OMF - Home runs are way up in MLB, except for the Red Sox; Zeke may be in trouble; Why are people mad at Mike Tirico? 7-17-17

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Monday, July 17th

Breakout star and member of the Dallas Cowboys Ezekiel Elliot may be in some trouble. MLB is going to shatter the home run record yet the Sox don't seem able to get in on the fun. Speaking of the MLB, the sport didn't have a face that people around the country could recognize. Thank god for Aaron Judge. And will Paul survive his gross skin thing on his inner thigh? Dr. Ordway and Fauria think he's being a wuss.


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Are you ready. Or when you heard moaning and forty days from right now on Sports Radio WEEI. But here's the bottom line we. Do not know what happened that we do not know whether he threw any punches with the heat didn't throwing punches when I tend to use that to me. As it had been looking into previous allegations. Regarding G Kelly. There was concern about his off the field behavior and other incidents that sidelined him tracked him throughout the course of last season dating back to the. Accusations of the alleged domestic violence from that one woman that occurred in 2016. February and July 2016. So. Believe had been looking into this. What are we. The feeling that the Dallas Cowboys are gonna take a big huge step backs that she felt or thought they lose him they would like. And you expecting. Express cap to give you what do you last year you tell Whitewater I don't know I don't know that the numbers will be that but the impact those will be there. The depth we have an impact office limestone tactic wracked deck press got another year that's the to meet the bigger question. With that year last year deck press there was that just a fluke but it that a fluke when you just you know found money religious I'm riding the wave. Lower our teams start to figure amount little. And I think. And if possible to those of Brian McCarthy told pro football talk where where the matter looking into it to understand the facts. Don't miss some games. What are some gains from last year's and said yeah let's enemies apart regardless the one that was that won't use was in New Orleans retook the girl shirt down late to me that's on the on the float on yeah on the full whoever was that such a personal I don't know who that girl was the relationship with them that she's gonna press charges if not then whatever right that was stupid. But the one from last year and this year there's gonna miss some games noticed no question about it. And that you find Alec that press got. He's getting all the love price tag espy's you know it is of great newcomer or whatever with Ozzie can tell you think he'd be an ignorant. Or as good as a year the I would understandable on that count that offensive line help to low pressure off him. We're at eighth it's to me that's the question I don't know their days and on for steak it was. Charles Haley was comparing. That pressed on what Charles advice they'll go up Charles Hill and Ozal medio crazy not to like. There is a little okay. Also like these bring him up and play but don't want to hear your original Carol and her little crazy he he he can be a little bit distracted welcome it. Ought to be at the comparison. Is that shoot deck press got to Joseph Montana. That's Charles Haley comparing him to Joseph Montana and Adam my guy. Cool your jets to salute. And you know as far as his ability to win games yeah he's got it. He's been he was he was the reason why they lose they lost in the well one year with the best offensive line in football by four out. Once that's trying to game is as Lou said terrific running game. Lot of pressure off of them look at the let's see how it works. But in that division of Europe it is going over the Dallas Cowboys it's it's of them it's Washington's affiliate in its New York Alex today. Overall just bring in Brennan Marshall that's the team to be and that in the NC in the NFC south that he saw it in a NFC north. Booted it would be the New York Giants being a mother just about their receiving corps and all the guys that they had to throw the football team. From from a number Brandon Marshall although Beckham they're tied and I just got an and Ingram out of Ole miss. And defensively there's the struggle in at linebacker area but otherwise. It's best that he could be. That's a month early early way to relieve compares I'd forgo saxophone because whether it was or point you wanted to make before we want to bring god is so I personally hope it's not true. Because the design is not true and I just hope that he would be he's not that dumb it was not that stupid are careless I mean obviously the reason. But it is based on just barely leave based eights because I forgot about your well he's definitely not regrettable incident on the fly out. It's stupid uploaded to float bowl has its if it it's a pattern here and just do. One guy obviously drunk. So obviously so the guys to suspecting some girl and his party or posse whatever you wanna call it. He takes it on himself. If it is