OMF - Kirk exposes Kevin Cullen’s lies; Lou’s one annoyance with Cora, 4-23-18

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Monday, April 23rd
Hour 3 - The guys go through Kirk’s column on about exposing Kevin Cullen’s many lies. They’re angry that Cullen made up these stories and that he cried and had so much emotion while telling these lies. Emily Rooney and Dan Kennedy are protecting their own in defending Cullen and it is pathetic. Lou is annoyed with Cora and doesn’t think he needs to sit so many players.

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He's easily easily. Beats Fort Wayne Loney and 48 going on and hammer did so let me down. I ran around. It was a big day for the Maloney today if who's gonna get to mock Al Horford to be good I was into true and he gets criticized threats such magic Kassim in the case. Analytical and Lou and Christian which rats who can get. Wanna save. As well mixed in and those. They do kids still don't talks my spoke. Wrapped with your fat part of the the ball you can even play anything here that's. Great what you plan on making that decision on whether or not you're gonna play. Do you plan on attending the optional workouts that are upcoming. Right now on Sports Radio WEEI. Art it's all metal doors wave those yet deficit today that will be back. Tomorrow I think the Red Sox beat back action tomorrow in Toronto surprise team in the in the AL east playing good baseball but the Sox. Start off seventeen and two big win on Friday night and it came out on Saturday night. For sale as of lose next game is a three runs and obviously lost a speech on the diet there were no hitter. The Red Sox who basically lead all based form and a ton of offensive categories average hits you name. Doubles funding on base fund wins whatever. They know yet. You give the kid all the credit the world because he's actually outstanding. It was actually the last Cape Cod league average called I saw that twelfth. Use the start of the game Indiana State in play in Hyannis in his left either Bruce talking about John and I from Indiana State was on the mound. 9394. About wasn't blown away odds against it wives big prospect. But he's finally become kind of thing would Oakland thought he was when they draft the Dominican first round so he's a great year he was outstanding similar boat Saturday. Sunday. Then it was different story. How did you feel when you see a lineup out there on Sunday off day today Monday in his noble keydets is no Haley Amir's though it wondered who it. So I just I guess I've come to its expected. And and at what I would say it out like as mu Q bets and and those guys how you feel about it. Do you feel like you need a break this early being as young as you are quality of thirty years old you really need a day off before a day off. But is that really what they're looking for I had to me it's not it's part of his philosophy that. I guess you know he stain to which is what our respect. But I'd just like man I've just it would always be dale this early in the year. Yet in the thing is the ballots Tuesday zone in this seventy enforce seventeen Q and you want you can do what you want right because you still waiting. And it's a benefit of everything. The benefit of pulling a guy like price 76 pitchers and 78 it's that he's done twice. It doesn't get the benefit of a pulling Chris Sale out. In all maybe not extending in the next inning and in in basically previous four starts but you have and still win games you'd benefit of you'll plain tedious it milky bets and you know I think as Miami. And yet he's still winning winning games 3-D T to do when you win games you lose one freaking game we're gonna jump on you yet the good news. You know the game on Sunday it would a citizen what the hell is going on. The thing that I have is that I think this it will be too much right now I think injuries to take care. You know guys we'll sick guys will get hurt in oh and then it all sort of worked out. Yeltsin you'll Moreland you know Haley goes down for Dave Mullen gets in there read in Nelson which will only get hot night at the OK we got him in the game no big deal. Bully starts it guys too much. I just how big is a need to see it all three of these guys on Sunday all three now we don't know. The lunatic in Toronto so yeah a couple days off fuel before we jump on that stuff out there and they get there but it only in the infield and you'll feel so you don't Obama accused me. You know nobody it was wrist. And we don't know about New Year's is knee those a couple of things that physically we don't know about maybe these need today and it dug benefit of resting in each of opportunities to help. But all three of them. I just elect an author he's got so. I suppose it is that it now is that only got like this and that's all that's the only your taste he got about you have a little bit more. They're there's a lot of you know just looking because you always. Don't references wholesale to vary as you know we we went through this last year with the you know the greatest player. You know basically. Or thirteen games without have another day off. And then after that. Is next day off was like. Forty games later. So I get in the first basically three months he had three days off. North like these guys have had two with three days off now in the first three weeks. And I know you wanna get some of these guys didn't get them all going but I I don't know us that they don't know automobile injuries kind of playing into this thing or not. Indeed the big the big controversy comes in that ninth inning a lot of people since everything less than this game to your first and second place wire in this game. Which I think is becoming an issue. Because I think TV basically forced his way through this lineup because he never plays and Alex looked as us the opportunity to play him. Which are fine with those get the guys in there. But he just doesn't that you as a role misty. Such fault. Just that there's other guys that they should be playing you don't know what the hell the sky yes. Do you get there and a seventh inning in the and you let him hit I think you let him hit because he has been playing him and he's trying to show confidence because he knows why are those like this whole situation he's in a militant. Probably should bother them because