OMF - Kirk exposes fraud Kevin Cullen and his many lies, 4-23-18

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Monday, April 23rd

Lou and Christian talk about Kirk’s column for detailing all the Kevin Cullen lies he has exposed. They are angry Cullen would lie about anything, but especially the Marathon bombing. Lou says the Globe should report on the news even if it involves the paper itself.


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Keep up with the show on Twitter back away and act on WEEI. Before during and after the show. On. Let's get you back to morals or waiver of loading and 48 right now so much Sports Radio W we. There are some of the detail that was wrong kind of in that. Frantic moment of the retelling that Bill Richardson on the marathon that young or Richard Johnson air online and went out how to spot which could never happen. And it happened four years ago I thought here's the much less today because of the way. There. But some I was just inaccuracies in here moments and some of it others of I don't know went away if the globe is looking into. Those stories as well or they're just concerned with what was in. The news. All right that's Emily Rooney was I think it's pathetic. You host of beat the press. What's to come beat the press Meet the Press apparent which I think is as as their version of Meet the Press is giving them every excuse you know story now for Kevin Cullen. Yes he was announced he was so that is so vital the globe announced that he was suspended with pay. While they conduct an investigation into his war. Noah has to do with the merit on bombing as she said you know he's afraid to details that may be just didn't remember. Always get confused as a reason why get confused only because he wasn't fair. The game he wasn't there. And and this all came up with his article good days five year reunion of it in and of course. Some of it's just you know some inaccuracies they are meeting and started you know dig in doing his thing actually called him on the phone. Does this and this is my favorites during a break by the dad during a break don't go here during that time now Kazuo what did you lead Thursday. When's his last day Wednesday glasses I wanna say Kuerten if it was just Thursday Paul. When a slow going down the stairs there's there's it started so we called them up against it is yet because I can't obviously I was listening to it. And this. Act act act give it to scoops and. Had they weren't so. Which I'm amazed is that I don't know who's calling me out right on the phone right if it's on listed or or unknown or blocked on the up to Canada. Pay ride a ride up the back Medicare will you present when the bombs went off at the finish line color was I ever at the theme. Many here were you there when it happened colored no I got here a few hours later I can. Can't talk right now men ahead would you like to tell me about your release it was on Bryant more on that later colored no. Okay spoke. He hangs up a phone. Obviously Saturday he tried calling you know multiple times out of that he's not gonna pick up for no reason for for obvious reasons but say what you want about many hand. Complain about what he says complain about his opinion. He's dead on with this and been in so is Jerry. And so it's Curtis Solis can in much involved with this two just be on the show and giving his opinion. But. Isn't there a guy that kind of like there's a name for forgot what it's called like somebody who like you know with proof read your your articles editor. A so called editor and an editor at new. Apparently that no well they usually editor is actually there got it everything you've built up enough credit like you know trust's credit recalls of what you put in. There's no accountability whatsoever. See the yet not apparently is did not happen. Because people like Emily Rooney wanna give him the benefit of the doubt and say ocean so frantic you just mr. members some of the details. He wasn't there and you miss the Turkey got there a few hours later so so few hours later. Four hours later when he doesn't keep in mind that this is a man that was not present. A day at the finish line when the bombings went off. Because in his article the following day back in 2013 year old. And soul is ultimately poignant than in horrifying to watch. Two walks so as you admitting that he watched as first responders frantically pulled metal barriers. And the flags of so many different countries down in both history. In a desperate rush to get the dead and the injured off the side of you saying he walks that. At the initial explosion runners instinctively crane their necks towards the blast site. Then twelve seconds later second expulsion from the reports tonight keeping my people at Emily Rooney. But seeing these sort of missed the facts. As it was tough he's already he's admitted that he's never been there. So keep that in mind it was pandemonium. I saw an older runner wearing high rise pink socks. It's a made up. He wasn't there. He says I saw an older runner weighing highrise picks up a big debt up above the crossed the finish line. He was knocked to the ground by a photographer. Running up boy goes to street toward the second explosion. He wasn't there. The case then it in and why it's so many lives changed some ended telephone lines turn. I'll burn rather everybody was trying to figure out who and why he was not. President. And yet he's giving details of what he saw. And what he wore masters. Detail not empty till in great detail the fact that you recognize that with color of the socks and whether there high or whether they were low and the other thing is they you know he goes on and on. You know we've matches and it's columns from from an hand. That after the bombing and in the book are Boston writer celebrate the city they love. He talked about how we watched in off of recovers from WB WBZ TV's Lisa Hughes at the finish line. So what you're watching TV OK. How can be watching Hughes that he was that it wasn't wasn't that it's like what or was he a mile away so add to me it's really