OMF - HS baseball video gets Glenn annoyed; John Harbaugh takes a shot at the Patriots, 6-12-2018

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Tuesday, June 12th
HOUR 4 - The viral video of a high school baseball pitcher consoling his childhood friend after striking him out to end a game got a lot of love on Twitter, which annoyed Glenn. Christian had issues with the length of the hug and the pitcher's hand placement. John Harbaugh waxed poetic at Ravens camp about having his quarterback practicing with the team, unlike the Patriots. The so-called "integrity fee" associated with legalized sports gambling that's being discussed could be an issue for leagues.

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Are you ready. Fort Wayne. And moaning and 48 time to Goran the gulf mask I'm sorry it is old VE. Are all bark it is no aid it is void in eighty is deep. Ball stroke a full vote to explain that finals failure of all Todd. Nothing abroad abroad until he proves otherwise it's a one plus one type of guy you don't have to hear this the Daschle do you really dismantle your teeth forgot it may only be there for one year that's not the case at all with Glenn doing. Christian does stand but it's not respectful. Of us already built thrifts and it's been blacked out believe that we love come into work every day. Call I couldn't go hole. He couldn't go home please I don't out. The days of the amount of imagine them. Could you won't feel quite a lot of public that's a great thing right now on Sports Radio WEEI it's and. He came home yesterday back on the show rob it's gonna come back home again. Ticker tape parade for everybody's goal of them now my app entirely brought the world together I mean it is good everything is that it is wonderful more. And of course we just heard Robert Kraft talked about we're we're going it was social media so that's big news everywhere. That affect people's Friday. You will do you know should be able to doable to a Friday although they knew Kyra a preliminary number and back around to fake news and ride it every unit and I think my stories of people making stuff up everywhere and it's his little Twitter world in the social media world why not let people and of people tournament on the radio show which any two to this one what do you there'll people who get teary eyed yesterday I heard you talking about it and and others. There's this video out there of a high school baseball game. In which it's a play in game for the state turned a monopoly Bryant and that that was they what was on the line here. And the picture ends up striking down the the the hitter. Looking at strike three. And all of team comes rushing out to the mound too hard this guy and this guy takes off and goes right to the guy who was the batter. And we later find out it was like a childhood friend who grew up together next door neighbors or some like that eighties and slowly. Him for which seems like I don't know 3042. Gaffe before he finally goes back and he greets his other guys. And and the pour batter who was console walks away it down and slumped cities don't. Back to his team here now. What to order in social media like to do they like take something it's a little bit out of the ordinary. Because that picture you don't see usually it's the celebratory team a year and the losers. And I say that loosely over here there's no Twitter will get all pissed off from everybody said oh. Feel good moment and it was all over the corner yes and I do you guys you guys both work. Involved in in athletics where it was meaningful for you guys write you guys were. Also out there that's I think it's that that come. I'd like to make fun but it can't total losers. I thought it was just you wanna you wanna be like on Twitter not thought it was cool you did you like it and say oh this is the best thing budget version Jackson was like that's it's you know who's different in the and all that in mind I'd I'd like to get out of chemical it will now also say this. The slow danceable play was look we have since lost the long loud and they rotate to rally with a song by the time but. The queen I think that you rom it was a different guy different hat it was different who's kind of I don't know I'd edit a. Well clearly they're giving me a bit. The that's the hand placement on the hog was with the awkward when he grabbed sensible. Yeah that part of that was necessary or not it was it was weird it was as though I look at it. I guess I'm just a note to enable I looked at it totally different because I remember my experience for something similar to this really a lot of hatred and we played against Carolina Panthers on my best friends. Came together got drafted together we've got your roommates and d.s account. And we were elect forever in the league librarians but still long snapper. But roommates in my way all the stuff and I remember talking some smack. And then when the game was over. I was looking for him to talk smack. I want to give this you don't want it to remedy enough eggs that would have been good and so it made me video automatically. I get the outlawed by the way I do think he owes something to lose. He does those on the Bluetooth team and what he's missing out on his team celebrate a thousand because like by the time he's done slowed in the the music sounds like they wanted everybody is fed up. I don't care you don't have to you don't do go home but can't they Erica. This was done you don't celebrate it turns around like it did both are so here's. The problem I have with the little is that I think most people were liking it because. It's that sort of thing so people are gonna light because I am open to. This something that was. Very