OMF - How does Kyrie Irving's future affect the Celtics offseason and does Kawhi Leonard fit into Boston's plans? - 6-20-2018

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Wednesday, June 20th
Hour 3. Glenn, Lou, and Christian get into Kyrie Irving's latest comments about his future and how his decision could affect the team this offseason. Also, the boys wonder if Kawhi Leonard fits into the Celtics' plans or if the team should go a different direction.

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On him when he. Fort Wayne alimony and 48 and there are some people out there Terry tank way what a third this guy under the bus to say he quit on his team. I don't expect that that could have bought that I'd say we're all very close I just came out. Top I had my entire life for decades watch in this league nobody ever had to go conversation until LeBron won his second title in Miami we don't do this baseball. We don't do wouldn't hockey even with Tom Brady. Many of you say this kind of a system this is idiotic with Glenn booing Christina out. Like fort night the night before I think this is funny only what's funny this is him having a sense of humor try to make light of it. I don't think he goes on but I think she loves so maybe that's why just talk about his pitching that's what you do well you're not a funny gotten you not a clown united you know and usually it's just add that I talk about this report it three hours tomorrow now. About changes just don't accommodate power edge now on Sports Radio WEEI. Both of us. First off everybody checks for me and we've moved off hope we'll go back for the next hour is if you missed it in the groove everywhere it really good. And on the news. Of this thing called by the way with carrier ring hollow if as a Celtics and you're not in college. And what you're hearing. Is that that people want cool why letter we already know. He's told the that this Antonio spurs and others that he wants to be Laker for life right. And and people willing to have any change make that trade in deal always some good young talent that you that you have in the scheme already. And yet we're ready to dismiss. Can't read because you don't think he's latching on to new England and Boston and so he's gonna get you know is that due in the Isiah Thomas. He's not doing that how that we're confident it's very hard guy apparently. Man. If somebody noticed that it is he's not disciplined. He's very disciplined very very disciplined he has hurt. He's turning you healthy. Danny's gonna try to you know get acclimated with the Celtics and of younger players Gloria Heyward could get any plans on winning games in his goals to win a championship. That's what he is focused and he's disappointed. In not gonna break him. It's at why you committing to him you know a year from now what are you gonna do with it because he's disciplined don't focus on the now. That's a good word and he is when you read and watch all of these interviews he's doing. He's extremely disciplined he's a very bright guy that's how the hell does he actually think. That the the the world his flock how. It's I mean I think it's very different thicker and it is this morning as I mean that's like just like wrestling fan right maker dance. Authorities have and it's like I'm really Smart number really bald but here when a school route through ominous say because like the worst thing you can ever say. It does show how stupid you are you know the world is flat I mean to. On purpose and a so do your fair barometer read you the key question and the answer by. Our carrier ring and tell me where in any way you're concerned okay so here's the question. This was in undefeated how confident are you that you will be a Celtic long term. Quote we have an incredible organization. I think we're positioned ourselves for the future. And we're taking steps in the right direction. Our Ben transparent. With Danny Ainge transparent with the ownership of what my intentions are going into the season. And after this season what conversations are going to be needed. You have in order for us to get on the same page what I really want. Which is to bring our team all of us together to a championship. With us all being healthy that's where my focus is and we're at that time comes in when that time comes. I'll be ready to answer. OK so this is that is not an answer and senators like you know I love it gives you geeks did you reasoning behind it but at the end like not getting what you want. I'm really confident and newly confident. It's actually what you're right Lou late I love the way he approaches I like them I do so I really like our way it approaches that condescending he's gotten a silly brag he's not real error against. He's really you know he's really kind of calculated with these tickets on easing could get a residual. I think that he can communicate. You know not many. Others can't. You know they asked some of championship blows like you should not be a play completely sucked. But any money say in you know nothing short proud of them is obviously not being able to play. You know put yourself aside separate yourself emotionally from that because it's becomes tough as an athlete. They're really really need not explain it to you but how much I enjoyed being on those types of stages. Since I was a hit those are the biggest kind