OMF - Isaiah is being a baby 1-3-18

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Wednesday, January 3rd

HOUR 3 - Who would have thought that we'd have more to talk about with Isaiah not playing than playing? This video tribute thing has reached ridiculous status.


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Yeah. These forward Wayne and moaning and 48 this was not in negotiations. I think dead. They woke up that morning and made that decision however they did it. They're gonna trade Jimmie you're up a lot and I believe we as civilization hopeful called the Bay Area larger drop below. Yeah okay to kill okay. I turned over complicated with Glenn booing Christina told Tom Brady's gonna fall off Clinton now what you're falling from the heights Tom Brady is you passed the rule ordinary units before you hit bottom did not applauding yet it's one of the ordinary and this isn't just your average January snowstorm experts are using terms like Bob bode Janice likes to stay home so we can even add up with thunder snow. A and he and make the utility and basically it means this is a monster storm don't make and that's been pretty handy right now on Sports Radio WEEI. I don't Sam Ali here and a whole mess that we set done and we watched Isiah Thomas played his first game of the season last night at home in Cleveland. Against the Portland TrailBlazer. It looked good yeah do and America still get to the basket got to shoot those threes sold falling into the ground seeming to get up so the hills I'm going to hold us. Still the team doesn't play well he's part of it is definitely expectant look bad. I expected him to look rust years than that that was pretty productive seventeen points nineteen minutes and I will say this slow. It was a nip and tuck came in effect they trail for a good portion of that game. He was part of the run there that they made in that third quarter but he's assumes that these these guys they are last year I mean that teens. If these agencies just single handedly he can he can take over games. I just think that yeah I think he's he's if he's good player. I think he's been rehabbing I don't think he comes back until he's healthy so he's healthy as it is hobbled around the court so you wait you react when you're out he returned and you look like the same player. It'll rusting you think maybe but he shot the ball. So he's he's he's he makes them the favorite to win in the east I agree any just spaces everything out now. Face it defensively I don't know if it's it's a tidy Tyrone lose coaching there it celebrants coaching. At times they'd literally played no defense they don't offend anybody on the floor and he just sit there and say oh okay which is gonna worry about the other. And they're pushing the ball to playing a lot faster this year I think distilled or are there for their murder profit at what went like what or get them. How would you basket his space pitches it's amazing the cutting ability that he has and think about it the cutting ability if they commit. On you. With two guys the other guy coming off the wing is LeBron. It just opens up so much stuff let's get to the liberal via the whole idea of Isiah Thomas coming here. And I understand him not playing this game will get to that second to Stephen A apparently was a little bombastic about that I have no problem with him not. He's coming back from an injury he got ninety minutes last night he was playing at home they're now on a road trip. You you wanna be careful when you bring these guys back did you don't wanna rush you wanna make sure that the hip reacts well the next day and that may be the day after that. I don't have a problem that you've seen it all year long with. Was Marcus Morris here there's certain days you complain they you don't play. A have a problem that. The whole idea that I think I'd like using an awful lot I love my side of his ha I'd love. But I will say this about Isiah he's acting like she's jaw he's like a child. When it comes to this video trivia first of all he used the excuse that he wanted to be able to duel when his family is there it's not works particularly. Exactly. We don't right. This is not this is not in play and why they're putting you up on the ring of honor that they can you hall of Famer they're not giving you an award what you're doing used. They are putting a video up to report. With that it's to show some sentimentality. Of what you brought to the organization over the last couple seasons it's a simple video during a timeout. A big regular season game and by the way they will give you copy of it whatever means you want so that you can take it all and play it for your entire family. It's just don't recognize begun. And the fact of the Celtics went along with. Even to. Yeah I think he's he's being a dramatic about this and he's trying to create this like perfect night for Isiah Thomas. And it's not really his decision yes me. But he is returning to it shouldn't be not an option he's returning to the garden. You play the video you decide not to play that's fine Richard active player now you don't want to re having to return to the garden. They're gonna play the video tribute. Sure the perfect scenario do you playing in the game played attribute forming thank