OMF - Joe Kelly is a shell of his former self, plus Alex Cora speaks out for Puerto Rico

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Friday, September 14th
Hour #2 - We continue with a Patriots/Jags preview before we transition to the Red Sox... Joe Kelly is a shell of his (earlier in the season) self, and Fauria thinks you can't rely on him going forward.  Plus Alex Cora speaks up on behalf of the people of Puerto Rico, and addresses a tweet by Donald Trump about as respectfully as you could hope for.

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It's afternoons with the way and ask triggered this kind of cure everything you've driven this team's situation. Stadium you're not guaranteed to their and its first party candidate to secure them. But operate alone the wrong thing. It looked competitive about this earth if you get this thing. Yeah the human race you know obviously there's quarterbacks currently that you don't sell off today. This kind of games can be saved me it wasn't like Britney Spears'. There and compete against you better do you want to give up your life. They got it. Sports Radio WEP. Ramsey says Brady does suck but apparently Shannon believes he's right that what we're thing. Who knows so well tell. It's now I think Thursday yet pulled out there there is. There is truth to that there's a lot too through because that's just but that's no different than he's ever been I can remember a time where he hasn't been like that. It's calm it's cool demeanor it's. And it is an intense rage and anger but controlled. But I figure out there losing that you couldn't control your emotions on this that's when bad things happen notes Obama on the ball take off all over the place. Becomes a nightmare. Listen on that show with his wife that's actually pretty good show she's so. And he will come up with the lines is like he's one liners death of one liner an incident that of all the letting me if you don't you do it good. Those ships would reality yeah dumb jock be perfectly Mike got an event that they would dump that's overrated co hosts feeling a little bit about that you feel better and don't show I'd like to have you stupid show I mean I've got to go to to even get a duplicate body count it's topic. Twenty remember that movie happy Euro to crop that's left over during the third veto I'm I. Isn't isn't a card next appear in EEI what's updates and. Well let's guys aren't there what's up. Though you know I felt forward listening to Shannon Sharpe Brady's lack so. Now I don't obviously liquid I try to think about why he keeps going after Brady and and incomes kind of back to lose and you know there Christina got both professional athletes and Sharon you have to you know. You had a picture yourselves as better than everybody else that's how you got to where you are the you know why not go after which. Go after Tom Brady's intake you know he's he's allegedly. You know solving the trainer while he's in college play college loans. I'm. Not really that upset about that idea and of Brady's your job you're not really. That kind of hurt by it psychic. And I notice it's the same old story you know Peyton vs Brady. You know you're not. Sometimes we don't dare I just you know you have to bring opinion by many as the pages of them all that ought shocks you know. I'm just good old boy everybody I can just can't let everybody accepts the action you know to call out rating because she makes documentaries. You know it acts are getting greedy and getting you know they all have an ego by. You know the culprit here like back in compared to some of the other guys who I think there he goes our way about. Some birdies I just. Was hoping is that he that the thing is that so nobody's talking it day in and out is let's just say if somebody else put a video left some of their version of that tunnel into Graham posting right word how would that be received by anybody else would Brady it's. Look it's artistic resume really trying to say. Nudity Cameron go to hear the music room. He sees who salute the fire me is that this is Ramsay this ball in his voice that is it overrated too much invisible. These degree and they utensils. And can you love it though right I mean he and here's the thing but he notions of business he keeps beating you keep your hopes. He's like crack at it of the but I do wonder like how does this goal overseas with bill. The TV twelve times thing whatever how that was that was always post modernity warrant now he's not that that was that that was post game. So is this going to be a weekly thing on Friday. We gotta gotta scope up the robbery and put opponents' faces on this little things need to know it's interesting what may be. Part of the deal the little compromise Alec is that Alex is back part of the deal through to put ominous turns so the new deal is weak we don't have very which Oprah to widow of the TV times at the end of the whole lot of draws corner he's beginning she could from a good sense and so bill's working around the rules in and just inexcusable Thomas. He's put these out before pregame but it's all about Brady and patriots score touchdowns after lift lol yeah like I believe there hype videos I don't all of that rhetoric never did like another. Player another team I missed the shot of Jim Ramsey you're talking trash. See that's like the sluggish out of range you'll be hitting the biggest fake it'll be the biggest let down no demand. Mean meaning any and any fight in heavyweight fight you thought was going to be go with a one with a first round knockout of spam at flying into it with centering whatever. This is again they had this has not that written