of rewarding experiences for me because you learn so much for them. I tried my whole life to play with the best of the best and that ratepayers are the best of the best playing in the playoffs is that music wolf. He's just feeling up to the preparation amid the stimulant of it it's awesome I love it. You challenge yourself humbly law I think it championship and I definitely wanna be a part of that. Yeah they can express. Himself I know he's he's an excellent attic emotion of of missing it won't what do you want what's it like a keys. He's great but it's terrific if you've seen any of the stuff that he's doing for the movie. You know these conversations about the movie. Or more than just you know some goofy character he's playing he. He gets into the creative aspects of it talks about I I think he's I think he's great at the fingertips is. I think so all right thanks a look to be an example. He's got one year left on this contract and then he knows that Boston can pay him more money than anybody else. People got up and arms reset financially. It doesn't make any sense for me to sign an extension right now that aid and wanted to you know he loses. Eighty million dollars. If he signs that extension he's businessman as old you guys. You know that doesn't make any sense. If you understand the rules you clearly understand this is a bright guy. Who sit you're trying to explain to a media person who's asking if he's gonna find links to know why would argue that this makes sense for right now. You say in the right thing. But by keeping the door. Just a little bit open here and maybe they'll. He gets control this or should it so if that is your. He keeps LeBron out here because he doesn't want to brought some Danny Ainge knows right up I want carrier. And I wanna sign carrier to launch her country and I bring in LeBron James no you cannot and maybe he when he says he's been transparent maybe he's been open may be says. I don't require works for us if you trade Gordon. You are they have and it would here then they quite. Cease to merely spin control on going and to me it doesn't seem like he would be necessarily like LeBron James. Leaving just some random place. It kind of formed his own super team. He doesn't seem to me when the best option is the best option for him. Is going to be with the Celtics hole. Carry her to sign his own team. Speak to get it done yeah it did I think he doesn't you may not even need to import anybody. Because the guys that are already here who know how good they are dealing browns in the hands of the world and you know Hayward I mean what you need. We took some role player maybe some older guys that you know our people are willing to take last. Apple over just a smaller role but bigger impact because they even had a Merrill team. This was a different team on opening day then it was in the middle of the season than it was when the season ended in the playoffs. It was a different team different personnel because of injuries so he's looking at it and I think he's. Putting himself in a position where he carries some average right now if the Boston Celtics want carrier Irving long term. He's got some leverage year he can dictate how you gonna build a team around him. It should everybody's a lot of guys are different you know all knew when they're it is she's gonna be free agent. So loud he take any that power away from himself. You know alternate right but don't be like this is actually this is why you know athletes and it lot lot of guys more so than others who live for this moment. I know exactly what my plan is. And if everything stays the same and we continue to move in the right direction and and as long as nothing goes nuts in haywire you know bring in LeBron James refused to play with. They really relax everybody relax it's all gonna work out there I'm gonna plus sign my extension and all going to be woo wee we wanna be the next five years years years. You brought up Isaiah Tom and so remember the big debate about Isiah Thomas and that final year here. Is the maximum contract. Right and so blogs came to the conclusion based on the Max contracts given out he's a Max contract guy. He came out basically said this is where he wants to be you'd like to eventually have a number in a raft is O. And gave the indication that maybe even take a little bit of discount to stay here. Did that in any way influenced any change no. Traded his ass away once again get a guy that was a little bit younger than he could see is big are taller. And better accountant well I would seek a eyes Isiah Thomas did. Everything. Every possible that everything that could. That could happen to him that he could prove that he was deserving of a Max product or company got everything how're. But think about it he went through any kept playing through up. Went to great success. Death his sister. Breaking up his jaw. I mean like you know late shot after late shot taking over games is you want your best players take over games he ever did everything. So it kind of sucks for him when you think about it because most guys like they don't necessarily have those opportunities to prove that they're worthy of that money. He not only did he get the opportunities we slam dunk to wrap in their face it's Killen to you consider it base yeah it's it ends quarter it's it's killing him you could seniority and