there's a play that often so I. I put above it's nice that still some confidence to go on their boards throughout America and England which is what to me is like a slap in the face. In his show as usual that you have confidence in mideast to buy it and are yours who's going to be the eighth. I David Price that's like that the first cigarette ads out of that is gonna be your biggest. It sets a good that's a good second guess a gay because. You'd Carson's bid up jet Larry's up he's a switch hitter and Alfie is an opera Jonny Gomes and explain this to me. A switch hitter is when you can hit from both the left side in the right side. Not stop at the scene crying she would it is is that general howry. He hits from the right side 'cause he's facing David Price who was it left hander now he throws the ball in his left hand the air for. Lowery will hit right handed if I'm right hander comes in then allow we will hit left handed hence the switch. Hitter. It notes baseball 101 that's it's like baseball for dummies. Equity when it was seen him so we let it is so he was at 97 pitches wolf because Smith was up. ESATA down desolate that I got another tour. Lol of course I was four so I criticism that you used on Q now in the eighth. Beno and and and it was was struggling I guess who was it with with Larry. And we have memories of what jet lottery is the jet libraries lead the league in average and RBIs. Jet Larry's one of the best hitters as of right now. Through this day in the American League so he lets him faced Jed Lowrie. Any punches them out and after the game that was the at bat that gore felt like I ill hunger to give him another guy can you so impressive striking out jet lottery. Gate so he let her face Chris Davis in the first pit box. Chris Davis probably should because this guy especially after what I saw from David Price when he struck out Jay Blount. If you all back in you watched. That punch out jet lauer with one out to make it to a tinian. The minute he strikes him out the tobacco throughout Iger I saw off price yells. India has that scream on the mound and he takes a step or two towards the dugout. We have I have never in the three years I've seen David Price pitch show that kind of emotion with in an inning. He only shows that emotion screaming off the mound when he strikes a guy out to end the inning to get out of a jam. I think David Price budget Larry was the third out. Is he reacted like he does only when he gets out of a jam to end the inning. He does not yell and scream like that with in an inning in a big strikeout because he knows he's still not done he's still not out of it. When I saw him scream like that but he struck a jet Larry. As it he lost how many outs there were he thought that was the third out of the inning. And right now he's flustered. If it is and if those guys saw that. The nation pulled zest for. Well I I I. A hundred senators about the exact same thing. Is that you tweeted out and I was like oh OK I wasn't sure what else going on because you've never seen ever his emotion. And less that's the last image you're gonna see from him yet so he's not gonna allow anyone else to see him get excited. No at no he's got to go back up their pace another hitter yet so it's not gonna do know of can always a letter he was flustered he had to kind of regrouped didn't have enough time. Told us yes exactly a little daughters like I really backed opponent under first pitch to danger and that was a definitely cost of debt now lives in the game. Yes given all that. So I don't blame you I don't cigars and Smith Seattle I mean that's. That's but that's a price. Let me ask you saw the game is all we can second guess an all time. Aren't you left them out there outscored tells us that the reason why I left the market does not so good against Jed Lowrie. So as an explanation. Not doing so that's fun the other stuff and I couldn't stand. You have Haley earlier as Yabuki Betsy of Eduardo Nunez on the bench. You know it's about devers leads off the inning with a punch out Blake's wired is hitting never should it in an active and he's a DH spot. You probably kinkle Nunez because you got to get a penchant for Lynn later in the inning and you second baseman soul I have no problem right there. Possibly. The united milky orient. For Blake's wire with a one out. And it DH spot maybe it's Taylor spot and you say smoky for the game tying situation tonight here is it for Blake sliders DH. Now Rocco comes up eons of reaching on an era so they are vast he comes up can hit. I don't I don't think he can hit I think Wilkie hit from Vasquez. And a New Year's it's relent he's in the hole you don't load your bench. You know how many trillion a game in guy again got a hold billions for Lynn. Because you put a very DH for swipe card which is the ideal spot he's DH and making any illusion DH when he can't do that. He's gonna say a second base but I thought he should have unloaded his benched in the ninth inning. And again I I don't know what was said before hand the game injuries. In -- wrist Nunez knee but on a single key was able to nick is yet Monday. See that big is it that thing though is you know confuses me is that until you Dominique give you a day off. So but you're telling me that OK they are doesn't really mean dale dale the obvious that OK you don't start you just not starting from so you're basically sitting there the whole time. Wondering if and when you're gonna go on the games that are sitting on the bench. I don't your your your you know northern California so solid coal delegates here. You didn't call again tightness you know OK go up against something. The minute I would rather I guess I don't know I guess every person is different. I would you like to know I either arm in arm out one with the SE that if I ended up I wanted to. That's that's the guy and although these guys' mentality is that like their players. So when they had enough on the opening day lineup and the starting lineup rather they know that just not the starting lineup and later in the game you could very well get in the game. There will be moments in the season it's just usually not an April. When you can look at a guy who's been battling and playing every single day for awhile that you sit there is a handling. You you got today off. Don't go to BP don't pick up a bat