all over it and we talk about what they're saying in the locker with a sane in the meetings. Maybe especially the offensive meetings to volley laughing saying. Taliban's going to be near you everybody's talking about there's there's there's stoking the fires and guess what you'll never see him what do you the over under 2000. All 00. Here row while pulling down a little lamb. You know the you know he's gonna do Sunday morning and redemption through changes in Libya where you can read I don't listen I will be over and Albion like zero listener. Or something like that yeah I think you're right and the one thing I think is I think the jags are going to. When this came into it if if I have them thirteen and three. Christian it's a math problem I have to have them actually losing three games and this is one of the three games I have them losing on the scale down what exactly I mean. Again 115 oppression all four. But this is one. What's the line this is one of my last two patsy or one via its it's a 2145. Yet patriots. Favored in this one. But this one I think they're that it lets see what the defense looks like we are impressed with what we saw with the defense last week which easiest we. The defense different creature while it is less and less obviously you don't have the offensive output last week he didn't have great. The autograph the ball well if you look at and if I look at how well Houston rent and I decided to focus on the right there's a better offensive line is it if they want to they want to battle in the trenches last week is a better offensive line Jackson. Well yeah I mean it was sexual Lamar Miller and in Alfred blue with it was 25 for up 34 out of the you know there was a Hopkins biased and for whatever quarterback yes. But I just saw this majority of the NFL network news for them. That announcement that. He tweeted out it's instinct thing in Jacksonville with that let it for nick told reporters. They heard a pop in his hamstring we heard south on Sunday. Is Jack's votes to admiral says that's news to him. And you it's game time decision and point. And what that is not played I think that's a big loss and always not a beast not a guy that. Is selling the elite running backs in the game Emilia averages three point nine whatever was his career but. East girl that's so important to them about it and they do a lot of games that he identity but vows to tell you last year last year Lennar fed him playing three games and those three games. That they're jaguars offense averaged 31 point seven points per game four at 63 yards per game to play. I'd doesn't matter it's it doesn't not doesn't matter is that it doesn't stop digging into the stats stats of the staff the case don't it doesn't matter is that it better know my life is again it doesn't matter that I. Matter that they they were if people think that TJ yelled like some crap back and he's he's you know he's he says okay. Acknowledged he's better than OK okay yeah is it other than a you they didn't say let's go to TJ yellen have last year on the matter what you say he had a he had a good game against them. But the ball well I think united seat. Today C title game I think it was like an especially that first half because look at it. You know before it run crazy in that first half and now and he really didn't possess when they were score and that's when the offense in the electric so maybe it was. That afforded doing his thing but first half when it was eleven carries for forty yards three point six. But yelled and it was just the little things right at fort carries the points of romance is breaking a few of you know I mean but. To your point I just think that's their identity and it's kind of taken a script from ball from Seattle what they wanna be. Defense intimidate Jewish defense run the football he's not Marshawn Lynch but this is what they wanna be. Anyone wanted to play out but I we bought. But I think they have to run the football so that the quarterback who is not a precise throw war can't run. So now it gives you a two headed monster factor of running the football but he if if you if you're getting a running attack from your running back. Than it isolates what you can do against that quarterback is he's limited acting so. I do like the jet was but the one thing I'll giving up on this one Christian. Is an ideologue immediately think the team's total of the five apparently did lose in the two games for the jets and one against a bill will be become a thorough way our parents got a good latter how. How to get there but the one thing I will say is Jack was building this game like it's passion. Yeah oh yeah. Like this is the biggest gain ever and Andre and when we do not all right and we didn't do that especially early on in the season like this and the patriots c'mon Tom Brady is pretty mild tone in the way he deals with his emotions. I like backward you get tired really good Leo Buick the contentious game I mean but for the most I just I don't see it. I'll see you at all I'm not buying it I don't think it I don't read repeated gonna run away with it but I still see the jaguars offense. Coming through you know I I don't I it's icy to defense walking up the field time and time again. Hoping that the jaguars often does something with a all the opportunities that the defense is giving them whom could eventually with the patriots. Okay you you came off three up three and out that eventually something's gonna hit they are going to break the code figured out. Because you could only stop on for so long it's like little you know it's C uses all of them back. I don't I don't believe in the general's office whatsoever. That's