OMF - Hannah Serpa, 3, Type B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia, Milton with her parents, Mark and Michelle, and sister, Blaire 8-22-18

WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon
Wednesday, August 22nd
In August 2017, Hannah was having leg and lower back pain. On the third visit to the pediatrician, nurses drew blood. Hannah ended up in the ER just hours later.

She was diagnosed with B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia in September, the day before her sister Blaire's first birthday. 

Hannah was then put on a 2-year regimen of chemotherapy.

Hannah loves dressing up as princesses, going to the zoo, swimming, and reading books. She currently attends pre-school.

Her parents shared: When we go to the Jimmy Fund, or “CIinic days” as we call them, Hannah always asks where we are going as soon as we get in the car. When we eventually tell her where we are headed, we tell her “we are going to do crafts and make button necklaces with Lisa, Laura and Amanda; and that Channing is waiting for you to sing Elsa songs." That’s what makes Jimmy Fund Clinic special. Hannah is going into the Clinic to be accessed, poked, prodded and have chemo infusions, but the fun aspects override all the bad in her mind. Our doctors and nurses are incredible humans. They are a unique breed of human. They put not only Hannah at ease by relating to her at a 3-year-old level, but they also help ease the parents' concern. They have become our highly-trusted second family.

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Let me introduce you to three year old Hannah circle and their parents mark and Michelle are you got greens and had it say yet. It allows house then again. She's actually an awesome race he she's on that gray creek right now so full of life as mr. Nath says three year old could inch singles we have to ask a LO run. Yes he has leukemia. Since she's currently on three week cycles. Scheme on steroids and actually Friday will kick off more keen and steroids again. City of what's so how audited all star. And this August last year right around this time she was complaining of any planes. And we voters that pediatrician few times and at first they you know listen different X ray perhaps it's broken. The course such as if nothing and then we went again. And it actually shifted from one meets the other they thought it might be lions have seized as we live in Milton says there's an eight year round. Rules and because I guess it had moved and and then the third time and act there. And she was crying so much and paying that. She wouldn't walk and also that you blood. And about four hours later and the doctor from hunt are pediatrics actually used to work on the sixth floor Boston children's in this. And intelligent policy. I called it since it looks like the TV to convince the horn who. And that was the day before. You're the daughter's birthday that's right us that's coming up Nancy she actually Blair urged him to on the 21 of September and then she had her first birthday cake on the floor Boston children's. With no accountable because he plans of many of the flames the chorus from the iron so. We're getting ready to plan a big celebration this year for her it's immense talents and she's been sentinel senses. So it seems like an you guys would be called clinic visits yet but it did agree to you so much about these kids that go over there and if so much. Three things that they are going therefore there be you know. Different things that don't feel well basically but her time there. She looks forward to going to meeting some of her friends right in singing in and just talking to a friend's correct. The so is the easy things he renounced his or her and also Grasso. There's a reason yes it's a Channing in the music and has spent quite some loss of time with us. And as police Laura page I mean the crafts and everything made to act. It's funny on Sarah treatment she's actually feeling sometimes her worst she asks me if I'll bring her into clinic and it's not even a clinic and she wants to downplay. Through all the poking and prodding our our our team are amazing our medical team doctor doctor Davies Christine grant him and Tracy riles and I can go on their amazing. But the poke and prod and she doesn't really mind anymore because she loves the environments like it's actually so I never expected this you know we were going in you just expect something totally different. Please. What you noble to you. Until you talk to other family members where if they have a clinic visit it's going to doctor's office. No toys no music therapy no gains and and sometimes you're there for ten hours. And it's. The places nothing short of amazing between how they try to make the kids as comfortable as possible. So earlier today Regis and Chris sales in here 1000 during the break. We heard a little oh little frozen zone frank and so we inability gave her to sing for us and all sales like a big deal at all. But I mean all math I mean we'd like we'd like frozen like there's and a birdied nine and large frozen we love frozen lieutenants and making it sing frozen for us. Two when we expect him. Just here. Ties surely get ourselves. It's the only. You can you what is now. But he. And the news. Who need. It's. Been. Yeah. We're got. If you go to any. This home and in the actually. Yeah. It. Just looked. Yeah. She moral or learn. Let and again. Oh yeah. It's team. It yeah. And opens. Unbelievable there three years old good job by the way I will say this. I think I think it was a little jealous person was thinking about it juggles. All connected via. That's where you and everybody I think it's Asia that Italy and you've got your own and there is that better. Optional both there it is not she's no longer shot now and the like herself the juggler used to clown that was struggling to let me Nim. Costs and long. He was teaching me about it it was each ought to juggle wasn't it. Around our baseball or was he dreaming. You know how. Did you serenade him. He's singing a song. Now that was great meeting you and now markers shown great review and continued success here OK you're in a great place and you thank you can't you guys thank you.