true. To make the guy pay for his insubordination like that hits its responsibility. To be the law. Also people like nobody else. Is stepping. He's gonna claim that he made progress in this case he's standing up. For a female. When the last incident he had he actually was the one who beat up the best arms that he doesn't Chris Carrino befall got to have somebody else exactly you don't have somebody will take care reform it from you said it on the mission gone bad guys probably decades of back to the phone calls we go 6177797937. Here's said he and a car who's apparently more pissed off that. John Farrell and then Louis Eddie. Back at her anger our holiday goes absolutely. Yes I think there are a lot of got confused because it. Doesn't matter in. And the way it's got it and that's what got a little the other guy. Now how little like this in jail and saw judge he all of them I know it was our. But you know what what happened. It would not quite about the quality common man and try one up until they did it I don't want. Well prepared and it got paid holiday. 11 X and it. You're welcome our electoral trade. You know he can't score in the heart not on school and art. And quite small ball. I'm 81 of why exactly I welcome her back and. Nobody else it would Obama and on our our current. Blanked out our. Bible I disagree with you as far as about a the bunt anything and it chances to me used it was to rush to get Chris young and game. But no problem price underneath the lives of a season high. He came meaning that judge out that he could go judge are you saying about ego you think eroded fresher with a better pitched at. The holiday and I don't relate that that was the right move it didn't work. And I think are a problem that goes right wolf the pulled the problem that. So it into a delightful because you are again. Go back I can get the. That's the thing I don't I don't like and Alan Natali doing that. Have you heard enough that if I don't defending for idol I don't believe Jonah audibly and results of a weird feeling on to say basically feels it's it's I that was the right to move. You get the bad result in many times I sit here and criticize him for making the wrong move. And he was only still want to gain yeah that's fine they still want to game. But I still think it was the wrong move so it's I don't just necessarily look at the results like dude there's a lot of that either play the game the right way and if you do that percentage wise to work on the end. We don't play the game the right way and you don't go to third taking extra base venture to bites in gas that goes on notice David's in Florida next appear on EI heyday if. Good afternoon so I gotta I gotta bunch of things on the boards are divided view and edit you edit that out Saturday and Saturday he made that right now. And they locked. Yesterday last night I thought I would have left price and to finish the game. Juan. Com. All of a pitch count to Kamal last night. And he should have faced a holiday here around as we are on it it was up there it was up there ought to work. 07 wanna away eat something like that it's we can look at the guy. You get. I don't a couple of technical things that are really sesame opera ball back and tells you become part of its that is exactly what this is our league. Not a defensively. Tell me if I'm wrong but if you are at a middle infielder. And the guy at first you don't practice. Once you once I mean short stocky you go albeit on the back once you catch the ball. Reaching for a shoulder don't you just dropped and handed guard the back. You return to shoulder he sticks and handed back door but it just catch the ball and it literally just rock in right to the back and met and come you know was thrown. The throws on the back him up and it catches reach out threat shouldered the throws up a bit of catch and protect mrs. McCann probably on the show. That the online one of the games over the week and I don't remember it was Saturday when he just he caught the ball. And reached for his shoulder. And the monitors market had been before it made it I'm thinking to catch the ball and rock. Met him come to you. I don't throw it. Throws high and Matt and integrity that can it was a 107. Pitches he threw 75. Strikes under seven pages on the tech amount. He put me thinks. Her seventh that's her latest run it did its job and this crossed out of the gate like on. Very good at long term value and just. The courses he died and move wanted to soup kitchen and saw it on their sport it just seems to be a constant. Total area of need. Apology hitting back in the middle of the Salina. And Arctic quietly these celebrity guys on base and I just don't seat being able to compete. It'll come to post season. Without that guy that concern to consistently hit the ball out all our. And you know at what point do you say OK as much as it's nice to have the look you see and added fun watching me young. This so put two guys that are probably gonna hit 1520 movements at one point you take entirely Bogart's all of that intensity. Or Paramount and triangle it. I'd eat and I don't see it long or working out without