you I'll bring my family and it's missing Asia playing. So stop bringing his family. Your parents and I assignment of the way about the emotion of the night vision. But let them play the video as your returning. To India that you could have. Because he's expecting a video tribute to make them back February 11 not retiring bishop hears is number they should not they should not not do it now I that is all the ball Paul Pierce sorry Isiah Unita get the video at night right or you don't get nobody knows exactly. So again yeah I understand it just. Bring your family and I hate mail we get so we're gonna let it. So what do I have a G router video tribute tonight we know Isaiah. Russ is president it is is it it I I knew he was angry and hurt. I didn't realize how bitter he was I resentful he was. How much animosity. He had towards the Celtics. How much it was much Roger was holding against them he hates the Celtics now know PA EPA at a young age they know won't hurt anyone in the same tall and one of the things well are you Campbell about the other thing I thought I saw that the guys don't re back now hate Micah Micah Wright African Seahawks don't see that. And and that to me. In and validated I did he was so hurt you might just Hulk due to this to meet at what this reminds you like. But even like Maya. My I might my wife may need coffee. It made me cough aren't normally that many companies do this is getaway it's about love music now I don't buy in out election Pennsylvania so irritated with the but I didn't drink the coffee. As again on my drinking. And it was something so stupid child whenever I go home and it really want to call currently does and I can't make it well gated you present at the point is I think it has everything was gonna get that he give the Celtics this satisfaction of getting an attribute the video. He won't do a lot. The president is strenuous the perfect night frightening Watson and his terms of the angry at all no no no I don't think it did leave but is he only wants the money prize and he hates the Celtics Otto he despises them he feels like they. Flat out stabbed him in the back note ruled out of yesterday's garbage after everything he did for them this way you treat you put yourself in this situation. You weren't bad situation so what you started this this more start this thing they call core clock radio. Aren't released you can cradle and the baby orders cannot understand why you're nurtured it just edit you grew at a gigantic gorilla just doing everything right but I didn't I didn't heed the game but and then lead on these Richards Jeff Jeff Brown nudity brief general manager imagine imagine the sacrifices I did not be put his. Honestly he's trying to legion he. Put his own physical well being just forget about it but his sister died. This system he's still unable to come to compartmentalize. Everything in my life under paid physically I'm in pain emotionally but how about made it all about the Celtics. And you. I ask that sent me a way you tell me this is what's best for you okay so we know now you're not getting any damn video you gonna beat up passive by yourself and make yourself but that does not always right in the video I think he's lying. That but that's not what he says he said he didn't put the video. Two to not believe he's I don't. He's trying to dictate how everything comes out at these lines so what does he wanted the next time they command line I would little unlucky television not. He's life off the Celtics all that personal and first of all the Celtics should not. Listen to him at all it's not about whether Isiah wants it or not. It's about the something it's not about would you give the gift they're not the person who's receiving the gift should dictate that you should dictate you're giving again. So tonight with the Celtics should do is they should get that video tribute to Isiah Thomas even though I know let's and I that he likes and because guess what. Whether you may be pissed at us you and AT&T. And hit the organization all of the above you meg. In some of it probably is valid would you sister dying and everything else. But dammit we're appreciate Austin what you know it's okay this quiet. I grew and it should be played tonight the it's ridiculous he's trying to create in my mind to think the perfect night for Isaiah. What about how the perfect nightly what's the play you watch this fairly there he wants his parents kids there he wants everybody that is seen as I want to replay all right guys don't edit your whole do you both read it wrong Paul what do you underestimate how much eighty carries and they are on February 11. When they retire Paul Pierce. Someone who's those numbers could be in the rafters okay. Wolf thank you for fifteen years who won a championship. Was a hall of Famer. That's his night. You would not news class are not love Isaiah argued that you are not Paul Pierce and you do not interfere on Paul Pierce. Is not imagine Paul Pierce after everything. He's giving you. Which is more that what I say and I love it but he's giving you help a lot more nice they have to absolutely be sit up there in his night. In the first quarter play tribute people a chance ninety. Screw that the videos that you do not do to you as a