OMF - Jags coach Doug Marone claims he never even watched the Pats-Eagles Super Bowl 9-12-18

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Wednesday, September 12th
Hour #2 - We begin to look ahead to the Pats and Jaguars rematch this Sunday.  Christian believes the Jags offense is basic at best. Who will Jalen Ramsey be covering?   Plus Jags coach Doug Marone claims he never watches the Super Bowl… the man is lying, right?

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This afternoon that's what Joanna Smith was out there they are fixer or what they switched the front or the talent being spent on them mean everybody's waiting looking into the Red Sox dug out like one up to the Tuesday decision to bring back morning. Yeah bearing. I don't quite know why he saw something that maybe only he saw. Rock fall. The Swiss army knife back to call back no fouls during the drive their right. I've told you the chain and I'll label like dubbed king Richard jumping up and down like this. Well aware that one up and Sports Radio WEEI. I don't have a telephone network like Fenway Park we'll talk we did you Bruschi coming up at 430. This afternoon. We start talking a little bit of a football here because this is a powerful moment. On the docket a road game on Sunday against Jacksonville. We're expecting it Wednesday were gonna hear from a lot of the different players including ground. Maybe he'll try to get something out of grower with that Jim Ramsey to try to get something got a bill today. But Jalen Ramsey. 90 yeah I will listen caterpillars. God built the corner that statistic bugs that Slater and noted they asked about trash talk and I. There's going to be talking a lot. Is changing game. You risk of course is now. You talk guys about. No he's a world where jaguars. Back. That done well let's. Look we've we've you know and it starts and we'll be ready to go sure that'll team. Actually see what happens I don't focused on. Our preparation and game a lot of respect for a closed book pearl coached on the coaching staff and players that came. Hopefully we'll be radio. You can quote I heard was Jesus technical matters we know when the game starts we will be moved in and it starts. Yeah that's bound to it's like I rocky product on top gun. Rules. You cannot you want to truck. I'm in the actually probably Brady's only I am playing greens. You have had that ability to escalate and I think bill versatile Iraqi by remembering died died in overtime the game starts who will be ready to talk smack that it's him. There's a certain there's a bomb leaders started her volley. Everybody says it's but it's trash talking batteries can be involved. So Detmer and apparently spoke here in the last hour knowledge Q rank as you apparently heard some of that. This talk about that your this you have heard it. Now I don't know I don't know how important who think you're talking about using her bags to the lights on and off and president of government agreed noted Jeff sofa at a well let's try to find out whether he had anything to say. It's in which and it has to be tough you honestly he's the column each. Well this fellow mayors that this is a but. It was gonna add a double digit low double digit win. At the end yet doubled in the pebble that's been points on the road. Whenever when those five games. That aspect or digit gain that I had actually losing lately you know that's what does this defense I got a losing yeah I do it on Hillary's defense at all different level of pressure figured at all he's gotten with four losses as the losing it with three losses I didn't lose in this case tonight you'll have them winning this game had a winning last week's game. Yeah I'd losses the goal of both the pits. You also got a lot of muscle loss to take into account that you unity. Mean there you know they have this I've seen me but he cleats by Fordham about what excuse me Dick the last it's just start thrown everybody out there is a dramatic available through any DNA and we shall be right in and I will be right at it. This is that what this is the defense is that that gives them serious issues. Let me tell you get two corners in Abu BA in Ramsey that it would maybe take away that quick pass that Thomas used to. In their front four in the end you could talk a pony double Lawton in merciless put the pressure but their front four was right there. You know and it tackles and Arab peace in the middle vice gamble on the outside. Miles Jack running around like a fool with a linebacker I mean they they get after a little bit is going to be tough sledding for. And at home so they don't get off the mark a little quicker you know they can do that. And you know you're gonna eat different food and obviously crowd noise with a offense and defense so yeah I'm I think the secondary. And you can we could talk all we a lot of legitimate. Purpose corner of the least. But yeah I agree with you on the defense aside and we think about. What the teacher at the U the last time they played them. Guys that had monster games and a dole had a monster game. Cook had a monster game portal with a miraculous catch is that it would dole on the on the far end of the the hills there was a