OMF - How will NFL Draft play out?; Josh Allen is in play for Patriots, 4- 26-18

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Thursday, April 26th
Hour 4 - The NFL Draft is tonight and the guys discuss what the Patriots might do with their picks. Josh Allen is in play and the Patriots have holes to fill in the roster. Also, is Jersey Street really the harmless, safe name everyone thinks it is? Maybe not, according to its origin.

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These Fort Wayne and moaning and forty that is. And I would change the name this video is it the bodies here on the east side. The west side the best right now I'm feeling great about working now hired and I feel super super viable with Glen Lou interest. You have to go to the hockey game to watch the athletes. All the way from the plot. None of these guys in Boston sports talk. Radio go to the game. Don't be a little boomer lorries Major League Baseball career you sound like a moron you are the play by play guy for the TV broadcast. So we can't get a sense of what is going on from the game from watching you why would anybody watch on TV right now on Sports Radio WEEI. But everything NFL draft in oh. Lola litre is traveling about 23 racked up thirty ones but there all sorts of rumors about him that it is it is well. This may be the wildest draft we've had some time because we have like. Nine zillion quarterbacks. Probably most of wouldn't really sock and won two of them will be in good. And yet. Everybody's gonna move around primaries to get one of these according. The north states apparently they on the 27 overall pick the rumor is. Moment or 100 apartment for three weeks disparity so personal drew breeze he needs a replacement in time for those alert an enemy. I think he's treated outlet at the time right physical in the last year to point their pick will be around 1030 to 45 but yet it just has to be movement there could be moved to trade battled this when you do this you know you love the national restaurant between. Either you doesn't he got him for a lot. Ileana that we asked we say he sent out at a chapters is a theory to people in the past hour floated so. Another teen plotted to have Josh Allen's racially insensitive tweet put out their chest before a draft and in order to increase their chance that he would fall. Through that team so you think that team. And 23. Down now and may be surprised he needle in the first round. He's still in the first right now don't IE all of the Swedish these teams are fool what do you don't like forget about. That is pretty good delegate the dolphins released data on consulate and draft day easel please drop Salmonella I would not I'm all. Oh. I reality Eleanor patriot you're you're about what you think that doesn't happen you're full debate or even an agent at an age Hillis don't warm it'll be a slight hope which we don't really want to go to clean you want to go someplace else could it. If forget about. Be drafted number one it's all about being trapped by the right team so we need you drafted by the right team. I've bled on now. I I actually I maybe even make a bet these guys that just shows how they don't he's there when I did I I think yet as far as I think there is the smokescreen. Go low roar you're the oldest guy. I think he's getting drafted obviously bouncing in first round OK so you won't you won't get by you think you're the top ten pick you'll get by Miami at eleven. Miami's eleven right now and I'm OK you we'll get our money your debts on bats we're gonna motivate you I don't really want him to give me launch whistle on so that was that. Is set rules mean the Red Sox now head out and read more news on this plus it was like something that's going Osama read there's really aboard another Georgia not gonna fail I will say this down. On an OK so I think he lasts so long ago Josh down last. To go. You know after fifty but it between the outfitted at fifty narrative so good about is actually drafted. Inside topic I think about the issue that you write about discussion with the patriots maybe they think maybe they're hearing the same thing that your little birdies and tell you that maybe Josh Allen is dropping a little bit but it's really like Josh. And it. And there are lightning and the leaking stories out end to end. Date date date the smokescreen was a second visit would Lamar Jackson. Little click or comparable march acts are. So yeah a lot of it is play this hour. So really think that in order to send a smokescreen move they would bring jobs start bringing Lamar Jackson Portland. At Gillette Stadium ticket you would you see yourself living here. You see yourself walker from the thoughts. You know past due to assemble everybody gets viable candidate by five guys I find bill that passed right here every diet story. So and then it would go work them out you really think that they would do that. Just because the smokes. I I think that they would bring Emily Gillette but I don't think they're never set to work not us I Daniels as he goes to Florida to work these guy outs. I think that is real interest in him yeah. Obama guys if this guy does fall to the second or third round. I want them. Like here this this is our point of an overturn late here we don't like him. But it's lose quote list I'd like a match like this guy and at thirteen million I don't like him at thirty million and they like him in the third round they don't like him in the first round. Maybe so and no other way. They need to tackle. They need attack overtaken tackler but apparently there's only one town Cologne appeared that is NFL ready right now the other guys are. A year way to