OMF - Kyrie not signing extension with the Celtics now; will LiAngelo Ball get drafted?, 6-13-18

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Wednesday, June 13th
Hour 2 - Kyrie Irving said he is not signing an extension with the Celtics right now because it doesn’t make sense financially. Woj has a report that Danny Ainge reached out to the Spurs about trading for Kawhi Leonard. LaVar Ball is back in the mix and said he thinks LiAngelo will be drafted into the NBA.

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Beach Fort Wayne and moaning and forty it's okay going to celebrate a win that job is so it can't. That's what you have with the idea this would make you wouldn't yeah. So you don't have your quarterback out there and everything else kind of stagnated and Nevada but it will markers up you're gonna compete against me you better view on give up your life great because I've given up fine with Lynn Lou interest and slit my ass and always oh. He knows what I'm also she Walt Disney but dammit everybody knows it on the bottom thing the whoa Julian Edelman is one of the guys that is just through years of conversation here and there are guys you know. You're telling me that people than thinking this way oh yeah of their alumni Julie L a men's event there's a lot of people that yes. There they'd been suspect of Julian adamant. On Sports Radio WEEI. Quick hits and nasty and expensive stuff play because there's a bottom feeders and his aides bottom feeder. He is the other bottom feeder we're gonna get to all of them we got to get to one. To Francis as well because I don't know if you know this but yesterday and is very radio programmers ratings apparently. Are coming right back up on the he's returned to the a fan in New York. He's invented something. That nobody apparently was aware that that existed so well we'll get that that little bit later on but I must Stephen and let's get to his body. Max Kellerman. The carrier ring thing was hysterical I watched the entire press conference yesterday that it obviously promoting a movie he was doing at a hotel. In Boston said nothing out of the ordinary nothing that any player it is it predicament. What's. Or not so he did exactly what your supposed to do. And yet people are interpreting it in more bizarre ways than ever this is Max. Danny Ainge should look to trade Kyra your Celtics have a lot of young cheap parts. And they could also move him for a part that even if it's as expensive maybe someone who's committed to being there what is it about this statement that makes you say game each and blue sky. Company came on the show talking about I wanna blossom as a player it is to. Paraphrasing and such and you know what he. With the position exactly what he was behind me that's his best chance in Boston you practically have the perfect team around in the acting game 7 at Eastern Conference finals that you warm Gordon Hayward. Cool in his position wouldn't say yeah. This is what I wanna beat all only someone who has serious thoughts of not being there. Or else you would say I want it easier for that reason Danny Ainge should be looking to move him. Not for a bunch of little parts for something like him whether that's Anthony Davis a call why letter to some mega star that might be available at the three team trade. He needs to seriously consider that. These guys is this the first time they've ever heard an NBA player. With a year left on his present contract. Say no it doesn't make financial sense to permit does Purdue an extension tread on green said the exact same thing Max. He's the exact. Same think to dream on great cannot get the best candidate reports that I absolutely want to resign within extension right now with a Golden State war is just one another. What do you say because it's still it. Because you lose 86. Million dollars if you try to sign an extension with the year left on your contract. Hybrid Irving would have had to give up 86. To ten million. Ourselves up and down its Erica because it's over several with a cap. An extension to make 120% of what is making now which is just over point right so we only signed for 44000004. Year deal. Point four million. If he waits it out. In matches and out percent five year deal 490. Million. The 82 only from the Celtics is hitting ultimately up to marry a different but it make more than 44 from any other team it's the four year deal five YouTube goes and Tina wrong. But you don't give a sense of we'd have a wonderful man this has been going on now for the last three or four year old servicing existing free agency and it extensive moments of financial sense the sense that you just can't make as much money. Is just don't everywhere and I start yesterday on Twitter after Carrie was talking in a sit there watching this thing. And saying he's saying exactly what he should be sent and first of all you guys tell me you've been professional athletes. You're a year away from that contract anything can happen in a year. He's said nice things are hurt him in an interview that he he did. Whip DJ being last night on NBC sports that I love being yourself being here and Lubbock said all the right things. Could sit there and commit to a contract because he has student and so she me 'cause care. So because you didn't exist yet unbelievably just did his undying support and devotion to the Celtics that day and he should trade him. Because he'd been almost Dave and his days' rest UG. You're like rats got on a life well LeBron James that you are going any were I wanna stay in July night and I gave you and I. I'd like that like they liked this Max Coleman. Within the