third and eighteen hole by the way. There was a miles Jack fumble no fumbled member that was a double past that I am another good player but I am a dole a cot and threw back across the field to Dion Lewis the elusive running up the field miles dec. Act of them the ball's coming a mile jacked my object comes up with that. Which should have been a fumble any sort of looked the other way and oh by the way 38 he'd be completed. And it's on Rio. So what I did is today's one on one with more on the outward this is why I'm not ward. There are the most. Pathetically predictable team I've ever seen in my life offense offensively. So you acknowledge it was I just look at the second half look in this when they had a lead their 1410. And are second half. First down place it out to Jeter either runner past right. But the if you look at the way it started trending when the second half started you could tell. They were playing not to lose the game that fit they didn't wanna mess around there to try to milk the clock as much as possible. So these are all the first down plays as they were up fourteen to ten to start the second half. Ron. Ron. Ron fourth play of or play a play action pass which is incomplete. Run. A flea flicker which is basically a run run run. A play action pass run. Now they're up 2070 with 832 left in the game the patriots are starting to come back but he had that long drive to get it cuts out and outscored twenty to seventy. Come back what's the first play they run with the lead. They run run second play second they get the ball run it over the exact same girl played yet throws. The next play first down run. So are you starting to get that healed up what they're doing and they don't need to build a double these addicting us sort of a bit then it becomes so obvious what they're do we defeat they're getting frustrated. So now knowingly take the lead 2420. There's two minutes of 48 seconds left on the clock and what do you think the first place so now behind. Before they are ahead era comfortable though the very first play now the behind Luke. They're behind and can't afford to milk the clock they have to play catch up what do you think they're gonna do play action that it pass yes this is the taxi. If you guard well they're there because the obvious passing situation. You'll have enough time he can't afford to sit there and lose time on the clock so you have. To pass the ball. It was so easy for that Dietrich of the debt calling out the lights place. Think when the patriots are doing it brag about it they knew exactly what was going on they knew exactly what they're doing it fast or to the giants. So the play the giants and they have a lead against Sunday it was passed and I'm okay what are they doing. Are they breaking their tendencies are they allowing Blake portal to somehow he'll help them win the game and it's totally different but they're not successful doing it. The same situation the route thirteen nine. They start running again and pocket and he used that they're okay this stable situation is stable Jackson not allegedly quarreled. Look at that terrible situation. They're not companies in him completing passes in the second half first down plays Ron past which is one of the one of the main one of the first of leases they had. Incomplete incomplete it's not working guys they don't have Internet start run the football again. They threw the ball six times on first down and deal completed it 2% of them the rest were were runs so. If you're the jaguars. And you know you have a monster on the other side even though we have a good defense. And the first sign that they're trying to break their tendencies is their birth downplays it they start rolling it out. Not any not me run formation not talk about a play action pass an obvious passing situation may be one back or maybe no back. You'll know that they are trying to break attended these to the patriots cannot predict and Easley called deep it is to stop them. To me that's the their biggest challenge. So would you tell me as it is it's eighteen to design their offense. Because they don't feel confident enough in their quarterback right below ninety closeup look so what did you recently discount. The purpose when you have got other little. Little guys who were apparently they could but there was talk that they were interest hidden Kirk cousins in the off season. And an avid others that are rookies Tina yet. It just but yet what will say only if that's the advantage right because he's been at least they still happily portals. And because of that that the key really is gonna before net having illicit practice today. Perot says he thinks should be fine but the week is the type of thing that's the biggest thing he's a concern you that last week the patriots beat dashed on the ground at all. And last week and last week it doesn't it into the running under. The running backs DeAndre Hopkins. Even John Watson the running backs are 25 rush for a 134 yards it doesn't five point 36 rush it doesn't. There's only a big part of that is the way that they were playing to try to contain Watson by doing so they left to the the middle open and that's where most of the runs were hit