it and it and that's that's my analysis on that can make up and that brought him when obviously. And I point out to you that two weeks ago you said the patriots would be two and two through the for first ballgame there's no proof of that that you long you have low against him he's saying an adult now I don't want Jacksonville so to him he's the it'll lose against the lions not a novel I announced that and restarted the lions and little idea OK to you don't think the dolphins. It's almost like I don't think. And don't matter to him he played for his life. He'd be coaching or as light of that that victory at the colts. Andrew Luck is a rival senate and Ager Lott shortly equivocal still on Thursday hydrate them all eventually gonna pick him every game so they gonna be five and also what he's saying is. There's a six and five finish. Yeah yeah yeah. Oh look you won game batter earlier what does that I promise you that you gotta they have got to those reserves or not I'm losing it I can't do it. I would I would watch you when you look when I look at it but for the seasons as a band that's probably one they're gonna lose. But I can't I can't deny it went on scene and I just don't trust that I don't believe it and I'm looking at hub and elevate are and how unbelievable low light. Unbelievable well probably bored of plate and in Google's search circumstances I don't seem doing again adding that the news is better. This year it paid received than it was last year because any of all this spell defense is better after the first week. But let's see what did this is a better offensive line is we said the witnesses last week. And I'm not sure that the Shawn Watson was anywhere close. Too we're gonna eventually. So you had a quarterback it was not up to his level that you got put all that into consideration. Listen if they if they win this one they win this one comfortably like you predicted. Then right out of the gate. This pretty good then I I would I would abandon the eleven info if they do that lets you know I don't I don't morning would see an end an outlook midmorning books I've got a lot to prop. I don't flip flop I thought I hit it good stop what's known as a lot of that. Oh yeah elderly driver and a that they are big and it is good chance to Google ignoble and degree day. And an eagle 35 in a world that's sixteen now. Who's who's gonna pay them that's always the voice of had a chance there. Bills. And here's that was it looked at this year mr. team's gonna fall apart might might be this week. Fall apart I six point 7779737. A lot of football so far will get into more effect than an hour. We're gonna ask the question Michael board to help. Is it about these assistance. All part of the Bill Belichick tree well site when they leave Bill Belichick will get a that would Michael party coming up in and out but coming up next why is Jim Kelly. Still in case and Lula yes I think it's slow down next. On their tires. And it had guaranteed lowest price and counter offers more free services than any other tire dealer put. And tires nobody beats town. Nobody is now back to Fort Wayne reloading and 40 am on Sports Radio go. She go freaking Cali do you. I knew this would be good show but even for you ID note be this good you are you freaking revelation that that that was an absolutely amazing interview. So good to have you on joke really get around the view we have to do this again soon I mean you're. Okay I'll get Joseph Kelly to the woodshed just love these tough questions. What is so Boston Red Sox pitcher Joseph Kelly holding down here in the jungle and joining us you know when he talked about Cali you've played high school ball corona high schools are here in California what it was not a night for you in corona. It's doesn't you'll probably raping the 909 though right. Oh yeah you know. This way yesterday I was like Jared and I don't have thought maybe general just wears you down and you go out there and you go out of the eighth inning and all you have to do it. He rod gave strong six innings. And this is what you give us. I wanna like this guy I really do the whole fight that earlier in the season was good to that it is in its commitments now but as souls longer it was so they're going to say that he is guy that old you know Joseph Kelly fight club he just got. Knock the how he he and we say that he can't. And I yeah done probably he's convinced me that three weeks from now look three weeks. To use Joseph Kelly in the eight inning world going to be good. That can happen on to sing solo you know last night you could sit there and say that's a deck of the loose but it's not going to be those guys they went through. This is okay I'd like it is not going to be that they went to raise your right in the heat in the seventh right. Yet Novi breach here but understand and it was one pointer. Okay that it was Joseph Kelly Attica okay I'm. I don't point aren't bad joke yes whatever influence the right as I did he give the home run it out for me personally like you know. Make Abby make Abbott evident got a problem with the long ball but I just like the fact that he's winning gold goes after guys a little bit more than others but that's appointment it was. I'd like what is going on with this this bullpen. It's scary that that corps has no idea who can do this job you recently when not but I like it not like the way what's going on gay. So when you think about these gains meat absolutely nothing. Correct ignorant nothing car so weak it's that it's a great team into the job against Toronto agreed that job against the Mets this actually no pressure on what he's done is he's created. Pressure in that