resolve this has oh does they think that's what it's not quite as bad thing I was gonna let it not matter the size of media company. Now. No well look at it we go to break vote in a minute to. He's back ladies and gentlemen from the Summerville. I think she lives amidst a bout. I don't pay we got to quit something I'll go low number one when I said. The terms skate circles around what I said was I would skate circles around you when it comes to talking hockey and that's two weeks. I used it metaphors we do we knew there was this week in week sixteen we no accident TC bulletin that went about the eighteen he added that okay. Well. Let's play what I what I call Thursday that was calling to say. That because there were on goal difference of course has to reach steps. Broke me happens at all of Scotland knock out stage. Did that they're growing like it didn't go on and off because you want and I have. And yes it is Claudia watched national network and an on the on any child out. They have a segment called Mike check where Mike Kelly analytic. Got asked a ball will be launched first line and doesn't come up with this information that says. Includes five and six. The ones first I had more than double. A grade a chances that they. Sports I had it. On your eyebrow at a what they have created a popular let's go back agribusiness brings something new TC I guess that's the appeal and how old you are just prompts you that you tripled in Madison on the they are. Asked you all caught up from yesterday and Wright who asked him what I told him. That I wanted opera tell us scene here to tell us not hear the sincere well all make some money because I told them. Number one I don't wanna at how did you see us and I said we said yesterday he sees as we all of us that they will use this reminds him. The Bruins before you win the Bruins light two or three gold we succeed Clinton mudslides that I counted him I'd like alum because. Operating that is flat you. Brady chances. At a decent money. Of the CIA agent and a does that you know we get sent them away goes way it's a blue Angel alleging no. That he used talking metaphorically great source Keating a you know it was a really get a late have you challenged to a skiing off. By who can skate circles literally around. Do maybe allegedly underage I'll run circles around you when it comes to sorrento exe they did actually running currently our runner up to try to circle Roger quit but there's a bachelor and his circle around you. Okay what do its effort if I don't it sure he's locked Clark and you know we'll stream it in its day that I don't all the love in the world exit they Tibetans and I think that's an act. The difference Lewis DC actually goes to the games you what tomorrow this is their you know I should ask from you deny our president does not I know I know is more valuable. I think he did not go to the game he knows more than Luke is Luke watches them on TV goes to a couple games a year TC goes from the games. Like Jack Edwards goes into the games and he knows the stuff inside. And a total can step that can we get battles in a filter debts you know it's like that I got excellent. Coach it well enough that announced did you really believe that the patriots are going to keep both of these first round the good trade up football the I do like high powered Jim Jones all for they will have been able to AT and I disagree I think they are capable I think it will take one of them and and and drop they will go the other way they are packaged ultra profitable. No no no they got big they might happen at once you don't want but if they give up the second or third or fourth to move up. And they gonna take that second first round pick in moved down to load back up again what are you must know what they lost units are things flow and now. Well I'm always asked how it goes off to circles and I would I would. I would actually hate to be. The decision makers in Cleveland. Is it's awful hard to make a decision one when you know that no matter who you choose you're gonna be wrong. Just history tells you the right. Now you're about make of mayfield yelled at a matter who you choose you finally died in Rio or trade away don't trust any of these guys. This wecht can scroll I think he's overrated Republicans to show a watching guy. That you play in the late going it take may feel that want whoever it is who ever it is. You Don. See the door hold mayfield two to number one to Cleveland. Coming out obviously it's just an obvious sign that eagle on number award. It's like everybody said smoke screen everybody to be big news Bateman who's. Just trying to see try to figure what the other guy's car to town right to did you do it the other guy I was gonna get equal that you easily trade. Or you guys don't like this got me let this guy but did you maybe click a link to a guy that they do things like girl different guys we don't trust ourselves political Barkley job that you know previous quarter rest going to be. For Opel. The giants the giants seem to be shying away from quarterback. And yet they're quarterback right now he's aging quicker than Tom Brady or Drew Brees to content right. They don't live on a shying away. Is it's because if you know your quarterback because you know he's got this two year deal I feel like idiots. You know where were most Cormier two years right really won here because Drew Brees they can get an opt for a second so it could be. The guy ends up being like the guy out Kansas City they do that you heard of Alex Smith. And at that wanted that Oklahoma State Evernote moans about homes rights of those of us you ready now cable ship out some about you know