OMF - Kirk Minihane opens up about a deeply personal and important issue

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Friday, August 10th
Hour #3 is all about Kirk.  Kirk opened up about an issue that plagues many people... depression and suicidal thoughts.  A serious look at an important issue.

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Beach Fort Wayne and moaning and forty rough showed a little fight today and resign now for a what Ralph Webster also lose the. I'm do you tend to get more out of the valuations from the games with a practices. We've got a rare things that'll affect a pro. Fish Smithson out of Kansas yet ready yet not that anything is given to him by his get sick grandmother fight it has that it ratifies the bobcats got. Terminology for a first down right now on Sports Radio WEEI. I bet you're not always MF loan higher in a house Christian is said not here. It's produced books and hopefully innings. Just going to be fine. And he'll be won us some Monday as we kick off afternoon drive Monday afternoon at 2 o'clock now we mention this in the last couple of hours you might have heard it. You might have missed it our colleagues are Kirk met him. And if it's kind of age thing you hear people on here you hear personalities and you never know what's really going on. In their life and those who are on our regulars of the radio station know that Kirk lost both of his parents over the last year applause. And there's been some rough stuff and you never know how people. Or going to you would sell I don't know but you will but. I was a little bit surprised though in this day and age with people reacting certain ways some people get. You know really depressed that certain things that happen in their lives others. To find a way of fighting through some succumb to it. Yesterday Darius did vote 2 o'clock actually right around there. But he treated out I've talked a lot about my issues that depression. And had battled it the last three months or so. Last Thursday night I checked into the ER at Winchester hospital with suicidal thoughts. I was then moved to McLean where I was treated and released earlier this week. He fault of another tweet right after I'll be back at work tomorrow on the little nervous about it but I'm not ashamed or embarrassed in mold do we do. We'll talk about. Which was a great thing to do because I think he opened up and hopefully it'll probably help somebody else who might be going through the same thing so. I hate. And heard the same thing this morning from him that you're going to hear right now and will play in much of it in its entirety as possible. I was scheduled to be in the last Friday. I was scheduled to be off Monday Tuesday and Wednesday Thursday and things well I was knocked. And so. I guess. And he listens shall we joke around low temperature makes fun before and he'll continue to duke is that's what friends do want that I believe it's connected. I've had mental. Health issues in the past and depression that was. Hospitalized for. A couple of times in my senior year in high school prom for awhile. In of an up and down up down here you know in my life nationally some abuse depression which is the real thing and an illness like anything else. I'd say in the past year or so. You could follow that got my parents. Had a hard time we did not handle it well. I think in the past you particularly over the last couple of months it's really. Accelerated. Two point is it's never been before it really bubbled up I would see more so for the last three weeks four weeks. The point where. Really for the first time in my life I started having more I guess is termed suicidal thoughts. The way manifests itself for me. Was I think I. He hid the fact I was thinking about doing it by pretending in the weird way like I was almost to research it or. If you'd share a year or are you might Mike hand in the media and almost came up to you to listen I mean to commit suicide. On day X. I'd like you put together the plan for bachelors or to think about it and read books. I want online if you wanna go on line reported its miked so rattled reverence. Figured the safest way to do it of these safe way to do it the way to do with it. May not look like you're actually doing it about history up at the percentages success percentages of failure. And landed for some reason yeah. On trains got sort of focused on trains. And there's a commuter rail obviously as a bunch of them as a commuter rail that goes from lol to north station you know. And stop a couple of times and Winchester. Who Winchester senator wage here is like a mile if that and doesn't pick up the kind of speed they would do required damage. However the one from wage mere. To Medford. Would. And I began to look at that one on the train few times. That way tests. That would sort of walk a couple of times walked the route. And as you know serve would he thinks what sort of hide in the whenever in the day last Thursday. I went to middle day. Take a look can watch it go by and said okay well there's 756 policies when those arriving in West Medford and 8 o'clock period of two wedge from here. And said you know I'm gonna go and again I was lying to myself I think in saying that. You know I'm cynical look I'm I'm gonna look a good look I'm gonna look I was thinking about it thinking about it thinking about it. And there was you know it is the hawkish right before wandering around the which we train station. Going around the parking lot and walker on the field around there. And right right a few minutes before I would I stood in front of the my car has had in I don't I don't want to do this I don't want it. Hi I don't but I know. I don't want a guy thousand though this this this thing in my head keeps talking about this and saying examine this and look at this look at this in the words suicide. Suicide