OMF - Josh Hader's Racist and Homophobic Tweets,7-18-18

Ordway, Merloni and Fauria
Wednesday, July 18th
Hour 4 - Glenn and Christian discuss Milwaukee Brewers relief pitcher Josh Hader's racist and homophobic tweets that were exposed during the All Star Game.

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Beach or wade alimony and mourning their defense will be really good even if he doesn't like okay 3132. 32 32 ain't nobody coming close to hear it from yourself Craig can I get a lot of Scotland because last. I want you pissed off everybody traps. Including county executive. Think with the cool hand Luke when Christian varies from nobody gonna pay him that that Panama's it's unbelievable this the greatest time ever assembled. Why would he feel we're on teams now on Sports Radio WEEI. Women it's. One Christian today lose out on the aisle of course you haven't seen him look differently out. I can only imagine where that where that is gone. Not do it donated pine hills all from the Jimmy Fund and its o.'s the wire frame net Jaime park sorry he's cute toad you. We get equal why Leonard update and this one comes from patriot award for routes decent win you know we'll just talk she trusted and check mark. Ramona the shell born. Also heads into this one. Eight classic white letters now seriously considering. Participation. In the USA basketball. National teams may. That is next week in Vegas. Now they think that the reason he's doing it. Is because he meets the showcase. What he is physical health healthy whether whether he's healthy and not to prospective trade partners. So it might be the San Antonio is your read on. And remember who's leading this great while but he's coaching that he's leading. That's going to be very true statement apparently. They are are trying to get the wide side. He's not willing to sign. On the other hand they wanna bring him back but. They're trying to work out trade deals apparently that conversations with other teams and the other team the same. You gonna be a problem because we don't know be self yet so could could this possibly pay. Top of it basically luring. Why letter in to work out now and played for the USA basketball national team just of that that we can trade it off and get something back in return. Or. What if he's convinced him to play. And that's his way being around him on a regular base basis in basketball environment and may require a letter changes his mind. In regards plane for politics is gonna let it be coop. Maybe that's. The plan leading I think he I think you try to get the sinking they've they have they want him to be a spur because one he does because of want to. Yeah he's letter doesn't yet he's got a lady does what. But he's so here's an opportunity listen. I know we had our issues KO coach here this is Michael. Look I can adjust and change I mean I can guy can do we need to do. Give them description. Monday yesterday. Was the first official day. That he was able to sign the maximum. Effort witnessed parenting which will be sent him. That was five years toward one where it's that's good chemistry I don't public write and rewrite I don't know but you. The it was twelve midnight on Monday. Curse that five year two point 11 million dollar deal. If you're going to be instant oh yeah. So not yet when yesterday came and went and he said no thank you pay off a five year to 21. Signal like you. Point. So. Yet nothing it worked yeah it Sodom. It's crazy. It is crazy so he just. It's a really really hear everything that happened last year with the injury. He knows teammates. Who popped guys Sheen meet him now believing he was hurt. I mean he was just all he's he's all in to about guys like T Martinez the C one nuke our Chris Sale a new contract when it forces to be sure. You can't be app switcher. It all Voyager culture. It actually doing good is not gold will be better than you OK don't get it but we don't know you're under the radar or all of we all the. Don't call a BO OK. All I'm reading on Woodward's garage skier trade talks with several teams contain. Traction slowly surely gathering. With offers for star insists that he only wants to play offs. And that is don't you coach anywhere you want. What value can San Antonio get back in return. If letter to Sidney seeing guys the only people wanna play for the lakers so if you're the team and you talk to the agent. And you say well what's the situation now quite really just wants to play for the lakers and not try to missile they get it to the lakers in this offseason. It's not really if I'm any of these other team something screw you acute kidney back him in return so that so many taking anything back but it. No matter how do you play the Boston mostly for LA current laws split for LA so. Being that you're cynical we've already went through one only has and what they would have to offer and they basically what he did have a he. And even then. OK I don't know the return is easy it's like who went into that deal. Not not disbursed if they're gonna end up having to give them away and at least not to equal but equal value forum and then. Because he's just a little opponent that's what I think's going on. A NN I'm just guessing I'm reading. People who do know what's going on water rushed Intel board not to say it sounds to me like. They wanted to get him to this USA basketball drive they wanna get in there so they catch the rest of the lead. That he self zones and wanted out maybe get him that you know for you or. Orbit like the man I don't know its may vehicle a lick took the money will. It if that's easily at the cap space so it yet they don't have like that future planning on doing. It really doesn't matter if you like you. You know wildly chew your clinched a matter he only wants to play for the lakers. So maybe Whitney try to do that try to get the lakers were sit there. And Magic Johnson saying. Each article from a two year played with 303. Years right so you know I think about that amateur. So it really get