don't jump in to page SEI a locker Italy honest you have basically give it a day off because you're struggling at the plate sometimes better tonight pick up a bat. These are all the think at some things away to sit the bench only to watch a baseball game annoyed to come back ready to go tomorrow and if that's the case that he's not pictured. And that happens sometimes. It's not thought very common but that will definitely happen we just to get away from it for day you to see you you need that sort of break. But for guys like this as long as they're healthy and Nokia obviously was ready to hit on deck. You easy just because you understand lineup that doesn't mean a complex regional site. You have a theory ago. The year ago. Yeah added I didn't have. My issue is purely just second guess work in the thing about after after his second batter up five. A dear price was done regardless of of of the you know the outward emotion that he showed up. After it's certainly going to be consistent in his soul results driven in baseball I understand that put the needs to be some consistency because I can tell you it was bitching about the seventh inning I I I can guarantee you that nobody cared that he let brought hole hit seven. While Buchholz an all star won a brothel that a double. And he's an all star right but I'm just saying like but I tell you what if first and second about this why art is slow drip blurred more would have thought of that third base. It brought bolted to a double play. Spirits go for the reached rooftops all the help he knew that brought call picked there but because he got a doubles good both the kid based on reaction. Because when it comes to David Price he'll be its pull with 76 pitchers got to be kidding me you guys didn't pay 31 million dollars Mikey eagle there pitched seven Christie eight get to under pitchers. Naples and you know 919 nothing lead whatever was in Anaheim. And it's 78 pitches which he's having the guys make and 31 million Mikey eagle longer and all of a sense that there is say 95 pitches to ship all the do you know which is it. Now they use lose and it is struck got a very good hitter. So again you know given the reaction from price if you saw I want appalled that he thought he done. Two dodger but he could have picked though David neo plus Smith and that's the good discussion but I just don't understand my idol of the bench and on. And so there again they're 174. What we that you. No I know in its fight of their time every earning Emery and is this how great they are bizarre gorgeous came out of the USA today. And the title is why the Red Sox are the best team in baseball and may retain that status now. Amigos to review we've always talked about Luke you bet to be instead that he is. Alice scorer they don't mean that is that was when you're 174. No matter what you do it matter who disagrees or that it doesn't matter it's working for you the deep depths I you know not only and the rotation. But but on your hitters or bullpen the power that they're showing. And it basically set up for success. Nothing can go wrong they're gonna keep this up. Surprised I'm actually as I actually am surprised is you'll be the nasal one Q I thought did not think he had anything whatsoever. They're not I just think whenever I think the days I think of an empty stadium. I think of guys are just buying your ultimately they don't hurt the players out yeah young players I haven't heard of yeah. I can't I can't name a star and you know you know we watch this game going I don't know who anybody is. You know it because it just elect their organization doesn't care and went about when he seal why me why you put the effort. Yeah and again yeah I Iraq is some players decency who. But they're very good young players. And he for a private talks with the I keep my twos that even though we all are three full weeks in April. We go Alex is still learning how he manages games and I still think he's in relationship building. You know David price's first start seven innings short outings here Missouri pulls them. Does give a chance to win that game ready poles and at the seven this when you're dignity Keaton and get a chance to win a game maybe. Maybe because you watched the show Leo who thinks the very volatile player and his team David Price that know what I'm gonna give you an opportunity when this ball game. You lost focus to give a bomb. Nonetheless cutter over the part of played enough to just get out we had crews ready when I saw on the way he. We'll come Dick Cheney pitch him on the way he dominated Ted. Trying to do is probably the best hitters in the league so I decided to mean there who have cutter over the plate and they distorted sound. Yeah that Vanessa so maybe it was it was that and the and just the emotional outburst is like while he's backed up we pretty got out of his strongest. Hey but you say same boat the pinch hitting stuff you know lately Blake's wife are. Listen I'm trying to get you in the game tickets in the game but only give you an outing but not an employee at the two ladies. I'm gonna show confidence in you. Two huge give me reason why I shouldn't. So he lets him hit. Christian Vasquez. Yeah my starting catcher I don't you go through some struggles but I want you to know on the that there's not gonna give up on you when you struggle. Somebody give you an opportunity to hit there in the seventh in the ninth. I'm not gonna pinch hit you hit you until you prove to me I showed. Same with Su Wei Ling and you've come up he swung the bat real well Brock called you to swing the bat real well I'm gonna let you guys glow in hit. And prove to me that I shouldn't pitch it you. So these are all late just moments in the season we haven't had much and does it blow some teams out here recently. We're he's trying to show some conference and guys that paid off a Joseph Kelly after opening day he gave that save opportunity right away against Tampa and it's lights out ever since. So we are still in the position of an iron I believe in that that I'm not gonna just pinch hit you until you prove to me that I should. I think that might have been a first step in Oakland where a this analogy it twice. Take you we were after first pitch out off the plate vesting popped up the first and it gave me another opportunity in the ninth. You know didn't