suicide. And affect how I felt internally I felt for the past couple weeks like knives having a heart attack almost all the time I was having a hard time breathing. I was also playing this character a on the air who was feeling good and around my family was feeling dude and talking my Brothers who was feeling dude joking in doing that meanwhile sort of dying on the inside it's I simply. Cannot live like this anymore I have to get over after you. Give up whatever power right have. And I drove the car to which has hospital. And walked up to the emergency room people in the woman and said you don't have been very dangerous spots and that was the beginning of you know five days of authorization between we Chester that overnight McLean for four nights where. You know I went in and I feel a little better and I feel cathartic being able to tell my wife and family and friends I was going through this. There's a burden I didn't handle well. Frightening here arm pairing him describe it you can hear the pain in his voice and that nervous cough which you never hear with Kirk he likes to belch on here every once in awhile but that nervous but it's scary also communities. You start hearing him talk about you know the trains and does this train go fast. But this one does. He went on it being investigated the area news tool while they're near the times. If I'm glad that obviously we all are that. He recognized enough the panic to go get help and you know but I imagine that pretty emotional to you with your wife. If you kids and year out there and you know selflessly to sort of thinking of yourself from what you have issues and we decide finally go to help now you go home and relays were yet. Do we have a shoots it right so it's. And and it's a couple I'd be willing to do this you know with this back home but as you pointed out I think was it Jerry that actually asked the net. I think it was thought it was kids. You know yeah skirt and how did you do that to your kids in the. And there are global get to that little bit later. Amazing to me listen to this and dealt with a little bit of this and in my family not with me that. People who have who have them who have battled depression. And you know doom and require. Medication to be able to keep everything in in balance but. Was amazing to me is listening to him as he basically said that he was fooling himself doing research. And committing suicide. In my kind of fooling himself which was unbelievable. So I just the big question that. Jerry in the crew had this morning what Barack him. Choose this. For what happened in this last year. You're just between. You know a my parents and and obviously be good thing it's an I have to get past that I'm alive but so hyper focused on it. Is this guy who's been you know trying to bring down our show honestly in that not handled that well I should just say this is a bad guy. Who's trying to screw with us but I I think moved the anger I have. Still both my parents is common resolve all that stuff I've faster that allow myself to sort of again hyper focused on this of this person who's not worth the second of my time. And I will never be bothered him again he can do what he wants to do. And I just have to move on have to stop getting to war worked up about stuff like that. I have a great life I have great family the great job and work with people who love love Jerry. I love my. Two of ten. Curtis works here. I love him too. And I have to do you know move past all that stuff in you know this is a real thing and I'm not. Embarrassed or ashamed of both suffered from depression and that kinda was in the past that joke around about it but I felt emasculated by and I don't want anymore and I'm not gonna do that anymore. Am I am. I'm happy and I'm here now I'm gonna be here and I'm gonna have down times to the important thing for me I think is to recognize that I had these down times. And and tell people right away as opposed to hiding it hiding it hiding it doesn't benefit me at all at all comes from. Childhood stuff like everything else I have to figure that out but. Right now I feel OK I feel pretty good but I think as sort of a temporary high right now because I've been. Able to talk about two weeks from now troops now control feel grateful I'd have to be honest about. But you know that's so that's that's where Mac and I mean I can. We can talk about good days in McLean and to do it that's what it is it's you're inside the mental hospital of people who you've you've you've you've you've been really sick it's a battle today. Are upset about stuff they're sort of stereotypical people we expect in those places. But there's there's sec in it's it's it's a horrible mental and so horrible. Horrible thing it's his it's his it's his dangerous sentinels more dangerous thing really leads to more deaths ills. So I'm just trying to figure it out and get my head around that number in the fight it in and that's format right now that's why I was out for the last couple of days and. Hopefully this helps him beat opening up. Letting the audience now he's been very open in the past about you know his addictions and various other issues he's had in his life so hopefully this helps them right now I think they're a lot of people at a listening to this. That he may be helping them because they're going through some of that stuff now. First there was that will be in McLean and yet this place here for some reason. But I oust the key documents are the first person saw was Albert Rhode Island. Anywhere when these places. At McLean. It's not us not looking imagine made him a pickup that's it you know connect idea idea restart Texan and you know episodes tweets and and you know in Turkey to visit here for you anything to help you know to me it turns into you did you 'cause I wanna ask you this did you joke with them. I told that if the hopefully