OMF - K&C's emergency fill-in guy took a shot at Lou; Fauria thinks older quarterbacks should be getting paid, 3-13-18

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Tuesday, March 13th

HOUR 2 - Patrick Gilroy filled in for Gary Tanguay on the morning show, and took some shots at Lou. Horford needs to step up with all these Celtics injuries. Can Marcus Smart play through this thumb injury? Drew Brees got a new contract and Fauria doesn't think he got enough. How can the Patriots acquire Joe Thomas? Ken and Curtis gave out Paul's office number on their twitter account and said it was their "complaint line." so we played the audio thinking it might be funny. (It wasn't) 


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Fort Wayne. And moaning and forty women who comes under the air he believes that Al Horford is a guy that should be we can we get ten where out of bed. Matt this argument socks is not the same argument that it was back in golden rule OK good so you don't like look so who's a liar. Yep just like to fly until I'm not a battle in Maloney who I did like him as a player I don't like him now with cool and Hulu and Christian. After years have been very challenging. For him so many ways. And I think just let you know if he doesn't mean I love it so much and I just I'm going to work iron. Sure appreciate it and have fun at first get the lotion on hall and seek a hole. Your check your back in the day are good for your child her there to want to watch on here. Appreciate it and have fun. On Sports Radio WEEI. Amazing how revealing things can get guys show up Albuquerque Kelley show. Desperately trying to get some air time. And failed could how could you do not like utilities like an understanding really lose now probably pisses some people who that you do you really good and. And rules don't give her well love Butler was the -- was the guy that was the oil rich you know you don't act what is. Our guys didn't have a great ability but he you know everything and god does when they said compatible yeah. Lawyer when he slightly there prominence here's some liar. Liar. It ridiculous honestly what is implied vigilant no idea what would but the only that's been consistent the African consulate that was it was for general close these people Golan was a kid and just hovering around the area and then you need to get to college and undoubtedly know I don't know in ten days. I was not there yet thing we stiffed those guys I heard that and then they might pointed out of Gilroy that could put a lot. They put all bat signal OK who wants to store today right. I don't an ounce on Twitter that Gary Tang Wei bailed and there was instant coming in let us now a celebrity that's out there we didn't sit I'll be there a man. I begged and pleaded to go on and got on and panicked and socks and a never use them again. I I isn't usually enough electoral doesn't matter what do we all live up to honor the better off if you went all it is just so bad medical I understood that I I didn't know he didn't mean to. And the different lessons on a different than called it too I also need to go to Miami and in my aggression and it's a diabetes and a lot better how can a sharp drop yell and scream and throw stuff they never challenge figured it it would zeros right Scrooge you why. They haven't. Big Apple are and how does it. I Anderson was better than gutless. Opportunity to have gone on there not strike me a second opinion to unload on me just say everything you possibly want Kirk would absolutely love it the two of them would love it you could. Make it seem gold Nazi you could even do that exercise is not sure what I thought he's a hockey hockey game goes he'd. As the mcdannold what's given us look behind a listen palace that's my heart you know there and Europa constituted. By this way you guys do this. You did in the idea of what the latest episode I've been doing what I buy the one before now we have lunch tomorrow. I think are well on back into the blood and our. Took a back at about where they say about the red asserting that the Italian is a result on Monday on the but I live Campbell who earned run. David every player profitable Mac passed it about because he and I'm so he's. It back. Something something I don't know it's yeah. Name every player does everything I didn't wanna just get the title Anderson I think on the now you know you're you're asking me that. They let that doesn't necessarily you're that you're on the highway from whose title are you eyeliner is it you're listened to. Hockey talk while most of the dale but as for what I might point out Hillary and that the only until roses on that's the thing on the need to deal that's purely you know who's your hero keyboard line up that. That's not true view. Listen just because to me it's an act as I still like you the most OK let's think dale actually on the side of the I don't like you did you can we let your them. And lighting you do not I advice personal work with a we deal right now is literate and ultimately win Brenda you know missed the putt. That's. Focus why so can we the tape because I. Your wife why lose a liar is called Lou a liar who went to that on the arts. When Lou comes on the the air India as he these arguments about money and it arguments about who this guy. Is supposed to be he believes that Al Horford is a guy that should be a twenty and ten guy