he. Does this all the time let's get the ball goes we'll get your reaction on the whole works but I'm I'm a little bit. Surprised that the the coli stuff that people are dismissing. All that happened in San Antonio that was significant this was eighteen by the way. That fought the Tony Parker was going to combat much earlier. Then radical I let it was gonna come back much earlier than Tony Parker the Parker's injury was more significant. And just the opposite happened Mike is a north province iMac. Hey guys yet you know blood. You'd talk about price earlier on I mean I handled it quite get a better OC harder course race but every get everything. You know doesn't really want to be here at the end west which is obviously price. And then it was just a lot more money that browse our current year. That's on him. In the area and expect that it that it when he got. In you know ramadi. And then knee injury issues on top of that Al Asia. All like his is quadriceps tendon that freaks me yeah I'm white I don't even know why he. You don't you can't be sure this guy is going to be LT on sport at all able Clinton or. Yeah a lot of cells. Well he hit it it was literally turning into a ball I mean at that that that kind of freaks. Out of Benoit every time we've we've practiced my L are you healthy march. Also are dreading it it they saw said he was ready in the middle of march he was practicing with and they thought any day now go back and look at the stories that week like the second week of march. People sick in his game now he's gonna return to the team we never came back. While and you know but they're keeping it as being weird and bad way he did. What he did on here and way happened in San Antonio in need to be great yeah Ian Baker. And I just don't think that guy mentally. You gotta be care ponies are trying to judge. Mike you really do I mean if they for example some guy that would actually take scissors to a uniform cut him up he'd never fit here and the point. Public he wanted to win back I was frustrated and in order lets people you. Could say hill is suspect and Geithner the rag off them. In a band that he's ready to go out there quite literate essentially sat out on the on this and equal H. I'll just say but she got to be cared they did Kevin Garnett wanna be here. You did. Yet he wanted to win so the whole boat a whole new ones yeah they're gonna get this. We refuse to trade to come over here until they got the Ray Allen kind of proved to him that hey maybe give missing a shot. I don't think I'll what he was dying to join the Boston Celtics yet she said didn't say one regrets in spend more time here. Well I mean committee intercede and be right that he is certain people belong in this market. Other people don't and quite elaborate screens as being a person doesn't belong to which struggled. My body is point is that you're trying to analyze the Psycho analyze too quiet Leonard isn't you have no idea what really went on we think we have a pretty good right and maybe just didn't want place in Tony Popovich is (%expletive) them off. He had no idea. I don't know how you can sit this is not meet this market let's face it this market's only tough on Red Sox players. Noon. And. Really it's. The UK and he's beaten. Well me on Israeli and got about this market is retire. Al Horford you Q how well how more I don't morbidity Howell went out helping you don't know how he gets if there are a few hours today and every case is asked about ingredients that to their residents of what it comes. Like a it's a athletes top in the city. To one sport. Dispute that. Well a lot of friends that trying to give you reasons Celtic Celtic players are treated with kid gloves he's right this there are pros now now kid gloves. It's patriots you really have a god doesn't think stupid to solicit you are ready quit but I Marsha got several other worth it all about it I'm not out. I'm not they have more have more reason beyond the. Let's say that you pick on them are not there is lot of those things are dessert. But I mean honestly Boston's a tough market. Isn't really for any team in this any athlete out of then a member of the Boston Red Sox I I can't explain why I don't know why it's okay study. But it did that's net tough market for colon that are play. He's another bizarre telemarketer at all I don't think you can really trust you can't trust you brought up Parker original leak yeah trust those guys. Yeah I've got a motor company man hand picks. Probably unity you know and in public trust them to give an analysis and error or to hold a discussion on the matter. When normally. In any situation if another player tried out or shame I know the guy for an injury regardless of how confident they were about that injury is no place for. That yeah I would say there's a person that is significant to me that two players. Okay prominent players on that team came out publicly. Okay. And we're taking some shots at the best player on the team. That to me is surprised by the way about it but it doesn't play into LaMarcus Aldridge did not do that apple we know he had major she's playing with a on the same floor. A year ago so there are some significant. Red flags out here. What appeals to Kauai island is he a great players the top five player has absolutely no question about it. But I would be you should get some concern but brought