OMF - Jalen Ramsey admits Gronk is "good", but still isn't scared of him

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Thursday, September 13th
Hour #2 - Jalen Ramsey, the outspoken CB of the Jaguars has finally spoken up for the first time this week as the Patriots head to Jacksonville.   Ramsey didn't fully back off his comments about Tight End Rob Gronkowski, but still has a healthy amount of disrespect for him.

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It's afternoons with the masters my gloves. What he's really let's go to work a little busy these terrible and I think he's an idiot that I cannot do that before and it was a little thing he would that is good for you have the attention span for three and a half hour baseball news I saw here swimming and pulled them on someone's tidy start doing their hot bird house is pretty physical bird house note whistling and -- Christian or that tail end and kind of put a target on you guys all that by speaking out I saw you don't yet apologized on and on Twitter don't apologize date canals and I'm Dana pretty phenomenal. Art does sort you know what I. I haven't really been my teammate believe it. Okay. Does doesn't he goes to church were tortured and have a non you can read stuff this is unbelievable trick question tiger is six. On Sports Radio WEEI. I think you're knowing that we continue with a Red Sox won't get it to the patriots after just couple minutes this Jim Ramsey can help us. Great great player but he just can't help itself. Are great players do let's go to nick Mason Rhode Island high net. They had you don't good. They shut down there but I don't appreciate it so I wanted to recruit to send knuckle borrowers. On at this ridiculous potential quiet. Where missing knuckleballer it's different met separately some well situated there is a short interest on. When are you are on about an hour or their arms out but how quickly we forget that Steven Wright has been pretty reliable over past years when and how you have. Various. And nobody nobody. Can. On a guilty go there mysteries why coach I mean I honestly feel left all the talk on Greek as open as an on nobody's better and referred trademarked it's gonna beat Stephen Wright and Nathan involved the two guys that are in this apparent. You know I just don't know vote solely in the eighth but in a playoff game I think looking for a particular say report cells out there. You might see Stephen Wright the third fourth inning. It might give you three of Florida and beyond the game goes five I put his ass out there for the sixth and a set of so mean I think he's going to be huge role as well now we try to miles for last astronomy in the eighth inning and no one is nothing game when he's been healthy the last two or three years a healthy. And reach out. It took a lot of structure that corporate and and it's it's we stuck where. You have a putting me Larry I am an exam like that you know it that's a really meaningless game. You have it it's not nearly quite the same stress. Ray or consequences. But it's also close out a voice for entry had I thought let I don't really count is because it's spring training you try outs and two dangers that you don't see me I think you know it's lowered. Brad you say that out agree but ended it personally. There is casinos why he's out there in the eighth. He knows it. He knows he's out there in addition these are good or John might be pitching high leverage spots and Alison is a little bit of heat on him. But the other night when out of nowhere like Brian Johnson comes in the face a lefty he knows why. This they wanna see him. No lefty on lefty matchup there's immediate need for lefty Bobby pointer comes in in a meaningless game in ups 521 whatever it might be. I expect you to get that left the out if you walk of a give up a bomb I pull your ass out of the game in the knee you know. Any country brought up yesterday about not having a lefty out of that that bullpen though. Did point might make this I think this policy finals matchup golf course that's right he you could tell it do they carry an expert sure made me. In this because they really don't have any but they don't have a set bullpen rotation or maybe you carry an extra pitcher I think. You distinct partisan heard your guys earlier talked about their actually bright. Douglas situations in games yesterday with with Alex and that he's looking for certain situation got to try to. Not only give guys opportunities to to audition but also give himself opportunities strategy wise as a manager or bench coach last night. Might have made a decision to carry three catchers does it get we'll see Andy Lee own. He's great with the starting pitchers. And eerie isn't a fifth inning first and third one out that was a mall or Alex studio but you know if we faced this spot. Tie game and gain tool one of the playoffs whoa what should I do. Why leave. Seemed Leone and knowing that I'm probably gonna get another inning out of my starting pitcher. Mile or so we can catch a full one inning. Order what pinch hit for recess right now is Blake's wife were pretty good pitcher now you know renewed when pinch hit in Oregon. And then puts one up behind the dish and I need Vasquez. So you that next to a through each and look at the situations is why don't guys fit on this roster. And