OMF - Keefe and Draper mix it up and the guys love it; Figuring out the NFL's changes to kick offs

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Wednesday, May 23rd
HOUR 2 - Keefe and Drapes banged heads again on Dale and Keefe yesterday much to the delight of the guys. The NFL is tweaking rules again, this time changing rules on kick offs.

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On you wish. These Fort Wayne and bony and 48 patriots also be better off the Belichick was taking me about this right now and Brady was there Bobble that hey Tom Brady and I'll let fame go on the public all plays. If I was you I would play incorporated bella Jack was starting to push the narrative maybe this should be a last year for Tom Brady that word got back to Brady with a cool and Lou and Christian has to be honest with room if it wasn't for me. I'll elaborate on your bank credit on my unhappiness happen to lose career that Landry you're itself. 2% is the whole detention issues like the bill to Guerrero what I've ever finished contract how much is handling point 50 another thing Obama lets you know not taking a break a shot or heroes is a pattern when she makes sense to him I was eight badgers don't know you're being informed that I need to let me let me end this I don't know if I'll beat you like you I've already said. Now on Sports Radio WEEI. It's and I was. The bullets it an update today and good yeah we've done. All I know is that is great guys they're three guys have a there all the platelets that the party and as governor Hideo. Had enough right that's what she wants to yeah you know it's funny that's the one with the cameras don't show. A client could be at the dead though you missed camera there's that. Staff right solidly get significant act he should have no word should add Aaron Hernandez security guy. Put those cameras hopefully you know you know every sings yeah hurt her that is ex wife is pregnant is due yes rash pregnant. While congratulations yet. OK okay we're moving on here my only country that aren't at that event that it tells Draper is the best thing that's ever happened ceremonies was a. Everybody over there means they can didn't tank weighs in the same thing the greatest things ever happening he invented angry lo says that he has John Farrell didn't invent the not. Now is Gary penguin. I've sat and I'll Draper I did it from getting it comes from anyway because I think he feels like he has conference on everybody in this building. But drapes. Not really maybe he was. It was you know only he was an in a corner and kind of needed needed like planets like this isn't a corny yes or your name Oscar and it just keeps getting into it with them about about readings. And and drapes had no answer for non. I mean this series where I ordered B after fourteen eggs in so. You don't even have to sell it when he's promised. To do is somebody behind why does really well out there and copy reads a box where receive and I know what's the games usually on a club in Washington that they still unaccounted boss and I now at. And that's got to work as you can be out of work now always work what do you do about it means anymore now do we do even longer pregame show you know longer have time to leave a lot of those games do you personally ideal hideouts at least get some basketball right now there's one thing that I learned because you're predicting all these games right and every the Milwaukee series doesn't have four game series here that you're all over that. You don't want to unlike you I am not at all because you're wrong all the time in Kabul don't know why did. I was always wrong yeah I hit a hard time and they aren't gonna you know let's look I'm Ryan. You went right up against that you know exactly did not look good amount I don't wanna repose yeah. Rule are no longer although I don't know who the hell is necessary on that's really unnecessary dad's orders as a manager of a case he can't you try to gain control agree wallets but it got better because that's good trait is basically said the ratings have nothing to do with our business and I'm so it is a -- That. They nothing to do their business. Some. Of the cost them all the land loan that I. You got written out of what they're right zero exactly the wrong words you know just like. Of these heroes and bring it out about it you're wrong as their media on the race from about the ratings. And that over but the Rio feel they are you tolerate Zale. Dale assign. Yeah I went up for a couple costly I don't know where he when he was helped the other the pre and post for the Bruins were gonna speed clock and that I'll stay out of every opposed to merely engaging. Just keep tablet can keep it really is it against the in the he has his I don't know but I liked it and what if you don't I don't. Have to worry about ratings I deliver my game whether one person is watching or million annually here as well. Oh okay well they gonna talk about ratings right. I the outlook is all right. Gallery all right I don't hundreds ultimately what dominant one it's not about you just asked if I knew they weren't you don't you don't want them there's is Joseph nobody want only title nobody else's I hope I'm not talking about I don't know about it I've had molested you bet I don't know. Because I've never talked a single person that's at you know I thought for your post game. The fired back. I don't look at ratings but the ratings so people so skewed with the he doesn't make it also isn't an award. They had it narrowed but a minute just blips compared to our business. Yes radio does let's just say and again it's two different measuring stick you know I mean it's what they called their needle like point eights and one. Now they are people