up an actual point that is when you look at Chris Sale. From a far do you remember when he won't shut up with a scissors on China also you know we would kill them. We were killing me here from afar. What he was a member of the White Sox. We were doing to describe every little story about a guy's past I don't know why you can't work here and yet we should you know market was as we sit here now and in love and adore Christian and we wish you every player. Was like herself. And of course what happens when he takes a company goes somewhere else. And that people will be very hurt very upset about it. I six point 77797937. Right here an element that immoral to jocks I like working with jocks as you can. Can play with a little bit and go on Sports Radio. Guy. Us. I bet there are no enough let's say some phone call 6177797937. Used Robyn New Hampshire a round. Rob. And though round. Excellent. Do you tell these people. Now would only drop to around if he wasn't ready talent sealant we will we will need. Prudent with nobody running around us. Driver out. Roma let's rock hey rob. Yeah here. Yeah yeah. No. We are it inevitably break for a there are. Ticket prices will be donated to monkey to see divide what he's doing it's that's it. I think oh thanks thanks type of organized labor party. All right bad. Arabs are all good I'll act don't calls. He actually apparently wanted to talk about. The Red Sox being the best. Team long term in the city that's what he wanted and I thought it was an interesting point because I'm sure I I agree with that. Because if you are looking at the teams in this town. I think the team you gotta worry the most about about being able to sign the key players on their team. Is their socks and they've made so Vanessa Elizabeth vets like a list. They Dallas today got that financial. Issues and they never told me that you know haley's along in their Pablo was eighteen for next year. But I mean you've Q still got a price is not opting out the we agree excuse not occupied I already know that is not enough so be next year you get Kimbrel. And make a decision who. Paul Lawrence I think we know of decision Joseph Kelly. And make a decision so next he's on like OK you know he gets the moves to make in the does in the big issue the following year or sell. Which I don't know if they would bring back but it kind of money maybe look I don't know we got sailed Bogart's JD Martinez who can opt out. You don't Mitch Moreland there if you want yourself. At the sold at any method acting you got pets the following year. So it's that where you go here at Wu who do you move on from would you invest in the food. Would you try to do here we've with a guy like sail with TD Martinez is gonna opt out right because one of the informal money. Let's say no one is the most interesting just based on history. And sale isn't just you know based on his age and what they've done in the past. Yeah because you know you get. John Henry. Pool I don't believe was correct when he is talking about starters at the age of thirty. You know what they start declining we repaid for guys for the past performances have posted their future performance. I get it I just don't think they could have got Jon Lester for lie for our price that would have been a lot cheaper. The that he had an exciting for to be honest with you. From you know Chicago saw me they make that decision to move on from Jon Lester. Who by the way now has been in Chicago is his fourth year you sit near a neck eaten too with a 2.2 eight. ERA and he's 34 years all of them. All right and that was a guided me that was just clean. That was always healthy dose of course there was some deal a blow injury shoulder injuries as if there's ever got to deal with it's that guy. Because it just felt like he just fit and you could've got to for a 110 million. He did talk about guys that fit in this city and jobless to fitness it. Yeah I mean that's huge mistake that came back and that's great but that's that's great for Chris ago no Christi area it you're at your dad and David Price ball there you go. Right in there you go so but it if you would say based on just personality. Who resembles. What is he resumes Chris resemble more price last year. No question Lester I mean more so. Yeah I mean that don't know the personality at all our double ought to go back to. In never been really an injury history Chris Sale. What I looked at Leicester to being that supports big dude mechanically throwing the baseball look at sailed. And every Terry told the blog wanna scream at my elbow hurts you know I mean he's just violent. That thirty years old was ever a guy at thirty years ever got its worthy of a big deal is for sale what he's been for news being consistent from day one. We do as a six year deal thirty years. It's funny some cynical thirty next year to educate you might deal it Martinez but that's work on two years and up the gap they'll be as does the market Virginia he. And that's way to squeak it gets or get the market two years from now not next year when hopper mature out of all these guys a free agents he's gonna wait for two years. When he's the big fish he'll be a more market the studio Muster says he'd like you that plus much of that time. Certainly you'll hear it side and give the money he's our guy he's a tough guy he fits here perfectly well. Usually every