OMF - It's tough to be an NBA coach, NBA player, and a bookwork when you're carrying your team; Ty Lue didn't play his best shooter because of what!? 5-24-18

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Thursday, May 24th
HOUR 3 - Lebron James' body language suggested the Cavs have one tuckered out franchise player dragging them through the ECF. Also, Ty Lue was asked why he didn't utilize Kyle Korver more and his explanation is an all timer. And Morgan Freeman is in some trouble.

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All of you read he. Beats Fort Wayne and moaning and forty. It's. Thanks so there. I feel sorry for LeBron James tonight fifty. I'm James what worn out before. Talk about that would be at a better condition that it created a poultry that's a lot man mouthpiece I'll I'll open seas off. Okay this day and day out of my body frustrated. Obama had a rough night with wind blew in Christian he's been reading the book be out commits it's about listening to the soul of the uterus if you will to fulfill the personal legend than LeBron told me that you don't you know I have my family I have might purpose I have my treasure though he always talked about how he doesn't sleep that much during the play out that he's thinking about everything now. On Sports Radio WEEI. Anyway let's tambien wasn't tired to call all six of his turnovers last night to hear that played only at uncle I'm glad you brought that a good fit because. Yet another example of him showing his photographic memory you know then yes Tyrone Lewis or what happened in the third quarter to your team ago now what third quarter the essence of our elected so somebody asked about his turn that that's that one I don't doubt every one of view it like every one of them with all of we have great tennis to be human memory that is retiring as well did a quick quick little snippet of that. It's not quit only doubled to schedule generally did like usually came through her tears. A perfect I don't you know unfortunately. The. Two turnovers willful ignorance on route first turnover rather. Saw something happen and mark is that a good job markets more to brokerage of premature to indicate if you couldn't at all so that was that is or rural market numbers on lost they've lost a foot on Mars more snow turnover that morning transition to general agreement on. We're on the stands. On it it is not as if I was always or one to switch. Had a chance to. It's actually not as many girls that was him or director of it is which fans vote and she took them about it yeah I had a magazine you're rosier became impatient. From the bomb site and a means of Vietnamese. They doubled from the baseline yeah. And Jason Taylor got his hands on my pentagon wide open so why don't. Follow. Miles less than or registered care listen to rules are we got to pick a roar got to switch and I just lost about bonds decider away from there that she's amassed six turnovers. I don't know six maybe three of homelessness but I don't know much. Thought their credit I always thought you know three I've all but obliterated by put on it and he fumbled again house and is it a silly is this summer I've written stories here the media is beholden. I can't remember is also really in this churn of noise and every year. Still he's such as you say to somebody's listeners protect your do you think that like you know baseball games O sandy made six plays in the field to the Arctic through those ground ball to him. You know these institutes are both a threat in first. Well Robertson rolled over isn't too popular charged a little bit the next Erica sent back it was in the hole went back hints at my feet and throw. It'll was more towards second try to gather you've looked at him it's. So no I don't think it's where the ball and that was UK on or we come back on Tuesday we're gonna have a few old timers game only three innings and a lot Ray Allen Aaron yeah. Of animals and people will use your at bats OK if you probably only one way volume one and an anti anything anytime you're in the field regardless of budget. Tell you I had that they had the alzheimer's game against some lefty than it is in no the third reason my putting badly I was three years ago today that goodness. And I did not seamer away that I took the next pitch to super aware filed back. Next they chase a two seat we're off the dished down and away if you want to eat too little change it by spit on pushed it on activity here and present who we came with a fastball in have to put me away away away away and get my kitchen yes. So when when when the Linda I guess I was in all forty core urban core of reporters. Gives him every single excuse in love while you know he did he. You know magic had worthy and current agreement Michael Pitt in it robbed and it you know and everybody else to meet and local LeBron I have. He should. I just give me. Hope stop it the regular ritual Mickelson Rachel Nichols is is becoming. With the with hers when hers what are what are fly anywhere in the female version of Brian winners. Member backing game seven at the Indiana series written be it'd be games like I'm playing the whole game off 48 and then his body cramped up. His body has been under so much stress for months now sciences here read this team so we are seeing