OMF - JD Martinez is even better than advertised; Mookie has an eye on free agency, 7-17-2018

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Tuesday, July 17th
HOUR 2 - Glenn loves himself some JD Martinez and thinks the Red Sox should lock him in long-term. Mookie Betts is paying close attention to Bryce Harper's looming free agency, should the Red Sox be worried? Ordway misses Chris Berman for the Home Run Derby. Glenn & Christian agree that advanced stats in sports are here to stay, resistance means ignorance. Will Chris Sale hold up down the stretch?

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You've read each. Fort Wayne and moaning and forty their defense will be really good even if he doesn't like okay 31 from. 3230. To 32 ain't nobody coming close to hear it from yourself Craig can I get a lot about 100 feet by as. I want you pissed off everybody tracks. Including county executive. Think with Glenn do when Christian areas nobody gonna pay him that that Panama's it's unbelievable this the greatest time ever assembled from. Why would he deal were on teams now on Sports Radio WEEI. In pine hills golf club the WTI Jimmy Fund celebrity golf tournament just you are truly. Or play along with the. You're wired you you were. I would be years you can beat the other YouTube and plus one you're probably a plus plus one. It's an a for some reason you know it's with a plausible. Number. Only need to. What Lewis is halfway there I Tim Davis negative people what it is going to be embarrassing is the problem with him today he's not especially not on the that's good thing. So it is mud. Right so our decision to have a guy you can you have. Yet get dehydrated but nobody stricken water project better of you actually rock and they liked this because you just constantly entering subtle thing like when it's hotter the more beer I drink I'll miss more front. In the wintertime one unfreeze my that's really until it was going to be one of those obnoxious trucks after Eagles Arnold alias he sarcastic by nature less is premature to think just because more salt I got an unbearable like guarantee you up instead of we if we. And coach Bruce. Have a guy would drink with him. Everybody leaves with a nickname. You know everybody leaves open again you don't know locked up like he sees suddenly got about unit gives in the David you don't like it got this deal with it but if we actually interviewed one of the guys. Or golfing with them. It will come back at different tale about Lou after he spot to see if it is that. I tell you what they were excited when I first got here they came out to me and they said that they were playing with Lou they were low. They were they were happy but they're also they were hoping to get an excellent work. Good lead the national development. Or work for the everyday it's great album coming out of five hours. Before maybe I would bet for. But they were early exit you know slowly started take off the glove on that in the first to you what it is important that. They set there at the table a game yet about three of out. And it was sarcastic hello I'm thirty admits it's everybody if they. Akamai yes so whoever was likes the what was the first person or group got a new right based on the information gathered by Lucy at the table but isn't the best worst case scenario best for us. Works for Lou. We are merging. Vacation Lou. In sarcastic or uncle Lou that's been at a golf from all one. So he's already kind of key today he's like take it Leahy does not really doesn't care credit that time. You were here supported the actual recording all this stuff at the time to come back I. So they knew it need to be restricted in the news related to open means it would. Which tokens store you can articulate orbit should I say he is a terrific work it I said exit what is. Anderson gaffe when you're in trouble asking for no good parents that it's likely he'll light out no light up. I don't fret. Through my answer every drug I would be out there which lost their mind on the road and it starlet wanna fight you church. Your boys your buddies know that they poured dude who met. Sally. Also she's awesome just realize it's child's real. Are 61777973. Civil we're gonna open the well liked here. So who we are taking phone calls today even though were out on remote I imagine JD Martinez. That's great news. Because there's no negative I mean there's a lot of negative if you look at the relationship between. The Red Sox between the public. Com and David Price in yet he's going no where he's already got a big money. For JD Martinez everything has been just so unbelievable. To many people he's better than advertised. And yet he could walk away a year from now go to yankees go to. A outlay go anywhere and suddenly. This guy's lost. Until it is a golden opportunity for the Red Sox it sounds to me. Like this a golden opportunity as Christian said he was saying all of this with these agents getting six feet away. Reading grinning knowing it had a built in another way and it's get built Palm Beach house in Hawaii somewhere which you've got to be willing into the Red Sox. To get close to that market is