if you what's the talk which talks up open for a couple irishman I'm afraid that that might actually put Malia aren't so I did the same thing. And I didn't do the bullpen into the trend but right at the trendy line two on and which Callahan apparently used the training intimacy is she broken up about it that you went this far. Could have broken up about the break up of a turning into mossy. But that's Kirk I mean I don't know any other way. To act. Where is Kirk others seriousness to put it on I think we win that we kept I think. He's rich out I think he knows he's gonna get tremendous support here from from the staff there's no question about you talked about them the people McLean. This this was apparently security guard that he ran into such a must from the Winchester. Wasn't Albert you go to a separate wing is a security guard watching attempting to himself relations that compelled to take your money clip and take your phone and take. All the stuff the security guys are very nice guy. This probably 20s30s I mean there by our solemn mass. It comes out to me treatment and construction big fan since he took care that they ask your question with support. At least if not is a night he and senator John you know he did. Took me of like Carter total and I was in the days. And illustrate our parents and I think the Red Sox in the bank office. They're fair questions Don. So that that's up at a public meeting and probably appreciated. And got in big big I didn't realize you know because it's just a it's just changed it up in the and that's that's gotten him but I do think it's. It's important it's a scary you know and when you saw those tweets. In the hear him talk about. The whole everything about this train. Needed that amount of work you when it through an investigation when it W mine goes in places to we've Batiste thank god. Something inside of him kept him from doing this the most frightening listened to the train and the schedule and speed. Have split on many people out there they're just that it needs unity to get to that point. And they just sit there and it just they forget about it and go yeah you know they don't go to the Winchester ER they don't they don't go there. You know walked in there and say hey I've got to probably get help. They just don't. So hopefully you know. Colonel putting up these people there that they can listen at that there is that final decision you know I have to you know go get help is a recognition of of needing help. And ethical play that's worker is right now and we'll continue to get. Let's get to that question Jerry asked him I think it's a legitimate question because he talked about having to go back he did not explain any of this to his wife. Or skids anything's going through one's family. And Jerry asked them questions you know that could do this team kits that thing that I I will never understand never believe in my mind around. When did you stop that can objectives man when and where you don't we don't I did that's why I'm alive in a good point. If you are not you know they they write that an apple I feel horrible for them I and ten years regardless of their self if they're not. How can do that you can use your stick to notice it's it's in Pakistan for two or not. Like the savings club I was just Sanders I believe the same things that he would cancer kids. These guys have kids you don't want to lose and you lose two homeless that would be like if you stopped going key attraction I really thought about Achilles affirmatively I mean look I think honestly retirement and balanced I I you're asked me describe him chemical balance. But I would think when you go to the train the thing on your mind is Harry and Kate yes that's exactly. And that's why didn't jump in front of. He also said he was afraid. To talk about it the embarrassment and obviously he got through that because he talked about it today right now this is a temporary high so I know. When it gets you know I once tweeting how wonderful you are nervous grade you feel good you feel burdened. And then through each now respected that feeling Gagnon stomach will then questions can be honest and talk about it Herman you know why. The family therapist which I've done I mean you know you do this stuff where it's just. You're afraid to talk about it in on I don't know why that is the that's something about. I don't know. When your sort of I think there's a lot when you're sort of now the the oldest person your side of the family you've got kids you perceived as being. It's in I think it's sometimes for me was embarrassing talk about. Affecting them had this illness that this is it's almost like this psychic pitcher knowing that you're going to have your life he's going to deal captive after it's going to be with me. For the rest of my life. For you know for the next three weeks and people like you when they. It's that. Let me make those lines rate there. Go to the rest of my life the next 33 weeks of my life like it's just that's just him that's who and that's his show and that's supplied the only reaction I had and I left them a voicemail was. To crack a joke because. That's what we all do you do the same thing that explore that and Jerry's doing it on the air a funded inch singles afraid that if they didn't and we did topic that we. We could talk socks at a talk about my concerns in the bullpen but without that they got enough that would put both. The and I think I'm afraid yeah exactly and afraid that I would have done more damage. But I think he knows that world is cornering we know he's going through a rough time here and where your form. And we get some phone calls will let you react for a little bit and we'll get back to doing what we normally don't normally deal it would take a break and I got to thank you. And I did offered were right with regular I guess I will say this I find