place on the aisle. I think has managed hosting way in which he's dealt and we've asked question a couple times without him on. About them chip to get pissed off that you're only making twelve and a half million dollars when you work. So much Morgan I don't know and I just played out I put the I think he's the guy that looks at it he's not gonna bitch. He accepted it. He signed it which I think is an admirable play. He signed that contract long term he accept the terms of it he's got abide by the terms. But I did what comes up the next time. I'm not sure there's going to be any hometown discount any of that stuff he's gonna look at it and say. Okay what is my worth now. Okay you're you were telemarketers 32 million bucks a year look at let's get 32 bucks a third 32 million dollars a year and we're gonna do for six years and you brought it to point. Are the Red Sox gonna be willing to give a guy that's north of thirty years of age big huge. Notice last year XTO pits of thirty years old and if you ask you right now did you resign him. I would still be I would honestly that to be determined. I geeky and answer that right now right I hadn't Timmy we stood a year and a half before you get to that point because some shorts very low let me an extension. While he except that he should hold out the when he's thirty get a 67 year deal. But right now it's actually just I don't I can't answer that question right now there a year to have players who looks like. Maybe a year and a half from now will be the same spot don't I don't know what the Italian you know me and him we can have a better discussion because and it's that goes three years of seventeen for 176. And this year who knows maybe ten intent I know it hit the quickest court foreign. But it to seven ERA to eighty Arie for three consecutive years. They end well that discussion everybody. Barcelona hash as we would you know we were talking about carry Irving earlier we don't know what the situation is going to be next. How would anybody be really confident. That Chris sales gonna hang around here and be willing summer he'll give the money public this one we'll keep that. Look if that is going to be in the next couple years. At least the second best third best. Player. In that in baseball are in the certainly in the American League. You don't. He's gonna demand watched on the open market out there. And we don't know he's he's gonna be ridiculous to safer bet to Bryce Harper must. You know I. I feel bad for the team's gonna give opera 300 million. I think Nationals Park move on for now they get Soto little bubble ball club with a price offers had a great player and asleep. When I say that I still feel he's most overrated player to sleep because we rated so high. I used to consist of for me I don't trust their body. He's balls out music Trot Nixon we swings the hell out of it and I don't trust him at all is the breakdown god bless you go silent and right to have bookie bet anonymous general manager said the same thing I just yes so but still with the before you can get there. This is my guys they devers is so important as well identity so important IEA rod so important. You know what these guys are so important to this organization. Is after next year we were you get stale JD Martinez of Bogart's coming out. You have done loads of cash makes it tough decisions and then we'll keep Betts comes up the following year three and have a 350 million dollar payroll. Well you'll start losing the Hanley Romero who's 42 million units carnage and Bob those Pablo eighteen point five million Allen Craig one million casino is just the best one. Manny Ramirez. 2003380. I was she's ill patients are referred him to defer doing. Long term deferred to him he's getting slightly over two million dollars from the Red Sox this year. What is he doing the coaching but mainly careful. Somewhere and don't something. Bodies eyes not raise our and is money I guess whatever. But there were such I would say the Red Sox or any great. Position going forward I would say that that's what you can make it clear cut argument. But the Celtics or the team that's in the pasture. Now they always say over the next five years Sosa the patriots are content edit edit patriots. And patriots I would also agree with you or in that. In that NC would. To grow and the president is beatable five years I mean that's kind of front loaded. You know I think you know the patriot the next five years it's that for the next two years. I feel agreed to patriot. But I would say 55 it is something. I think five and so the. You know and that's just completely change again but I'm going to do this. There's this are one of our favorite shows high noon. Says football players vying for the title of goat in anyways so they got a message yeah. And they got Ronaldo right amount and they're both and they're posing with late oats. Which everything of like that in the in the opal we had talent how we're talking about goats and Al. How. If he does remember everyone using the term goals. To refer to the greatest strength all time he's currently I don't know what he's talking about he's Chris West Coast and nodding yes history did that cut with Colin covered he makes no sense I heard this I was trying to figure it Erica. And we never talk abut greatest of all time we never talk hockey. And I'm talking football don't