last night might have been a situation for the third one out whenever Leona ups and pick come playoff time I can't let him hit. So I don't wanna let him hit that situation comes up again oh I might need three to. For situation all stuff because he doesn't have a set rotation. Then who's off Brandon Phillips obviously is off the postseason roster is devers off the postseason rosters are devers looks like he's really fight that. Like just fight defensively. Umi makes plays for Europe pop up yesterday general pop out of his glove found territory at the plate. He looks like a guy that's let's start to lose confidence in himself and I wouldn't be shocked if they leave them off. Especially with a scenario that you just brought. Because why heart can give you that bat late in the game but. You gotta you gotta find a firearm got a brand roses we find room for and are not drama effectively backed man I'm not sure he's gonna make it either fear adding an extra pitcher and you carrying three catchers is it's not unheard of though. Whatever three catchers. And also are harder wireless it's not a done deal size arcade you know he's. You play more than just. Baskets is play anything but catcher Leone the plate and in the catcher's wire to play first please laughed if he's been great pinch hitting for it when you realize that's why does notre gonna look if I would say to it it it's between Vazquez it's why hard. But but what I'm saying is that when you look at your team to get to evaluate where is the soft spot here but where's the concern. You know I yelled for additional concern throwing up their pitching effort DH the infield. You know at first base you got decked covered you don't Steve Peterson and brought all the going to be on this roster you know even though he puts Y a RD can do with theirs yet covered everywhere where my week. Catcher okay about it detention of these guys so. So but. Leone is is who he is and and you love them for being held that could be catcher but you know united negated an afternoon quickly normally that is fine and Albert. But why certain wanna hear three catches a few light. You know baskets and and and that's why it's kind of redundant it was one and I yeah delegate is any slight heart if you view swipe artisan guy who is very capable of getting it yet. Coming off the off the bench than sudden but it does mean a devers in the certainly novel plot really no way I did you know that it had the wrong. I really felt about it now if you don't you don't need three. Right very that you duty through political and Tony want to and three. I just alone. At Regis you do in most of Tony's umbrage and hello Tony. Today I could I go you know what I'm seriously gutless with a little a little bit more. Interest as a fifteen years ago baseball if you wind up at 2003 Red Sox or heard. Campbell led them already up and Jones walks Providence Williams and number that. Yes it is and hopefully it's a great little lost his job because he had a flashback that you let a little if you don't hit it all the. Who is living in the past right now this is 20182018. Forward. Let you know pick your old guy at CeBIT it it it I hope that our goal would match OK but not think Juan. And a faulty as I was coming out of our. A win win win OK when do you want right out of the bullpen. Once again Saturday night additional student. Yeah well at double walk form any pitch twenty innings and it added element or exit. Right about last time you liked him in the eighth inning there I don't really. Really well I'll tell you what it okay Tony all right hold on Tony first two batters get on base against Stephen Wright last night. You know what happens and you know what happens in the playoffs he's out. They are experimenting they gave him the the the rope last night because they wanted to experiment and see what he could do. He's out he never gets the reclamation of getting out of that 88 innings tough Tony into let's have a look not only less. So I don't know I'm just saying like I I've said this is consistent with Stephen Wright I think he's going to be neutral I just think it's going to be that's sixth inning and. Six that's why I agree with your vote would you do so you. What you left wing guys like terribly Carol response that Wallace at midnight and stops sector that respect as we. They're all the same when you come at you you can't get where we're a guy like light I'd like Kevin this block this at all. Don't don't let him as confusing the argument you know. No I'd like I'd like him right now and by the way you'll need it because you don't have enough and you don't have that different look out of the bullpen. And I don't like an eight I don't want I don't like in any case. You can see what you said that last year that it was here and that will serve it's got beautiful. Or call eight trucks they're all. The issue here. Verlander and again it's something with what he didn't socialist. Article where the eighth inning analyst on I don't want it more than in the post there with the stars. What are your sort of judges don't like him and he doesn't like to me than you. Out in about a I like you mix yesterday Tim go we might have a position for lefty to meet. The only reason why you throw one of these lefties out there that there are all questionable and point it might be the Diallo