it also have to remember about LeBron what was thinks about this stuff to Latin talked about his near photographic memory from the product nobody else everything's got angry is that you remember everything was great but that's so he always talks about how he doesn't he doesn't sleep that much during the flaps and an often is that. I'm so busy thinking about everything that that is adding to this as well. Same guy. Rachel that the other day said he was not losing any sleep over the fact that they lost a game in Boston. Excuse OK so they lost the Boston loses a Mozilla usually goes abruptly and it is not the NBA hall of framework is Kevin Love Oliphant. At this point no. The five time all star Al Horford wouldn't exactly people know I know years and I don't know again and again you know he's not a hole in the NBA NBA its first personal is not the India on all of -- yes and dedicated Arnold there's no okay all they and it's not an MBA award he's at the end it takes here it takes into consideration your college details are ten years on the league he's got probably you look for formal but I. It is now that's gonna help Al Horford worker won two national championships right in college so yeah it's gonna help dad that the its. Your eye on. I guess Jon yeah you know and love while telling you what's big insurance you get out in your answers yes and they put you NBA also a joke I listen I think heritage Iran and yet. To what a surprise to me yeah as a whole other thing I can't iron Donna right now not right now I think. She's so this is not open. So offense tonight. He's obviously I tell you what that's like a Taylor I requested by the violated heavyweights on your ass halfway through the halfway through you're career OK I said the same thing about not yet all the living here have not at all Seattle ahead 100 years they've done nothing but after. Renounces devil of a hall of Famer does it mean you know who retired as they open their love for. It carries a week earlier today look at edwards' good looks Ozzfest flame throwing wade let's fast forward 56 years from now let's do you could see both Kevin Love and how Horford. Make a deep making it into the basketball also lock. First is always a couple guys over there through Alice halts the little things there's a little things little corner and all the things that I. I'd kind of darkness. Intangibles actually I'll say what a lot of crazy things you miss LS second all these kinds of things are not innocent chipset is second all the fronts of thing that's amazing because I was told all yours could win defensive player of the year. All these people. I don't think it and we both think of a defensive player of the year and we can we'll find out. Our our power outages there that he deserves real uncertainty and Marcus Morris was witnessed 46 games the markets more Garrett RQ how does just via you know second team. Those are those of people tell me who's going to be defensive player of year. Decision did you know best the boy struggled both good and with defensive player of the U is yeah. Still do not quite quiet sort of audio electronics editor since announcing her case. You don't get a man a lot of what I did have trouble scoring addressed that last night the key was good timing mistake. I mostly I think he was good as you get them free throw line each ride. That he actually was like you know what I know tryst dumped on me but I'm gonna actually try. Take him down low and try to score on him and he got to align so he was little more aggressive. And even more. And you know it it was for an event and once a web front end. First of a great. All of this supporters because there does have a real video game discrepancies between the home in the road there's nobody more so than Al Horford the veterans five tied it all is there a future hall of this this. Hold this whole narrative that is that is growing really about the burden of LeBron James. The weight of the team that is on his shoulders stop everything he has to do is weighing a mouse. All he played all played two games I know I urge you the slowest guy in the NBA I heard yes you have logged the most minutes in the NBA but also the slowest so. My mindset that you are conserving your energy most of the time with guys who are are moving a little bit back heard ever. Ike was Lester we've heard of a great player being tired. When it matters little if you know what I'm not the other guy can think of who Kellen Winslow. Higher higher gathers us this iconic picture of Kellen Winslow the tide for San Diego who had college at the time was like you know some record amount of catches. And the actively use credit to scare him off the field I don't tell was polite you know years and years later men like Danny walked up. But he but it was like the visual bet that they wanted to be treat it like to me that's what LeBron is all out OK you know. You know not not doing the whole Jonny Gomes because I feel like he's sophisticated version of Jonny Gomes got to go to come out just ask you. What what LeBron James does it's like settle cryptic messages. And like in a non pearl of the case that it's a terrible game I'm playing like crap with my excuse well on the greatest ever play the game. Think tie. Well there's an idea about it here's the thing so this year than