bullpen. OK right now Alex is Bobby sadness and I got Kimbrel at a Barnes becomes back and I got ranger. Did those those gaps and writes I think right yet but it's a good pitcher I just don't think he's the eight inning down only Vicky is I still think he's a good pitcher. Now what he's done is I've got for the spot guys' articles have been rumored not it's just I'm gonna put all of you in high pressure situations. Maybe that you'd you'd you know pulp with a whatever. And believe up to you guys that now a sense of meaningless Toronto game. When you come out of the pen there's stress there's pressure that you've got to show that you can do this get out of the GM throw the ball well to prove you can make this team. So what it's easy it's meaningless is not meaningless to these guys so what is finding out it is right now in meaningless games she put enough pressure all these guys when it job. That is maybe find out who might be able to handle it in the post agents or not academy a year or 20 before you know it just over four he's got 62 strikeouts in 61 and a third inning Sox and he lets you know it's I think last night hotel roster spot a case do you like one game OK Susan ultimately you like the audition process that's what you like about that he is creating competition and of pressure on his guy I didn't meaningless games. I give you that here's what I don't like. I look at the personnel I look at the audition process I look at the playoff games coming up at three weeks then there. As get bailed out last night because of the stupidest error pop pop flights and a base like Brad or a passed ball okay. That's not going to go snorkeling he's better teams in in the postseason. You rod gave you six solid innings. That's the best he can do boom he can't do any better than what you got last night so as they started you look at it under normal circumstances in the playoffs and say. That's one of my starts that's a third or fourth guy on the rotation I'm gonna get six solid innings I'll be rather good that's not good enough because they don't have a bullpen to finish a game off for him. They're trying to find out who can handle. The the smallest bit of pressure. Does it it's wide open but we're talking before and in those three guys to meet the Iran. OK so Barnes razor and the only regular kennels obviously if you can go to all these and I really don't have the match would go with seven those three era and into me. I think right in of all the Iran now five. So now seek to meet the bullpen stuff you all that you need stuff to get guys out so you look at it's OK guys all got stuff. But to be a reliever he'll come in pressure situations it takes a lot more than just stuff Kenya in the do you show freaking Cali took a leave do you attack hitters and he's attacked the strike so with confidence is now what's really vessel. It's a mental makeup wouldn't be likened to spot any trying to find out Natalia I don't think Brandon Workman got the best stuff out there. But there is chance that he could find his way on that roster instead of Joseph Kelly today he's he's created this now OK let's go. Aren't you and me into cars so to determine who don't. I agree that you are now and that's what I that's the response talked among once they you know the game on Tuesday of the house. Put everybody out there trying to see who's got it yes so it wasn't in addition to forget about it yeah update or Lebanese I think I think but I mean. This is why it's going to be a difficult last night. Was it was an eye opener for me because I was refusing to believe they are now working on Joseph Kelly her closet no theater price so budget. Joseph Keller I think you can take him off a list. Are you gonna tell you might have a vision that. Yeah I think they'll fight club that gets it seems like it was like five years ago was so long ago it just doesn't it doesn't work. And I think you are trying to force a round. Around pay into a square hole and it's not. Work is it the best the most pressure spot other than a closer. For any of these guys is the eighth. Any rattling through different guys. That he's trying to put them now with the competition back of their mind you to perform to make it. And it's not put them and highest pressure spot to that I possibly can deceit they get out of so he gives Joseph Kelly just go get it out in Q2. To do is work been basis Joost two outs sexy guy out of three pitchers attacks. So do you start debating find out maybe tonight it's he gets Henry the eighth he did it gently. It is strike only needed as a strike against the law outlawing that now is loaded and yet. And now he's through as a yes that was awful that was absolutely awful that's my points all that that experiment I think you can appreciate Clinton wrapped things. I don't include all of our boss wants might be due if they usually in the sixth through this they do goal in the first few right to be an eighth inning guy out. Sure you can't you don't think he's an option. I you know you he is about how did you start the other night he is audio gonna use you got a daughter away at that we don't know enterprise can't I'm waiting all the community you know in a playoff game you get two guys on base first two hitters get on in the eighth inning. Stephen Wright is out of the game. Okay it's a regular season game as Lucent doesn't I think how much Xperia play here and I know blanket sure I had the other one need to animal in need. You know expand your mind a little bit and look at it differently this. There isn't an eighth inning guy because there isn't an eight young guys to stop trying to force one guy so it is eighth inning by committee. What