OMF - Isaiah Thomas is almost back & Glenn is giddy. Calling BS on a popular nerdy basketball stat, 12-7-17

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Thursday, December 7th

The Celtics got the kind of bench performance they needed in last night's win over the Mavs.  Glenn & Lou think that raw plus-minus is an amateur stat, and apparently Danny Ainge agrees. Rich Keefe relishes in the glow of yesterday's performance during the Michael Wilbon interview.


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He explored ways and phony and forty got behind the plate full speed contact football we're not doing that I'm gonna mess trying to get hurt trying to protect and I'll put the player because he's gone and an overall. Then I go quarterbacks in the food and almost and I there was an imminent physical running pool going rob with another beat writer as to how quick you were gonna try to downplay that. How can you literally putting your hand doesn't end. But you know agree to disagree because that's a REIT because droughts ports round and you know you're not we but I think a lot you can do with clay and Lou and Christian why did it. And single question yet let me ask. Walked out a bit okay good for those guys why did you point out that wrong elbow a black player what. What was the point that part of the dynamic of my debit only got one game. I might get a bit but not because it doesn't fit what your talking about that it doesn't have anything to do with the fact that they're black and run his white it's that they. The damn thing already I don't know. Now on Sports Radio WEEI. Great young league. Terrific. We have a lot of that we've talked a lot about what we have talked about so far is the Celtics down by getting carried away was again against the Dallas Mavericks. Fourteen. I mean they've been playing much better as of late but. It looks like excited about. The Dallas Mavericks beat you run at this point. That yesterday and the day before little. There's no Christian today skip the they but it's middle of the week so we don't question button Friday or Monday you take it off wing. Room where little. Leary a group wrote quicker we get that but yeah it that Dallas team and we struggled the first time they played like a picnic currently it is the worst team in the west. And third worst record in in basketball but the computer compare that teams fit the polls with three point. This second worst team in the league behind the balls. Should they speak. And they are not good I'm not saying their playoff team if your bills team that DeMar the last couple times they play hard however some boards for some reason seems to have big games against the Celtics. You look at Dirk Wesley Matthews since Smith junior Jared you are still there mania of the grit to her. About Wesley Matthews last night as anybody was a better who drew the line was like seven. Half for a date and a host of the Celtics get any of possession of the ball and elect to 442. Clock expired because. It's down to two seconds and you don't wanna embarrass the other team you've won the game. You're comfortably up in the game in Europe by handing you sit on its gonna run it out so another two seconds left. They inbound the ball to Wesley Matthews he fought or is up boot for me. Not sure nice 79. So I do this rental yet it news writes I can't maneuvers right. And the funny thing about this might call it always talking about this earlier. You can tell if you've got high definition television you can tell everybody who's a betting person who's sitting behind. The Celtic owes a duty while he said all of us you'll love this thing does a guy wrecked by this expansion of those parts to look down Columbia and he just call. This appears out of the screen and citizenship. Kelly and I'll go to the game broke off on the game Bettman sells secure. The reaction there was no longer gambler. You put. No reason strode up games so he's just throw it up to the Ramada. Yeah just for the come and you and so. If you were sent its appearance it was sort of Wesley Matthews of the few box on the and again more but did not a really good team they play hard. I will give you that Nowitzki you talked about him as possibly coming here I don't IKEA will accuse them finish out there. He can still shoot but boy he's the gore trying to get up and down for a little. Oh it's not a radio acumen yesterday as the media are that with the Indian everything at the end. He said there's no way street Nowitzki for three even for three number one noticed that they before the risk that stuff but he's not he's not treat her that that's just to. Ellen could still shoot a liked about the game we won't spend a lot of time talking about the game because it was Dallas. Is this is the game where you expect. Especially when you're down two players you down more shoot down brown. You expect this is the night you need some minutes from guys on the bench like wrote shear and Larkin. You need them to do something and entice and they did it. They did last at bat affect per share ends up playing 27 minutes Larkin played fifteen game eleven point. Those are the nights when you're playing port teams where those guys off the bands or no longer a mismatch on the floor. They're probably equal to the guys they're playing out there. That's when you need them to come up big and takes some pressure off of. I rockets have been a sample can play a team JJ Barea. Good to load due to runner left to right I mean he played well last year Euro got a couple of guys that's me so difference it was just. Their bench when their bench came on the court you're like oh. You know guys the government's team which could give them some playing time what they're not impressed with these