next year when you what the bronze 34 to 33 right now. The odds so he has. Should you may be try to limit your minutes during the season. All have finally what you want like on your shoulders to be that I. Happily movements in the union be it but didn't go down in August he found out that in the second in the what the third round the post season Eastern Conference finals last year. You broke down. You've got tired. So I'll imagine next year that he's gonna make an adjustment. Correct I don't play as many minutes you're getting older but now he can do. Please directly through a table with anybody who can block unions he's playing more minutes and it appears that you're sure I would have. Game your best lap right then you know that time then I do that type of guy. And every roster like he's got to like he would have the know what he's been through what he's dealing with the now tired used. When it's like they stand back like we ready Sprint's. There's guys eat 820 sprints right. And the first ten and it's coming and asked. The last five. Beat everybody. It holds up and out of San recognizes that. I overcame my my my deficiencies and that often that ball and probably admiration you. That's the bull crap that drive you insane and that's who he is cute and doesn't do. He doesn't need to do it yet 88 like this subconsciously. Deal that he somehow rolls out there and the republic of the world and everybody else backs them up. So and so weapons that they that they sneak by the Celtics here. Does he ever gonna get through the should be barred I don't know what room. If god willing god given much health. I no doubt ask Greg about their ordeal that god gave you all the talent ratio Nichols worked on your body is what happened Rachel Nichols is talking about how he's losing sleep. Now I thought he did loosely all. It was the other Dalia I've been able I don't lose about a loosely with a minute your mom Rachel wood is as you are you're you're you're immediately you're the best conditioned athlete on the plan it's. You're not you know she's you know you at this that there are you know this you're gonna need a lot see the problem upon it. That was easy to come out and eat bugs are you guys rag heads guys and older and god knows people will be racquet this guy forgot I'd never even admitted he used he didn't. Tyra eluded others off and you tell me his actions on the court was trying to create a narrative. You tell me that every bit miles Bedard coming up mild that the exhausted the look at his face when he got that have banned since that. It's just lean on his young elbows on his knee covered his head like move what do you tell all if you say how innocent you you're an actor right now what you act exhausted. Utility did last night necks out now once you realized oh don't lose. To saddle was you know these -- the result is after you read a book he's got the book on the fourth quarters on re glad that people who would not steady he's been reading the book the outlaw was about as an idea of its crappy book by the way zip I hate to break everybody operates at night that saw how many pages did you actually I don't know I think that's the magnets get beat throat hoped that that would otherwise it like I've paid a digital age. When we usually is being when you're skipping and not really reading looks like eight and my point so you wanna whether Bronson came together imagery can look at him by going on. And it I don't follow through because so it's gonna as you read about you Brett. Like one lender booked looked up soccer but he was taken photos when look back down or another line to back up again and it turned the page at. They rig was great it is a problem I have with the media sitting there trying to make excuses with him being tarred these are the same media that were applauded him. Because he literally said before the season began I wanna play every single game. I will guarantee you during the course of those 82 games there one night. In which it made sense for him to take time off to take it game up matte of fact the last game ugly the last game of the season. He played in the game he didn't play long eleven minutes he scored ten points and the only reason they scored ten points. Is because he needed to get double digit scoring to be able to stay ahead of Michael Jordan's consecutive streak. Think we double digit you sicker some of those guys you know did you hear that he's. This is like a badge of honor and a lot of volume along a little play every single minute you know all along our you know that's the salvage pump system. I like that. Personable and a nurse him please visit the fact that it is good out of these guys. They not see why the media everything I want to music welcome and at the disease of kindness I'm sorry for him it's all about the stories about reality it's. It's great finals. Send your fifty. I'm usually don't weighing their voices you're asked to do stores I don't know. For the mortgage. My body. Okay hundred days and the total amount that would be in the best there's not going to be in the post season. As we won when I lose a bit of exhaustive. But no cost me more doors finally kind of to me. I have this publicity of you have little left at all boggle my words suited for any reason people below the mark when they lose