that you're gonna. The grass you remember they were talking about putting my homes and an Al Smith got off to a terrific start last year they were talking about replacing him with my home during the course of the season. They work they they loved what they were seeing in practice but I couldn't discount like. Al Horford of the NFL yes average average. Thank is that. Not very only athletes he's yeah but he's speaking babysitters and promised to seek out those I don't. Love them because he doesn't take it and keep it safe but game and Chris maybe that's the the the comparison but it cornerback. Is it game manager like you know Al Horford is like average Apple's game manager that's what it is house what do you what else have the ability to 22 and fourteen was some stupid okay that was the highest paid stud that was the highest donors total points and rebounds he's had as a Boston Celtic. I don't know about that it is game one he had more to me. No this was the highest I thought a month. The highest points and and rebounds combined. So. Game when he scored more points in only maybe not as many read the fourteen rebounds 42 points. I'm an easy get tuna give you a hint he's playing on the road. Out escalate on the 26 and fourteenth you'll difference in absolute beast I'm gonna take America. Well. Twelve and 712. And seven while he does that degree game who Google's answer to all all. So what else we'll have thirty so brown wants the thirty. You know morsel 125000. Silicon winds continue to do is first and I don't know I don't ask governor orders and none other gonna when you're gonna here's. The news that those that he had it before the EXE tide is high and his game what was ejection that we used for a to a fourteen used in 12412. This time he's 42 and fourteenth street two more points on the court now they know it's. I doubt I'll stick with twelve and so we go with Alex he's been 24161613. Point tuition just look at points and leveraged with more than just points on the public dole sixty tonight. Sixteen and nine iron about oh I don't know ever the little a little yeah. They let caddie Glenn off the charts when it's not gotten a paper to print although I have to do and if this doesn't go in and night. That STI get beat L I get TO wouldn't let the little things little things that would be LT blood pressure should have a little I don't think that your little back. This really really a RT sixteen in night open the beast. Do you live to tell me the Bruins can sit down into the neighbor's old and a veteran. And again it was good why we got more to this program 6177797937. That's our phone number. Always rocking Twitter before joining edit after they show at bloomer Loney. Moved back to more importantly we're loaning at 48 right now fox Sports Radio. Went past couple years. Gone into those pesky traps pollutants they were able to eliminate a number of players. Just based on where we are selected and this year is. A bit different than. So we've really we need notre from top upon. And potentially. Problems as a handful of players are probably. Our reach. No realistically just about everybody's in play. We'll than a handful of guys. Josh Allen in place and right there and Roger. Between the lines right here Josh Allen in play. Except they heard it I'm telling you it's patriots. I shell out of you may usually a season games again this year at odds. Who knows you've got some others are telling you below I would love some of public palace box in what is the money the way it is the way the way the momentum shifts. Right from like one player to another Blair and you know and this guy's grave this and then next thing you know pick Wakefield and onyx and all the stars Alan I don't believe it. What's what's so what's the pay 2000 patriots going to submit Hannibal. In here Rashad Evans kid from Alabama went back was a position to draft first. Linebacker is a tackle tackle and my staff tackle with it but I don't I just don't believe that Belichick is going to go. Specific position even though there's a need at left tackle maybe in his mind he's looking guys they're going to be released on June the first. He's looking at some 32 year old tackle out there. That he knows originally an air bridge I think it's different this year it was a I don't I don't I don't think it's ever different with the I don't know I do think that you. Everybody goes in with a plan can make it clear. Boy you know we said before mandated really need some help you they really need some help there you know to. Whether B depth to replace this in depth to replace that that this is the one glaring hole we look incident of star. They don't they don't have a stars so they think that this kid a clinching. They think that the kid Miller on the other another tackle was neon one's name is. If they think that these guys can start for them that I think people get I heard Phil Perry on on NBC sports lost and say that mode when she was the only one. That he thought the patriots are we the new York and I love Phil parried them. Some say that he's one of the guys he follows the stuffy in Alibaba and justly make machine makes Shea and piper picked two months say that there's only one start left tackle in the league OK I appreciate it they know you've done your research and everything. But in the end. You always right know oh really okay will they say it's what young guys are providing real. All these stress because of terrible if you look at the percentages there were awful in the old guys just aren't that just the old days willingly done it was plugged in every owner in the league and so he'd beaten plucked 22 out of the the the thirty teams in the in