work out. Seoul. Will see what happens in the future. But I like the approach of public give you an opportunity gall to improve to me that I shouldn't beat UT before I do. I like that approach our we'll talk more about it too because a couple of things to with the Sox that one in on we'll get it that is all a map without Broadway continues at this. Once again these Glynn blue and Christie at Fort Wayne mirnyi moaning emporium on Sports Radio. In the management listed on pitch swung on and hammer did so let me. Isn't going to run home run. Because. Indian foreign just. In the respondents who knows there's more than it was good until the lesser offense this snippets is older often. Won't this cause and calls for instance themselves. Right. I thought he was good. But he has been good. You know the cold day in Boston against the Yankees he's recovered as the West Coast guy and so fast that ethic is a West Coast guy he should not be playing and in northeast the dead and it I just that you lost focus. And I'd think you dodge alarms followed him. And even if they elevate you with the mound before Larry at bat told his last hitter I don't think you see get reaction from him. I. How the elements of its own. Hey you know it's what it say you know manager core I keys yet that a lot term. Which why art it and hole and the bench has. They're gonna need them at some point and went out his or her current at a pressure packed it's. You know given the chance to do it there's seventeen of forcible he's got a spate of delight. Initial all right I definitely Greece and made a mistake quick either right but. A moment to accept. You know I hope I hope regular summit. But you got to the bench the chance to perform so that he can use them later and then and in the playoffs hopefully it's what you shoot for. Although Bill Clinton and layout. While the A bench pleasant literally it was your question there. Some of your questions overstatement mr. Brock Holton and you know he has any experience and me and got the event keys. He's rats they need it now and he's been swinging the bat real well so he's doing his job. Bogart's comes back he's at shortstop the joy comes back he's its second. Eduardo Nunez gets moved around a different spots. Anybody in the Al feel. But you can't tell me you know Blake's wife are he's trying to keep this guy saint these wonder what the hell he's doing here still relate it. Why art to me is my drop below. The majority. Meaning that really I want him to go somewhere else how you want you aren't always say Belichick yet for his own sake. Sip of away. But joy comes back Nunez gets all this bought starts right and he's gonna rotate around maybe DH spot once in awhile. It's more is your first base he covers everywhere else. No who if brought called the still on this baseball team that he's utility infielder. Blix wired is here because this could possess up two years ago do you leave behind a plate. And it left and now you can't get anything for him yet you know that he has potential to be a very good player he doesn't fit on your roster. Removal. I know you're gonna get nothing for you can make a trade for a player to be named later any can be different tiers of a prospect. You know hey if Blake's wife articles on plays every day for you entered into this whatever we pick from the pool lake. If not pick from will be all pool C or whatever. Because he's his sole purpose for this guy on this team. The only shot he has if what are your catchers goes down. That's six. I just I don't know what the hell he's doing here. I feel bad for the kick that he can play deputies finally healthy. But he sure is I'll let you get an opportunity to anyone think is values not gonna go up come trader like he's you're gonna play for the next two muscles should bold that's a joint combat. It was thought that that was an asset for him you know his ability to play multiple positions but here's the thing you know is a good athlete yeah. Who can play multiple positions he's good athlete. Never simply third. Won a second walk somewhere lefty blogs ankle always yes her her there is a good way to play first SE play over there what's it like a small. Can't play anything like play at the big league level do you play any of them. Abroad culturally to play some positions in its good meal field looks good short replace a second base. I think he played third on a pinch but I don't think he's their long term that he shows that he's he's keep it really handle third consistently. This isn't choice to play defensively in the big leagues yet because there's an opportunity. What do you mean we know what is best positioned catcher. If you sit there and you're gonna reset everything with Blake's wired get all over gators say listen okay. What do you think the best way if you get on the field in download played left field have been AAA catching in the artist's own all the Youkilis when you look back to when he was playing left. That's when I thought he was gonna trade. I thought that they were trying to raise his value. By showing that not only he can he be a case you want to be catcher he'd be great catcher. You started this he's got to make your guy but just in case you don't and you if you need help somewhere depth wise he can play left as well so I think they foresee. Force the issue we talk about your screwing them up. I thought that was two years ago that that that was actually play that they want to trade him and he tried to raise his value by shall he could play. Other positions so it wasn't he was just gonna play catcher right he could play left field of play you know depending on what ballpark rat. Maybe you play Iraq. But he was going to be able to you know did you did you innings and any he would just be a bad guy and he uses that whoever you want certain. Now I mean I agree with you he's just kind of floater. Is it out and out. Home doesn't role on this team less than Hillary it's a tornado on his it'll. The record is seventeen Ford I understand that pace is not gonna keep up with this whole thing as far as you know they can't keep this up they can't keep this up I. The record Weis again. I actually the big keep them. I think the team right now is loaded. Do you think that Chris Sale David Price report sell all the waste on a ball he rod in Palmer is again another start