OMF - If the Patriots won yesterday, why does it feel like they lost? 10-16-17

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Monday, October 16th

HOUR 1 - Jets week always brings big talking points on the following Monday. This Jets/Pats game may top the list as there is much to sort through. Following the overturned call on Austin Sefarian-Jenkins' TD catch, how can three guys watch the same thing and all see something different?


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Are you ready. Beats Fort Wayne and moaning and forty acres and a drop back look. It's like gave yeah. But yeah. Can result of the review is that kids just lost the with clay and Lou and Christian. Back in Denver seven reference your only source of bill. What about disability obviously very much in the news all over the country and that manner OK so. No she's my apologize and we'll just leave it at that right now on Sports Radio WEEI. They'll apologize and apologize Alpert Alberto reverend. I apologize. Couch fresh voice yesterday. Yes well we thought we did was a good hearing we've we've we've really did it was a good here exporting him to this point before I was thankful calls about this if I had which Charlie was no seriously. He hated to politics now politics at all back. Hello Bruno prompt the politics of football the end of a law that sort of thing some collusion going on those discussions it was about as you can take struggles forty. Act out the it that if they think they on the right track now you're worried Alia yet they had ten days off and that's what she did it. I had to keep reminding myself that they won this game and why am I so pissed off about it. The one in my inquiry they had never been more pissed off after a win. Because the US ten days issue to US I like days you had ten days the practical way and yet I go to the crowd. It's no bullets here's a thing or Brandon Brandon felt first got here appointment broke the plays that he had Georgia legal. Laziness just didn't know what the hell it was doing was like. Running into receivers and in big plays pretty deep because you know to hell it was doing. The twice yesterday but twice. To veteran receivers too many cooks and increased hole. And I'm sitting there look at that and the team that's going on isn't Aristide Abu once he would would would. Hello I'm Leo huddle all the oh crap. Apologize. It is understood now I apologize apologize early. If you've got to zoom it's not bush not easy to we have disagreed out right about that Saturday that memo is ecstatic I didn't go to rehab. You don't it is with the patriots every week it's Groundhog Day. We're seeing the exact same thing you're coming away with w.s barely. Got a game saying this week and when I felt like Janet shoot. So bonds yet just yeah yeah that's the feeling I was a thought. Us at what point accident you to tell me apparently it doesn't matter easily too soft period bush. When you start looking at wondering if this is what that 2009. For the patriots and Belichick won't don't just can't get these guys to figure out at what point do you look at that. Is is this group ever gonna figured out a look at the savings six weeks and it's saving ratio that was what you just said who's good enough but it though. So there's six weeks into it. We all agree that defensively they're not real good I wanna pick on the offense a little bit considerable trouble closing out games with a defense does go up nearly two stops. The offense can't closeout game and it's been a regular feature of this team. So you look around the league. Sixteen what can make correct themselves and get fixed and get to the super. Should all get him because that's why initially it was just this this. So we start the game off on defense defense is out it's OK there's limited let's not act like that that authored anything special. But you allow a scramble play. You allow an unbelievable catch we'll get curly credit for right now it was a huge catch and an ad to run that a play action touchdown to Jenkins. But you also allowed three. Third down completion that they were able to move the ball to keep it changed movie they won the first quarter before the first drop a third down five for the first six worked so with certainty and to promote their issues on their planned defense that often jets team plant was real simple in the beginning there were gonna sit there they're and they're gonna slow down as much as possible there was no. They were there no reason to hurry up you see that that play clock hit 56 of them being the red box or shall on the screen. And then they would snap the ball they take their time they're gonna bleed the clock they're gonna try to do their best to limit the possessions at the patriots had to slow them down an electable asked. But it worked form and then they get a turnover and get more appointment and that was hit so we really look at it from 101000 feet. What do they really do so he gave up a few local. They of the goals against and they got some help which has been mooted in the store for them they always get some sort of help in these games. Got help from Tampa because it was kickers. They got help yesterday with all the rest but really tickets religious. If it was really perfect timing situation. Any other time not I'm Obama and it never happened they got they got lucky in Pittsburgh got lucky yet so that's the theme block it back to do you think good. It's so far. That's what if it usually usually locked in it you can look at it will. They deserve some of that look at that do the right things yes it play the game the right way and eventually he do that of the team to mess up now that you say that well there's the the the do the things the right way you watch a team that is still make mistakes. You still look at them as the guys all over the field in a wide open is still questionable calls with rose the only. This team right now and yesterday on what the numbers were antsy about can break it down and but if you are likely to stick turned into. And not the entire game but hey let's just throw a 2.5 thirty yards downfield for PI great catcher or I don't know something anything I had all night to grab the ball right to bring jewels back into the picture but. I think that's changed it without for six weeks Glenn aren't they haven't fixed well that's of saint say this is what it is what is that threaten they have the a skill