you do is you look out the suit a bunch of guys yeah look I want to do so you guys all have your up whatever you do your pluses and minuses. I need to put humanize pressure Spock is now need to know mentally you're gonna fight if you're gonna attack if you gonna be competent. If he eagled or throw strikes. Now let's say last night epic fail by Joseph Kelly very good from Brandon Workman I don't think he's got the best stuff now but he's got the biggest sat. That out and throw him out there and as part of this is running he's. Before he had been I don't I don't think there's going to be I don't think this is going to be one guy. Are you one guy emerges and it's obvious and that job you know the doctors court's job is easy but nobody gives her that a kid no I'd buy Canada seizing the opportunity nobody's grad being that's a better position and I agree with you so. He wouldn't have a lot to do you kind of just have to okay I saw it all the today. A little twinkle in his eyes looks good you know hey I saw right well today here's what he had to skip and is that why take what the when he really comes down you know I think you think about I don't like your odds though when you're asking a manager through every single game to make. The right man and continuously that's right and he's got to make the right move well I as opposed limited as opposed to these men don't have a lot of teams they alliances and hit the that was already and I got to aren't a problem he doesn't have a lot. Sure glad you could bang your head up against the wall they Google get that this is who they've got so now. He's trying to put each of these questionable pictures. In the highest rates stress situations. To see who comes through the problem I have with Workman and Thornburgh and other one. They work at last installed on 94. You know look with a cutter curve ball. And I've seen him like recently you about the on 1991. And thought perhaps the same way if all one game at those 91 the next. So much of what happened in 94 like. He also it's just this a lot of inconsistencies. They don't have that guy. Try to find out mentally who can handle any given the biggest test the best thing for this team as of close games you next week they continually have seventh and eighth inning hole situations. It's a show we you can do know Mike well. Nvidia and a little he still might not know he may be making these decisions in the middle. Equipment but that's not not just for me but that's not his fault and I know I'm an encore. Corps is doing what he's the only thing he can do right now is it that you but in advance real bad spot. And that's that's the point of trying to make Russia is that he make people will will take some shots at him because he's going to have to make for a more moves. It's going to open the sixth seventh eighth the night while maybe not tonight he doesn't have to worry about that. But he's gonna have to make more moves than any of these other managers and it's all because Dave Dombrowski did not fill up as the point. The way they do those and the scout reports specialist find out what team it is you start looking individual hitters. And it's all matchups now it's like what's his weakness what's his strength. Of this guys' weaknesses oh power fastball up and his own. In all Qaeda we gotta go with someone look at though that's a lot of below its own. You know so it's so they're tired lineup and bench. Is gonna be strengths and weaknesses in the to have probably names next don't say okay this guy matches up well with him that that matches up well with him so it's all matchups. So you're right you can sit there are lots of baseball game ago. I can't believe you know you just pulled a righty for the righty. And then maybe guidance of a bomb in August and what the hell is that but it's all gonna be on matchups this intend to reach a better matchup on this guy than he does Barnes. And it's that is a scary way to do it for manager voice. He's gonna work on harder than AJ incher any of these other miniatures he's going to have to and that is all because Dombrowski did not fill up that ball. They were depending on on form bird before that Carson Smith here's rusty you know Plymouth he wants to talk about it go to rusty. And then they expect that we have to do on the way out. Will it ever OK. US sales are Eddie Rodriguez hit VA. Since against the run is this your so a three man rotation of sale price and Marcelo and Rodriguez injury that he guy. Yeah. Every every year old every day. It. Yeah right. Who's gonna start one to take the best pitcher in baseball. Game. As well that's a completely different Stoller via Lincecum. What is the difference or if he if he can't stocks if he can't give you if he can't throw 95200. Pitches the words were ever a different discussion. What you what took you up to be healthy what do I do rusty. I wanna go right what they're alone they help you brought in 88. So legal. I'm sorry what if you if it was healthy Yunus started gained three. Well he's gonna have to pick a lap irregular eaten right so that I know you'll. Our own and I don't know I know I'm an anomaly and a bit by the way there's so much time off there's no re sitting your rotation you could pitch and such date the last game of the year it's still pitch Friday the first playoff they're gonna close at any given. They had to bring their rotation you don't want Dodd currently need and. And it here's where I think that's a mistake because some of Google three days' rest that's crazy. And it can't be sale and it and I'm not sure you want. Price to be that guy either especially since you've got underneath we don't group me I don't go