OMF - How Cora will still impact this years Sox; Wendy Williams makes America cringe with horrible joke about a death - 2-19-20

Ordway, Merloni and Fauria
Wednesday, February 19th
HOUR 3: Fauria believes Alex Cora will still be coaching his guys from afar. Lou actually agrees with Christian on this baseball topic. ESPN’s Mike Tannenbaum throws out the possibility of Tua Tagovailoa going #3 to the Lions + Detroit trades QB Matthew Stafford to the Patriots. Stefon Diggs deleted all Vikings related posts on social media and people are already assuming the Patriots are involved in trade talks. Wendy Williams made an all time cringe worthy joke when talking about the death of Drew Carey’s ex-girlfriend. It was not a good week for Wendy. 2-19-20