going to get in open free agency I think next time around. Even though he's going to be two years older. I think the market is going to look at him differently than they did in the offseason with a Red Sox got a little bored in the announcement from commodity gas. You know every I thought. I thought it was proven commodity before law mean I was not its only. Outlet beauty of bricks and yet you know usually is that I OK okay it looks good. Diego he was here in Detroit yet to a three guys that work. That word I edible it obviously Cabrera was that. Was a big deal has been so there were guys that were beaten Ohio also status the thing is that I I feel like it's rare. That. Guy exceeds expectations. Free agent signings. Especially with the history that the ref and the past. This guy's O Pablo and leave those guys the work out who introduced Paula was. Ruth on the yeah yeah yeah you know the difference. Yeah he's open that was asked. Allan Cory that was the disaster also. I'm Chris dale better than advertised. And the exceed your expectations that straight yet and but still I called you know new faces they came over that automatically as you expect they say you gotta do. Which did over there at least yeah duty of radical free agency in free agency they have non. Fare that well we go back to Crawford. Go in and go back in time and look at guys that just were saying this guy. This guy is he board and yet it is so I wonder if so yeah basically is it you're basically paying him right now what you were heavily. So they are so. Scan had issues in New York when he first got there but there are blowing him striking out crazy TV Marti is our members while getting hit a home run. I can't remember that. Can't pull it out but. That there or is there were start to be rumblings that went to get it all runs Apple's you halt and uttered it didn't want them yes you have to deal don't break here's what all the programs that. He completely exceed expectations but let's say he came in at 300 million dollars practices first year. Because I do think that the fact that the the salary was oil as well where it was that. I think there's less pressure on you yet. Just it just you know educators are low because the technology expert yes I exceeding us sort through and Millie I Seattle think anyone can reach. No one it's it's possible he reached a 300 million dollar expectation. Your your don't matter what you do you get everybody has different you know what 300 million dollars looks like. So right now. Martina is worth every African paddy Casey in the program only got seven years 300 million dollar deal. You want him to hit 55 home runs every single year you want him to hit game winning run the walk off home run you expect every single game. Listen sorry look at David Price he's your and he hears your example he's get thirty million dollar sorry that's kind of what the expectations are for you especially in the city. So here's what the bookie bet was saying now he's making ten point five million dollars this season he won that arbitration case and of course at the time. We sent there's it would heal the Red Sox. It listed arbitration for likened million bucks something like that you've got to focus on so. I I could understand he was a little bit reluctant. You even talked. About being here a long term because of what he experienced in the apps into. But unless he's the passing us it doesn't seem to be an issue. With our with his personality as rob writes for writing it today. Com and finds it closer to the open market in an epic payday and while he has made it clear. That there have been no extension talks during the season the I giro what may lay ahead. Is clearly intriguing. Particularly with the likes of harper and maybe channel three months and a day older than that sliding up for free agent after the season. Definitely said that's when asked if he is paying attention to his contemporaries potential. Things kind of come full circle well. My peers are going through would soon become I'll definitely be locked in to see what they get. To me. It's fascinating because usually what players say is they they they they play the politically clerk correct line with the the this I don't pay attention that I don't know what's going on I just go out it I've played my game I've played a win big all the question yeah. Doing. He's sitting here basically say yeah I know what's out there yeah I mean did you watch these guys. Did he basing what I am asking on what those guys. Illinois you know the parameter or not it is so early here whenever I was I think it was freezing maybe three or four times. It was all I always loved one a tight and set the market like weather better than me or worse to me it there was a there was a cop out there. And then it was easy to you to evaluate what you could be worked so of course you your hope that other guy sign first I could I will listen. I don't know what Detroit at Detroit Lions. Your guy to sign for you know three years ten million I'm better than him Seattle Seahawks IC three years in twelve point five million dollars. That's the cop. Well that doesn't mean they're worried that well then