you've got a guy public morals who confront Wilbur Wright's you've got to. And you want him in the pocket. Don't you know that so you'll want him throwing in that pocket but it but it's a little pressure it really it's like a high school football team play. So it's like amateur hour watching their off days allies operate audit. True I noticed there but Mike Reid said this stat in the first week of the season. Patriots defense had more pressures than any team in the OK so that might be ported that little in the way that you were playing this quarterback in the runs were ultimately really didn't get burned. In the outside. In house I don't what's the difference. While modest concerned about it because I got to coordinate runs you usually expected it to began tell Lamar Miller is not as big a film brought in money running down to the biggest aghast that that's because of the John Watson yeah the biggest threat in that game was. That broken place that watching could destroy him. And they didn't do that they really contain and they did a great job on Watson that was the game plan so I'm not concerned about it. Now the running back you know with yelled and M with what form that. They offer different 12 combination of the interest and see what they do and yet I think defensively. You tell me Christian they have to kind of play a little bit the way they did last week. Would like sports disease does have a tendency to drift out that yeah but but the issue is is that. The jaguars will do everything in their power to protect him with maxim with that maximum protection Puckett who patted sometimes three tied and a full back or back. So they're so where's it gonna throw workers noticed the secular or two or three man routes and the place that I that I talked about as far as it against the giants the passes were the two the tight end. We're talking James Devlin type stuff checked to the. Lakshmi did the first half and FC title game but they do a lot of work load dump passes quick passes. You know safe passage to kind of get him going a little bit and it did more. It did work I just think that. Defensively that this is this will be fun game to watch you know because I want to see Brady a one to see this team would defensively. That I think has has more talent than it used thirteenth and has corners that miked up in your face. And the density that figure to ball quick and oh by the way we didn't pass rush to be hold on a bald eagle second third fourth looks really we get you now so I think defensively it is going to be a lot tougher than what. Last week no I think your your 100% right challenging is an understatement for the Patriots offense because. We think about all the unbelievable plays that they needed to meet. That only the greatest court like in the history of the world. Could complete. Because they had them the jets or jaguars data is dead to rights they had they had a right they wanted him. But not only did dirt but did their offense they alone but the defense. Just wasn't wasn't aware of that extra plate knocked it happen not evident. Past the other thing is the only mention it in and dole right in big games. Now you're on the road. So this Philip dorsett disappear under a couple more drops because now there's a push this is a different type of game not at home opening day. You know you're on the road in Jackson a gift that nasty defense. So the same guy show up. You know does he show walked in the navy does will please even. They were if you were a betting man you'd probably say now. That that's the type of player that's going to play much better at home home crowd. Goes on the road let's he would let those guys that do that and wrote consistently a special player in big games big big edge he's not ready to do I dug her own unbelievable truth. Or Europe. Bleeping. There he says he did not and still has not watched the Eagles in the patriots Super Bowl. From last year on ominously truth. You've you've been I believe on the true of course that you might be out there like that I have infamous absolutely lied he think think think last year. Yet every year he says he doesn't want I don't mind that I don't buy it he's persevere football guide channel you don't want to see novel yet I'll give a hole you want out of a bachelor oh that's right some football people know what percentage actually repair whatever now and. I get are doing the patriots you know that this is a team your play of last you just played them again to count maybe you watched that game to see what do you think do anything different extra. And they exploited the hill that Philadelphia Eagles expletive yeah. Lot of them you can't know if you're talking about watching that Sunday. I could easily believe a coach so you know what I'm Don and a break I don't want you to do with them going on vacation. Now going you know fast forty into the offseason where your started the ball is dead time in your evaluate your future opponent. Yeah you go back you look that's doable let's hear Doug room. Generates he made some pretty high profile comments about many players across the league. His awesome one that was Robert counts he had some unflattering stinks to say about ground. Do