OMF - James White on understanding what the Dolphins were trying to do; touchdown celebrations

Monday, November 27th

Patriots running back James White was locked in on Sunday, even if the Dolphins may have been trying to get in the Patriots' heads. And James, like all of us, isn't sure what to make of the TB Times cartoon.


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All sorts James White our weekly interview brought to you by Dartmouth building supply your local Andersen windows dealer KM foods and by my told James that we don't today. Don't courier that I got to ask you this question is would ask you this a couple of times so you get this whole depth chart. With the the patriots. You know runners. And receivers and whatever and so yesterday apparently was today in which you were not gonna touch the ball awful lot. Debt next week you may be touching the ball an awful lot how the hell do you do you go from week to week. Everybody wants to be part of an everybody wants that constable how do you deal with. I mean it is on the move people eat and then I looked up the ultimate solution slogans. On the books. Most of opportunity I do too much of they just market and we all know that about another record of one games are liquid water and other armed. Here and we're glad so this could crush. So if if you were to I guess define your role would it be. Third down back firsts first and second down back seconds. Or how would you look at because it seems like Lewis is an every down back in Rex Burkhead is seems like an every down back also. But for some reason based on probably your success you've had with being a third down back that's a that's what you are first would you agree with that. He put out a bit of their. I mean. What are called the other portion of them. And school them cool older and so a miracle Shia ethnic problem in terms now not a record and a decent level and so. Including the terrible back in their report. It's easy to get pretty chippy there for awhile I'm just curious at what what is the talk you know on that sideline there's a discussion kind of stay away from it dole is that just understood. It is here image is very much and be Smart. Your third brigade don't own blogger and start giving cheap shot smaller consultants. They luck and good luck and certainly distract from the game and I'm sure we'll go up or never awkward but before he started obviously there are you reject or not. Eight James have you I'm. Have you seen that the TV time jet. Our our current yet tiebreak is the only Grand Prix here yeah. They. Used in recent on this week for the dolphins. Your what the hell is. He's playing army it will what is what is the dolphins IQ what does the crocodile represent what dreads. Is there's there's a turtle that's like a beat nick blind turtle got decent symbolism and rightly so there's a hidden meaning their rank. Every your error here. Well look initiatives is persecuted when when you walk when you look at the first time you even what the hell is this. You can't carnival complicated yes there's. Who that it has ultimately want to. Just for bankruptcy earlier this is like a magic got none are Oklahoma Christian Christian is buying into the song wanna ask you this strategy you. You see Tom Brady when the game is over when the game is over. Does he had the easel right there in front of his locker and you sit there and he's painting this thing or does he have I don't laptop. And he's using Adobe illustrator putting and so are the other obviously you don't it's all by himself right. There are nor your computer you're good. I have an idea yeah. He's got he's got some birdies put this together and on the computer and all you guys get all worked up about what you say you know there's some sort of subliminal messages don't wait Brady just stick it to whoever he's pissed off that you believe that it crocodile dragged into. And I are you turtle. Maybe your Detroit. Albert. Or if they're. Yeah three to eight days I know you know which Nazis Trey flowers is schoolmate touchdowns of Tuesday's dancing you know much to to offer their vote. For a guy like you scored touchdowns gone guess they say now allowed to talk about your celebrations is this like a message has been sent down you guys recently. Your current Berkshire. Could still have a celebration you just can't discuss the you're. So we saw how many times has as bill. Like I'm Dirk at a Monday you know did back on the field after the Sunday game. Star off the the meeting. Showing a bunch knuckle heads doing some choreographed dance and then he added it would with we're not doing that at that add that to happen right. You noted earlier certainly nervous over that little understood this. We probably won't be donors. So there was no don't yeah guy moment with the celebrations. Now we have never hurt me and every other and so exploratory tour. He gave me some holes to line like to act like you that maybe Darren angling it and it could hurt your arm. Art. Are so let's -- here's here's my last and so I know you know this game just is over but the bills race of the bills. In my opinion other you don't agree with me a baby clothes. The next greatest threat now because there the next team but also I feel like at the basement teams led do you play them twice again. They seem like they still have something to play for. Have you had a chance to look at them at all do you remember the last army guys played down or more poorly. What's it like with the bills mafia when you guys roll into the stadium on your bosses today flip you guys off of throws about the costs and they had sex in the parking lot what's the craziest thing you've seen. Roll into buffalo. Who usually who won't that you're not narrowed look I would rather. I heard it what about where they could figure out there. There are. Simpler really blows here they have a lot of prescription that you actually yourself and we're very certain of on the oh. Here to regain some bit of former world world. Glitter coat the weight gain are so little bit better vertical well. I changed if you can find yeah Brady give you any answers and a cartoon calls yes I back to us. You know I appreciated thank you James turned white.