amazing that. The only person doing it that morning show the only person the only group of people or actually be given this any attention. I've not heard anybody else come up that comment on a watch in Twitter as much as possible like almost like nobody cares what you wanna give them the benefit of the doubt and other journalists. Not all almost like saying well you know they can basing it can happen anybody. Find it almost impossible to believe that Coleman was deliberately trying to mislead anyone. Given that he had spoken so popular about having them away when the bombing happen and he knows that tape is out there he knows that it. So I I really can't imagine he was deliberately trying to make anybody in. One other cover and exactly that's exactly what that's Dan Kennedy was with Emily a pair of beat the press and again Dan Rea and hosted. Most of explain it. He says he talks as first responders frantically pulled metal barriers in flags he said he saw I saw an older runner wearing high rise pink socks. A ball crossed the finish line he was knocked to the ground by a photographer he said he saw this thing he wants all the stuff. And the thing that's really offensive was restarted bring in Richard friendly. Call Richard inequality rights is a bad it is he says a one on Monday night bumped into some firefighters and all they said one of the dead was an eight year old boy from Dorchester were gonna. But his dad after crossed the finish line. Dad walked on the boy went back the sides sidewalk to join his mom and his assistant bomb went off the boy was killed. And it points out that the boys talk rob c.'s mark Richard. Then he goes out he talks about how I know bill Richard. Kristol himself in the Richardson yes I know bill Richard he's just as hard as we just finished the marathon. Oh Richard didn't run the marathon. That day the Hubble do you know bill Richard. You made up a relationship with this man who lost his son and daughter lost her leg you've made up a fake relationship. Bill Richard did not run the marathon. Since it is easy year old son ran out to the street hugged him after he finished. And indigo had to go one against that registers time he says Martin went back to his mom in the bomb went off. What's up everybody knows even heavily admits. That can't happen. More Kirk points out that like you don't you finish to the finish the marathon it's just pulled you aside. They're addicted to air but that's over a blanket around nobody jumps already railings none of that happens he completely made up. As well this is firefighter buddy Sean. Oh he says was the one they grab Jeanne Richards. And and carried her off. Which is completely made up. The show is talking what Sean O'Brien made and says yeah actually talked to. He's a ventured as a Dorchester firefighter who was at the scene and didn't talk to colony admitted after the date of bombing although O'Brien O'Brien said that he. Firefighter who did was this guy that Paterson to Lynn firefighter. Who was off duty that day. Andy and actually talk to Paterson as well deductible fact checking he's talking about this fire fighter but he's shown a key was the one. That carry Jeanne Richards off that wasn't the case it was it was meant Patterson it didn't take a lat long to really fact check this one approve using correct. Because that Paterson. He was celebrated by the city of Lynn and honored to may of 2013. Do knowing a cable network neck and they had the story WZ of the story doing that they don't know daily news had this story there was Matt Paterson who did this. But yet Kevin Collin wants to throw himself in there and make a fake relationships. Meanwhile. Bill Richardson are trying to figure out what the hell happened with the Stanley in this guys make it up a story in a French. That's really (%expletive) you off yet that started. Phone not long ago with a young firefighter who are very concerned to vote. He's young kid he's veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan. He told me what he saw today was worse than anything sort of war zone. He carried. A young girl. That's news item. Whose brother was killed at the scene. Much different fire fighter shortly after up. Carrier. And importance. You know that's just real reasons only known since that two we put it doesn't really excellent. You attacked the food. And it will be called late. And to his knees trying to find their way and let his good side. Went up it's all made up. All of it is made up what he's completely making things up and he's emotional. He's crying all sniffles or potential there it is that he did this this sniffles the snippet of this sniffles or such as you can hear him trying to convince themselves. That he needs to be weeping to sell more. That it needs to be more of an emotional. Issue for him like what these eyes have seen will shock anybody. Disappeared average we played again please please play a warmer times I wanna listen to the moment when he decides that tears are needed. Might send the firefight shortly after up. That's it I can't carry back. To an emblem. And group regardless. Tippett he put it doesn't really so would. You wouldn't have this food. So I have a friend that is a firefighter is his group portable they heard about this. That looks really bad you mic and firefighters looked to think that they wouldn't be Smart enough to identify that there. Leg that's the first thing you look for you wouldn't just Willy Nilly pick up someone and and realized later the from what he told me they were furious defied that Colin painting a picture of negligent firefighter. So I fire batter a firefighter. Who was any sort of you know. Competency right would correct he. Automatically realize reckon that's really the first thing you listen assess the situation to your breathing what's going on oh my god you know late you and realize that to you you you were carried a person off correct. This seems like her. No but this was Obama's to lose them with the LA. This is is is it's so pathetic in that people are actually disguise admitted he's not there. Yet today