OMF - Is there a double standard with Pats and Sox fans? Glenn believes Rob Manfred overreacted with Astros suspensions 1-14-20

Ordway, Merloni and Fauria
Tuesday, January 14th
HOUR 4: Alex Cora and the Red Sox cheating continues to be the talk of the town. Why should the Red Sox fire Alex Cora before the MLB decision comes down on his punishment? Is there a double standard with Pats and Red Sox fans in how they are responding to their teams' cheating? We take your calls on what the Sox should do and the double standard with Boston fans. "Last Call": Ed Orgeron says he will celebrate the CFB National Championship with a Ham sandwich and some Boudin + a caller destroys Greg Bedard for throwing out that he's heard from two sources that Belichick was "in play" during this offseason's coaching carousel. 1-14-20