set. From one of these receivers to be able to do we know Cox is not that guy he's a vertical god and the Dole's to want a little bit of that opens a little bit of but neither one of them ethnic cutting ability this isn't even attempted frost and is probably the best thing you have when you before you're afraid is not throwing the ball deep because it is third law. He's dropping back and that's that seems to be his first look at oil and that's the first option on a certain plays that throw the ball to point 530 yards outfield physical keys look at that a flat he kicked it open. Across the middle grant that opening he's not open up yup Chucky T. You know two to coax or endorse edit whoever hole and now it looks like that's the first look is that the play is to throw it deep because the offense does not resemble. The office she saw with Julian that'll. He was totally different he's making all the underneath stuff and then what you eventually do is you open up the vertical stuff because of what you're doing entity. Don't have that. Will you tell that they. Looking back at those deep grows again they weren't open that he invited unit to rookie safety measures to your so look here we're gonna run the football we're gonna get them to suck up like it was because they don't they don't they can't control themselves are gonna have to cut and they run the ball pretty well. And their take their shots over the top. It didn't work the one deep ball they had was to coax it was on beautiful throw beautiful cats and get a point out of it from ground. And that's been missed the first from the Crockett wrote in the end zone. Lights to meet those plays. It's like you're just throw it are they at me they're low percentage plays but they should also be low percentage. Interception opportunities because it's either the receiver because they're gone tellem. If you don't catch it then nobody catches it. You know I mean it's. Not that none of them. It's only that wide open now they're just not taking shots he's nominated wide open obviously into action otter. But all what role on the role when he was wide open I mean when the ball goes up you know you're watching on TV and you expect to see somebody thickest effort to it that it's a jump all. And they're just it they're jump balls most of the time. Yeah it hit it ten days to work on this game plan that is pretty good days to solve the problems that they had in the last game against Tampa Bay right. NN. On top of that. To fall behind four isn't enough. This jet ski short. Give couples all the critical world. These guys guys playing hard they played what they're not giving up even though Patriots defense made some stops what happens fourth quarter Sutley. They're not given up panicking a bit more critical world. I'll walk out there he'll net. That's why there's a couple of product elephant yeah fourteen I wasn't worried I wasn't doesn't worry I knew how to. I don't know but here's what happened I was surprised at this is what I come it'll have a death blow but can you talk about finished close it'll have a death blogs are right. Because my thing was like it'll be really fun to watch this team what the patriots go out. And they want the jets completely implode because of how with and he's gonna act dropped the ball down the field. It would have the luxury of a running game because you have the times who's gonna have to throw he was gonna have to win it. And they were in that position they're getting ready to do that but he couldn't just pull away they just allowed it gets to hang around and hang around and hanging around. And until they believe they can win so humble little place by Malcolm something called a lot Lou to your point. Heads up like he was the touchdown was going to be there at his last resort was trying to knock the ball out. He knew he did he ran the sideline he told bill so we've pretty confident that that was going to be. All the rest. It's all over the ref from Brady now all over the refereed I don't know he couldn't he couldn't tell you right now because that was that was obvious. Is that what the right call easily the rule I hit I think I I think it is terrible idea and I'll I'll I'll say this though the reason call was overturned. Was because of the change in the officiating this year and replant. If you did not go back to Alberto rip rock he's got political L were don't reform. Is the guy that made the call. Atomic Ricky would not have overturned the fuel looking in the in the what I do not believe he would vote turn. Because they have far more tools at their hand in New York right now so it's cooked for him to looking at all the stuff. It's frame unfortunately. Is. Out real time I don't know that it though. The Connecticut you don't I don't Toronto or New York on I don't know but I think they have more if the I have more Ernie Adams. We have more guys who were wars the clues to the rule can identify right away a breakdown because they see the same footage. That the fancy that he can't there's a secret footage is now the they have control of within the control of it they have control of and also bit the play and ushered at the scene on the hood. They still had the same ability to see exactly based on New York's the caprice Freeman. They're looking at thing to the TV so what but you to add to your point. Bet that that rats that are in their victims of the guys are right the rule book TG identifying it in Italy the back of their handsets. When they saw when they saw the right view they're like oh this is pretty easy now does that possession that cross. Yet as I bullet that's those bad call the mean I'd just because yes the ball came loose. But I. Honestly I thought he had possession of the front of the line I thought you all of the ball came loose and had a thought he grabbed it again. As news that the pylon count the have a lost position after the ball came loose you know I grabbed it again I'd I. On my short differently and I think a lot of people seeing it differently I didn't I think he lost possession when you look at the the specific rule the way they described it. It is very similar to the ball going out of bounds fumbling going out of the and so it should not. It's different it's a different rule because now guys are doing is everybody strap across the I want. Or kicking the football with one hand trying to cross would get to the white line that's what everybody's