being able to all out all. Is and I never heard that before Lu nine I like lassie home runs the powers that they rank axial runs honestly seeing nine and nine good hitters. No I'm not doing that's nice guys at 300. The the ball park you can score runs on hit home runs you need to. But the answers are right there in his lineup. That bad bets is better than this handy better than this is the exit rate here we think it's to be better we think we do I do all. In with a big balls. Yeah it is suppose they aren't alone suppose that. Yes it's supposedly status for the entire season if it does anyone in this is what if this is what prevents them than run the bases better at guard. But if this is lower on them from going deep into the into the post season. They will go out and get a big huge power bat and they will look at the lineup and say were missing David Ortiz. So what we need to do right now is the young gets it right they're they're terrific. But we have to have the big bat somewhere in Atlanta and able do that the Nazis on just. Need to make that trade it's a series has been attending baldor that's great McCain trots out yelled field whose usual stuff to wait and general now we're into there willing to assure us you know it's just know you've you've. He's got the core that's OK everybody's got to pick it up you wanna improve nearly Mary's of the year to Mitch Moreland Easter Beagle and a free agent market. OK guys. Bring a guy like Joey bottom play first base do what you gotta do but it's not about messing with those guys you keep what you have been and you try to improve and other areas rousing grandstand Ralph. These guys you know hydrogen mentioning the Eliot date. You know. Me personally executables talented player in the NFL that goes beyond running but at least to accept blitzes to protect press delete catches the ball. Is this certain that the young immature kid that doesn't realize we shouldn't just so any big vehicles tripled places. I view is that this kid stays open who make more money is next contract with regular dispensed in it could not look it he's guided. And it looks like you know we have as we possibly could see disaster here. I wanna mention Farrell before I get off you know I don't fashion as much like that at a national it's much that you have the last at bat. In extra inning game routine that doesn't hit home runs she conveniently not articles always. Can help you win games you have runners at second nobody or get his first opening up. I just you know there's the strategic moves that he mixing in that was might not kind of what was refugees cannot help you win it. You know he's got something to move what Everett may be part whatever. Can we knew that keen squad that running walk off the field could be huge it's not that type of manager that's where about. Not. He's not a good strategist you wanna focus on the negative he's not that's our. Additional very tell the team and when he's gonna go nowhere in all fairness don't look at the slugging percentage. The Red Sox are eleventh in the American public will get a home runs dead last I mean he doesn't have a lineup. The candidate that we're one guy can do that extreme damage out that they want a game the other night loop because they walked a guy. The two bases load empty don't want they have reliable bunch of everyday players. Client. Just play your guys a bookie Jackie Bennett tenure outfield the rest of the year you wanna get an occasional day off find somebody gets hurt needs a couple days. Putting Chris young men. Play your line up Moreland at first base Hanley you DH PG a second baseman if there are nicked up banged up knee two days fine. But this urge to kind of keep everybody involved and get Chris Young at bats is gonna need him at some point. Guys got 577. All PS against lefties is not the same guy was last year 2013. Car my car was great 2014 what. All right let me just play your best players in platoon players. Play bass line epic blow their swings back and by the way I think it brought cold into the game I know we get the pinch hit first cat or whatever. To see the play that he could not make at third base is not a declared a no he never has been a lonely position he can hold this old for a little bit but every day spotty can't. He's now it's his weakest positions great player most everywhere else third baseman make a plea correct that's a tough tough position apply when you know and it's just one of the weakest spot for him play every. I just and I'm just. Mortified at the fact that the Red Sox slugging percentage home runs than. Number some crazies omens for the roof and all of you understand what the teams that are having success here Houston's number one when you deal with sort of a terrible home Tampa Bay. Maybe got pitching now to. But they've never been known as a slugging team home run hitting team yankees Cleveland. Those are all successful teams so was much as we look at the pitching and the rotation right now you get the best closer in the game. You may have some problems getting to that closer. I'd like this team worries me in that did get nobody who can clean those