OMF - James White, Trey Flowers join the show; Kaepernick has a bone to pick with the shield 10-16-17

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Monday, October 16th

HOUR 2 - The guys sit down with Trey Flowers and James White following the Patriots' win over the Jets. Colin Kaepernick seems like he's ready to take on the NFL.


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Are you ready. Beats Fort Wayne Loney and forty. It looks like gave yeah. But yeah. Yeah it's so good the good news is that kids just go. With Lynn Lou and Christian. Back endeavors are made a reference earlier before so we'll. Flew above the Somalia obviously very much in the news all over the country. That manner OK so. Monkeys might apologize and there. Was just leave it at that right now on Sports Radio WEEI. Stated it is I think we should all apologize for anything that places its offensive in the next hour is this chances off. It is an H one reason is that. But apologized. Triple a right now like on what I've not something that may or may not do during visited an enemy we got the wrong thing noticeable as you've written a it's a footballer all of should apologize for the rest of the nation for forces to watch but I don't all right. Oh you're good good to see Trey flowers Joyce's life here socialist right. We talked last week we talked about all you can you can fix all the problems that he's going to be terrific. You go to MetLife stadium in New Jersey fault them for team zip in the game. It looked kind of life was what was going. In the they do is you look at those drugs are a lot of had to do with third now we are they do you know on the early downs and third down there just do. You know he's a scramble scramble a little long pass of some like this so. You know I think you know you know we came out in the open now live like ourselves first and early down good you know we just figured out to do so. No once you sit down in a real as you know you know will we would go wrong again you know how to fix it you know I think we played pretty wooten and the rest of the game. Yeah I was only that you know. Just look how on his running ability was that a point of emphasis it is going into the week. We we know he was you know. More ads then you know he he made Seymour you know we have really seen. But you know we noted he was able to make plays and as the days and you know you know stand plays and you know pushed aboard on a few good. You know it I would say as surprised as good you know. You know we was aware of a bird you know wasn't you know. No you know it's not like going its food and we cam to an hour you know Winston in today's do you notice those previous weeks we so. You know when saves as the focus plumes of where. You know I think most agencies realized look at the defense we equaled the patriots they almost always gonna get better and I'm curious in your mind you know six weeks. Is it getting better rate that you like that you know lawyers it displease you got to pick it up here even more. I always say. Is deputy did better. You know you always wanted to improve and be better it and you know in which you play but. You know leakage could it he could be better than that but. You know we we understand this a long season and no losers concede the two were Florida and it's sort of settlement of do you see things getting better oh yeah it was definitely you know us a lot of guys come into their role a lot of you know you know payment will they understand the defense. You know just make him play that they do you know a lot of it has to do existence is you in the focus of you know you're in the right position and you get the right call was you know he's just got to make the plays so. You know in I think. Nausea a lot of it improve you know things. Let's talk about the controversial touchdown that was over turn Malcolm Butler clearly thought that he got to the bowl as she was adamant that affect. We're talking about earlier for its gonna touch the un official when he gets us out of April down what was the conversation going on what did you guys think was going on the time. Well I dispose who who's going to be down at the ones. I don't think. You're initially I didn't think that you get the ball moves through you know once I sort of replay. And I saw he he you know vote he wants to book or Malcolm plus the bottom out. And your was in the united they divert reasons for the unit that is where you know you know a lot of coaches whose leg and he had above it. You know independent of I don't know if you know able to see that I receive news out and I. What you know I think once they start you know talking a lot of players on a fusion of citizens to his very says things. Did you know several. I knew if you put the ball without neglect is zone. You know is it says that way that I think that there was lieutenant but there's is that in where you mindedness on the practice. It is Dylan fault. Have you noticed him being more involved with the defense of the past couple weeks. Chrome. Is his presence felt more completely now as opposed to last year. A live. You know