doing. That is possession. He did not have possession I don't believe. We know the Bible that I was not initially initially you sit there you hear about that don't are all in another role he didn't know he did I added I don't know yeah it's it's not the past before that was an additional ground her right. Everything that's it I put the wraps. Did you have a clue it's like not a moment. Had the courage of their conviction that not a bomb could make that call. And just live with it like every time they may there's a pass and affairs and face whatever it was pilots a lot. I came to hand her the whole commercial whatever that people commercial what it's like eight. The day it hits the face the defense pass interference all of them. It was a win with a ought crew. There's rights and dumbest rule is if if Jenkins had done this if he had lost control the ball and he came down before he hit the white line. It would be third and goal there inches away can't as opposed to him doing what every player does now. Do you have to watch when you're crossing now my arm what you're trying to reach the ball over a picture you have possession. Because once you do that an attempt to do that the rule changes and if you don't have possession. And it goes out of the end zone you turn the ball over indicative of the 20 o'clock and I guess like you so I don't have that didn't get a right. They got it right based on the other letter after letter the letter of the law they got it right got to write off that it. Additional pick it was conclusive enough amid the ball and got loose you can see adjusting you can see the ball come quote come loose is no question. But I even watched a replay over over it I just felt like he could have a buddy get possession. When he hit the pilot walking in those and he grabbed it that we rolled on the ground he still had music see that's see that's the that's Calvin you on how rule that you can't whereas the shot Wallace shows me that's what it did have control what he did yes I love finishing the play at a high art overturn it. Oh gosh I don't think it is all about possession you get that position before so if he he didn't even he lost he lost control for reflected. Before he crossed the core yes no he had clearly don't and that's it so it is it's shown me that he had possession. As he hit the pilot so it would not ever though as I'm grabbing it but the key is here's the important part the Jane he has to finish the late. So finishing the play is. Fallen to the crown not fumbling so he felt radical and he no he lost to say that with a percentage just wants inhibitors and run and get at a loss to deploy it. But it as he hit it very regain control 'cause if you look at out of luck if you look at who has already out of it finishes he's. Like if you go back and how many years ago was when in doubt but they've really had to identify exactly how the rule was dated. Both feet on the ground could become a runner up finish to play to want to finish that you can't just exit. All the ground they lose it you have to control it. All the way to the and that's what we see them slow to slow motion. They checked it make sure okay your card Cilic yet to move around but it obviously you control it's not any ground because the ball and hit the ground. The ball can be touching the ground as long as you have all hands on it and it's not like moving around like you're controlling the football you're bringing it with. Tony currently and his crew made the call like it that the system we had a year ago I do not leave he would have hoped for and I still that they would maybe you don't I don't. Well I don't just it was a bit I don't view I would like it's what I saw it differently designing once they get to New York. They have his Christian says they have guys who were stick with the idea is to get it right that's what zone of the at a follow what's Jane we have to get it right. Because they're looking at frame by frame and there are so they're saying well eat eat eat it doesn't have to be conclusive to them. It all that's the show is there was no possession. And they believe there was no possession but it also matters. The other blogs is that it's. If the if you go back to. The silent do you like the way it was last year. So when he when you read the pool reporting it mentions that they had a couple of different views at the same view as everybody else that another view him. 'cause the ref who called it a touchdown called that because. Yet as he he was he only saw the back of of tickets he didn't he was right heat's all you silent didn't see the ball fumble around so he actually called that sent. So what's so it's got to be clear and concise OK were you all for birdie. So look for them to overturn it. Exhibit less I like if my question to be clear concise overturn. So they clearly. See that he lost the football everybody concedes it lost the football but I don't think it was clears when he regained control the football I don't. But I know he's in their lying on the ground with the Baltic seas are get a bounce. But I think the ball popped up that he got it right away and it's easier to do a hot so like you overturning that touchdown or recent Simeone evidence that we can see in this replay. Is that he lost the ball. Overture that you gotta have some evidence you have if it wasn't a touchdown it was never a touchdown in the first place because it doesn't out of that never had control. And the he hits so we. So that's that's a fumble that. Those never should never be called so walk us mostly at the start with that and I are all debating it wasn't even attached to be tickled. That's. More idealistic thinking but because he because he never crossed that I think the way I'm. Beatable I think you do all this particular seat. Went on to say he lost the ball low and a half yard line and then there's you falling in a byline the gate is jointly lead that we can solve all of this. If the cheap bastards in the NFL with the Bill Belichick and put those cameras on the army of a doubt been held out of the sideline but if I was on the pile on the camera. It's such a close that unit and you see anything about it what did you think when the other taught. Toronto capital and loans and around I think also Droughns there's a hover around Roosevelt you know. I currently have guys you know let all of my bad at the book that never seen already how. Cornerback