this. Amusing but also troubling. If you look at the text line. People have a much different attitude on the text line turns towards Kirk is it everybody knows that illustration. It's unbelievable because you use your hiding. And I don't think we're gonna get any of this on the air when we take phone calls your reaction may be we we will as I think. This thing was good that he got it out on the table. Why they get helps him. Being able to talk about it they had people talk back at him about it but it also might help some of the people. But if you read some of these things slow. It is unbelievable vicious people why we so mean to training if you weren't so mean to train this wouldn't be happening it is a phony you know hired as the the balls to kill so right exactly well I think go one right after another. Talking about how he's exploiting it for ratings that EEI is allowing us. To do this he's our friend is our colleague he's our friend. And so we're talking about it because it's going on in his life and I I think it's it's good for all they do the citizen the balls to kill himself if we. Wicket that guy is in his life. Greg Johnston Clark just to its accident and it sucks who cares she's a fully utilized the ball to kill so where's the where's that although I personally would. It's going through your mind. Just curious what kind of person argue. You mean 781. You have to for all fathers of the or if you don't push the button I won't give the whole phone number. Well we do have we do know who you wa. We'll take a break we'll come back we'll about the phone lines. There are moderately. Or people would do great. Well not the point we didn't get. Out what I. This is Jerry Dickerson will be fine yeah Celtics closed the deficit. Did you yeah. You're gonna get. Victimized. Nobody cares if you do with who cared to listen to you know Roger Wicker. I feel you. On will you please don't get for a what is the. Down from limited field showing compassion for Kirk Manningham. And selfishness. Really concerned about is don't know listening habits. Wanted to go to the phone calls and we don't wanna hear a lot of people's own personal stories on on all of this because I advocate it beat. Become very taxing to the it to rest of the audience. And if somebody has an issue within we're seeing it all over the text line and some of it's legit. You know Kirk does take shots at other people what if those other people he's constantly taking shots on. Are in the same state that he's been in over the last week does that not put them over the top based on you know what he's doing that. So I think that's all legit and we're willing to talk about that. So if you wanna do that fine don't don't don't hide behind attacks on picket before. On 6177797937. We Scott Tracy Marlboro hello Tracy. I how are you guys to. I. So I wanted to call I'm in that position set an alarm and a red and blue light hearted and feeling actually. Depression family members that depression bipolar Europe. And I don't wanna get Kirk could I mean the strongest people I know that mental. It takes them and that stand up you. You are woman yet and he met and yeah. And I think it's wonderful that he came here. Which the public. And I don't know him never met him and by I am very. At the end. That he made this you know every line and their arms. And I think more people need to do that I and also if you don't mind the I directing me detector at the absolutely horrible things that people at saint. You know that badly called ignorant and uneducated people. And you've been in that situation. I know what the free country but you can not give an opinion on until you're not elevate the and they are seen it dealt with it into a wonderful places like McLean. ND ER that reached out and wonder. Think Turkey well your opinion did not count. OK let's go to Mike you know Mike in Springfield little Mike. I area. First I'm longtime Obama was to listen. Ricky did a great out there commitment in my quality here so. And you know I I just wanted to I recently got I think inpatient program slumped thirty or an old. Three children. Eight love my voice very much she understands my disease. I'd been out patient wife Linda and Eric he you know near our situation. It's almost like that it's hard to find help. Though hearing Kirk say that or is it it. Some meaningful for me because I at least argue that the biggest pay character. And a BIDs to just like the goal seek. I think on putting on an act on again 88 in a little gap you know I think is. Bombed air you know I would argue wasn't real hope for him to get out of bringing him down to a different level on the night I look I'm only human and I think I'll enjoy my right in the works early even more and I'm not a die hard to the guy I am. And your jets and are right now well. On what my guess would be this trust your point crowd gather you sympathetic with them and everything but my guests. Is that was that a couple weeks of paid advocate yes because it's just what he does I don't know he's going to be that's. It would Alec what you said. He said you know he feels great he just got a hospital he's motivated you to be able to talk about in advance and he got a lot of attention. I know of that field because I know it's it's like a president that place and eat all you haven't timed. And if it's. Literally late president you know all the kind of reflect an insult you feel great after Iraq but of course. But what you're what to say that drug addict want to rock back and pure natural environment. It just you know what you can change your environment somehow we are outlook on your environment here early in the back in a place. Well I think and he he talked about it today and it talked about it both the most talked about it in the past about. You know an outside force trying to in some way destroy their shell and I think a lot