OMF - Kellerman revised his "fall of a cliff" prediction once again; How do Pats match up against the Chiefs? 1-4-17

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Thursday, January 4th
HOUR 4 - Tanguay gives blizzard updates from his car WHILE DRIVING! Max Kellerman revised his "Tom Brady is just about done" narrative for the 7th time. The guys look ahead to the Chiefs since nobody thinks the Bills stand a chance in their Wild Card game. Lou posits that this may be the worst Patriots Super Bowl team. The Chiefs are only as good as Kareem Hunt.

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Peace or Wayne Martin moaning and forty days from right now on Sports Radio WEEI. The old. Car get killed and now they're driving and we will have a shot and I dread Iowa mean there nor rain or sleet they're slow. We'll keep us from to a belt as early edition. I'll be checking it would. A lot of roofs. Be safe. That's Islam that. Garrison was the first human being ever to drive in a winter blizzard. And he just documented right there yeah we're talking about argument he's he's the peace part of the problem we have on the roads. This knucklehead is videotape because health. Yeah driving on the Iowa there are a lot of our summer got a slider and yes right. Severed Whalen they did a great job it's a little slick drive solo. Talk recording the roads are clear but still things were a little a little breeze so be careful look at safety goggles and the roads and think but again we will be on the air with a belt earlier. It's more she'll empty right now little appearances Marshal all the smoke and looks so good. Is that new basically I was older I get done that not as used to be yeah that's Marshall underwater hides I was at 12:30 AM. Wow that night at ocean now. That's the ocean on the land right on land in so where is worse shape or way. We're ready there to where Kodak rep for the there that looks like is like six feet of water. I'm Jason Taylor is not it does not look good so. We've got I what they Crowley bumble on a bum bum cyclone Genesis whatever is that I don't know Rezko. Blah so is a perfect storm basically write better. Equipment and what is that person and I hope it's a bomb over the old sort of he would leave tolerant but on top of that we had an anti cyclone we have high tides of which will certain rights and I was growing and that place gets a subsidiary of rocks is just such a large field or a complete story we got different completely aside this is pretty bad stuff so we should promptly leaves and no they're making a statement to you are an essential employee. I think on personal three people that are on the roller anguish who's gonna listen to that restaurant but they want tangling with the of the phone. Camera going. He's gonna hit somebody or somebody's gonna get him he's not even getting attention I feel we should bring him as you watched because it's going to be a long commute. And eat something wouldn't win but how do you like your bank where you while you're driving and you ninety's here. You do that you might meet you never use your need is your problem should Obama pick the products were up in this way. You did that now in this whether it's the problem and I don't know I hope that around this crappy experience you language and it drives like you. By the way they were out in greater if you think the crowd leaving Foxborough was dad normally Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve horrendous. Drivers there were horrible they're trying to write to her Xena there's usually get more than just drunk though I I think they were it was just hunker crowd. Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve as you normally get to Foxboro it was not mainly because people wanted to get home and and drink heavily the worst was they wanted to get Paul. And so they were doing everything they could so the became extremely aggressive. Well let's check in the people left so after Doug Sanders know that the it department was empty the 300 section you could count the number Kapalua right when did you develop their bugs. Sports score when the second half started as I used to heat this as a player. All he sees red seats if all he sees because that's that look like moral and legal and I sailors I've become and I'm like hello we have the ball to start the first. Half two but out here. Now. That aren't the only other problem is it was coast of good. They have good food crap let's say Wednesdays and you get crappy food in there and are gonna stay in there and cold weather like that. They're gonna senator I'm looking up against this weekend is that we NN weather issues that which Kansas City Lechler for this weekend. Surgery would until Saturday the right. Under Reagan did you look at the so you don't have to love ya I what is regarded it as the knee is a priority had a ready a look at the weather right now for the games this weekend zooming oil looks like can now I'm not looking at the weather for the games this weekend hey what's the weather like Kansas city of ram you to think through what you get a weather yet but I can't get the I think yeah. Nice New Orleans. Not a problem is when you wish yet you Jackson Jacksonville it is not a southern Florida but it shouldn't be a problem. The rams LA should be a problem is that he's got some rain on Sunday. Those without it was done agencies called late this was a nine. Last week. Is if you've seen the weather forecast if we had a game here on Saturday night because of the patriots were playing this weekend they would be the Saturday 99 