because occasionally he flashes that game so that's his entire argument and I don't leave and because this is exactly who he's been with the exception of one or two statistical anomalies earlier it's pretty shoot week we get timely of that. It could sell that do what they don't have been like that even disagreeing with you I've heard Lou. Yeah tactic he doesn't dislike war effort. He doesn't he that's the pageant you also need to go back to win that terrorists no I don't I can't adjust its argument on the fly. It is all this on the same argument that it was back in the OK good so you don't like so who's a liar. To fly until I'm not a liberal that's why. I didn't like him as a player and only now why. I like Lou I can't I think your point or lately. He's a scrappy scrap the values and it was luckily he know he was hullabaloo it I'll say this crappy at it for a local kids. I think you know you probably hear of Tony intent and and by you know I was a local kids. We thrown out like even like sixteen and it didn't actually broken down that they take all the thirteen shots and 98. Being aggressive. Me stuck Mohammed arguments changed I've recently talked about the events on its own journey Sam and I'm actually more pissed that the people that refuse. To criticize this guy when it's deserved but I'm actually said my argument is actually towards now towards the deal Royce of the world the media paralysis of the world. In old you name it all these guys. That refuse to be critical when he struggled so my argument has changed. But this is still beginning part of it I expect more out of them. So with all these guys down right now will bode and expect to step up his game is less than Tatum this is gonna get a job offered maybe should state beat team B gon didn't. The shots and and so he is Matsui who hit an ally and here's I think there's nothing so now will now here's now Larry test so you you. And you lose some your starters OK now you get to see if this guy can take over game because now. You have you you're you're given more and more is expected of you now because you don't you can't reliant on production from other guys so we're gonna work. There's an official based on the opinions given nine verses people who just defend this guy or not I say that he can be that guy. I say that I do expect him to come out and make you take 1516 shots a game I do expect in the put up some numbers to go with the little things. Our opinion should be he's still not capable of that. The because I've been told he can't. Do that yeah that's it may not be him in an already got stepped up his game in proves me correct that he can. The stick back sequels okay all right hitting it a felony can't cut. Is this question doesn't mean anything that he that he defers. To the other guy because he realizes that's what's best for the team to win. Because I don't I don't know or hurt either of them I have put on the guise of burning OK because my boys for now we get to see if you can win games. If you're gonna get more look because you're the better player right and had big nights that the guys in on the court right now. You're gonna be the best place so we know we're gonna we're gonna feature you more because we gave third person it was let's do this. Alan workers and and this morning this is where these people look at what he gets Tony what the other guys on a courtly Murti now. This is the corporate sites the Horford lights are going to be or that it's going to be a going to be challenged here. Over the next few weeks the Celtics are gonna play with them we know they're gonna play we know Daniel Tice they're gonna play probably without markets more. And for a portion of these games may be playing without carrier. Now faces a bench guy that'll give you some offense here they are off the bench but market's smartest guy. That would the second team moves the basketball right he also plays your defense and we know when Marcus ones out. It's a real problem I read Irving on the audience and again scores any moves the basketball with the starting team. Al Horford. Is not to take his game to the next level he's got to become selfish out right now yes that's what do you. I think Debian is this these guys as long as we understand that did double for rights. Don't believe that there's that level. We see them being I'm just saying I see all of you are Gilroy except for the you know once in a wild game he does that that's just not him. So they don't believe. That he can beat that guy you're talking about there's a difference I do. I think he I think he can do more this is that the whole our commitment that they don't seem to understand. You know Lloyd twenty intend I don't expect to be twenty I'm not. Word about the rebounds because he's not a great rebound and we we know that but he is a great passer well that was a Canadian aviation walked in five or six free ones. The W we bounce but there and I honestly there are nights they're gonna get him to put you want you know. But it's nice throw it up in it yeah for the Syria I missed the free should be forcefully get the rebound mean. He's got to put during nights he's gonna have to get them twenty plus points here and he's going to have to be an assist to move the basketball where. Until you take market Smart out of the game you take every year being out of the game. This is going to struggle no question if any