three minaret 33 men three days' rest rather in yield yes it's everything you'll that is in the World Series that's right. When there's no tomorrow and you'd need. Please it's ridiculous the thing about you rod is the one thing I think he's proven. Is seeking give you six solid now you'll feel good opponents and ditches you give you hundreds of pitches to get through the glasses off all the spotter when the right time all the starters and Chris they would get their all the starters prize. Now those guys are all peaking at the Red Sox you know Iraq as it was awesome performance and those who would have a dogged. And it was a good before ms. Lagarde performance last to write efficient. So instead wants to get that one baguette sandwich in their song wanna see you know started to from the same it's just atheists and and that's what we don't wary as though is he gives you six weeks we know what yet he's the one guy we know what is the problem is the vegetable open. Other than Kimbrel we anoint you did what are. That's the props to briefly go into two weeks all of got a life it's good like 56177797937. Radio and on that keep up with. Show on Twitter back away man on WEEI. Before during and after the show O clock. Let's get you back to more of Fort Wayne remotely in 48 right now much Sports Radio WEEI. Six a team. You know we we will never know how many. You know Germany coming was I hate that people make a political issue is alone in movies. People who went through his. They know what happened. Ellis scores said that he doesn't get. Political but he did step into the political and reading yesterday. And when he. You know through to the president because the president apparently doesn't know he's got a math problem very similar to yours Kirsten you know how many people. Have been killed in Puerto Rico is still some debate whatever. And core and this is near and dear there was hard because he's from there he went back down their during the spring to help people loud. That to contribute. He wanted to legislate against Obama and all of a bomb in his position I do the same thing but is he going to take. Anywhere close to the heat that Judy Martinez took. So between about 3000 people and be efficient and essentially disrespectful. For my country we see it that way I know probably doesn't feel that way I guess it and man. Thank you for openers he went on there he duplicated. I hate Tug of apologists now that I think is more than politics. It was more than fairly quick anyway that he he he tempered that he was ordered faired there is it was exactly it was fun. It was awful scene and I don't know what the number wise is it somewhere between eighteen and on eighteen people 3000. No idea yet they think you all know is awful. Whenever Victor Rodriguez the coach last year hitting coach is Stanley was down there they're like it's the southern part of the island nowhere India with a food is being brought. You know two through all the areas of being shipped in notable to bring in a food in but they couldn't get updated get it. And he couldn't get the food down to them either on any of the stuff. Because it no gas. They couldn't get gas they couldn't put gas in cars they couldn't get anywhere so they all these supplies that the country couldn't get. I mean anyone months months months months without electricity was it off I don't know what it was you know what the final numbers war. But Allen knows that country was a lot of trouble for a long period tar ball. It's also George Washington University released a study that estimated. Michael 2900 died in Puerto Rico as a result of hurricane Maria. And I can easily understand right. So I know you don't wanna make a political thing or somebody comes out why you now only about eighteen people died and seeks to AT and they kind of ride a wide range. Six to eighteen. I can understand I'll maybe seventeen or eighteen at 68 Cleveland as low as six in his eyes AT. Well the worst part about it was and this is where I agree with a it was disrespectful because you're bringing up how we're dealing with the latest crisis that of Florence is coming aboard. It's gonna drop forty inches of rain is going to be flooding everywhere. And he's talking about that suddenly Puerto Rico pops up and twos at I I guess I'd I'd I totally understand what the question I have is. Here in a blue state like this to go along he took while gotta say I know it was tempered shot you could hear his voice and you know I thank him for asthma I. That I really suffered. We still in a UC EC. There is forming now everybody is back. Now on is not easy by saying one thing for sure I told you guys before. One thing I'm proud of slide we withstand the announcement on our own two feet. Do we need help we don't. We know that my time we've been battling through it we know we're everywhere but we will be. And it is a matter of time. It's now this is a is a little bit of college frustrating that the topic it's coming coming coming. Wasn't quite nicely you know and I respect him now he's president of the United States might add on stuff that he says oh let's. With that I think that nobody is I think as good as you can do I think it's him or Tiger Woods did so viscerally that need to be kind of say he respects the president and everything else and I got killed foreign. I don't see how anybody can give them a hard time irrespective. Of the position. That's sensible thing to respect the position O'Neal to agree with everything says the next governor outside what is senator Al score Cora was actually respected the fact that he did help out there are a lot of technical. There are a lot of people certainly on