I. Right and it always wanted to cancel the game you'd be Saturday. Lol fourteen I've 32 yet called. That's no it is that I can't but it's mostly sunny this is at an early game that's again it's obscene and seeing low of 28. Hi I have I have that. On the on good authority I had the ultimate app put through on those whether and how it affects you when it's coming in to the minute this app is on the lethal boxed. Kazakhstan. This filibuster. Do you want Amy asked if he was so well let's let him like a moment like I don't like it taught him how much Houston a couple of children come your tellem and our go to dark sky is more credible translate well that you didn't arts guy. OK I'm would segments right now because we all journalists like to Minnesota we don't want them on my gases its iGoogle Thursday minus fifty. This. Super. That's who we want them to win regardless what the patriots now. I loved the page I hate when they got in the nation their duty to the GOP you build you built a new stadium and get Super Bowl stopping. I I do I want them ago. I and a public view and it's gonna wanna go to minus fifteen in Minnesota might go. They'll be able to talk about something in February the first week of February political talk about it they lose the AC champs and we go. For figure they said they'd lose the Pittsburgh didn't. It completely if you haven't figured it with a bit. Here are the let that it comes back it. And as well yes they would but that's yesterday of saying that you know it's gradual. And out the slow burn now that. Don't know yeah fine match actually gave us that it's not. Gradual now you actually gulp of being good the fall off a cliff suck and your whole everything Paul the cliff statement. You now can't combat concedes gradual was starting this year. He's redefine this clip at least fifty times. Every guy you want to assume. To also make at statement that he. All sit at that they had the geologist to want to. Seattle Seattle thought it was after she Seattle on the club with Seattle was forced yet he says what are you he's I think it was that season and how that's restarted. A top rate used pounds. The rule work now Arenas write a note to five consecutive weeks he's been ordinary I don't remember a time and Tom Brady's career. We're over a five game stretch in which ordinary in every single game. Ordinary people not eat it up and yet somehow it's that lets you mentioned Brady's been any sport. And he's like NDP anybody yeah but in my hand drunk guy he's the EP. Moved so if you if you take doubles five games in row and you just put one in the first part of the season and you know the second quarter of the season I don't know third whenever. Doesn't look quite as bad. Looks like I had a bad game ordinary game not a bad game winner but it all ordinary game. So because it was the last five games a looks a little different and you can think of. Differently by so isn't it pretty obvious that the patriots will be playing two weeks from now week from the Saturday. It'll be the Saturday night game and going to be playing Kansas City each yeses. It's pretty wealthy residents made up bounced out of first out of love with us get a good bounce and going and it's. And I. I've been here so when people talk about how you know we've edit the other day. And it's that the whole conference is weak and there isn't anyone's tomato cans and I really don't see that. I mean I understand Akins as semi Jackson goes acutely or you don't believe him. But now Pittsburgh is that week you don't you don't wearable Pittsburgh on epic tone the president player not at that that gives city isn't. It's not the Kansas State the first five or six weeks what does it feel that that's a team that had six great weeks so it's bad weeks OK but it figured out the last four art. So Kansas City will give them a competitive game because they have a running game and and Corey month. And quarterbacks supposedly doesn't screw up he manages the game right whatever right. But inning and he really believes in analysts cancer and dubious shocked that yet I didn't I would I would jump I don't Asia because I think they played them the first time around in the first time around. They confuse the hell out of a lot of motion guys were ready as the beginning of the season. The coaching is gonna make it dramatic difference. In this game plus the got to get a lot of guys back at nick Hogan's come back you're gonna get that noise back you're gonna get a bunch of these guys back. That you're gonna tighten up some of the mistakes and some of the things that you've seen the holes that you seen over the last four or five weeks. And even if it's close gambler. Three minutes after the game it's a close skeleton who you trust always does not check or do you trust. The good look at fat coach and the other thing yeah but I just feel like that first week in the FC title game is always somewhat of a challenge. The that first week game. Allan Houston never yet to meet say he never worried about them. Little Brady didn't play well right you'd have a war on to say an active on the board of a camps I think Kansas City. Is it better first round or a tougher first round opponent and they've faced in orbit. If he had Eric Berry. Healthy and he's on Glock. I think I would have a little bit more concern I think that first game the beginning of the season with an out liar I don't think knowing the most prepared for. And I think Hague a lot of these young players special offer that. Ready for thought and deliberated for hunt big guy dribbles the ball is first pro game