to the rotations there. It built in depth to give the last crystal ball well Brian Johnson Stephen writes can become a bad thing at the kid got beat stellar triple a.'s Paula ball real well. Public offensively assemble where they are offensive in numbers are put up. Let's go above and beyond right now. Of the milky. Would you say alias. For me. It was crisis are not out and I am very at getting people carry out with a nearly still buddies in 314 with three homers. In fifteen RBIs. When we get stolen bases one hand he's a hero of the offseason was easily got three days ago I read it outwards but any JD Martinez in 307 with four homers. That outrageous. Push investors into eleven new ideas into 69 nobody been impressive this year doesn't seem guy. Devers is it to 84 only because he got hot in late one series. But attendees in 243 Jackie's in 224. Sort of the looking bets in you could say Zander Bogart's I agree he's missed the last eleven games are played nine. Nine games. He's missed the last eleven in the still legally get everything. And no director might be looking but this team isn't. This this offense isn't. Nowadays a lot of guys still get it going. Yeah and you get this series of Toronto and he got Tampa again. Stockman and those agreed numbers again. The what they've done is. You know they've pieced it together which no citizen best allies the best way to go about it they've matched. You know early on it was all Bogart's you know it was handling it and move he got hot in and JD got hot in had been attendee woke up and endeavors carriage for a few games. Best usually well early years he struggled Jackie's between a better lately. So it's just been a combination of meshing the offense is together but I think offensively moved he's going nuts and dinner was for nine games he's missed the last eleven. So attend whatever it's. I just don't think it's at least that flu can edit this team is actually loaded there's a lot of these guys forming a level that maybe you thought they could. So I just look at that where this team better stacked in getting a play Tampa Bay Tripoli to. Tripoli team which is swept Minnesota who a lot of people think to play up the so I don't know I don't know ormat. And I think you're I think you're unhappy places where you think yeah I think you're happy place and everywhere well what else is there I mean. The other than the terrible weekend at the day in all the franchise. Had this weekend between them the Sox lose and the Bruins lose in the Celtics lose an angry rock just basically you know holding everybody hostage of that I think you have pretty and your grandfather now so. You know that yet you know to get the world to fingertips right now. I don't I wouldn't think this zone. You know Jay Feely guys tell ya know Lotta we were not tight. But this was inching I was I was curious to see how people would respond to this photos of Jay Feely tweet out a photo was a tweet I think it was a week. He says is commonly is wishing that beautiful daughter and her data great time at the prom hash tag bad voice is a picture of chief Phillippe. With his daughter on his left in her date on the right. And with the bears left him is left arm is around his daughter. In his right arm is done his waist and he's holding a gun yes it's only hand yes and gone so this one up. And of course. I noticed digital a sense of humor not IC here's here's the thing so it'll plug III. Yes he did after upon here's a funny what not. Only got so me and there's a thing needed me to daughters boy for with a bat or gun they each noted that they. I think about what that was received justices badly badly as the go under anytime there as a I don't know I've I've weird thing with with guns in general white. You know yeah things bad taste. The reality is if you wanna do it in and you keep that on your phone. Bet he tweeted out you should I mean he could be the gods that should be told some guy. Based on mine are based on my Adam promised an Africanist I know you don't know a lot of yeah course. Of course you do OK but again can't you understand like the backlash. That he would receive beat today yes today yes it's insane and exactly everything going on over the weekend we're talking but. And a picture a plate full picture that. They should just meant for him and his daughter and he's teasing the daughter's boyfriend. Who's who she's been dating for. Over you don't between an apology to the prom picture a post that was obviously intend to be jolt my daughter's dated a boyfriend for over a year and they knew I was joking. I take gun take gun safety seriously the gun was not loaded and had no clipped the net and I did not intend to be insensitive to that important issue. I just accused teased trying to be funny guy you know so I think every single father. I guarantee you as a daughter has said this and joked about this before and every father laughed that. Which is just gas used here. Do you know I added to me if that's. If that's out my son. Then a little place to be honest with you I'm not happy about it at all but you know bring African eager breeder gun handgun. And player Allison might not I don't like at all being honest with you it bugs the crap out of me. There's just no need for. I mean again baby's mine that's my aversion to guns handguns in particular. I still wanna be around them. And attempted to play around with that and and use you know my son or my daughter as part of the joke yeah box me. It's it's just it looks. Regardless of what your intentions are what they were. To me to bad. Yes there whether these are the parents of the boy for an Olympian comfortable. But as again as he points out have been dating for over a year fine. Did you really do you really difficult puzzle looks like just came off the golf course right yet ice indicated this one played at the white belt because he's gonna golfers have regularly. To me a you tell me. You gotta go in your house on lockyer a lot to say ample lot of handgun and age guys are the state this picture. On outlets for posterity sake automation we get is that an armored tweet out. To me that's all Herman Edwards or you don't think before you press and you should have known that that was going to teach you in trouble by somebody. I tell you right now he worked for CBS and I'm sure they're they're they're