guys come off the bench and it played a lot. The yacht was selling up and Larkin got shot. Polity that gives so critically game that he loses fire animosity or come at a game and it got to give it a shot with the minerals limited time there in their. There they're aggressive they are a six minutes to raise the six minutes there in it for seven minutes these don't couple threes out there and in being aggressive on its elite. They you know get limited minutes you know play that often when you come in the game do some don't disappear. So you said this the other debt that we had this great interest in the Celtics out of the gate yet and then there's almost like a little let down right now because we've finally. I think the fear was that once they lost they would all my god this team is now suddenly gonna be 46 win team some people were saying that. And there was a fear now they get out of the gate. After those first two games Cleveland to Milwaukee and oh my god we're able to play without Haywood and they're winning game after game after game after game. And you sit there and everybody's into in near fond of watching every is a a blast some of the plays he made last night that one bad drive. All has amnesia all public as a nation you put all on Smith I think it was yes word. He's reply all and used to call it guy he had done he had Dennis Smith junior that are in his who. Blue duke these shoes glued to the floor at times. But. So if you decide that we're gonna have this period now were OK now we feel. Pretty good about this team. But want to wait to see when they really have to play some tough competition Friday night's game is gonna be a good game I believe quite Leonard is coming back. For that game we should look it up San Antonio express what are the pilot newspaper see if we find out but the word out of San Antonio couple days ago. Is they were looking at this Friday is be in the day he comes back. But I tell it what were armed really excited. Cleveland wins again last night they have the longest warning streaking Indians beat the 113 or when people had him dead and buried her few weeks ago. They're not only gonna get Tristan Thompson's back but it looks like they're gonna get Isiah Thomas back and soon he's been playing four on four. Did it again yesterday they say he looked good. And he is close to return. To the Cleveland Cavaliers and I truly believe that the cavaliers will making major trait. Before that trading deadline the trading deadline this year Louis early and it's like a missing February 8 of February 6 it's early in the month. And I believed that second half of the season sort of the theater of the drama of this Celtic team that looks like they're going to be a sixty plus twenty. Against that Cleveland cavalier team. With Isiah Thomas back in the lineup card re taking over. As the guy in the fourth quarter now for Boston a role Isiah had last year you can't ask for better we can edit them. Now aid via the near I think all allies around Cleveland you know everybody knows that and it's tough to see his velocity throughout the judge Cleveland so as it comes back. And they suck the and we still won't know until we see I say I got pretty ideas that look good I think it's gonna I think you know. There must take awhile and then might be some bill within their playing great right now what I say comes Beckham might level off. For a little bit try to see how this whole thing works but it. If you look at that team that's real embryos that that's as. Here's a conference finals he's seeking and they keep keep winning and you're looking at LeBron as a serious now that he's always series MVP candidate. But his numbers clearly he's been out of control out of control unbelievable and he's playing more minutes. But I believe any player in the league right now. Well I think the most visited like last week talk Campbell when he terrible players like LeBron. Tom Brady in Iran put American League Mike Trout. They are what they are. And the only way they don't win and and BP is because other guys take it from them you have to take the MVP from them last year Westbrook did. James Harden would have you know forceful Westbrook. You know Miguel Cabrera Triple Crown he did Matt Ryan did Cam Newton did me everywhere it's well I don't know. But unless somebody steps up and put together an MVP like. Ridiculous above the norm of what you already are as far as a great player goes LeBron James Beard VP Italy. Last year Westbrook went above and beyond what we thought he was great player last year was MVP year look at that carry your things in the mix right now with Tina yep Salinas. Mean you've got to know I know you were why you're seeing the pick LeBron James. Once carrier Irving to win in VP no I Matt effect I think that's what adds to all of this theater. They can't stand each other might add to run their own right now possess enormous look at last year we all know Cleveland was they're regular season year before. Also gonna start off like 81 of the new sort of you know here we are in December. And Arnold is the best record he's had since basically that but it seems reluctant to leave and there are run eighteen and seven. And is it because of what Boston's doing that is because of what I re Irving is doing because he does not want Kyra to win MVP of this leak. Think if the theatre think of what we're gonna get the emotion of all of this you've got high reed who wanted to get away to the point where. He told Cleveland I'm out of here that in fact we're we're starting to learn some stuff that's been written now. About the trade. And the Celtics had to throw that other second round draft pick him because I rear wing with films Celtics a cold back there. A major Rick Fehr. Our