like in baseball and by the way we never talked it basketball. We never had my entire life for decades watch in this league nobody ever had a go conversation. Until. LeBron won his second title in Miami and from that day forward. Look bronze better than MJ which is always been the greatest compliment to LeBron. Michael Jordan had six titles. And had been the MVP any series LeBron won his second. And the conversations are we don't do this in baseball. We never did it in the and the importance. Never talked about if we don't do wouldn't hockey. We don't do wouldn't we do we don't do wrong football college segment that I ever done Brady Joseph Montana to you how always start was zero Barca have been doing this for a long time talking. On long enough but. Not long way though Otto he's he's 100% wrong on this first of all. And he apparently not been paying attention to sports you must be new to the scene first of all we talked about basketball. Many many years ago. Wilt Chamberlain vs Bill Russell which one is the best we talked about it a hockey with Gretzky vs what Gretzky game on the scene and he became the great while wheat compared to Bobby or which one is better. We you you wanna go Jerry Rice for how many years what we sick you're talking about Jerry Rice is the greatest of all time well let me people drug habit other players' attention. I don't I don't what year was it went to number using GQ holding to go to. Also hero you know scenario old Darryl for a case on Oprah reflect amount if we ever discuss what that term met all three are hopeful were innocent. Tom Brady holding an animal. I think goat does this mean it's the horse is that she. Talk radio ads leverage their also. What is. You hold it. Hoping that wouldn't be sick densities holding gold and he's message. As what is your witty come up with us that he has never ever heard this before it it starts making me now. Question how much he's been engaged in sports of these people have always talked about this this has been a debate on sports talk radio for forty. What are you talking about Wilt Chamberlain Bill Russell that was a great argument yeah it just art pop my head and. The date but it base that was that he goatee was that he goat discussion it was greatest of all time and go is more recently you guys just brought. Go is it leaks. Like 1518. Years old. Who's the pick OGO eight I greatest of all time. Isn't quoted. A messenger right that's the first summer remembers your way back or Deion Sanders gave it was like called him the goal that was like his nickname. That was that was for Jerry Rice degree. I mean. I don't remember the whole discussion Richard who would Mott who would be Montana's like you know here. At the time because remember this remembers that kid they were debating that Ted Williams thing is he the greatest of all time compared to previous guys that played before that because Ted Williams had never won. You know championship now in those days yet to win the American League just to get to the World Series you know and they would know playoffs it was you winnowed the league during the regular. Then you go and you play this playoff. This. Going up forever. What is this guy talking about I don't know yeah. Got them on the planet yesterday to stop which is not playing his smooth and we should now. Prosecuted. At least doesn't make any sense and no wrong you know I remember talking about Gretzky and war having debates they can't vote count on tomorrow we know it's not there is. And if they. It's after he he he he you're you're more irritated at how our effort is being so duels is still optimistic on the Atlanta right now LeBron don't know give LeBron James not critics now admit the goat discussion. Let me read lately exactly I mean that's worth art and never Jonathan Butler. Of all time goat until LeBron James. Jesus in cleats. It happened I mean what are we talking about Jerry Rice and meek and Jeff. When I first heard it that he was talking about go with the animal GO AT for greatest of all time. Because goat is more recent and you brought an apple 0304. With pretty well and people started to use the G only to. Am but before we talked about the greatest evil and we compared them in different sport. Everyone on the sports they compared to pummeled an animal now. Why. Don't our efforts to insert a cryptic it's just reported the red suit saying you're just thought about a week. We're just doing soccer right now you templates I didn't I didn't fall soccer but over the years. When we are believed in what actually did anyone hear of I apologize by idealism next forty years it's going to be yeah very wide body like an Andy and probably all over the place just don't let live long enough to look finally gets to that point. All right it's. Missing something here college Albert thinks this is brand new we have never discuss the glamour more of an alternate years of this business sports Doug -- degree you know I didn't end up playing zero but I don't remember talking about the greatest of all that. Many many moons ago. I don't part with a decent case is no way in hell park which feeds him. No matter what yes writes unless maybe it and that's about it I would do you went round and Sacramento. For a while under our outlook. I know the money doesn't match you have throwing a lot more you know growing markets mores. Probably