OMF - Heath Evans finally opens up about harassment allegations and his firing from NFL Network

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Thursday, August 9th
Hour #3 and the OMF boys discuss the statement released by Heath Evans who was fired from the NFL Network amidst sexual harrassment allegations.  

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These Fort Wayne Loney and fortieth our final visit of the season with a manager Alex Cora I'm becoming emotional. And for compressed again and I I would not imagine that being the case. You are struggling and not they're not there and they've been out of that but now we haven't. We're gonna blame Lou alone that's a great point you know how important that is other people are interviewed me and we start struggling and we have one of those guys don't. And we wind blew and Christie is this up surveyed it it's pull all unfocused or. What is this. And you can pick they are Roger Tom Brady not now but any time during your career you would take error Roger. Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. Tom Brady as hell and bill is one of the lucky is how the explained. On Sports Radio WEEI. Well I would hire key. If I'm into a situation where I think it's a dramatic period in my life and nobody is responding to the to the immediate. Tragedy that that exist I would hire Keith just to sit there and cry and sent a black wasn't feeling well. Is that what it was it wasn't feeling well claimed he never cried. The crowd. The hills and it takes a hit and you can nobody really grilled bank where pain. And deep and I what you are looking today young he's the only person novagold on vacation to Florida to Wisconsin in the winter and Minnesota was strong enough case the same when he left Minnesota in the dead of winter as he did when he spent a week in Florida with this I mean you know certainly we can Florida and have commitment with the Arabs you noticed paler now than when you went on to anchor a white and this is the case. That's can't stand that Bosnia that was and if you get. I don't and I get some Mediterranean me like you don't appreciate what is left what does that. Collided or don't have 116 of everything in the world so similar Cingular was worried about humans aboard Immelman won but it is true story by the way it was something else led to speed read a lot of crap last night just to catch up with these guys. There are real men watch Bravo they had to change the name of that show. But the people were open arms to what's what's really aren't as the new show on TV call real man once rubble that was going to be the name of it and change it look at. Why I'm a big problem guy out. Top story that's different field network that's totally doctors tell me there's a problem which really is. Condemn it they're all about women and it's real housewives of awards count chairman yeah is love so they came up with a the show. This guy's name the actor kitten but it isn't what Michael Rappaport. It's not my desire brought all the time it's them artwork you don't miss miss the Big Three term. I don't know doesn't go to the victory I didn't really denied louganis tickets Idec endo it didn't do it. He just does I think he was serious right I was gonna say we are he needs for ice cube Rollins Arab and Ellis was a scene of profits shareholder we kept the for a break produce year over my bonus is that he needs aren't honest view is if you don't you don't think it never called music or Q he's really need to win any Swedish audio of the did you get judged you know at that court on militant we we have a how he did notice you have nothing income with a symbolic because ultimately somebody right away SAL do you live on that sheets by a guy you let teachers ordered. So he ignored Lou. He was I don't know enough about the about the West Coast we lose a Marky Mark Jack Russell Byrd was better. Several David Ortiz ignored you yes yes yes yes it is trying to figure out of Danny Ainge summer it will ignore you have a three answering. You know it's good to see all those old players but they sock. Terrible terrible basketball Milligan shot. Nobody is NC. Editors there they're not good basketball Carolina he went that high school yet what color now for Teague went from 85 days then OK yeah so we went through. Woodcrest besides which is right now and I did I did not being a little decency and look at. Doesn't look this is all it was unbelievable. These are I read so maybe. I. School. You went to school attack we used late afternoon football all of that who have friends now what we're like each other data we leave early election came well let's just like to you yeah well I I used to wrap also. This is the occasion I handed a script to for a left listens Christians are a little under the Australian and our crew back in high school it's called the Nazi policy. His nickname was mouse that's most dangerous guys wilderness like oxygen that I. Apparently have so we don't know pick him you know back at those guys. The wreck we and heavy we didn't have any direction and we lacked management that was really oh it sounds like. I was a business. That was that was there isn't that's when you know you think that the case because he thought there was nothing and nothing going wrong. Know a lot on an occasion because I planned on and about ten months ago that's why it's happening you're taking another one. Mike. Martin and mark as youngest OK you're like who's planning. I plan in advance I don't know what the last second to play the threat besides I don't hardship I thought that occupants of the middle of the beginning of football season. I didn't I didn't