I'm gonna go someplace else of course in an I do like the honesty. In my you know when you're here why hide the obvious everybody knows what's going on me speak about it talked about it look at the. We got them to at least the shy away from if they. They. Get out to the next question the stock based all of what you don't wanna do it every day but I think this point time you know again all the all the legal analyst with the national media. Yeah all star break he got Boris working the rule all these clients are all over there I'll maybe somebody asked him about. Being a part of the face of baseball which begins right now he's he's part of that group. That you look at say is the face of baseball he got played that well you kind of see it you just understand I have to take care business no matter what. All that stuff is pushed to the side. Knowing you have to take care. Business. But. We needed wanted to that much he talked even about the promotion of baseball players I think that he said I think there are a lot of superstars in baseball. It's just a matter of them. Getting seeing. He's one of those guys. So was that the overall the army day they were asking a lot of questions about cut and where you are about. Overall with an orchid ladies are being employed seem to be like the overwhelming theme that he instant on. And reluctantly NFL abilities it's every year ago notion that every hue we have the same discussion about. Players and Major League Baseball whether they're marketed correctly or not and we we don't compare football though. We compared to basketball. About how the NBA markets are all players and how much you know. How much notoriety at least make an exposure to the right at exposure to grow the role brands. Basically and yet give them more power that's what it general terms you know and I got tears up my contact but I'm not playing if you see you better trained. To me it's it's lethal a lot of it edit or make it exists is to plot which too strong it's different. But it comparing medley bass players to NBA. Because you're not wearing helmets your year easily visible if you look light up on that interaction time ball. OK so canceled Sunday. You may you'll see out the guys after the game you talk to mom Monday nothing on Tuesday a little but on Wednesday. By Thursday comes around there's a particular about how well NFL is more popular like especially Yakima area that one. Yeah Casey can't compare. It appeals to a younger audience though it's not. Is young and spread. As you have between baseball in the India. But great point you're wearing helmets and yet people still go and these guys. I mean it's been the Libyan bill has been a big deal for the last point 448 hours it all the national people. 20. It would when it came out that that Clark might have won in new contract as turmoil in the ointment when Brady what was it was this as others turmoil and ointment. And I take it to a score Obama but I do it anyway. Where's all the national narrative right now. That the Steelers aren't on the same page Libyan belies holding out. That effect he's not gonna show up for any of these workouts here in two weeks he's gonna take. The franchise tag and then I'll see you or opening day out first Sunday in September. If we're happening to that new wing patriot and we're talking about. A crappy team or sake Q but Pittsburgh Steelers. One of the teams that you apply and what that conversation. As a team that could win the Super Bowl this upcoming season and that's the bottom majors or. What but it view it is because. I think the deadline was yesterday announced the so noted so I don't but they ESP it was running clock countdown clock. In light in Adams shot was off on that little bit not covering what I'm saying is. The door I don't like that not like the oil lie like a million or so guys it's it's it's not if if there was if they were winning more. And there was they had a history they had him Ben Roethlisberger went on and on but when it's it's you know it's completely different. There's not as much history channels there's treats you gonna find my team and bogeys so boat bull why. If you cannot the patriots put out and don't let you expect the the next best thing that was odd companies so. We could go on to the next thing as far as as far as hail as far as good team are just as far as late. Okay OK if we sit here in an analyst at breakdown yet I'll admit it up yesterday I was told yesterday should do sort of a deployed back I would give it to you that you're building something special jaguars are probably a bigger threat so people go to the Super Bowl on the other hand them out yet some pretty well July the first circuit that something though it. But to me it's it's it's a one year wonders for much in the don't have the talent to do it out the quarterback is still very question asked a lot of questions about. Critical. History has been a great organization. Like the patriots beat people obviously people is something as well. Of that team and yet why we not hearing of god. Expert in trouble. Let me embellish it basically stick in the little things right at him and he's been doing like three