market Smart. You know resign him and deal him but I would do that I would do Boris Smart. Damon Brad and Sacramento paper while Leonard as long game and get enough medical involved. And also made sure that he will sign beyond the year. That's the other team you can't roll the dice like Oklahoma City it would all sorts without some sort of indication it'll stick in Austin on. As Jeff Goodman who is leaving he has been working on its undefeated now. Probably the athletic tackle on of the Taliban and try to get ambulance. I he's on you what everybody else's film in and you do that deal because it's really the only deal works. And it either becomes. Wrote this year or Smart depending on what happens but it is Smart they have interest elsewhere so that's the money deal Jalen brown and the sacrament of liquid all of that in British films. He wouldn't do it. If he didn't have any indication we got a big vote. Where Oklahoma City. Yes. It traded real people like who end of the wants second team all BA is terrific place where maybe thirdly on those Paul George is gone now he's gone. Yeah you know and maybe Oklahoma Oklahoma city's a different category than you or if you asked me I mean they were little more desperate the need to take a shot. You don't. I mean you don't. Just desperate Oklahoma City they need to get Paul George and maybe try to convince him little things changed and get in here for years and and you know visit if you Danny Ainge. I don't know if you need that kind of risk. You don't. Because you and here's why you don't need it you don't need it would you fan base is your fan bases Sydney at all we're good. We will both the kids develop over the next couple years what sin and appeared to any over the last year to Columbia that's a pretty good football George Jones Oklahoma City innate that that the team around them which obviously didn't but that's sitting at the Texas team that gets them today NBA finals. This Paul George and walked to go to the lakers we're known of Oklahoma city's NBA finals because that's it quietly and it comes here with with. Every Irving Jason Tait and Gordon Hayward now offered you're going NBA finals and finally these you bounce your deck and a success I found out about it. He's name the names of the teams that are becoming dissects the you know destination for these you know these are the top players. It's itself but it you know talking about why Lenard ordered New Orleans talking about him going to Miami New York. It's it's it's LA because she's has ties there are considered to the region. Not necessarily to LA but to the region and it's a best teams. Right so it's it's the Celtics don't hear anything about building up a semi sixers. But I want to give me give you really got to hear him to bring I don't want to go there are you hearing a little bit of that do you really more it's always the best things with the Celtics by the way one of the teams that were on the outs. They couldn't get the players to come. Now they get the good players to come thanks of course I would say based on line. Just based on Popovich and his mentality and I really feel like he's. LA. Against his better wishes I don't play that. Because I I think that that movie's beneath him it's my opinion you can do wanna hear it but I think guys like him. Pat Riley the same thing with LeBron what he was trying to convince LeBron say. This is not the way they they conduct their business and that they're old school mentality they hate the way the league is now. They can't control the players and now they got to go probable. And bake for a player to protest to what he's supposed to do these guys that are contract in the look at. Clinical talking about an anchor big issue to play for a team that you're already under contract we have. I'm not sure it's beneath the Popovich we're used in his career because I keep on reading that he's going to be around for another 23 years did coaching USC team whatever. And then he's going to move on if that's the case. The last thing he wants is a rebuilding team. Matter of fact I wouldn't be surprised at all if he's talking to Boston and he's talking about collide money and are trading Leonard and trying to get kind re back in in return figuring I'd get a player of close to equal stature and and we can make another run at it. You know I don't think he wants to necessarily. Go with a younger team and rebuild it you does your agent history. Allegedly you'll know what's baloney these certain other teams unit all these cities. And and I you have to wonder because you look at new wall in right CAD at the Davis for the years. The yellow window we got to show it to be Davis you can put some around him if not he's gone. Right so your New Orleans native already mr. window. Has down's couple years away we all know what the next year probably with a year left you'll be doing the same damn things everybody else. If you Milwaukee. Why do you start to do some discomfort now the thing about like no one wants to open and Yaris. Or is that just the geography things that just nobody wants played Milwaukee or because Chris Middleton they're pretty good score out now Bledsoe we don't think that dog. By out author watching him but you've got us right now is one of the great young players in the game. Sophia Milwaukee license alone I can give Paul George to come