are guys who felt but the thing about it I think it never should have got to that it is and get the ball back in the you know it's three and out to three and outs this and that they had just silver stepped over the just kind of feel you thought right then and there. Pitcher in the patriot team that we've seen over the years in this room. They and they get a rate like game over stimulated a good night's Dario yeah you know Nancy you and your room and you never see them all again. It is okay it's that you hit the ball. Three out you get the ball back to them in the into the all want. That's the disappointing part but here's the thing. So you keep bringing out settlement and I think it's OK first the ball. These that we need to stop talking about trying to replete at him because he's obviously special and notables guys to do he does so. It's not gonna look like a moment. It's gonna have to look like something else I don't know maybe it's a different philosophy how big guys open persons on third down I don't know. But it is adequate return route this route the option route that that all he did. Well it and that's on the floor option route ligament actually changed so it took about three and outs right now. The reason you're going three and out is there's three what's difficult patch placed that what you were dealing with a year ago when you actually yeah and he was released code that X. If any at a great war. With Brady right that's the and that's that bet that that's what it's over the already return route. Optional it's really easy guys it's not that you go outside guys outside go inside there's a void that you just turn around very very simply got three options com. There's a connection between those two and I'm not surprised that. Image dole isn't doing more those routes like this it rumbles routes. Orszag should be running those rough but they're older. The hopes. He doesn't have short area quickness lateral movement but you sleeping beauty tip because that O. Point L with six. Games he's done. I'm dimes has done I'm done I am a grisly dog died I you know what they'd probably change that even if it's really clubs Hogan Mickey adjustment quick little five yard outs in whatever it might be just get the ball quick none of the hall and two ladies cooks is incidental law I think that was such a bread and butter go to play for them when in doubt. And it's just you know what I'm gonna I'm going to focus on element I'm just gonna let him it'll probably pretty open. Think they would Troy Brown hit the same kind of it's they can optionally use free differently OK I don't have focused on asylum why did out you have all the space so you're just it'll you don't think that's a huge difference. I do but it's fun you know steel players of all on you know it's not like it or you lost one guy that's the only guy that's on any team I know he's valuable. Police you still have crop he still adamant still that Coast Guard dorsett. They got tons of options they got tons of guys you tell me. That's the whole reason why could animals out there I think I want I don't accept that. I think that's the only thing that is a factor I also think it's factor why Brady. It's been beaten up by the way to get really beat up yesterday you don't want to jets don't have much of the interest at all and I've got a couple times he was pitching violent past and when call I don't know. Illegally got us into global coupled with chevys they on the ground and additional announcements he's pointed refereed in colleague at this ought to tell it I was stuck with a one. You Lee yeah hold them accountable that was really got a lot of upshot TPC. He hit some of any holes of from the back of his Jersey and flings them back at the last second and it pretty daunting and it submitted should call Davis. Tell. Are slightly out there yourself for runners and other. Vicious emotional game. I'm I don't know what it was today I think it's just frustration from the way things were going our execution and so forth and just flows over the bit of frustration and at least get ready for the ski. Well that's the frustration is ten days to look better won't end we won the game that's all we can release it from you that at that and support that's most important thing. But it wasn't like what you thought you gonna see with this team at ten days to correct some of the issues that we had and it's useless when you can look at the Tampa games lately so we IH. Whatever his words in the days to get ready. I 617777. Edit threesome that's our phone number though about will fall we'll talk about the controversial play yesterday and pluck a patriot. It's went okay but that but he really getting excited yet 6177797. 37 to the phone next. Act ON math fun WEEI 140 characters of new England sports know how every day keep up with the show on Twitter at oh man. I missed. Back to more of Fort Wayne where ammonium forty game right now. What Sports Radio WEEI. You know Malcolm came off the field first thing he told me it was a balls out docile they were. Reviewing whether it cross the goal and an opera you know Malcolm. Considered a good look at it in house we'll sure results first at first I told him let's. There's been a good day that's the ref called. With the rest says inmates can make calls and I'm gonna have been of Austria got her music may try to make the necessary corrections that doesn't happen again. I got to give Boston security. Freaked out about when it was over he says something I gotta get stupid jobs. With ball security do we really believe that that Malcolm what were understood. The rule that at the time is around Harmon said he had no clue but beyond what he knew he knocked it out yet. Because he doesn't he does that all the time he knew knocked it out but I don't know if you understood. Do enough. Of you know miss understanding that something needs done and an end at the review every two or someplace viewers in and I think Butler. Willing of the rule at night I'm just it was a fumble yeah you know it's of these rainfall is loosen you know are we sure that. He regained possession that we just look at that a lot of street. What I saw from one of the angles was that the ball popped loose but then I felt like he grabbed it with both hands as he crossed that he hit the pilot. The question is when he rolls over to the fall kind of is it hit the ground or whatever it is. I don't know early