policies put personalized argues that you have there September do you do you care Denver you portable for sediment starts tonight over there it's and I think tonight. Do us a pregame show he or just didn't orderly open and see that grind important way up and under and I both felt court. Yeah. Now keep the focus on you by the way Chatham this Chatham realize in radio yet you speaking short sound bites for those in front of chatter and talk frontal TV is easier to talk. OT BI and I'll get yours and we need. TV you gotta keep it you know short sweet and to the point it'd be directed fishing in radio. On the pre season games you guys are reasonably young and that's what kind of talkie you monologues or error. Forever you Oprah Holler that when you to do the show when you go to view NBC sports Boston yes okay. You when you go to that don't yet. How is it a little weird that you are difficult due to ship you because it's going to be uniter. Yeah it's like it's. Just so. You got the thirty seconds to subpoena move on the next thing away government BC every lieutenant so fossil practice it on ball and 100 bucks both view right now every coming at an hour and a valued at colleges that paid media that ends. Monday in Paul's death anyway right all the guys that our does pay. All bad battery contention US mail has yet I should double on Monday I guess this is going to be quite a medical incidentally get better and all changes are reset up and start over again freshly you know everybody's. Whenever you saw in the past done wedeman. And I need like five launches from you because you don't file. You tested the best but it is a slice of pizza but it was as a as a finalist for today yes it. People here I got African blood pressure unbelievable surprise on for Campbell was surprised they carry so. I thought it was he really should think carries. I so we got a game tonight a football game tonight it was a big deal being made. About the hall of fame game it went forever. And it really sucked and there were flags being thrown all the time by the officials because nobody seems to understand. The new helmet rule right so the officials its commercial flights and worry about lately that's what it seems so I. It luck this in Bryant it's a guarantee that tomorrow you'll be off when I will be in here yet really we will be talking about how screwed up this Rowling's the don't like that like a citizen parents. The officials now do not understand this rule little they don't notice in the rule of tackling like I said this before and again I wanted to perfectly clear. By no means of my comparing helmet rules to domestic violence and just I want to get that out there right now. Bought going on affirmative sweet Lou Maloney is preparing have a little meadow I would I should ivory to meet our. It would require a sailor when you hear about what somebody did annular while that's really bad and you see the video changed everything tonight will be your radio tonight Lewis fires is how moral cost. But to help rule is an absolute joke and today go meet tomorrow and ready to wash their football game is its us and I'd rather you know watch that game here tomorrow and we talk about. Wolf but also Locke is but Soviet at bell released this whole like long like that she's back to communication she with all these late to. You know past players current coaches. And are all breaking down. The different scenarios. Like you know might rubles talking about linebackers and age pressures. Wilson is on there. Who's a corporate. Who's gonna got a guy in San Diego win. Antonio entered here Antonio went into an answer he's written to him. Not. Yeah so be it and after I watched I watched both of them. It's not that difficult. To fix it it's not is difficult as I think everybody being told build those screws us know they will scored because the players. The players. Are gonna just they're creatures of habit and they haven't yet learned how to actually. Fix it was Sunday but it's not when you re when you look at it you really look at what they're trying to do. It's be it should be fixable. Hold on 12 chapters just tweeted something out with the with the blue checked with him. What do you see us this morning what. They applied direct is that it. Patriots expected to make adjustments. That Tom Brady's contract murders source. Brady is scheduled to make fifteen million dollars a bargain. And they will be adding a variety of performance based incentives. To bring him closer to market like what pat did last year with tight end Rob Gronkowski. So apparently. According to add chapter Tom Brady is going to get an incentive Lleyton contract it will take him above fifteen million but it's going to be on. Show upper Rio Sunday so why wouldn't he stay in the cycle is not. Look at that and not to us on extension. Let's take him beyond two years there with a new two year window digits can be late late. Grow up and say OK you can make another 510 million who knows what was he morbid details. Like they did last year with crop they surprised that this is Tom Brady's name is not rugged Huskies and. Next. He's got to be next right I'm surprised we haven't heard. From grown Kevin one of these incentive Lleyton and I thought all along that an assembly contract. Thereabouts not this year. The saint at this yeah I don't know not to known only as just a base of eight point nine exit. And a car or it was right there there's there's going to be visualize where and here read about it and when in trouble to say you have a heart palpitations she took its. Will lay off field get it. Put no it is the great thing I've got to believe that's what they wanna give him Wu