evidence will be that you know this guy's gonna be defensive player of the year. Meanwhile when Marcus smarts Angela they're different defensively their mass. He's not read best defensive player zone is more smarts about defense supply is the guy that makes the defense ago are precious to point. If that Al good defender. But as you said before he's at a best defenders Tina principally in here and chit I don't see so step OP game. Is in my wrong tool to think the weekend with a guy and taking down about a. I think he defended the meat it can't show eighteen that's not have any level where. When other guys get hurt. That the best player on the team isn't expected to make up that production is at like coach doesn't come up to him listen man. I know these guys hurt murderer we're gonna be little more from you. Route if he's not gonna feature you gotta come through because you know billions and you know and Johnny they're they're just not as good. Look them up their game also but really the production he's come from you back to me if they side of a great player so. Someone asked if there's one of the the whore for sites. Are they willing to accept the fact that Al Horford needs to take his game. To the next level of this team is going to win because if they have no court is Smart kaposi's and we know they're not gonna have Daniel times. If Khyber Irving is not close to 100% in if what we're hearing that and there's a lot of shortness in in those neat. And right now they're limiting his minutes. He can. Played 32 minutes or fewer in what went into play out you need maybe even to play closer to forty and Tennessee but this team won't go far to last night I. Reverse route and answers are Ted and ideas like while it is obvious inflammation right he's got some tokens structurally is a structural damage an ongoing thing a guy and the only way to get returned and is the only way. Other than the know that the general re add that to give it. Is rest that's it there's no there's no the cure for it you'll already heard of it is restaurant can't rest if you need for weeks and he'd take four. You can't take too because. It does come back yeah I've heard this he might be playing every other game that's on second down it's at least a 100%. You you've got the number two seed locked up. Are right now you've got a seven game lead in the loss column over India. And by the way Indiana gonna drop out of the number three seed I think look at there look at their schedule and watch Philadelphia at the number six seed right now. They are only. Two games out one in the loss column. From the number three seed and Philadelphia has a easy pushover scheduled Indiana's schedule the rest of weight is a bitch it's like killer. Eleven of the seventeen games remaining for the sixers going to be played at home their twenty intent at all sixteen in nineteen on the road. Leo it's a bachelor the the birth. Of average out. It where it came from the name the nickname you use it came from you yes and it came last year. You know Avery Bradley was nicked up banged up he was. Last year's squad that your second score. You know in and and Isaiah was trying to do it all and it's a big gains in Toronto was in their land that was in there. They had the games of their fight with the teams. And Al went out there for about six games. In the average like seven and five. And that was following that 67 game stretch. Was what it was like okay is anybody got a call for this got to do more I don't think when Avery Bradley is out. And you searching and like as that team did all year to search for a consistent second score to team. Is anybody to look at Al the CP can deliver and step up when injuries are happening. That's the birth of average out that game back up betrayed the beginning of the beginning of the year but that's words stock. Sort of these people going to do we are again. The defender again ya know I think this is Gainey stepped up yeah I think this is a little bit different because you've got no congress for awhile you've got. No Smart you get no Jalen brown. Art Tatum is kind of hit the wall he's often on me showing some sports lately but not consistent. Who's the only guy that can score out there on the floor right now that you can you can count Tatum in should be it should be out yeah. He's got to do you know maybe Rosie or off the bench he said some nights but. And I unlike his defenders think he can't. Yeah oh what do they what is their reasoning going to this that the hearts that I am losing games on him and l.'s. L it's not him you ask in the news that that's not him that's on him and delicate period OK I can accept the fact that when the other guys are playing and playing well. He can do the little things he needs to do big things. He does the little things every night he's got to do the big things are. Great. Does it usually does and I need some Hollywood not people are the little guys every single Lexmark does the little things that mean I hope they don't make excuses for an award. They can't make excuses it Al Horford does not take his game right now to the big board level over the next four weeks that. I hope to see anymore so they can't tell you that the basketball mentality also is it's it's really we don't have a baseball house it's. It's selfish sport right you're just you know in bigger part of a team but you're everybody go up to bat bites out