a bloody double bogey collide next year you know or a year after or whatever. But what you know rusty right here if the spurs are losing the leverage. They aren't operating and demanded that suggest middle depreciating asset. San Antonio has been determined. In demanding a sizable return on still the bidding war among Boston Philadelphia and the lakers never materialized. Out there. The Los Angeles Clippers Denver Phoenix Portland Toronto and Washington. Are among teams who have talked with Stan O'Neal league sources said. As examples no blazers package includes being in a Lily. It does not include CJ McCollum. At least sources advocates letter music player teams fear could be a one year rectal and know what he's willing to do it. So for the lakers have held out three players. Jewel in the instruments and more helpful. In docs don't have any of these guys that are on ruffles the airport but that's it. All Boston hasn't included. Five players including Jason Day. Jalen brown carrier ring Gordon Hayward now. Well I'll go for a crime. Is they know it's only one year. Celtics and sixers have offered a heavy packages that haven't moved. The the servers and it because of the story is this a lot more two but it gives touted as the team. That seems to show the most ventures. Why letter in May be the one most reasonable. In adding now to the assets that they sense it audio. It's the right we have I think an image problem. They accuse superstars. Right sharp players they won. 59 games they almost out that sixty Arctic could make that sixty mark they were resting some guys in the last couple weeks. Yet as anybody that was right when people talk about peace we hear. Injury Aki and intriguing to him to advocate Ronald rhetoric to the experts. Maybe ago. But don't look like legitimate now if you want Leonard. In. That option. Gonna go from. From. Hold your breath through. A key Utley worked going to Toronto. In the back in the back. There are admirable. To its enterprise. Mobile. It's. When are going yeah always demanded extra body from that you might go for a reason real ally is at let me. Lol you go to guy that committed. Nobody would go back. Is the boom boom room the you know text. With wise people and is it going the only the only game I'll play for or against the lakers so all you have to do with them. The worst case scenario for tickets introductory right. We'll hold out till next year so view it sent. To Philadelphia or two rocket you have no choice in the deal. You tell us that a year from Europe that is no way that you're gonna stay with Philly or Boston or you know Toronto. Don't this still as the weight of all George orgy out that there's but may be the lakers had something with. So maybe the lakers were showing a little bit more interest in the girl in a quarter of durable and quite pretty girl. As opposed to Paul George the pretty Euro over there and the other side what attractive. As quietly admit that it's the new ball George figure that out says. You know quietly getting hit it that I don't know I'm just terrible enough yet but. If you're quietly. You can wait now a year cue the lakers. Way to he's already setting this up. I don't understand what these people picking the lakers so high up the list. In white Vegas says that so high up the lakers are already setting up we're gonna go through one year to year trends should get. Not only will they have I knew a couple new player that you didn't see and they also have a new coach. Did all the planets and we will have a new coach. Yeah. And investors await ago LeBron James knocked it to deal with that so lot and and if you're the spurs. At what point time at some point time you're gonna have to sit there go our way. Do we just kind of taking it in to deal with it. Because we've got a bad seed you know let Jesus he just doesn't like us so I rather I'd rather work without them. And suffer and work with him right at that point on that mentality has come into play is served well too willing to deal with. Could it so he's at this it and turned it. It's it's got to be it's got to be dropped a pop up crazy which will be interesting to watch. He knows all this is going on you're nice and coach you. But I could be awkward. Yeah I. If he goes back to San Antonio where the chances of Popovich do two debates in this day and that you and I honestly at that you mean I would say. Okay I would say that Kevin Durant mindset would be OK get me to the finals gave me shall we that close Brett still left. They think they they came one game away. From being in the Golden State into the finals yet he still left of you remember people convince the problems that make sense adult culture while. It's horrible because the next best thing was obviously the next next thing. Yes yeah I think this latest or by what you really leads you to believe. That and let's face it that pop that's great coach the one thing people talk about all the time is he has great ability. Sensing what's going on with players and their and the way your body language and everything is he really has. A good ability to do that kind of realized. Let's get back. Now now let's see if I can maximize it. And teams are probably coming to them they have an RC Buford missing we don't know if he's healthy. And Vegas next week he'll show up. If we're gonna we're gonna we will all players go quickly USA basketball next week we're gonna we'll mile pace you can see Al healthy and he he has the hurt that's wrong yeah. That's hurt now. That's what a freelance and others say from a Celtics won the field. There's there was never any chance that I said desperate they get out. There was never any chance that game was gonna give up anything be used in a phenomenal. Position all of these other teams are still struggling. To find a way so that they can compete. With the Golden State Warriors as the Golden State Warriors right now the top of the mountain they own this they own question is how long do they don't solidly on the ground. For