Washington John Garrity Perino India went out 11 would know tens elevens and radio Kyle does and he's everybody watching. Do you think about ratings but you don't wanna share them which I think speaks on note I'm because I don't care about the league out yeah and I want my leg no matter what I would underground I deliberate I'm not like you very pleasant to check really all my bills that everything that we thought I don't want to run and run into check the ratings after every show like you do. You're ballot audit by your radio we don't know that day is determine whether or not people listen to a lot of final days to determine about the I do. He's he's wrong on TV doesn't everywhere are going to drop doesn't I'll take you know did he does it ever have a there's more Leon say is that there's more to add urgency to put it seemed to show one night and sent it what's early edition of EST getting indicates it will that you are I think it would point eight point nine. Go to spikes of 212 people like that yet out but in the TV world those that's that's what the ratings off and then especially if you have a. If you're do you work for company X I I knew where they had me it's CBS sports network. Lots. No just watching until I travel you're like outbreak why I honestly don't care it's arguably declare it unconstitutional. Is it I don't I don't care who's on the we try to find out what they were just at this week it like humor ourselves drop of that and then we'll find out as people want to know did they make it more people watching via the and how I could not arrogant on the back but nobody. It was in 2013 we did it a pre and post for let the World Series of gains were on NASA. And Iraq post game we've beaten us. That means Nubian thickened on mats and we we excerpt beaten now since post after World Series as a that's great again I know it's great guys like a one hnilicka point eight. And with Jesus do were in this world but that and that's awesome. Unity so it's a different but outplayed us bishop draped from more often got better it was good. And he reported stretch he gracefully and let's. He's good he brought some life to this thing has now he is the best guess they can't easily the best candidate at the sales and marketing it's nice courses were running mate. All I yeah. Nobody got this bill dollars in loan he made little yes I don't know how that got this built exactly. Luke made. It in this building without Lou don't know they get their recommendation though that clearly we have we have we have more than heels at all to me is is the end. I'm not I don't I don't look at those known to give him what what's that what good rating and I don't. What's that like when you went on at great. I don't know utility cable wanna volunteers are way I'm not a good rating is it a little bit rate I don't know utopia you awake and I'd stand now and a lot of fire. It was a very good attack Thursday as that was it. Still just ended. An eagle to Mecca and I'm going on and Andres edited tapes and Christian not a lot nicer name he he included a third part because he didn't wanna do it let me hear the what do you dueling it out owlen. C but if you I don't I don't know I don't look at so that it what's what's good rating here. Well I went you went on the right I don't know utility cable wanna Monty usually sit on that rating it's quite good right don't know utopia annually and I guess and I thought that yeah. That was him and being done with it you're great you know Margaret awhile but I announced happening out and done. And but I just don't call straight should don't agree he should know what he saluted I think you know but I I. Glad you're right. Well sounds different does it matter radio we have a much bigger share. Of the audience than they do well here on the audience or his number doesn't look the site they only get rid of that pre and post game show it they don't rate. It noted zero point zero article let's change it now and he give you the exact same show the exact same way. Get a zero point zero pre or post don't don't get ratings ever remember that these aren't relevant schemes Andrea. And I went there all right you're like six right what's to be of unbelievable number of fidelity forehands fives in that range six you know for regular season big game. Right of the supreme posted by league inroad to run one that did not to lose the weight always but they're not too in the game and so what houses are run. So what happens is the game is now on ESP yeah. Okay in the last series was an AT&T I guess I'm glad that's just the same thing asked asked dale. You'll what was his per post game shell when its roots are still on NASA and now I don't unity but they were good compared to when it went to NBC sports ridiculous. The similar Iraq the a lot of what's similar that you went down don't similar to what NBC sports is getting right now for Celtics when you don't. You don't have the you don't have a. Gary heat he's drapes and he's dating a breeze. Basically effectively you know. A third of SharePoint and or whatever that's Marcus that's Ladislav update. He's getting you know raise all look showed his own bonus today now it is as if they're like all of that as I can easily see him not scary at all. OK so who think competition but he signal to rating is he don't even read he knows I. So I don't no matter what I'm telling you didn't not amenable to the point five and you get note to Martina follows an earlier at that level where it actually it doesn't ever matter because they're so pathetically low do you think the difference would appoint. Point five at that point eight is night out hey guys. Hey I got better and I I care. Don't care. If we get an update every OK I I'm sorry I don't look at you think tank which