bases. They got nobody who can clear and forty. And right now that's gonna come back on somewhere down the road but what what do you do. Well I've always felt he and slug you win a lot of wins in regular season aren't always felt that offense you can just pound people to death. He can win a lot of games of Jewish Houston's doing as again to settle PS Houston New York Tampa Cleveland top four. You know Detroit's number five a day they have some issues that still whatever. You can pound you weight audit that that's a reason why this team doesn't have a seven achingly right now is announcement in amounts. None of it you know that's the problem in the playoffs are to set up they are a great pitcher. You know we'll see both the offense but the regular season's the reason why they don't that are better than what they maybe they should they should be a better than kissing a scoreless. Casey and David Ortiz out of the lineup and I understand in home runs. In the middle. Of the of the American way. Plus how does that possibly happen very good. Protestant and possibly could go anywhere they closed with a Boston Red Sox team. And I think we're had a big enough sample is I think we all. Kind of look at this and wait till it's way the lady's honor and it's all about CNET write them and that's right the security at the right time for the longest that we all thought that they would suddenly do you feel confident now Lou here we are. Where in mid late July do you really believe this team is suddenly gonna wake up. One of these days and hit for power can ideal for power but a bit better offensive team just wait for. Ages two there's a possibility what we are we are beyond behalf. One of its I don't know I did some odd things. And I'm sure I'm. On this team might be what it is right now thank god they get David Price pitching the way he's pitching right now in the starting rotation. May be the savior of this of this franchise of course I 6177797937. Are fond of. Radio that's Smart sports' top current multi lingual singer for the force of nature and another blue carpet she wants the foundation Bono here's another one. Highs just counsel's advice and hand out cash app let's return with more Fort Wayne reloading and Fauria auto Sports Radio. And. China trying to wait and see if I can see three guys and I erupt on my list item on the 26 round. 26. Round. Jailed for the world just this just goes and Renny I Jones Tim felt I don't it's a joke. And I'd. Everybody was worried about it I'd let you know when the whole market or what the best and the war. Like you go into some slings. And he had no power he looked ridiculous. I think it was one little dinky at it would act and Eddie struck. Odds and nothing happened with that guy and that's because of that on my car. Colin Lou Ryan Howard disease or something where they Colin. Guy I went home run derby. I'll mesa or people in their heads and come out of the break in a queried about it and then in their mind and don't feel ride I wonder it's going to be interesting to see a second house. The. Can you be the face of baseball I don't have a home run in the whole second half of the season. Can I don't know yet who's gonna take that spot already know and quit. And as a young guy. And throughout assess the next you know pace of baseball all these other guys are in my truck and her. You always say break our guys fall plea exhibit at the do we have the best hair baseball and a pair Baseball Commissioner came out and insult absolutely phenomenal I mean there's no other word to describe these are tremendous Pelham on the field. Really appealing off the field. A very humbled me that it came off great derby that he interviews in the united the way to what about the whole bit multiracial it was a sense of multiple people shall. That they didn't but the thing. Just by three coast let's Rick. I'm worried this piece of Mike Tirico and through because getting a lot of Paul because he's going to be the voice play by play guy Thursday night football and breaking and so he's gonna do the Thursday night games NN he's. Hosting the than the British Open as the British companies those on the British Open so he's getting a lot of mile extra ink in the Olympics. So he's been all these interviews and all the years believe it and people many people thought that Mike to Rico was African American. And then he would do it is part of me is once in open it is anymore I don't know is not to think. So old one ounce. According to him no. Okay I think he buys his parents were his white is of snow or something like that better hold on does that look like three or revert trickle all the on the globe. This what is refrigerator behind you yet by the way do you see the pictures the video Simi socialist. No he's a white guy. What do you mean because he is totally blind. It's skin bleach like yeah exactly Jackson he's totally you would not recognize and Google code put a video what they're apparently Sammy Sosa. New video what do you put down there. You grew with Sammy Sosa lightly damaged also lie and I thought it president in Colorado restaurant always kind of would you send