the in leak at the time can get them all. It is simply no there there is I think there are certain teams that have enough depth at like almost like every position. Where they can sit there and just use ages. You know value based you know chart Bartlett best player available. But I think you have glaring needs so I don't think you can ignore you would announce at regular US missile test it wasn't like OK the guys we like we're gonna move up. That's what it surprise you at all and you impacted you talked about Donte'. Or excuse let me move it don't pay and pay its own staff that the case Pontiac is so. Would it surprise you at all. It's the end of drafting that left tackle in the third or fourth round because they look at a guy. They think he's got a great upside he's not ready to play right now and in their mind it gets somebody. Earmarked whether it's Marcus cannon moving him over to the left side or whether it's a bad it's gonna be released on June 1. This coverage got wolf wolf Lehman for a year this other guy will either be on the practice quarter is gonna make our team he's going to be back. And we've seen enough linemen anyway with kids gonna get an opportunity to Paula. That wouldn't surprise me at all I just don't nobody does that hold any position was surprising they would it to the third round it out advocate Lola and return it to you just feel like he can play too. But they don't have much tackle Pittman left tackle right willfully walls mentally it was a first. Massacre what was the second. Second round I respect that is there any with a Seymour. Senior was first and then that it was in the second round. So just on nick yeah. Yes exactly. So on saline if they get its point three risky call Miller's the UCLA NATO and every once it nearer to undergo military or military or militant they'll draft and at times okay. You only saw it and they'll ascendant in and does it does. But the third best best tackle for best tackle they take him to stick around the like are they viewed this kid better than Cole Miller. Or right or so war daddy would I trust on a Q they look at the guy in that third fourth round Lou they project a year from now is going to be good they've got another. Solution to that left tackle spot. So did everybody thinks they've got to move up they've got to do something and get that left tackle. I'm not sure the guys operate that way. Why I I think you'll neither this so they're gonna do whatever they can't move up the ladder boys so that means a quarterback and I'm moving up for quarterback if they're moving a political era we're value based chart would say it if it Evans Leinart out Alabama. Is is is higher on their borders as far as you know best available. And any tackle that he's the high tech reside right that he is your lawyer guy he sits around he dropped just like holy crap but sometimes it's it's some guys are so good. And they're so talented and you love them so much that you're forced to change your direction do you think they can't pass an eye on the. I am amazed at at this big committee field phenomenal rate now that's only for our great hall on their interest is that you said paper and and initiated their boards their tax got a gold one which you heard rumors right the ship between the but she's got going three with Donald gold one. And for I mean honestly since the offseason started hasn't really been Donald Alan Rosen. Wish they were all rosy and Alan and I know a particular notice every guy and extend ours in those three guys in no particular. Now all of a sudden make me feel you water to. Yeah and it our out audio replay for. Yeah and also Josh Allen has these tweets coming out. You know Douglas character what these cases are not based on some stupid song lyrics he tweeted out where news and school. This is just weird he came out and apologized to and so were being called up Steve Mason of the world to examine morning ignorant apologize view we talked all the like the round or do you think you go if you wanna apologize in that situation with that scenario may go to Stephen -- you can no way to go big academy anymore. Yeah anchor Tom guy goes down more at doesn't work I think this is going to be. A fascinating first hour hour and a half. Of the draft tonight because we don't know what happens that the Barkley could be the number one you know the little donors partly at number law saying you go reported Beckett never fuel no idea with a top five look like right now remember. Two years weren't in this much chaos using old are you really does have that edge rusher or whatever that's up in the offensive tackle it's up there and you have one or two quarterbacks. Now you've got a zillion quarterbacks what are we gonna have in the first round six quarterbacks go. But advocate from Oklahoma State if he goes that would be seven than I initially so there it people sneaking quiet on him he's better than Josh how. He's you hey I'm no. Know it here it is yes he did not think like him as a player but he is not a first round pick to get a racist Wii U is that well yeah. Tonight it was I was like if I sound and how many times to prop this guy up my own show to Lila today so you line. The other major do we actually somebody actually came to us we are doing it to be on and there's nobody there's nobody in the stadium but he didn't quit watching. I think you know they stayed at thirty at night game. They came anchor we are ripping BJ like you guys need to find a way to see something popular that about a guy. Right. Spat. That's when you start yelling don't take you did a good nugget on Josh Allen. And time to ourselves and O Leo five interceptions over the past