three minutes long in between timeouts on it had a time here's Kasey your talent musical artists none. I agree totally on all different low. Oh yeah they're competitive vehicle is not. Vocal in two numbers retired so he really you to hold your copy of all the time I would argue but it's but you heard about that. About that I think you're reading Iran you you're underestimating how much anger he. So you're just leave the fact. That he wants to be there with a stupid silly video right. So here's another reminder Isaiah how we screw you here's another reminder Isiah had a good time. That's geared to pop out up. So yeah you wish it would all like here we had a black stripe on our church. Every idea here's another reminder all it takes an effort at a board seeing next year. When you hit it and say. This is all old fashioned hate in it's finest right now grudge that he's holding why I do them any favors and make you feel better about themselves. No way so I'll hit it to work so my wife Paula good excuses. Nothing either. And that's ridiculous amounts went online you'll but a lot of family lessen the war. That's didn't blame the storm they got there's Omega Omega squad coming. It is targeted to gamble fumble Bob whatever anchor the storm coverage here. They really think about it we're goods in or move remove yourself from all the bull crap that he's throwing out there this is about hate this is about. While dealing favors now you are trying to like sit there and make yourself the better to honor me it's about three maybe three. People why the Celtics going along with this seeing you playing right into the hands in that Isiah sitting listening in on don't want this I don't want this to an Ottawa. Screw it. It's his first time back. You do it you do what tonight he doesn't get to dictate you and if you look at it doesn't care about sonim Angela hill and the thing is is that through. Do you think that. There's going to be any kind of IT chance in the stands yet it's a big. The video music look at a Arnie childish and silly pick up than it did it at all and you generally you know waves exactly and ignored by African video and. They don't know and that's why and that's widely that is why it's all about he does it. It drives me crazy how many times we see him talking about. Howl heard he was like overkill or go over and over again is due to begin to come on guys are this is this straits. I am I want my annual and addictive. You I don't care what and he's all about his most don't show it can't hide this. Oh it's it's a big game between. To be a little over it because it's a regular season game it it counts as an al-Qaeda out it was on market accounts of the standings and it's about Calgary and LeBron. But he is going to be as loose at the center of attention in this gang he's part of the plot Kia. So why would you not do the video and then you were almost committed now. To do it Campbell line on his terms if the Celtics some say they don't pay Isaiah is the deal we can't do it which. That he was doing it tonight just goes on back order amount it's just gonna (%expletive) them off script. I followed him that he can't virtual report tonight so so and so the way you did you gonna give me a video of the same days. Crowd yeah. I'm sharing this data might would yield goes for which went long. Is Jason that African video and I was at the video realizing how little did not want and I may not want to don't if you can't stop a Kelly I was does violate Maryland had. If Kelly was on a team with a Isiah Caylee get no video we have I zig gets the video. Period end of story that got on Germany with a cheer form anyway tonight. They will stoke so why do you let it I don't really know what is out there would be a similar threat golf what you eliminate the the video I think what the Celtics are doing is they're trying to reach out. They know he's pissed about the tree what do you want to visit any route when you and so you know on its face up that if they. Put a video February 11. The data Paul Pierce number's gonna be retired. I I will be discussed in this organization. If they interrupt that night Paul Pierce is night to put a video that's wrong. After going on his term as well because they feel bad it real and that would be the worst thing I've seen yourself this organization do. Yes and it and it ended that got he's lost the opportunity to be in the ghetto you know it'll be the playoffs that's game 1 of the Eastern Conference finals whatever it is. When they play against each other music bulls beat. And these days and now he gets advanced this is all about hate this are holding grudges have nothing to do this and we do it. Actually the opportunity to. Playing at no dogma Byron I'll take you back and join it there might hit a good guy does this is now a column gland because we know he's always tied him with everybody. It's about the forget about it he's pulled it I live right I agree with you I say that he should just accept would ever go that's working that way and then he. They have opportunities still have opportunities are generally corneal lens to go back and beat their ass. He'll have an opportunity I believe. In the in the playoffs to go in beat the arrest he he could stick at any age he's got no I don't