OMF - James White on being in the spotlight, not getting rattled 1-29-18

Monday, January 29th
This Super Bowl nonsense is old hat for James White, who continues to deliver when needed the most. The guys chat with Sweet Feet as he gets ready for Minneapolis and the Eagles.

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I affirm weekly get together with James Schwartzel brought to you by darkness building supply and your local edition windows deal. Just another day at the optional disabled all other year run and is not easy but excited to have another opportunity Austin of qualities and everything. We'll be ready to go crimson speakers too caught up in the preparation and focus to realize that what you guys accomplished and what you've done here now. Over the years going name C title game Collison bulls another opportunity. I'm news discouraged that they about but I mean we're content is focused in on the work of preparing them. Think about that wouldn't as the season premiere league guys in this league right buddies you play college ball with. That they each get pissed let's talk uniform that I had enough can we all can someone else go to the civil. Appearances do. It was reload was viewed as things like that vicinity if could kill you just feel like it is different for you because last year when you went to the Super Bowl down in Houston. I'm not sure a lot of the national people people outside the patriots. Knew exactly who James White was he is going to be a little bit different. People wanna talk to you. It would be a little bit different when it comes of that my own game Damien just fly around is just do my job and due to the best my belief he's one glove there but your best foot forward and do it and you can come out we can't tell me it's just like another week is it. Those dollar Beverly there's a lot more like distractions out their stuff but you don't wanna enjoy the experience but the same time human and no lightning this way. Of the game itself Philadelphia and you guys have played. And Jacksonville very quick very physical title defense tonight facing another one very quick type of defense. This facing similar. Taught that top level defense is does that help you got to prepare and get you up this week. I'm not necessarily they do things a little bit differently but they're both good defenses. Deprived of similar tie game 24 quarters. They played tight games they've won the game so. I mean there's an expert in the sixty minutes or more much film do you watch for much do you need to know in what you're doing to know that defense. Inside and out to try watched much film as possible comments you have a matchup against. Similar type in the back sore some type offices and when I'm still trying to beyond that led the same time make him. Brings the or some different matches two weeks repairs done so. I mean you see how the game kind declared itself up for the first one or two users illustrates this organization spent seven syllables now all right bill atonement and it's amazing to think the guys haven't scored for what do you have any of these games that mean and its ability to sit and wait Europe's trying to score but is it just. Is it nerves is it lack of execution early on. I mean I guess just lack of execution by the media to don't start that way or caught it would fast start. But the same time was a fast or slow start stood up play four quarters to start festive. Continue to placed throughout the game because those guys and play four quarters to so. You wait goes yes Jackie fight no matter scores today I guess that you finishing strong is going to be the the object which is what you guys have done that you wanna be down 23. But I mean if you ever doubted any public you're last week it's still like we we can do this we know how to do this you know me I think we have great group guys that are. We're we're together a place where each other in the matter the score is whether. But when one voice announcement on points. Think I just keep each other motivated and I Sims played for each other on him out so it's amazing no change how many teams you guys have played where you've been behind obviously Super Bowl last year it was way off the charts and nobody seems to get rattled so the more times you go through this. Where you've got to play catch up. Does it become easier as you sit ago. Piece cake not a big deal and obviously Brady's. I guess breached the Mena. After in the hollow nosed and never is never easy and I see you don't wanna be in that position in the first place when this is never easy but how is it nobody gets rattled. Nobody nobody sister. In and pitch him in life people used to panic when you're in trouble. And you didn't troubled east it on the Irving is the practice in the preparation. Everything's not gonna go your way all times so. As and we talked about four game winners going good or bad. The ski and stay in it. Just keep everybody motivated last. I played Croatia and everything or late last week he said he had heard from the air blog yet obscure. As it started yet with him. I mean no not necessarily have we both try to win football games that's pretty much clearly cockroaches enemy no tax on the opinion now. That you guys will be in Britain. It was in the month now. You know that's going to go out. Fired upon the people you don't want to have you seen the he would tell versions time documentary that. I have not had not seen opposite that nobody in this entire organization has seen his documentary hits a single. Agency advises watching film a little skeptical look at the list of six million people across the country apparently you've seen this on a single player in all have some. I think now that apple. Should do if you guys are watching it you sit there and say wow he does all of this strain. As bright look at it this and some training do you would give me an important. Yeah me he does whatever it takes a name. Into the stony plain advantage in finest and John level I mean yes I do a lot of stuff when he doesn't. He does whatever it takes he's in the best shape it and so in other performers best. I make good luck. I kind of guerrilla have a great weekend now even better Sunday next week and I meant to seeing change what.