fifteen. I mean it's not stupid like that. You'll go before 52 we may have six or seven quarterbacks go in the first round in the U you guys now the attrition rate. Five animals. Or the okay visitors that it was a there's not necessarily a yeah Ryan leaf in there. So it is borderline les. There could be your Mark Sanchez. You know one of those types that you rightly Keeneland. Well no I don't think I don't think there's I don't think there's one in this group were you may not only does the guy has finally but you just don't I don't think it's any of those guys. You know fit that you know credit to your Christian humans have won two of them that are talented players. They just have injuries that you know Sam Bradford comes to mind another team's gonna try Yuma Arizona this year. Or you might have in reluctant to destroy the other day schedule is not gonna throw at all. In any of their offseason path orchestra he just talked about not good role they're talking about not throwing until the middle of July. You can make if you want him. Marco. And it works itself is and and let's face it he was a can't miss candidate right he was oh yeah everything. Yeah the only active choice and it was treading that weight to. You know from his first year to eight siege engine game against the patriots and it went down. So. When it's all said and done. Both picks. Or no picks right we're gonna you wanna give the people want more segment. Let's certainly don't you don't wanna leave. It's like a team that you I you know that's that's an information about any of that information on what's. Didn't show. It. I had I known about the yeah. Changing it yawkey way. Back to Jersey stream and we talked with Sam Kennedy idea CEO president of the of the Red Sox about this earlier on. Annika called and said do you guys understand the origin of Jersey street. And it has to deal wit the slave trade and we and none of us seem to know what it was about but thanks to Peter Lucas a bull's son. He breaks it all down and a story here. So Jersey street got its name some 150 years ago in the back they was filled in fact they was just swamp and they they feel a little and with the withdrawal. And the streets laid out. But it was open but feel architect Arthur. It was named after George against this Frederick child Julian I hate people like five names right right right right he is the six Earl. Hull Jersey. He died in 1859. He was a member parliament he was married to the daughter British prime minister Robert peel you know he gets it and move right editor yeah I certainly didn't. And like other members of the British royalty in the upper class. This instantly fortune was based undoubtedly on probably based on the lucrative slave trade. So where the fortunes of the other English lords. Quid Boston streets named after them when we can be a few of those streets. Commonwealth well. Arlington. Berkeley. Clarendon. Departments were on a boil SpinRite actually utter the field Gloucester. Have Erfurt. Okay. While they do not fit the north south grid you'll also have switched Jersey can't for lands down minor streets. All apparently. The named after people that made their living off the slight Trace it was said earlier in the program. Does this not create a domino effect where people now going to do more research. Because. And how they've been able to eliminate yawkey way where they are not going to look into their names of these other people and if this is right. Who's done the research Peter Lucas from the lol some. This is gonna have rim of the game I it's just the beginning. It's just spaghetti and and maybe something has happened and another city somewhere as we don't know about because is to have as much I guess attention on them. You know they're not as prominent not as you know. Accessible I would change Arlington street to Big Papi street okay. I would change as opposed relates to Nomar Garcia I only know the we just not gonna change. Right now and yet that we have and we need him alone you admirable way Marlon. Alina well I'll check my outlook is worse than it is CD and minor Malone minor and the lions this doesn't agree you and obviously it you know some in the members meant that some things in the past and maybe we're gonna change reminder street two minor. Maroney zero. Finally grow. Here's reached thief who was very feisty as that sounds like a Jack average Joseph Glenn my daily little pace up and objective reaches I was the that other you got to. We'll Melvin dale was he can talk about confidentiality. That I don't know that outraged and I agree that. Or NFL draft or something like that Saturday at the draft. Yeah fly down could be the threat can be what's the point when he would know you get to set the smells of the game's real activity smiles stop the puck. As it did happen right away from the puck. Like that's. Snowing it was use little known I'd like that it started off that I do you I don't know why get defensive of guys that blue zones now when people rip them for their athletic prowess Witten what did you. I'll flatly I think that that's outsmarted. And they get in the whole thing about radio hosts are heroes because they have an opinion. Oh my goodness usually the sideshow the show when they show goals now they show the camera they showed Japanese subjects it looks like it was on the team just gonna that it PlayStation boy. The guys and averted yeah. You could tell it like it is that the average Hitler when he got also a game seven recap we gained six preview week I don't know draft real Altman first round over the past it was all kinds of bounces movement. Our boys will reconvene and it's an. I've seen them route.