the Celtics they couldn't beat in a better position they have a lot of flexibility to do stuff the next couple of years. There's a bunch of stuff they did it why does and I do not leave one. But he could if we go to the season next year quite found its original equipment too much attention to it and it at all like they're gonna try to make him aside and secondary guy. What do. If that happens you still have the ability to do a sign and trade and and do something. Just think they're in such great great notion they're immediately released him being away for everybody who's who's who's just gonna kill each other off. Alexei you know obviously Golden State is that is number one and I say there's a big gap. And number two as far as. Best position to win a for a long period of time. The Boston Celtics easily well even if you would argue and debate that Houston is better than Boston or who knows Oklahoma City. Worst utes are unjust to own teams up and down pretty good. Even if you make that argument. It's irrelevant. Because they're Albany each other up about hitting and killing other off. And so you really in the second best opposition easily in that into higher late sparring you know health and themselves. I. We're gonna take a break worked at pine hills this is the culture but the annual W the Geneva celebrity golf tournament all hosted by. It before. Portland trailblazers Sadr. Slides forward Zach calling its fossil and our number one. Top of our number two is open paws on the second hour I've got a reporter for Yahoo! Sports covers college basketball for them. Geoff Eisenberg third hour is open. It is not too late get a golden ticket not too late get qualified I've got a preview also of this back off. It's coming up on Friday five grand to the winner. Immortality. Who the winner. More on that coming up if you know what you wanna talk about you should hit me up right now. Yeah. Ridiculous there's there's there's open. Third hours altered I was so there's a smack talking with some money and now that we don't want to do you Internet when I took a smack of the human body we can't. This vehicle. What you want to do anything yet yeah you never want that or by I think you know we should put them together which it finally publicly yet. They see animal caller latest Mac artwork. Why don't leave work on that you always thought somebody else could work for good a good thing and actually. You have sort of goes up action I don't sir and I've or patriot offensive haven't heard that figure one that excellent I'll use that went. That's good ones that the that we're by the way the the report on the golf course. There on a six hour place. You I'd rather I'd rather there's so many other things rather cute playful. There at the list is so long like in particular order I can tell you that golf is flat since. The plea six. Hours but here's the thing if you really actually took that if you add up all the time that you actually playing golf but driving around or waiting compare those two things. Okay when you when you address the ball start o'clock OK after you hit the ball stop the clock argues that's all you do that your dog playing actually playing golf. Now add up all the time. There's no way ever the played horseshoes. Ping pong. At least weeks what every thumb wrestle let's. I'm Russell. Number six hour pace can you imagine now overeat right now drunken event to order an efficient at. It. Alluded like we just they'll load it and doesn't mean I'd seen him once happy I thought that we was gonna need the alcohol because he doesn't have the patience with something like this. When the course is running so slow right. Literally what would agree excuse if you really wanna be today is the people's government two car. Tips galore and lot of them. Some for your own program for all of which. By the way I have an answer for the Baltimore Orioles so if you miss that apparently the Orioles and the Los Angeles Dodgers. Have got the structure of the deal in place that will send in the shallow out to the Dodgers. Com we don't have any of the details of the players yet. Now nightingale pretty good with the stuff and he kind of says that though I got some of the other people who could be if it's the Phillies but it's not the Phillies it's the Dodgers. So. Many shadow is. Out there for. The all star game tonight right so he's he's there for the all star again yes and with the via serial Washington he's in Washington. It is a problem because he's on the American League down. And so you agreement separately what the hell is that the sandwich uniforms Russia would be a lot of ribbing this thing we're finding out now. Because there will be medical records. Another eight or paperwork involved in the transaction. According to cluster only. Maybe chatter will play for the American. We did tonight also this will be his last time an editorial editorial you know while it's got to be surreal what he can get to go to Dubai no Oreo fan zone and then bam he is gone and ally. This is as follows Dell's Major League Baseball to that thing done right away it just just for the effective and yet he's now is at dodger. At dodger blue on. But something to talk about anywhere in this in this thing tonight at a what do you think we really didn't get to. And I don't know why he's such a big story in a lot of people out here talking about it maybe because it has the name Adam chapter with a blue chip mark it. Is that Rob Gronkowski is not going to hold out. Just thought it Wallace did an equally well did anybody really think I thought he came back. When he showed up and he basically said it was going to be here right. Yeah that whole like come to Jesus meeting they have rules announced came out helmet with billions dual tweeting in the cryptic messages and if Graham. And all of us that they have a meeting he sent a sent out of mess they let some Michael anywhere up to be there so why would you assume. While he confirmation. ILA decade we have talked about reliably he's going