he's always been you know that the prism mine you know closes floors. You know you know know what to do more ago I suppose would be you know may come over economist Alanis. You know if you see someone on a pitcher some kind of explain the you know these like you know which kids who don't know was moved out users in those things active Wear them. You know you always been. You know active in this them one most I don't see any difference as far less edition though he's. In no one of those coaches in he sees them he's wanted you birdies. And I'll scene do. You guys have pretty much the only younger youngest front four front seven we're gonna call it and they Alan Branch of he got back in the rotation this week but is it difficult to one at a young group sort of lose to somebody you looked as if a veteran. Maybe leader and their lineups he's not getting snaps is that strange for you guys as a unit. A home. Bonuses. You know. Strange you know as large as it does that make plays. You know obviously. You know prices made plays you know the as you know we didn't know few years you know your approaches. And art thing. You know loan. You know he's continue to work these continue to were Gordon you know he's in you see him earn and earn some more plant on his presidential. You know our you know as a young guys that like. In. Donuts in of veteran you know with that which you stated it you know I'm acting and that approach on his. In no you know he's worker or. It knows is if he's not able to go or not you know in the game and Nate you know against their will or. Noting that this alone it'll mean you know is not difficult distancing see you know that don't. Visit somewhat of a wake up call me she got veterans done great things where he was Wallace of mobile got a you know we got a contract and Elvis and sick. You don't know reminder that no matter who you want our vote is still. Do you get is definitely you know they they hold to our hearts a high standard around here and you know of the you come in as a as an you got to realize that early you know you know they don't care would share that you were you don't care. Would you did it because it's you know what I did before what I did last year you know if you zoning change you know he's do. It's about you know and then. You can do is continue to get better so. Our target Trey flowers down here excellence idiocy for a two and you got a big one coming up on Sunday night it's the Super Bowl rematch you guys do realize you can't spot them 2.5 and. Yeah. Every step that did not there's not. As I've just checked Miami took their game plan this zapatero 72% to two point delete. A bit quick this was the thing that I thought really showed in that first half of that super ball game so this is the team it's really quick out here there. They certainly have I would think if it get any soul they got some sort of revenge on their mind. I did you know you have the game. You notice it was disappointed in the leisure and oh. A lot of things going again as soon you know they just came off book of laws then an article here you know we. Pretty much news a game in my eyes you know we didn't understand it would be. Noted that comets to a stage where we you know. We. Will work this stadium on the scene you know come you know disappointed this season as and so. Noted going to be you know hey you're not going to be man who's got a messed intensity and all. Prepare fall where and teens. John utensils. Don't you know so in Rodgers gets knocked out of game yesterday and broken right collarbone. And on here now is I got changed rules change rules should allow McCormick should never be allowed to be hit from its address on the court you have to have a big big big sciences do not time shut you agree with the current job and I. That's you know. What do what do they tell you what let me tell you now like with the coaching point like is there a point is or lie and if you cross this line OK you're good you can do whatever it. Or like what's. What's the what's the coaching home from my knowledge is. And I think inside the park that you once stood directly notable let Al set apart you two students and if not think the rule news. We're looking into the ground so once you step inside the pocket two steps outside the pocket. But I saw over there Rodgers they hit him and actually took him down. Of yeah you're not opting. I'm I'm I'm nicer lines in the flavor that they use the hoopla and it was leader did on the Russo is what people want change that's occurred yet exist such as Georgia Florida did harassment if they don't care about you heard and later you'll take a while I'll be behind the shutter its deficit but I mean that's the motive for this game means they've made. Whose dads in the big money that you tomorrow. But you notice it as another storm put you're not a suspected. You know I don't think that there's a lot of pursuit that say as a group like that because you know you you take him. Whom. In the wrong message you know the galactic quarterback he had a quarterback who frequent McNown does he says would you gotta effectiveness and scared a