you know they're they're reprimanded him also. What were you thinking. You know you've premeditated that she thought this throughout this is a good idea peace. Where we were we area and progress and there's a gun violence and everything else but this was obviously. Did this and it felt like I guess maybe it might be uptight guy an essentially secular guy AMP York. I would that this would this would this would this would (%expletive) off. This would I'm not that was Kayla stand together yet those market yes face like I know I know I love having it treated out. I view every handgun out the African Hank you noticed nearly an hour fifteen you'll (%expletive) me off if I don't think about a year's don't actually put in a press. If I pretended to be at the finish line in what was the biggest tragedy the city's seen. And made up stories. And then actually made a name for myself because I mean at stores. That would really pissed me off that's a whole another level and I would say that. Thanks to Kirk Manning and the great work scoop in his interest artist. Kevin Cullen has been called do wanna talk about this when we come back is all of that continues without old weigh at the end efforts. Keep up with the show on Twitter backed away and act on WEEI. Before during and after the show. Let's get you back to morals or waiver of loading and 48 right now plus Sports Radio WE. There are some of the detail that was wrong kind of in the frantic moment of the retelling it Bill Richardson on the marathon that young mark Richard jump to their on line went out how to spot which could never happen. And it happened four years ago I thought here's the much less today. There. But some I was just inaccuracies in here moments and some of it others of I don't know went away if the globe is looking into. Those stories as well we're just concerned with what was in. In his. Well. All right that's Emily Rooney which I think is pathetic. You host of beat the press. What's to come beat the press Meet the Press apparent which I think is that it is their version of Meet the Press giving them every excuse ghost story now for Kevin Cullen. Yes he was announced he was so that is so vital the globe announced that he was suspended with pay. While they conduct an investigation into his war. Noah has to do with the merit on bombing and she said you know he's afraid to details that may be just didn't remember. Always they're confused is a reason why get confused only because he wasn't fair. Okaying he wasn't there. And and -- came up with his article yet data five year reunion of it in and of course. Some of it's just you know some inaccuracies or they are meeting and started you know dig in do his thing actually called him on the phone. Does this this is my favorites during a break by the dad during a break don't go out here during that time now because you what do you lead Thursday. When's his last day when they're lesser Taiwan say currently if it was just Thursday Paul when a slow going down the stairs or does it started. So we called them up against it is yet because I obviously it was listening to it. And this is how I act act act give it this cubes and hand they way. So. Many hand. It gets them on the phone Ali gets on opponent they collar answers right away. Which I'm amazed is that I don't know who's calling me out right on the phone right if it's on listed or or unknown or blocked I'm not picking it up. Pay rhino rile up the Batman hands were you present when the bombs went off at the finish line color was I ever at the scene. Many here were you there when it happened colored no I got here a few hours later I can't talk right now men ahead. Would you like to tell me about your release it was Arnold Bryant more on that later colored no. Okay spoke. He hangs up a phone obviously and he tried calling you know multiple times out that he's not gonna pick up. For no reason for for obvious reasons but say what you want about many hand. Complain about what he says complain about his opinion. He's dead on with this and been in so as Jerry. And so it's Curtis host and in much been involved with the stoop. Just being on the show you giving his opinion. But. Isn't there a guy that kind of like there's a name for forgot what it's called somebody who like you know with proof read your your articles editor. A so called editor and an editor at new. Apparently that no well they usually editor is actually there academics and you build up enough credit like you know trust credit recalls of what you put in. There's no accountability whatsoever. See the yet not apparently is did not happen. Because people like Emily Rooney wanna give him the benefit of the doubt and say ocean so frantic you just mr. members some of the details. He wasn't there and you miss the Turkey got there a few hours later so so few hours later. Four hours later when you let this keep in mind that this is a man that was not present. Gay at the finish line when the bombings went off. Because in his article the following day back in 2013. You growth. And soul is ultimately poignant than in horrifying to watch. Two walks so as you admitting that he watched as first responders frantically pulled metal barriers. And the flags of so many different countries down a blow sister. In a desperate rush to get the dead and the injured off the sidewalks of you saying he walks that. At the initial explosion runners instinctively crane their necks towards the blast site. Then twelve seconds later a second expulsion from the reports tonight keeping my people at Emily Rooney. But seeing these sort of missed the facts because it was tough he's already he's admitted that he's never been there. So keep that in mind it was pandemonium. I saw at older runner wearing high rise pink socks. It's a made up. He wasn't there. He said I saw an older runner wing highrise pig soccer big debt up above the crossed the finish line. He was knocked to the ground by a photographer. Running up boy goes to street toward the second explosion. It wasn't there. Pump. The case in this in and why so many lives changed some ended telephone lines turn. I'll burn rather everybody was trying to figure out who and why he was not. President. And you he's giving details of what he saw. And what he wore masters. Detail not empty until great detail the fact that you