OMF - Hanley insists not playing baseball is his choice, 6-25-18

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Monday, June 25th
Hanley posted a tweet explaining why he hasn’t been signed by another team, saying it is his choice to spend time with his family, and separates himself from any criminal investigation. The timeline of anything that could have happened involving Hanley works in the favor of the Red Sox based on when they released him.

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These Fort Wayne and moaning and fortieth hard hit ball to the a variety of the bases. Jackie Bradley junior with a first Red Sox hit this afternoon. And he's still. All this being a patriot fighting allegations. Once they get caught T yeah ever they have a more urgently need some of the examples would definitely. She quickly and Lou and Christian. Had him there marriage and flag the beach and erect cock was. I need to it and that's if they had a very questionable part I think all of a wall Powell what does that mean that we need to get their merit anyway try to act. But it certainly put him in being around a bit. I'm going you know multi jurisdictional task or that looking into a bit. Rally at the right at operating out aren't that if it now. Sports Radio WEEI. So Michelle he has corrected her tweet over the last hour prosecutors have filed a motion to seal the entire case and the whole. Suspect you contacted. Handley with. They stymie him during the that the traffic stop. Since he was previously. Convicted on drug charges may be he's part of the investigation right now in which he's a witness forward. For the feds or whatever. How we can find anything more about it again after Atlanta I got to keep this up when the beginning when I could get a little bit as the lights. Now there's really. After everything's decided that I'd really don't know there's nothing there except that he guy's name has been thrown patent yet and Hanley has the body. Who got bounced up and jam. And it was desperate and hope made us out of Boston chaotic in my knows who had aliens right but lovable guy. Not mine a right hand see you don't want Handel would be upset right well you know what let's based on a make sure you don't pay. All that the gold on this topic actually allow me to act. To pay I'm hammer he's medium which is. Beyond me whenever it happens. And Hanley says unopened package. Oh you're Placido you take my number would use I'll tell you not say that equity Howard. I get the rest and Hanna is named because he got right so report that he had that they everything it happened. And there is is you know commanding offers promising. Where is this. Hey Amir how health Hanley Ramirez and get into this hot of his name get brought candidates while he was people who friend. Then. He include idiots are based on this day you. Yeah I think the federal thing. There were. The it basically. So yeah it was released the morning early morning may 25 of the Red Sox and I think he can ethical appeal by surprise and myself included we just as it and make sense and it with that it it the Celtics started with out Jim Jerusalem. Where he tweeted and response to a Jarrett Robert's article in each weed out investigate local law enforcement guarding him his car. And something that should have been in there. More than a story that's being reported so with that people. Started kind of taken a topic Jared body shall we detects that tweet whatever it was I TV know anything about it for the most part I felt like people kind of laughed it off there was abuse yeah I heard about I don't think it was his call augmented his buddy's car on Donnelly was go opens cost of those. Variations of it. But it was never. I want to. Inability to stuff because this is a real accusations and I'll let people authorities to also start obviously Friday night Michelle McPhee. She Toledo in their mayors or it sucks in Philly has some well issues being I made in connection with the ongoing federal and state investigations stay tuned. Now there was no article. That was linked to this as proceeded not do the research and again I think Michelle McPhee is outstanding hitter John. He's great you know obviously there and an end to situation investigative reporter she's doing great stuff now investigating what would she and other Tennessee thirteen games but succeed at least through this one. And today she's reporting that's actually digging out it's actually looking into it out she's actually coming up with things. We still don't have much on this quick read of it kind of giving all stories you like a radio. Twitter won't do that for a dollar 4280 characters and anybody who you would get more. That's things now when she's telling you today that the that the prosecutors have filed the motion to seal the case. So there was UK's keep all the names out of because obviously they're trying to get gonna try to get and we they're trying to get obviously. Two to the big drug dealers that's what they're trying to do. But that's the problem you have. When somebody comes out and somebody who was credible as Michelle McPhee as. And throw something like that out there than. What people do what they look at his old guy and les heavily involved that we don't know that now going to glow still don't know who apparent that the report. Documents filed in US district court in Boston he's done well. It is moderate Curtis got no. About half those are just dead you wanna learn my demo via I got a little lady just had her purse rob. All right Jose so they yes those more of this guy's gonna get off right who's trying to get off victory. Have the cops scarlet and gold Impreza handling you know mile hear what you thought from here it is whatever I think just plausibly believe that. That night guys had to keep him in a dual Israeli cities that we do with a hard. That was kind of like the end of. But there's gonna wonder if they've sealed the entire case. So you're not going to be able to get all of that specific information and so it's gonna continue to wonder is an. I I would no resolution do you feel like it's still no we don't have all the answers I feel like we don't we do not. A good I feel like you know accumulated marries a but my question to what the who's is how friendly are you with this