little list so. You know we've he no he can't beat it's you know he's he's not gonna. In no hurry a throw nothing you know he's gonna see it total Bono and it if you if you get rid of bugging you quality so. In I'll thank you. I don't think they either of us who really doesn't. It takes the throw you know you're not gay you are doing is you know what cam or owned. Then or somebody a big guy dealer and have. So it is those you know as many guys who. Hopefully go bowl the you know say we let up and now we can't you know who can't tackle McCann hit a month. You know so that is taken. Taken in all. You know do. Than the speed in the quickness and the you know Gresham mice again in office as it did his parish. There watching we were on the floor next I I trade goods chain you I will see and actually there are flowers and other vital points insurance error it. Iraq's restoration specialist in buy. Ever source. Value but a threat. That's what there. It awkward handshake between Glenn Norway daughter went out there we've got an awkward stance shakedown militant ever the only thing we miss we can talk about collusion. The with the ball on collusion in the well we're gonna get it through to a collision you know who I tell what was well versed in this just baseball is loaded with skills that Massa every couple years actually. Confusion is a collusion case actually the Barry Bonds warm might be the one. Mostly matches on. With a co captain quo in that bonds was. That was damaged in the package because they have. They would all sorts of insinuations that used to annals of Jews. Stuff like that it was 44 years of lethal but there's a difference between a member like the one regular members recent musical tool for the music and it was dollar was involved right. If a guy twenty bombs in Boston making two quarters first jet which reaching into connection it folder 50000. In 272 when he homers and and there was there was collusion in India there's a settlement. Right so that to mean is it different with free agents. But when you have a guy like bonds are ethnic or somebody else that has real baggage. And declare that that's the reason why people are signing it's a yeah exactly so yes yes that's not that's good to me this delusion it is now that a white party youthful whatever reason you got. And so called camera miles. Greens agreements with the NFL clearly collusion. That NFL owners are all getting together and get me out while saying let's not all let's all agree to not sign contact may be correct. But he added that all of them but you have to have some and that is the question in one thing that's already been thrown out there. Is Donald Trump has come out he says he's talked to the only subject. Well in Oakland what are you gonna take that what do you think the president making some wild comment which he does on a regular basis and after that doesn't tell them there's this would if there is what if there's an Kenya. Okay let's just the pages for example that the league needed them but Robert Kraft real bill bell isn't email back to rub Bill Belichick and Kraft. That says you know what he's not good for business. I don't want that I don't wanna on this team that'll part of the distractions no solution it. That's on saying to me that's not delusional collusion is when that's not collusion when they all the guys had too much baggage I don't wanna my team that happens. All the times Josh Gordon got a job right now has been reinstated. Don't want an additional too much freaking week I'm those emails say you don't don't sign this guy he's a drunk or thugs get social pie. Yes it to me it would have to be a mandate from the commissioner. With the commissioner basically saying as they leave yes we're getting hurt television ratings we don't want to scantily okay this is what's hurting us because we felt that their bid mandates out dear. From various. The officials owners and commissioner when it comes to taking an. Separate from signing column Kaplan if I don't think he'll hold a different people should look on the evidence yet this is just. But I will say this I can't stand collar maverick I hate him and he's the biggest deal. Going no we don't however however however suddenly light or bad idea silver lining zone and zone and what might blow up the collective yeah. Think agreement. It's it's it's what does it argues a point here. It is yeah he's a little little frail little footnote Messina look though that he actually used it in directly you may be the reason why this didn't currency BA is blown out and do it over again and yet that they do over in the data rate this there's a provision react good luck there they'll screw it up again but yes the LT OK well Florida. Yes there's an actual provision in the CPA as a exist right now. That if they come up with even one case it's proven through the arbitrary. Of collusion then puff all right so go great Apollo so lofty levels until it outlet do I boat part I. I just ideal for cabinet he's a trend setter of today's hottest. I'm really throughout this entire show at Ed and solidarity should go to US. We live now you know