if they lose if it's game six old games there. You'll come out of the game with a career and much locked that Lockett in market doubly lucky. Belatedly realize Ansonia when he realizes he's gonna lose this series. You commodity game with a cramp in the word will be with his body is shutting down. Don't want you lost a lot of double loss I would buy that unrealized or go to Vegas. Call everyone you know prop bets it's gonna be cramped body shot down and he just can't do OK so out of its back. Is it fair or not Patrick is it fair in Cleveland right now to sit there and say all or part of the problem is he's tired now. Because he was selfish during the course of the season it was about individual does would wait what we're what does it help the team out. The chair playing all 82 games enduring games in the second half of games in which they were getting blown out. Which had zero chance of coming back as you're on the road you don't need to admit that's what it. This minute you open a game that's about adolescence through its goal in game five mile away gives you better not quite right or does that. There's a guy like an average team and what room the media during act like it record course of the season saying. He's this he's going to come back and haunt you when you get to that the season that we're accounts the post season. Door don't you write that if the doors or your doors off of the other night page you know like you are so so we're tired and social yes and I think and nobody thought you know we think you had any blitz that somehow it's like to lead him down the road it is and it's logo used it to just jump start me doors and Dominick he'd gone. Yeah you know I don't know either and I'll tell my class that we are gonna have given a modern day. And yeah they get into them. I said. You you got another level you just he's got to dig deeper they need you want that ball. Kyle are you to listen to these and they nice guy that we are talking about the greatest of ball. The does drama that surrounds this guy. Is a reason why people you know don't you know don't wanna get the credit may be does bill on the news or great great player but I'll always have their say you know. Joining get tired. And these guys don't get tired or Jordan retired agents in a plate truly Eddie play you can inaugural you can argue that he had been cast around them out of you of course puts. Oh we let me give you that he'd like to say that just because he doesn't have more support. It doesn't mean that. He's exerting more energy up victim puzzle it's basketball now. Great up and down the court whilst yeah auto show and they don't it's like 70% effort sport when you narrow it down you average it all out. That they're heartless and just transition. And pick it took a move that they're at a hundred that lies. It's it was so unknown. Down president as compliment I can give him right now is I think he paces himself better than any player a very I think I'd agree with that okay there are times in which he knows he's got a hold back. And then he'll bore the burden of and they'll go on a twelve nothing run he'll be the catalyst of what they went on a twelve nothing wrong so but. I don't understand. The numbers are giving him disrespect sitting year old three of us think he's going to come out. And he's going to be huge in game six when they get home in front of you sell a fraud excuse me I know what what could have been a total. So that's ironic I'm on homes that because he protects himself because he does say even edit and the post game sound. He says that you guys are Mark Jackson and Mark Jackson was. Was giving him every like it was like he was like in every uniform they're talking all minerals on galleries this. LeBron james' toughest team. I'm James well worn out LeBron James like we haven't seen him in the past mouthpiece I'll valve opens and please welcome. How life is your life it's who runs for his. Like she's white and I think right now while I originally born I had had enough. You know he's he's he's like he I know he still wants a jobs bank and does not likely to get an extra you know it wasn't politics for Johnson is that he's never. How likely tile like being significantly nose bleed them you know cramping you know shorts too long you'll mouthpiece hanging out about his season will end with a career. Of course in full view it whatever that would be that would noun muscles you pull out there that's that doesn't go yes that bunker and Beckham and that it often you'll have another poor guy showed Agassi waste the Bulldog. I don't know you know almond and implement a lack of and now the of the cameras all the publicity right now in. I got a speaker to back. Kids are you don't. That's what you need more of those cameras whereas I want some some dudes playing basketball awesome like that sit on the snared athletes smoke is secretly what are we doing and you pay these people to do that it is valuable lesson in the not on the clock it's not like it's like you know time the job that's at the feet. Just want a flat rate not get paid by the hour and I'm sure it'll all Paul got to be in my house if I'm not a patio guys dominate to show we're many of the cut down all the trees of living in somebody's backyard now what is your general. China and hire me I got