of first time he cares a global approach he fumbles and music and they're going. I'll take good this guy ready for any hazard. Career wallet and act like a Celtics fan I think detecting shows you that they're better the patriots. The regular season game. They were titled why you do it how they were that day I don't know why you discount discount it because it was that one day and for that one day I give the crowds of the Kansas City Chiefs okay. But I think the second time around. It will be competitive game. I think it'll be competitive. But ever easiest path yet. I don't it is I don't know since the last she faced Houston the first round at its Kansas City think Casey's been in Houston. Yes because owed cans of us like Donna played Houston they had a much better game plan defensively but it just so bad offense and prosperity or doing anything right this is in Houston won their defense was all right so do you acted the Pittsburgh team this year has been in the Pittsburgh team last year. Our defense is Antonio Brown playing now yes. If he is yes he isn't in the particularly well like you really can stop them to two punch. It's filtered a ball right down right down eight straight years healthy and and they're better football team and they were last year correct I would say that the Kansas City game. And a game against a Pittsburgh will be will be competitive Willa I'm not I'm not disputing that it's not like to gonna blow these teams out on the other hand. I I would be surprised if it New England is not in Minnesota on to say at first we get a new business Kansas City two years ago. And again I don't know I think this can CT and now. Yeah nicely you're I don't think. I think I I gays and only make comfort like even in the Houston game even though you know Hughes who was doing a great job defensively getting interception in Britain now have a good game. Just never felt eight point spread he never tells you never felt threatened you know an onerous ones will never that he was center and it is we love alternate courses we play on matter they'll play better but you'd never your always comfortable guys who couldn't get anybody to call law and making case I think I think you won't feel comfortable on these games. I think this case seeking an acre lake as I don't feel so comfortable all toast by over ego while. That was. Talks were actually were fortunate so Kansas City can play that way right they they they stay in games they key to scoring dummies they did that and they and then I think you'd you'd catch them there they had a rough patch also in the middle of the season they could figure anything out they were losing games under those. Touchdown celebrations don't sack races between. Receivers in the tight ends and they started figuring out and then they start playing better so it is they all issues that they are having middle in the middle season are gone now. So. But we talked about the other days the hope that that you know error vary how much are issues that I think it is it gonna have to contend with that guy would rule. Drop me an idea to contend with but no one to recover them. So you double mop. As you say it's got to be a cooks and whole Ginn and Amendola day not all those guys. All those guys going to be how and healthy tease white can be happy healthy. Hold its gonna be health perky Birkhead going to be LP. All of a deal Lewis is going to be healthy you're gonna have all your weapons be sure point Alan oh Hogan practice. Merck at all the book. Guys prettals Logan to combat its Miami look at. Why I would say what he came back and he missed the next what was in the practice player of the recently for the bloody he came back you due to bring back hurt against Miami. Are you dread it by. They missed the very next to him right after that disease maybe re injured I think it was with basically with all the time with all the time you have the heels of the flights so important that bye week. They'll be fine affiliate of my strongest even bad noise and all you got hurt came back and it and it jets game. What is it Roberts got hurt that he he and Ben I was already out of the game and they had put been ordered. The judges go back to and I know what the rest the issue looks like I just look at this football team. And if this football team gets an a suitable. To be the worst one we've seen it this horrible in my mind that's all I'm in just defensively. Front seven I mean. Between about Calvin noise so important to your defense right now you'd bring in James Harrison. And how many guys have you had the sign the last two or three weeks the chest and put in right away to plight rightly this Kid Rock I mean everybody just. Eric J. League guys Eric Lee for practice and then offensively whether it is an outdoor second triggered attic of K Brett you know I mean it's this. You're piecing everything together that you don't want that the rest of the league is as well when you look around it's just not a great league this year Lou I would agree that it's probably this week. A number one seed as we've seen the New England Patriots out towards Pittsburgh Pittsburgh's defense is fall apart right there are a mess right now. And they don't have Antonio Brown they got more issues how much are trust everybody else. Roethlisberger. Is the late in you know some of the question market awaited that he played down the stretch. So you could look at and prepared Bannister yeah particularly since it came down the stretch he sets of problems he says and these exhibitions and business. I think he's excellent players that's all