OMF - Kyle Koster, 9, acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL – a blood cancer), Reading, with his parents Melissa and Michael, and brothers Aidan, 11, and Trevor, 5 8-16-17

WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon
Wednesday, August 16th

Kyle was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) in October 2016. Kyle had been very active with sports and was very energetic, so when he began to feel chronically exhausted and complained of back pain, his mom Melissa knew something was wrong. Doctors originally thought his issues were related to muscle spasms, but blood tests revealed abnormal results, and after further testing, Kyle was diagnosed with ALL.  Kyle’s treatment has included chemotherapy and today he is cancer free. He wrapped up his chemotherapy treatment in late July and now is moving into a maintenance phase. Kyle participated in this year’s John Hancock Fenway Fantasy Day in June – he got to take swings and run the bases at Fenway. Kyle loves sports, especially hockey, baseball, basketball and lacrosse. He also enjoys reading, playing Scrabble and videogames. Kyle’s family includes his mom Melissa, dad Michael, and brothers Aidan, 11, and Trevor, 5.


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We want you to make it after family. They are from reading. This is kind of costing nine years old great singer buddy. How are you today Kurtz great to see at Fenway Park now you've been on feel before right here at least one person in the studio that's been on the field. They got away tonight it. There are about PP fourteen swings my beautiful mom Melissa dad Michael and Brothers Adan and Trevor are both here so we're gonna start with you Melissa. So Calvin athlete he play baseball played other sports and then suddenly you noticed that something was wrong howls at the time. Yes a pilot a experiencing back pain and then Alice followed by. But back payments on and off through this summer. I think a nagging injury and we hadn't examined a few times that urgent care and he was extreme emergency room. But he started to get in October of lasting effect it kind of peaking now. I remember at one point you consciously or her friend of mine attacks me. Has had Polonia went even. Two minutes and something that there. So we just it was you know parent intuition retired to Finley stepped it. I was able to see now he's very close to his grandfather my father lives in Pullman has decided to add. If she's not skating like he used it to something differently like that it's time to like figure out what's going on. So the next day took into the pediatrician. Doctor and you know with anything and he new regulations and to and to Boston children's. And here we are and them. It's been an amazing journey and he's tolerating treatments really well I'm so proud of him if that's strong kid. No the only wants us. Have to go through this but. We have got an Irish side as kind of a gift at every night and we do and and cancer free range do you think you have to freeze could effectively get on induction those opposing Q all right. Throws a cut houses when you go over to Dana Margaret what's it like. An and I just can't. And I playing well he meanings. That you fear of your game. My emails from honor. Did they make you really each team. You know and they say they mention your Brothers you know homeowner paying. But it's not all you it's not something that you dread going to direct you know why you're going their but yet still kind of look forward to playing video game. Yeah. So yes halo Michael Wright which is the blood yet it's a cute little plastic leukemia in its blood cancer. They're very successful with that he now obviously researching through places like the Jimmy Fund in these types of events. You know deliveries success. It's through the roof right now they're very. We were told that early on that was that was a really big deal to us that non. You know it was never doubt that they've told us now they're gonna get their son and that it it. As a Chamblee we've taken on now where we've looked at that way in general Kyle I mean he's just every day proves a tough he has to us. And ultimately Jimmy Fund game there's no place like it I mean he really does. As tired as it is to go where he really does somewhat look forward to it it's a happy place and a lot of people probably think it's it's tough for human with its 2% but. It really happy place for kids get to bond with other kids that are going through similar situation. How do you did you guys explain it does its restrictions and use them forever and he did. Here in Trevor I mean. I think Trevor it was a little he still is still trying to grasp what's going on it in town on this or early on I mean. It was hard it's it's definitely a family thing and it's it's it's out and everybody. But we are strong family and you know we stick together and everything we do it. And actually been out since this has been asked on her. Honestly I really unlikely that server and we will the clinic the clinic at the happy about the lady coming over with a flatter it's my crew is vastly it hit a fake and you know. And she just ended up being like such a big part of our life and I look forward to see you leave their and on those staying in the way and it was hard to be there violence that she just would make Kyle laugh for. Come with some amazing surprise like you're gonna need trees the Bergeron. I mean. That just doesn't that's never gonna happen again and like that's anything so and the nurses the doctors are eighteen to social workers. They're there for you every step of the way so. We are very grateful and thankful. Did you know it when you us locally to driving around people listening now donating that cigars a local. You know Dana farmers rate here and we've talked a lot of fairways and maybe on the West Coast it found they had to move and they're role fairly decent energy. If it hits it hits everybody right every single for him and to be having knowing that Dana Farber is right there right replica cup quarter from all walks. I mean that's a good feeling to have that it is something you guys can still still stay in your home while dealing with this absolutely no. The proximity you know where where it's located at incredible earlier as I mean it's. We are lucky we're lucky that we have. Such close proximity mention it it's not only that care to the patient that you were just talking about the social workers or your entire family you've got two other sons. You're all going through this a lot of attention is being geared toward him. And and tell me what they do and when they sit down and talk he could without a lot of parents tell us that they kind of walk them through what to expect. We'll so this is a part that everybody might not understand a thing going through it if that. When Kyle isn't the hospital for thirty days we still have become home to. Thirteen kids. And now it's tough we had to make that work Cat Deeley helping bite. Didn't completely Anderson with telling non. And so when we started attending the clinic we had two youngest of social worker who unfortunately has Ty Harris but added it. But she was there we were there twice a week and she was there every time we came in the morning after Mike and I were stressed out OB Catholic disagreement or something. There was Judea Angel in Panama to just about to help us until facilitate the best way to work through that. And it's not in a rocket science but it's just things that we and you have all the stress going. On you just can't get there and so where do we go from here which car she's cancer free. So he has. A year and three months she's nine months into treatment his his plan as a two year plan. He just moved into maintenance it's called the last year in three months. He will be a team all that here in three months he has support in his chest Al remain until an area and but looking on the bright side he's. He seems to getting stronger every day and you know with them to Madison does make them sick at times but you know for the most part seems you push and throw in tolerating things well and you know he had a little he was allergic to one on medications early on in treatment and they had to do the shots into his legs. And thankfully though is a grounded thankfully it was sixty rounds of shots into his legs. And again being an athlete trying to keep out of his Brothers it's been trying form has legs have been. You know very wobbly but the scenery during stronger and we know Kyle how he is. He's art Keller keep them down. Come back the plane thing in sports. We'll play it with all of the backyard. Eight yield fares start tomorrow. Middle. And get some celebrate it and it. Good. It. It's great innings seemed to work you guys are really happy for thanks for sharing stories which hopefully people will listen and understand. This is what happens over there. Right there they're amazing I mean and the bestseller give if you can. You know date. They're making huge strides huge strides something Mikael has rate now. Was almost on curable 2530 years ago and he's you know he's coming out of success story because a place like the Jimmy Fund so you know we thank them every day are greatly anybody can hear you other's whole family great. They remember what it sounds like you're. They're good decisions this month.