of that is played into what he's lost both of his parents. This has been a tough fearful thus control that they simply lost control. And other people are now in control and that is probably for him extremely difficult. They glands will allow the dollar clip. As you know I have not been the biggest shark fin but you know what these people saying this stuff intact and then. As it did that that's just be on to. Gutless. Sick. You know and it's somebody that gets offended by admitting it from the Christian beliefs. When that happens all I do remember hey keep ticket assault. It's it's in all of it coming back so all's I can only get so mad out of you know but we have been looking out. I have eight Adrian Noble who really battles with you know bipolar depression. Are you can do is just if it is a roller coaster ride in the people. In his life probably feel helpless. And the only danger that was PDF form you know and I I wish him well no matter what. You know not to get them now because I know this gets to him Matty says people get thoughts and prayers are gonna pray for the guy that's all I can duke it I don't know on. I know I'd call up and say hey you know. Blood also suppresses the best way of getting film I think it's brick works perfect noticeable. Yeah bills and Newbury port next appear any EI had bill. At alliance million. The color of the public reconnaissance area. And it. But the way that you are out. Worker sorts earlier edit the file in general that they really respectful and technical. And and opened the bill also in there and our our. They get rid of the radio so I sport. I wouldn't want the logic man. Probably listening equipment and you know who might as would I talked to a certain how to react to constantly away. They are doing. Well he's the one is talking about he's talking about his own experience to you know he's our colleagues he's our friend. So obviously we wanted these dear forum I'm in that that's normal what we're doing here and they would donate again. I totally green. Is heavily how to eat there were other people do you know they are definitely. Corporate and other people who support the portfolio that people who struggle with whatever. Is sort of in that's about it on. Well I'll say this is no it's a cute I Eric another waitress who called earlier you know experience and I don't. And I don't think ethic someone who doesn't know what to do. Would just sit there you know valid mean and an episode I think. If you just talk about it in if you need someone to talk about a media comfortable on W wife I don't know because of how might affect current. So it's it's I think the more he talks about it that's why I think today coming in here in discussing it I think does help. And if they continue their people to be there to meet you wanna talk about it let's you know let's talk to me that that would help a supposed to. In keeping it inside in bottling it up in dealing with the internally and all these bad thoughts going in his mind. That's when you reached the point where he was investigating trains that is on the and is scheduled today going in scouting them and looking at them and speaking. You know and and seriously your split second away from doing so we can never turn back right. That's scary that was scary when he went through the train schedule and any different different east here's Kevin in Bridgewater I think Kevin. Hey guys do a good point let you know you know people are gonna take shots at him because he takes arc that. All that protects its legit though Kevin added that it does legit site. That he would bet that if that I lost a friend he didn't reach out OK if it occurred cleaning. Did you get to the way he can ignore the abilities it blocked it and let it be known that depression Rio. People are doing this every day I think it is an unbelievable act where it might hurt at this point Brock that a lot of emotions. And obviously the one call about being 88 near the Kentucky crisis stuff in the morning except like in doing that goes stuck all think this side. It's reality of real curse you have the most. You know maybe they people make mistakes. Like him to come out and say that. I give Milan a proper. Placed in you indirect heat there's a lot of people off and we talked about before you know to where sure I mean he goes after people. Don't live lost jobs who knows what their thoughts when those with the air act's up you know and and I give what he's going through you would think that occasions but that's it's just him. That's just what he does it's his on air persona and it's part of what he does is she said but you do your ordered a whole different site different to take. And obviously this is this is all real to him. All real tool talking about real it's gonna Albert Rhode Island. Now I want to imagine how much it would immediately so I would have been the first on the recent global audiences think this idols that you could lose its way. No no probably not by those serious side you don't know I know I have in the history administrative position this unit I inked in clinical depression. It east from the outside you know. It is crippling icing neural science psychological means I see different may change their psychiatrists. In not accomplished try to make. It's local toward people call for all over the place something Kirk is clinically depressed it's I mean I've awestruck. But anybody is dead because let operatives are or Locke how much money mental health. Oh there's no racist Tucker but I hope it is no we don't color C no Iranian. The probably key element X one are having such an issue we call tomorrow seem unsympathetic because. Millennial now. Like before it clinically depressed. It's in the record cold coping skills you stole my might but it's. I think my generation. We don't you quite credible technical skills if you don't get occult and