pitch or whatever. Same thing with basketball. So now I don't think you know if you use the other guys who hogs the ball will be able to Dallas shots I mean I don't but ultimately yes I did it by student you get more touches. But what I get more I'm gonna have an opportunity to shoot more. Doesn't want that order the market opportunity to score more points. I feel like you don't recollect that you know this isn't like something that he can except you don't do you feel like you're side. Larry he admitted on is a podcast of the sister of and so what what part of the game you can improvements that take it to the basket. You know now people are stretching the full of people coming out defendant three take it to the basket more. And now it's like this is what we're talking about now with the injuries that they have. Al offered face the basket more you only get the ball that the at you know at the L ball and you kick in and out to everybody to stern and turn and look. Now maybe got a lane be more aggressive that shot the geek right now given the steamy can't have a night where he's taken 89 shots in my mind that's all I wanna be more aggressive. 1516. Shots now. What these guys that are gonna be out like he did the other NAFTA deal look gamble as he was great net gain over 28. It took sixteen shots that's we should live right now. Given the injuries this team that's what we go look at exhibit Jason didn't step up this game we're gonna say Marcus Moore seemed to step up his game Greg Munro. Terry rosier. Is it fair to say that Al should through always taken all the off. It'll be interesting to watch how the war for bites deal with all of this because he does have to be the guy right now is it gonna win games. He's got a he's got to take his game to the next level we know we just a little things we we buy into that but he's got to take his game to the next level. But I I I get the feeling that they're gonna make a lot of excuses for the team they've got a lot of injuries right now. They've suddenly very vulnerable to the early rounds of the playoffs. And I can't see the matching up with Toronto. Especially with their health Horford I mean it was not coming back I mean he's not even lifting off of the feet right now I'm concerned are you with Al walk out with them or not. How concerned are you with market Smart I'm just really concern you don't get a second opinion if if the first one says you're good you can play with a that's right you'll get a second opinion is that first when says you need surgery correct you know so. You try to find someone to tell you what you wanna hear. But I I just wonder is that the type of injury. That has to end his season. The candidates from the outset procedural ball seats the output it as much stress on them to be dives to the floor again invented back that's gonna hurt. But. I just felt that I tore a tendon my dumb baseball player that it was it wasn't very comfortable. But America play within its Sergio and season ended. And dribbling a basketball fall into the ground jamming it that'll hurt but dribbling a ball in fingertips had taken a shot. As a I say this is not a season and he Hillary by any by any stretch but it's even if he can't dribble. He would become your best situation all defender. It involved they have the ball you need you need to stop it you put him in there a little weird energy timeout and the game and hat and a quarter is more valuable because you're you're lighting horse roll and you may none none out. Yeah loading your relatives sitting out users. While the. Don't plan because of his defense of the guys but the fact is that this is really gonna destructive shot I mean not that he's got a great shot now. But if you think he was open before at all times because every team knows he can't really shoot with consistency. He can be a lot more open now. You really early. Trade. Defense that you want him in their tour. That's what you wanted to four that's the game changing play that you needed it even if it but it. It's five minutes tonight but you know what to Vick is still the best offender and got but the biggest problem you've got as the carrier from the injury we can sit and talk all we want a ball mark is Smart he's a terrific players nice guy to have. You know we've even talked about the possibility of losing them at the end of the season and moving on Jerry rouge here you are going nowhere without a healthy carrier. If carrier Irving kick while there and play significant minutes for you you're in jeopardy of losing in the first round of the playoffs and you're never gonna get by a Toronto and east. Cause you know I think people finally figuring out Toronto's really good. Now they've got a bad track record in the post season they cracked your pants but this might be the year they finally get over the long. Elegant too great guards they're good up front and they've got the best bench of any team in the east right now. So but it they've got to get carried back don't get carried back we're moving on to next season right and that's what we've proven that after. Are 6177797937. We do a phone lines open right here on a pitcher blizzard outside. Keep up with a show on Twitter back away and act on WEEI. Before during and after the show all our. Let's get you back to morals or waiver of loading in 48 right now plus Sports Radio. WEEI. All we get a lot of activity in the