it's unfortunate that the right fist on the left that's what's what is it Robert Bolden do what we point out. Source what do you wanna change as you know didn't do. They don't allow that it was big blow up the GBA great. Play a central players can never get to get around you people are saw guy now that's never really knew people would raise your evil people putting junk you once literally everything I could. People who don't know what you do well they don't care about it don't. Note this is this the gonna tell all. One of the football players that offer off you know the bloody years from now we are gonna feel you could say football players have ought. Feel baseball players destroys why not actually fight for the wrong is she in the fight for stupid issues we don't want us contact candidate yet and welcome to play kick the football analyst. I wonder how would you hit on Wednesday in know them. It is you. You can easily tell that Powell who's leading this charge right now to change the rule based on the hit on Aaron Rodgers is mindful partnership. But for instance he needs to shut unfortunate article 46 not a problem and be less contact him this about it its laurels part of the problem if you play at Khobar export and they've done stiffed it protected the quarterback as much as they possibly can't. If we're not gonna have to rules its flag football for the quarterback. And it's real contact football for the other players that what is the sport let me just say that it's it's. Guys get hurt right. A lot more than any other sport this year hole yeah it's amazing how audio editing of the stuff I just wish that we don't shall issue. You know exit exit and allows another start to emerge let's look at it now wait don't want to lose these Patrick yeah. Brett Hundley to actually international folder name they'll be good so that's how the packer fans a feeling agreement right now you know red white and as far Rodgers is down no big deal it's time for another superstar Brett how we can be the next Brett Favre Nolan worried about it at all we don't I'd like to cook and also it's excellent 777. Seven that it's very simple talk about collusion game. With collar cabinet is pretty wild will play him and it yesterday after couple quarterbacks fidelity injury. You say coincidence maybe not obligated or the controversial play as anybody looking for its plate right now and really feeling good night for true. But you really feel good about it we do all of that sex wants 777937. You talk patriots so. It's more or waive her moaning and fortieth on Sports Radio WEEI. It's going to be difficult to do. That teens actually colluded a team looking at film commenting negatively on him say some that effect is not constitute collusion. In this particular case has been very port for him to find a job it's going to be very hard for him to prove collusion as well what. Again at this point Tom I think you wonder what long term effect it may have on his opportunities to find another job but. Confide job anyway so maybe take enough this year. There shouldn't be here did they. You know not act like he cares about football. We gotta wanna be a football where where did. Golf is now is not a lawyer upon lawyer tomorrow oral all acquire all of us what that's right now about Butler for counsel. He cannot yesterday's at all he wants to do. Com wants to do. You know it you know I saw Trent Richardson. Yeah as eight Canadian football highlights. Don't unbelievable and football yeah it's yeah he's killing people in Canada. You do you think the NFL colluded. To get him on the leak. Like you wanna get in the league there's a way it backwards as gave up it was arson robbery graphic form any stock wizards three. Played hoops directly hoops these I don't think he has is that why you picked do you really your heart apart do you really think. That Colin capita really want the plan unified I don't know it has been effectively that we can't be suing the lead and I don't I. I take it back I think if you could continue. To maintain his voice I think he loves to rule. The little back up known and he loves the role of being with social conscience. Of of some of America I think most of the people that you love I think most people that lake in a on this call it capita thing. Don't want him get a job right we president meant that it Edinburgh one and has admitted he gets it job they won't know what to duplicate job now anybody that's still thinks he's gonna play this year he's filed a collusion case. Against Italy Greece and you only basic good fit for him yet you know you don't here's our here's our partners that. The last straw. With the markets Mario got her yes and nobody called them. Well let me just say but just sometimes it was lawyers is no they don't you and he ate in it doesn't matter what the reason is they're just done there's. Probably about how amazing because half the league. Definitely doesn't need him you know to me than the other half of the league and at the other looks that you know we just at this yet but Chicago for example. It would feature biz the Indian and yet at the Glen in