OMF - James White talks teammate bonding on a long road trip, riding the momentum

Monday, November 13th

Thanks to James White, Broncos back Will Parks may still be looking for his cleats after Sweet Feet left him in the dust last night. James discusses the great momentum the team is feeling after the win in Denver as well as avoiding the dispensaries (and all around trouble) in Colorado.


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We're back to moral or waiver of Loney at 48. Right now fox Sports Radio. Four the Broncos six break it open but guns next. With a spectacle wanted but he thinks differently so that's now. Six yards for a way to wind and the patriots at old button it up. Forty to sixty. And so president doctor James White out there in Colorado that was sweet feet meeting stone seat with little Ed shiver right. Bottle he's still there he's like a statue he has not moved yet he's still there. Married and moved little bitter. So Dave Warner so are you guys that your whole tell that you will be acts for the next what five days that you guys coasters if they that'll count that's that is where. In Colorado Springs somewhere somewhere by the Mountain States. Oils like hills a secret like you know like mount originally snow those secret you don't know mountain retreats at the army only the army knows about. Our air force. Is impaired vision drive and in boot let's look Desormeaux in my room windows abound so how do you. Alleged description of it is you know they're only a couple places in Colorado and have mountains back. This the Baltimore blast that at least this is all kind of like knew you guys and being away for the entire week on the road traveling like what what would we have still lined up here this week. A little means little bit of those who don't bother to in his annual Carter. You know just describe his momentum that would have opponents. Try to get very weak union we have another group owner operators. So good to eat the right reasonable believers who. I mean you're gonna go exploring it all mean Denver is a great city Boulder, Colorado was great lots of things that Eagles ski down there snell but time around I mean is anybody that I don't venture outside of Colorado Springs. I mean I don't know I mean everybody does different things answered and that you have such a little bit she was sitting we're told about her color screens. I'm our ghost writers so we'll see where it's. You're talking about this earlier because. You know the patriots have always been a stickler to detail. And so all other teams go screw all make mistakes. And you saw a lot of them by the Broncos during the course of the game yesterday especially on special teams are you amazed. When you look at. How your team deals with so much of that detail that when you cooking and right now this team is really getting its act together. You guys just don't do that you don't do what other teams though. They were content rubric of fairness for all this entire situation in. Mean all the different solutions different looks at them there wouldn't be at all closely people squeezed us in so. What is really prepared so when it happened over the game. Just contrast in the carrier. You know of our group were you surprised how quickly leave the game just got out of hand. But I mean we didn't manifest our. We of course are prisoners are that was resting in eternal bloom first or move he's kind of rode that momentum. Throughout. They is that they are able collect bad but the question maybe got a fast start us more room. I mean he's one example points on the board to count medical. Another surprise to him mark tells but it comes over not practice for a couple weeks he practices and plays that game was a lake have been. A guy like that back in your locker room after you guys accomplish we did last year together. I mean he's very of course are. You know certain people but each and Smart as well on it's good to have back barriers he contingent. He is gutless or just. A boat sugar or anybody else players Brady whatever during the course of the week talk about the miseries out here in Denver to pay attention because. Bleep happens in Denver for the New England Patriots certainly didn't last night but they didn't they talk about during the week. Norman you know to have this kind of environment it's beautiful looking and never expected to have been here is that a post game each and every currently there are so. He's stricken before origin of paying them let them whatever fast start that is. They did it did you guys get the talk yet. About. About you know that dispensaries that are located throughout Denver Colorado and neither did anybody get them to talk. Are you don't go to those guys. It is I think that at all leads all right we've sold technically you're not doing anything wrong in the in the eyes of the law. And knew that if there. Our nuclear you David are there are at it it's our other dogs. When you guys go our guys coach could you. Three guys stick to you guys you don't you go through normal security system right there's just you guys go on the tarmac -- dog and like oh scanner there that you guys have to pass through before you get back on the plane. As low as that game. Pilgrim's regular certain sexual assault will. So and so and nobody's gonna go to dispensary I think we play game right now. And by ground who is going to be so the gonna go to the dispensaries are gonna get marijuana Lincoln that you don't these New Mexico. Let's problem to us like Lavar calls it a little peace and that's I don't. It. Happened so why don't I saw it I really don't think he. Get into an awful lot of trouble in Colorado I think this week is going to be one of those learning experience is you know bill has an affection for the military agency and spent some time. And practicing and therefore she can hear a lot of stories a lot of military stuff from whatever. It's next week at the end of the week that you really have to worry when you get to Mexico right so of the eight invasion if they even tipped you does not yet as to what the rules and regulations. The because I don't think you can sway real far away from the team rightly Europe Mexico. You know millions of emergency vehicle killed there are much mostly about his own career or waitresses well of yeah the great environment. Another trip you really excited there. Actually rescued as well north of Kabul and. Greenville different troubles the Mexican citizens. And our current scrum where. Are you see actually speak a lot especially in the tank on Kabul right. Our marker tequila is six there's an awful and that's that's not the right line. I'd listen. Good game last night congratulations. And and have fun stay away from the water down in Mexico and the beef in the beef. 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