years' worth doesn't always do. A lot of it is due. What is turning him down. But that was coming. It's like yours in cheapening out on this go and we're willing to offer you money. Ethnic right now. If not an expert I continue to escalate this because I don't want to running backs going hybrid but how long running backs last. So you keep on doing this for another year's conference does it he's gonna blow out and dean next. The US and Europe as he can do that stuff and it is funny season means that he got franchised I would like fourteen point five million dollars to the recent annual dollar usually you want it why why rescue and he. This I am actually would like to know. Exactly. It's reasons why sees he the running back position as beta return. So you have guys like talk early out and LA talking about how he wants basketball and the money. Do it ain't gonna happen. It's never pointing at you're not gonna get eight million dollar contract as a running back Carol you'll walk the league is different. They don't do it that way but and but all our backs are starting to. Pushed for more money we're talking like court tight money talking about defense that and sack master money. So well deserve it. Likely he'll bells marbles guys at the service of the toggle on his rookie contract is over probably deserved it. But they're part they get argued the point we do this whole time what is coral. Even though it says. Team EU next it was named for his position. He's really receive he's innings and more valuable the most wide receivers and Natalie I. But people look at it that way there's a difference between NRD running back and it RP slash receiver those hybrid guys. Give you multiple. Of versatility argument for that accesses it since I got. Such behavior that you are mad at most guys are all grew these guys because Chris Rock should be auctioned may twenty dollars year. He should be fry it does art print out they do some sort on him and he averaged all the top whatever tied it in the league as far as eight. He should get paid twenty million dollars. It's it's ridiculous if it we do this all the time. Leave a belch now it's Saturday running back he's way different than your typical when they first made its role. Running backs were just running backs off the right off the last. Every don't go out running out of six weeks old guy that it would bring and that was just a role player. So it's all different with the passing game that possible to run the ball. Is even more valuable to me because defense as well he's in the backfield I don't know what he's going to and there's not a lot of lately on Bell's case special. In high school right now. Any college is at the initiatives is becoming such a premium and their recruiting for that. They're developing Nat and that is what the NFL is going to be getting a lot more I think. Isn't it odd girl the world really only exist in like you know SEC because they just read this changing their mentality of the. Game evolves and changes in the basement full backs worm an important position of things that. I think we get we get at a summit on. You know it's only a tournament because we refer you to talk about did you set up things that everybody everybody hates you let. On football it was my squirrel moment it was my fault ice. And we were talking perfectly good conversation but they vote of the baseball season. And I had the squirrel moment to open the door for him. I promise we get to the phone call 61777. 737. Right here and ornament. EI. It's not bad bad bad. Arnold please. Would your reaction. Yeah and if he came up notches after all expect. But an old little overwhelming yet that a little bit of that that Beckett would have appreciated so now that's what he has us. So ESPN. Like did you whiz college football championship game. It well they have like 45 stations. To stations you own the home rendered us. So they have and it's they should know a couple good up I think they did that what are their money brought a bit and Spanish. Okay reflects that those calls to get. And it but they. These calls it was on ESPN news last night they did the geek broadcast. So Alex spears world jets all know so they have liked Romero and you all were doing was there to. Exactly well logical. Route now for a exits you so they knew the numbers and I'm not talking about and I. I'll certainly on all talking about. Great baseball player he's got a good hair his father his opponent and Jack Anderson breaking down the launch angle year and a the move many of the miles per hour of the battle. This part of the baton vs the barrel. But I did watch for a few minutes and I do get I understand I said this before. Unlike Shaughnessy and others who think he'd get the Saber metrics since that game I think you need to leave it in the game because as always refers to a the guys that never played sports you need to attracted to bring those people visited Britain and urgent. Who sit there in front of computer screens breakdown all the numbers that never actually gone out here and ran to first base. But they know how to get the irony you get here quicker. I think that's good for baseball is brilliant