you ever talk to you about some of those comments at you feel about what he said. You know I've had conversations and obviously those conversations you you know remain between me and the players are so that before. But I know that I have been the greatest amount of respect for law. Long time I was bad and played all my yard then we played against them quite a bit and we have good but I respect we want the best guy that got the best that them played in that position and we know that it knows the challenge. And many different ways what you can do so. Felt that I feel myself you know our team built. Agree that jail and kind of put a target on you guys all live by by speaking out. You look at it this way. We got to have always say can and yes decrease cellphones and be able to do that so these federal employee. Covered all the bases didn't burn his own player made sure that he said that Rob Gronkowski is a great player in the and he extended to the entire gronkowski and you know cica all the places. It differences with legit and Ramsey talking trash I think you know. Eagle actually five or six years ago and and the U get Richard chairman talking trash. This isn't that safety from Pittsburgh the Hewlett who. You know I mean a news wasn't it was the idea being that there was a comment yet but the one in is that the reason why dropped to gather club and you know so it's like. Hulu that these guys may comets intelligence can back it they did that that's the difference the difference is that that Richard Sherman is 88. And they skewed right now can back it up now crop is a huge test he's so this isn't just a little you know wide receiver. You know this is someone go on the outside in sickness and look at get a big battle with Julio Jones and AJ green that do is what I do. They're going to be in bee stings you you pointed out before you put Garko wide. In that you Ramsey cover electric corner what do you put in type that lines in what do you do. You always want a war over run right action grow at a very unit around Jessica's ring. Was following cooks around a lot of what we're cook started getting hot when they can going to cooks he was making play after play after play in one major topic of them that he was huge for that team. Did rams start following cooks around and that was his primary read grammar block. Got knocked out of the game with what a minute some odd seconds left in the second quarter hit play again but he wasn't really a factor anyways. So I mean and and and dole of gone brought back he cooks gone. So what does it look like. Hundred Dwayne Allen took rock spot and didn't even make it dead in any sort of stat sheet I don't know he got the ball through bill with all the protection. That was in the basement of of the Pittsburgh skins Jack Johnson so impeachment so if you're thinking if you have picked up. News of note is that if if you're thinking of of rock wrong. If I'm looking at the numbers here. That when he goes up against. Corners his catch rate drops. Anyway. I think that would mean the same for most guys would it not that. And especially tight ends that you throw the football to. That didn't have better success against linebackers right better success. Against other guys the corners are probably going to be guys that. Give them the but they sure have a particular have a size advantage overall net they would be with speed but you know you talk about a guy who 667. The lesser formula ramseys 511. Yeah but then again the quickness and in the be able to their break up the pass as opposed to put a linebacker on a mythic wolf will ruffle ma well drawn to big than you. You know so much roughing up is going to be there by the way he's fast than you do so you can see that line begs not a good matchup but a corner at least he's be able to close in the breaking up. So here's what get a Ramsey said I don't think Barack is good let me say I don't think markets its greatest people thinking years. Before the patriots game he explained he had a a gentle as analytics an offer. Holes some numbers for so we just do on the soft the top of the said this is not just bravado. He's he had somebody break and the numbers anytime Gerlach has been matched up with a corner any corner he's had a very bad gain was it an apple corps. And that corner has had a very good game. We'll go to the back in a minute guys got a good. Markets performed much better when he's lined up in the slot. Then what he has on the perimeter where he's more likely to encounter elite corners his catch rate dropped from 71%. To 56%. Which is lower than that of the average NFL tight end. Bomb he was asked. What rock did in the AFC championship game he said literally not good. They may have had like and I want to catch he had a concussion that's big guys. Really good city get knocked up leap out. So. The so he went and found the analytics on this all of the numbers. I get that socket more football 6177797. Dentistry seven and it. I know it's a season. For basketball at and for the Celtics. But but the great gamers there are trolling art guy Lou we've got to get there's always an aside. They are you have your top rating your rating that this week what mentality that