understand why should why should the Celtics passed on doing the video is weird it's certainly does not want to have an up or he'll still have an opportunity to do it in the what else. And know what yeah. Know how you always good at all not at all. I don't know how to speed the model and I know he still hate so in the brightness you Ron talking 98 man acting and they want to say that did you view now played enough playoff man you guys use that anger or use its fuel that's available at Celtic Christian you don't play tonight you don't plan that's. Is that you're asked to go so we yeah we we ended up to what do you what does the video but a video tribute woods is that release it from the organization do you feel like. Well we think it's gonna from the fans like you know to me like it's got our eyes this video I what some things but other duress they're making it at other plans for his own. Let's after the radio and after the video and the players going to witness prospects hands a legal and shake gaining since they wait the Gainey went in you what they do not understand the Eldorado anywhere you want and it's still. It might might issue was is Lou it's it's all connected like you you can't you can't try to vegetable do in IT students from a man. Wanted to go you know so Danny Ainge feels better about himself. So we all know you don't give them anything you know anything about revenge okay. Your patient and you don't give our age you stick it to home when this ticket. So what did you get our revenge and a wife out to the couple cuffy. I mean I know. Just I was well look this is all put out an order not mirror whose parent will get to the phone calls and it's interesting to see what people are saying nationally about this post academic well it's got an interest in place. On Ty re Irvington some new stuff about tiger regional last year. In Cleveland it's gonna add a little bit more drama to this game here today it will get all of it coming up next. Lame or away. Rumor Loney and Christian Fauria all Sports Radio. I'm very upset about it let me Jayson the right now. This is Isiah Thomas the need to be a sense of the lack of top the top but the bottom line is he's a great do. One nominal young player phenomenal player many it to play a five not have a 28 point not a game. 46% shooting lasted 38 specifically why braves with a league MVP candidate but if it went bad and the pro. You come back in the day both boys did go yeah. Not all that and I'm not a step I'm still does me. We got it up because you got he hasn't played all feasible or he might not be ready and if he might not be ready wobble we X all of them against us all seeing. Have a problem with a I will say this it was calculated because she could've passed on last night's game at home against Portland. In the first game because the played coming back would have been in Boston tonight but it was it was kind of weird yeah very weird refusing to act emotions. Now don't be rusty coming back here right now young puppy gate round. Don't think yet. And it goes back to what Christians saying if he hates the organization rates any you don't wanna come out there as half a ploy here. Out there on the floor so he's so concerned about the way he looks that's why. Revenge is is the biggest issue because he looked good last night. Outfielder for guys for his first night back at that he will very good here is rusty is again. Did you see what he said after the game Isaiah talking about this. Agassi is addressed that yesterday at the game you talked about. How to be a special moment for Israelis see the tribute video which I still say bring it impairment charge a play it was a big deal that made it say when my representatives talked to him I felt like me being able to play. In my fairly. To see how loved we really work that's only right in the respected that. He says the Celtics respected that they'll probably do an eleventh which I hope they don't but. With my family there I think my mom my dad welcome to Libya special night I think yeah I think you try to create this special night for Isaiah. And unfortunately for him it should date that it shouldn't have to work that way I see I don't play great invites a favor to play their video no matter what he's not doing eleven. The well we're not keeping him in a war here you're not putting him in the long haul thing. This is this is attributed to say what led you for the time you were here for three years or whatever. You can't do it on the eleventh with Paul Pierce you know you cannot really. And it's even it would be even dumber if they went and asked Paul here's what you have a problem with a pulpit is going to say of course he's not problem but he's got to say. I'm really quick but it is serious it's odd to me it's just don't do that that's that he's just off so it's sort of an anonymous Ohio await you can't go to apply why not original don't does not want him anymore he's appeared stunned when I play I'll play an attribute the chilly night and they'll just publicist should just. Pressed Ali's wife is all I Imus I file is played edgy crowd heard tribute video my dad and play that played as they won. You don't have a written down or to have a set to go. I'm playing tonight it's on the Celtics. And