to be holding out I guess because we all thought that you also think that he was gonna have a new contract went out. Yes but I think the problem would contract this. The patriots want it to be all instantly and very similar to last year he'll and he wants guaranteed money because he doesn't what was his line. If it's a fifth at that side of where you know wants the shop for groceries they kind of I was Miller on the arrived. All these things right it's unclear at this cryptic messages already. This is seems that the media the public looking at who it something you from chapter should this. We can't it's not suitable to worship to the evidence of fraud and a wet. Wind just doesn't it doesn't mean it's if there's anything you hear there's nothing new withdraw yet this you've got out for that title as anyone and little. Poking around trying to figure out drop was that all appears across the state dropped that to let crops in the neighborhood. I mean cross driving his truck parts ICM irony people seem a walker it. Never knew that was an issue. Yeah that's right yeah that's that given me after the it's. But if you could plug. The audience does not let actually get excited about that should beautiful photos yesterday Brady trying to act like he's just local fans back here's my bus in Costa Rica with with Giselle and the three kids three advocates were there. And sitting there on horses donkeys and mules would effort. And I'm sure you do that'll to reflect on. Bible say mostly want is what's. Coming what's that I read it we noticed the strong suits of the pictures of him in his life. What's that oh they were very loving your. Career. I will be honest with you I tell you advocate your arms gathered at his body has changed once it is draft photo now. Now once you have less hair in little hair like right in the middle. But otherwise he still. No he and this old game lead and is there. I did add a few that I told you before album abort a local long thing that it works and he's 45 to 45. I don't care what he looks like he's performing at an ultra high level and doesn't he took the ball that whole method of late what you need to be able it L guys oldest temporary. And he's still. Functional. In premiums. Should ballistic. You look skinny launched into it now that is Eagles don't we get from the offseason he doesn't you'll never seen with like the fine off. To. And work. And work you know ply Els it's more technical and more you don't mind you know your mind games stuff like that. A mental gymnastics but no person has other while he looks exactly if you go back and look at him. The famous draft photo right with a big elect board on soul I you don't quarterback Michigan you know six or whatever you know that's exact. Lee lately looks like that they're less hair let's there it. The ice a picture caption can I supersize that man written all over. That changed one bit though which is which is. Unbelievable really it is unbelievable it is that what port Loko has not changed one single bit but it at this point now while which. I would OK we got one horse. Earlier today. Bad things didn't work out the way in this group did not give. Don't look happy back. And Christie on Sports Radio. Ulster. We're looking at it like we went the other but that's a bitumen itself what is that from an hour and a half I apologize to him. I really do about it I did not take everything was working buddy so go ahead. Side and that they are elaborate import. It may be we'd better at night knowing their film guys publicly really. So you millions. Out lucky. Ron I got the first yeah. After that it big it's changed it from built I've got to build I don't walk why. Lou because it is about what the guy. Yeah ideal gas law right to law it's not an opinion as a series the law. A lot and tried to change a lot of the talk by. They'll. Wait for up to La La. O it Malcolm problems. You. In the book about it more and you'll. I like and I apologize thanks for hanging. And I'm. Which he. You know you have to do Houston's play. I hit a bullet like a place within what is your cool clothes and win out here this rag bag it was flag it's cool now out there will ensure that we are you gotta get it right back yes right back here so jittery and anchor. But certainly. Like the future. And said he ran they were getting. And we had doubling the Pulitzer over there shall we that you. In droppings on the floor you know this. Team yeah. So ordeal you know he knew he pushed him and do. You make money you know. I the fourth. You. I. The other title yet if you leverage. Your. Obviously I think this bag of what I want right now everyone exactly how jones' said he was excellent that's I know that I really got to act it was I got a lot to play it by the of that upload only you know I doubt I. And other stuff and you know. Years ago was a great time is sports bit at the baseball all star game. Couple that with a Morgan our friendship with Portland in the future. Shouldn't even had big runs and you've done this week you know wrestling feel that it already out there. What about while we're talking about the baseball moved there all of the the main Machado you wanted to divisional others about it recently the American League and yet at Democrats like an article below are pictures too good. It is too good right now the Arab. Drawn. We're all gonna think about and talk about it that way a partners so that part of art that I should go to the other guy that it oh flexing. And I wouldn't have felt awful. There are. Aren't at Bart board. Very impressive so you're off would she do most of you here likes to redeem bonds comedies we're gonna do an experiment isn't an audience outside right now I'm gonna go. Now on the phone right now and doctors. He flew out I wouldn't it goes off again and mission so Christian and I are going to show you different locations. You wanna duty as this could be close. It all ends of the keeps him up with dale. I will sit it out here tomorrow tomorrow. We're audience.