OMF - James White on maintaining composure after Brady's injury 1-22-18

Monday, January 22nd
All the questions about Brady's health didn't deter James White and the Patriots from focusing on the biggest prize of them all: a trip to the Super Bowl. And what does Sweet Feet think about sharing his playoff clutch spotlight with Danny Amendola?

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Gland or Kuwait. Rumor Loney and Christian Fauria all Sports Radio. I sat here and hole and that makes its money were down here at Gillette Stadium and await the patriots winners yesterday once again the AFC championship and it's all of would do. The Super Bowl James ward joins us live on the line. Congratulations man you go back. Our interpreter monotonous isn't really boring and keep on going back to this thing and. Too excited. All of turnaround. Home grown rare opportunity. Just to let it move isn't dead. There there are just. If you. You all the again they celebrated her bag and just. There. Their work so he tells us stories. Column I honestly and this looks a little out of the console uses the word go out who was there for a quick. Those schools to move the earnings. At that. Jewish. Can we start with his Brady think his Brady did open up I'm not lying to you a much setting you want pocket I would you know I would not do that deal. He talked extensively which of the details. Twelve stitches exactly what happened wasn't the helmet of Birkhead it was just that the fund got caught it split backe went to all of the details. So this happens on Wednesday. How would you feel how you say you shouldn't go all my god biggest game of the season. And this just happen if freaked bizarre injury as it turns out Brady was Brady you know he did what he normally does. But we are thinking on on Wednesday all my god what we were worth all the trouble here. I mean things certain. As host of the much that's if you have. Or scored their advantage we'll. He of course and we were good enough or strong differences. Did you it's Thursday morning did you bring coffee and O'Brien winner. I did not record. Of cracker. At Atmel relates. You know denied there isn't working correctly and it. I mean I guess that your lectured him out of practice you know men notes and on and runs. Was that during a Tuesday during team period. Was actors like it is ball and we session before. All your neighbor saw so when that happens it certainly is like. And we got a bullet out here. I guess I'm. A little bit because you're seeing all the blood your onscreen. You know and then he goes up the field. And you're like okay back to practice back to practice again just move the drill us next man up mentality right. We're only this and you don't know the extent of anybody's. Injured it would which candidate he certainly gave them. And they are lower level as and Eugene flood of out there on Sunday. It's yet to feel better I guess on Friday when reports you get told all around a little bit just seem to back out there feel like okay. We're back to normal again. Oh doesn't that give their. There's you don't revolves slope. Need to break competitors who figured it out forces. Those tough format and made an excellent. How difficult was it against this defense obviously. The front for you had difficulty running early on up the middle. Try to go wide and they were right there in contained to how difficult was this team and how as the game progressed on. Did you see kind of things altar in kind of change what you were doing. I wouldn't. Close and what you frequently. That certainly. A lot of good luck categories. Greg Beers so when you were very constrained. Or the one that. My name is Charles they went on. They've always there are great and that allows excellent source of do whatever it's a. House after we won and did you hear that your. I. We will be are you ever talk to you is your. Community. It was his game of internal audiences so it secret matchup. You know a lot of talk to about his Jackson defense and he can run on them but it did seem like we look at the games that the change in muscle Darius was brought over there to trade desert. Was he a big factor in the running game to go see that on film and and that's why did you so difficult to run against. Grabbing they're they're old because all of the international run artist I mean. Yes it goes towards yard gains in Europe and great resources. Keep trying to run he can do you know one dimensional game preserve certain ethnic she's so. And who will be open to that yet lovable bought one for booking into one dimensional. James from it through your emotions way during this series of plays a million mole like no I know I that's I wanna hear no amount of what I wanna hear and on no Emo answer for yeah hosted. So it's a judge fogel of the keep bugle it's one to ten. Today as you guys come out there I'll figure on the field at the time. They go the double pass right to Brady and dole and of art yeah freedom dole in the Dele. Back to you know Louis. Eagles positive yards on recovery. And at that point time it seemed like that was gonna get some momentum and it was just snatched away as quickly as received. When you look at the clock and look at the situation. Would what's going on your head when that happened. Golden mean. They're almost you have. There's Tom McLaughlin. In order to win the football game. I believe that great it would actually be yes or no matter what each other about the situation are not as well about guardian article when we'll get it there for years. Oracle or when the games since he's been too. Yeah I was there and then then then the defense steps up. Now at this point time is there like a lot of like you know. You know big timing guys hey you guys gotta say the cause of defense you know got a Robin you guys that you guys are part of the defense. Is that going on also. I mean this. Turnaround understood opens their. Or that we moved in before Gordon and it's not a golf phrases or when the game and decent step for sort of force tremendously and they'd stop so we view them. The office you know put our best game. Should they so. They definitely. James hit unbelievable soup bowl last year and we've always talk W showing up in big gains in the and they get this new. Playoffs Danny Amendola thing rights of the east is he stealing your playoff limelight right now and I stepping up big widget you usually come through the post season. Apparently. You do it before being but then you recruit local weather. Amaze me a lot of liquid scores were named Kennedy here years. A main. Engines are. All the workers of the ball on ice box takes its these. You know their review. Yeah you know so bill talked about it look at the dictionary the Opel where it is Richard and no I just did it in his teacher's not there. Well I don't know what's going on this don't do it over Angela out I was little while. Where do you see anything that's going on these Philly at the ready. For what you're about to go to right now with the Philadelphia. Eagles fans aren't saying. Bird little Brooklyn bridge and America did agree there sure are there. Those. Last year we were championship so stay regularly. A c.'s don't don't don't (%expletive) them off the they throw full beer cans that the players and called Daniel's yes exactly. So Smart. And this congress but they are he's right as the craziest things we saw them down. In Jacksonville with a preview suitable and they are out of their minds congratulations we'll get an abortion a philadelphians suitable coming up with you next week. Have a good bogus and sleep right. Our interpreter Ayman that's genes or whites all brought you like compliance key insurance let's take a quick break and we'll get to those phone calls. And we'll let you do those took place to that we have we think the gay employees it's funny we all but we're on the same wave like I think it's gonna. We are either of us. At the next.