is an incentive Lleyton contract. And he doesn't want that he wants guaranteed money and that's probably why this thing has been held up. Who came back with another once at the patriots Tom Brady expected to officially at those performance based sentenced to a concert in the next 24 hours per source. But Brady will have a chance to bring his contract more in line with other quarterbacks in Seoul I get you gotta believe that. These vacant fifteen this year the incentives the match is probably another 1010 or twelfth right when he five point six point seven million correct games played. Mean that's what it is now right its status as an after snaps got it is not. Touchdown I don't do that the league in or so it's all low percentage of snaps writing style he's he's got he's. Plate when he does have a torn it's between nineteen he's got a game bonus to get 46000 dollars Arthur. It obviously is climbing boots on the block. When he T Tony nineties got to see it yet Torre 604070. He's got game bonus which is. Me and that if he plays the casino games like seven and fifty grand birdies but that. The only one left on base is like Florida apple out of five and and we don't want minerals and yeah he made five basis than five and a half an incentive yeah that's that's you. Think of the other point 70% of your right seven cents snaps or seek to receptions 80% snapped their seven receptions. And at all equal now all or all pro selection and all that stuff I as well. Also we got the big work so why do you think he doesn't have that because they can easily move them up and not gonna move to sixteen they're not gonna move to wide receiver money. But they they easily I think would move him. To be at the top of the tight end chart which would be what eleven million high pins or something like that. Why haven't they done to this point the only thing the conclusion I got to do is they want to. They wanna give an incentive now which would be let's say two or three million dollars above the base. But he doesn't that he wants guaranteed money. But he seems to be happy camper so far he's not bitching about anything he seems to be going along with the the the. Or guaranteed money like it's it's on usually. If there's a good relationship. Those incentives are easily reached. They are they're not that the all pro. Balance typical it's really hard and washed your he would go and yet to when he gets home he's all right no that was one of but there are some other ones in there were the game bonus I can't go to your money Christian unless he got all pro is that correct. All pro it was a bunch of things a decent percentage is perceptions touchdowns different levels but if you get all pro none of that mattered Rutgers and he. If he was not named all pro. You know if somebody else had a better year that would whoever might have been good to be here he had somebody just went historical and I don't think he would have hit all of them he would have hit I think the first units thrown out here it's usually three and a half instead of the five and. It's 7% snaps or six receptions ate very eight yards or ten TDs that's one million dollars. Or did the next one is a next year 80% of the snaps or seven receptions or 1000 yards or twelve TDs that was three million I think that's what he would've hit if you didn't make all pro yes so yes of them but he got episode 9% of snaps or eighty receptions. Talbot yards receiving fourteen TDs or all pro selection five point Barbara. Oh Italy's. And Arizona territory and outside and could have just had a historic year and a football team. Nick at two and a half million dollars action. That was so. That was everything you say three more. So if you look at the Brady thing. Doesn't it doesn't seem like the patriots are giving him incentive for this season Oden but did not extending the contract. Which lends me to believe. The patriots do not believe the Tom Brady is going to play until he's 45 for eagle you idiot or gore yes franchise right. Don't citizen will give you do freighters valued at 27 if you wanna play if we want you. And then you're here. But they're not certain but what they're not going to do is they're not going to extend this thing for two years moved drift some of the money to the back end of this thing. And find out that Tom Brady is not going to play in years 34 year four. And therefore they're paying his debt money. Right that's what they're not willing to do here. There and makes sense yeah. That's a good understanding of those so the two year window and go from there makes sense I think goodness and they would grow up. It's a matter of time once they settle this thing next point four hours and a week from now whatever it is you hear the same thing for grown right. You negate this idea yeah I'm told we've got weapons I've read as I felt they were all this really you know I don't know if we get to know a couple things. Couple things nominal cost let's get this next but these guys to see that they announced that. ESPN's canceling sports nation so high noon. Stumbled to 4 o'clock. And keeping what would that be an acute and name at all it's always from one hour show also to a net a 32 show a thirty minute show. Second quarter were better I think. So it's gonna cut down from an hour thirty minutes Ohio noon is going to be thirty minutes from fourth or third somewhere and it changed and it took. The I think they'll have to change what you call it based on that time zone based on time the motion. It might be what they're candidates from Ford and exit the Israeli offensive but is there is that it's only for the afternoon tea is elects snacks with a guy that it changes as