OMF - James White on building chemistry on the road, fooling the defense

Monday, November 20th

Patriots running back James White is back on the east coast following a lengthy Patriots road trip. James gets into how the long road trip was good for the team as well as ignoring the rankings in the NFL.


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A little piece of screws it up for almost an insular forty years old. And what does he do. Lance and -- couple hours later he's back out on the road heading out to the field goals on packs not a New Bedford our kids get up to come up on Golden State and good illusion Townshend he's got to you know who's gonna go back all the way down Foxborough he's got to sit. Watch film won Miami break it all down. It kills it for everybody else. It kills it. So it pisses me off from for you does that shows up like an hour nap before anybody else does here he certainly working his ass off and and we show up and we look like complete fool me you guys and a team here in that Brady's already at the state your ready 45 in the morning if that flight just it's making us look back. We're trying to from James White where would where he's been diligent and I don't. Granted I don't know if you registered just play that account with Tom Brady some Brady who lands. And then he goes home drops his stuff off. This is the kids that he goes back down to the stadium and he's already working down I mean this geezer is making you young guys look like fools. And he is then can compete confirmed there didn't didn't we are seeing and they could sort of and I mean this which of each and every so you definitely Bardner. It's you shouldn't feel guilty and I wouldn't at all unless god guys on I was should feel guilty I weeks relaxed James. The body heal little as we. Go that's wrong with that don't. If you do wish Iran and I around. You guys have got to be feeling pretty good about this so give us an idea of the road trip because we talked about this before you left the team did it back in 2014. When they. We're from Green Bay to San Diego and at the end of the year a lot of players said. That was a real bonding approach. Boy if you talk about a complete game you pretty much reduced that down there in Mexico City how much of a factor was the two weeks that together. I mean that we will be viewed. Just going out you know whether there are and they want to Powder Springs news. Bond together. He didn't hear there's an anatomical. I mean. Almost to a crowd rushed ratings slipped. Into each of those sermons vehicles which can Mason. American Hispanic hours for an altitude that record as well that's still too and that big guys involved politically. Equipment we have a look at. These guys to monitor this though by a week a few weeks back in and before and you know you're winning games and just. Almost waiting for the sort of click but coming out of this bye week now the last two night last two weeks it looks like it has is this team. Kind of figure things out offensively. Are they world. Sharply contrary football capacity gains that we've we've done. Each. So that often Stephens president is trying to improve and make it. Gain technical reason I think raw open each other. That's with a pitcher who Volvo. It's Tuesday when you look at the versatility you guys have in the running back spot in the different skill set you have and yet certain. Guys from shore. Are stereotyped with being certain type run is it was a play yesterday and again about a 67 yard gain. On a run and I'm watching you coming out for the plight and bald men. Is obviously picking up on you but he is slacking off obviously fearful. Pitcher going to go out and an in a passing route because that's what you guys did you attack them early all the passing routes with a with a rhetoric suddenly you run. He's 56 yards off the scrimmage off the line of scrimmage and gives you the day what are you seeing stuff like that where. Certain guys to defend you they are looking for certain ending seize from you and then suddenly when you do something different they're not ready for. It definitely I'm sure we're right in the game because most accurate it is but I also. Whenever wrote called it's usually. A nice for Michael Russo immediately runs contrary. To give up as we are responsible enough. Some of their record and you know these you know hours. Here we always talk what the foundation at this the New England Patriots Bill Belichick Tom Brady in the and people that the belief. You know things are gonna turn around the next man up put. What's it like. You've been there awhile you've seen it but for some of the new guys Dee Dee do you hear it coming out of the voice of Iraq's Burke battered Gillis leader. Cooks her doorstep that they can't conceive this thing of there's no panic we figured this out all of this is why you guys always win every single year do you. The belief the do you hear from some of these guys in their voice. We have been consumed investment workers in the middle of the season routier's there was things. You all are we're been put in the selflessness. Nobody cares BC credit. I mean that we're back shall have a big engagement that we have an elusive peace. You guys committed certain rule. You have an opportunity then because it is compact to come out of word from. We do that. Much of the the personally. Do you watch do you care about you know now it starts to come down to playoffs and you were the ranking where the seeds and stuff like that we were due that obviously in our business. But do you pay attention any of that stuff. Or me for alternatives to much of a record that still watch football jacare whenever it's on TV. Well as NFL or college. The bravest right national credit let's go over to watch it on TV and everything blew me all the ranking system doesn't matter. But as long as we win or try Wendy's every week we'll before I will be world war being. Saudis feel over who has what exactly and Chris has been talked to me a lot about this thing called college football. That we don't fall much appeared in New England area put your boys really gonna go undefeated. And not make a final four. And they they don't chosen and the love of this special group that is there was consonant Clinton well. Plan together. I'm not a prisoner in the playoff run. How. People's losses so red and of those littered with his. Life's not fair right. Life's not fair and just Asia it's just after months and who's having the spotlight is an unfair if I may go get go get some sleep and we'll talk in actually turn. Have a good congrats guys went James what.