so you may get an edit a practical thing that we are we are now. You know you need evidence to say no it was not a sold a record. We just looked at that play at least ten times during the break and obviously he loses it. And the question I had was okay does he control we does he control going to the ground. And it looks like he does in one view that looks like I'm loses but what you really breakdowns like you shifts pains like if he's roll so he's trying to you know not heard so. They asked the rest about it. And their question was if necessary tickets as a runner touched the pylon first it would be a tough it would be a touchdown he says no there's addresses this note. You've got to keep in mind he doesn't have possession of the football again. What he'd lost the ball sure the goal line when he lost the ball he regained control but that doesn't mean he possesses the bought his department the sticky point. He doesn't possess the ball until he's completed going to the ground. Now and we controlling the ball which he did not survive the ground which is why it wasn't a touchdown so they're saying. Lost control. Had an opportunity to save the day but when he hit the ground. Because you wreaked we gather. While he was still the process of crossing the point to one he's in that little in the in the in the air he re controls it but when he hits the ground get. The patrol. That is the sticking point that it's almost a receiver in general yes I used to it but Johnson rules like it looks like Calvin Johnson Broadway ticket sideline. It was Saturday at a running back on the Golan an acute ball pops up and lose control. And that he gains and a half yard line goes in that's good that I didn't know that he loses the ball as he hits the ground you're saying it's not a cult what you want your property state. You know no this is assistance from them this is from the port four cents a but because he lost the ball and now he has to reestablish control of the ball. That was the period of time so he never reestablished it always good to have enough time to reestablish it. Because he loses it. He kind of goes his momentum and taken through the goal line now we've got to grab it again and now he's losing time and now it's the ground it loses. Again so you can call possession when it's going from the left him to the right it might be a year in his chest area but we're told from the left to the right. That's practice so that so bad and that's the point so the letter of the law. OK they're correct they yeah. Right all I ask instant replays in using some crappy ones you know baseball pop out slide to eight. But I always look at is that that the the football world they call that touchdown with everybody erupted. He was that you got to beat me obviously fumbled in regain possession but I mean that's the use of instant replay to me is just. Sometimes you look at it I just if if they exit touchdown. Would we've all been it is more angle to this replacing you've got to be cute and it will. Fumbles the ball that he doesn't always area whether it be different role to tell his workout in history yeah we're. This is what would happen but the football world what does that visit whatever you can change at all. If they call that he touched down. Most people which at their table looks like that's like the tuck rule that a lot of people say well look like you know it was a fumble. Did you go back that you read the rule that's what people would have been to one's one it would be going to rule it. Won't call and that's why I think New York plate negatives I think if the officials were calling it on the field. They sort they would go back and look at the replay it still month concrete evidence to be able overturn it. And maybe if they called the other way they would have done that either the fact that it went to new York and people with rule books that equipment this that role this is. You have to know that you when you listen to the rest talk about it they were pretty it doesn't and in this Obama after the track. After the photos of those. It was a bit of the collapsing zone that was curriculum is obvious yet. It's obvious what was of course as a political touch with autism but that's it all comes down to not surviving the recovery and it survived and grown and during the recovery as it was happening so that it. Well you know that's no good for the for the majors there's a little bit of fortune locked it inevitable it's and I want. Hopefully they did it do it is about time they got him as an interview like this and can't get reelected to get right to ever interview hundreds if you're in any other city in the monarchies that they're looking at the game yesterday. Yet the patriots get a quick. A pitiful calls. We go to nick Nixon now Lehman's first up on OMF today what's out there. Hey Glenn and do it I guess we'll. Let's talk about this briefly SE it's of follow up overnight. But it hit like I did my homework we'll let him follow that thought it. And it goes against this article yet. Again what I educate me if you look at most of replays harmony is clearly behind. Chicken and egg. But what shot they're not showing yet. The shot directly from the sidelines he would show you whether it he had any static controlled the ball as he goes over the plate issue got shot outside. The CBS it Shalit. Because he had a valued target about it. Is yet I believe about this Google says Shelby got shot and make that I might myself number so. Christie was saying. It is about the Bible says what is the ground cause a fumble. And we. You already finally article too lenient next week rules are really hard and I doesn't play ability yardage fumbled the ball was all right I it's. About fumble it's about possession. But the session a political party but you received on the global. Right so how are shut from the sideline to show you whether or not he had possession. Going. Going over the plane results and guess. What in what it is almost every NFL player when it went again with any action of the of the pylon. They switched the ball to the body and the one of those that are based on what you had to act and what. You gotta ask yourself with they obvious book. That they are obviously there are obviously China's fifty objects middle it was pretty obvious it's called lucky and an edit the the patriots even though natural national guests. It's all about control. Really let's face it