in the second half of the year. Well well he he he gets beat not be gets hurt like eight in the course of gains. And suddenly he's limping for draft again I mean this the way split I think he's done at the end of this year I think he's gonna walk away from. That he wanted to last year and it wouldn't surprise me at all so. How much Pittsburgh. Right now without Antonio Brown. Is the best Pittsburgh team look at their defense. If you don't think that Brady can score points against their defense. I think Eric rock problem. There's no question about it but I BO what issues do it and get over and anyone. And it is good data serious drug problem I would create would that pits first they can use it was at most game. I would worry more about those NFC teams in a mean he does things that were bad coaching believe in this guy and highland it's one along with grant so a case of a sustained thing in it you'd double caucus you know outside receivers go beat Neiman demand which you have many eluded you in the last four weeks she's not a chance and coach is gonna show up in the postseason here. That I getting a new coach. The powers not come back. Think coaching staff that effect at all on the offensive coordinator Izzy recovered fault that it got. So maybe. Maybe got to worry about it. Should I hear dissent about the patriots but I think the rest of the league is the same way. I don't think there's one great team out there that's why if you look at Vegas the patriots of the toppled abort. And we're looking at it we see every single play during the course of the season was that there. Our eyes tell us that we're seeing much better than this over the last 1517 years rise as we've seen better. On the other hand look at the rest of the league aesthetically they all had this year. I don't say the last three Super Bowl teams the patriots have had. Paid the only loss they've had in December was that Miami game a few years back. Religious test. Run run run run rent whatever they have. No suitable team has looked as bad as this team has in the month of December when they are supposed to be playing their best football. Of the past Belichick teams they're playing their worst football in December. Which goes against everything you ever known from this organization. Is that true. I mean that this beautiful. Are the worst I would say that might be a stretch they're not playing their best in December the worst I was it two years ago in December they really struggled. Is it noticeable bright they really sharp and to tonight's admirable. But you're talking about they're not going to Super Bowl regret them falling off and not make it that's what we're talking about we're not talking about a team that's in the Super Bowl. We're talking about it they get to the Super Bowl ring right. And I'm saying this was better than two years ago oh no question this December was better and what they had to usable only failed to get the Super Bowl. I think it's I think it's irrationally. I I agree it's ethnically you look at that and even in it in the NFC. Any one of those teams could win it not affect all six of those teens anyone of those 68 critically a funny figure it out. The team that represented the NFC last year another a 28 to three lead. Right in the Super Bowl could they figure it out any one of those sixty I think. Only new England and Pittsburgh can figure it out in yet. Aren't we got Morgan and we're here to true partner. That's a moral or waiting for loaning and 48 right now. Watch Sports Radio WE. I wanted to go. When you. Colonel who. Judge Gillian carload Joseph wait Purcell Joey where are you. What what what role you are on the highways community. Wall actually. You ever brought. Fort Lauderdale. To review them on ordinary for a lot socially it's. Need. And now there's 43. I died of our. It's worth the solution on the union. On the outside Germany Geithner and. I I had a that they can that they achieved so you got a Gladys. Oh all the electorally they went all along wasn't what I was dismissed. I think the patriots beat Kansas City Chiefs here at at Chela yes I do too I said it was being competitive game. Are not edited I said it would be a competitive game and New England will win. What do you think the final what do you think the line of the eight and I'm in the little. Or I. They'd be more than that. I don't care about public. Us just since Kansas City went on that run at the beginning of the season when everybody thought they were killers. And and we found out that they were frauds when they won the first five games that are from that point on from that point on after five games. Two road games that they went. Well density cheaper. It's it's all about the dissent and really you go looking Korean hunt. And everything is him. Everything and you can't stop the run when he runs the ball that offense goes when he doesn't run the ball eight doesn't go we look at when they were losing those games you didn't. You know eighteen carries 38 yard. Who would you be surprised to hear that the only road game they won Korean heart rentable one time. The only road game they won they won and they in Denver that's the only road game they won. When they win the season was over and how many they do an audit of Broncos rural place and what they did is they got it they stretch in which they played holding gains at the end of the season they played against Oakland opened with oaks. They played against. The chargers and that was the game if you remember Phillip rivers threw like four interceptions five interceptions he imploded that was a