showed us. Actually orders are the baseless and was baseless. We do right now probably licked up point fives. What exactly did. Yes it's a bag of people watching okay those are right on sailing an hour show like you don't want you know it's early edition I'm not think it that much and so radio numbers are much different because. We're doing nines and tens and enjoyment since it's different in how it. It's it's just much different it is I only played some rock music. With commercial for a man who should be sent through what is ought to listen between. I don't wanna watch some consider reviewing it long and rocketed to go through the Pope is doing right now Automotive News that idea I replacement so. The NFL gaining by making a big deal about this whole National Anthem policy all they're doing is they're throwing it up upfront. And we know that politically either people who they don't take this thing I'll try and it's all they're doing tonight a what do they gain by this. I just am not sure I understand why they're doing it but. This can be a big deal when it comes down it's gonna come down sometime Paula probably don't really got you all these big goal of bringing about a day the other one is the com. Is and kick off yet which put me oh my god. Forgetting is that you almost don't tell my feeling on this one is when I first heard would they were gonna change the kickoff rule. We heard there was a possibility they were gonna dual way. We kick out because. The statistics tell them that more guys get injured yet on a constant and any other play in the game it's a safety issues that they were gonna get rid of it. Instead what they've done if I'm reading the ruled correctly. And listening to what the so called referee experts are telling. We're gonna spread the field. We're gonna get more space and the patriots were Smart to go get somebody like quarter of Paterson because you can't their more space which you speed on the field. I think you're gonna see more exciting kick off for trying to out of the river restricted zone you can't touch anybody you can't steam roll anybody. You can't wait HUS goal line people up and spread them from sideline this little. It they don't they always have to stay outside the hashes. No because you get stuck there doesn't mean you're gonna end up there you gonna stock outside they're two guys right outside to ask the question the numbers but he's literally nobody is gonna funnel to the ball so. But I I think it's actually. Good to be worse. You know what a collisions on route will we'll call I don't know if I were talking of this if you think that's impression silly line of guys that role be a lot of the money you give have us. Bring the runners on ultra deep into the Annan Annan on on them to go because I was looking at this chart and then also in doubt exists little boys are here it is a place. It is kicking team a lot of one yard behind the bosses almost sprinting to the ball correct okay. The receiving team so it can no longer hit players. Until they crossed the 45 yard. So what's the receiving team couldn't do of the estate 45 at the guise of regular back up a little further. It right back up righted that rents back at the thirty and then again so. So we don't give me the five yard sprints before the kick. We're gonna have that did that Tina blocking move back. So what does that initial contact is going to be thick F five yards for its gonna matter. When you kick the ball off these guys to get the speeds within what 10152030. Yards that's with the initial content it's going to be. He moved the receiving team the blockers back. And you just you're giving to kick off team none more space to build up speed. And the blockers now sit on holy smokes this guy's desperate for 2530 yards before I get ahead of picnic kill. Yeah I don't have. That's good old rule the oil used to be not that the rule the old way of going about you would always late. You'd have one or two guys that would like the the L one. Your fat guy your for your comic Ozzie guys you wedge buster guys. That Frontline guys we always have to somehow slow down. So the first guy you take Baghdad as arts of some of the balls take a minute jacked him up assumes I can't discount from office but this. This old guy down I hit a delegates running yes they did that give them. It took away the five yard sprint for the kick somebody giving a more freedom to build up speed and only get contacts as a receiving. Nice to see you know Ayers and forty yards burger stance rights of all its cake and you're going good fifteen yards you can't even touch him. Right that's what they call it what they ordered the zone that that no blocking zone right but then there's there's there's a sub zone yesterday's which is what. But fifteen yard so you can get a fifteen yard headstart. Before anyone even touches you. And most don't overturn the again you don't sit right there you just sit right there like on the fifty yard line whatever it is wait for contact. Like you YouTube didn't back trying to some sort of position to one get an angle because these are blocking maybe some his direction and it. You know may be the blind sighted some guy as a running well. Yeah I mean my point is that would you as a as a guy that's gonna block someone running out. Would you rather hit him after ten yards he gets going at the tenure he's desperate right but ten yards in or I can hit it right now. You you you can't and now you brought it back up a little bit naive like him 2530. Yards to start to run before you can hit them. Easy easy faster of course years. The collision posts are cynically guys are always try to block if you're much all right they got the collision like the provisional authority were bigger coalition or not the