guy because you pick up a facetime phone call from a you guys talk a lot because you know what he does. Which yo he was doing that that would be his biggest gap issue if you're if you're looking at nearly mayor's goal friend. It is and the bottom place and heads as hell. Don't call me don't think don't probe into the big league may be part of the story. You kidding me incriminating me along with the likes of all you under the present you know I mean I don't argued that. And I'm on certain item probably speak from Lou but he's got a couple friends like that. Product unfriendly crowds that would kind of rose name out there and I may follow up on the streets. No heart alive don't run and run a number is not I know looms Johnny do you listen. To. But it doesn't. I don't the whole thing to be currently when I first heard Friday night and heard Michelle McPhee on with. Can layered and and she was the one whispering at time lines and and I just felt like she was sort of misleading people or to Scarlett. The readers are looking at her tweet. They can note though he's being I in connection to use it okay this is investigation McCain is in serious trouble. And she's very defensive this morning that she wasn't saying that but which is set to promote timeline would can layer to management a cents. Those who are saying is that it was a half actually directed I had very significant drug charge and that aspect has now. Very personal contact with him your hair and that contact came to negate the play with fat. I thought it was more confusion than anything with all of the day for an account and I'm not sure she was totally invested. In the store she obviously an attempt somebody she trusted she went with a but she even admitted this weekend and one of the many interviews that that she did that I heard. In which he actually said until we see the paperwork at 9 o'clock on Monday when courts opened up. You know all that's where you gonna get the information I don't like dealing with stuff from us to get the court documents in this case she tweet something which is even more time. How many characters model lot. And you leave it wide open I just died boy I don't know but here's here's a kind of convoluted it even more for me like when she was on with with Kirk in Jerry. She it's just like the last question on the last topic it was just weird the way Israel is that you do you have applauds player for report. You know about how one little thing every. I like yeah. Yeah I I don't need to keep Rick Perry are. All I am I am I Bob. Yeah how big hitting a terror at a that. Our question if you're old and I haven't. It. Yet I think I had to do the globe is going after you because of this. I'll I don't think that not at all I didn't lose some. Effect. That does. The logo are soaring back what I want. Which it what's the first thing I understand I don't see the connection with know what to connect renewal. Are okay. That's there's no confusion I'm more confused at the end of that and I don't I sat out and it I don't know what that was yeah I have no idea what is about those guys did seemed honestly sit. Think the only thing I think Red Sox fans really care about in new story. Is that the Red Sox know. Into the Red Sox actually release Hanley Ramirez because they were tipped off all of this was happening and the reason I don't believe that any of that is true. Because it doesn't make sense and I heard of this weekend the Red Sox care about is PR whatever will you care about PR. And you worried about your image at how people are going to look at you. You get rid of this guy anyway you didn't want him to get the 497. Plate appearances because he didn't wanna pay of 22 million dollars for next year for 2009 team. So you whenever gonna get to that point and you're gonna get rid of them anyway. Why wouldn't you if you were tipped off that this story was out there and that may might be involved in rock. It the yes it'll all my god this is our way out. Nobody can achieve we get rid of Handley Rheinecker some people agents say how can you get rid of I got it bad at 380 in the post season. You can't do it if he's involved in a truck bring in on top of that you don't have to pay him. And that's why I'm so I've been elected to go back and at the timeline that you present it would Ken layered. You know usually still a 25 in my mind was at least June 1 tour. OK. She sees this kid was arrested apparently may thirtieth and two days later in the usually you guys do the math facts are facts. That's just that's just the truth and that's not the truth. She that's not. Because on the 25 they designated for assignment. With the idea of releasing him. You tell me five so what why they do that than at this is the case on June 30 his name gets brought up. Would glided to a five days ago. She thinks that has yet to get released refer to get released me point this is an idea seven Napier yes so at that. The timing of it that Google does the whole things makes listening to a goal of the season this isn't anything she doesn't have enough. Just had this story you know you did a brilliant though people wanna find fault with the Red Sox and trust me we'd find fault that is the fault. You can find at times when Pennsylvania you variations of trying to cover it up and in my right guys don't walk the Israelis the sense why they were covered up like why would that if they really know there's a real investigation is that we get serious issues which we do its release him pay him fourteen million. Or should we suspend him. During an ongoing investigation. Not have to pay him fourteen million dollars save myself fourteen million and then for PR purposes there recently on film because it's bad PR. That announced your fan base the an impact that the middle your line up. The and it actually released because you think he's invested or he's involved in some kind of drug ring that's going on in Massachusetts. How would that make you look bad you think the fan base would sit there and say oh shame on you Red Sox. Now. None none of that makes sense whether it's such would know this and hide it in the whole bit and try to play it up as a baseball this I don't know which is why the arena. I heard it all weekend long all the Red Sox you know they're worried about the are you