OMF - John Frates joins the show to discuss the 7th Annual ALS Awareness Game

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Friday, April 20th
The 7th annual ALS Awareness Game featuring BC against Florida State is tomorrow (4/21) at Fenway Park. Tickets are just $10! Net proceeds will benefit the Pete Frates Home Health Initiative.

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Call odd things happening at Fenway Park or over the next couple of days did you know that tonight at six. Army navy baseball game at Fenway Park really did you know now I knew about tomorrow but we'll get tomorrow but not. The odds are black knights baseball team thing on the midshipman at the United States Naval Academy road critical event tickets are ten dollars net trophy proceeds from the game. Will be benefiting the home based programs great effort delta. The Red Sox have been behind Tom Warner creating it after the visit to Walter Reed medical center back in 2005. After the 12004. World Series and then as you just mentioned tomorrow at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. In the Boston College Baseball team will host its seventh annual eight OS awareness game at Fenway Park on Saturday April 1 that's tomorrow. The game played in honor of former captain deep freeze whose course was diagnosed bail last. In 2012. Will feature Florida State number seventeen in the country right now are good ACC matchup games on ESP NU and so. A great effort to for a great cause. Yes and as it was very very. We were very happy appear McGuire on the talk a little basketball with him earlier. Where we're we're very fortunate have John for eighties. On Pete Freddy's dad and an an all around good guy a guy who as ceemea exercise at the Beverly YMCA before right John correct. And I don't need it doesn't work I did in my dreams I reached full most capacity I'd I can get any better. So but always good to talkies on how you doing. Onto an awesome which is source says the ball tomorrow. And rob when I saw you got to spring training I couldn't believe it myself so would Israel it is. Israel and it is happening in DC is that they'll badge on what I saw I saw early it's virtually any news stories you closed the first thing I said the robber efforts Richard was like yeah. I just I felt bad but I do I see it now it is there's no doubt he's gratified by listen tomorrow's going to be an awesome event I'm gonna go head to head on over and my eyes Tom says DC vs Florida State but obviously. The the tells a little bit about the cause tells a little bit about what are the the donations are going in and just about the event itself. Oh sure what it meant credible opportune to read parts of continue to do for us another sign people that lifetime contract and I thought that would be the end of it. But they keep doing these incredible things so they're donating their entire. All the services of the park for the cause raising awareness for ill last. It's the seventh annual get off in college is done but actually attempts. That's for the state has gone. So lobbies Scots college roommates father at Florida State died of dale so this is a perfect matchup between two ACC heavyweights. It's only ten boxes that iconic Fenway Park. Just the medical and looked up on how much are blocking tool would be and its 21 book value. To go and see a doubleheader. Same challenge probably buried at 1030. And then the main event PC fort stated story we have a special guests throwing out the first pitch. None other than the big lefthander coming out of the bullpen from Harvard Charlie Baker. Not really. You know. That's also nets video on ESP NU I know that. You've got to John John via a BC graduate is called the games are just a lot of cool things coming together for the moment and you know you guys have been obviously so involved in the fight against dale lasts and the Red Sox have been so supportive I know this would go to the Pete Brady's home health initiative. That pilot program from the Yale association but John it does about how important the Red Sox support has been into this fight. You know it was a NCAA east peace CPC College Baseball player. I never saw. And I dreamed I hope that wish that he got drafted that one year. But it didn't happen for me when I played professionally overseas I never in my wildest dreams. Wife thought about the hype that we could reach with this disease. To engage the Red Sox and you pay more meaningful than maybe throwing out the first pitch one day. Our book what they've done been charming and originally signed peace. OP's had an amazing game against Harvard in the baseball bean pot or hit one over all the Wakefield. Offense. When he was in college. But for them to continue to come back to us all over again with opportunities. Like this. Is remarkable to me so the catch phrase I've been using is the disease named for the former Yankee great moral Garrick. Will be cured by direct talks player full life Euphrates in which is so. Grateful to see him Kennedy who stepped up huge. Tom Warner now comes around a lot of events. So there are all in and and world and look Red Sox to love them. Joseph ID you go back the ice bucket challenge when