national football. Tech quarterback Stoney here there everywhere he's keen in Denver Broncos. Vikings now closing in on Kirk cousins. People move on all over the place about this religious practice one of during the break remember round. Trey Burton yes yes the quarterback Trey Burton is the again vote that it had caught the the pass in overthrew the pass through the drag her through that that attitude nichols' right. Connect twelve so he wasn't looking at the depth chart he was behind Zach urged him behind. So bright feet behind both of those guys and two good players that stupid players because he's signing a four year. 32 million dollar contract with the Chicago Bears no we don't a good analogy don't know the details that we don't know gear solid hoses and you'll meet. That is start right but he does now what do you think Roger and Oregon and now. This I think as well as I would say this though. So Drew Brees Drew Brees and apply for if you are 52 for fifty Seidenberg 47 guarantees it's basically a one year deal and so when you're deal option with a bio and budget which is which is about what he should make yes I'm here and it's. You know Watson like you know at alive and Angel network and meet you know of all the commentators are talking about you know Drew Brees who should make the same amount of money. As like exuded a rock below. Alex they're going we do rubble hasn't proven anything and he's like now and highest paid quarterbacks in the league hasn't done anything has no credibility whatsoever. Yet here's a guy like Drew Brees that is done it that is successful that knows your system. Why would he ever take less like Brady only wow what Brady ever take less money than some other kid that hasn't done anything. Christian I think somebody would have paid Drew Brees more money. If he put himself in the open free agent market he doesn't wanna go anywhere. He wants the state would norms there's no leverage because he is elected to stay weariness. He could make more money in the open market and. I know but still Leahy any there was the Gypsy was unbelievable and you don't think Minnesota would bring him in a no he wasn't the only Spanish is relevant in all okay my point Tuesday it's just a weird situation where the older guy. The older guy whose distinguished and has no signs of being hurt or wearing down. Would be considered less of an asset and Jimmy drop below is less than that and he probably Jimmy drop. Polo also was an a in interesting predicament first of only played those five good games. But he was going to have to be given 23. Point two million dollars with a franchise that. And so what's effort Cisco wanted to do is extend that deal so that they wouldn't get it would 43 point two million and at first you write him and given our money stretching a model little that that's what they get. It's different set asserted. Just at length I think with the breeze at his age but the U wanna go anywhere maturities founding team auction apart pick next year ago that the one. I did a one deal that you know we've seen our legs and Watson and Watkins goes to Kansas City Alan Robinson goes Chicago. The one that I think is interesting for patriot fans. Is and granola the guard for Carolina. Who is rated a top guard he Simon Jacksonville guard that. Five years 66000013. Point three annual thirty guaranteed a guard. What do you think Neitzel run. A run happy that was but that was Jacksonville put an emphasis on their running game open gated what is best left tackle in football gonna get when the team like Cleveland is interest in him because he might be moving on from Joseph Thomas or he might retire a guard get thirteen point three above the left tackle and it just shows me that that is why establish that would nobody else on the board he ain't coming back. I don't think he's coming back either and if you're the patriots I don't think you wanna get from fourteen to fifteen million out throw this out to to have to the listeners out there. So there's a nice player. But his mates older what you call a premier left tackle Pete do you sit look at this franchise and say we really need. Nate Silver. You've got to have a note but it side is onetime reasons or import yes for Nate had a ball doing it so there you see it at right time there's no other competition out there. The next the next best guys are guys that are on his team and our free agents so bottles and flooding of the world isn't that that's the order so you that normal guy and waddle lugging a late third floor so athletic well I was on my side there's nobody else he's not compete with anybody else tourist and how many times during the course of the season his sentence Roman Catholic simply dates sold. Let that get slipped on the board here they're not saying that he's he's good player. But he's not a guy that them sit there going I'm gonna do you know dominate a big position on my cap. For Nate soldier. And I don't need to have a left tackle. But yeah. Let's go to Cleveland let them cut did Joseph Thomas you do you bring him in for one year mall for that it. Lot of connections there Joseph Thomas pays attention everything that goes on Boston now he's very vocal in lake gold braid the placated thinking beanie reach we depend falling story. About Richard chairman bold peace Ali right that's right just easier ever shown it is not an estimated I want to retire if he