want. Yemen and that the call you want we go back to me to let me read to him. Old little practice on that occasion in October meal they all saturated. Doctors are prescribing to. See the court. Far too quick people diagnosed. In the general population Terkel like this and I can understand it but they pick between people like Kirk who went to. A battle when he felt he lit it he's legitimately need how good he's clinically. We diagnosed with it is order if that is the rest of the population. That depressed because if we will be dead or weak link. Stop at three impact completely. Bring it about the Brady. Did not ready that's what you don't I'm not I'm not mean that. Day. Bright eyed 617 sounds a bit like 7937. That is our phone number right here and Owen. Who is rocking Twitter before joining edit after they show that bloomer Loney. We're back to more importantly Merom Loney at 48 right now fox Sports Radio. Plain funny there. Waited for being here. The calls were taken every single one club even people who can't stand Kirk are calling up to basically applaud curt for at least opening up. And allowing people to hear his story helpful to him may be helpful to other people. The same people may be the same exact people are calling from the text line here and killing. I'd say 7545%. You're killing them on the text like are they can't stand them. And they're basically saying it's fraudulent he's doing it for ratings at Davis. When when people make that argument that we do certain things on radio for ratings they usually correct. The idea is to put together the best count them the best program you can to get ratings that is our job that is how we get paid for ratings. In this case I would tell you that that is not accurate because the summer readings are not important. He would have held it off until September 13 or September 15. And do it in both all reading period where to have a significant difference in the any outcome of the fall is redundant and correct yes yes so. It has nothing to do with fresh fruits and it gets. Not a good with ray had one called critical Kirk and he didn't stick around long enough for me to question him but money I would go well. I know probably somebody coming on here so it's screen it means that Merck's actions put. Other people the same way he can beat views of people Jones on the phone I think it's true I think that's a legitimate. Bomb. The kid you know part of the conversation that is legit you never know and houllier. Talking to go what they're going the right to within minutes ago a caller in all but. There's been people past that he's gone after media members in this town you indeed people that government suspended or lost jobs that you that's that's your that's affected Hampshire. You own that as well let's take 66 that he used on them quick ability that they could bring up the the subject of trying to. Training has come out on the air and talked about her depression yet he is at times. You know given her real difficult time he sees these given her heart time but I don't think he's he attacked her. Personally and mine's third depression aerial in the series no I'm gonna tell Weis is a wanna come on the show anymore yeah or why she left the show why she's. Leading weekends. In ill or. The pocket she in some of his wore her words were that's not that stated that she's faking mental illness no I don't think he's ever done you know I know that. Kenny is in a wash your hi Kenny. I hey guys get afternoon you do. So I I'm calling Lincoln's. I can and the will cards and it could have gone too similar things in my life but I can also attach satellite. Coming out on the other side and be so scared to come old. Especially on a platform legged guidance and being cut thousands of people and just. Not keep it secret in any longer. A secret like. I can tell you Berkeley except it's like taking it I was in regard that I was an attic and thirteen years did it away from me and I would I would they like what if find out what if it's action and the and generous and talking about it upfront and just breaking you know and D'Amato people he's able to cut to a cease going the way he articulated it. You and you know exactly what he was speaking about he's thinking about playing thinking about the time you're looking at the rule in Natick still living that you you can help a picture. I know that that's the new kind of freaked me out. You know it's a bit nervous calls the whole yeah his audience is talking about suicidal thoughts but he talked about being on the train scouting history and I saw this turn invisible facet of the duke job. But this one did. And it took off at 725 arrived at 8050 with a look at it just kidding myself I was scolded pretending I was gonna go look at the over there really thinking that. That's just of the freaked me out. You we talk about him talking about on the aired choosing to to talk about a year ago. We heard earlier talk about how my health Timothy Mon Avis that course the consider not bringing this up in the year. Any point we like mediation this is a nozzle on Larry never never never does have some calls never does not not I don't talk about openly and has all those I think he's does a sizable we deal I would I would say that. I would say that my did the special podcast lecturer talk to both my parents got some emails from people and some people that really help them. And I had them not gig on the cliched world here but this is a real thing I think guys our age. Depression Solis a stigma of being sort of famine emasculated and that's not the case. At all actually not the case also if it's a couple people go through a you're this and feel a little better and say you know I will. Amok in the skip that therapist when there will take those pills today. Right awesome am by the way I think it's interesting I think people terrible many terrible