goal back so now you know LeBron knows all the inner workings of the trade and what happened and and at how they've they've they finally. A worked a deal out you don't think he said it will come to stick it to that what did he call the kit. I'm gonna stick it today hit. I can hardly wait till I can play that kid an ominous figure till he's he because it's even worse for LeBron. Even though of having a great season and MVPs isn't it can't worry is having great success and being recognize a little bit. Don't normally you would sit there it is for LeBron and say you know Kyra can do his thing in Boston again of this whatever but all of my opportunity in the playoffs and knock them off. And to show I read that you still can't beat me. So. In order to knock them out of the the post season need you know that's that's months away. So the only thing in play now order regular season is MVP. And he cannot let carrier Irving went and BP. And sand thinking of LeBron James to make timely makes him look back home makes Carrie look seat he is better. He's better without me. It's my kid in give my DNA and that's the part played awfully odd in my DNA that's why isn't BP. But that's of the control now regular season MV PQ way but the playoffs knock about the event. But how good how are going to be motivate lacrosse club I would thank. How good or all of these storyline it's great when you look at Boston and Cleveland to play here what in January the public in early January. When when you look at the regular season games. Watching each one of these teams get into position now for a showdown in the postseason. And you add what we just talked about. LeBron really jealous of the success the calories having right now a lot is riding from abroad personally. He's having a phenomenal season he's obviously responding to it. And then you add Isaiah Thomas in the next week or two into the equation for Cleveland. And then Cleveland possibly trading away. Eight draft pick which was Boston's draft pick that they trade away before the trading deadline to get that extra piece to do what. To beat Boston. And that irony here with the to a picnic if I don't I don't nobody just an what did you do I still don't know it speaks well let you know when we talk about trades. You know it's very emotional baseball because it's a multiple players and it's all different its prospects for. For for players in recent years later we finally the prospects become. None of them guys you trade away doesn't and none of that matters. As long as you get what you want. In other words I don't care if monk Heidi cope act turning to all stars. Did you get Chris Sale Nazi wanna play out in the game and I I don't care what you gave up four Craig Kimbrel. Because it rose one of the best closes in the game. I don't care what you gave up to get carrier ring. Is unhappy with carrier ring. You know so if you but it's all gonna its all visit it refusal to upload it to but if you make a trade and you never she telephoned her pitch. You pistol we gave up yet. But became I was shut down eighth inning guy Medicare which you gave up the good the doctor would you give up is always the guy didn't it was that approach taken. The problem wasn't trained Tyler shaken the problem is what you got back was I think. That's the problem but it matters to both rising at Thomas and Kyra your pack. And that's what you gonna see in the emotion when the two have to face each other Isiah Thomas is it's in. It's it's it's right now it's ingrained in them you can hear it when you see these players Tribune's videos they're doing. He wants to come back to Boston and stick it right up their ass and basically say you screwed this Africa for Conley right now. He's a guy here he's on the he's taken over the mantle before courted here he needs he needs to be able to stick it to wise yeah. To basically say no Boston made the right deal. I yeah I think it's it's Tyree versed LeBron. And Isaiah burst and correct not to city right. The knowing a lot of fans love this that is it and I think he loves the Celtics. Yes not. Beautiful but by Calgary comes into play ball. Because kite re has got to defend Danny. Because of Isaiah can come back and get the best public try to read orbit in a seven game series or even the first regular season game late blight were rising as healthy. Then it's his way of sticking it to Danny and so why I read takes a hit. The trauma that so many different. You talk about. I can only imagine what that's going to get for Reid when he finally played their first regular season game in the NBA numbers have been. Out of sight in in individual. Even in bad markets they're getting some really good ratings I think because of all the drama that you've got young season with the with the NBA but can you imagine the numbers. For a Boston Celtics. And Cleveland Cavaliers. Eastern conflict with the it would matches is if I think get their act together and west LB Oklahoma City yeah burst Golden State now. And that's channel what's going on there and you wonder if he'll have a stroke and demand it and if Oklahoma City doesn't. And Houston right now is that the best record in the west but if Houston. Doesn't I mean if Oklahoma City doesn't straighten out their act well. But trading deadline you wonderful Oklahoma city's total attendance at we need to blowing up this were better off. Dealing with just Westbrook last year and what we added is not working is because Paul George Mason there at the end of next year. I'd say unborn the lakers with LeBron. You have to do you may have to blow and how we got to get the bad rap and all this is Carmelo. And everywhere that at a bit of these things don't work out just right so do you think it's emergence coincidence. It's coincidence that three cities that article is it. I don't know what I did my 6177797937. At cell phone number right here and OMF Christians get today off. Now back to mow and half with glee and Christian post expects kept. Some people out there ultimately. It is known only knows what I'm asking about betting. You know obviously you know about this long. We're here we'll meet on Sports Radio gotten. And eight. By the way are ever joke talk. Brought you by JP LB officials sound of juice some paid him and the Boston Celtics AMD and being a. They're talking about him today and you after the game must. He's been. There's good the above average nationalist and mercenaries don't get the virtual. Who cares. 