whatever is that we just we don't need him. And then there's probably about ten teams that could but they just for football reasons that despite a three or four. That really probably could use images stayed away because of all the crap that comes with and it's only. A couple of teams the consultancy these people to staying away from it that options that they have a backup. Prophetic than pathetic the slot back equipment that. It's not yet but there's also there's also guys and I seen guys do this when it comes to draft. A draft comes up and there's guys they just want off the board they don't mean he's not in an opulent great player. Whoa why George he's he's got issues Joseph makes it I mean there's other guys that guys that just gave them that it of that date they get information on and they just you they don't fit our system. Always got an injury. And we don't we we stay away from package that's a little rich treasury Boe will take them off. The board because it was it was a linebacker Dallas took that was that particular shot that's a reason for stick around at all these issues vehicle and late in the six run whatever anybody Iraq there are college kids that are projected a first or second issues off the field in the fall of 67. And being. Who leaked the collusion over. Because what I'm just saying but technically first round money and makes they'd guess they thought they don't wait for being hijacked and it's evident that nothing. You know and it affects my money admired potential X 34 years and they all got together just took me off their boards as a group. And it's a similar thing won't but it's not actively all the. It's not age it's not a hey guys it's not him it's the disguise that the league today. News gets out and dad's got a back nobody knows about the guys. He sees the smothers guys got violence these shoes right the guys that's Smart. OKE as somebody took its class is formed not Smart worked out of it it's not like that it's not like it's called the colts. And because while they given that information I hope they waste a draft pick on no it doesn't work that way word spreads people find out about it it marked the board. Noticed the people who politically agree with Colin Capra makers that they assembled this is different. This is he's he's giving and you could see it in the way that the the case has been laid out. He's giving his political. Feuds that's what he's still a while. Unfortunately that becomes a distraction. To when employees if you are not good enough to get by that. So if if Aaron Rodgers had those same political views or Tom Brady at the same political views you probably get around right. You work your way around so that they'll pick prosecute political views but he's our quarterback anyplace on Sunday and that's all we care about. In this case it becomes a distraction very similar to all of the other things you just brought. Why can't Michael and I wonder if Michael Sam my examples. First openly gay athlete to come out SEC defense the player of the year that's over. Oh boy I agree with you but doesn't matter he still has it right isotope over rated quarterback in Arabic in the and a whatever but he's got the award. So does need to make the team. To the team to come. Over somebody else. But no collusion what altogether they are you know we don't know it was a good it was a work but it all that affected residents. They colluded to sit at Saint Louis actually selected in the last round of the I just yet I easily tip it is such a reach a huge lead. You'll do it here's like here's what he's doing it. It's the only way spurt to keep him relevant and keep his name in the paper and keep it solid Akron a movement. Going. He's not a quarterback anymore he's done he's more a symbol. It's just flow of the boat they eat slowly came to see that you said what what do you need to be because. He says that the teams in just they can choose to stay away from because it. You know the only the baggage that comes with them that's their choice it's a collusion the only way it would be a letter rightly used it before from project though. Nobody talks a mellow guy. If they have that memo that's collusion then maybe is now he's gotten every single team but if these individual teams at the NC he doesn't fit our system work go to quarterback. And as other what's that you know he's just not worth it. Look at Ryan Fitzpatrick a big dog does the goal ascetic Fitzpatrick all look at predict in the which he did yesterday he would he did yesterday the opponent with a came out of that game like. Now this it's their personal choice a legitimate a memo from it dealt. Which I fine. He's they would don't sign him he's bad for business he will rule of all don't sign him don't sign up don't sign a no the fact is that it's like he can't just deal with the fact that this was his choice. But it just like to sit for the anthem even before this that if you were before capita if you were playing in the league you decide almond meal during the yeah. Don't you are too Smart enough to know it probably get ruffled some feathers but it's that it's pretty taboo