weighs what like a four month hiatus. Is against Cleveland and that's it New York who we were a glorious he just is good against left these numbers aren't that bad. Open so that's the first two series right new Yorker Oakland. So it's DD Gardiner. Yeah and India out out of Oakland. And you know they got to Scotty and you know that they don't have like Lowry is the switch. So there's no but when you play Cleveland. And I ignite gets the pump especially from the left side you wanna flip those guys over the right side you know Ramirez easily dorsal against the Indians. You might need to lefty but that's it Houston. Josh Redick. All right he's I think he's caring and extra fertility he has to because he does not have slotted guys and eighty situation guys I don't think you know first round ever for Ike. He's. A guy played a good. They you know are on guard. What was your ballot at eight tonight. I mean I didn't last night but again they're tugging dot so that literally surprised that much. All. I didn't get a gun and I beg you get to me like it's six. It does well Nader or seven are talking about. You are going to the pact to good Natal porch starter. You know like they exhibit a bitter white was doubled in the last ten and I think. Nobody would be back was to prevent. You doubt about it eighth inning guy. You got right I don't know what I bet there are helping in any sport starts. What lies together only for what you want so you wanna go game one on three days' rest. Our if you tell you why not as it is if you get into the party does not like we're back. Probably not something we saw yet. So other than the fact that it networks. Aren't. While the networks and obviously AJ let's say Jason let's Cy Young award winners of best pitchers in the game at the time that a groove and did you try to promote there on three days' rest and it it it rarely. Works. Oh guys with a look at it what it wants bigger right so much what you just said it did then then hit a game but he's a starter. Nope what's Seles and forced out. Of on their. He got in our guys felt like it was dealt. Don't respect. So price he rod. Bushel. Just puts all went bookseller in blood cells wins this year it is yeah arrays like a two. In his losses ZRAs and you know write off of that its data so whether black and white I mean you see it right the last drop and if she ran away boys and if it's not his night that it comes right. Our guys got promoted comes up here and it Billy Knight put him out there and there's men on base and dead ball hits and dirty don't bind to cancer and you're scrum and you gonna is gonna have a quicker hook when you get to the postseason lets you needed a four man rotation and I think what he's trying to get around in his. As the series progresses on and we always know that specially in the northeast you'll get some bad weather. In October you get you know a postponed game they won't start these gains that they think there's any chance of any rain. So you might buy some time and you can kind of score that fourth guy that third guy. And use them a little bit around in in relief Jeff therefore to begin with aids in Boston. Annoy enough finding. I. You know I think. I think that you know for these boys they just turn him loose so that you must limit and that's going monologue remodeled they just. And public sectors saw what going to bring in a new picture and I I don't think these guys are doomed. Playing with forty guys right now Nate. It got a forty man roster right now he got to Whittle it down and have a playoff roster all these guys that you're seeing right now can't play. I understand that won't say that you do you take the rule that guy that means the least so what's going right in that they've met. The locker room right now what's going right the least bit and you can you turn him loose but I don't think it's I mean you guys apart before it been like bask in the locker. And I'll but just some little guys home. So you think there they go through cash. A case you might expect alchemy we should break it im not gonna make you know I guess my point is it just feels redundant. Perhaps why Hart is you can't match after he's gonna pitch it all pinch run or get him out of the game. Unless I catch you guys won it since it's only so so it's sort so I did it with Leone he stays right he's given guys are going anywhere given OK but don't it was Faris why are investors are they basically the same guy there have been a little wary because it seems tough talk on wide on both Bono did not they'll baskets on what's best is do. Because it is and it throws people out barely catch zero obvious until people out as well as wire does and that's all year long so there's a better what's your question which is pretty amazed so why always us off for missile has a better player because he's been catching Iran which I'm not happy about so why are caught him twice now since August 28. Not a lot. Since baskets came back he gets he brought out what she's like I've backed you with Iraq there was it what's the first got it Iraq through two when he came back of his injury I think it was fast. You're probably right center frog have a look attic and looked Christian probably have a Leone if you're late in the game. You don't know what a model where I know it probably gives the old inning big Fella you