your visit again. Unless it is not an issue at the Celtics should of came out and said no. Exactly should it no object equally said February 11 we come back and say sorry Paul Pierce were tired and we've got to do it for not doing we doing tonight or not you know. Except that's what they should say now and I think what they did is they probably tried to reach out to Isaiah they know he's pissed. They wanted to comment down you know we still love you this is business. We still love you so okay if you don't want us to play it we won't play some things we're trying to be. Respectful. In doing. But they should never know. Shouldn't they should they should have played the the the video walked in particular you know he made a decision not to play in this game is an active player now. He made that decision. But if it's about his family. Right chipped his family up here you can do that. Or bringing the video hole. It's as bumpy as it in direct it's it's. It's not like you know won a championship. It's just it says it's all about just. Holding a grudge well in Macon Macon the whole situation did Obama make it difficult on purpose that it harder on you person on purpose of the Christian he can make it hard on them on purpose he's a damn good basketball player and as you can you can witness by watching him last night. You put him into that offense with those players. And by the time he gets his game up to speed a month two months three months from now watch out they're gonna be scary he's going to get his revenge if he wants. Gas and deeper than that it's like it's like cutting afternoon why. That tonight when they're trying to did you we did and I think that's as a candidate I think which I think if you don't like kids you know sitting in the corner is breath and like you know having that internal pentagon I don't know. Anyone so they're gonna do it anyway he may not want that but he's gonna get a standing ovation he will try to do what that could you'll get a whole lot writes what he's not a practical get a standing over through Google in the shoot around and shoot some. It takes some shots and you're eligible around get a nice from a little better knowing he'll stand on the bench and organically we'll just start to rout the crowd enabled Billick. So why not there yet but I think I don't know if you're gonna get as much as that as you think though and I mean because. New team and I and they carry her injured right now IT IT that your guy you've fallen in love with carrier. You know you love Jason Tatum Jalen brown Albert Al is no longer average that's why you write it's different but you do sensibilities have to really aren't you can't do this in the and I also they don't just whoever whoever handles the the Jumbotron or whoever it is to put a spotlight on them and then they show is is just a video picture of him on the screen. Demagogue like. That's what to do but a bit difficult because you thought the cells are you wish I don't know any nugget you're more be sitting on the bench they will put a camera on him during one of the breaks and a crowd will go than able scandal early and that's it right OK but that's why you can't put that video up on a playoff game. Because you're right go to and play your guy now is is on every you've moved on from him. Your job now is to beat Barack just. OK I still had not run I'm not gonna do it in a playoff game and suddenly do a tribute to the guy we're trying to beat right now snow and move on and actually sort of sensory losses window and a lot of effort to allow. Is done this is sliding door close I'll bet you they do and on February alone and that will be coming controversy that will not be good here's Robin hang them next appear in OMF what's up rob. Yet there are I wanna have additional point on I see tribute. I didn't dive that deep I think that if you look at last season as great that he was. He made it about him he's the team if you look at that repeated comment about the brings truck. If you need to look at these photo op that he will put him down and fox borrow I'd gotten deeper and at another example of where he's trying to. Yeah it's kind of I don't see it that way he was the team last year. Without him how many games they win. But I've made other point right I mean when I mean it. Well for all the Oprah instruct you hoping that the but saying. And now and now because because professional athletes do stuff like that all the time in all fairness to him. He is so vastly underpaid in its frighten. The web when he went there whether we in the tribute that. And tonight tonight whenever you present it that way and say listen guys they have sorry but what do you don't retire Paul Pierce who was actually great hall of Famer who's number were retiring. That's more important night if that garden this year is pure requirement you not to do it then you're obviously not gonna do with on during the play off. I create the night or get over. That's that's and you know what and I don't made it he said maybe it's guilt out of the Celtics and they feel bad because he's upset with them again that would if you want I think they I think that's what but they should've just said hopes are that we -- come back and eleventh we can't do that. I think that's what it