and all these other people. But imagine a whole channel to vote here so we talk about Saber metrics like baseball gets credit for for metrics. Football is nothing but metrics you know what it is it's exactly what it entered views. And on and on on on not giving a aviators and I'm giving baseball a break on the baseball it is so beautiful football. Now that but my whole did not don't think this hill all mountain on us now so that it's all in season averages and averages hey. If it were unedited or not I'm not up all my love life. Efficiently. I'm going to sound good to have loved baseball and its moral it at Arizona makes your day I got baseball the fact is that like baseball like all these guys I guess old school guys old will be so I. It's not a baseball. Saber metrics. It's it's it's been around in in all sports. Especially football state Saber metrics out of football Jon Gruden I got a you know on Google uptight about a failed miserably yes I am all you. What I look these. People who who have. As the greatest upside for the season. The Oakland Raiders and the only reason that do what it is because Jon Gruden is the coach he's gonna suck this going to be Joseph Gibbs no second round you'll there you know like. Plan they're paying so much money and everything here he. Even if he sucks is going where he's not going anywhere. That's the reason why he left he knew that he week that he would have at that some crazy golden parachute. Where he can literally. 1658. Games in a row and still have a job he's going to get out coached on many Sundays you mark my word. He is he is dismissing. Any of the new scouting it's going on the game you could say all you want about Bill Belichick he's an older guy in the business he's a young guy when it comes to approach it hug and that and out of my news. Those metrics you want it but it baseball. But don't wanna get rid of it is. Non stop with David mattress and called that but it's all that averages. Tendencies. We would get a book. Just what these guys like Davey Martinez would get. On on on a picture. Are we want to see double book. On a linebacker at safety we were spent an entire day on third downs sacks third down defense blitz packages okay Ed Ed. Breaking it down to down and distance. You know right side left side and it wasn't Spain M nine times out of ten they were right. I think its support isn't it is important and we athletic in it and you know older people. Have a tendency to really laugh it off and that's mainly because they don't want to understand. And I joke jokes about it all the time geek in all this other stuff but. In it being in a series over until it's important. And you needed in the game you need other aspects unique you're dealing with human beings cheating people you get immediately didn't they hadn't figured out there other aspects it's not just the budget numbers. And not just plastic cut out their human beings. This I want it that viewpoint about football here's where I disagree with. Baseball had these numbers. Well in advance of football baseball we're doing. Baseball team if you too much for not are you know it's good when you learn. You know to do there are brought it up suite of it in the rough like god that's not good. Problems that we've been personalized. Start. So. Football years ago. Was off right tackle. Then we'll go off left tackle. OK okay it's all right my power outlet that's what it wants the game did not involve baseball at that time. We're dealing with some of the Saber metrics it was an early elementary development of them and obviously it got people get deeper and deeper into it. Executives that you flying around Major League Baseball. Harvard Yale guys you're dealing with with Ivy League guys there that are involved it. Some of them play a little bit of game of baseball. Some of them play the game of baseball but this is their connection the connection is. They can sit down with a computer that can run the analytics boom boom boom boom algorithm era algorithm they. And they can spit out something it's I can contribute. The game let users. You know I don't have to get the speed at I have to have the bat speed I don't have to be that guy I can contribute. Right. No I mean we Jesse I waited artillery I would say yes OK baseball probably had because. It's football was just soul. Just and Ella. I mean it really wasn't because you wanna start looking at stats receivers that look at Lynn Swann league guys that are in the the whole team as receivers like third numbers. Will never match the receivers that'll make the whole thing now because they throw the ball all the quarterbacks or is a great example. Like Dan Marino's of the world. The Terry Bradshaw of the world you know those older quarterbacks that late 70s80s. They're number we think that role they may throw the ball and prepare precious it's like twenty times pops. High school all team right that's how they stole the ball and have a couple routes so really you'll never really see it but now. I actually remember what changed I remember when I was and 958967. Number two was in Monte Kiffin and that the Tampa defense and everybody all their minds. To