32 minutes last night seven of seventeen and seventeen points that they want postal shooting percentage noble far so good teacher. To seventeen showed that would register for the protesters threw them in the flow of the game the growth similar to game dictates is the union that's what he does he's committed any more support and activate if he had eight rebounds and a game he had eight assist. And hit two steals and he had the re blocked shots last men watched plus nine. Again lowered about the polygamy and you're above us and all of a fabulous ensemble plus. Now. And that in my getting into the play for one game and going into the park Smart plus 51 for five shooting. Danny does a lot interviewed the on the morning guys cross the street yes and those organized by the way there in a building right now in the at the begin account sign out front they took away their logo and everything else and when they're working in like. In the back Alley in an effort and the work and they're like era with Jim Jones for the bad because our local you know plus my eyes than. Yeah build it Danny should take on it is to its tape that most politics. Each individual game plus minus stat is. It is work or school. And I mean occasionally. It has some relevancy in watching game and say OK you'd expect at a major impact on the game as plus minus but it. Oftentimes. You know YouTube just on the court with the players that are have a great game keeping this a big plus minus and played terrible game. So I don't really pay I wish they wouldn't put that on the individual game I think over course of the season. They can be valuable but I don't put too much stock got we have adjusted plus bonuses that are much more complex that. We put a lot more stock in two pictures via the rock plus minus. So that was with Brad Childress you have who pads on a new start. Churning plus minus to you when you watch a game she Marcus Rocco to fifteen supposed. The game. It's fifty game. What's the game. Also was watching the game you look at stat sheet. Watch the gains some not worried. Shanley closure late last night was over three and 25 minutes of playing time. He was open three from three point territory. He had no points is a minus fourteen I don't give Iraq task as it doesn't matter anymore it's like Schwartz notes that this is such the hits it to sample of one game because of Iran says that plus minus amateur Stadler. Remember that game against gold state whether whether we're playing well all in June Brown's single handedly. Brought that team back on the offensive end on the defense event one man. Brought that team back. No before it happened to be on the court get all the points that it'll get all the plus plus and minuses so he had to think I mean in the day of Saber metrics that. There are other ways to do it than just to simply say who was on the court when Jim Brown the three. You're right I mean because I look at its there's certain you gotta wait things differently when you watch a game but it not every turn over. Is the same outlook that they'll but it travel fatigue at the ball back and illegal play defense. Verses you know somebody like throwing a ball that toppled a point at stolen for a layup dunk. That's a worst turnover in my mind because there's no order to defend we've given him a free basket as opposed to say you know a traveling call. Or rebounds remission before I get ten rebounds okay alone. Was it like a one on two break with a guy threw open three. Just to get the open three threw it up in the ball bounced and there was no defenders. Anywhere or all offensive players and the other team anywhere in Munich I get the rebounds that's a great read sorted you know. In traffic right when you watch the game today announced great read out. Though at times is just it just felt feudal political. But if you looking edit individual game and this and we're getting. It is right on about if you're watching an individual game. And anybody comes Stevenson say here's plus 41 last night thrown out the window. Because in all the way these games were in the NB AT want runs so the teams going on a 22 to run whatever. And you happen to be on the court the same time that run is going on that's a plus eighteen for you right yeah. Now if you do it in accumulated over an entire season and he's talking about they yep and advanced. I should have yeah they have an advanced not require they used playing off of that. Then I would see say over a large sampling period. It's probably a fairly valuable number baloney did you Wear it makes no sense at all. Celtics ended up winning the game should have been by ten but the end of when he got by seven last right. You and I both already agreed Shane Larkin was pretty good and it was nice to see him on the floor for fifteen minutes. Any game against the team that seven and eighteen on the season this is the night you wanna see walking while people for each shooting the forefront Jerry Rice. Two to look rebounds right return it to assist he had zero turnovers zero is plus or minus Sloan was a minus wanted to gain that they won by sept. And I tell you I've watched this game not once. Jay Larkin was good last night bush and it was a positive force out of. They've waived honest about hockey plus months. 