is I I really believe that the that the Celtics do have some compassion in this is going all the way up to their compassionate to Gotham into that the gross back and they're all sitting there in his saying you know we need as a long man panel. Let's not around that's not rub it and you know he doesn't want that will back off I think they're trying. To look he's here. And in doing so they're putting themselves in a more difficult position when they get to February the allotments. They are and I think that's where it does become a controversy because Paul Pierce did more than a lot of times you'd. A lot of backlash. From that they start talking attribute Paul Pierce retirement ninths up experience. Who do love buys it comes again I. I have nothing bad to say about Isiah Thomas and we've always handling this up. I love what he did the reason why your team is where it is because of Isaiah obsolete because of that trade. Will pulled I say here maybe that's why average Dallas here that's funny because Irene Hayward here because of what your teen. Was built on. With Isiah Thomas everything that goes on from now on I think is because of that kid. Always do it that is ridiculous. Any does not deserve anything on Paul Pierce's night. Nothing because that's the man that people bristle at issue really be thinking this and I think the story honoring. I think is whole story and he's one of those guys that you know is always an undersized. Did talk constantly told he could never do it Britney talks a lot about this. You know it's people said the same thing about him he could never do it and and you know he was a six round draft pick and look where it's become so does that rising motor. In this guy and if you watched any of these videos that he's been he's been doing with the players' tribute to me they're fascinating but they clearly shale. But he's a guy that is really hurt. Just like the biggest probably whatever the video tonight and I bring down crime because to me seems like he's really heard about this. On the other hand is why as a Celtic fan I fear him. Because I think when you put him on the team. With LeBron James and you look at the fact that you're probably going to face them in the playoffs have been everything goes right for you. He is a real. Problem for you and he's gonna be so free get motivated. Did sticker right at the arrest you and yeah that's what he's got to do and so I would worry about it but tonight they should play the video tribute apparently there are enough. Six wants separate sub seven on seven that threesome. Ready or lower that. Do you Jay Portnoy is favorite radio show go to lifeguard could tell the tools they go to spew lies and all of this thing but look what normally have to offer me enough. Fox Sports Radio WEEI. It's that they don't plan secular back to back this anyplace that law that because he's playing well because he's ready now I'm. And that's. Why would be an opinion you wanna play him tomorrow. And if you apply a one out in the bottom against me. Than any player and I went to working doctorate and who know her. Yeah. First Aussie. You're looking at a Stephen A from a marketing standpoint yes fans yes you once it against Boston it's a better matchup for fans. For the player it certainly isn't because there's all sorts of emotions he's nowhere close to 100%. So he's got to come out. Display all all of those emotions. He wants to stick it to Boston. And he knows that right now he's incapable of going out there and putting up thirty points and sticking at the Boston that's the problem. Level Smart. Play the game last night take tonight's lineup but when they offered to put a video tribute out of abort. And you turn them out and say give it to me why isn't wizard and so it means the you know. That is his minute his minutes were monitored last night in game so. What he means so. I don't think that he's hiding or running from anything but this is a matter of managing his health. So if I could even if he could have taken last night's game often don't go as planned and put my guess here but yeah I think we said this two weeks ago it would be stupid. For him to come back after missing half the season of basketball and and a good portion of the playoffs. In his first game he plays is back with his old team when he has all of these feelings built up internally. He all what's it sounds neat yeah it was a field you know he can deal with. You know there's these can't that he does any deal with that the emotion of anger that's what he needs the electricity angry night. What he wants to listen when he comes back and plays in Boston he wants to be. Four minutes core of 3435. Minutes played. He wants to have. An unbelievable gain you must be on top of this correct and he knows he doesn't want to play limited minutes right. And that's the project in McMullen has done an expensive piece on Tyreke Irving behind Calgary Irving's controversial departure for coal from Cleveland. And what he hopes to find in Boston some fascinating stuff in here. And this story is come out earlier today about. That is coach. Really was one that wanted to keep carrier and so was the organization. That kind of made the deal internally it sounds to me like the players they are felt that calorie