OMF - Jordan Lambert, 29, non-Hodgkin lymphoma (a white blood cell cancer), Cambridge 8-15-17

Jordan was first diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma in 2009 and initially received treatment in California. She responded well to treatment and then enrolled at Harvard Business School.
A week before her graduation from Harvard in 2016, she relapsed and sought treatment at Dana-Farber because “it was known to have the very best care.” While still receiving chemotherapy, she got married to Cey (KAY). Jordan is currently working as a management consultant. She was a scientist before she entered business school and she wants to build agricultural biotech innovation to help feed the world and cure global hunger. She is working on a research project called "mere strangers" because after having cancer twice, she has been blown away by reading amazing messages that she received. In many cases, she didn't know the authors of these messages, but the impact was nonetheless, enormous. She says that those who reach out to cancer patients with letters can't "undue what is terrible about cancer, but they can make it a tolerable experience by creating elements of beauty through absolute selflessness and kindness." Jordan is an avid follower of Dana-Farber's Young Adult Program and says that this program helped her navigate the unique challenges that young adults with cancer face. She likes to sing and spend time with her husband. Jordan is singing the National Anthem at tonight's Red Sox game!


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We wanna introduce you to somebody else right now trying to get at them on this is Jordan Lambert. Jordan is from Cambridge Massachusetts right across the river levee here how are you I'm good how he we're okay. We're okay. One of what is your story tell us what happened to you. About. So I am 29. And I was diagnosed with lymphoma stage Orlando's when he won whom is a junior in college. And that it did. Chemotherapy. And then radiation and holding hands and I always gets a free for seven years and then they day that I graduated from Harvard Business School this past year I was diagnosed with lymphoma. Ands I came to a Dana Farber aren't we did a stem cell transplant which was seated DR. That time that I had cancer and in the first round then and now it's a much more democratize treatment lots of people get it. We're Turkish Shaq was that when you found out. Because you thought you were maybe over the hill on free of all got to ask what happened. Usually they debut that you five years in they say what ads at you now like you're home free. And very mean that was hurricane came back in seven. It was it was a sucker punch at a high you know he spent two years of business school ultimately it. The question I ask you have a business school time is what will you do what you want wild and matches like. And you know so I have planned for that and and then you know like the day after him. I. I was diagnosed. The day after I graduated. And acumen the following Tuesday. That only but the research project that you and they're you know near strangers that would what is so yeah. Still thinks it just sort of stunned me about. The beauty of having cancer twice and had a four. So you kind of know them about what's going on and how you you want you to. The person he would eat them while you're going through that experience and say this I had it and had an opportunity to notice this at one of the things that I noticed is that. The people who sent letters or cards and FaceBook messages. The Who were beauty. We're not necessarily my best friends which I thought that you would have to be a very intimate friend of mine yet. To say something it mattered to me quite a lot. Others. To eat not correlated at all it's really interested in the people food. Where able to use support means so so kind. But but without knowing who it was. Is that on street just huge. Huge difference shortly mind. A family was a really big deal. And they're supported throughout its own acts. By the strangers did a lot and it and I think that's when it. Does come here today and stories it is done people who'd donate to and it's. People it had made it possible need to have the treatments. I wouldn't be here at this year's. It would be nice and it didn't aren't. The air. Usually Narnia yeah. We need you we don't Marvin and went on our our family I think I don't know. Cool so talk about the dinner farmers young adult program and it's not my pet. Not you don't programs attacks on the first I had cancer IE I was something of a shrinking violet in two wallflower and it makes friends very easily so you combine that. But having cancer diagnoses just don't have friends it off your totally socially moderated. Other boys are really cool about young Eagles program at and it is there's like a ready made social network for our young adult. Patients were dealing with. Very particular concerns like I was on the first I had answers to when he and the second and I had cancer and you think you're an independent living entity that can light. Drive her own car and then you have to go at you and your parents coming out is it's a very tantalizing experience. And lots of young adults are going through that and at Dana Farber I think young adult is everybody thinks from leaked when he won his 39 somewhere. Is considered until and they are all folks to. Think that to have their life flight started and then cancer shows up and they have to fall back on support networks haven't needed to urge them. Un and the young adult program helps you have a support networking to talk through those concerns on. Because you're a difference just beauty wonders if they can't usually use the beach. So yeah not having. You know you. A little robot right personally but it is think before the game that you're going to also. Light up and wait markets that aren't yet it's. Really. Have you done that before. Now welcome when you ever think the National Anthem alertness and I and we have nothing out like a US. Anger I yes that hey that's a lot when you're at like eight and a shower. Yes not just shower scene and special. If we get our cash. Buick if you made it gives a little past me in the U don't want him for a couple bars for some lead balloon ultimately yes OK okay can you see the start that. Ready to want to have strong those managing. Eight. It will face yeah. It is difficult yeah he's just very good progress in Bosnia tonight. Your job market at this without it and than a thousand when you show that that's right. Thing. So this isn't good right now health wise everything good it's the next. Act for. A is just time. Two out that's what's so important here donate. Give back give a little give a lot to really. X. I. Actually just outline that then. Passed away and it meant we could push the technology in. Actor actions case gives it its ears diagnosis it is our our deficits and that's. And 2% chance to answer some day though some day and that's what are on day and suddenly ends and it is the place where it needs. Said it already in your case a few years back you probably wouldn't be here and you're here now so those people right now that still. Don't have a great chance they're gonna have a chance in eight years you open up you'll be shocked annual gas right yeah. Yes yeah there are almost there sort of straightening him good luck tonight over Fenway we'll be watching and listening or are you going to let you be singing the National Anthem.