wants a ring. But if they're gonna release some because it is deal it's like a fourteen GAAP Pittman is zero dead money to get rid of them apparently he got hurt last year heat before that toros and I separate guy so yeah one of the two shows up every single Sunday. And he shows up for a team that doesn't win many consistency listen and you wanna retire minions use your arm and a great tackle football one of the best in the game. He never sniffed the post season. Come here for one year. She would the playoffs like I don't winning it's like yes you today FC title game is like god forbid a super ball joked yeah right I mean it. Get out of the fifth drove all thing and that she's self taught at a given me you know I'm not so. I mean is that music right there. It's good that part of the discussion as if not I listen I think it's perfect it's this one it's it's that it began it if it's if it's there the scenario. The body type to contract the player type. Older guys sucked his and he hasn't thought consisting got that at one year where it would be towards is try to separate someone that. He is in dire need to be any when he team. It would be so easy for him to integrate itself into this system and he is a no prayer now I did and years and robs the auto thing's gonna go into it. Now in signing sold there. The and it releasing. Joseph Thomas. Right is that you have the situation right Castro had already know dead Canada and ask you guys at fourteen yes. Are you via my shortlist. Includes Canada right and put Joseph Thomas at left and ever try to. Our country with okay lets you write let's say that Neitzel was going to end up getting like fourteen million. On the open market. Make the case for why the patriots should sign I don't see it I I don't feel I don't go that I don't know what you're gonna come back and I like him let him much at fourteen million dollar Joseph Thomas B 34 next year. Now. Sits in Richard Thomas and you'll get them back up of markets can you can look at the right he's back I don't know I don't know unloaded on science oldest and releases you. Draft you here's this this is how these work rate the you did you draft a young guy and maybe he's a second round and it was a third but he's a project. And you need to you know season and he needs to watch an older guy do his job absolutely that is that's what they do things they do a good with me what ban it and can't play always do that. Significant Garcia still too was they don't know and you don't know lead draft a tackle you you know you have Garcia developing a suit he can become still got Canon. And you go and sign a guy like that to be perfect and you don't what's happened when you look at the game the pro game it used to be that left tackles would go from the top of the first round off the Boris can they don't do that anymore. They don't do at all so let's say. 'cause they don't do that anymore I would say because there's been other positions that have been thrown into the mix. But the left tackle position you did you get a stud you don't Walter Jones. Get them for 1012 years ready yet one of those players Matt why it was so. Consistent person look at the last few years you're not seeing the same way we used to see the top of the first round of the draft. Top fifteen you'd see three left tackles go you don't see that anymore but I think you're gonna gonna get a bit down on that I don't even look at that as like. Do you think it's just too bad years the last couple years old left tackles or this year if you look at I think the market for authorizing the running backs of content to yes. I think there's it's a court order to routers corn and so it kind of light shifts from year to year depending on. Are on who's out there it depends. If they're always gonna be a premier position but I think this year with the talent the skill positions now they have this year it's just different yeah I don't know the draft and maybe. This is a year where you have very few left tackles appear in the draft maybe that's one reason cannot see in a lot of them out there. But I would think if if everybody's going for other positions and a lot of teams are going for quarterback and really some of them may be reaching for quarterback. You may fighting to left tackle who drops down into your position C the browser may of that segment browser makes sense because why why the brownstone or just become this is so old and they need to put. A lot about addressed oh the local sale will noticing a lot of draft capital lot of just lot of money a lot of caste based on willingness to improve your team. That's a that's already being built. I'd differently from within and he's a guy that will be there for six years so hey guess what we're gonna we're gonna end up yet Tyrod Taylor reed and of getting your quarterback. We need to make sure we have not only a guy that's been there for a leader we can count on everything that goes along with that. Right so Joseph Thomas being the guy that he is. Got about a book on his way out perfect you know not sane man these are not perfect player Rangel but it's open he is the perfect fit hey listen did two years due to be 36 can you give each year 36. I they only need one year from him and booked your two year deal with an option some like that we can renegotiate I love the leadership he's passionate he's just died at. He's consistent he's older I