them. So yes he's two extra years to Rico is always says. That he's an Italian Americans like you he's an Italian let us put an onslaught and most people wrote most people would do interviews. Asking questions about how does it feel to the NL prominent. Broadcasters an African American I'm leading the way for play by play guys he constantly says none on and on I'm on the Italian Americans that's that's what I am. But this story this story he just did apologies to substance I saw. Not well you she's got a skin glimpse at the same gun what how near where you're. What do you click on just I did that image yeah. Well at house to go and I'm here at the same guy roads of same guys go look at. Well we know it doesn't give a fine. Is totally different and a and a new look like I have taken it little big cat didn't think I would teach the East Coast. I thought it was is that it would just note that Sammy Sosa. As of yet this looks like. Now let's get since I notice that come what you ready for the slope he speaks English now perfectly break. They earlier this morning's of the steroids. When a bridge brought him into congress he could speak English kings while not a he's done a problem you know English he literally turn himself a little like yeah and he speaks. Like it totally he's like interviewed he serves serves earth Orlando smoked. Every interview him and vineyard vines are. He's got a peek at Toronto unease I honestly don't what's the white belt is so right she's at that picture sent me text embodiment. As I've got to make a thumbs what does it teach as a child he 222 with a man you got to shut them down. A little bit 108. Totally changed his election anyway if this piece here. And it talks about this ever since perhaps regretting offering even. All the questions stem from 1991 profile. Of Mike to Rico in the post standard of Syracuse, New York when he was just starting his career in the article to Ricoh said he wasn't sure if he was well. So it was kind of wavered like you scandal actually don't know the wavering he's just. Don't confuse look at. Ever since perhaps regretting offering even that small peek into his private life. He's preferred to avoid the subject. Though he once described his relatives as as white as the refrigerate. Until it was as wide as an actor wasn't the smell. I'm standing in front of right now Washington Post article in 1997. Describe to Rica was the first black play by play man. To handle a golf telecast. When he told them no I'm on the town so the Brothers have all kind of I don't know that I'd agreement today it added that there anything you want to. That might know more fairly. But let it. It's but lately. He's been kind of getting an. Some people who were pissed off that he did not identify already but I won't have that you won't always wanted to pick a side right he won't in embraced. A look at. It's suddenly in this interview. Out of network is he's always described himself as being Italian American. He. He's Rico doesn't wanna go there so that the right or try to get him to go there he told me just say. That he was mixed race. And that was that. And here's his quote why do I have to check any box if we live in a world. Where we're not supposed to judge why should anyone care about identify before it goes and what it takes all of the sockets and added so race question in America is one that probably never produces a satisfactory answer. For those who were asking the question now what all of this I agree. I have no problem with the way he's looking at least here and who cares what differences a lot of people here in your front a lot of people but they do. Can throughout the island I don't go I don't know the history definitely denying this whatever he was well known and well yes absolutely most people do I thought maybe a game maybe if fathers of by sun to Ricoh and his mother's black. Okay whatever Christian had a the other way Chris that earlier and we are destroyed it is all B three. Out of those 100 minutes of similar prison took is that his mom's name changed to regal and usually mom's maiden name. It and it's I don't confuse them I get hit a few notable not woods who cares. It just didn't know I like his attitude that who cares about the problem but you know it. It but it is an issue like to be I told C we've rated differently. As you US does have we read and I suggest you read it you're laughing about it and I can read it as. Only god there's another one of me there. There's another one whose deal with the same issue to all who dealt with the same issues. Because my outlook is the same thing instead of light at data I would never identify with one reason one ethnicity NASA you don't identify yourself as being blah. I do know partially but I'm not that why not use it works at times for you and try to get cute and colleagues yeah I very much give them unborn baby I love and respect human body my kids and again get a really good to you that the family tree. No I know what he did you have any clue you know what I did I did the bill holt 23 in music on so low because they got it let's find out for sure what all the results look at