95 guys on the ice to guys my head actually nothing deal with a damn thing about it just hop over the damn wall and yeah plus one you know so it's just. In this is what people accuse you of just look at stat lines well and he's and to watch the game and realize that the guy wasn't very good. I don't really care was plus minuses is a carrier ring takes over a gain. Single handily offensively. Everyone a court gets credit for. Which some don't some have an impact. Average job it's an unbelievable strange set a whole thing up market spot might deliver a beautiful pass to set up an easy layup. But the other two William statement corner of some people actually understand and respect Al Horford resets that screen in the middle I don't. And it's easy physically on the court doesn't necessarily mean that you know you'd you'd you'd had an impact on us on a run like you said telling were. Run but individual can't you can't look at any time anybody ever says hello it was a plus seventeen last thrown out and showed up to went up. If you're looking at it over 82 games and I'm willing to look at the number and Danny obviously is looking at a deeper number on that. Added Ed it makes some sense ready for this number I got a number four is that I. Because we're going back and forth right now in the MVP this is actually getting good now that each week ESPN is coming out with. Appalled like a power ranking on MVP. In the National Football League this week by the way Brady has moved up the number one and he's moved up the number one. It makes sense Britain didn't have a great game last week he had terrific third quarter first half. For Brady sucked but he was better the course and when it's fourth and voices got a difficult game this week as he's out Los Angeles against Korea but how is. But this number they're throwing out there right now on on Tom Brady the hardest thing to do was a quarterback. Is XEQ when you're pressured by the defense. Here of the best rated this season. When the pressure quarterbacks win the pressure. Quarterback rating for Tom Brady one. 23. Point three not words he has a higher quarterback Brady and when he's pressured. Then he is when he has no pressure on. One 23 point three I think that probably speaks for the fact that if you're gonna blitz him good luck TO he's going to burn you alive course and once is number two little. We look at the drop off. Ninety point five. 123. Point 31090. Point five. That's the better number two number 29. Angela well I'm the one guy. Far and above. Is playing better than everyone else and the including an embedded in what is it into games to pressure the quarterback yet. A taste Keenan number 381. Point always an interest in what about some pretty successful certainly there's a lately you wince is number two at what. Ninety point five and number threes Keenan at what 81. Is that McCain won in three. Forty points forty points she's. Fed crap what Oprah or points. That is amazing. And that tells you how valuable Lee is so you what do you blitzed number eight you could have the greatest Ager rusher in the game. We got an edge rusher we're gonna go out of we've got a great defense we're gonna put pressure on. We got a great secondary as well as the pressure. Good luck against Tom Brady. But at least forty years old you know in the forties when news footage of 123. Point three while not even close to anybody else. Not even close to anybody's. Over that over thirty points higher. And once they're super if you're among zone numbers in front news. I guess wins is numbers on third down are impressive. His slippery elect one point behind Clint democratic quarterback rating markets its Wentz is numbers and their down unbelievable if he Brady's late. Point seven behind him rating system that's so it's it's great that this guy nip at heels and that's that our table. Of course and once there's a good game on that last game torn down the last game of the season. And Tom Brady and his team don't have to worry because they're playing the tomato can't divisional Cho for us to gain a super Russell Wilson. Yes momentum is gaining gaining no question but I think people look at Russell Wilson's game. And I'll give him credit for doing and things get no offensive line he's got inconsistent running neck every every week and with every quarter yup. I think every quarter of a gain the revenue running back is get the ball wanted to much of the guys right and then you look at and say in his defense is not even a good argument up an awful lot of extra blood on the right now it's nothing but it all went Jimmy Graham but it's still Russell there what eaten for the B foreign aid without. Ornate without do you think we can get the start of the favorites keep it if the press over I think so we're still an extra. Or you do comes out and execute you know and while they get a you know they get of them little Alter over here with this picture on the candles are burning right now. It's rich keep it here at WEI. The cross over coming up next but things didn't work on glee and the scoop on. You're happy back. To increase your blood Sports Radio. Yeah and it. The black person did you object. We're making it out observation. The amazing serious bruises and I don't know really get up in the morning keep them and I know you're not a big fan of the are compelling and show. I gotta tell you get up 6 AM every day you're the employ it few for a lot that they have to listen to touch her relish the thought. Allison Everett. You have you