mean he's hungry. We'll take its cut if he gets released by Cleveland. He's going to wanna go to a really good team out Thomas crown and aren't so you aren't exactly championship where you gotta you gotta go to the N and how many of those teens are going to have a whole overall what exactly is one of them that's gonna be here just he Girardi and he's listening and opened two minutes ago street El Paso continue to sit back on its older. Let infield offers that when it's time government decision. Believe you'll come back to them to see if there will match come close that's what they normally do I agree this is basically step according. But I and obviously given what's on his family and it's a son Ryan yeah dealing with this obviously has advocated better treatment on each year. But in mid I don't factor into the decision. But I don't know how close at a come. That I think a I just think if it could even existed it's almost casually wanted to give the markets thirteen fourteen elegant if we give eleven or twelve Leo combat what its fifteenth. It director eleven. Guess I don't think I would keep that inmates older easing nice player and I don't I don't want why aren't they well but but it's not. One year Lou you're tying a model for three or four gas so you gotta have a cap friendly and at the beginning. We bonus structure. Major gonna you gonna put him out three or four years deep. I'm not sure I wanna do that but yet they sold for one year and it's not gonna hit me big and it capped a two years I'm doing it but for years I am. I'm not sure. I wouldn't that I think they'll be this huge gap. Between what the patriots are willing to do and what the browns of this is the case. Are committed to date they just do it you can I think at some point you want us today. But the money the difference in money is just so great to talk about 400000. Dollars but and you know 2000003. Point five and maybe just. Better options no I think it's an annual benefits I think it's genuine he loves the community he loves the team and obviously he loves to care. That he's gotten for for his son here in this area and but you know you can get good care in a lot of places and it was talking hospitals for nearly one million a year now. And the way it would be structured with a New England might be a little bit different that and I think that's part of it to what type of get out of jail free card to the patrons want and what get out of jail free card to the Cleveland Browns want. To me that part of it also. I think Joseph Thomas thing is really entry Yeltsin who really watched. I in some areas around Boston right now the snow is falling and 82 inches over thirty minute questions so let's like. Average is up to for an hour which is often are told a veggies I did the math that quickly how I think without a calculator and I don't argue truck. What's that again you gonna tell about future but I do yeah talking to me to write together going to breakdown linked Joseph condemning the you know what equality hov only children to graduate I think the interview may be close. Or would be my I'm assuming he's going to be close this from all shaft you real quick no surprises Kirk cousins plans to sign a three year fully guaranteed contract. Like things on Thursday must have an agent fully guaranteed a 6177779370. A snowy day here and all that. Too bad things didn't work John Glenn I. This group did not give. Don't learn how big bad. And Christie on Sports Radio. There's nothing distances they hasn't for a bloop Cam Newton. Over here in her own him in Newton is okay and good citizens they're just talking about why you you're a series possibly synopsis of what just happened to reach its I said hey you're the only one that's about it it alone item into the bathroom. Some food institution OK I'm not like a squirrelly memoir like ball movement seeks. To let whenever it did congress yeah they look like a squirrelly kind of left in his mouth and he's got. So I just say got yet is good idea this fit in on my college that's so brilliant now it's not really it's not about orthodoxy upholding broad street is not a good idea not a law they thought it also got to do it now we're gonna do it now because it's it can be just what we're gonna do because you built it up. I'm society not at a town all the way editions. I built it up yes I just mental and instead of the earth a bit this opens up some believe he wanted. I don't know I could all happen by mistake I don't know the supposed final thoughts what would you explain the polls amongst one. So if you go to the curtain Callahan Twitter account and you have for the past six months and you'll see there's a complete line there is. If there analysts say it now but if they. And it's not a complaint line it's just my office number it's. So they screwed astronaut a bit so they don't they don't wanna hear complaints so these are people that are calling up. The Kirk and Kelly is about labeling pitcher about the morning show figuring that they can they are being hurt somebody's listening. And instead. What those guys did is they dropped in holes number. And Paul gets exactly hospitals are now you got a lot of call we have complaints that there is lurking Callahan get a couple of them but I think it's my voicemail still so that's my office a lot of people kind of what ails us in the you could tell they call it doesn't want to shell