they could start and to appetizer they could started to show for 24 hour. I kept that name and do you why because started to show for twenty kept that means I have no idea we can do. They'll no idea that the warnings in the morning Sharon I'll talk about any it over the head. I guess as to compete against the good guys that we have been these two guys because you're a joke now. Yeah I don't know I the first time I wouldn't admit that they created it and I missed that. If the Heath Evans reply or response that is so if it agrees out of the job called out the NFL network. Because of on accusations. Sexual assault and sexual harassment correct that it will be out but he is out an NFL network he is now roots. Undated to the network will get into that imminent next radio and OML. We're gonna get a worker Red Sox tickets here in the next few when we come more importantly. And Fauria. Forget it sure you have the audience and these. Fitness and Sports Radio WEEI. Oil enough all three of us here in the studio will happen today for one day only noon tomorrow. Christians pale almost the starting Monday we go to two to six in the afternoon and all three of us will be here. Most days I would say every day but that would be a line most days we will be here. From 2 until 6 o'clock so the story is set out here with Heath Evans right now you've probably heard that he. With most of the other cast of the NFL network have been fired. Because there are a lot of allegations here of sexual harassment sexual assault. Donald McNabb yeah I Taylor Ike Taylor off harmful Marshall Faulk out. Who one others escaping it so far. What he called. It on Friday the playmaker playmaker regular Michael. So far heat for some reason has been able to a dodge all of us so you can read on the history here in lieu of. Of the of the the original JR Angela can't you just used she was this does not have to make a piano and she was fired. And that you actually hired Somoza when he when you're younger that are right so. She came forward with all these allegations. Though of these guys that rewards happy to give really a sex toys. But she's that he when it comes to Heath Evans. It was viewed down send nude photos she claimed. They claimed that he was in new photos that would always proposition hurt you know having sex with a so in texts. So that was part of that's how Heath Evans was involved so. Heath Evans Syria. Never really gotten any casually commented the area when the story first broke you represent is this personal and nobody comment didn't think. Now we can and why obviously sometimes most things happen the person's probably told by lawyers not to comment we all know that. So he responded here now apparently arms of FaceBook or Twitter mature. These FaceBook posts on these Dodgers raid on his Twitter that it. IPhone notes were gonna but he wrote on I've already it's probably insert Eric and and unlike what guys usually do I apologize. If I offended anybody. He does just the opposite. OK so he takes a very pro active approach all of this. So readers quickly as we possibly can and we'll get your reaction my name is she better result than. I went every yeah most prominent. I mean as long it's long was your simulate five minutes to speak that's for it and want to do affect you wanna Donald who recorded an historic DoubleTree definitely. It's a heart okay and wanna make sure you live for the Russian show as an. Average of my name is Heath Evans evident analyst for the NFL network for the past seven years many of you know approximately eight months ago I along with several others the network or publicly accused. A sexual harassment and then he goes on and on and on. I'll skip some of the because the allegations made against me are simply not true and because I can prove it I immediately was prepared to clear my name. But the networks strongly urged me not to they asked me to let them handle the allegations in a confidential manner and essentially trusts them. With my reputation. I decided to honor their request and reluctantly agreed to remain silent. You should know that although these false allegations about me Mormon public. On December 11 2017. Minute work tonight. Learned of them on October 2017. I immediately told the network. The approximately two years ago my accuser and I had exchanged mutual flirtations that included her sending me in these sending her pictures. Of a sexual nature I regret having engaged in the picture exchange. Nothing ever came of the mutual for patients we remain friends during and after the employment ended at the network in fact she texted me just thirty days prior posted. Learning that I was included in the allegations will get to that second. To say I was surprised is an understatement I provided the network of these Tex turned over my current and all cell phone and earnestly participated in their discovery process. After practice providing the network with the evidence the network kept me on the year and seemingly went about forming. When the reports came out that the NFL network it settled the lawsuit my accuser. The NFL network immediately started threatening to fire me with cause if I wouldn't sign their silencing agreements. In exchange for signing they offered to pay out my contract allow me to handle my language of my resignation letter after refusing to sign their silencing agreements. Multiple times the NFL fired me Friday evening July 27. I tried to explain to the network my name and reputation me too much to me for me to cave to their threats. And not clear my name so I will be presenting information. That tells the whole truth. Which apparently the NFL doesn't want the