right low. It's just the opposite just you know if you look PR this is the perfect opportunity did to the two two could cut pay and yet they didn't go that route because the dates is loose and really don't line up again they don't line up they got. Rid of them because of baseball reasons. Because one he was hit poorly at the time until they weren't gonna pay in the 22 million for next year they were to give the 497 at bats and oh yeah by trying to. But given 497. At bats he was gonna become a pain in the ass and a club left he was gonna cause major problems that might have already been doing it. As in an influence to some of the younger players and we won't. Well let's say one thing I did hear all of us here priests one elite weeded out. You know basically you know what he's doing what would see what what's going on his life and that. If he's not play basal because it's his choice. So teams are reaching out some teams are calling and asking for his services wouldn't say no I don't need it. That that's that's that's a diplomat. Exactly accents has well. Plus my father during 2000 that this sends straight to god I'm sic basically people died but say people that there's a when he could still play baseball. I'd love to be playing baseball right now like I would I would directly baseball professionally announcement he citizen and gained 21 million dollars. If I sound of the team for the last four months of the season which he could've done to make 300 grand. Again we tell you making 2100 if I don't mean 21 million if Michael and decide to do that I'm gonna sit in my beach and a smoke a cigar I'm gonna hang on a Dominican goal and a bowl and finish a we talked about a guy that's getting history and showing great initiative. No nickel and all this it's all a sense of the world. Based on the way that you view this guy lol all. You know I am not it are very lightly and also. When you think about it. And the lack of initiative. I. Schubert tying him to a drug morning makes an awful lot of sense as well he's gonna have to put money upn and we've already heard that that necessarily doesn't work but. He's gonna do all of us he's going to be an I find at carnival. We have. That's my personal squirrel moment of his Ramona. What do you do it now twelve candidates know it just gets just came up and we got a course couple seconds right now handed him my IRA. The DES PN body issue penalties it was was released you know badly you know you at the initial pictures I guess one teacher each guy. First law and I completely done with ESP embodies you don't like it at all because it's nothing like Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. Issue but it's still a couple old guys in there. I know there's it's there's all angles and I don't know why like short gray Norman accurately in Michael Jackson's Lewis great Norman now. Is freaky and Jack I'll hold years. But to do is looks like eight you know it looks like he's about one of the covers of you know. One of those look human growth hormone commercials with a really old guys like for any on the boat and go back and the next moment the pitcher Nomo shredded up. That's a Greg Norman looks like Jerry Rice is in there he is old but as China daily make it up. Although the car we want to call it that counts them out of no idea how they hit some things he's got going on but it did when I mean let me read. What do Larry it's amazing how they hide things a I guess creatively you know use props to answer questions if his body he saw things I magazine for a naked. So well they call it the the bodies and am I supposed to be like two dollars. Turned on by all marriages is as creative genius or whatever we would you feel right now nothing's. At all absolutely nothing. You Rubino who you Carl run at any job you love moving I don't know I don't know you don't know based. You don't get an and they don't rent a stewardess. No but he don't shoes you know when you give a line basketball OK you don't Sue Bird and may yes I do know Susan berg WNBA com. Him yes yes OK Tory Bowen is WNB notre already sore elbow either don't know or Bo is now I don't give it looks like she's track athlete and more and Chamberlain. Nick. One of world's no softball player I don't know. Jesse Dickens. Knew you know he's actually sound like mornings now to think they hit it solid porn it's like famous for her by. Reportedly does but this begins. Crystal done and you know now Charlotte AdAware nobody scares read Charlotte's Larry pointed out this. I don't know I think obviously this guy's name disarmament and tried I tried down cycles and there are a trial on track for a partner and to. Dalton. Or robbed of it sure isn't very good. I BER a HI MO BI EC media soccer ball and don't have a clue that you like in this I now. Don't you think in that let you you're gonna like this magazine I always thought that we tried to do but the issue here. It's not gonna lie and had to deal I didn't know. I think it's. I think. You are an important. Yeah those close exit yet yes your comment. Every afternoon when OK okay we'll get to meet that apple doing that we don't ask for the brought them to agree ahead and do about it of the bully oh yeah they found out everybody's is now on the dogs are you serious. Pepper crusted with the comment was a big it'll be like. You know like he does he'll tweet using her also and feel he is yup yup because I didn't I get down now he's got to got to do that you know pop with a bigger pop portray you see that. You know the vendors use that up on my part hiring. I'll hiding behind you which he goes and it was sure will be here as well when you I don't know if this were only uses at all. It's all right all right Ron Paul that's OK. You wanna hear about and I Jenkins and her she edited girls she did Margaret accidentally we have given that usually goes out. A no name meant that I know but the notion baby number two everybody you know that look I don't know where to send presents I don't know what she's registered may be. Paula you figure that out and pleaded out so people can send Mike I don't know but they did you order. Let us bottles that are what do you get back. Oh good writers ready to go a long ago good fish squirrel moment we'll get back to the red chilies special program coming up next.