tired. I'm so tired you know what that I'm even an hour and a half nude on the give it to you but you're still at 61777. It's false. Hell life it's your life. For a. Straight. And also what will be eventually if I removed him does he was thrown for a loop in a reason why it's just it baffles me. To talk about it all get to the coaches get a little bit Jesus used at the coaches because one night one of them is a genius and and the other was an accident that this. And well everybody here in Austin. Was ripping apart the bluster and use it is definitely get we gotta get all of that. And as I said we're giving away some Red Sox tickets that is coming up next. He's in sees courtesy of Twitter and Christian Fauria. Right now we returned to more of or waiver Loney euphoria about Sports Radio WEEI. Then he's been reading the book the alchemist it's about. The personal journey that people go through in life listening to the soul of the universe if you will. To fulfill the personal legends and LeBron told me that you don't let the legend is secure you know I have my family I have my purpose. I have my treasure. And so I asked them what's the motivation here if you've already accomplished so much everyone else in the world that seems trying to figure out. The answer to those questions he said well you know you put a challenging economy I'm gonna go for. But she's a great player. And what it's all said number he finally retired maybe we put them off and on top perch he's the greatest player of all kinds of just becomes what will you know outside that your tired of the same stuff he reads a book already see where he's on Reid is integrated community. It looked exhausted the next year written a book and after it was hit pretty might caught. Kitten rate. Would have to realize though what he's doing two doing it's not only what he's doing on the court but he's actually coaching his team as well. Write it in I guess I gotta help realized I'm confused so. After the first two games Brad Stevens was a genius and we were putting him above Gregg Popovich removed a problem is part of the book I think about a we got that. And then they played two games out Cleveland and all we gotta tell ski season is over rated race there was quicken for. What does the results and outlook sort of last night of what I don't understand that sold. Game four. Mean if you are watching game four is no question that by at halftime. The number one take away was that Kyle Korver is destroying tree in Britain. Offensively defensively. He's destroying Jim Brown for three blocked shots he could miss a shot through tough defense. So count Colbert doesn't play a minute the first quarter at all. He plays the final minute and a half I think of the third quarter played the second played four games over the fourth. So this guy that such an impact in game four in Cleveland. Barely place lot while the game's still matters. And asked hi Lou what the hell happened with his rotation and Kyle call over and he gives this. The rotations and we'll jumbled Colin play in the first quarter and Kevin LeBron on the bench start the fourth did. It's something get out of whack for viewers that we wanted to. Well initially he's been put in all the threw us for a loop but we've got brought up two and a half minutes in star before he was really go so since they haven't game I think want to OK remember so. The Cuban government and it is integrated benefits him to back remembered I thought wow I need to look at what they have done. I don't know the benefits remember when I first saw it's O Selena pollution. It's like a Cologne is still. Second wild things of that sit amid knows this guy has this like huge impact in game four. And Brad Stevens how can we defend Kyle Korver I got it. Let's not put socially monitor the data show about corporate brilliant again takes courage coach in the and he gave me a big let's say also how we are on the bench was even possible innocence that mostly not coming into the game. It and bring correction to quote an article about it as well he said it. Over late ninety minutes so far the four games coming in at thirty of them have been mostly on the court. So. Is it is an hour early in early call that Colbert can't play lake is complete defense large defense look on for in game four in Cleveland I'll bet defense looked pretty good. I think pretty gut. So you couldn't put him in early. What are your best scorers like off the bench your what are your best shooters on your team. You couldn't put any game it's like to because threads that you might never put also ahead of the articles it. How dull person. It's cutting to the spot. It's a different approach to you know as far as just being honest and being transparent. Yet one guy when your players can remember every last game of a game. And your coaches I ought to remember so that it may be used as locked into the hole Tristan Thompson. Because every time Tristan Thompson are actually on not just Thompson on club Thompson. Militaristic Thompson was it was corporate of that whole match up right so he's doing this old chess game this back and forth this cat and mouse game with Tristan Thompson. And Al Horford is doing the same view of corporate and W I. Vastly overrated all of this stuff is vastly overrated if I have my best shooter. What