Irving. Wanted to get out now obviously he asked to get out later on the season but there's an exchange did you guys see the exchange with him. And Tyrone Lou with a going back and forth I wasn't as happy late last yeah I I wasn't as happy last year says one of his former teammates. Who talks with Irving regularly. He wasn't disruptive just the little disconnected. And then they wanna had an exchange back and forth with Tyrone moon which he went Kai. I want you to play a little faster why Irving gas because if we play faster we get shots off easier. Response I don't need to play faster to get my shot off Irving replied I can do that any time. I'm not talking about your shot. I'm talking about RJ in JR. Luce said citing teammates Richard Jefferson Smith. Well let's number twenty threes job Irving replied referring obviously to LeBron James so this seems like that whole thing with LeBron and him. Was always an issue. It was to me it's more it always came down in the bronco and Irene was asked out people said in the looked down at him why would you several wanna leave. Greatest player in the world LeBron James. And you know she we've we've mentioned it before and she brings up again cheese's appeared author why would you want to leave. Any says that what the people didn't know when Cleveland export trading Irving in June we've talked about that that straight defeat yes. So before long it was before Griffin left there as long before he asked out. It was a republic but he knew that they tried to treat this past the Phoenix. Delegate lead so. In Paul's college right now Bledsoe when he says goes in and talking while Bledsoe and LeBron James each of the same age so their their bodies. So you find out June. I think they want a trade you. Soul did that look exploring the trading your ass. What are you gonna set. Well you are trying to trade me once it's like Ray Allen you know. It could be traded to Memphis and then he walked out doing it creates he tried to trade them out. You don't want me here in looking for something better than me so the yield on the line hold a grudge well why don't about it let me go all that great so that's accused him. Here deal fell apart because they were unwilling Phoenix to send their number four pick because they want to draft Josh Jackson right. So it reads none of the teams made a formal offer. But news of this potential transactions stung Irving who sources close to reinstate became convinced. LeBron camp which also represents Bledsoe orchestrated the trade talks. There you're creating more stuff internally and there is due gone in and then they're trying to do. The deals are sitting down now. Would Jeff Wesleyan at San Antonio when they're bringing up New York debris and Minnesota. And then it goes on find the Boston it's a note if you remember David Griffin came on ESPN. And he was the one that first through Boston hoping we had no idea about Boston. Well these are the teams were the ones they were taught and suddenly they could work out in dealing with those teams you get the Boston now. And yet the question for Cleveland was they had to convince LeBron or they had to be convinced that LeBron was staying. And LeBron wouldn't do that. So if you can't be unanimous here. Also I think there's a lot our that is also the whole. When LeBron James always refer to him as the kid certainly expected indicated the kid this it's almost like. You know he was rigged LeBron James thought he was the plane that predict a father figure role. And I'm should be demand for and here's a guy that really is is ready to kind of go off on his own and doesn't really need you mean. There which is obvious which is obvious now. Yeah F together so as we're talking diplomacy started you know is he ready for this put a lot of pressure on himself right leaving LeBron in being the number one guy lead a team. I I always kind of admired and liked it I was like yeah this guy's walk away from a very good situation now saying you know what I want more. In Nolan and and let's see what I can become you know I think I can be better than this and and the pre season ranking and accused a twenty something slow after being late fourteen India before twelve the year before and it was like. Does that doesn't really mean anything but at the same point you look at and say but I had a great year. And I actually went backwards in the eyes of some why. Because of being overshadowed them a great player and it's all about LeBron I get to game winning shot and it's all about LeBron and on that we get out of the shadow I think I can do more. And I think that's a good thing. I don't mind that at all. Nicolas Cage said this could suggest he should talk that is Jacqui talked to him. And he's put it as people wanna talk about all these factors to why Tyree did this but it's not personals are against anybody's the young man a 25 saying. I know I can do more I'm not afraid to see. Not many people would do it now love the fact carried it. And you're gonna drive the car you don't wanna be sit in the back seat while the Bronx can I mean better yeah that'd be better practice. He's a great I tell you what it it opens up. Just a great. Theater. Because tonight it was lights gave me it's a regular season game in early