public to know. The whole truth will include experiences not only pertaining to my accuser but also other women who work at the NFL network and what they've been subjected to and it had to endure in order to keep the jobs they have. Worked for the entire careers for the truth may surprise you let me make one more thing clear at the time. As hard as the last. Eight months event. I know animosity for my accuser while I certainly wish she hadn't forcibly included me in the series of allegations she made I understand better than most. The people who had been mistreated and a hurt often hurt other people. Having run a nonprofit. That specializes. In caring for victims of sexual abuse. I have firsthand knowledge of the damage this treatment can cost so as I released the facts that tell ball whole story. Of the last seven years at the NFL network which disproven allegations against me I in no way intend to be a little. Farm or insult my accuser in this post or those in the near future thank you. So one of the other things too racism. Exists timeline so apparently she was fired. A wanna say last October. From the NFL network right in an element sentiment is he saying that that's when he in the network. Were well aware of this brush back in October so I don't know what kind of information is gonna present in the future. You know elected its is a decent finish provide things what he's had recently she provided text exchange. Between Jamie can't too. You fire in October allegations came out December. This was September 24. Last year. So month prior to firing three months before he is you know sexually harassed her. She said Tim Jackson today there wanna run something by you are finally up McCants or minutes including steroids in the past two years and in remission hopefully the first time. These here's my ideology that I want my body back the weight I gained from the treatment are put through the stick a polar me physically but more so emotionally. Always been a great shape and never had a weight problem he such a paragon of health and fitness now is hoping you can help me get back to being meek. A notion of a busy with the season ending under way again but maybe you can recommend someone who can help me any help would appreciate need to do the minute we think OP unit girls doing great. Look for the hearing from you when you get a chance X so James. Again that's genie can't towards September of 24 to territory for 2017. Roughly a month bush was fired three months for the guys that treat arrestor. And he responds today left to help him thrilled you're done with all that crap let's talk tomorrow late afternoon. She said yea I'll wait for your call thank you so much he said my pleasure. Then she sent a SATA motif because he called back. That's he puts a little note in there is well note that the remote he's 'cause I. I just forgot to call back to call well as drive and Canada says that the so cents at a motifs that sorry I just saw this I'm around now if you are otherwise we talk later. So. It is a little strange you know that she doesn't like he'd Evans because he centered nude photos. Interest approved propositioned her for sex I guess who like they like each other well I'm just say three months later now she's she's she's. Using him in this suit in case of both sexual harassment. And yes September 24. She's texting him if he can help her out. Die of heart disease. So we'll probably come out with more I don't know Woolsey. All to me one when he sees so it's obviously they had a whatever they had their flirtation they had it was mutual. Okay and there were brought it here it is acting in a way that they should have I'm sending you pictures or sending you pictures I don't keep desired site and I know that's. It was wipe out what like that. But it ends nothing happens from that he can prove it and go about their business right and they're just you know I you know moment time whatever and that's it. And then become friends and then I don't know what happens but you don't these situations you need. Morning news you need more high profile players people. And if you had a culture there that is. Like a locker room like a frat house today anyone who ever says anything inappropriate or wrong. Is part of this claim Michael Irvin isn't for whatever reason. More sap is. Our football is Taylor is he advances so he Evans used to. I hope he does I hope he does OP just turned over information. In a role on people. Gives out as much detail as possible. You know I'm sure the NFL network shows and obviously they were strong arm and in trying to get him to do try to make themselves look good. And it seemed like you know and don't want things that he has no animosity. No loss for someone steal your name well you Philly Eddie I guess that's the good Christian way of going about it may be I did there'd be a lot of anger and animosity guy lost his job. His name is crap. Well I think even more so with him he his life is he's going to change dramatically because not only did he lose his job. Networks are going to be hesitant they're not gonna hire him right now they're they don't want Ed bad publicity and here's the other one. He he is dealing with a nonprofit. That deals with sexual abuse if he runs it. With his wife his wife apparently was a victim of sexual abuse I've heard him talk about this many times. And he runs that. He can't how does he deal with that now. Right so his whole life has just been turned upside down and it if you tell the truth here. And he really didn't do anything other than a flirtatious. Type of relationship with with this woman that he was working with. This is this is destroyed so. As