following. He admits. It sold horrifying to watch his first responders frantically pulled metal barriers in flags and so many different countries Gumbel host entry. He then goes on us now he goes on says I saw an older runner wearing high rise pink socks. About the crossed the finish line he was knocked to the ground by photographer. It's all made up yet that that the photographers all visited is completely believable made up. And these are people like to Emily Rooney and Dan Kennedy of beat the press. That are sit there while he got to protect their making excuses for this article it. Almost impossible to believe that Coleman was. Deliberately trying to mislead anyone. What do you talk about DN. Me just read it. He says he saw all of this stuff he watched all this stuff he's good friends with you know a with. I don't even understand. The plumber always done. Bill Richards though the veto he says keep pressing than we thought he ran the marathon in run the marathon. Keep playing now on a little more ball but it and that he had spoken soul poplar about having them away on the bombing DSL line not so it's not so and so to me that's been so the only well the reason why. Year year assuming that it's not deliberate because it was so public about the lie. Why would somebody that was lying. These so Al on the opening with a lie right because that's it would be so obvious to know that they are lying. You have to tell the truth. Because you have to be fearful that you would be out. Right so org hour or maybe he just knows that no one's gonna fact check of are owed over the fact that video just bury you if any predecessors serious why would someone lied about them and so series. And so emotional and something that is. Very near and dear to the hearts of everybody in boss especially people who were there. Millwood ever do that right that's the lowest of low we're talking like a lower than pond scum who we keep going keep going down deeper deeper deeper. So that Waco you know know whatever do that don't be dumb enough to do that all as someone body get away with it. Only someone who'd done it in the past only only someone who has a history. But getting away with it because just like my great quote. There might might this is a quote of the ages and it viewed and reviewed and this is the one you should put. Okay what do you we get away with the war. OK you did with. Tried it we see that this is that it back sick that's it that's department that's it there's aids vindictive that you keep bring it up because bottom line is nobody else is. Yeah it's amazing how little coverage this is good god the Ron Borges gives duped by direct callers Don Yee and it's a story everywhere. This guy made up a story. Just to throw himself in at the gate in abuse left and right part of it would newspaper coverage at all surprised or all. Any just completely made it up in the globe but now it's is that good to investigate. To be a little blurred and it's just it's like sex harassment it's gold on over there for God's sakes you are new source. Report on the news even if it involves you know. At some credibility back is pathetic. That day it's just not even a discussion. Without this the other I had no polar anybody. But it's like it's that it's it's gone nobody wants talked about it. So you could say is vindictive all you want good people talk about it here because nobody else will rich in what western to have on your own. Work as though the it was all all playing well at our at all. The piece. Of traumatic stress and all pollutants. The record bargaining. That is cranky as a result of that I'm. Quote extra luck. Help you shall not at all hours late. Of course you know what the problems in the waters air. At what point what I've got. There's client picture and all that extract. Itself and certain that this story why. Or offering at all. God would be what wha guys. Going back to England so he doesn't accept what. Is that this offense. I agree rich and you know if that's the case of who we all we all saw on TV we all lifted. You know how I remember that day I mean my kid was sick they'll come down to the game that I was calling. In your reason why did he come downs to you sick and we were right after the game we're going down the marathon as well. I don't sit there pretend to have you know. These symptoms. Today what about the people that really bore the finish line. Who do have the symptoms what are all the people the finish line who really are dealing with this in little deal that the rest of their lives. Because they lost legs or they lost loved ones. In this guy's trying to throw himself in there to be sympathetic sympathetic figure like damn. These are put them on the same level as he is or he's put himself on the same level as what they're going to throw. It was just like this yes Obama. You have this bar right at this the Bob Ryan podcast or talks about it. I'd leave with the Bob Ryan podcast I'm not sure where key apartment distant second peak yet yet visited and I think it was almost like. The second hand PTS I just was deal with so many people have traumatize. It really effective member elect crying at night and stuff after talking to people. I mean family thing to original ones on TV when you see your miles away and did you ever get there how long have these get there. It's just it's it's it's really it bothers me because it's it's. Something to happen in this area that was the biggest tragedy ever lived through. And put yourself in the middle of it interprets itself at a level of people that really did go through some issues that real still dealing with some issues that you try to make a story you've made up a story. But you they are you worked. Think it's pathetic. I listened more from all MF no order quake today it's baloney it's Fauria at the end efforts. Everything is on its debut Irving of Kevin Cullen find give me a call 6177797937. Selz in the playoffs. Bruins in the playoffs and dived low but the brewers talked as well at the Sox bats that's all there it's all their give us a call meth continues after this.