same. If not bigger exactly the same. OK I don't know what's blocking to do it anyway OK so you're right you may get more guys hurt but I also think your opening up with space on the field. For quick guys because they're not in bunches they're not you know you're you're gonna get some space where they're on takeoff. I think it's gonna cause more scorn but I'll say this they're gonna have tried out the pre season and you go find the coming along flight for. In the pre season on the stuff because that's construed assault which which is at stake. But as and the new helmet the rule the whole like you don't put your head down but also someone who would offensive linemen do when you look when it comes Emmy winning and I heard Alex Brown rom like talk about that you know they lick and all those melman. It is so these offenses are gonna be Jacqueline Nabil reject players. But early that he eject players. When it's like a spirited play where guys going down maybe he's gonna he's not he's and his cronies who got the ball. He's falling backward that somebody like a missile comes in lower and it Jackson right is based. Getting ejected for that but that's targeting. So quickly and Tony very federal. It's not a big noticed any. I'm told to the more you read about the stuff their head is spinning right now and try to deal with a stop sync with the anthem thank you spend. And I'm. But sure they're coming up with concrete solutions they get to make any of the spent a lot of people talk about let's go to the phones here's Mike at framing and Mike what do you think. Or all right thanks so what was your ability to pick up our miracle that more people out there and done it once or attic and got Erfurt where. Or let it sort. One of the battle that point I'd. I wrote would be sent you know are wrong are. Written in our people at least brought out there is seeking work at the end zone off. Well it is caught up I don't it let developed actuality it's the one you'd like lots of stock with Buchanan. Oh and I hit us and I think it was Louis Riddick who was bringing up the point. That he's good by the way he's bringing him he's gonna be more involved in games. He is bringing up the point that he wouldn't be surprised of kickers stark to lift their king yes and try to do shorter kicks yeah. There's a fair catch it's not like punting is no fair I think it's everything right obvious harder now. Honestly. It's of talk on their forty became ever turned the guys or blocking yeah our job is harder yet. Iris Danica when you we don't allow a team. To get a five yard spray before the kickoff OK. But. You move the receiving team blockers back five yards. And not let him touch him. What's the difference now and it's like your talent he saw the kick off team you tell me so they can't touch me for fifteen yards or even negated if they have the run up ruled by now moving the receiving team back five yards and allow them. To hit them so you've got. Fifteen yards to build speed before there's got to. Yes so I'm actually I'm going to Asia or forget about this touchback rules like no drop that sucker right inside the tent and forced you to make a decision for because. I'll hopefully you're blockers are trailing. I think advantage kick off team I think did you know you just you just change in the emphasis of how you know what your you know what your game plan isn't built for doing this even with the old rule. You don't think you'll be more space there for the return. I think got a good blockers and receiving team gonna get destroyed. That he committed a ball is kicked because they're back this fifteen yards they can't touch him that it backtracked symbol back 1015 yards you just gave the kick off. Team thirty yards to build up speed. As your standing still waiting to block them but they can't make a detective right now that you're safe and it. But the other guys can how does that make sense that now none of this makes sense to me. I like they are spinning around in circles. I think this is one we you've got coaches right now especially these OT and they're looking at the these rules. They're looking at all the possibilities of how do we circumvent this so if you wanna. If you think it. It can help you and help your run your your kick off return. Then you gotta you gotta work on some ski right if you're looking at the other way defensively like Rick wasn't sank a putt on a kick the ball straight up like it's the African. And and they caused a good dude to drop the ball. Then you go look at schemes of how you're gonna get around baldness. Coaches are just gonna sit ins OK let's accept the role that's going to edit out the ticker any good Belichick who's gonna try to find the little poll in crisis. Don't take advantage though we'll just let what they did some other team that never practice. A coach that is just it doesn't have the personnel or scared music does not circuit began striking the ball without a basket at 35. So I mean when that media screwed that way you know rather acute or do what you gotta. But I outset that. You do you massive yet that's at least two players outside the numbers at least two players between the numbers and hash of their all and in the case well I'll let. I can't imagine insanity you have to snarl trachsel who cares where you start and a bottle the middle class I mean what does that matter those questions we can't disguise that you can't shoot us you can't. To kick Frost's kid you cross church for for the first fifteen yards. Can you do that for the first fifteen yards hair short. Rick the fifty yard line you decide to finally end you know enough time to attack joining us for the person meaning anybody think players are gonna get this right. Anyway I think through an art to go through pre