the on the democratic side of the aisle who do not believe that he did anything to Al. People I feel like they feel like it if your Alice core or you know someone if you're from Puerto Rico. You feel like our president trump is arguing with Democrats will go back and forth Democrats Republicans and meanwhile we're doing is we're. Where we're using this argument it was citizen but eighteen people dead in what 3000 people that only team that leave us out of your fight. Yes wanna fight amongst each other that's behind it but leave as far as only people passed away in the tragedy went down there just. I didn't leave sale edited and how Puerto Rico came into it yesterday other than he was dealing with the other Koreans somebody asked him about hurricane Florence in you know well that's what he was talking he was he talked an awful lot about about the transition into the process. And again until the Puerto Rico thing because they were conservatives feel concern right now they I mean you're talking about talking about flooding. With a water knee rise like nine or ten feet. Configure in the second floor ounces. And only explosions and fire zone conversation that you you have got to get this Colombia again I'd do the army gases well I for now. But what that's terrific but you go to get a change that particular choice again I don't think you have to push with you're at a certain neighborhood that gap source and they can serve your neighborhood on literature and he's been we're gonna get a list of would you feel definitely maintenance revenues would want to announce its maintenance to make servings OK so I was comes at a gas so I doubt Italian sleeping on my couch now for the weekend speaks his neighbors of the buyer right. CN paying out everything about you know I'm I'm like I'm like you'll open up the door for people leave it open and people wanted to men. People of the strict apple wild scene that was that was once an atlas that was raised. Yeah I had people call me from California. Okay. Every time there's a still warmer some sort of catastrophe or whatever it is not protect Astrid is like earthquakes here but it damn there's a big storm or something. People of California they freak out typical count over the overreacted when it it's not an earthquake delicate destitute and have you ever gotten out of the way and it despicable what Jeremy you let me other than other than what is what is the nor'easter oh please so I just know that's not. I can add the project and Donna Brant Rock in it if there's one just earthquake meets again there's no earthquakes here. You never have to worry about that time living tag or go to California kid worried about earthquakes lately your head on the pillowcase you don't have that all white school they get canceled because well. So hot probably raping the 909 number I think 818. Prepping me when he missed it there's no hurricanes and there is no tornadoes on what that what what is. It doesn't worry about you saw those leaders think is of some wind and some rain or what is his umbrella fell down because that he does not compete it was a problem it was a great. How shallow where your friends that would kill for why it's their three towns that were affected by that they think they don't know any better if they are so. Out of their shell and realize you don't leave the most. I'm currently an added later they assume that the Massachusetts is Kelly Brian and some really small stage everybody knows each others like to high schools. And that fits. Go play with rocket is actually rock now it just you know it's nothing special that we are you fearful both of you that you were on the scene. As I'd like coming around a little more heads up when they play and do a small maintenance. So that they were doing what everybody we find out that I don't think it'll leave you know or some like that's inhalers are gonna check your gas lines. And Maicer got a house leave your door open just in case like some weird backtracked. Saying they wanted to they gave you. Really lucky because Wanda. And that was a freak situation was there eighteen year old guys as there are in the driveway. The house blows up the chimney falls off right it's up McCarty was waiting to pick somebody up from the driveway what a bizarre. Situation that was but they were lucky. That you know I know you don't want her and I move man. What was the final count was eighty. Eagles it was over seventy amateur final at least a month with a little roads are ours. Just as a unit allowed back in your general area. Yeah what is ultimately freaked me out whenever there's what they have to check your house outflow related to be non countrywide back door. We took a back you know I'm snow I'm not going back judicial Charlotte in a pool node does not doing it anymore leaving all the windows affects everything you look at. He's a gas. Well I guess nobody but probably just don't guess even when you don't smoke so that's different and yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah and I think for the next 30 god apartment. And coming your house just altered here monitors due to floral dirty our doctors thought all right I need some help with this one I didn't realize this today is the official landscape for two mil deal. Bonus at ESPN yes and she's walking away with like what six million bucks or sit yes. So the the first thing I would sense. Because of Reading all of the reaction Sports Illustrated wrote this wonderful pace that they'd given her time after taking off people you know is going to be terrific. No nobody was watching it that in fact the reason. That ESPN had to move on from that show is every week the