they gonna get a phone network you read the firing you earlier resigning. Right now you don't have an option no you're gone if you wanna sign this letter. You know we'll pay your contract fall I guess right if you just signed this letter and you'll talk about it. So but it's not like the sign this thing we'll keep you on board whatever so will overdo what is you signed this letter. You're not gonna be able to talk about it. But still they'll let jazz got a case you're gonna resign. Do not talk about this at all Saluki sets six that's net reputations on now to some done so I can not tell my side of the story. So what's the benefit for me when I get to get a paycheck. And the rest of my contract light so he he set out but don't don't pay me the rest of my contract. Fire my ass but I have to. I have to clear my name if it's. It's worth clearing you don't mean if there's truths out there than the world cross I don't know talks. A little beyond for us because you know there's a list you don't do this hopefully this'll mostly. You don't do this we've already trying to do it is on Twitter you don't do this on baseball you do this on used to Graham somebody interviews you VC two down in the seat tell your story. Can be attributed Sunday conversational Oprah whatever it is Sunday morning motivation whatever that show that she does swing out gonna be awesome voice are to be Good Morning America CBS whatever it's going to be one of those you know. Art but in this climate. He's not gonna get an awful lot of support that he just is that this is not a real support system out there. For the mail order situation because. People are not gonna believe him. They're not credible lead and I think he's the one the smartest thing if he's actually tell the truth and we don't know if he's dome truckers Megan and up let's go on the assumption he still on the truth. And he's healing now not only with his announcing career his analyst career but he's dealing with this nonprofit that he's running. He has to do this he's got to get some control of these repeat. The issue we have because he's done well it in his career who he is right forget about of the nonprofit that he's running that heard his credibility no question about it. But get a phone network isn't the only football network that you could work. Price increases to find guy's on fire me I declare my name. Because fox made me wanna use is yet may wanna use me you know who knows CBS whatever it is right so. That it buried myself. And just what you just get rid of me I'm gonna resign and not be able to talk about it clear my name on a young guy but let you do. He had been in this day and age you know late EE if you're just you're guilty by association. They gonna miss them not say he was you know didn't do anything but yet two consenting adults flirting sending pictures back and forth in ends. And then now I guess he's he's in the aggressor which she wasn't like based on attacks presidency obviously still like them. Trusted him you're sharing this important information with them. But it doesn't matter. Like if there's should read it there's a little bit of shrapnel on you you go down with the ship there his trap a mall on him because he admitted that he exchanged we know he's an edge the Senate's role be it should've done it on a tidbit. That's an option to run that's a province and this is so regardless regardless. You know he he he's gonna suffer those consequences okay so okay great you admitted to it we understand. But you're right and I was a lot if it was Donald she reciprocated. Police said its usual well that's I mean so does that we're at right now. But you know enemy and achieve this and forget about the whole Goer but his whole marriage thing right forget about that but I'm just talk about two people and they're sending stuff back and forth. And all of a sudden they break up. Now being used against them yet sexual harassment of it doesn't work but but he sent the pictures and admitted that he sent the pictures see it's it's a really rough. Problem is that once things is it sexual harassment when she's doing the same thing back in your just flirting may be having an affair I don't know if somebody breaks off. It turned into flirting. Turns into sexual harassment like he's just broke up no no lefty on fire no because he's in a power position because. He is working as one of these scholars of the network. She is simply in a makeup artist award ever that's what your job he's in a position where she can get fired remember she got fired. So she's firing back to the network saying you fired me. And all of these guys and a power position where hanging over grabbing me that's what apparently the Michael Irvin accusation is that he would grab her by the waist as he she was trying to. Simply making among them you know. That's a problem it's a power situation but I eagle on what Christian said. We're in a position right now if if you wore a woman who feels that you work sexually harassed in the workplace. To make the case. Against the NFL network she's not making it individually against the those individual people they can't provide her with a enough money the NFL fan. In eight in on and a possible lawsuit or settlement. You need to come up with four or five the more bodies you know. Are able to note two to gather the better morning you have a better settlement you're going to get with network. And some people are gonna go down that are gonna be part of this that might beat fair and so you think he had a better defense and warns that the situation. Oh beat back bring it. I don't think analysts and I don't think I'd advise him to be quiet yet we