January. It counts the same as the other 81 game angels take you right entertainment exact what does that really mean right. It's gonna arcane art. It means something mathematically because it sees another game you can get up one Cleveland or they can get up on you and home court advantage will be something when you get into the into the play as it does in the NBA. It's a tick the 300 anti but the but abide play. Of watching LeBron. And convert all of that stuff evil abound Isiah Thomas tonight all of that stuff to me is going to be. We're all at the age you know not just kind of pushes this narrative into a different direction but it has a lot to do I think why. You know so a lot of time at least for me the NBA's more interest. Because the story lines the off the course storyline that come on the court. And like a soap opera in her she'll let you get it becomes more interesting this guy leaving this team that team. I admit it it's just there's just no. There's a bit lightly there's there's no you know matchup that you really let's look at this described her story tonight he's been playing a lot better with him he start to figure out what they're doing different system. He's playing a lot better with my only acting like him what do you automatically Hayward if Gordon Hayward wrote there would be the thing that won't want one more Null and there. He has such I guess that ship. Either all or values. To his work. He's. Always wanting more from the crowd for baskets here are he's a big physical guy he looks the part. And you like he's gonna take down LeBron. And in the beginning it OK look like he's got it. It is I think an overturn the don't wanna be three point shooter. It. Is good I hear you your physical but he's big he he needed there's there's in my opinion. There seemed to be a physical presence that he cool that he had just wasn't using. It is I was using it. And for whatever reason I feel like he feels like he is undervalued he wasn't appreciate you look at his concert yesterday. He got over the always pissed off when they're when when when somebody else with the fans are cheering for somebody else. Gordon Hayward came right you've. Just people value deck are more than anyone ever seen. So I think he's a nice player yes and bad guys like him on the team all you need to know always his first full year he was here. Or register rate about right great player because you didn't know in the queue is anything he thought he was just the throwing. And he was more than that there are he was a starter on this team. But year to. Is valued its older inflated during the end of that year and in the off season. That year to people bitching about his second year here full second full year and it was exact same year. It's actually nearly had you before. But you over inflated and so much committed to be a better player that he actually won the terms they started thinking he could do more. Any couldn't he was what he wants he was assisted nice role player I still say a sixth man of very good team but that's what Celtic fans have done over the years. They have over read a lot of the players who have come through here. But to be sitting here too he's bigger disappointment that he was new one well it's because your expectations changed for some reason you thought he was better than he really was beauty exact same year. He's a good complementary player he'll do some of the dirty stuff out here he's a little undersized for what you need him to do at times. And he's faced street three point shooter tell you get a little bit tricky because in other times he's not good but I think it cost we've done that. You know the the edge elation and Isiah Thomas. We're talking earlier about what he feels and it you know you've seen the videos he said you know I fell in love with Boston and they fell in love would make. That's what's so the fans do and now they fell in love with another girl. They've given up when you did move you out and they fallen in love with somebody else. That's what they don't. I will take a break we get another hour to go Mikey Reese joins us right up next Mike eerie. I gotta I gotta question the uncomfortable question middleweight and my guys you guys and turn this around. Obviously I'm jealous or vindictive probably added that an attitude avatar right now probably why is Mike Vrabel. On the short list of head coaches to be I think I have read some people claiming on Tuesday are you ready for this when it comes agency have you done this a legitimate question that is a legitimate question Lou and you're turning into something that is not as I think this is obviously some. Deep rooted eavesdropping may deliberate holding your voice is. So what would you vote split off will. He's right more touchdowns median excellent shipment now and Nazis he needs to muddy up the aid that's. That's where you can just say your career think about it all as if I'm needed what do anything you know. That does not this. That's not the question. I actually read last night somebody wrote that he might be the most attractive candidate go to guy. And most attractive candidate is all good questions about looks like this team none of them. Oh. We'll talk to Mike first move and I'll allow you guys jumbled OK we'll do.