know the employee of the day. Accordingly Kirstie Kelly and immediately easy come easy go though Glenn tomorrow I could be on the crap without telling visiting only days ago they're building a monument over there in center field here in the studio I was regardless about it I just want another contract with the Democrats are products of article are ordered and ended up. How much I'm positive by the use of Michael will blunt doesn't know Hugh. Felt that your agenda was to just have a black man on to attack them I was I was very surprised. On a sighting I didn't know how to react as saying right now you have guys like of a topic I did. I had no idea I'd I didn't know what my agenda was it's those acoustic for him to be able to call that out he thought it was obvious from my agenda ones. It was it was really bizarre to me just the way he handled himself really the entire interview I was shocked. Our did you want to Bakken and Seymour and and interviews. Yeah I mean might as Michael kind of deflected it to the point where I thought that this is where. Where will one was saying you nodding right now in my car whatever color I was is by the end of the interview I think will bond was. Companies filibustering but some long answers in there and we don't talk to vote to 42 point five minutes and so. I didn't really have anything else to at I was asking my questions and he'd still didn't answer my question. A few hours to beat beat because. When Michael Holley said the reason why we wanted to talk to use because I'm friends with view is that the reason why guys wanna talk to Michael will mark was because Michael Polly's friends of of. That's why does our wanna talk to myself I'm during the interview I wanted to talk to him because of what he said. On PTI and in the sound that we play that everybody was flying I agree and I know Tony Kornheiser. Brought it up which I did well on match like several times and no taste great but you. You said you agreed problem and then you added an element to it which I really wanted to question about but also. Our show like. We had him on before you. And he's been on the station before but there's only Tony Kornheiser is that he's never been nominees are gonna all of our show are about you guys are not subject of more relationship with will on plus. I wanted to ask him specifically about what he sent out so I think the only thing that the friendship did was it helped facilitate. Getting him on your show because he felt comfortable tore ya Michael Hawley as opposed to he turned down Kirk and telling him in the morning because it is a joke electable and is an easier test for us at the same time if we had to pick between him and Kornheiser I'd rather talk to him. And had nothing to do with the fact that he's black and that's what he's insinuating with me you know I was. Just caught off guard by now that she's on a nothing to do with the lie I want jewels secret agent. The what they want to get this Obama's stand with with what Obama's seat comes out and he's saying that the grant incident had nothing to do with race. And yet when he's describing the incident. He points out that one guy was white one guy I was blind in the politics of race of tomorrow race because figured out on yeah. You know I wanna yes about it I think what the politics of races. Is that you sit in the east they're going. The perception. By some out there. Is that the white guy gets less of a penalty the most on the black guy because of the way it plays you. Actually brought a public evans' case which you wanna talk about he did not know which what did it perfect and there. That's what I pulled out an example for six years ago cherry pick right I got my. No. Less a month ago orbit exactly a month the only ones and it is paralleled the bears aren't on there very similar. And and he was going on and on about while Crabtree instantly go to games. OK we got reduced to one by the way and they'd fought before they look like they were after the fight each other correct those so differ over the chain. Over the spotlight when you fight like I call your dale offer for Jane I wouldn't Wear the chain. You would I would suppose dale would change would you go after what I did is change you won a British chain of yesterday are any of you don't know that's your opinion that no. That's at Saddam whatever some bills you know they got to this entry level fitness based on the request saying I don't know spit and you know. Our younger older. That's all. I would Yakima to where we're at odds on this again we're gonna orange show you have good weather we're gonna continue this I don't know a lot of it still we have not gotten the outs chorus situation at this week and a silent accurate. Enough fun like a little bit. And the hopefully we'll get to that I don't know we've been talking drunken Brady mcdaniels just about all week long so usually in the media media grunt. Some decent. It's not what we do. I don't I don't like that I don't I. It's not a place I guess for earlier once while rumors that whereas we were playing the play thing immediately get up and he's not but I gotta I wouldn't do it every day. Now comes as any to be ready. Get a big some shows maybe do it every so yeah. I don't do that all of this ahead and I don't know and they may do the employee of the day wolf this is what an honor to what I thought yeah absolutely nada. Show maybe I didn't do it more holding an everyday thing I've ever known for us but these guys will continue long off of their interview yesterday. Coming up next the big lunch back with a sits romp that we are really good Thursday night football game you and I both excited and do this. All of the Atlanta playoff hopes are all on the line tonight rotting your ball.