can't I don't really care that that's how today. Yeah we're that is easier because you don't need it I I've I've done shows there were four. Even at ESPN it was if you were if you were telling stories in the what they call the bullpen. I locker room stories they would ago they saw would run out of their office and executive run out of Crawford and say. The digital locker rooms and locker room. I had a mood that morning it was Al Leiter. Loud metal our loved. Are we definitely didn't take a Renaissance 777 I seven and they're setting. My game in their pain or whatever you're whatever. I imagine aren't always meant again now starting on Monday we'll shift around and go from 2 o'clock until 6 PM to them. We have meeting bottler and after the show. You. You you have you have to do but you've been gone I've been reading I've been this in the trenches. Digging. For answers. Flip it rocks you just you have children in a showing up for the I have pre existing meeting went to the water aqueduct that'll. It was that'll affect please I. Well me yet only now our enemy we're going to be you update before show Tucker let's generate out of jail and do. Yeah that's irony popular oldest seed doesn't really good restaurant and fox for a pitcher please and we know anybody tell me anybody yeah. Gaza utterly unique as it regards rather that might. In my one or restaurant that manipulative self mineral back close knowledge best friends say it's naked together and win. I don't but I'm sure. It won't July who. A move ahead will we deal with alone I mean are we have an honor young Latinos doing there and have a McDonald's John McDonald sign it it's okay got bother my kids and I would be just hit them left trust me. Trust me the obvious we'll take your good friend via an owner restaurant yeah for example we're definitely won't launch shall let my avoid an you know would be volcanism Mexican and her dad doesn't nail it's good when you're in Boston is the only excuse is in focus up straight you know some of if you want Nickels every difficulty caring connections and were able to have. Okay so down the heels of the either on Monday more than a critical things. Was that we're gonna go there to eat but he wanted to there'd be Hollywood yeah I mean yes volusia. Yeah you'd like leak the party I think we're at a meeting this afternoon at 2 o'clock and now that there's in my I don't know it was just a resurfaced before. Just coming doing double duty and watched him peace gobbledygook to a new cafeteria and every year double duties we have and runs it down also we don't have the right. World on her own. And his handling initiation for the wolfpack and notably rooted child in. Until it was just keeps you up. I had to get big mountain plan in the butt cheeks together so that it wouldn't. When Lou and I've worked together before we gonna jump you love. With the respect everything was reset win. We allowed to land into our impact -- that's that's the tomb shall lose the forgot about it and movement yeah much nicer much calmer in the woods I'll get the real we get the real now you know it's unintelligible me yeah it's real talk in this room to frequent kind of collateral quit keep it you know real new news Rio. Thoughtful. Policy that we'll update in the Tom Brady we don't we don't look for so I Adam Chester already reporting that. It's officially going to be announced in the next 44 hours that Tom Brady is getting incentives added to his 2018. Contract. And rap sheet in Rappaport now is tweeting up patriots are adding five million in incentives. To the 2018. Contract quarterback Tom Brady he's on the books for fifteen million this season so we could make twenty million at all. Or still bargain I agree. I thought it would be a lot higher than this guys are thought they would add ten million. War well that's a COK so now at a check dispersed with said the incentives will get him in that there is other quarterbacks. I guess he didn't say a leaked you know elect high paid quarterback Jimmy Toronto on the sickest 120 million. Is more in line with. I would say the act preach this kind of quarterback he's gonna be a bargain so we doesn't always expected to be ten given that 25 million point six million. Between million. That sounds like some of the quarterbacks and that's kind of like that Merrill the road Taylor doesn't look up the quarterback you're twenty million is twenty million is an organization is stuck. And and they got to all pay got Italy believing right Nagin point nine and they're the that's a decade ago. Usually 1618 million dollar quarterbacks in in Hadley who think I'm at one end at sixteen million to go to Chicago was last year the year before. Sixteen left British only gonna get twenty million. And shouldn't drop was make it what 28. I don't want. The future though I don't know what or terrible kernel doesn't get what three years is it fully guaranteed yeah it was the only guarantee three years yes. Everything on because even look the fact that like current players are coming out and talking about. What the changes should be in the DC BA twenty toilet air Rogers coming out talking about. All the changes. You know only three pre season games like how to house contracts should be structured and all of a sudden it's fantastic. Because there's a fight coming and I hope to hell. That the current players have the balls to go through with it and if they don't do what they want what they deserve more importantly they will strike. I don't think he they will do it because they don't have that in them they don't have Adams stated they won't and it will owners don't. This is steal a point on here. This is steel piece is still going to cost them what fourteen million this year on a year on the cap because. That incentive money would be into next year's cap correct. Man how it works. It goes and out of your step I don't know works so is on for fourteen million you know Jimmy grapples on the 49ers cap for 2000 anything. 