got to pinch hit the laurel again. Yeah I don't know. Did you see why any idea to allow three gallery three guys right here tree guys are going to forget that our favorite because I Jacob Ramsey can't help himself. So he beat you would think he would stop talking now I know. He picked up today where you left off yesterday. Don't care tires. And if they guaranteed lowest price and counting offers more free services they. Tire dealer and ask prices on tires nobody. Fair tire nobody yelled back go toward waiting room. And 40 am on Sports Radio telling you we. I thank paranoia and happy. You've heard this written stuff. Jim Ramsey case can't help himself went down. An entire roster for quarterback in the league this once like this was not so good this once there's this one doesn't sock that was to embrace of the best. So that was a compliment it doesn't shock. Okay and then we saw all the stuff with with grown and he threw it out there and even back it up with like statistics. Analytics breaking down what brought does again. In order to back let's just say he didn't get into a lot of detail though when it comes suit in the analytic see what he did is to have one of his do boys and it was runners is its gophers. Go find some information that helped them which help is there are still. So that you two are done here not even close I don't have anybody an hour what's the mile and David president. I do that I did so on lately goes by his business and he found information intimate point three brought it up who did make his point you to Politico. It's a real excited when I I just don't have to make and I don't. So it's hey the media is not going to stop this thing go and ask him because he opened up the the gates and it's not gonna close because it's too good story. So today Jane Ramsey met with the media and again they talked about. After defensive coordinator if someone's status. Proper house is overrated. When you say that person said he's crazy. Could be critical care. You are you're not you know donated. Ego and it was it he's good at it. You say it is supposedly great fears that is. Welfare longer period. So he thought about a lot of form. Or Harvard. We got to play got to play justices. A and because. Or will he dare this so if it wasn't. John Ramsey County domain he's got himself into business and he wants no more he does not want to deal with it anymore but he knows he asked is still. Throwing it his way right he could not. He's no longer invested in the knowledge I think it's you do I think guys like him kind of needed. Easily one of those if you ESP is doing it and tiny probably need to go back. And look at that last game. And actually see how New Zealand Ramsey actually line up old McGraw not any not some sort of weird zone you know the fans. Shield coverage were you trying to you know whatever. How many times does that one clip ESP keep showing is the one time I believe that. Yeah Ramsey actually followed rock not like lined up on but maybe had amassed some sort of rover or some sort. In a spy or something like that. Otherwise how much they're not selling out. At NC a senate go back and look because they keep showing the same clip over and over again. There's one where he's following him deal Ramsey. The ball must have been thrown a complete somebody else. Jim Jim Ramsey you know interpreted going crazy and at that time brought caught a pass deal in Ramsey hit him but that was all covered. It. But it wasn't as it played it on the line. Of as a tight end like right at the jackal. I don't see why he would you if he likes is how are you gonna run and that's a decision when you at Sam linebacker and a corner in the same area know somebody's gonna leave the area. Somebody else's YSO. So I stopped me and that's what you attack Iran and forced in the Ramsey. To be to cover one of the lesser known commodities. You know the Chris hole in the the world two up and listen we're gonna throw crystal continuing to go ahead. The media in the scenario. My reasons and you get to the right yeah. He's at it and it too wide left all right Jack or chipping had improved a grunt life right at. And drug is out there applied right yes you left out and British government because he's one of one and outside of there. And then deal pre snap he calls them off the line. With Reggie don't. Is due to finish wing of the sides can come in line with a. Will what if if you go to jail over it yet it's the only person what he would be basically you would call support he would be that last flat defense he would stay out there. He would go back because he's basically an age three didn't. All your buddies you would still have another linebacker or some sort of strife TT picking that gap. Got to be a weird balky line out. And for him to be able to do that and that was the case who just bail back in a linebacker with would would would just a shade over so that. But I will say this there's an three by one or you know really had to be at three by one big rock is a stolen receiver when he would be X all by himself. I can see Joseph Torre had to because. If you give them all that space and you gonna put I don't care any linebacker on your squad. He's too it's too much room for him to maneuver too much room for him to make to make out cuts and uses leverage as soft as quick as these guys are