that doesn't need to be there that's going anyways because really how many reps do you really need it the most of his impact will work to be done to earn some. It is not about I don't it's about grabbing this guy of that guy in you know the guys he's thrown the ball slowing Michelle out of the backfield this and look. This what we want ill until noon flag you don't turn that we turn this way you want this kind of angle to create economic all those little things that they'll probably be talking about. This is there really be on the field doing it might do a couple of times is to show what they're talking about myself different work on in the next month hopefully she'll open it put in real. So to my issue was who was not that all look to miss an all this great work Sony Michelle like now that one that did bother me bother you is isn't you know. By default what the elected or not. You warrant this yell of this corporation. Like an old bills and charged I know your crap owns the team but you're the guy that walks in with a briefcase and everybody recognizes as the organization. So you kind of have a responsibility to be there you wanna miss the work out fine no gives a crap. These are putting cleats on the turf you kind of need to at least be visible. Admired him because you're the leader not because all of the one passed its own Michelle's gonna catch in May is gonna make it difference in no there's. Ever you have no voluntary workouts. If the team leaders there it always looks good. I always looks good volunteered moment got the coast here. As quarterback of all time national voluntary work as best tight in the lean Chopra voluntary workouts. And when they don't. It is gonna be at opposite effect just has to be viewed appraising for them being there and setting an example for if they're not there yet half the Ben believe. But it doesn't set a good. Well none of it but if you wanna talk a little birdies late the little birdies and I'm here from. Or that bit the team is there a lot of new leadership that is you know growing. There's a lot of young guys and there's cart guys are taking on more of a leadership role. Everything is possible it should be in every organization but based on everything that's happened. There is no setback. There is no. You know issues with Dan being gone. Now I mean out there are some of the wide receiver coaches are you know cause some of those from Ivan fears probably like I wish is that. You know Tom would be there of course are right but in the big picture thing. If or how other people step up OK so if he does not show up and that's going to be a big deal right. I think so you'll be definitely I guess you can't get the mandatory. That's like mandatory. You know bull mandatory meetings ago. You have to show what these are contract it means the man and yes Z there yes that man and our leaders have agreed that the lower yes. I just feel they Cleveland Browns are today browns general manager Don John Dorsey. Has spent the last month. Leading with a everybody who would listen. Please don't put us on hard not got a bunch of young kids were trying to build something we have a coach who probably is feeling a little bit of pressure is he actually has to win more than one game this season usually one wanted to years. Please don't do are not based on our team would easily though. This from the Cleveland Browns as the sub juror at the subject of hard. Let's just open it hurts so beautifully so what's it gonna be titled. Hard knocks him to Cleveland Browns the quest to win one game thing you know but you'll have a you'll be you I will say this. You guys you guys are saying this earlier about how. It's kind of the size kind of wore off. On hard knocks you just yeah it is haven't really had a lot of. It's I think as I said I already know I would need to be like Thursday's special team to mitigate that interest back here it was the patriots and obviously people around here I think others would be very interested reasons closer Billy. He'll really be interesting so there was these there'd be only a handful of teams now that would grab your interest. Cleveland's. Sorry. Army field. Knob about not moral challenge. I have these kids are criticize anything what do you whether cameras on an open Mike. Kids are gonna sing enough and it didn't know if they'd only gonna get screwed by the by the team's go to the side off camera it's a shot probably pop. Made it. This makes zero cent by the way the problem was Dorsey is upset about this. Like many I was reluctant about being the featured team with a hard knocks than now we see in the right things but once we sat down and we talked about it I understand. But there was a criteria and unfortunately. He filled. Every one of the points that had to be addressed for a team to be eligible for now I can have the one thing. Go to fires coach Gibbs fired coach and a new coach and I think it would have been worse. I would've fired the coach just as you know they are not get up are not do you think that hue Jackson is going to be that different than. One win this is I don't think it's about as fired coach if. Ellison the Cleveland organization it's a bad thing. I mean just see what comes