you're taking it out of the field against that guy on track them. I'm try I'm absolutely trying to eat their lunch old Tom. You know because of that listen I was the 1000 New England. Sometimes I will be working out working out would bill early in the morning and went in built builds their massive and he you have a pact with a pack about the state. Of just all the pools all the meetings all everything that people sit around a lead this will be plastered today. It's cool couple of Saturday night and everyone in their pictures locker room was one bill exactly what was to put forward that would be great to go come Sunday. Damien Woody and they're truth is that what bill does he knows everything everybody says come back when Damien Woody. Sometimes. Yeah he'll manufacturers. I don't think yes to manufacture. This would do when ramseys them pretty good. And all he has to do throw out there and it'll be an interesting matchup so if you're Doug morrow. If you wore the Jacksonville Jack was do you look at this. The numbers we put corner on him a look at the best corner in the game let's put our quarter run on Barack. Yeah I don't know movies and maybe situationally. We lines up on the yeah man yeah definitely. Even in because he lives out in the want of wonder and if you don't. Yeah but they linebacker that can cover they got fast guy didn't do everything got a athletic guys if you cover. So and you know Cunningham was fast for a lot but I can run last week Houston Texans he found him at at and brought ramrod I have. Just ram I am duke Cunningham recover but by that point it was too late. So. I obviously see how they attack because you're looking at the receiving corps used circuit scare Hughes cork. Well that's okay I'm slowly up and. I'm glad that you gotta double I would imagine you'd see a lot of it right adults that is it Ramsey is lined up on the outside and see dignity in motion brought kind of comes the line call to the alignment. Prices of Fujian Utica more than. The dollar net. Yeah but but the things so if if his numbers if his numbers go down when he's like now as a wide receiver. Why waste your best quarterback on him when he does not as good. He's not a good so you can put your second best corner army to put a linebacker out there. He's not as good guys like his route tree is diminished he can only do a couple of things slant. Goes. And that six million toys good but the the linebackers because this is probably news quote a line that shouldn't get yet so. You know if you ever. Gonna put linebackers on ground and feel pretty comfortable this would be to team that would do it. But if I'm Jalen Ramsey after them all of this talking I've done dug out all of the statistics are whatever. I want Clark. I want car as you know is going to be that churkin down here and feel yeah you know be on them. And a few snaps right about that can be when these things reached following them around the field. But we autumn as Smith situation right situation. How big world do you think. Bill will play up the Jim rancid stuff we've got. We need all you come in a locker room yes. Yeah I don't sort of like when a guy like Jalen Ramsey there's there's so clown is that you just don't take them serious. Literally do it that way and I do think everything about everybody's at so it's not like he's taken on Barack. He's really just going out of his way to be silly with every quarterback. Rock which is obviously he knows he's a bad ass so how how serious you take it real life so. Based on the history I guess very sooners because Freddie Mitchell to Philadelphia Eagles will soon complement the Rodney Harrison and we got so much mileage out of that it was crazy. It's because there's there are. He's basically given your backhanded compliment that you kids kids that that the it is in not a good play army and. Not agree that that's the ball didn't ram he's a great guys in the past popped off you know it's a political entities. We can't wait to abuse and we watched film and abuse this guy's name good. When it comes and it's hit two of the pistols are so we spent some time yesterday talking about Matt Patricia and the predicament that he's in. Because that may have bad. The worst debut. By coach in any sport maybe in baseball somebody got blown out opening day but because their 160 you actually much happier right yeah we had a for public but it doesn't matter is is a 106 games and obviously turned it around. No one has had a a league worst. It's getting worse though for Matt Patricia. So listen a little bit to let Detroit radio this morning. They are destroying this guy we really you as we eat and we did what we that he was that after you read meridia Sacramento bee. After the segment devoted to ball a little about security for the flu what the Detroit regret all anonymous Hillary did. If you use this morning you were listening to Detroit radio this one. Talking don't miss it you're listening. These are the talk all of us at Detroit radio might look at the Detroit press and a few date wrote box usually we we played this stuff all the time on the show. For differences. Let Christie you know as he just community organizers shut it'll I think it's real