season with a torn flags on virtually every single kick off. Soccer and Kenny you and your tree this you treat this I know blocking rule. Like which is what at the what does that and anymore I don't know I think actually think this wall will help. The game. As far as excitement. There are goal is trying to act like they care about collisions OK so run to give these guys headstart. And tried and no wedge blocking none out. This will actually this the NC to watch. Just how teams decide to utilize it so we take advantage that if your kick up did you take advantage of the new rules. Or did that ever looks at Corel Paterson is like top build new had attacked bill new. So what are we doing on psychics. While they are psychics I don't know if it's a question. The question do you what do you what do you do on tactics you declare you were keeping an outside. No contact fifteen Assad I was very portable and a pretty broad and yards and teams that are eager and this is so confusing. I have this problem. What is the problem usually make rules to change the game it's because there's a problem the problem is shameful is the problem the problem is you're getting heat. Because the game is bouncing from. I as we all know the problem you have with all these concussions if you're never going to make the game safe enough. Can't let's we're gonna we're we're gonna play tag football two hand touch you're never going to clean at all so what they're trying to do is to try to make it look like. They're cleaning the game out safety. The clinic and OK so let a lot of short donated right now and often they get us are a dangerous part of the game they've concluded that correct yeah. The only the most dangerous they've done things in the past and try to. Limit the amount of kick returns 25 yard OK New Year's accident you tell me like Troy Vincent. On pro football talk live. You say who actually result in more kick returns quote this will encourage more kick off returns of more explosive plays that's what I think. That was the point that that was classified directly that's what I do extra. But gonna make it more fun I get better I think the pitcher years ago they're trying to eliminate them because that reload the head injuries correct another covenants they would open this will occur to buy dot would you go for which can hit other guys so there are limits on how many guys you can hit out there on the field I think you're gonna be more. Kickoff returns and that's why or whatever it is that they say Lisa's article our data as said the most of the head injuries have occurred the first fifteen yard that's what they thing which we now call the no blocking some okay. So I guess it's gonna happen. It's not gonna be the first fifteen yards with a head injuries are. It's gonna be the the sixteenth now the I 38 yard I hear all the head injuries are going to be down the field I hear you shouldn't be the same contact that's why I keep you can't rule and what should play this thing how. They didn't even take it like a pre season and say let's try it out and see whether it works and package right Lou because they moved the injuries don't that's. It's probably done. Wrong about it I have an onlooker at the wrong grass might that have danger zone on that I added them to the candidates running palates is now between that and the other thirty to 45 bullet is easy to put it multiple would it surprise you at parents it's a reason that desperately he's at a triangle of death is this still Evian to sailor is it we mystics I had slighted that. I think we need to see this play out. And maybe don't make adjustments maybe that's part of the the whole rule change they can make adjustments on the fly but it would it would surprise you at all of Belichick's sensed. By talking to members of the competition committee this was something and where this rule was going and he goes out the offseason and get somebody like Paterson. Which we also parents of what they need core row patents and what is a year for. Maybe they will not be on notice that immediately needed I needed guy in literature so so maybe you looked at a tablet. Are we get to board your phone calls it 617779793. Several we'll get back to the Celtics coming up as well paying gain tonight. And they're playing at home is this an automatic. And 48 months Sports Radio got. If Belichick is ticked off because Saturn as you say is next door. We've career always physical fitness guy I think about it Smart to be ticked off about that and I think this needs to be set. Guerrero is a snake oil salesman. He's been sanctioned by federal regulators. In one case according to the Boston Globe selling the drink that's supposed to protect your brain from traumatic head injury. And Tom Brady endorsed it. Bradys in business with a snake oil salesman so look bad to doesn't like that propel ballots. Backed government job and actually all over Alex Cabrera with the wrong information. Guys and what's. That is about action could take it take to get to Bristol and easily could take so much good is on the album rolling partially. So there's this story appears even Ruiz and Charles Curtis. Who were they right for the ten most powerful people in the patriots organization he that the big lead salt based get this thing it's in the heads the ten most potential ten most popular people. In the patriots organization based on rumors and speculation. It's always good to go with rumors since they need attending to the top five penalty directed weighs up to ten when he. Yeah I think you get down get guys that that would air in the balls and yeah. The top five number one. Alex Guerrero stopped. Right most powerful now if you see it and stop it you know this thing is an accountant and a jury is that number two number