big game for them. Does that get them back in the run again to win the division then they beat Miami. Whole again and then they won on the road against Denver before that. They lost all of those road game and actually I don't know hours and do with anything I think it's a huge difference there are playing on the road a big reason. What's impeach him here in beach or third different team. Why did you know what I'm saying is. Big goal is Kareem hunt goes if he can run the ball effectively. Now Alex Smith can do a lot more. He's in that went out when big kick agreement goal which it could enter and diagnoses that six game five game losing streak. They couldn't get goalie couldn't run the football and he can't he can't do enough to win. It's actually a team Dick auriemma can keep going now what I'm saying. At the I take it back. Korean Ahn had one carry. 35 yards it was pretty good in that last game of the season it was a clincher that's right. Who's always in play anybody he just played to get the rushing record that's not saying that eat if you all past the first five games this very deceiving with Kansas City is gone. They've done it and hole they've won it all in close and I'm not knocking Clark he's been good you're right. And New England had all sorts of problems with him after he fumbled the ball on that first run in that first game but New England was confused with what Kansas City was doing. Not gonna let us settle around a cat existence that's a that's a weird. Way to look at it doesn't mean that they can't win on the road or that whatever well especially being you know on the road York. R&D charges on the road and beat Houston on the road. I mean not an actor after the first five games Lou. They did not. I went on the road and totally went in in Denver when the season was over. OK okay I didn't hear what you think about being on the way both retail and small ball careened hunt for bungling and RO OK one of these you look at what he's done well when he's while I and a designer Jane I just looked. Is I think is not going to happen again if it is achieves. We look at the last game OK. But the people who organize and did not absorbed on nob of them was and number gonna can't see New England. OK as far as rookies this in the game are gonna scout is again they're gonna look at. Paterson an go how the hell do we lose this game they scored 21 points in the fourth quarter. And here's these of their drives cream hunt 78 yard pass from Alex Smith that's who was replaced nine yards and amid an animated two seconds. There are other touchdown drive. Kerkorian hunt four yard touchdown a seven plays sixty yards. Odd and had another a two plays 79 yards so both for big play after big next thing you know. The digital relieving control of the game and you know two big plays in three different scoring opportunities there at game's over. It's over huge plays and that was that was part of the narrative that was part of the story for the for the first five weeks cursing you and if all these big plays cancer gore. This communication I heard so you take the first five games and you go from that point on when you find it. Pretty interesting if you look at the rest of the schedule. And the team couldn't win out of the rough I'm agreeing with low cream on makes a difference not just as a running back but as a a guy who can catch the ball as well. But even when he plays well and by the way he's numbers on the rotor badly marital. He couldn't win a road game. It's not true what isn't true even when he plays well. Show me one game we played well. And they lost on on the road not just period. I'm just saying it's it's it's when he stepped better numbers on the road and he doesn't poll well because he had yet because of why gone because you rush for a 140 against you. He rushed for a 172. At the chargers. OK so those two games kind of skewed a little bit what do they use that he did not what went heat. Runs the ball effectively. You look at his game logs they win when he doesn't. Lose. So these go against the team in New England always that they can't win on the road they keep order in the wrote it have to commit to Gillette Stadium. And winning Indy beat the patriots have good rush defense. I know I don't OK so prima runs the ball well. It CT season looks as this when he runs well they went when he doesn't they lose. If you can't stop agreement you moved. And the pecos kid stuff the run Jessica loose that's also out of its home road doesn't awareness always plays well as they went. I don't remember huge deal about getting the number one seeding getting home field advantage and how important it is I'm telling you there is a trend here. Where Kansas City after the first five games. Right because you don't more and an awful lot about teams in the first five games might not learn enough in the first eight or nine games are second half of the season you want to look at it. Take it back from game six on. They won one. Game on the road. And that was a game in which nobody was playing anybody season was over it was a December 31 on New Year's Eve at Denver eight crappy team known to many. Kansas City has trouble when they get away from Kansas City. And that's got to come to one of the toughest places the plight in the post season in the I think that's a factor are. That's an agreement is an is an effect. I think that that the issues. You know that that the patriots had that they've that'd kill him in this game. That happened besides one and that they were able to move the football. Don't say that since confused remember