my wife and I we've we. We we looked up. Who's the PBS guy does like race in America over here at Harvard all gates yeah we we we actually brought him an email. They told the story. And he'd Cossack to you right away then yes and they say yes get condom right wait till what did you got this report point three and he was like real big now. You see you all over the place it it breaks down every last they Wear your ancestors are from this and it gives you everything and helpless. And 116 of everything come back you come to know. That's too could be the best they get it figured their UN Elizabeth Warren the only thing came up with 116 of migraine is a very little double -- and their parents of those discussions that you know they come from learned how long we re weird that we were we're breaking it down it really trying to you know figure out where act everything went there is it is wickedly I have Indian blood which causes we have little scientific go but my brother does not. OK so his kids do not. It's it's just hold keeping a hold its line and how it's transfer to. And so my kids may have some kids mauling until my dotted I doubt we gotta get to a scholarship at some Monday. So we got to do just wanted to review test it's you you if you in Fiji islands got passed along to. Either way and we're gonna play. So it's so its original over the years now has been resistant to. And you know now don't and they don't play when Helena so when it so when a black person comes out to him and says hey it's. And he says. Not black. A gallery he says white business you need the black on black process. We had rob Parker Center in desire I think they said you'll probably say this guy hiding the truth doesn't want it may not really. Outlook calls it the count Bob Parker said he would only go as it might treat every. And why that he doesn't need to says he wanted to talk about it because a lot of lay that up at 448 he is black. Well this is it to feel like you know why are you proud of it what you gonna talk about it tomorrow. It would I think certainly I think they're probably in the stores talks about there're there're black people I think they want him to embrace. Who want him to identify he's certainly going to and their causes and he may or may not even lighter press. Yeah yesterday was raised in that environment and he knows nothing about us they. They'd list him Washington Post article describes him as the first black play by play man. To handle golf telecast he's told people anybody was asked a question no I am not black well the problem is lack of what he's not really like. The god we wanna hang out where she's of the Colombo broke maybe it was about the history says he's Italian American but I found this article to be a little bit different and it sets me off. That we don't have it and actual quoted here instead we have the author saying he told meet. To say he was mixed race and that was that. 00. What. An award and I think there and then he goes onto Dirk quotes in here why do I have to check any box if we live in the world war we're not supposed to judge. Why should anyone care about and I agree that is right nick but you're real world that the Anaconda when all else what we are. Spoke we know people. People didn't. And he wants them and I guess we're just coming that you see there being some backlash from that too I think I brought him lovers I can easily see. Okay. Big time events highly recognizable face during the Thursday night games. So you're telling me this guy it is YE OK are his talent you now that he's mixed race but he doesn't wanna say oh what's he got to get black people. Yeah that's ever to express it is is its value judgment all of this Italian American Express I thought that was your. Now that it was I don't know if your facilities that commodity revenue you're an idiot wants us. European some go to see my adolescence next week ultimately it's about somebody's pistol as you said Indians the native American you actually meant India from India right yes I'm not everyone else he's the Indians I mean did you indicate I have to Grumman you. I'll tell you say that you want to. It's about to craft the because he claims he's 116 of everything but he actually technically it's like thirty different things she's pentagon on you keep track I don't I think that's what works for you. Only a break and that's and that's it. That's and that's what I. Is that what's our dealers have done it will hunting tended to give me the names of all your twelve roses are identical with the sixteen is only different every time I checked with if David's arms the and. Not this yeah aren't that. Don't remind you are now let myself you know you got rents are people wanna know. With the Mike to Rico and I don't play like he wants he doesn't want people who know because for years may be may be for years ago media parents maybe it was like Elizabeth Warren and the grandmother tip and say enough sweetheart you're native Americans and native American film and rest. So in this case may be had parents grandparents who kept on telling him because. Wasn't fashionable to do so in the family no