but you get a couple of these. That in 24 AM. Okay that if you thought the biggest complaint I occur can count then and I get the complaint I. Look Fauria and alone I'm fully capable. And now. We're great that's why don't we want we want that we change the other message. Looks just like the best. Part of someone does need to get a hold of a you know do I thought I was hurt keep it generic just keep it does today leave a message gets to do that studying how. All about right now picked off of it tonight on the producer always an. Apparently an iPod I was excited to make and a panel itself on the produce. Yeah thankfully other competitor complaints here and there are so it's it would not conservative enough about it. 1020 times and. I. Don't think that there. And then the. She did a lot of those are the ones I can understand why Kirk he can only handle one of the complaint I commend them. He'd lose I think we should own you most comprehensive widget nobody else I think Kirk would like to listen to his fan base church and and altered to show to Arizona feel yes or triple. Less than fifty times. And again. I kept quiet back I what does that quite all right dad. I am I would have beaten yeah I faithfully but it on him this week the pick of the day but it Nikkei tomorrow night and or. What Colorado where they are and I arm of I haven't looked as if they can all week. And that's gonna continue so I'm O capital. And that he's not on anymore he called and he's gonna stand with you shouldn't be thrown sick and you call so I don't blame them one bit I don't blame is getting labeled as soon as it's going to be two feet of snow to him. He should be decent and just perky gal in this morning to snow day in the afternoon to beat daily key. It being our host this crap you have got a hot yet that there but that's a good rights and show us I can't he win this is especially well that a day like today bail on the show up late on a deal with this battles play a final presidential election later shown any other way to get the worst thing you you're right though for you this bit is hole lyzard lessons and nearly three. Well that's the good ones a lot of credit little thing that was really don't want ally and and I don't hear back I called again. And again about tank I don't know whether he would call you know you act like this is time listening via this is his my idea it was story time. That was my in his short time I wanna story from you that we haven't heard it on and on and on and on down don't play it another way that was proposed to me is huge glaring podcasting Joey was pushing his tenure there there are more things it was warping was apparently is called complete. It was the conference call eight and you heard that this. Yes. You were on a thirteen half it's OK so you let me let me write zeroes out aid thirteen. We thought they did that the first three minutes of the conference call and a reiterated totally thought I was like this one there is commander. When America mr. Berkshire's book is our go to senator witness about the ticket was out of employer it's not as important to show it. The party talks where you can edit it one story. Or that we haven't heard about it restored from year you. I used. Yeah that doesn't involve being naked gaveled in definitive yet exactly I don't wanna hear and make or waste or anything in the southern of the barrel projects girl. Image of adolescents and awkward out of your words it was about it was. A little kid I was a look at retail at the odd spots not cool. But I was a little or he you'll get some wanted by the actually treat. It's a Medicare shouldn't lose that nowadays it's like hello. Hello. If it. They've been on boards together can all go home every day waiting for the next few hours can we do then is it possible. This is going to be an honest take a break just put on Florio a non legal battles and at memorial for the next couple so we shouldn't school Florio today lawyers argued in his solo day out here since dale committed. Easy here and don't hold your instincts put him up. While the crazies the first times ever gotten Alter it in Oregon have you ever gone wild and crazy idea. No. I don't remember. Getting that years ago might have and see what so ever you can Beatles do you remember you know you won't care program and usually remembered that will be good where were you view and he could see where you can I can't use CT is an excuse you can connect to now you aren't exactly help. It's summer you when Boston aren't used to hearing issue. And I know that your routine has been disrupted. I didn't ask for that I'm just on my job. I'd say hey let's try to get on W I that's a season that's an actually I Florio I did truly what this this this is the Lorain hey this is why don't I I stand on because his world is he's just as cute little show everybody loves it right national football a lot got his guests that just. And then all of a sudden he's on the I guarantee social media you name you just bombarded. With people from Boston with a little bit angry and mean at times. And just sick one like him ready for Rick didn't meet each had an audience and everything else. I by the way if you sit in this Ray Allen a book that's coming out I saw some Obama bit of little being a little bit. Lou I agree sensitive to which we gonna get into the Alex. You've heard me how to get a break we're right back.