purely because nobody can do so why can't you give a mall that's basically side. All this inside was all they're gonna do vigorous play. So he's gonna he's gonna go inside release is stepped it up the field and he's got lean on a break off and so. You know what that we'll see what he has he could take it. Can I just say for our own selfish purpose. I hope that the admiral does spend puts out Ramsey. For a while mark rock and he's unselfish. Gases because they'll be body language back and forth Wipro on the club or Iraq then again brought only guy. Eight he got knocked out of the game and at the end the third quarter so I mean I don't know what happened Iraqi Army he was a non factor in the game yes but. Everybody on that team that offers with a non factor. The offense did start moving the ball consistently. Until the second half and it was a budget trick plays and you don't miss direction in a big catches Miami dole and branding cooks. Yes it thinks of in the spirit of Richie chairman some ice up. Rich because it went there to bolt wrong I don't know yet knocked out last. Written op that's products here and those guys is a bit better yet either weeding out to the federal idol atomic could get knocked out. I'd be able to climb out yeah I guess he got he got knocked the F out not that if I basically I'd keep voting topic. I so we have items on his bike for three that supports immigrants. Though we were gonna get generator we're gonna get Georgia and technical problems and there's that I I would definitely coming to America barbershop. Obviously what. He's got an outright Devo and world selfish purpose it would go in he's just as far more entertainment. Q do you get. Isolated thing. I looked good news on two of our last two. Certainly. It's you and. So we. But he says you know what it was when I don't know yet. You tell me now I'm right he does not wanna talk that he everybody wanted to talk to him. Because he spoke about other players specifically about art. It's an agent Ramsey was I don't wanna go. I have to buy out of ago and really if you're going to be all you know Deion Sanders and brag both. Q. You got all night as well before the war protests are the stamper and ran through the floors it cuts its product it doesn't sound to me like Doug morrow was that it begins film plays back don't go out there so much don't speak much man. He's talking App Store and lady's press conference votes available which would mean that it would the Super Bowl was was kind of bizarre whole thing. He's trying to be like Rex Ryan well he's ready to press conference but yet the conference call went. Out like this all week. All week he's been kind of business you make this huge game for the for them for the city you do ball you know what. There are there any idea rams at Houston the fact that they're all us. There was making it eager and really there there there there will be my dad is saying it's been the biggest game he's ever again. It's that's. That's what happens when you play the patriots though right enough to say what you're playoff game the yet nobody answers the Houston a big game for them lot of guys out there may have to beat knowing it's in Jacksonville market and lost the NC titled it's a big game for them. You buy with Teddy told us yesterday that. This is one of those that if you could start showing some type of pattern you'd beat them last year I you beat them here that when you face them again says there is doubt. Now now and I think Teddy gave them houses looking at our own WEI. And Aaron Walsh and Walsh is yet there but you the headline is and agents are going to have their way with the jaguars. At a Teddy said yesterday he's listened to you will be out of the slow that it you know because I mean they there's too many Tennessee's that if they don't break them excuse too easy for the patriots to just at least get the right position to make a play and whether to make United's up to them. But at least it'll be ease of them did get lined up right. But the did it is bulletin board material if you. If you if you look at for what it is recognition. Yeah. I think it's and let's call eight foliage. Oh yea I'm liable in the house yet able his house seat Teddy wherever and you'll see you beat me in an airport. And I do the same thing whether whether there there and I just don't. Delis there's a certain way and it's almost like. Just like that point 00. You don't hurt calls there jumper call you that they. Word is coming up was just asked and then maybe they're both gonna be right on the this game because people think it's going to be an easy game. For me and and and obviously Bruschi think they're gonna be easy I think this game try to figure out how the patriots won as. Well I think those you know send the ball. I think that's that's that's the biggest thing isn't it I mean it's still it's doubly portals yet and to me it does change a lot with a letter for their place in. You know we've seen in I'm not put him and I can Ezekiel Eliot type category or some of these elite tight L quarterback a running backs rather that make. Bad quarterbacks look better because even run the football to play actually get easy passes you're concerned about four net opens up all the things. Without the threat of Ornette. He's he's not in that class but still he's the best guy that's