recognizes with color of the socks and whether there higher whether they were low and the other thing is a you know he goes on and on. You know he mentions in his columns from the minute hand. That after the bombing and in the book our Boston writer celebrate the city they love. He talked about how we watched in law of recovers from WB WBZ TV's Lisa Hughes at the finish line. So what you're watching TV old man how can be watching Hughes if he was that is what he wasn't that the slide to or was he a mile away. So add to me it's really amazing that. The only person doing it that morning so the only person the only group of people or actually be given this any attention. I've not heard anybody else come up that comment on a watch and Twitter as much as possible like almost like nobody cares what you wanna give them the benefit of the doubt and other journalists. Not all almost like saying well you know they can basing it can happen anybody. Find it almost impossible to believe that Coleman was deliberately trying to mislead anyone. Given that he had spoken so popular about having them away on the bombing happen and he knows that tape is out there he knows that and so I I really can't imagine he was deliberately trying to make anybody think. It one other cover up exactly that's exactly what that's Dan Kennedy was with Emily repair and beat the press and again Dan I mean I don't know Halston. Most of explain it. He says he talks as first responders frantically pulled metal barriers in flags he said he saw I saw an older runner wearing high rise pink socks. A ball crossed the finish line he was knocked to the ground by a photographer he said he saw this thing he wants all the stuff. And I think it's really offensive was restarted bring in Richard friendly. Call Richard inequality rights is a bad it is he says a little Monday night bumped in some firefighters I know they said one of the dead was an eight year old boy from Dorchester were gone out. But his dad after he crossed the finish line. Dad walked on the boy went back the side sidewalk to join his mom and his assistant a bomb went off the boy was killed. And it points out that the boy talk about BC's Martin Richard. And he goes out any talks about how I know bill Richard. Kristol himself in the Richard fairly yes I know bill Richard he's just martyrs he just finished the marathon. Oh Richard didn't run the marathon. That day the Hubble do you know bill Richard. You made a relationship with this man who lost his son and daughter lost her leg you've made up a fake relationship. Bill Richard did not run the marathon. Since it is it is eight year old son ran out to the street hugged him after he finished. And indigo had to go one against that registers time he says Martin went back to his mom in the bomb went off. What's up everybody knows even finally admits. That Becky it happened. And what Kirk points out that like you don't you finish to the finish the marathon it's just pulled you aside. They addicted to get there but that's over a blanket around nobody jumps already railings none of that happens you completely made up. As well this is firefighter buddy Sean. Oh he says was the one nick Reggie Richards. And and carried her off. Which is completely made up. The show is talk about a shuttle Bryant made and says yeah actually talked to. He's a vector data Dorchester firefighter who was at the scene and didn't talk to colony admitted after the day of the bombing although O'Brien O'Brien said that he. Firefighter who did was this guy that Paterson easily and firefighter. Who was off duty that day. And it and actually talk to Paterson as well deductible fact checking he's talking about this fire fighter but he's shown a key was the one. That carry Jeanne Richards off that wasn't the case it was it was met Paterson who didn't take a lat long to really fact check this one approve using correct. Because Matt Paterson. He was celebrated by the city of Lynn and honored may have 2013. Do and doing a cable network neck and they had the story WZ at the story doing the date doing don't daily news had this story there was Matt Paterson who did this. But yet Kevin Collin wants to throw himself in there and make a fake relationships. Meanwhile. Bill Richardson they're trying to figure out what the hell happened with the family in this guys make it up a story in a French. That's really (%expletive) you off yet let's. Have you at home not long ago with a young firefighter for very conservative vote. He's young kid he's a veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan. He told me what he saw today was worse than anything sort of course what. He carried. And young girl. Teams. Whose brother was killed at the scene. My friend fire fighter shortly after up. And carrier. Whenever I mean that's just real reasons only known since that two we put it doesn't really excellent. He would actually food. He told me crawled out of legs. And his knees stratified and I could find. I went out. It's all made up all of it is made up what he's completely making things up Andy's emotional. He's crying all sniffles or potential there it is that he did this the sniffles the snippet of the sniffles or such as you can hear him trying to convince themselves. He needs to be weeping to sell more. That it needs to be more of an emotional. Issue for him like what these eyes have seen will shock anybody. Disappeared average we played again please please play a warmer times I wanna listen to the moment when he decides that tears are needed. My friend firefighter shortly after up. That's it I can't carry her back. To an ambulance. And group regardless. So that it shouldn't be put it doesn't really sure what was missing. In the next machine. I've affront that is a firefighter is his group would huddle they heard about this. That looks really bad you're making firefighters looked to think that they wouldn't be Smart enough to identify that there. Leg that's the first thing you look for you wouldn't just Willy Nilly pick up someone and and realized later the from what he told me you're furious defied that Colin painting a picture of negligent firefighter. So I fire batter a firefighter. Who was any sort of you know. Competency right would correct he. Automatically realize reckon that's really the first thing you listen assess the situation