what other show on the offense they'll run AMD relegate college style process withers. If you lots of creative things with really even if they're tight end to read receivers or backs. It's it's it's just that the toughest part of them will be that week that scout team week who's gonna how they died dissect those plays in doubles plays out. And they can do with our opinion this one little info Kareem and does not have the big game running the football then it will indeed be a blow. Why it will be a completely blocked ugly Alex Smith Allison there's no way Alex Smith I would want to single literally winners in the evidence is that yes and done well there's you know six times and lost. He has done well in the other games he's one I'd deals just shone out bills to cut studio in Foxboro just showed up. Civil check in now we'll check in with him coming up next to Mora to jocks I like working with jobs as you can you can play with the a little bit and bingo on Sports Radio WEEI. And you know you still know that you have a good quarterback and you you sign of two Brothers at that. That's what. That's slopes that was why we battled our brand and it's good pulse but we'll go I don't think he was that quick first seeing him out. I don't know some looking out and he doctored the tape up a little bit just just to protect himself a talk to the stake is he actually says he's in a car put Xena Clark here in New England. No way you drive. I am and what shall. Was let go about it and talk. Oh. The Pope urged an operative on the down quick or an adult. I got. All the leading or miles what I've heard dot got a little lake Nona just angling out there want and I'll go and out. Well let my point is that he's not worried about. I'm not worried about can't bitty company here out to your dad oh wait I don't respect article written on. Expect that they were good at it wore me out what. EJ eighty and they keep their play out well. And we shot about short I'm not really worried about that regard people in etched. You know. What did you notice. Evil remark that a lot of calmer on the Corcoran people at our on the ladder while I don't really are well cared that much so. About warrior. The shark is where the shark. Oblivion I'm not concerned. I don't I don't look at our com and I love Devo I think is like the nicknamed. Yeah yeah insulin on their feet. I honestly believe he's an apartment without a creepy. Or. Did it they. Now that he got that allow it up with a little little lotions and he's bright feel pretty good this week. Curious. Oracle either got beat great. Hi bill good luck out there and highways this is going to be our thing I stand in the auto right here in the hotel mean. We live and I'll tell you know. Who are. Or your flowers isn't issues so I've heard I've got some power issues as well now as tough as you know you'll notice there's a professor deals that doesn't award on Tuesday it was Smart unlike euphoria you were complete dope yes what dale said is why should really go a long drawn out heated. He just fast. It's all in all it's just more he just adds more. You know an and I didn't because deals a selfish jerk. He knew he knows I'm in that area just before we can do is get down guys knew bill doesn't worry about name me here yeah. And everybody there so we didn't know what you're saying yeah and I don't agree with what you're saying is that you know deal is sealed case in Foxborough and it courtesy texts. Do you sing a Christian let me stay in the last row couldn't why don't you could have done yet athletics exit at the courtesy text from Cilic at thirty doesn't matter pounds as announced on those are out there truly don't know if you were smarter than your truck Fauria you'd figure out to ask them what is is what he does he's smarter than your truck that's obviously dale. They'll give us it is just how hard is a liar you were yeah. Noisy out in the NL anymore you all of our union idling your hand and what Christie to nail acted alone Obama has to mechanical or not but didn't depression although it deals bigger bill that'll that'll be available the Bruins didn't get it exactly I have to. Out there any act that's how tough Clinton himself for I thought you know it dale you're better than that. The I am out here. It and I don't know what I'm about the 500 yards from your house is now the Yankees just run by my house who couldn't tell my kids it dead at the make it it's your fault so you're shot you're there right. Yeah holly you'll be walking in her about this is dean and thereabouts I felt. I don't where's where's yeah. He's there they look like I'll say this I left my house at 1030. I got word at 11 o'clock that the that the Bruins were often and I had gotten as far as Milford. Come from 1030 to eleven I got to Milford so it's awful. Not gonna lie to regulate good and I'm trying to do. Lose drones. So I wanna I wanna thank roofer for making sure that he got a hotel so he nadir for the show whatever it takes Christian you could have been at Foxboro honestly you're the don't of the game it is Flores says everybody Paul Wood in four solid hours that little shaky but they were solid. And it won't deal with Brian I'm Brian Brian tomorrow now now. Lucy's in tomorrow. Oh. Right you're both right up next honor and a deserves. It deserves a little of that in our boys who who would have a good idea about what's the hopefully we'll get it why don't. And AM we'll actually ever showed more. And you know you still know that you have a good quarterback and you you sign him to my brother that's. That's what. So go anywhere.