37 million well. It gets more like Joseph Flacco when he four point 75 million Lisa Stafford isn't it 26 million dollar inched our our. 630 talking about you have to look in his life was cited for for a low margin of seniors and ranks thirty cousins Torre dropped below points staffers point seven. Alex Smith point three and a half off. Flacco is point two it and I liked what he or point four million what a joke so yeah he's not even so he's not adopt and still he was he gets the twenties so when you say. He's Gilligan says it isn't gonna put on by greatly other quarterbacks. Agassi's got to be anything but those things should be all and I guarantee should issue as a top five you know they knew was okay and extend the five. He still then it's up to. British going along with it. A pretty was pissed that everybody India season British corner long when that's. Or system patriots tried to appease the craft among so we're both comfortable both sides are comfortable with what we're doing here. The British comfortable with us. Rockets so appreciation. I'm not sure this is appreciate sheds some pretty clothing he's if he's gonna size of the words it's like this is that the best that they can get. Italy's that we is that we can look at enemy right now 220 million dollars is is Sam Bradford. The one thing it does do although it does make me at least question. How long Brady is going to be here because if Brady really believed that he was going to be here it'll 45. And we know how competitive he is we know we neo Nazis and how misty was about what some of these other guys are getting. Why wouldn't you sit there and forced the patriots to extend that contract for two years. The able to clean up the cap hold and I'll two years and earned Donald it or at least get you know top. Three quarterback money. Seattle I thought he would be that he would have that Drew Brees contract yet you have value of that two year deal will birthers here at the third year option and it it is put everything about it sonoco some 1520. It if you hit the mall right. Does that make him feel appreciated. I wouldn't think so. I don't know how we want but why isn't and why isn't he demanding. To extend this thing where they can really pay him big money where they can also get themselves some cap you know the protection here. Even though in the decade and it's going to cost him but at least get a little bit of relief here in the next two years. And it could be because Tom Brady knows and they know. He's not here for the next shipment don't you work on work for them if you if you really want something you've got to be willing to future entered. You gotta be willing to sit out got to be willing to go back and forth you gotta be willing to go public via. Yeah we did he do that and he's going to be Deion Branch. He's going to be you know that be that guy talking to get a little problem lies here. To say he doesn't view because of the dirty play behind closed the lawyers say he adds. Leverage right now yes it's just him nobody else hey you know what end market price not gonna not play tomorrow. Played here you know this little bit about this score and that's the way they're the first two guys who may never play in the league. And they have a backup guy who at best as a backup guy about it remember that if any. Rumor out of Britain started it anymore again let's again take his name I'll put garlic in there okay five million. While it's very of the lovemaking and full of fourteen. Which I don't think that they would do but still you know 88913. Which I don't think they would do. But you know maybe it does last couple has been tough to reach the five million for Brady get the point. I don't part of the pay he's getting it's not fourteen million dollars plus the patriots he's well I do it which is bureau of a bit to give them anything don't get me wrong. You know understand if you had dived into a bonus structure for Tom Brady and you think you started being underpaid it fifteen million as far as cash this year and a cap it is but. You go to the warnings 120. I've here's what I think they're doing Lou here's your math. Their methods we actually did pay him when you add the bonus and you break the bonus year by year. We're not paying him fourteen million dollar that's the cap it we're actually paying him 22 million dollars. This year to break out year by year. Now you read the five. He's getting 27. Million dollars overall for this year because it's all spread out let's try it because every website you go to like about that just couple of highest paid guys Brady of Brady 41 million dollars. And I'm like let's just happen. But then again you know Communists and it's it's it's his money he's already received huge received it before correct too old but still. So that's what they're looking at him looking at it we're pay 127 million dollars this year. When you look at the bonus money we paid upfront and we're spreading it out over the the link to that way to spend it on a gesture every can't look at that way no other surprises ready look at it that and I accept that evident that those deals negated a pass the U wanna include now by the way Rio. We're still a nice little bargain I got some money up front. I'm forever bargain. Still cheap and Jimmy your problems. They show up which is amazing. I 6177779837. Right to the phone.