solid nobody knows about it so in order doing it. You gonna know you gonna get some flak for. I find out what's going on if yours the archer you asked for the commissioner's phone. A pocket and out of your will of ballclub on what I've heard that he changes phone. Well it's okay USS UE one of the past yes well they activities you know Tunisia and why don't you need to read who you need to read that Switzerland I search what 777. Seven got 37 that is our phone number OMF we live down here at Gillette Stadium. Christian rants about the bat stocks b.s and c.s courtesy of Twitter hacked Christian Fauria. Right now we returned Gomorrah or wayward Loney and 48 but Sports Radio WEB. Yeah hole and if we don't live down here shall at stated these. Patriots won joining us live right now it's like what's up well. Like I don't aren't gonna do what I don't know it ma it's. That's right I can't do it James you pretty good way. All right so you got to let geology for. Or do you win these games in what is Kenya's fell behind on fourteen and how you guys feel about your team. Is deadly duty they were aware that witnesses is going to be tough football game we know we have a lot of stuff to work on a we have put our best football yet. I mean which is just ready to come out playing a four quarter game a sixty minute digital book game and you scared received once we actually the yet because it seems like him we actually telling myself that you guys won that game you watch. You know if you Brady post game press conference just seems like he was just irritated agitated. Because he thought guys belatedly that the budget please out there. That at some point time some etiquette views this as we kind of feel we definitely happy about the win but we note. Was not vessel loads and plays so much better. Left plays out there. And so did in the film room bill there's a little bit little have you guys do you feel like you guys or lake had an opportunity to really pull weight problem in the second half that part of it we certainly had opportunities. Being in the first. We we had opportunities. They believe it would so. Which is one continue to get better learn those mistakes Myers who play a sixty minute football game pitcher football competent football. The business stuff we go about your score because he's gonna stop the scored in the stuff like that. Which should be ready to do that one of these. Is it to get very personal group here running back and and you know DO Lewis and those kind of frustrated so far but this game here it comes only gets more the actually mean carelessly. Did you see that coming in the week coming is that you know for him it seems good bottling up that he kind of got back on the scene but during the week did you see that it used to be big part of it. Oh you mean. He would never really know who's gonna get the most massive run back and whatnot depends on how afloat games go on but. The other Biden did a great job Iran are they guys miss and we kind of wanted to get the right and establish this week currently in office line receivers in those two guys they Wear cowboy basically it was a what we're seeing I don't know weekly basis right now as the offense is having trouble closing these games out of the defense does that make a couple of big stops. If you guys go three and now why why does that happen. I don't know we just got to borrow in closing it's something that's always kid is now we usually can't do that buyers that we we know we've. It's frustrating. Vehicles David's office is something that we don't we take pride there. Who will get better though we'll start closings. So that the falcons come back in town. Obviously actually lost the game. The seventeen point lead you based you know you have it yet it's so it it it there really is that if there's ever going to be a real testament only on the road against whatever call they are. But this team that wants revenge that's coming off in another embarrassing loss similar to the way they loss in the Super Bowl. You're gonna get their best shot there there there and they have an opportunity to score repeat. It definitely. Even decide who they did lose as as we have in the economy you're fired up those guys be ready to play aggressive and they're coming off a loss of last year from ISO. It'd be great gave me great challenge towards him good defense do so before quarter below there right below par there be a three quarter football. At that. Part agreed to hear two good football team with which. And so that touchdown by yes Jerry Jenkins went to replayed to you is that you think it was a touchdown did you. That Malcolm Butler added that he tell the office what was Golan did you see you reap what you. I saw that the Dow lost control of ball I just going to be down on the one or something like that but it could really see. But it I came to the sideline he city out of touch back here. When you know so. What is discussion do you go around the goal line for you with the goal over the top around the sides of the pylon. They talk of hope put the ball out there a risk reward. Name for us dollar the ball. Across