very special. Like this never happens so my guess he'll announce the let me just finish this point out throat and my guess is that if they were childhood friends from what normally happens is the pitcher throws strikes the guys out. Celebrates with his team in sometime after that in the the next five or ten minutes. He walks over to the guy who we grew up without adequate to write any any kind of poking and hitting yes yes yes. He has some type of back and forth with them. That's probably am sorry man you know now. In and you go back and forth within the it was almost like. Try a little too hard and the people all re tweeting at an all putting becomes this is one of this makes it feels good to me you know I yeah honest I straddle. Paris I had a article crazy homey kind that it with a little peace and doing it got doubles is it it's just it's nice it was after I was OK I have to I don't think that if they were childhood friends. And they spent time when they were younger playing Little League Baseball together or whatever that when the game is over they're not gonna get together and commiserate and and talk about one. He's experiment is what I guess is they would have if it was like a little bit of like a handshake though like low low low back. You know enemy is slow dance but it was it was a long it was long on off slow and placement but there are. Area and yet the guys that he raised his right arm and leg started dancing in the like category is there a thought it and I'll leave it at. You know you doubled Twitter fizzles cool things is he onto Russell beer swimming and a a full day. It was kind of interesting Q you retreated that don't see that every day. It was like. Does it it's cool was just isn't true so why did your blog your alma mound kind of build you own this guy's been going up and you probably beaten at a bunch of different things pokey man under the ground in your backyard now allow younger with the ball yeah although it over the years at all bad dad you finally man put him on the spot and embarrass you all these years. Yeah well exactly. Yeah yeah it was if it was a two out strike out like elves the second out of Nokia may be nothing happens but I'm back at you like ended it on now want to list. What was score of the game. I don't know often does or not the little blowout when necessary time just also ordered nothing dunk them so really it was not. A big deal wasn't like. You know the bases were loaded if there's some strangers let out there on stage I was your sport and I think maybe got pants and destroy our lot. Maybe got pick a classic then maybe. And us. But I wasn't unannounced. Over one run game Lewin is a guy stranded at second base or whatever then eat it was an emotional thing. But it was a foregone conclusion to a fortunate few lows of the day. And yeah I just thought it was it well tomorrow. Is everything I think the reaction now is going to be them too much today you know I think what I saw was like you know what when across our last as it's. It all but now they'll they'll be on every night time show. You don't mean people out or. The rule. That there already are rails against him holding gonna be on every scenario Owen right. And then that's that's what's gonna take it to another level other than the the hugged. Lasted probably. 68 sets you know long it was different it there's no question about that the four now I announce changes to meet changes the whole feel of it. And and the third thing is so many of the people were were shot is still. Actually the score seventeen to ten of seventeen to ten so I heard nothing of the more action seven or eight under article 70 please. No I've been FiOS editing it there. Don't order those two games the first game they beat seventeenth and the one that we saw the video in the sport this is there a blowouts so you don't have to consult to Edmonton to blow outs. It was some how better than you and he got struck out who's got struck out looking right into it and you you know you don't have made it worse is right yeah juniors don't throw at them the signal to get my baseline you walk. You're such good buddies want to get a good. Let me ask you do look at your film don't win the game try to the next act so most people commenting about it and then all I feel so much better put me in where. And on god I was at a anxiety and watch the original but on school seventeen to ten in the first game in Ford and nothing in the second and I can. Call targeted output there raid that was the other thing please ready as soon as we look no idea. Boo hoo blue parted acute but they were great patent. I can't talk let's enjoy it it wasn't visionary and raise an orphan it's okay to celebrate a win I don't like in the very just. Why am I do. Celebrate now you don't. And so it can't. Should make you wouldn't yeah. I saw exactly the sort of thing. Commands. And so is supposed to teach our kids that is that is that that's anytime you bad outing as a unit. So you did this team's seventeen to ten. And Ford and Nelson and at the end of supposed to go on console that the other bad guy not the amount that's my job and it was kind of cool. My mind until I see guys that third eyes and his guests and Lou and I know for a fact. Lou Lou Lou wouldn't the act and all sensitive and gives it more fact about this is not only is all the bodies of problems and how does what would never do all your base mood and ever and who love their I don't know who would ever win a little amazed to do this. At this knowledge of. He made some plays like a friend of his neighbor it's like the biggest at bat ever organized delegate and getting on as a parent you need to work on that you need to change means now