where he I don't kill his what general Heidi here's the Detroit free inheritance argument can be and that's where I'm getting more. Today today I did feel I. It's not a sentimental day today it is Shawn Windsor into Detroit Free Press usually have line. Here's a headline in one game in to his future career Detroit Lions coach Matt Patricia is in over his. And it gets worse they basically say it is no way he's going to recover from Indian. And it's basically it eased off on these guys. Like rob there's. The a team problem. What's that it is therefore know what is I think it was yet another atrocious in the wrong place he's following Jim Caldwell yeah there's nobody. Over the last forty years that has been more of eight. Like yours coach Jim Caldwell forget about speaking poorly about any one of his players a question is part. Never gets X so. I mean he's following Jim Caldwell who want to visit went out of his way to to run a country club the worst party. That they thought going into the season that this was a playoff team. Well let India off you'll win rate for. In the beginning when you start here and reporters who played sound earlier. Of the year when. Do reporters saying that people were there were complaining the veterans or they were complaining is reporters watching practice it when guys made a mistake you make him run. And we set the zone when right then issued in the red flag oaks away you've made a mistake. And because you take a lapping it was just a school there. Just shut up and the big lap dash or industrials at the end of practice it and everybody to everybody around Italy it's still an addiction yet the problem mean as we mentioned in the days months man man now Billy Bob. It up go to Jim Bob could have been a surprise Jim Bob. So you've got an offensive side of the of the of the team basically all offense who was successful last year who had a good year staffer and everybody. And their profits according to what their coach. And you can get. So I think the offense you. I think Jim Bob feels you know announcing victims of the guys that actually makes its run will make mistakes appeared he somewhat negative or download Detroit lion problem. Or prop yes or it's you know getting uptight about the new rules say that you can't take social meet at the pictures in the locker room we don't want you guys tweet that I can't post bulky cables also have a valuable which is really. I don't know if Caldwell had that rule but I guarantee almost every single coach or everything he'd have that. A similar rule in place. Just to protect may want to make you know in the back of the locker room again it's just bad business but it only problem with Patricia is it. He might easily beat him long enough. Due to maybe change to cultures need. War or the edges that it went on you and yet the team that they already know internally the players already known this guy ain't gonna last. Why should we take him seriously why said he did listen do because he's not gonna be dictating my future anyways some ideas what he's not going to be here long enough. It's going to be a fascinating study he has a five year deal I think Quinn also has a five year deal is the general manager. But. It is the first two years don't you kind of weed out if you gonna change the culture. And you've got a weed out certain players that you know what he's not going to play along with. And maybe go to be coaches maybe coaches as well but he may not it may not last that long when they are killing you right out of the gate. Detroit Lions coach Matt Patricia is in ovaries it. And then it gets worse as I said if you re too that the state absolutely destroyed and they pick apart everything he's done. During the summer during during camp. And and bought easy at it in my attic and basically say that it's all Bill Belichick and in doing. And of course we get the list of all of the guys that are part of the Belichick tree he mentions that none of them have succeeded. You know Charlie Weis in college 4140. Romeo Crennel approached 2855. Nice guy terrific. Eric Mangini 33 and 47 Josh McDaniels evidence seventeenth Billy O'Brien three games under five on bet and that the church is now or when one. And this list is now going to be part of the the the Matt Patricia store. Yeah it's it's it's. These coaches are starting to get a well maybe started it's been going on just as bad reputation. That coaches that come out. The patron organization. If you don't bring bill with yet you probably not gonna get a lot of success. Is not gonna work boom and also delicate in and just you know for for aperture if you look at his defense is. You over the last two years they've allowed the fewest points. In the NFL over the last two years his defense is that he is Ron have allowed the fewest amount of points in tooth he's up at the last two games. Which you'll probably indicate that cars don't feel and accuracy or you know the problem is readily each day but he his defense and right itself eligibility bills' defense telegenic so ever I. That's it they're gonna write him off very quickly and it got brought everyone has this problem is that Josh goes somewhere the great offensive mind think that