two Robert Kraft outing the Kraft feels. Alex is number one you're number. A Bill Belichick is number three is and so Tom Brady is number four. Was the one that's the winner renal. Of the offseason stuff that people were writing and he finishes behind Guerrero craft and elegiac. I you wanna number five. Number five Ernie it's. Our theory keep going and actor medica members and it's regarding growing it's OK I'm going members and Josh from a deal targeted but yet come crawling back and applaud smile on you know and left Indianapolis. Number eight the punters on the long snapper zone now you that it's when you look at how are. Yeah I never never done the rest of the locker room. And then number ten the running bash some of video why he's so I'm running out of contention at some of it say no clue there and included in the rest of the lock around a they're different so they're separate from the yes I was illiterate about threats yet exactly how I. Stuff. I don't know why things out. Think that the good thing. Is pretty amazing when you hear different people talk about it because Brit can have his guy down. Does it wouldn't realize they're older players. And I get a bunch of names the other day. Of individual trainers. That probably have a similar credentials to Alex Guerrero that actually work individually on other players you probably have a much better. Understanding of this than an integration but there are they're ten or twelve players now. That apparently in putting an offensive linemen who are seeing Alex Cora on the side. They pay for it on their own some of that is taking care of by insurance policy with players association. There are a bunch of other guys who are seeing their own ice. But they're not seeing them on the facility. And the training staff with the New England Patriots. Asked that they have eight communication. Back and forth it's almost like when you go to what doctor. And you see a doctor in the negotiate special and when you go back to your general. Doctor he has. As a communication of what the special there just deal so that everybody's on the Sendai port to have some from hearing the biggest probably not on yours. Gore is doing stuff on his -- they don't mind it with Brady you know why he's because they wanna satisfy Brady and it's all working. Tom's point in into his forties with the other guys. It specifically with grown and others. At that Julian element they wanna have an idea of when he goes and sees the so called specialist Alex Guerrero. When you come back. We want a little synopsis. Of what we're doing here so that were all on the same page. They're getting it apparently from the other independent guys who are working with the other football players on that team would do the same thing to Brady's doing they're paying they guy out of his own pocket or out of insurance from the players' association. Okay and that's the issue it's at that site you he said that it kind of mime mighty revenues and start feeling a little Britain because in the past. We usually happens is it's a unique among making it up on none out getting it from some non occupant if there's a couple you know errors and in whatever somebody's telling you. Usually happens is like if you if you need some sort of service that they can't provide whether it's time because there's other things going on middle of the season. The outsourcing to different. Physical therapy companies like out of body and mind that he was that's where you went I Som I met this dad came to president. All the other players would go there you rehab do whatever. Can you would also. They were trapped because that was there was a partnership they say it's there and they were paying for the NFL was paying for your club was pain port. When you go to a place like Guerrero. I would like to think and mustard you guys remember this. There used to be a relationship with the guys would they what's that guys are there and they would be able to pay for it but now. Isn't that is not cheap and they don't take insurance you either pay by credit card check or you pay cash into expensive. So. Young guys they spend that type of money. They don't go there and they're not spending you know two orders 300 bucks an hour episode guide. You know rub them down or give you treatments like that it adds up they don't want to spend it because there might users because they haven't developed haven't established themselves yet. Don't have a lot of money in the bank and they don't see the value of some outspending. So to me it's like the only guys that are there are probably older more established guys as the the patriots are enters and there is no insurance that patient that they don't take the only NFL concerns they don't take blue cross blue shield they don't it's acts. That's their credit. No I was told that most of the players are paying for the this separate god that guy that they're working with because you only get to use the staff. First because they're dealing with ninety players early on this season of 53 during the season the guys go see their individual guy that what Tom Brady. Crock Immelman and others are doing. Are not that much different than what other players in regulation it's a communication problem so they're not finding out. The other players guys are giving the information back to the training job. That Guerrero is on his own. And he's not feeding any of that information back to the trainers and that's where the problems stands right now it's a communication issue they understand not that they're currently coordinates it all exits are well yeah Guerrero won't yeah you people crack me up. Way with the territory issue wouldn't be as bad. If like everybody's you know ego you know behavior of every got involved you know