are my best shooters in its report the best three point shooters in the history of the game. So I'll wait for some other big muscled up like you know guiding come in there before I thought I should limit. Like why are you dictate with a template I yeah. And we did think it was a ghostly comes in he's like one guy you don't defend on the floor. Correct yeah yeah over the Fed ghostly so that's why you're gonna wait because equal is gonna get exposed defensively. Seattle wait till and on score comes in and he just you gold cup grossly good at a passing the ball anyway if they do we played you Jackie moon these past their right away. But after what you saw through game four defensively and Jim Brown except. With which follows that a couple. At the public worker would you agree though that we've been on both sides and the reaction. You know changed dramatically when you know when tied Lou apparently won two games for the Cleveland Cavaliers even though I'm not sure yet much to do it. Coaching is vastly overrated. Stat India in in a pregame show last night. Which if you noticed the ESPN. Pregame show. Somebody's got to them and said to them you guys need to have a little bit more can you need to do a little bit of what AT&T showed does. And it trying to create something now between Paul Pierce not liking Chauncey Billups and trying to create some of that stuff. And I know broad and yes they work and I have no understanding what Michelle Beatles doing in the middle of. She's getting a direction to conduct she did you it's crossing guard she's yeah she's invited back so she doesn't get them to look at vs U. Collection let me go to you bring to FEMA over our supporters tend to have anything to do as bad but she lied to bring up here as a team bell brought up issue that the you know so proud. At this point before the game because Paul Pierce was trying to point out the Bret Stephens was a better coach they were arguing who's the better coach he's done a better job in the series. Which is a dumb argument but they were doing it. Chauncey Billups said the tide lose to him the best job in the series because the last thing he saw was Cleveland when he gave in Cleveland would spiral. Look Tyrone Lue was the was the coach. Paul Pierce had nine on you got to look at the out of our employees. And Brad Stevens is killing. The cavaliers and out of bounds play and I got to give it to division rose came up on this that. Out of all play so far in the series Celtics are only shooting 22%. 21 present. Cleveland shooting 33%. Deserted us there is Leonard isn't a better shooter. I always thought. And you got a really good shooter maybe that's why are we want people why we wish him all the time he calls from game to game. It depends once again what area called the games being it'd and the sickness and this guy is the greatest at the coach in the league and coming try to convince us that. Model was the greatest coach wants to handle myself tomorrow night after Cleveland winner OJ wins the series and the greens goes. And so it's and those that stat that Adam that's so misleading you don't because you think you'd only you can only show two count this that with a guy was wide open. Aziz inbounds plays you know okayed pick here move around here follow through one guy gets the ball hands off another guy and it's isolation. The play that Brett Stevens used against on the Philly when he takes the Kodak timeout to get the picture of it knows what they're gonna do at any changes the play. Back to me as a guy that's an even that doesn't even play he's gonna work. Ball don't Jim brown and it was a play agent wrote up the key wide open three point units. Greg played a bad play totally played political and field goal percentage is the determinant of a player does that make any sense of listeners shot I think. And when you do this everybody says why you pick brands they have and it would divert defense. I think he's got a really nice job with developing these young players but striding give chase Tatum a little bit of credit and give Jane brown little bit of credit right. Is it possible. That Jason Tatum were playing for another T. OK with whomever whatever coach you want that he still is not one of the best for recently. I I believe that paid him probably would. That we wouldn't see much difference in his performance that's not that much they've dug Stephens has been port of what was that as they finished first year product OK so he deserves a little bit of the credit but. Most of the credit should most of the credit go to this could busting his ass he's working his assault on a day to day basis to get better and better and better. And still is a long way to go as we we see he's a little callous doesn't finish a lot of stuff inside the paint I think he's got to give Steve credit amount distributed player years. Maybe what they're elk elsewhere. Okay. Yeah you look at the look at Mitchell laden and it in you to what was it. He's a terrific life. It's an Oakland stutter or. If Donovan that you were drafted and teams were Smart enough to draft him at the top of the draft you got that same cleric there that's how good players. But it coach that two of them. I see young players I I I usually. Take in the NBA and you brought this up when you see a player. And you