well as it Josh or is it Tom Brady. I mean it changed and which which isn't so. This is the problem. You know villas is is so good his job and number he's been so good his job and it's one reason why defensive coordinator is offensive coordinators. They go places and may be find out that is what I do it on what they'll build a defensive coordinator. Yet of an eye to the deal and and Tom success he's he's killing these guys right now to give the sketch yet. And you're right I think he's got to change the entire culture the culture that's a problem. He may turn out to be a good coach down growth he may never get the rope and never get the time to be able to do right. Bob Quinn hired him. Bob Quinn with a nine win team last year. At the end of the season that we underachieving we have better personnel than a nine when team you tell me you watch them the other night maybe they correct some of the problems. You'd think they're gonna win more nine games this year. William Moore count on the show last nine million and an important battle Edouard that's pretty good quarterback that's the other part of them all yards I mean every year and I mean. I feel a diplomat Patricia I don't know present going to be great coaching is game but usually when you watch a game like that. We got its on the fires usually Matthew Stafford the quarterback that threw four picks in looked awful. Instead it's so much focus on Patricia and the reason why is because of the people know the inside story that they do have issues in the locker and what it normally. Have you ever seen at quarterback threw four picks his team get destroyed enacted any rate is much criticism yet it's all Patricia. And that's shock and none on Jimmy Bob O Jim Bob just about what these protectorate. Three bucks for that if Matt can't he's not gonna survive this test. They may hold them keep them for awhile only because he's got a five year deal. I don't see how we surprises me spew bad. Because maybe he needs two years just bubble thing up and change the culture. I'm right back at your life from Fenway department. Go from here. I'd rather math and Barack if you had a harder results. In game. You know that comes yeah. Jets. The the ball rates were certainly. Yeah he smiled big smile and got us. Temperature shifts with a beat it's one thing. Want to gaming already they've got a mama Amani. I don't like some little kid like a little kids yeah. Promise you that a turnaround this week. And you from my church going to turn around this week and ignorance and there is definitely go back like their next two home games they're gonna be New England we three. That is Green Bay. I think we five or six I think it's five so Uga to go to San Fran who lost the Minnesota Jimmy drop below dizzy. Does he turned back in Jimmy G or you know who knows what happens in you happen if you drop that game at home on the road now you got to come back to this your role fan base. In play New England. Yet they ain't just the way they're they're asking questions is no respect the things. Every any he's not great and leave the media now not. Quicker and it's the not the best at manipulating. Here almost a trillion he doesn't look hard. He just doesn't look at apart at that they do if I disagree I look at it does look you know we wanted to meet you that you're going to be it shouldn't not only the fact is that that's that's basically it and the fact that he got pants by a rookie. A 21 year old rookie at home under it the first game to put them for their their asking him was it harder than you thought. Don't you bed your little bit to open. Don't you moderate Democrats vote just asked him are you overwhelmed. Are you yeah I mean that's what they're right but you what the problem is though it does feel like your hang like that media. It is as some New England has they'll do some birds chirping in the air years this is a part of it was how. If they feel empowered to be able to be that crap on this guy is they feel like they are sources in this locker room don't respect let's let the players have used the media you gotta write that they quit riding your mood and will want some people like us that whether to coach or not. Somebody. And it's. The media a hearing directly from players who who won about listen to this this was benevolent peace and red for. They are suddenly talking about Bob Quinn he's the one that hired formerly with the New England Patriots he's the one that hired net Patricia. After. After Caldwell. A nine win team. He had inherited a nine win team from Caldwell the team Bob Quinn said under achieve the alliance general manager said the standard when he fired Jim Cole while a stick it departure sure must now meet. He must be better than nine wins. And that gets on them but when he arrived at each ready inherited it's my call about the rethink about Jim Caldwell in Detroit. He inherited this when team. And a quarterback Matthew Stafford who steal it more potential lenders out the former lions coach helped push effort to stretch of his career. And then. The game. On the other night Monday night yeah aides admit that. That when you have an it's funny like the players that never blame the coach right guess