here. What can we trade require letter. And put him with honest in what white. Why not face the young we not hearing them doing anything right now and only at that great player. You're about two years away and he's he's he's still of the contract to 2021. To point when he won. But you won't have to three years you try to convince this guy that it's worth staying here if not it's Anthony Davis he's the relief. I think that the weather. And whether you were winner has something to do that and that kept Boston out of the picture of the upcoming it's just got a lot of the opposite would definitely disgraced money. Disease needs to watch it plays is overrated because that would does it in Miami and here and the lakers helmet it's been a big attraction but the lakers a key political lakers. But it at a lakers so it's okay. But Miami who you gonna go to Miami for that humidity and heat in the way they have no fan support whatsoever you going to when it does not know humidity here and winter winter. Really used in the way those games are showing up nobody. Yeah partial opt out of this turnaround is so late I just a minor zone and the sky. I'm usually. There are no. They played a lot of what I guess players have won what they think it would appreciate it time and that's the that you're capable on. And I think he beats OK gonna either they're so why are there others a bottom feeders who wanted to go to army vet it. I'll say that it would mean you'd probably get a win either of these two conference who with the teams in the east Celtics. Pay up. Up that you get the sixers and that's why Philly is an attraction for the first time and company you lose it because they can win what you consider Milwaukee an up and coming team because they got the guy. The I want it I didn't young kid there on the list but. There are so many of the teams that are ahead of them on that list. Specially those teams out west. Right there there's somebody in addition to Milwaukee needs to be what Boston was two years ago in unique and unique to add another piece. You know you need to go and find an you know Isiah Thomas to go beyond earth he's available they need to go and sign your Al Horford your average out the news and recruit and try to convince you had the great superstar which is what Danny's hopefully go and that you're one piece away from winning at all. Because if not you're just wasting his museum and a sneeze goal beaten in three years will be talking about where he's. I agree but getting back to what Jeff Goodman to throw out their she's still the same thing that everybody else's don't so we come up with the the plan. That will fit and the money will work and that would be Jalen brown. That number one pick Sacramento pick for for next year and then you'll include accommodation of Morse road cheer. Or Smart on there and you've got all the numbers. And you'll get it to work but his problem Goodman did the exact same thing I don't we don't. If I'm convinced. That to 100 is going to study you're not going to get that at that conviction for me which is do you wanna give it to you Tietmeyer I think the any change. Was willing to do with Paul George. And I thought that was crazy well and Persian on to say yeah but he's at a different place there than he is now if you look at where you are now you've developed jailed abroad you know what you and your antivirus right you know what Tatum has you're looking at it and say you know what you make case. And say Jim Brown to three years from now is a is a star initially an all star player earnestly Qaeda all star player earnestly. He didn't have that he wasn't looking at that. When he was looking at Paul George now Jim Brown did not really in a hand at the point that hadn't gotten the opportunity but with the injury. Injuries they had an opportunity to do to play these guys know it's quiet and it's gonna coming that's why help you make the deal. I for the people to throw it out they say I don't give a rat's ass I throw this deal out there on the table and I take him lightly. And that you anything's gonna come here why and you're gonna you gonna build the team its its its. Its goods in and if you don't believe it's going to be some must have been done before. I'm just saying build the team to go the Easter and NBA finals. And you say it not only are we here at the team does that get blown up the next year to art which could it be here for the next five or six hitters. And you don't walk away from that. Lee might he might not like he he he made he's a quiet guy. He's that we are different type type of a guy he might not like the attention here. And end the attention he gets here I don't know if you could look at it the other way you were talking about. Getting to the finals if you're calorie. You're looking at it and he would comes back. And you get an in advance year of Tatum envy and shear of brown right. And now suddenly you look at the yeast and LeBron don't wander and east so you get to the NBA finals and maybe you win one game two games three games. Against the Golden State. Don't you think Boston is a better chance of resigning him at that point is always looking at it I got exactly what I I was looking for. A team together that can go win the championship. So and he's gonna make a decision before you get to that point are we got one more hour ago radio and Elena.