Europe like Italian American right maybe that. I don't I don't know Ayers immediately got out post game get a really good place. You should thing. Think or do to play by play a first Italian American youth development in offers the most beautiful take a we got to applaud just returning to find out what that's why a lot of resilience and I got the infant national life I knew he was back as the insensitive drops. I do regret calling upon goddess because I think it's a tremendous insult about just right. All right finally have lied Lyme Disease and Paul had to leave the show at the beginning because he thought he had some venereal disease or something. So he's back so we're gonna get the update about ball's coming up next. Loney and fortieth sports where he. I'm back here no one ever gonna go back to fall 200761777979. Streets. We mentioned at the top of the program that took all. I do abruptly leaves the program. At the start of the show life or death situation the emergency go to the emergency. Now and our regular doctor regular dogs and so was nothing to do. I could've done that have to show that you 2 o'clock. You guys skip nailed it should it picture Paul Paul because you had a red spot on your lady needs fixing in Ireland. The missing that we know what they say. Let's test of good news and that it got an equity to September's. Success and don't have line and a it's not an ST he's currently at six the Nazis. Don't have anymore now about the effect. He is on while you okay. You know got to go all right as we do it. There we all have our issues. So what was the eight verdict he doesn't think it's Lyme Disease to some dirty blog so it was an artistic way and even ticker now. You have been better audience saw why did you guys have mental abilities of the ligament Lou keep an eleven. We're all back together after. One emphasis on vacation last week he leaves at 10 o'clock he couldn't wait for hours ago to Clark. I was scared I was I Arabic name B five and recently in the INT four hours body he didn't know anybody that's the thing I'll look way up there bottom line you know McGraw yeah you don't wanna see your would you do that would you would you wait until two socket and Obama I'm not let the team down exactly what am I doing that. Little nervous. Well it was like oh Jesus now I know I've seen that beastie go to acting. It's just can't hold outs get rid of him and want nothing more hours local final what is. It's time they're all sorts of blogs and I want to read my leg luckily it's with the size of a basketball or did you take your dad come on now I exaggerate certain and buy a good idea yeah up an account by let's take a picture. Bryant take a trying to birdies oh want this client out this is why he had to leave the show a whole lot of here probably four hours in advance really slow and taking care of excellence ending up on the table right now you're gonna. Yeah yeah yeah we. That's like jackets off all that it expects big. East's. He made the right thing you know I am doing it if you this market you visited a third Malaysia in the last thirty days. Now delicately applicant drain and that it's all policy in the heart if it's hard look at big ball fluid. Lines and you want to wait for hours each of march to this is so they let you they let you go antsy to see that's the promise you know he needs to go to the doctor but it. When he screwed up but he just want to get out of work you should went. On his day job I noticed it was nice and sunny you do NAFTA work you know. He's always that you want to wish it was at Carolina he wants sacrifices day we should tell Lou with the last two days of the week were last week after the ratings came via. He kind of like to obtain through it all man in an up or OR that's my job well done doesn't it doesn't view here but analysts to wonder is a right to launch these guys not give you your first play and poor little more days of first place is not how we all lit up a lot of the real important season is coming up so we're really needs it a 100%. Securities available so obvious so the ratings come out Thursday like at noon in sucked in the final odds of ironic guidance suggested that if there he arrived all the throws its equipment and he's. He was a big time Joseph did you ever. Are you ever did that we're all man line and I am on down there they got out my hold it in ought to go out loud patent for its ups and tried some coaching volume you. At that time so Friday he was useless is totally which are. Agency ordered all when did you first. This bug bite when that this bug but I predict it was pulled. Early last week I didn't notice it to earlier last week didn't notice until Thursday and selling aren't very needles Thursday afternoon affiliate yeah I think it was a bug bite until yesterday and yes there's and I finally spoken so who scared you who in the office scared you this morning that prompted you to leave the show solidarity had to call and I was gonna go out showed low in those who have absolutely thought my heart dropped and ads are all right after. Parcells and audio problems don't lose the voice of reason ousted him it