of the date on interest rates are city team they're admitting that they need. Enjoy interest or general Martha ramps on clash at end of going to the playoffs and it was the market on a couple years our host Jeff Fisher saw an official was last year it I don't even lashing out there now. No I know I don't stamp on there why is going to judge I don't understand gap in Tampa area. Crappy that now they're awful they're really has been crappy there was I just senate might -- and the Mike Evans Rahm like the 90% of wrote and asked do you agree you think that at the Cleveland Browns fan base is mad as their teams to be featured hard not to negate this yell was behind the scenes footage you get to know their younger players a little bit more no problem they'll love it and so while the owners that this is a bad thing for us. They're gonna suck. And biggest fan base a close look at the team. Well there might be some might be some pressure on. Others more pressure and all you went looking goal of being. When your hard knocks or not you're screwed you but you might. See some stuff that might keep criticized so I think if we were dealing with a really bad team here. Were a little bit more critical I think than than the Cleveland market and we have really bad team they only won one game in two years. We start seeing some stuff I I think we. Point out and that's why they don't win any games or it would put projects is only look at so that could be some criticism. I don't off to get it that marketplace. But Obama and why do you care about I know a lot all looks a little bit I think you have like a pool who we can engage in note to that was take one guy right and then make that guy's night do you pay. And they cut him on TV. The first cut thought it was a touchdown Auburn commodity here you know than a page in your playbook today good luck in the future that has gone. Front and one more segment yep and you really don't go to where oh academy hitting you know hitting weak tool. In the meeting with O and amp sport wait for a loan and forty Sports Radio I'm. Just say this out of the program has been for occupy wall more direct market. Telephone hours. Favorites Keith could help us out. We got so let's see guys because we're moving you got the notice we're moving over to 83 Leo Birmingham parkway bridge and that's where. Keith used to work yeah storage areas around I did all her eyes just show let me ask didn't let me ask is there a Christian would liken large office at don't have those remain in -- that I don't think Reagan ever own accord comfortable chair thinks they don't have that he found out sort of they have what do you linger re hang out probably in the kitchen area. This hopeless that others like there's that one office that everybody shares thereafter they share an office yet there's no individual shall offices like you imagine dessert marquis gray and an extension on our vision and you are seeing is snug. It's we wouldn't be ambushed on what does that mean like every spaces accounted for a southern dirt road that's in the back there because you can only offense was really nice when it snows really he has shown yourself. There for the shoveling yourself that's relatively visual that is easily Musharraf. There's a lot of unsure about Donna we're gonna have a shovel guy with a mallet who is LA LA is gonna show. The government and I had a partner cards trend probably shovels like another relative hey I was late in the big leagues you people the stadium they caught you give you keep it coming designer handbag that's that would mean they don't have yeah so I guess they haven't seen it and I'm okay yeah. Association dinners since you've been involved locales yes you tell me we get a better situation now or will we be and at that essentially I think there are pros and cons oh I like is still psychology and I like where we're going. I do I know you like about what it was an out of my home I'd hit a winner Roger I thought I found at home and take it to extra minutes to get here to cover art and get a full list item that's a positive thing is wrong bitch and vocal Ono is the only one is looking forward to his debts are dependent so it's going to be. That makes you feel better have a obviously he's emotionally connected yet unknown and that's why don't floors of the abuse pulled back to his ex wife that's a fun. If he's excited about it that we should be through. No comment on doughboy be Corina and you. I thought I. I guess I put the removal of your hotel that. Don't miss this place I think side aria yeah and almost a cafeteria jello yeah at Syria and the Portland area is left and they end here obviously private other private opulent but I don't position Obama ought to be on the Internet and that will be nice like at a frat house we have a -- straight today you schedule and more on the Carson Smith right in the center of that stuff yesterday with core which is simply swung hard and so funny punish them from the show them that aren't that's our commitment to do it again marked and I am Bryson. David Price is an act of enact enact enact move oil prices disagree violently. What's known as a good lately Oreo. Back into 10 AM tomorrow we're awful.