obviously that was enormous thing you should get. Me sportsman of the year man in the year everything and this would this change lives. Talk a little bit about how far they've come in terms of advancing the research from when the ice bucket challenge started the now. It was under 400 unknown. We didn't know anything about it we thought he was going and for a pensioner in his neck that is affecting his wrestling socket hit by the pitch. He played high school football and hockey. He wasn't a great baseball player but he didn't want to. Fall behind in other words. What the hockey they wanted to settle for a couple years old Weston you know keep the in school behind his younger brother and that didn't make any sense and so maybe consultant to a baseball player. But. Described they need he changed really. The fabric of charitable. Fund raising awareness. Within six weeks it was reported that they're raised 225 million dollars. In one fell swoop for a analyst research all across the world and and they just stop sounding so. Never Campbell anybody not know what aliases. And never again will they say that they. Don't have money now for research. Which were seen is finding new genes and signs and they actually have a new drug. To slow down put people just get. What diagnosed. So when you have cancer. You go. To treatment the next day with fail so they did was come back and three months and we'll measure how much mostly you lost from today to three months from now. So now you can get on something. And I John I know the progression can can really vary from one person to the next. Take us into. Then the cutting edge right now one it was the Frontline what is the battle bringing us right now he talked about the new draw again they had good response that light where are we as far as the fight against fail us. Yeah it's more questions from the NC because she's very that's one wife who's very involved with dealers association and she goes on the country in the world speaking about it. I cannot stay home and and make sure that peace is comfortable and we have to. Client arranged to get him to look at most game. But I do know there is significant research it's happening it's happening fast and furious even our own backyard. At U mass. Medical and what stirred an inch. Oh it's been an incredible opportunity for us to witness and it's just lasting legacy the other part is this home health care initiative. All the proceeds are going to tomorrow. It's going to be illicit association particular people just like Pete who need this some basic models. Help. Care to stay in their own home. Though last question for me how's he doing. You know these. He's struggling. Oh against infections which are ever present. You know he's had difficulty. With lung infections and other types of infections. But he keeps battling back which is remarkable decision. So I'm hoping we can get in there tomorrow. And did it would be nothing better is CP back on the field at Fenway we. Infamous. Shot into the former foot shot at or if you open so we're really looking forward to it. He feels everyone's. Messages of encouragement so that's what keeps him going on is that it's there's Wikipedia and his family. Well John we appreciate you coming on good luck with the event tomorrow. It's been a great. A great way to get people talking about this every year as you said the seventh annual for BC ten at the annual Florida State high school game part of the doubleheader and pretend box. You get to those final time at Fenway Park watch baseball won't be better now they're going. Well they go on and you get made me Brock Bradford argument supported Hillary wants to or two ago if you pay twenty bucks to hang on John. I go I'd say that again John. Coca-Cola has been amazing other bringing their family fantastic and they're gonna have some great Promos as well also ought to coach Red Sox Coca-Cola. OC chunky they're in the bullpen behind the scenes really making this happen sort of packed the park repeat tomorrow thanks so much for having me on. Thank you John appreciate it good luck tomorrow to John Brady's coming with coming on with us here at the Yale last game tomorrow it'll be some very against saint John's prep. At 10:30 in the morning BC against Florida State in the afternoon at 3 o'clock and didn't buy tickets on the Red Sox web site. Just find the BC baseball hail last game you'll get the information he'd buy the tickets get in there and and help get a crowd gathered for this has two great event in college baseball's great stuff it's a great way to see it. John Martin's yeah its word now than I was diagnosed by a year and a half ago. With ALS and and I want to echo. What John just said about how great the Red Sox and we had a comedy night for him that that we've put together. This winner monster laps Jimmie Don and a bunch of comedians John McFarland. Came together and I didn't show to raise money form and just like Johns at this event they don't need everything and he donated the room they donated ballpark donated. Everything we needed to have the event went all the money go to to John and his fundraising needs so alive tip of the cap to the Red Sox who really have stepped up.