what do you mean so it's it's covered too. This is responsible for the middle part of the deal that we'll ever there. But at a hall of fame linebacker and then that Ohno zone so he put it is drop. And if they did or didn't cute little apps. Actually so it blew people's minds right at any sort of written down and it's these likely that it isn't likely that. The same thing is baseball's your people talk about. Getting rid of the metrics baseball I think he'll become little overwhelming overbearing maybe. Just because there's just so much data and and how can you really used so if you give me a book. On light job Mitch Moreland and you know you know where he hits the ball. Okay what pitches he has to stay away from and how do you get him to swing and miss. I think that would. Where people. Don't understand why why people are looking at the Saber metrics. And saying that the acting and the one thing I got to let you agree with a lot of which seems to promote baseball when he did that column but he said he got rid of Saber metrics walk. So that old war old people at a not saying this could be detrimental why vote. Bit that that more old people won't have to deal with all of this inflexible of these numbers. You're trying to get young couples name. You try to get younger people involved in the game that's the one way you get them and all that again. The whole year of people in baseball the old school all forts electrical on the baseball wanna get rid of the shift. Makes makes no analytics right now that can break down where a guy hits the ball a majority of the time. It's so they didn't doubt it changes swing felt opposite field himself a different. If I can find a way we talked about the evolution of football now football games and now you're running backs are hybrids where they can also vegetable you don't want you know. So the defense doesn't know what I said we got back to back you'll easy. Every critic of the football because it makes it far more difficult for me defended that by don't know what's gonna. Don't you know that equal to that is OK listen accurately. David Ortiz got off all these it's because the ship OK so yeah it's brother David. It's equipment like listen you know on the play action. Don't play action pass exactly OK you guys did you know. No goal line defense week album won at your regular personnel and you're happy that your goal and I'll blow you know blow stuff error you do it's it's sold still. No you don't it is definitely. See it's like journal Christian for you. Right. It's like your newest and should be able to stop me from hitting didn't protest at that would look you. I have to adjust to the change in environment and everything else that they're adjusting. Eclipses are just to elicit. Defense is so I socially defenses were behind the offense. Can you off that they're going small. At this the right roster so partners spreading it out and there are actually gonna find guys that can't operatives because the bodies. Now the defenses are catching up right to the docket their start in hybrid linebackers their guard guys running back pocket the difference between the taxes in years or all this while the the lateral speed the Atlanta Falcons that there's only team that so much beat. But all that is such a cop out the heat a film you're gonna go complain. Basic right the ship because you'll more hits. All just like you hit it wherever you want. Host is that I don't get. Any opening although. Phil baseball people what you have a little circle okay and maybe you know you can use of the leagues now you could have you know something that you'll. There a little circle around with a second baseman can only go a certain distance which basically element is that guy who's got the state at his set position can't. Ordered an area it's it's it makes you noted that and I see what I can understand why you know baseball you look at this. It's such a numbers game everything's driven by the numbers this accidentally history of the Iranian. Everything we don't change anything right so some guy that played the seventies due to shift. It would do suspect that we'll let a well he's got more head episode don't wanna change you know you should be doing it to be eighty. He baseball loved baseball wants to keep. Hatch to the assets as as as all previous generation to generation. I mean I am sorry but Babe Ruth was a little bit different than what you dealing with right now just accept that part of what you got to nine we have to. We should done. In Florida. Streak. I would love to start right. How much trouble if we get it and I know a lot I think a lot of thought would view on the other hand. You know better and all of that for what you write it legal for now I do wanna get jobs that I'm going out there it didn't rest on their spots. And pitcher me when you're in order CI telecheck Ford unlike no I forced myself. Play all the look at the web please. Please I remember socks I don't want you people something they thought I wanted you play honestly ideologues want to fight but if I. Idea is for to be funny the fact you won the last XU effective federal you're right here will be funny. You're