numbers were going down this. And I didn't junior trainer Freddie and articles Sports Illustrated SI think you protecting a boat reckon on the NBA players to. This is like organize regular credit for never backing down when he was alone without trauma okay all Andy's here there was addicted to Leoville sacrificed everything. And here we go but in the article he says I now Ellison is pinch or left them alone because they had an audience and don't. They didn't have it. It's shrinking now outlet Hulu at A the agency into play at that support to this just suck it wasn't someone. Who had guaranteed money who saw the show was going builds up people were listening another failed career who decide to move on suit for some she believed that. I would which which is Craig what's what's what did to me okay is that so you have guys like bill half my life he runs ESPN's sports writer based in the supported or whatever his actual title is. So each week out this this message about in tune in tomorrow hill. To bell hill is as talented as she is fearless levees somebody would want. You know to work for you like someone who is as talented as she is fearless he's line congratulates on her many successes. At ESPN Allah or to see her do more big things that are next chapter. So. She there's more you're right he's a great yeah yeah you push her out the door I hate to awesome she's successful and she's talented she's fearless. Yet you'll want nothing to do you don't. I nobody out he wants to make it look like he's still early Yasser so that hire back. You have break your back you have ever on show you our juvenile jokes about it should be it's just journalists along. We have the talent that we wanted to ask you a better so let me get this straight so that I guess. They want somebody who legally sound off on trip. For six million dollars. And date. Hover and they think she's talented so why wouldn't you hold onto why would you he's somebody six million dollars to call. I am out. He pushed her out awful because they didn't like the heat and it felt like they are losing subscribers because of basically because of her but she's. You're listening Peterson actually want to go by your life and tell people that on or off Thursday you know what my bad. I'm gonna back six million Google blog but here's the problem yeah you're often have to I have to say all the nice things because you'll get beaten up and all of the ESPN people personalities and people began it's already been nice and gets screwed that advocates got a closed at. But the but the bottom line in you to Melville all the credit in the world she's walking away with six million dollars or listening to us right now I would like to be able to walk away from the job right now six million dollars kind of like to talk and I asked him what sort of all the during wanted to walk away Atlanta for six ladies aid effort but. I'd wait response pop up. And I would stand by it and say you know equipment. I our tour she walked away with six million dollars and oh yeah she'll get another job tomorrow is that even the people trust of the people. That I care. And Sports Illustrated Howard force near our house she is not a one out of state that she would have. No she would. That's why you're in a six million dollars penalty what this guy should tweed is like you know it she's fearless and towns of work too big of a work were so cowardly. Where so scared of what she's done to us enough to do not want to admit it you listened to it that is showing that could motivate a guy got hired or give her show is I am coping completely wasted all the time businesses and boring sports is the strange thing that we measure people's. So in this business it's called ratings and state weren't getting any when a show when the show got trashed and and dumped. The one of the first things that she said Michael Smith said the same thing. Is that they were not more adamant about speaking their mind about politics on the stopped. They took the advice and stayed with what ESPN wanted to do. And maybe there's something to that maybe they should have been more vocal popular their positions and in in politics or whatever so I have a little bit of trouble. Sitting here having people give her credit for never backing down when he was on. When your show's ratings were going down every single week I don't know what you guys I pick could be in one of the management's office saying we need to. See what happened with John skipper who was running he has yet. We came with this idea he was cracked out of his mind you know you don't draw not a dry erase board but make it with a speed like some Kleenex boxes. People were wondering well I just just. Don't be. Probably the I didn't you know. I'm out bin under the influence. Okay on the mile. Vickiel speedy little running networks with an atlas moon is right now and all the stuff that. That's come out with him and he's the guns are he's walking away I'm really elect a hundred elegantly with 500 million Selig is it what does she call the president out with you yet Santorum about trump whatever. They eat you know called America embraces. Whatever remnants of white supremacist. We all right that's sort of people we I don't puppets that got us some people but ESPN and yet they're not okay with it time. West yes. They don't understand it and you know she's talented. And make ever I don't how many different opportunities hee-seop onerous so many different times and they kept redirect finally said forget it. But don't both view accountant Allison evidence yet you have an easy you give us a little evidence. Why 6177797937. That is our number right here on always and it.