say a player's good it's not like baseball. Like Jackie Bradley junior won it for a month right in and we want to watch you don't you see a player in Jeremy Lin was it the example of when you wanted to but in the league. You know they have one you want it they're good players are good enough and I think that's what you've got your ID if you would take these players and move them around. I don't think they would be they would be much different. I Bergen new we're gonna get Europe an idea of who the latest. Hollywood. Name is there's more out of Hollywood today sixteen women came forward. And eight are really accusing this guy serious issues. But he's got some issues we get to it next. EI many years now on the movement. Geologists studying and pressure and that's all it takes him. Pressure. Many time. Definitely yeah most times it makes any sense. Opens fine that's for after. Here's our latest creep out of Hollywood it is more again frame and sixteen women have come forward with the stories of fast old Morgan Freeman. All eight of them who are giving you personal. Experiences that they've had so eight of them are claiming that he was inappropriate. What does that whether it be sexual harassment or whatever the other rate or witnesses who watched all of this stuff. In one incident one of the women said Freeman kept trying to lift up my skirt. And asking if I was wearing underwear. He never successfully lifted her skirt she said he would touch it and try to lift that she would move away and then you try again eventually she said. Alan market who's the hero of our story today Ellis Alan Arkin maybe comment telling him to stop. Morgan got freaked out and didn't know what to say. It goes on phenomenon he commented on our bodies we knew that he if he was coming. By not to Wear any top that would show orb rest. Not to Wear anything that would shore bottom is meeting not wearing clothes that were fitted. These are all of the movies over the years that's not a day goes by popular. Half a block on or around three if I can you monitor Freeman was. Was not in the office on a daily basis this is someone that was working in the production company former employee said but when he did show up. He behaved like a creepy uncle. In the words of a male former employee one time I witnessed Morgan walk up to an intern and start massaging. Her shoulder. The intern get visibly red and wiggle out of his grasp it was on. The incidents stood out to him because Freeman which using only one in the cuts that you entered as the other. Was having an epic fail now now now was injured and attend. Car accident that you may remember widely covered by the press. Another former employee told CNN she was present in the mail former employee told several people. About this incident shortly after it occurred CNN does that whole exposed say. On Morgan Freeman who looks like at eighty years of age seven well. Are all hard and unfortunately it isn't just a surprise of just read an animate these were in the articles those of stroke what we meet us. She's a reporter apparently. If you talked about once when she was going to press junket for a movie going in style. Issue six months pregnant at the time. And Morgan Freeman apparently that that he shook hands he immediately go one of those. Looked her up and down six point spread a little bump that tour I wish I was there. You are right. Boyd I'm. Love their side god gave us the outlook is so it is. And a video goal literally want to hear it gets worse because our race caught on video. So she reported what happened two or supervising. Ernst and the issue struck CNN human resource and shoes were reports is that she was told by Warner Bros. that they could not corroborate the account because only one of Freeman's remarks. Was on video. They actually had it on video but only one of we have got to take. And it's one wanted to write part yeah I gotta be in their car jacked and then somebody is only one slick and grabbing only what was on video so. And apparently the employees present did not notice anything. So that was it was only going down style Italy's slow to solicit three things to you yet we O'Neal one on and I felt. Flight you know we know that I don't think that happened we got one of video right now but we don't have all we need out three or less are incomplete and nobody there. In all all the interns underneath the oh Morgan Freeman didn't rat him out yeah hard to believe right just excitement on the street so yeah they dropped over. There's is tough it is one story after another in this expose it eases you are right and isn't all as an alternate verbal. Does it seems to me Harbaugh like I needed not a lot of those pot community views there ain't no. Horrible now but burglarized but but here but here's where their harassment continuing to young production assistant thought. She had landed a job of the dreams in the summer of 2015. She's got a ruling came on right on going including going in style that was the movie was Freeman Michael Caine and Alan mark at all old old article dial but the job quickly devolved into several months of harassment. She told CNN. She alleges that Freeman subjected her to unwanted touching comments about it figure in clothing on and your daily basis. Freeman would rest his hand on her lower