not funny Q did he understood that it doesn't go race with just get a break we'll be right back. To order a waiver Loney and 48. They show that puts a hold grudges or no rear view on what you think sad has a better player also. The time. It Sports Radio WEEI. Read against the Yankees have been what was if not indicate that lives here that you have been very good against the Yankees unlucky. Did that aids is there something a lot different to a Yankee Red Sox starter for sale. I think wolf pitching at Fenway and pitching in Yankee Stadium for anybody's is this different but then when you. When you're playing for one team against the other added I have closet. You know wearing wearing this uniform in the Yankee stadiums on these things do when you are automatically hated. And roles are reversed and then in Fenway and it's just fun you know you're talking one of the greatest rivalries in all of sports in any sport. And the history of sports so. I enjoy it I think everybody on our team and probably their team as well enjoy it as well I. Personnel involved with the event does recess yesterday. And I keep them open. It's interesting when you hear herself talk about this and he's doing great and that we love them whatever. Stuff that's what playoff game out of bed he struggled in a playoff game. He still last year showed some Wear and pared down the stretch in in September. He's done so far to this point exactly what he's done in each of the last three seasons even the start for the last Reese got. For the American League all star team because the first after the season any event. On break unbelievable. We have to worry about percent. In May be it's a that the slim body you know it's all. Body's muscle in my disappointed it looks like Jack from and it may report critical needs of earth do you know is he it's that went emblem. Us so. But he does Wear down in the second half of the season what are they doing that managing him now that's what they're trying to do. But we still don't know pivotal post season he's talking about the Yankees of the gets that he understands that it's a rivalry it's much different this Red Sox Yankee thing. But everything for Chris Sale and how he's viewed by everybody. After this season and the next he's probably got a lot to do with what is the Yankees it in the postseason game. Yeah but I don't think even matters is he going into yankees and amp speakers don't the first for a stinker. That doesn't mean he's gonna lower his value what do you know mark he's one of the best doctors. Out there right now based on the ways some of these other guys and he's he's earned the benefit of the doubt. Personally I disagree personally. This week in the slot the guys you know goal throughout their careers and you know Charles Barkley never won a title. So I mean it still it left to right and there's others you know just sauce Shaquille O'Neal Leo. Nubians each club saying oh rout was at each doctor Annan are now all he was there last night. Analysts Shaquille is also that's what's so he was that yeah the baseball think he was so it was EJ digital got a whole crowd to say you know. Is the part of this knowledge that was an event at night the night before he was actually portable whole celebrity thing you Egypt. But for the celebrity I disagree with you with percent. And I think you gonna find is good guys he's been seems to say all the right things when he socked it comes out and tells you I saw in people accountable. Four for its own actions were that good or bad. And we shall have to win. A playoff games out pitching well for the first four months ago I want. Gambling he got paid. What Sami how port is it really in the end how important is really. They're priced never won a bowl and never won a playoff game in his career a coming out of the ball and yet he got paid by the red. Sox Welker sales gonna get. If for some reason computers working house one breakdown. It's countered his contract is the sales yes it's now working as children. Person behind curse works on her Kurdish can find anything here. If I got another order in regular life not in any game against and then beat Kirsten on a OK so he's going to be true Curtis for next baseball season he's going to be thirty years of age so he is first. Year of the new contract is going to be. 31. He hasn't made an awful lot of money to make twelve million this year it's gonna make thirteen million each here. I'd disagree with you I thought on the or you create green and needs though so I mean. Well the next contract and a sudden I'm amazed and we asked them quoted price crude for everybody know in interviews with best we've asked in the question. You're still under water chuckle when asked for rate Portugal and try to renegotiate. Because I side you remember that aside good faith Redman. And gonna do that went to the problem is timing is everything in life. He's going to be 31. In baseball terms. For that next contract. Anything in the next couple years he doesn't dazzle you would policies at the Red Sox will have second thoughts about signing him for big huge. Alma and I don't legal lots of people have been 303535. Now and