across Lou defied the two. Quick questions adult. They stretched apple see all the it's typically it would close. Mr. is hard to keep all right what about around the pot. Because when you go that pile on. Do you think about dual MIA is I don't get around if you try to the shortest distance to the my lawn right he got that possession of the ball yeah it is as tough. If you feel argument can be contacted us apprised of the different but it would be character actors. On the wrist that you reached the ball it is now Wednesday the touch back. At this press. Users are great emphasis I don't see. Eli. Simply play action protecting Marie was a big part definitely you know play action passes off the right obviously. A political ball down the field saw a lot of that yesterday. A lot of titles that I want. Is a those usually just two men routes. Ours are with. They they can't be indeed two masters appearance but and we'll take our show us that feel we have guys that may be pleased on a few Hogan Kreutz dorsett. Due to so. We have guys that can do it and options brokerage average about those guys decide with about a ball or Bernie sorry the one bird comes and yell and scream and. And then me with the specifically at you. Just it is view. That maybe he's talked it is like if you drop that all they face a life. We what do you think what's responses yes sir may I have another lowers its. He didn't want Google their dramatically root out the he's a ladies competitor. That he would offer Ballard. You know you don't that you. Personal as it ever wrong I if you feel you can go to the right the are you personally now that if you ever you call him out. Non even if you know your right to let him think he's right he wins aren't. There is no good yeah have you have you seen his. Candy commercial front real candy for Halloween be CNET I actually haven't checked out as the object model is if you once you've seen that you might not have as much respect yeah. But it was not a fan of cars and equipment. And real key. I'm. As if any of his diet rubbed off on you at all. The a couple guys on the what I've. Accomplished in the dry categorized it. And then Zoellick if you're like you're like your bolts in the lunch line. Both analysts. You're going experts view I kind of looked at him for a for a head nod or no as your grass. Donuts ticket and mostly robbery you don't end up for you to. Another big diapers. Journalist rate movement the extreme it is. Going to be part of its at least that study group when their team media offensive line when it just looks at a site. Did you. Late seriously the URT people you can always be. Right now debate here's. Guys got some sort of that can break him trying to break. That's the third that forecast electric because there's entry cost. Right so he's never had a week off after no caffeine so there's got to be some sort bet you guys to do you Wisconsin Wisconsin's Lake Michigan this year when it looked on that I'm that's the cabinet wouldn't do some sort of like some sort of delicate. I can see you probably don't wanna do that is that like targeted to a mortal. What if all the pieces of Kryptonite. World of difference this let's forget what it. Yeah how. All could go to the bathroom when you're meeting that the got to stop what an act or evaporator. You sort of like a bad hands. If this. Something else of those who are gonna break it badgering you grow up up up. Working on nieces and aggressively let's finish out. You I've heard the bad news so I don't I got one more that's gonna be week. Which the media will this okay that's where the lowest of the lawless. We will go back and look at the Super Bowl played over and over again they'll do the same thing in Atlanta. We twenty sweatshirts everything they are everywhere media will do it it's a nationally televised game so that limit big huge deal out of your name will pop up all sorts of places. It probably call you a different than he pregnant middle name something added to it how you thought you were right. Like it Bucky Dent. Not exactly why yes it. How do you. Avoid debt in eutectic. Belichick will brings up he always talks of a different team this is a different team that is how you Whittle it. And we both have different players are so different schemes and what. You wash your game when a little bit of the game away. They're places TARP mechanisms different prison there to the table well. And is a New Year's duke players. Massive got to be fired up bigger atmosphere 100 ago I would watch TV scenario. Re a union and yet necklace and who you're there yet again that there in the last there was last year. It's on today the easier it is what does that Israel and hey is joke they're unaudited regardless of favorite take some notes of Bradenton and of course we. That I. I mean it was a part of the multiple licenses and Italy is just watched cutie yeah. Ottawa Ivan concede yes I change what attracted by the lover and by your local Andersen windows dealer can influence. And by Michael also by Verizon Verizon this network best. On that limited take a break will be right. Down here at Joseph stadium.