because they cheated and they should have gotten eighteen suspension gallery out and commissioner played with them behind closed doors and helpful. Back channel and it's pretty obvious. Here's to emanate I Tim. I terminate terminate. I was going out votes today. And so. I think every player reps make the right call I don't think it would protect them offered try to read it so when you go to the football. She's in the year there's no. Part of it ought to be of the play so now when he I think he doesn't regain control or off. What you have to reestablish himself in the field but why kind of like Ebert or not be doing all. Negate speed and balance or going out of bounds so what what the law sponsored the goal line or not immediately relevant because he had that we established itself. In the field of play and when you land you land out of bounds in the end zone which. By rule is that a part backed away. Partly by crushing the goal line is important use you must have possession when you cross the Golan. Now the play ends right at that point what you touch that white line that's what players reach over with just a football just to get that white. But they are already in possession of the ball when it's open it's all about the session. A month then and it he within the air and lobbed the ball is now not track the. You're turning into a receiver. He took the inbounds. And that's what we call it pound it appeared fumbled the ball up in the air and it defender jumping up. We get all of the sudden. What it was I date you get a apparently felt like this enough evidence the total football that's the only other thing that I this will I felt like DC need. Conclusive evidence. Right to overturn a touchdown. So within the replay but hey they saw a clear fumble. And he felt that there wasn't conclusive evidence that he regained control. Sonic and how that works and you look at a conclusive inconclusive for conclusive evidence to see if this was a touchdown or not. During the replay they definitely see him fumble but they couldn't really determine whether he regained control now maybe they say they have. So it's just it's almost like. I don't know the whole thing it needs is inconclusive mean I don't know how that ended that way this yellow we definitely know we lost control after an when he regained control when he did regain control absolutely no matter. That's why I think New York came into this I think New Yorkers looking at the reason they put it back into New York's hands is because they want to go by the letter of the law they wanna get this right. I don't think the officials on the field even looking at the reply. Could say that it's conclusive. To overturn a touchdown. In New York to go to duke has been looking at the rule book they got it right in front of a and the citadel this is the crap will take when the game is over if we don't. Formal letter or an emancipated that there they'd be you. The the the rule book for the NFL is like an old school telephone book all the different rules and regulations in just even the state. Then having to establish. What the rule is for a catch. Burst through catch both feet on the face on the ground you have to you know become a runner you have it just it's. It's like step by step by step by step and I did it because. We'll sit there in the home until they can overdo it over and analyze anything. Sit there and Eastern Europe it'll explode all the data about your game. But based on the letter of the law based on the rule they got the rule right to the chase the rule the Nazis he initially I thought the other changes rule. You know look at the competition committees can get together and I don't know if anyone from the jet is on the competition to me it's usually if that's the case that something like that happens you you've changed the rule runaway general. Well you know your deputies overall touchback rule. And what you got to do because it's a fumble and touchback so overlooked aspect sorry it is what it is but you have. Beyoncé I don't know how the changes you've got to try after Alec how would they because it its habitat that you're running. And your habit you're you're at your you're the only person your tailback edit the tobacco Biden he knocks the ball on your hands it goes out the back bullets. You'd probably have a solid and you lose the ball in a Christian the other team the opposing team did not get control of the football so goes out of bounds. And he was the most want to test of exactly that was somewhat while watching the pitcher and why should they suddenly turned overnight in addition to whether. It's now I'm back on the one yard out like OK maybe even penalized him for losing the ball up. Like ten yard penalty exactly does that but back to the the originals the spot to go tell it which it would have been flown. You can look all I. If you file millions of pages jump on it great you get the ball beat you out at the ball right it's just goes out of bounds. And middle class consciousness that's a lot of may be an expert at it if they feel like you you know potentially that the ball out or that might be different acts that this is our situation was at Seattle today yes. We have a game that was the icons of her battle with the of replacement unit the last when their possessions like this happens again touchback OK but at what used to be the ball. It makes no sense to me that you'd you'd declared. An eternal for the session to the other team than a turnover. On an awful fumble. A turnover means that the other team gained possession of the football that's when you but I get the touch back rule obviously because you're. Because of the bully you about your decision to hit it out about an update now that you're judging I got that now you're judging intent. So urgent it don't you what you gonna judge intent. It's a restricted purposely so what's the difference some guy running like doesn't wanna lose so you change that rule and I and I I you all of you forced to public. Chemical crap OK he's gonna get out and kick it out of bounds. Okay what my act like milk a goat out and kick with Mike but well you know. You'd just might add a key data around with the the this month this relate to business this rule makes no sense at all and I think it is different is it this but is it. It's a fumble and touchback it's so it's no different than a normal part of it is no different than a bill back. Running