OMF - James White on chippy divisional games, Brady and McDaniels yelling, a mini College Football Minute 12-4-17

Monday, December 4th

Patriots running back and Rex Ryan's favorite running back, James "Sweet Feet" White joins the show. James considers himself a quiet man who has never drawn the ire of Tom Brady. This doesn't mean he wasn't aware of the spat on the sidelines.


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Wade were loading and 48. Sports Radio WEEI. Retaliation. You guys fearful of that the second time when the bills are playing in a week whatever whatever. I mean when there's some bad blood and specially wouldn't he get divisional game like this you play him again the same season. I got to believe that some of that stuff comes back. A hundred yard yesterday maybe they should maybe. You know. We'll focus on global food we'll be right it was a good idea that that was an end it was a close stated his whereabouts dolphins. All of those listening. Little bogus couples out footage of that during their two will train he was ready to go there. And people most let's see if we got to look at Dynegy toilet that's what you might complaints insurance ARRIS restoration specialists and by MD Anderson. Cancer center exchange what are we doing today. Blew greater. Insult you've got popped pretty good yesterday still until today. Bitter hurt him in did you tell that after it hits and an error. Let our guard and development of voters heard. Soon. Was it it seems like every time you guys play the bills there there always seems to be some sort of judges you know. Some fight some dust. Substance and somebody took to somebody else. Was that at another level yesterday and it was to get worse towards the end of the game. A little bit bigger equal to its lowest close query the you know. Belt and all of it will chicken but it is usually a depression yeah. They're also too it where you guys are prepared today and as we Seth I was like that against Miami as well they're chipping their time to work. These teams are playing you maybe they're quick and it can make the post season but you guys gonna be careful let's take the patent. Obviously yesterday Cronkite a ticket to a level but that's still gonna be in a vacuum mine right these teams have just taken shots that you guys. You've got to be more. You're put to create commercial try to get a penalty places to put this race are. Which he chart chart he urged upon. A so we were talking last week about you know crazy stadiums laid off will be wine and Oakland beat the other when you drive him did you see any thing. As you were driving into the stadium by anything just out of whack you know somebody ain't doing bills mafia bills mafia type style hurt nobody light lit himself on fire and you know. War and fear that he graciously. Welcome local burger treatment there there is also act. Now they're not really if somebody sure reversal of their own media field again again again ordered her prepared yet. And so now does anybody else seen that because I know for a fact. I you know driving in to buffalo I was at Oakland was the worst book that's it seems like Buffalo's now taken over that. That that award nothing nobody knows anything. Urgency here. And. I'm okay well because I'd feel like there's something going on in that parking lot and actually use you don't want to tell us. Our earlier you're prepared I'll. I ask the same question I stadium until or you watched the the the film all time the video you see this over and over again with rock rock is complaining and I think rightfully so I'm not saying that it warrants what he did at the end of the game but. That he does not he has not treated. The same way other receivers are treated out there he's bigger stronger. He's much cork in the most people in this position and therefore when you make contact with them. The other body moves his body doesn't move because he's a a movable wall out there. You see this video you're daddy catches the ball out there do you think he gets treated differently. Than most receivers. Thanks so many to be stronger post cover all the terms so. We need you to actually our little our little I mean it can't pretty. Talk for the rest of the silent little treat cute little burn. Cutler football. So you know there's just a on the field and players and there's. Little altercation between quarterback incompetent coordinator. Did you witness that. Or are we or are. Now do you guys all kind of late shrinking to a corner and just hope that you're not next or what happens. Heard about this will all they're currently there might cool off. Accurately reflect coral. He's event a person. As a person like that towards you. Yes you need to. Know nothing towards the. Google all their letter. Real well strong market look. You don't where he walked. Have you ever wanted to have an outburst like that towards tall and that you tell the truth like a month Obama are oracle or are there. C I want to say you probably have seen somebody yell scream at Tom I'd bet you were gone the next day. And there. The I you wanna talk about college football will now glimpse now we want to go across our front out of luck please make. Here and ultimately it was nice amongst the other. I'm not there are a guy. Who got it there appeared at a concert. Since all this circle faulty record. Mr. Putin Putin Putin quickly compared to a national. And Ohio State have been fun for. Our. Any concern at the same thing last year created it and they. Are there to do that in this series so. Use these pieces they don't I don't. Unbelievable and Ohio State the conference eating their time and then went and as you know the other. They're asleep during last record ever their their well so. Yeah that it would be hard they got interest rate if you. I now we've got we got four teams in the we're gonna talk to will come. Now we're and I had no way around and James you don't do it here I James we'll talk to actually get a good one. We are a little later.