OMF - John Kerry, former MA Senator, Secretary of State 8-15-17

Former Secretary of State, John Kerry joins Glenn, Lou, and Christian on the first day of the 16th annual WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon.


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I looked shocked with John Kerry. Former senator former secretary of state obviously another person like most of us. Who have had cancer touched your lives in so many different ways great to talk to you. I'm glad we would you guys thanks a lot bird doing all the shun. Great effort euros therefore it so thank you. Hey John I mean you've dealt with cancer in your life personally prostate cancer your father your wife. Teresa Heinz is a breast cancer survivor. And when you've got diagnosed with prostate cancer is back in 2003. In the mix of political campaign. How would you how did you deal with that and how were you able to continue. How did you continue do really you know and fight the good fight ending get through the campaign. Well I probably pushed the limits a little bit curiosity in retrospect. You know realistically can do things and people tell you otherwise they get a lot of rest in the go to beauties is that. I think about how about ten days after I had mine operations. I was on the road. Campaign and if it is it probably cost me more than I saw that time. Not advisable. But I just you know I dealt with a 'cause after that I was running out one quick. And I knew I had to take steps that we're gonna convince people that I wasn't. That'd be handicapped by the process so. It was fairly. Straight out. And so I had an operation. You know about prostate thousands. Got that message I wanted from the doctors when this your margins of playing which is the most important words you could hear later that situation. And went on from there. You know a lot of people aren't so lucky my dad. Had a and died he's. Was on the sort of weight watch program where you gotta watch your PS ANC what's happening. And just got away from them unfortunately and got into his bones and ultimately passed away from us so. There's just I think every family has been affected by cancer. And in so many different ways and there's somebody. Unfortunately different forms and I just got a friend who was diagnosed yesterday with thyroid. Cancer and you know so that. The mission is as powerful as a sort of bend but we're making progress and that's what's important the other day when the PNC. Yeah that's what the most amazing. Charitable. Sporting events in the world that I met somebody just two days ago told me that. They're going to try to replicate. The same kind of thing. To do fundraising and Philadelphia. Modeled on what has happened in Boston and Massachusetts was pan mass challenge. So we're making progress but got a long way to go still a lot of work to do. You heard arguments in the PM seeing you're just a guess they're shaking hands you were actually participants from what I understand how was that experience. Well I could only port Isabel wanted to keep full disclosure here I can only do about ten miles of victory that's to leave for Africa. To lead the delegation that was not monitoring elections. Yeah in Kenya just yesterday but start right out to ride because I didn't want I'd a lot of friends who were riding on a bit suitable offered to start. It is just a great about the energy of that of that. Input everybody give Stewart the training they go through. To get ready for a little money they raised by reaching out to people here know fifty million dollars. There's an extraordinary. Amount of money that gets raised one sporting event and obviously they do it over criticized. But be it's one of the great fundraising. Events. For. Anti cancer. Efforts anywhere in the world and we should be very proud of. I would be remiss if I did not having the sect former secretary of state and former US senator on the line. To at least ask you a couple of questions. Because we're living in some trouble times right now based on your experience dealing with the North Korea. Is forceful strong rhetoric. The best strategy come to pump some type of peaceful resolution with North Korea in your mind. What not not not great public. Rhetorical war. Such as pregnancy at the last few days it just backs people in the corners. And it raises the prospect. Well this calculation. Of your call. In the Cuban missile crisis swimming client period of close to it. Do nuclear war is very time I was I was ecology at the time. You know we did not go through that kind of bellicose back and forth. Almost yelled. High school. Kind of trash off an interest is not a responsible way to approach this you can send out messages and plenty of ways. And nobody has to doubt that the United States of America has the power. And the willingness because we've proven that also the last century and again and again. We're ready to stand up for our values and for our rights. Aaron. But you have to leave the door open to be able to find a way to solve these problems let it be specific. For personal idol from 1940. Southerners so let me you know shortly after World War II. Until. 1990. We had. 50000 warheads pointed out us from the former Soviet Union. You know there are moments of tension and moments of process. But you never have this kind of sloppy market forces are seeing right now. And we dealt with that we dealt with the fact that we each have 50000 warheads we finally. Got our senses together and negotiated our way down 15100. Which is about what we have today. And we had an entire joint denuclearization. Program. So having dealt with a round in the last few years. And put together an agreement which makes it certain that we will know if they are moving towards a weapon or dot and right now they're not that there's. Apart you know created a regime which allows us to task that's. We're at a pretty we're you know we're in a decent place and everybody says all we've tried it for twenty years would North Korea we can't we've failed every bit that's not true the fact is we really. Only had sanctions in place in the last few years. And like Iran that took us about five years to get the Iranian sanctions and to a place where they really were fighting hard. We are still doing that now the drug administration and I get credit for this is taking the next steps in the sanctions by tightening the noose. And each step we've been able to bring China. Further along and get some to do more that's what we have to do for the for the for the time being anyway. I'm not saying that ultimately may not have a problem that. You know leads to unfortunately to conflict but we shouldn't be promoting it in and active kind of way. Are one more question we may have demonstrations here are similar to what we had in Charlottesville over the weekend this coming weekend. Here in Boston. Obviously. The people who are coming in are speaking of hate but we also know in this country we have the right. To speak at our free well. What do you do donuts situation John they have the right to demonstrate it the other area. Do you have to do that in it's a pretty clear road as far as I'm concerned you have to do. Absolutely guarantees the right of people to peaceful protest we are the United States of America we value for us now but you know light. The assay. Even things that we hate we don't like. But. You don't have a right to incite can create violence purposefully. And what we need is a very careful management. Will abide by the media room by the authorities the law enforcement authorities. And the board provocation. Respect the First Amendment. But make sure that whatever it takes place as peaceful. And then and that. You know arranged in a way. You're not creating an inevitability to conflict between different voices. The bottom line. Is that even those somebody has a right. To chase something that is really pretty awful. And an abhorrent and contrary to our values. None of us have to do respect. Or be silent about it. And the fact is that in the united I mean what we settle this issue long time ago I thought. Where you know that that took us land and neo Nazis. And white supremacist. Are not the normal order to have any rightful place in the legitimate political spectrum of America. They should be ostracized and should be. Isolated it should be condemned and it shouldn't take 48 hours to do that it should be it instantaneous reaction. Because they are counter to everything that United States of America is was founded to be. And all the values which were practices are in our day to day lives. We are tolerant country. And we are built on immigrants. For every century. And and it just inappropriate. Completely inappropriate to allow. Then to hijack. America's political agendas anyway whatsoever. Secretary John Kerry. Great thanks for calling in we really appreciate it helping out the cause today for the gym phone. Gregory what your special achievement as they are. You got a John Kerry former secretary of state former US. Senator here from the commonwealth.