approach than they usually love ya I compassionate yes yeah season I don't look honey I'm so it's a high school kids and see what happens. I spoke attorneys because I spoke. Eight years old or beaten their audience first and beating her. Good solely my buddy I'm putting my hands around lower waste. Uneasy with the park and absolutely. It was a run up slogan hear it like you're totally at the age it really wasn't there anybody likes of this Hollywood movies and enable quick step left. That's right that left mr. price is that yes. It was a slow dance there was. At least move might as we shortly grabbed by the neck. That's about it a new. RI and I that would look at the point of the view the kit that struck out at all you just struck out. And so once the common how'd you how'd you know they get the hell away from his body through here and have you struck out to lose the season's over again he's not you're a good point you watched. Strict legal anonymously just need a seventeen sailors and neither one of these states utilities to the very competitive. Met him I apologize or whatever but I don't let you know loving it but actually it's important at some silly when Romeo and I don't think it's a state term resident is a big entering our local it was a refreshing to. Today he said it at a glance that's a you're taught to say lies so this is bigger better things in the world we need to care about. No did you close with the president through puberty when they worry that they were going to be right there yeah all right yeah good legal listening corolla that wanted to jetliner Pritchard is in jeopardy heard them. Than. Some why couldn't they do a couple minutes later why could other gonna get your boss and everything else this year off in their locker room. Log of that. That's what pissed me off that dead people were were treating it is if it's never ever happened before. Where suddenly it was an solely somebody else but you never shooter on the field like that because what normally happens is as you said. You go it you're a member of the team you celebrate with your team. Then five minutes later we and they probably lined up to shake hands anyway that's when you go over differences are there. We. Sony's U gesture like it's different now we live and age we live and let's please quarter war. And so what we do let's get bush and try to somebody puts video appeared on the blaming him a blaming all people are on Twitter. Who citizen is the most marvelous thing I've ever since I thought it was kind of cool nine dollar school. Bombing on a significant. Israelis view that before and that's what happened sooner actually had no effect on the yeah I thought he wouldn't even I can't expand the balls and a hole I got hot out. Ryan is not a coincidence. A little life you loser. Exactly. It. Probably not but that's like baseball's greatest game in life lessons all board but you cynical when I say I'll grant I would think if you grew up that if you growth in the ultimate. If you hit the chances are you're probably gonna have a conversation with a baseball more progress moments after that happens I wouldn't be surprised that scenes of the ballgame fingertips if some of the other players that were in the field probably are friendly you know kids on the other team. When it was over there mingling around the field you're probably going over shaken hands and series it would have. Did you lose you probably should go and say it can gradually on the island lineup at a school. I who write yes on line and do Las Vegas and in the order they migrated my kid like that every high school like my efforts on just lines up for every game every game they wanted lineup worry they line duty things he completely aegis. Just Greene flies is catcher. We have a little bit arm of the dollar is now using my way green light gets in Lebanon and Johnny are you. It doesn't like that there is without notice X games crowd that was there wasn't that's an editorial. It's on schedule and after an acute golfer he has to catch and it's the other guy because he stood up for him told the county should date him because Joseph was. The camera down to catch a still Gonzales friends more than I could. So why aren't people you know commenting and re tweeting out their that the catcher gets the news is bad teammate Sebastien doesn't care about is catcher and liked is catcher. Why aren't people reading about the I just thought people and little overboard yesterday that's all like it. I think that guys do in that situation in high school congratulate you against the do all the time and they would've done it like three minutes later. But right through we haven't Slater Foreman it's. But a lot of people were treating it like this never happens you never have somebody who wins a game. You know couldn't you know goal for an N and say something to the person and I don't need to let us. They have a great fervor it and kind of fat and no turnover that great up until I'm very firm in. I'd like to those school. With her who's trying to be like today and yes it is not trying to be all right just an arena already goes to Disney World for five days three as you like fun medium speaking of million pound blu listed below economy and edited by a daughter political plus of deal that's injured I saw some. Empathy. I Jason in Boston wants to talk about it we got some. Let you you're you're complaining about her and how every one late. You know where everything you're doing exactly what. People shouldn't do it looked at twelve everybody neutral length would talk to actually know what is your response to some. You're trolling a high school kid who didn't put it out it odd about it Egypt what a college right and