the show so we talk that's what we do on the shore. Absolutely and it never crossed my mind it ever could. Yeah I think he's only tell the truth and knowing Kirk the way I know Kirk. It'll I'd vote yeah I showed absolutely would have been expected him. To come out and talk about it today now the DT Li gave specially showing up every day doing the research on the train. Was doused was yeah that was frightening that the HD thing with Kirk made Andy's talked about in the past. That usually when someone is going through all of this. In addition they usually but I would think. That given his past. With alcohol or drugs and he's openly talked about his struggles in the past that you wouldn't turn to of that. I think Jerry asked him as their thoughts of of turning that. Did you think of a drinking or drug and at no point and I didn't know I never do. I've got part of it was amazing to me that that takes real strength I think that part of my life is is gone now than desired that's progress did you know I know there's so many of the people in there and claims review. Oh yeah. That's either huge part that's what you had to blow no straw correct yeah right I got checked in but that's good I admit I'm I'm surprised that it's not a temptation at that point just to ease the pain not a temptation I got no right cutesy land would be I have no desire to do good that does surprise there again. I've never seen him doing so well I don't know we've been around them I I know you have. I have been around and in in settings where there's alcohol so you're recovering alcoholic up you're going through this right. Boy years and addiction to drugs. But he fought through that Indy going through what he's going through right now. You think you'd be so easy for him to turn to those who may be that he has I've never seen him do. Don't know and I've never seen do Coke and studio don't view no no no alcohol as I said Woodman and barges in mutt doing. Oh no in a bar alcohol well alcohol I had I have against of this that it isn't careful goes to the whole staff later on. On where we don't hear. We go to a Mike in Connecticut I might. They get good night. First. Alpert you never they'll. And pray that god in all team to Brady at all came down to pretend we're. I would laugh. At it wasn't laughing I was just off. Yeah well yeah it went I yeah right I won it's I think that Jerry earlier. On Google and sort Spartanburg articulate when your kid in the situation and I know that's out of the that you're. You know I can't understand it. You know not that sorry to let it it it is a little bit higher than the crowd look somebody out that that don't have an e-book. What I went through periods of depression try to pick of the rule that they are happy in that first then it too. But that they about depression is that it just doesn't make those that doesn't. Pick up those things. Doesn't bring you joy to relieve the years about about it help relief and. It isn't that was a legitimate question and then. Jerry have come about thinking about the kids because I'd like Herbert because if he disappears. No Mike it's he disappears. Those kids have to live within. For the rest of their life I thought it was a legitimate question professor less than red. Give anybody credit where we're at quest at the very ballot question our struggle that they are like. It won't apply to somebody who has depression. What what what it's like Connecticut or does this yeah of course and I couldn't do it because about it but it's a little. It might help the it help. Yeah look under. We'll we'll sort that it has so little guy I eat it it's hard it's hard to imagine. You know I I feel a school. All that you know because he gushed acute self you know no never never think you're kick their first go to the game at. But that was that was his answers answer was that's why he didn't know. As waited faults for one because he did think about the kids so he's thinking about kids and in a positive positive way right mean it was a that was his response to. Let me go to Steve in Portsmouth Gretzky. And I don't guys. I'd buy I make art on I've done quite get why they are united in Albany area that come out. I'm uncertain platform in at at any age but no one thing and it is I really want people they're not better look in your budget that. From a person wit you know armed with adult issues you know depression. When they when they think about telling them thousand yet and I think it actually hit you light not. Not because. Actually want you. You know you wanna die you don't wanna be on anymore are you an idea that particular jet. And got in at and then you get what at the moment that bad that you get one and did you notice that dot dot dot mentality and you think Bob and myself and the one. Everything can go back to eat better and obviously not not say let you know -- or your brain get distorted and you know people out and not that there and I think. Good went out there are people and that's what we. It was Lou Williams from religion from a I'm amazed because we still can't get anybody on the phone line. That wants to do with the people are doing on the text on the detects lined one right after another. He's faking it out he's a phony. Kevin at Kevin Cullen at a very vivid story about the the bombing terrible. It's typical that they're good at the world of tax exempt it all text into what was left here from some of these people who actually. One Iowa wanna we're trust I've we'll continue to add a few more phone calls on this and we'll get back to some patriots stuff from last night's game. If you waited for a missed a set that program not a real entertaining game last night. Not an awful lot to talk about 6177797. On its recent. Can count. Great life great family great job and we'll with the white glove. Loved Jerry I love my love and Curtis worked here. I love him too.