to you breathing what's going on oh my god you know late you and realize that to you you you were carried a person off correct. It is seems lighter. No but this was missing a lose them with the LA. This is is is it's so pathetic in that people are actually disguise admitted he's not there. Yet today following. He admits. It sold horrifying to watch his first responders frantically pulled metal berries and flags and so many different countries Gumbel host entry. He then goes on us now he goes on says I saw an older runner wearing high rise pink socks. About the crossed the finish line he was knocked to the ground by photographer. It's all made up event that the photographers all visited a completely believable meet up and these are people electoral Emily Rooney and Dan Kennedy of beat the press. That are sit there while he got to protect their making excuses for this fight it. Almost impossible to believe that Coleman was. Deliberately trying to mislead anyone. When he talked about DN. Me just read it. He says he saw all of this stuff he watched all this stuff he's good friends with you know a with. I don't even understand. The plumber know without him. Bill Richards though the veto descends deeper than we thought he ran the marathon in run the marathon. Keep playing that one a little more ball but if and that he had spoken so popular about having them away on the bombing DSL line not so it's not so and so to me that's been so the only well the reason why. Year year assuming that it's not deliveries because it was so public about the lie. Why would somebody that was lying. Be sold out on the opening with a lie right because that's be so obvious to know that they are lying. You have to tell the truth. Because you have to be fearful that you would be out. Right so org. Or maybe he just knows that no one's gonna fact check him. Are owed over the fact that he had a factor yet any predecessors serious why would someone lie about them and so series. And so emotional and something that is. Very near and dear to the hearts of everybody in boss especially people who were there. We all would ever do that right that's the lowest of low we're talking like a lower than pond scum that we keep going keep going down deeper deeper deeper. So that Waco you know know whatever do that don't be dumb enough to do that. Only someone body get away with it only someone who done it in the past all the only someone who has a history of getting away with it because just like my great quote. Mike Mike this is a quote of ages and if you reviewed and this is the one you should. OK ultimately you know we get away wins the war. Okay you. We tried it when you see that this is that it back sick that's it that's perfect that's it there's aids vindictive that you keep bring it up because bottom line is nobody else is. Yeah it's amazing how little coverage this is good god the Ron Borges gives duped by direct callers Don Yee and it's a story everywhere. This guy made up a story. Just to throw himself in it to get interviews left and right part of it a newspaper coverage at opal surprised or all. Eddie just completely made it up in the globe announces the go to investigate. It'll be a little blurred and it's just it's like sex harassment that's going on wither for God's sakes you worry new source. Report on the news even if it involves you know. At some credibility back it is pathetic. That day it's just not even a discussion. Without dizzy I had no polar anybody. But it's thick it's thick it's it's gone nobody wants talked about it. So you could say is vindictive all you want budget people talk about it here because nobody else will rich in what western to have on your own. We're the it was almost all playing well and are now at the left. Oh traumatic stress and all of the and so a record bombing. That is currently as a result of that I'm. All control. Call it what can we help you shall not at all hours late. Of course they're not like the problems in the waters air. At what point what. They claim they can suck in all dramatic act itself. And good story line that you want offering at all. And he went up all night when. Going back as saying well yeah it's a sense what would. To disclose. I agree rich and you know if that's the case of who we all we all saw on TV we all lifted. You know how I remember that day I mean my kid was sick they'll come down to the game that I was calling. In your reason why did he come downstairs he was sick and we were right after the game we're going down the marathon as well but I don't sit there pretend to have you know. These symptoms. And he. What about the people that really bore the finish line. Who do have the symptoms what are all the people the finish line who really are dealing with this and we'll deal that the rest of their lives. Because they lost legs or they lost loved ones. In this guy's trying to throw himself in there to be sympathetic sympathetic figure like damn. These are put them on the same level as he is or he's put himself on the same level as what they're going to throw. It was just like this yes Obama. You have this bar right at this the Bob Ryan podcast or talks about it. I believe it was the Bob Ryan podcast I'm not sure where key permits him to second hand Pete he gives again I think it was almost like. The second hand PTS I just was deal with so many people have been traumatize. It really effective member elect crying at night and stuff after talking to people. Mean for him like original ones on TV you see your miles away. Did you have to get there how long have these get there. It's just it's it's it's really bothers me because it's it's. Something to happen in this area that was the biggest tragedy ever lived through. And put yourself in the middle of it intrepid itself at a level of people that really did go through some issues that real still dealing with some issues and you try to make a story you've made up a story. But you within you worked. Think it's pathetic. I'm a symbol for all MF ignored great today it's baloney it's Fauria at the end efforts. Everything is on its debut monitoring of Kevin Cullen find give me a call 6177797937. Selz in the playoffs. Bruins in the playoffs and dived low but the brewers talked as well at the Sox bats it's all there it's all they're give us a call meth continues at this.