ultimately on the analytical I don't get to that both of journalism and we do this anymore. We're doing this anymore. Not doing the whole 31 year old pitcher hears a seven year deal. Not gonna ask him so you're you're on your argue with yourself could use it would have no trouble no no not that might look at what might wanna struggle on the next out of my point is that if there's super Max deals that David Price at TD Martinez is going to object. That Jon Lester one that he eventually got. But based on his age and that's why he needs to. Go in the air. Which is completely against this character be sure yet and demand a new content on the base hit it he's a victim of Vegas and time. At bay but on esoteric content like you and I'll. You sort ears all your members use the numbers are saying you're going to these. You Barber's answers it's it was something like. Yeah. I get paid well and a half million dollars in win anybody brings it up I think of myself is that it in the elementary school your average teacher remember so once those teachers class or whatever. And all I want to be as a Major League Baseball player I mean I'm here I'm good. And it's like he said it wanted to thoughts of how luckier than it and it's got Boris wreck. Wrapping wanna. All my point lockyer the Red Sox got that out. Because you really have anybody else. On of course I mean he's he's complained it would say. You know listen I'm. Based on the circumstances. As all that letters. Would you be like our guy you're just a jerk this. Now you get past or Christian if he has an opportunity is he will this year and didn't with a White Sox we get that. To the policies. So we failed us. In Manila it's usually violence light emitted which. What I love much. You get all over my hands at the mood but in the business with two weeks which brought you give me a hard you do it on a regular basis and obstacles to sit there for. Well I mean forgiving when you are now but I left it I've broadcast professional. That. I've thought about it like Australia where they're weird one of the breaks in one of the racecars and it's and it's just by the principal. Yeah any any difficulty of the yeah yeah yeah and it was good and you were told you it's YouTube the Bosnia you're broadcast professionals. Should not. Well I don't know that. And got this yeah. Who. Got what it but it's got a note we'll say it was about half the State Department has rescued you and you're like go on an island with no it was you know it was it was a humbling experience and alive. There was out of line you you and I hate to admit when I'm wrong do this. Don't you know defensible that I don't like that I don't nobody likes to admit they're wrong but I was I was completely out and I was wrong. But unlike you I have the ability to apologize and move on all of the great qualities that I out OK I can admit I'm wrong. I'm OK with it C outlet you're you're Dirk okay I wanted to. Money don't win when management and judgment that's closer needs to you made the younger. Son. When the jets as you you'll just it's you fire right now yeah you sit there and just take it signals are you won't advocate you do it. Don't like would you with a going patriotism came over that relate your professional I can't. Tell us Bill Belichick somebody like that went under the old way underneath. No no why not before. Like Charlie Weis one time chastised me gently to him and but he can't really mess of me because older whatever is different right. Did you say to our boss. On development and no market really only do that with your position coached all if you were really close to him. And there was like a mutual release recently might Heidi coach with Jeff Davidson announced here. And he was was barred from moved so we have a lady gets name guys who at a more understanding. And White House like F you at view and usually right back at me but it was it was no big deal I'm Kelly it is to deal. I'll never. Said he heard. It. Is that. Now this but I. The what you just won't rate that yeah our boss it was like I wish that. We. The experts haven't so let's all the breaks overnight we're definitely out here start drinking don't is sort of the phones really should go to man. You were black and I don't think they were skirts are you in charge of the vote right now. Yes he says yes let's go to the phones. Few. Jokes listened to speakers. Actually watching him with a new job what Eagles play as vice president of program. We're actually why did you work here it's it's all of the meter of water to water did he let me let. Critical care is. That is one thing you know you could easily mean he never. I've ever received a copy. Is that we ever had him all the buildings we talked about it trying to keep him you know I mean you everybody got out yeah Panama when I can't get the ball out of the I don't know what to do need to make us as much money he's making right now I gave him a favor. With entered the directors. So. We're gonna break its back reliability or so. Deals it is our golf tournament W yeah Jimmy Fund celebrity golf tournament. That's all presented by different pork. So it. Doesn't that doesn't mean you're.