you're unhappy should. Handle its brand to its parent should unknown though. Jason I'm not talking I'm not talking about the kids and talking about the response and the way people responded you're telling me that you don't think people responded. Because they wanted to do they wanted people to lie quick they were tweeting you don't think that was part of. Everyone hated it I just sit and made it or not is it oh I didn't I didn't. I didn't say they hate it I'm just telling you that I think that in most cases. Friends like bad moments after the the end of the game. Probably would probably didn't give the other liberal login they probably would hit congratulate the guy in console the other I think that's probably. Part of the normal process yet. But that's why it on Twitter could not the probable not what normally happen. And so do you know what you call it did make it work. Aren't these her own give an opinion. It changed your opinion is if you change your opinion on what you saw because of Brooklyn always said the shame on you you elected he didn't work out no matter what he says I like that he didn't know where. We don't settle it on the what did you say Christian Christian didn't like it. Not I like it. I'm out kind of funny that when you get do you think is a. I. Hey yeah. I'm protected at all I don't think anybody's really do. Our society and to survive the perfect thing you don't look. The socialite you've trolling then you have an opinion of the medical and always work though. But I mean what do you change your pain yet they like it thought it was cool but now you say that the changer in central and it pisses me off to give people. Anybody was very upset at me when you're on come on the web what you do again he's been you again about it is dead dog. Well I apologize if that hearkens I didn't make fun of his dog anyway I know isolated both. I should've been a synagogue in fact I was trying a little unsure of greeted him slow danced a little bit that's all that's the only original brief sort of like tomorrow when I see your arms and grabbing huge. And in movie theater rightness fiscal don't sway back and forth seemed like on Rodney Leisle. Even though I thought Osaka one moment was a little bit leery of all slowed to. Not a miracle moment and unless it's a Mattel announced that Al whatever it. Sixteen L it was he was upset last week because. He he wants LeBron here and just wants him and a lot of people. In the degree to gamers just think you can use that wouldn't they don't have to hear this thing down they don't have to give up their current roster and congressman X says they do won't listen to them with some in the York. I'd 6177797. 37 right here and all mapped. Once again these glee and coo and Christie for away admirable and for you on sports. I. The fact that your quarterback is out or he's healthy and playing well he's on target. Thrown the ball well. He's throwing the offense allows everything else to do well. So you don't have your quarterback out there. Everything else kind stagnating now that you get. As much the off season or training camp. As you so to me that's the number one thing gets a chance to really get to where we need to go perfect record of art center that. Candidates and that's the job hop. The coach of the of Baltimore Ravens and for his scampi said the quarterback is the most important important person to be is that a shock right now. Off off the history of those guys haven't issues of all right and it good let me ask you so answers and -- shut the patriots. Don't you think 32 coaches would say the exact same thing. The most important things are recorded record I would think I'm not surprised by that comment at all. And in a case of some good some form of Joseph Flacco and hundreds of articles by themselves or is it but the sheep here will tell you that it's not. They're the people that just whatever number he does it's guys lay off you know he's gonna do be reviewed I think we're following address this important he should have been he's been playing court all. Court at all. 11 time. Idiots if she all of it painfully off. Net and to hold a mini camp you know with your team and uttered in your quarterback here. It's a trying to have a script regional picture show up. They hitters can't do their job you know and you know all hours well. It's like it's obvious but I don't people see it's dolby deal installment does not play as long as Soviets uttered the team. It's not help but. Not gonna help them. Well it's obviously gonna hurt them either will see about that I know it's not help if somebody goes in and set out in week three in the pre season you know it's an. Corn holed it really what made a difference we can talk about just play one whole year all I don't really nothing's being our goal is nothing happens that it is connector to the cause of getting the message across of what they expected. I says yeah it is importantly everything matters it helps in the health but on the circumstances. It is anyone's gonna get a pass that he gets a pat I think that's what it is more than anything else gets it of course the support. That. And they've changed when you don't get a lot of rest and minicamp practice short and roster count it. And there are literally watching the clock lunch you'll only have a bloody body of a major development role globally are. It only export was a twelve inch rule lock just threw a pass he's at fault here camp. First pass he's thrown. Since the beginning of October 2007. Teams that right did that read yes it is and on its roster there's falloff. Look at it and I think I think they've real similar to validate it looks like it's reassembled it just wasn't bad this. It his dad is the new commissioner that youthful yes he has. Okay all over when he was also he was also via athletic director West Virginia Arnold please look at colleges that are adequate programs. But not at. Metabolism always have live coverage right well what do you think and his shoulder fell off I don't know of anybody that's out connected right Greta whoever is doing well. Of this is they might agree it's just somebody nominates an ex football handsome guy did they dug up is great to his arm or notable eighteen months or don't know him. Is that correct the data didn't October. Time lines start September 27 2015. Was the last time you play again. Right ACC object in 2016. Season. It's it's. Very good there they're saying it's the first time he's actually thrown a football pleasure since October. 