at the patriots guys elected are not happy he's over there but at least he's communicating. With us and we know what's going on so so all I have some control I've at least I know what's going on. But if you are patriots trainer of strength guy and you know clue what's going on in the guys that you're not worthy to know. Don't you you know say in this whatsoever I don't need to tell you what my guys are doing that you circuit. Also especially if they're literally tells it especially a player gets into your Giuliani goes to a massive vote so Derek rivers is back. Angelina they're both dealing with knee reconstruction. Right so it's a lot of hands on a lot of manipulation of the muscles and you know stabilization muscles all that's on its long long process. And those trainers are doing. So they have they have a record of what they're doing and they're waiting to see what their next steps are so you leave that building and you go someplace else. You come back the next day all the work they did you do screwed up. Completely different and now they're trying to figure out that's what's the next event. Some problem I don't understand why people pop on. I got a problem. You one more person's appearance on let them rewrote do whatever he wants you can't let Guerrero just going to win every one. What Brady I'll give you that you can have been the Brady and you can monitor Brady but if he's doing it with other players. In Utah are talking about guys rehabbing from injuries and they're going to Guerrero and then they come back the next day meeting with trainer. And you've got the train had no information medical staff has no information of what to roars to. Oh yeah they do you're intelligent you can't let them out. You mention settlement right and I think the report was with a few weeks back that there was a success that left rehab right. No Cinderella both of saying C a patriots traded pitcher's strength coach. And exe you know you find out that your player Jewish settlement kind of important role in this football team had a setback. You citadel in which he's what the hell you doing it was that with Guerrero. Is you guys doing too much what do you do we can see what you're doing is that it may be no you can't. We can't no can't. Art we do moral thing over here some major league of major player on your team have a setback was it because of girl I am and I'm not saying I know or not. But he played that day now I understand when we they've be really pissed. Politically it's the center and that's what I'm hearing I'm hearing that that is a major issue it's communication and not know and remembered your trader you're one of the medical staff. You shouldn't go my job. Roll our eyes on these guys being healthy and get these guys back in a football field I don't get these guys back in a football field so what happened with the Celtics and the training staff on the medical staff did everybody a year ago. I wanna know exactly where jurors don't might jobs on the line quite 6177797937. Right here on Elena. Experienced the land 24/7. Follow him on Twitter right now. You or away now back to more or wait we're looking at 48 watch Sports Radio WEEI. Easily what I have is I've been told really over the last like three weeks where it's has come up in conversations of people I had. Is that yes that that bella check. Was starting to push the narrative inside the building of maybe this should be the last year for Tom Brady. As in last or period yes and maybe we should start to go forward. Would Jimmy are awful here for the betterment he was hoping for whatever in the easel do you just like I have yet yes. But nonetheless and then the what I've been understood that this point oh is that word got back to Brady basically. Word got back to Brady is dead that this is being floated around in the organization. That's where he but sitting gets in the mister Kraft and finds out and goes. I'm gonna play three of five more years. You know do something about this basically. Let's Christian what was he owns a podcast which Simpson left copa systems analyst killed Tuesday in bill last year. Felt that that should it come to us I wouldn't be surprised that it if if that's true. I would not surprise me at all let's look at Belichick's track record Belichick always looks at any player a year before. That players seems to drizzle OK so he's always ahead of that he's always figuring out. What do we need to do to replace that player. He's looking at Jimmy grapple we start to see the growers get coming up the speed. It makes all the sense in the world now I kicked the one point I think that Sims is often and I think some other people have been off. Is they think this was a mandate. We're crashed walked in one day and basically said to Bill Belichick you sit in the corner OK sit a little tiny little acute leakage chair and you listen to make. Tom Brady's gonna play as long as Tom Brady wants to apply and you have nothing to do with the do you take that grapple and you get rid of I think for no check his game plan was grapple is the future. Tom Brady can't. Life it was 4142434445. Lou it's no different than what you've been saying here for the last year and a half he can't do this agenda is nearly impossible. And unfortunately what happened for no check. And I don't think he's eat the united regretted some of that is. Maybe pretty boy till he's 434444. PM I don't any had no choice but that doesn't change. The attitude of Tom Brady right now because that'll pick cleaned up for every. He won I don't buy this but he's number for a night on the on the power chart over here in the New England Patriots because guess what. Apple. Obstacle. Everything out of the way so now we can sit back and maybe go to baker is bay in the Bahamas