was an exile. If you mentioned of course a no no I didn't go to on the door I am I. I am a few of those you know and Atlanta is a broad. Access salute put you over the top and had deleted rows are a little scared myself from a sermon like Allen Iverson are idiots after the shell and then they called now's a guy that goes that is possible same little Maloney that admitted that he still hung over from the Damon party that I am right at 10 AM this morning both Paulson talked on about how that story did you don't see that next to me -- -- alternative. In golf in like eighty I asked for some reason humid that was output for a lot on the fourth hole as it so I was given up all a little game that night auditor didn't polluted. It was is that Johnny and his buddies but his buddies are chuckling yeah he's our bodies is buddies late summer is the producer of like the apprentice and I Lorenzo Lamas. He was there I had thought about it all you know Lorenzen has been blown up dropping names have McMillan has gone off place like I used to because of who. Do you increase. I could do. But still goes through an existing crack at it could have interesting crowd is even though there as well as looks exactly the same you did like fifty years ago here though the air most all now is cut this short careless here at least a mile long and EB news and the whole thing. Whatever it was but not Qatar so a big deal that you feel inferior mean it's like to get calls some of your view like how he's learned a lot was her muscles would do. Hey I'm pleased amid legal tools that cost. Didn't. Probably lose the delist here's. The dealers and aren't a budget and pay your way can't model used to command. Kathy Griffin they're good about it yeah. The accompanying. Let there as the district of Columbia. Pictures to a target at a retreat the pitcher Johnny learns a lot of dollars liked pitchers. Who. The light at the late on his picture okay and somehow stumbled across the ultimately it gets to the Dow's big it was to. The times. We have to get time off and so we found out about it on the thing is that you put like a magic marker. Around I do on the that doctor put Nair the doctors like it because a centimeter outside of this than you got a call back immediately. So it looks worse because he's got a magic marker would you thought that was vital if you thought that slack would you wish I had. Doesn't it doesn't look this ultimatum and not getting any sympathy not docent at the depth that you show now. This is not. Alone act well. Woodley yeah I thought that was my light socket doctor Maloney told you go get some like what jockey John yeah detectives and little rationed in the news at the beach to a stance that company. It's always been up there as alarmist and Johnny Damon in the elect an older decouple. About an election and Johnny Damon's late evident on it and you know him with a little things eighties that it's obvious that that's like it's like really long. Thought Damon yes loads up did it like. There are so close when it's not jailed and looks like he's mania we your version of mullah just catching on. And he had a nice as well a lot of sleepless it's a social thing still basically an average three dollars each teacher merit. Looks like Sosa went and then that hat that is solely out of a cartoon like a rod. He escaped from Roger Rabbit. This is. That's one hats well back at a picnic yeah that's awful and you look today detector that you use to compare he's got late you know the easy Jerry curl gone with the victim with a mustache and this has got to be a health issue ranked sites and bleaching his skin because rate disturb some and Osborne on the house calls will be something. You want my talking about why would you bleachers skin. I don't. That's after I asked teach you have some skin disorder or something like point he's got to the health concern candidacy. Weekends through the air maazel did a whole entire area and do the whole body that's redo all over the whole body go everything fair answer is go straight your hair color. I don't know if it's like it's basically thinking you know Bruce Jenner had. Vehemently deeper. An eloquent and what you think Christian and I did but I think he went a little bit the referee at that that's another step for. Basically you know. This is not listening. You know just like Bruce Jenner did. So little. And these scientists are close. How we get another hour ago flu can although we get some pitchers think things from coming up the next America's full inning and we Coulter goes ballistic on and on Delta Airlines we will get to that. And by the way our guys had a little brush with the law last week little brush with a long way. Brush with the law thanks to you're wiped the whole world knows about it right now we wanna get some of the details about it but apparently that dropped a couple of deep in the hole I am on. Everybody already has the full story we didn't know they have bank hey hey guys and blues and ties and blue love like you know you in Rhode Island which college people who. Much they love will get to it coming up the final hour here are blowing that.