2017. But he wasn't playing games at the time right he came back he attempted to throw that right. He said he had several setbacks. Will settle that it doesn't do I thought after a little bit falling to 163. Season that's when he had this the issue right surgery. Case of off season of 2016. That's it to a moment on two years since like forever. Totally religious got drafted why why don't think so something else is gonna happen to them that this kind of like Johnson 2000 wanted to do that job May Day. It I adjusting issue you know throw it a bye to Maloney invest we got. And. That to the pro football talk guys to stick it it's almost like. When he tries to stick it to the baseball guy with a baseball guy tries to stick it than a football guy. Here's the football guys try to stick it to the NBA so we don't look the into the NBA is pushing now as sound as other leagues are. For gambling. The fell ironically he's not pushing for an integrity fees. But remember I'm sobered it up there and said we want to implement an integrity faith in which all of the gambling it's done across the country. All pays 1% into the NBA because they have to now tell the truth they have to tell everything that goes on to their sport. So according to the pro football talk guys we would have had a major problem with the NBA finals. Because they did not revealed that it was an injury in the locker room after game one that altered or could it. Dramatically. On all of the series the best player on the court in a wide suddenly had two broken and this is the last. Meaning made in Iran. But right now who knows try and substance of it and I know you're saying under visuals that have to do. I've got a pretty the at the with the integrity take it if if let's say we had. Gambling in place for all of the negative and integrity integrity be the winner of the NBA it's going to charge the general public forgetting all the true and accurate information. Injuries so that they made everything so they promised that as part of this the league will now be responsible. For making sure that the betting public the bettors. All heavy fair game to bed on I went back and forth that the legal get 1%. Willis LeBron James where the cavaliers didn't reveal this injury. If I think the NFL is really the only sport. Has injury reports. Well a baseball I mean you might know that JD Martinez is being with a bit sort back. You know you might knowing obvious you know look you just came back from DL well the NBA has a poet a night of that in games they don't do it. In advanced vision I wanted to save it and in due to baseball for example do you know abated Kenny stills are now. Bogart's. DO MG Aires it is no like official injury report NFL's probable questionable ankle need even that they screwed acting up right. So how we gonna do it NBA game. These are just guys playing baseline Avaya no deal with an ankle injury. One of you here's a thing though it did you want to talk about LeBron to blame but is this a little solar yet but yet you would have to almost. If Obama integrity exiting the better they and that their best opportunity make the right decision. Okay instead of being note calling a buddy or call a guy knows what he plays on the team you have to give like a doctor's right. It's X ray reports he has. He has a lateral practioner. And blah blah blah but you just can't think lower late injury. So this and figure if you somehow Morse in its you know is adopt it somehow by the and a bout. Can you imagine. What could that that we know you're supposed to it then apple already gone on you know what out. On it unseat him one game week injury report comes out right. So it's a cookie a days leading up to one game. But you know in hockey season's over we found all the injuries the Bruins well documented. Incidents they are Bruins in game six and this is what we've got Kona. You know Bergeron is probable with you know herniated disc and as fast track and written that you know. Charlotte have to give it was able probable he's got dislocated shoulder but he's gonna play. And I just opening it up for people to attack. Into surgery and conditioning way out of the NBA trying to get money from the court situation but if the night where today we because they had they want we want that information then I took going to be true and complete. Accurate you don't know Vegas about it we want real information so it'll stretch don't agree to what OK so it's a great example of how does the NBA do with that this integrity fate if they're saying that they are going to be open and open and frank about all of the injuries. Cleveland Cavaliers LeBron James you don't want your opposition to don't know you just might have broken your aunt by punching a blackboard after game one. Put under these rules aren't you going to have to do. When the league have to do something to tell LeBron James and the cavaliers. You know because