their formula run with him without him. Quality and integrity for them so yeah it's just an average guy. Penalties average by you know what Teddy was on he basically was talking about it we use base he was talking bubbly morals your. We said this like any kitchen at first but after I heard on this I had thought. Blake Bordeaux I've seen already games where he dropped back capacity look at his first we have been takes office we've seen bills. He just gave my feet up to where that's not there and I'm just going to run because I'm big and fast and really. Sometimes he's a better runner that he is pro war in my opinion. So to move the chains that way to get an eleven yard I think if they prevent that. They're going to be fine. So you know I heard it yeah he has the second most yards per carry running the football. In the history of the league behind Michael there. I war based on what they say it if you don't have ten yards or so basically what he's saying he's as you can so so this first result usually most cornerbacks. Just one guy going up for past Wright is like it could be 45 guys you know sometimes it's two men routes you know Max protection play action pass. What do you said that. Sub basins are excel at is first up is it open he thinks correlated. Obviously in Iraq and try and make the play working maybe go to my second option maybe go to my third maybe the ticket down the back. Allah god seems a lot of men now it is very easy to fed takeaways best weapon. He's gonna look there first and he's gonna try get out of there aren't you you'd be so they should have a bunch of facts is that some hits OK he'll sneak through and get some yards I'm sure he will. Mean there's even a divide run and there. On purpose it was so different from Watson Watson is looking to get space that we can throw the football this guy is wanted it he he looks at that first option and says it's out he's run the football. So is a big difference that I we get back to more tailored Ramsey volunteer some of the stud World Cup 6177797. And 37 right here on Owen. Hole and a six point 7779797. Talking. Update it's Jacksonville Jack what they're talking so much down there Jackson I don't understand. Why teams don't. Learned this from from history history will feature an awful lot what does that work its estimate talks might actually work. The Seattle Seahawks we'll we'll get enough to back it up and ethical and a they weren't they at the bravado and they were able look for what around. Not usually successful against the patriots and it doesn't make an awful lot of sense around seems like that had a guy I don't get a really good job about the buffalo. And then he got his ass out because they left screw around the draft. And he was he was able to walk away would like you have a million bucks he would what did he became an assistant coach it was an offensive line coach at Jackson. Andy is still paying a four and a half million bucks. But the last few days. He's like trying to be Rex Ryan one of those guys with. You know what I mean it might edited on again this have dug in about a zen about the Super Bowl and obviously if you got to beat the patriots want to go back and look at the film. Of what the Eagles did against the patriots in the Super Bowl but apparently it watch the Super Bowl. And I am curious if you watch the Super Bowl last year. Now I ever did so at Penn did you get any sense of and I'm sure you've seen clips of it you get any sense of the the profiler. I've not worked as a global cigarette or wherever Eagles taken a really no holds barred approach to to beat the patriots and not hold them back at all. Don't you never rocked the Super Bowl. No not that a lot. There's like over a hundred million people can't tell us and for the good and read you know. I. I I don't want two. Got a question about that as a coach but what I just don't ask me about my wife she has gotten Google them right now. And when doesn't believe that. You know you never watch it live. And I mean we are fighting and I can't handle it. What was that even more so because of stones you guys got so close there last year. Not right I just I just. The so is that you know I let them my just as I watch it but I'll watch an upstate journey here. Select what was the last two boy did watch. We want I've got a one on one occasion I was allowed to gamble I would have like twelve. Yeah yeah. Yeah. Yeah. He's got to get rid of that again. Yeah yeah. Lucky loser more when bloody hell yeah prepare for this week's game. We are different and opposite good about it but it was the. A case so let's. Exactly at. Another difference between watching it live on today which I can easily understand and lead. There's times I've watched it could care less what symbol on the plane and a knows it's just it's not a big deal. Especially if you've been knocked out of the games since you know the the scene the regular season ended. What's surprising for coach I guess I don't leave out the last night pickers that you watch every World Series we play in the orcas at seven games. Now it's back on music might sit down one night watch it all went seven games Null and put on a Sunday 630. If you don't but also what's what what was the biggest take away. From. If you were to compare contrast. The Phillies in the Super Bowl against the patriots and