he probably evil does deserve some of the blame because. You are responsible for getting them ready. That's. It should not let me ask you this if Bill Belichick retired tomorrow. And Josh and it is still the offensive coordinator from Tom Brady with Tom Brady fall park. Now would we sit there and say it and they made the bad example because he's the best in the world my point is that just because Matt used Matt Ryan but just because you met right okay if if you know Shanahan was still in Atlanta is as offensive coordinator. So again Jim Bob cooter sitting back there he's pulled Joseph Kerrigan and he's just sit there and he's let the manager get actually trash and laughing his ass off. Meanwhile it's his offense. It's his quarterback that's a good example Kyle Shanahan Matt Ryan township it was to the offensive coordinator ending quint a fire in Atlanta. You would Matt Ryan. Be awful. Mean still that is offensive coordinator right now is still the same office. So you wanna put it on Matt Patricia. I would still look at Stafford and and Jim Bob scooters and. How's your all of a big part of it is Matthew Stafford and the thing is the in the national media thinks because he puts up a lot of numbers that jarred. Over the last few years that Stafford is a really good quarterback. Did you know we're talking about it earlier what happens to Philip doorstep when he goes on the road is pretty good here look at Matthew Stafford will win loss record on the road which he won like one road game now. In his entire career may be too he sucks on the road. He has problems on the road great players get beyond that and that played free and venue you important for all of them. One thing all his fears I think he's of it really he's a fraudulent again I don't know if I. What yeah oh yeah I would say overrated but a case that the NFL you're good you're good you're you're gonna be paid like your great. The thing with the bat what's really sucks for him. Is this debate just flat out don't respect him know that now because you tell me you're gonna bitch about a couple silly rules that really every team has the reason why you're doing it because you don't like him. You know in your pitching in your complaining and all of us so nothing about the NFL with a regular. Those easy needed to bring in the guy was it in bill bill always kind of brought in some of these linebackers that he had in the past. We're finally here want noise but I would wait and brought the giant got to happen yes he brought in Okie Anthony pleasant with a guy brought entourage that's another guy go hunting he need those guys he needs that guy in that line backing group he needs a guy that offensive line the line. Sat back field. That this is his guys would. Wiped out malignant brain. The last two years and does do is for really is this he's that area. You need some credibility on the field again captures mark you have any credibility and I feel you write down brotherhood but even so and you know it alls you also have is. Campbell I mean you have you have a guy that's he really holes you'll have a guy that really should be the lead in the first place because they're usually hit the pause and had no business being an easier for reasons he never played. He never practice. I ever are looking at hands electorate out there. I want I want and Mike threw like in the closet and I basically did you know there for the most part I didn't practice with the Carolina Panthers I never really played. And that was also at the point why do you think they'll run Anthony pleasant in both pushing the result just no but not the reason dreaded really I honestly don't ever better and older veteran who they really acted on the field yet because nobody respects math they don't respect him right now. And and get notices of. The situation he was coming in where it was the Pete Carroll country club. Out of Seattle when he was first time around here okay and so he had to change the culture dating. Yeah he had the players still rave about peak are. You know it really is great but three play great players that we're here and also we're here with Bill Belichick saw a difference in the way that that. They would deal another day to day basis. In all it was different this the most important thing is probably changing the culture. How is he going to be able to do it if he's got players Stewart or sticking knives in his back in the big of the media. And he's got the the media sit there trying to get his ass out of town because for some reason it'll like the fact that the called bullies to sit there talk with them. Yet not a product easily see them pick a non match you know picking on the way you load the heat off. He's a little awkward you know can he really just food. He has to move it to the pencils that a couple of those players and and that app. Apple like grizzly Adams by. You know crazy scientists like doc brown from the back to the future that you sort you know just yet not it's not there yet again and are doing don't trust you use more -- North Atlantic return to market the like you guys attacked yet thank you I've searched a 777737. Airpwn never. Right here though and if we do it over here normally report.