they didn't reveal this injury because this messes up your integrity feet. You're willing to take of 1% at your television gonna be it's going to be an open door policy. But if on the cavaliers. And I'm LeBron James grew of the league's commissioner united greatest treasure department I would tell you go ahead he tells owners or owners or by the way. Look at all the money that's gonna come infamous but he when he would say 1% of every president. I think both swallow their pride original art out if you're LeBron you gonna tell whenever you don't have a choice of Roger in the NBA you know you. You you don't have a choice trust me he'll be suspensions and fines you obviously now being betray hurts them the trainers to coaches try to hide it. No more and a block closure from here on now that's that's. That's the problem then what is created the pro football talk guys just you know their talk of naturally there are patrolling the NBA right now just sticking to that would. What did you injury report every night. Based on citizens do and and I don't have like a care Wednesday comes out on Thursday Friday comes and here it is okay. In any all the lead up all the time you want to put those things together when he had a game on Sunday. But a few pushing report that there it's good to hear what the talk old books the most oft injured or he's healthy you know I mean it's futile teams can be done. Now be fascinating to watch implant registry that I think that while. Well you know you gotta go NBA your take defeat if they would of had to do it exposed this. After game one would it be held tight because if you're gambling in your bed and you know we talk about what could go wrong. Which is open public gambling for for team sports that's one thing that off right there are you can't to shake him down it's because you don't the betting parlors are each state in the permission from the NFL. To go ahead and put games on their border into your antenna and others like you're someone who. It goes through the years pass that your injuries are hidden in use hidden in you lose money. Julio complain we have a complaint to. I put to bed in with Lou my body does Hillary Clinton. And and I don't feel like it was it was the jet that and all the injury are it and report and they went on to review but it but it wasn't offered. Yeah I mean now it's an out of bed and casino public that an air on the table there. I would sit there and bitch about the integrity fetus being paid to the NBA from the that the big gambling world so there's an American and 1% they'd like to make. They hit that dietary choices I have geragos a party at. Did you listen to that developmentally. It will be part of who you're betting wins they'll have to banks of 1% or nine Nagin won one of the ten yet know the who wanted to fight or all of the creative math like that don't say still ten on a hundred but now they get one in casino and its Knight taxi. See the bear the bear VO swimming in the pool California stranding now. It is yeah this just seems to lose really gets you to match reiterated at least it's a wonderful man Charles what a wonderful. Laughter no no no particular picture viewer bear rug. We're an update via. They show. And 48 am telling you. Let's stay the youth. When we're back home I just already built thrifts and it's been a black not believe that all three of love come into work every day. Don't call him a gold hole and he couldn't go home please I dug out. Pretty face and bound them you know you. Like he can you go home that could go. Broadly it Roddick you know Iran that I value around them my children who are selling some who's really sick that now and you know got that look back on the fund and what will happen I'm. Some say it's going to be very little about visitors to system shut down over the weekend that you and I are lost in the shuffle there we'll available and we want and one down forever in you know that's that's never going to leave it alone. Compared to Dennis Rodman's probably got bad rep Gil. Point out there with the hot seller right now yeah that is I don't know if you don't mind the pot point eight points and probably just going to purchase. I don't know I don't know I don't get I just want to know or is going to hell isolated hits us they'll so well well well we'll talk about Dennis Rodman how can you not at last night. To notice both sides were kinda keeping them out of the way yeah. They didn't have the claim him in the early days. North Korea would embrace that is shocked shocked he's still alive but I'm trying to I want to I'm shocked analyzing he's got a EU. Fifties here it is pretty amazing if you elect all the shows that he was on he was only Celebrity Rehab like five times who's on the is that really an ideology although if you don't have the reality kept going back at if I don't get it wouldn't let her get your medley shalt not film Jack is that it is that's forty years being on people's pools is now all valid credit yeah I don't forget and against these guys gonna live. For anniversary of doubt Robert crowds comments and in the Mark James is a third man and today I love marching on Australia and Asia that's right a good story there's a love Vivica fox. Jenna Jamison. Madonna come lecture. Hello I'm okay all the good that. The governor elect as londoners. Finally there he was on my top five list of all time and then when they when they got married and her for life. If they don't like this all the woman that the marching stock. And the cardinals own. Yeah yeah all right there on the market he pretty hard to take all the shots you want it at him you're gonna go on what did you. Maybe yeah. Okay and I. Instrument and the more. It. Okay.