Jacksonville. An AC champs to game against the patriot a pitiful from the panel yeah ideally army and that's what happened me so it in you can learn a lot for what Philly did. They can be maybe the personnel a little bit differently so but. You'll have to look at that say god there's only one way to beat this team and it's Sheila and we came close that we we completely. And I and I get and I rich you guys every last play that they did on first down in the second half when they had the lead. Everything was a run but to play action passes and then after they took the lead it was all palace. Only two of them we give him a lot of grief of that AFC title game understand you sorry you said in a very conservative yeah. Why do we retain Quinn is doable the year before. What have we written him there because he didn't run the ball try to waste the clock. But did but he in the days Almonte threw an ease. What did you say so it's actually Tony we just really credits this. All our rubber tonight right amiga you give film critic is to get the foot of I don't that's William Jackson bush have done well try to do that. And we make fun of them yet but that to me that's the difference generally don't run the ball and we make. If you're up 28 to three. And that in this is this is a no brainer OK we are trying to speed the game we do not want incomplete passes. I mean obviously got to get first downs but based on them believe that you. I don't know what coach replace any differently while you sit there and keep being a good aggressive and put yourself in you know. Precarious situations. Ed to allow them. To get a fumble tipped a pass and you believe that they can get in the game while they get a ten point lead against patriots in the fourth quarter the the jaguars that I thought you brought up an interesting point the other day. Maybe he didn't because he was fearful of put the ball. The game in the hands of Blake Boortz. So no because he couldn't get the out. That's so why don't show we blame him that. This but it we blame him for that analysts say this a lot we blame Maroney. For not putting the game in glee portals hands. Okay and I would I would add to that. The second half with a lot different sort of the first half was a lot different then the second half a second have. They were just with the we you're going to slow down and deep is gonna keep us in the game in the first half. The best half of play portals like tiger so what happened to that guy would have to those plays so I can sit there and say you know it. You have a big enough lead. You had to get at least one more touchdown plus you know hey Blake bored holes you're willing to take too risky you'll Willie and and did the and the fact that they got a lucky when miles Jack. Took the ball away from Dion Lewis and should have been a fumble the Boston went the other way and you sit there and and credit them for completing a third and eighteen to keep the drive going. Let me tell you you should never complete a third and eighteen should happen that's the one play you sit there to back at ago listen. They gonna get this one and you know we can rustle one guy in eventually he's gonna force the court to throw the ball on the. Yeah I think he knew exactly what he was dealing with were like boards and price that parents and man we escape this first half he was good but. And there. If we can't depend on us throughout that there are others waited ten in the fourth quarter. The only entity right Olerud being a fourth of twenty to ten. So let's just say he stayed aggressive. And Blake bulldoze through two picks in the fourth quarter given the ball to tampering what do you think. We'd be saying all mine come on what I was when he intently in the AFC title what are your article and you allowed. Think she watched receivable the year before. Annual loudly portals you put the ball in his hands and he got a strip sack fumble at Matt Ryan hall and then candidate they'll pick. You know to Stephon Gilmore on the pats came back and want what a moron these people don't learned in Queens and 88 rounds an idiot Jesus run the clock. Yes I won't talk to your point so it sold the patriots. Score and it made the score what twenty to seventeen there's eight minutes and 32 seconds left in the game. The first play it was a with a run. Shock on formation hand the ball off to the back. Second play was basically the exact same plate a run. The third play. Yeah we weren't running again you weren't create so I don't think you credit for you know. Whatever but. You can't run the ball three times in a row with eight minutes and 32 seconds left. And you're not kidding you about getting positive yardage and they don't want to stop the clock but that's not enough. You gotta get it that's the informant and. Offense is one thing I think that's fascinating about this guy dug around because as I said I thought he's a pretty good coach opened an awful we get a lot out of talent that he had dinner and then I give him credit he walked away when they try to screw around. Am a mess around in the in the draft of the thousand with a rice wide receiver with the Watkins that's right. Sammy Watkins. So Kennedy realized what he thought it went out of Italy yeah. But but what is doing right now with the way that he's running this team where these guys are talking an