back rubber rubber heard her lower back upper upper back. But the problem that is so she's young production assistant she's getting an opportunity to do something she always wanted to do. And let's work on Hollywood production. And she's got this you know crazy old creepy uncle. That just you know once the culture and and and as a whole different a motivation here not acting it's an important. I look like when he's like verbally like assaulting them. We call candidacies authorized it it's he'd be talking as he monologue or a dozen movies I'm sorry for these. And I think he is it yeah. Apple aren't a lot of what do you think like you he doesn't embrace a nation voice is when he's like when he's really on up and yet he gets into thanks Morgan Freeman's nightmare reader mode. I must say that we changed man. No longer a danger to society. Who's done more who's been I mean even make that. We brought Missy Elliott the Mountain Dew commercial and doesn't compliment one. Don't think he's in your voices or what's gonna poll that asked what the storm now again we were quite happy to actual but it doesn't it was the other one with them in it. Just a Quebec. Who wasn't. The Kindle chicklet Peter. Was the second half of that commercial OK the guys that. A clear reference to her and do. Communities that are market imagine he's talking like that and mentally I'm sitting on some gas production off tonight we're talking an annual and she's she finally thinks she's realizing her dreams of working on a a major motion picture. And only wants to do is you know. You know on dollar around it has been popular he narrates like him he actually he's not an Ares I quote you're. And if you walk to hammer out and coming out of speakers on them make some Emma says. Just because they make bottomless Saturday Night Live dude dude that is what these Hollywood guys do we make fun of they do any of that stuff. The fact that he's ADB's creepy. But this is creeping. This is. It's creepy but it's not you know everyone's. Right. Well we having less sex on women. It will greatly what he's doing is no question about it and it could be used on she'd viewed as harassment because people underneath them are free to speak up. Against him different and I can be on in a movie lose their job lose their job. The definition it is but they're different categories yet some guys walks round as creepy that city of good did you you said look at you know is that some mean. I'm just saying about there isn't sexual harassment because it is that the basis of power. Isn't it in itself that it should be crime and that is a problem in this nation how many millions of millions of dollars in saw rape. No I don't put it the same classes are. Possibly have make someone have sex with you we've because if it didn't lose their job but they don't open it and that's different category. Nobody it's a power trip and it's a way of putting somebody in their place and it's it's an I think it's a major issue for this guy's reputation. Amid if you're talking about this is a guy that probably down the road. It is one of those wanted to talk about lifetime achievement awards we given a lifetime achievement awards nowadays because even though they get sixteen people here in this article it's offers coming out. We all know what the next place. Another sixteen coming out tomorrow will be another five or Greece. CS entity to say address and there's a different kind no I think there's one bucket for everybody. Honestly I think there's one bucket I'm not I think that you. Beat a man OK but I think you view over the poll that the commitment you know hundred women. I think the majority was say you know it's all the same. Well the rape is one thing there's no question but the sexual harassment is a real issue. For women in the workplace I mean that is a real this is bad I mean listen you can't sugarcoat this by saying well Lisa wasn't rape. This is really bet he's in the industry he's holding power over the Joan when it's on the probably ran away from the sky. Who were extremely talented category didn't ruin their want to see sexual assault. You know it's sexual harassment workplace and it. But this is bad. And I don't thinking you can sugarcoat this by saying well at least it rape anybody he stated all of that and that no we might have ruined their lives of those. Because he they would just trying to do the job. The same way that a mania was trying to do their job. And he wouldn't allow it to happen because he was more it just didn't getting his hand upper spurred. That he wasn't actually a lot going for her to be at a production assistant or an actor or somebody on the on the production. That's all he cared about creepy guy in Arabic ruin his reputation destroys them in my eyes I think the guys just don't know. Sailor got I don't put an NC carriers that Matt Lauer with a locked in his office. Forcing people to come in and have sex with them or to lose their job. That's all I don't know but I mean is different and admitted sexual assault rape you don't want sexual harassment the workforce. But I would hold off until we get the next sixteen to come through all that there's a possibility. That he did have a lock on the side of this. Are we got another hour to go at 617777. Had a threesome already are an element.