in the open field and and Malcolm Butler knocked the ball out before he crosses the plain the ball going out the back in don't. It's the same thing it's that fumble and much activity witness to acknowledge it or even if you even if you were fighting for and that you felt. The thing is that you fumble the ball. Before across the play announced two guys it's like describe both guys are going after. You hit a person with the original ball carrier that you end up getting and you ball out of bounds and that you control it's still a. Akron to promise Christian it is interpreted the same way is if you fumbled the football and lost it at the end zone. That's the problem with this huge effort that are constantly going to apply law. And we don't have. Were arguing and debating whether it position when he went out about you know why because we don't have concrete evidence that we haven't line with the belief that they should be additional middle East Asia means we need it that a man yet you really enforce the forcefully and he gave us the whole ordeal. It's the act and the check and we class act. Yeah but you're more so we can split advertising we can its allies if you can't agree that blade runner all over and can't do world want to. You can't force a turnover and get the ball over the other so far they aren't really helping you know. I don't I don't really know we've helped the NFL we're looking. Or drones you want the ball and don't enforced such that you should read gained absolutely. Absolutely you should be the last one that's the workers out. I six point 777 night seven. 937. Right that the vocal. Lou is rocking Twitter before during and after they show at Bloomberg Loney flew back to more of or waiver ammonium 48. Right now our Sports Radio. And every. Strategy is talk about ball security. It's the play that Malcolm bother me just won the hospital that's right after the race to have the wherewithal to and I had the wherewithal to its roots the ball search. And we you do those things when you're taught those things with Malcolm Butler does play in and play out. This is the place de change the game and so when Malcolm Butler makes that play Malcolm Butler. Does it give book that's New England Patriots played that's why they win football games in which you did you see you don't have ball security. That's why you isn't. It. Do you think all surgery did all sorts. Ample ball search. I think the decision once and it was a joke about fast. To me you can actually loved her name and your whole sort of forward to eye opener ever a lot of good things. Jimmy is in them that would next up you know enough. Give it. They hide things slowed him and I guess you can patriot knocked the guy out of bounds on thirteen you started off this segment by saying he never had induction. Well yeah dignity pride that the four yard line for blind vote to compatriots. But all I'm sorry but correct me from rock of them all happy hit the ground to be a fumble. They're picking never got the ball never hit the ground. You keeping an Calvin Johnson and I'm glad that you do not Christian because according to protect Calvin Johnson rule. That would have been a completion because he he made a football bowl. And came in had the ball maintaining concussion to keep up with the ball the ball we know you're you're you're you're I'm Mary. Budgeted bunch of different scenarios OK yes okay so you just pummel the meeting in the yes but hey which I appreciate it produced one effort that is an orderly way. Normally I read this and I'll admit yeah it gives well aware we could eat that's that's a nice you would I went right there was no evidence return not. And are you talking about his that there is seven it's a little night of lost its little perilously excitement rectangular no evidence or ambulance insanity that. That's not bad volatile time. I agree wouldn't the no evidence now let disputed or yes it is and ever I hit it I don't wanna win now when did I don't wanna blow stuff. Do all you do all they don't. And are looking. They got one of the things he's good. Rob I I. I don't think there's a lot. Public majors. Those bad call. All want to win now witnessing assists that's that's the way to beat the jets it's an equity Michelle Wie and whatnot that golly that's likely it is that they are winning with. But let's but now you've heard the honors overrated but now that you've heard the ruling Buford the explanation the NFL's best. If you look at it you can I can understand how we roll that way that I know this agreement is a bad rule you know I just disagree doesn't have edited tape you'll never be wrong. I'll never be wrong I still disagree netbooks and so what does. Does that say though what does that say that were all looking at the same video footage and we're coming up with different that says inconclusive that. I can't argue that that's what it says here. And it looks like it looks like the one you. If the biggest issue was whether or not he reestablish control and finish the process like the finished the process of to catch. Then the only view that I see him. That you can use to you know make it true is that the back view of when he crosses the plain can't seem pummeling. But he ball and any current and you can see the ball go from what should be left to his right as he's turning over it looks like. He's losing the ball he gets it without his agent. Right but. It doesn't give me the laser wall Leo yeah well I don't know what it was all he'll want to go off half. And and we know conclusively. How would I went out and now with a ended that you don't hit it that's that's what it's gonna look like. The big picture is at this this is even as a discussion in the patriots jets game. That jet team they're really talking about that was this close over a sex it was actually a controversial play in the jets patriots game that. That should not have been a game in which ushered in a controversial play that game should have been won by point. They should have digital effects they should have won by 28 going into the fourth quarter and its impact because that's the meat that was you you OK you had taken the initial hate. You came out slow you couldn't get off the field on the first series of fumbled the football he gave him a fourteen point lead. Fine that's done acted now to give it was attacked all the given was a field goal. So you're thinking OK they come out second