awful lot. He's trying to be Rex Ryan this is Tom Coughlin. Is the president of that organization out there. I think Tom Coughlin is just the opposite. Of what Doug moral seems to be running right now let's take a little early signal. That's good yeah. I don't what it this guy wants to be Rex Ryan right now. I was him I guess is he more successful than I guess not because that Rex Ryan he's played in a couple of AFC champion as they had. It is better coach Rex Ryan I do just a judge or defense that was really good buffalo in the Rex went in rip it apart but now is down here build in this team. Are eager to you maybe can't find a quarterback. But he's built the team around he's built that thing and that's I don't coffin it's like credit as well always tickled and. We start talking about just the quarterback position how long birdie complaint. I met him Brady 45 years old. Tell me he could play sports team like Jacksonville Jaguars out of very conservative. Heavy defensively really stout defensively. He keep you games. That is exactly the reason why he if you want to keep playing with the offensive line going liquid tell me that I put automatic your writing it off I think the trading at all but I think the hope you have that hope you have I think and his team comes some. Is that you're gonna have a better defense than what you had a year ago yes because this defense right now. Look a lot more aggressive in the pre season and in the first regular season game that anything we saw last year now they start putting pressure. On the other team's offense shut them down now it changes everything anyway and then Tom Brady's got a much bigger. Margin for error this is. Big of both offenses you wonder you know housing at a gulp and you've got breed they got ports you feel better but you're right the defense. For the patriots. That's something you say fuel borders bearded dude in the first half it don't look decent look good and I think you think you feel better about this defense all of the including county in California and why would you feel good about guy by his organs. A account and who doesn't like Calvin replica of them is their problem with. Mormons somebody had a problem because of the Mormon and I don't even know is that you can adopt. These talks with the ability moment. Far more about Calvin Brock and ideals and what you will also meet. It was mostly. You know he's improved. I hate to say because I I you know I think that guy's been wildly overrated here the last two years but he's improved. All I thought used to socket I don't he's. Elevated from sock in my opinion deserves I think and I think he's. So raised woody is I think he's you know sort serviceable player I don't think he's a star but I I'd never really understood you know you're I don't like bounced Emeka last year usually stoic and he sucked worse the year before reserves to as far as like but they're telling him open his mouth and like you Rory tool. You Lauren asks and I think it was I am talking like we're attitude come from you suck. And you keep it wasn't for this team unity. Covering punts in Detroit. You saw. Some were aware of that attitude of someone coming on the other night Dietrich like god so I had trouble battle between me I don't I just like your. He spent far too much time as. We've talked about that's a good thing I think I figured talk. I haven't. I didn't even know who's a woman killed Christian mentioned it to be you Chris the mission a year older and all our archives here looking for analysts out of bounds re outs of the past couple years and here. Hardest. Some people don't like working hard. The church is being brutally honest and you're like every golf. If you write one in them. Lightly here. You Lauren asks I think it's impossible just an impossible over re. Alvin at least add the Steelers are rated animate I can't answer that that you tell me how you rate him. It's personal number matter how mentally easel and put. It is an answer question though it. Is. Eduardo Nunez Allred. About how in the world play real reviews will be different. That's pretty much what I look at it with Calvin no I don't get I think it all too broad nailed it he's clearly is a mean he's he's he's more than serviceable he's a starter played well every single game measure came over to grieve and soccer. As of June 26 grade at a baptism Indian. Worst the year before and degrees of sockets. An alien in Robert's Mueller and debt sauce. You know what yes how you raise is it does it's good. Stopping the running game and you're scared to death wasn't the only cinnamon cover tracking who are. I don't think that you bring players at every position now Lauren asks I think he's perfect for for a he has cast perfectly right now plane that edged resistance standout defense of and you saw. To drop and cover to me I don't know is the outlook for what they use. Well an example a very my I don't know if he's like I said. I mean you can't tell me value overrated or underrated guy and he told me how we rated. It's beacon of bow. Can we please get to this forget Cuba. We had isn't doing it can stop it if you this egregious acts next season you know what degree do you resist us jacket I'm in our words it. We're all get it to Al Horford the best player on the Celtics according to Sports Illustrated for the index.