for the week and skip DOT week. Well I think in this in this whole sentences correct but it did this happen initially when Rob Lowe was. Drafted. That was your first real sign it what it was fully built out about a Brady's contract his age Kepler program and it goes along outfit but. But Brady did his first one played out of his mind played greet. Screwed everything up probably get a script he's heard everything how stupid is that. A Belichick as a key putt here and people thought about that if you're insurance company. And insurance company does everything by risk you can get a policy if you're 25. Fallible like cheaper than a few 55 right because they're looking at the odds. All Belichick was looking in as. The the the charts OK not your pie charts but more sophisticated chart a few battles was looking at Charlotte in which she says census. What's chances. But Tom Brady is going to be able to do this and it's 45 years and I got this guy right now that could be the republic of. It's you make eagle backseat after it first year Jimmy or Oppo. They figured that point those are the kids could be pretty good you want right after they drafted and he's probably sit in the offseason saying we're really Puget. As we get this get the three more years. I don't know of Tom's gonna last three years. Right you gotta be thinking that I'm in really good shape that's O said the whole thing with drop loads of bad time. They draft to drop below last year and it's easier to. Perfect timing. Bad timing you know motives that you forced to make a decision. That's all the saw me it doesn't surprise me that he would think that he would be natural for him to think that the biggest guys get older this guy would distract it looks really good. Perfect edit the transitions that yoga I never got all. You know the only difference oh magnitude disease pledged that he's never played if it were your true here's the difference Brady would be an OT. No question in my coaching because he'd be so they're saying. Freight Belichick's got to sit me down a game for the sort of Jimmy garrote all out there he spirit OT games so I don't understand why this creates. All of this is created friction for Brady that's why I do believe. That Guerrero was a big part. I really believe it is a big part of a part of it is probably deep down inside Brady senior army times. I've given into this organization allowed them to get other players and whatever and taken less money. The pushed all the money down 34 years down the road this guy by the way that has an awful lot of money that understands the value of money understands. You know the difference between money five years ago and money in 2018. And didn't think he's looking at this thing sent him back on the best in the game. My position. And I got to collect fourteen million dollars and he's due to go to get themselves 24283030. Yeah you can't they then you don't want. Jonas law. And that love is part of what I think we're trying to say about the contract are saying it's all about the money. But the money and the appreciation are all connected. The are all connected. And every year to put it if you put a percentage on what is the biggest reason. It's not the contract. Isn't the biggest reason what does that mean there's a lot of hacking or damp for you now are broke down for you to be closed down upon. Yes I like that sounds all the time he's already doing what we think the big Baker's bay you think that is and that should that is just say on and frothing at this honor is that him. You know relations where rich people and Hillary there's no yes hey guys you have a lot of money you know I have a product. Don't look at my god OK that's your right what do you don't. Let's say you're right let's say it's all about business he's networking and now with all the high rollers. Donna bakers today in the Bahamas if if that's the case. Wash the patriots be happy about that. When I was actually out of it right to choice. Well it depends what I set out to you all you what's going on now because you would probably understand me it's. Voluntary. OTA's space three were implementing some things were getting to know some things are building relationships and I would imagine that Bill Belichick puts a lot of value correct. Yes but in evenly ought admit yes there they tried. He has one to admit those lot of value in on this thing right now so of that ability. Now you might. In Europe they're promote your business your brand. My time zone Yates forget about the voluntary Tommy been around this long enough you're always here you know jewels I do this is involuntary. Show law and but now you're not wired he's got a Bahamas if you're mode TB twelve now you're promoting your business on my. That's the way because the ball. I was had a lot of like I guess I was always jealous of those guys that could look at that word voluntary. And actually decide. Unlock ago. Or all or late shall work on go under is not gonna go to the meetings and I'm not gonna go run around and place them on seven and loved him. Because it is volunteer I don't have to go. But there is always so much shame that was associated with the everybody always knows how it is and culture of the organ and understands the culture really and and for every Tia released just the same way. NFL shinning he does here that well. I look back to more of this we'll get back in a two more of the Celtics in the big game tonight over at the the garden. I think if you look at the hole and a waste split. I'm we keep talking about the young kids are kids endure storm on the current Phillips gets it could please somebody else who's strong building right now their own way from home. Drapes you may wanna listen to the next segment. This very program or women.