half they get points going into going into halftime what we love when they do that and get what's coming out. Like I all's right the world used to because they tied it. But I have a big problem with us. This is a weekly adventures they're keeping up 300. Charles. Plus yards. In the year every single with 354 this week Josh. Pound guys yeah Josh Mike now 38 year old back up lifetime back up quarterback. And you look at the receiver corps we left at this point you got Rocky Anderson Jermaine curse Jeremy curly always seems to come up big plays against the the patriots. And Austin's a variant jacket. Was any it was not like they. Their life you want and whenever you get a bunch of fuel get submissions good player that if they just couldn't get out. The only way we talked about. I honestly until they show it again I don't expect in the dominate anyone know it would make it fun of that personally told you. That these guys curses of Mary Jenkins the real rate. I was talking about the Prophet Elijah Mohammed it is now edit before it was gonna play in this game in receiving the ball straight 83 teams don't put Powell Powell's their biggest weapon I know it came to death. Yes affairs that we saw here in the dock and it just it that's these no name guys are getting wide open. That is huge. If it's me that if I you might not know what to do so what is it so what is it so is it is at Butler just playing like crap. Not listen they are they because there's a walls Italian. Whenever bill you'll that he felt like there was a real issue. With an offensive coordinator. Or even a defense cornea or a specific player. He would he's open and he's taking over. It's a player that he doesn't feel like it's getting the right coaching or not listening. He'll sit there and you'll coat that person on his own he'll force they've got to come early on Saturday that cool place I've seen happen is all the time. So the people when you don't think more bills. Energy is being. You know focus on the defense side of the football you know things happen more conversation with Matt Rodgers that he is Josh we know is that you know what it's a simple thing so I'm not ones that don't tell me to ski don't tell me to go to. You don't let him he's would have liked it here's what it likely because I agree you look at the risen many of these guys certainly Bellic Jack. Suddenly became don't this year it's Smart for the last 1617 years he suddenly became all the laws that whatever. Here's where you do look at coaching staff Iran obviously not getting through dealers. And you brought up old nine earlier what what did Belichick sent it to radio on the sidelines there you know. Yeah he's not get through these these the same mistakes. You're Peters that's what the likes to call he's got very little alleged a lot of sees room so he's not considered a recording. What's it mean with at least an Iran armed Gilmore is off the field are content to play and let go for the swearing RI if you don't. That's at the front you can't blame injuries in the case that it's illegal immortal row because we've seen it with them. Generally if that's and we have to say that we've seen it with those guys and it's still not right with you more tuchman he's the one guy. That is no communication whatsoever we try to pin it all on him it seemed like for a couple weeks of he's out of his game. So now this is because of all because you'll what was the nets won this for the guy the talking about been an issue. For the first five weeks and at this game against the jets was because Gilmore because of injuries now. I'll stop at all so this allows one of the easiest offenses did go up against because they weren't they were picking up the pace. They won't or what was there was a lot of crazy emotions. So you could easily set your defense and have a good time to check in something if they did do something crazy it was pretty but now. They did it to stress you out. They were all put on basic routes the one there was nothing exotic about that offense whatsoever no wildcat. No no Griese did double roles no crazy route progression is nothing they got open on basic but now let's stop. What they thought they had cleaned up from a week ago. Was thinking get penalized in the it'll leave for Stephanie for the team in the third quarter that was too many men on the witches grace. Telecheck and all rent or don't check it called timeout right and and been able to beat. Two plays later they were having the same problem Belichick was screaming because guys couldn't get off the field. This stuff Christians we don't normally do and how will throw in this is this as this that some crawl and that's enough to please. The legal rights movement. You went out is all I cannot play any cooks. He's the worst actor in the history of acting worsen well as the Feller and he alone attitude about it Democrats are not necessarily Tokyo. Just don't bother. Me wheels student body attack dubbed the Monica that we asked that during the break. Winners Malcolm X went in combat. I he's on he's on arms right so weeks are usually short always on it doesn't need to return Russia's ability activated C six weeks that he has to be activated by week game. Mean does that help. He's got the Brady was pretty confident. A company in which it's you know when he was playing last year and it can't hurt the Catholic yet are good guys getting another version yeah. It hurt him and the receivers all of our. Patents and they have and then and he talked about not getting through. Knocking through any coats he's he's he's almost there. Yet another 45 weeks it's going to be cold no level brand in a video of the Brady Bunch orchestra. I don't know if it was the the shoulder or what the issue was he was not. And the road dorsett deeds that you had him he would come back to a but your arguments are you much you love. Like the end that if and to have scoring you know I still look at that one dragged before 125 to go to California it was deep it completely pulled in yuppie complete to Brock in this book is just you missed the field goal. Leaving messed up even the have to look at it. All that looks like a break week a victory fly out of Switzerland pointless to even get patriot skiers kettle orcas are all went Arkansas into markets are good announces she's. Leaders. Are Alice most notably weaker so I had a positive and I don't hapless Mets right here and all that.