Sedaris hunt takes over it's yeah. Well the of the person he makes a fortune doing these shows that nobody we you know they don't get great audio because you have all these guys notes he's opting out right correct one this year to correct whatever player option. So what would hear rumors the commander it will pick a display eruption is committed to Goldstein. He is just taken it he's a Smart guy he's got to make more money doing it usually go to LA. That's why he's not done go to LA with LeBron why would carrier and come out yesterday. And saying you know one I'm I'm gonna be Celtic forever why why is he going to say that. There's no need for him to do. OK I can't say if you could say something radical I would've rather have stepped to the microphones yesterday it's a finally realized that the earth is round. Okay and it's not flop I'd bet here that's that that that's groundbreaking is still. Really out there when somebody says that we don't have proof. We absolutely have for. Then you must be skeptical of everything in life if you don't believe that the the earth is actually wrapped. But everything carrier and said yesterday it was perfectly normal. What about PM the LeBron stuff. When he was talking about LeBron somebody asked him about the LeBron to we have now. Listen in the aliases in this business we. Kind of experience and oh I've seen a lot so. You know since. So what else from me so what else should he have said it now my guess is there's no freaking way. He's going to play with LeBron changed there's no freaking way he's going to want a fact that is exactly what you might be doing here. That he might not be. Saying that he wants to sign this contract with the Boston a year from now with this crazy game change is gonna this Posey brings LaBrandon. It brings LeBron I'm out. But he's careful in how we deals with a yesterday Smart guy. He's careful in the way he deals with management's gonna make that decision he's not committing either way. And if he had said something negative. Any would have opened a pandora's box then two people firing back at him with LeBron. What you want this thing yesterday and yet I'm watching Twitter people are always stock committed all the got to think about training for this little more for Max Kellerman you guys filming. So recovery is coming back from a knee problem. That some people probably are a little bit concerned about. So that if you're another team. What are you going to get the Boston Celtics when you know you've got carrier serving for one year isn't and committed to Boston how was he going to commit to you. I'd and don't you need a New York Times story organic stuff about that about the next. Because he's going to say that New York he's gonna say wanting a boss that he loved being in Cleveland right and by the way said the exact same things. In the last year before he signed a deal with the Cleveland Cavaliers a new deal to Cleveland Cavaliers but if you're looking. Are you gonna get the ball well like Max Kellerman says forgot it's got to meet problem he's got one year you don't wreck the player for the year. But the present situation. Mayo dependent you know if you Boston Celtics right now it's debuts on a team me an opportunity to carry serving your three year. I think you'd you'd probably do with the idea of that win this thing is going. You talked a player. Tell what's around I'm Bret Stephens you meet them and the idea is ice here and we can get more money next year the most likely he would step. I used if you're Sacramento Kings need Draper is that's. Good luck trying to convince stick around for. Exactly. And and Boston by the way if you looking at incentives for primary. He's gonna get to play now with Gordon Hayward next few of these young players you expect this team is gonna be pretty damn good next year and you expected he's going to be the guy. Because he's got a lot of you know Gordon Hayward is going to be a more passive player in in their profit pricing passage gonna score an awful lot but he doesn't have to be to god the leader. Yeah you're guy als willing to blend in with the war pay at least he's unhappy they wouldn't ya right. And you wonder that's going to you wonder how the kids are gonna react as the kids got an opportunity to be in center stage another gonna have to be stage right stage laughter so we'll see how that goes. But it looks like it's gonna be really good. Situation. For for recovery early and on top of that. Boston can give him. Close to fifty million dollars more than any other team can in the deal Lleyton give them our a year on to the deal but the problem is is that. Even more money. The NBA the finances in the contracts have changed a little bit right the last 56 years yeah. And I think Boston we're we're not used to the superstar negotiating. The registry are trying to get like there's anybody that would just wanna play given the opportunity to play for so long. You finally have a superstar but this is how works a look at how work with everybody Weathers to rant. Whether it's Westbrook of Oklahoma City. By all of these this is how it works. They get to that final year. And a sign of the don't be surprised he signed some five year deal was knocked out after one or two on the I don't I have no idea but this is what the superstars do now in this week. They don't commit they don't sign extensions there which there freeagent they maximize their dollars and Knoll open up the changes he'll be here for the next six years. Carl leveraged yeah that's what it's called. Guys do you you create. A little bit of a market you make the Celtics go out of their way for you. They need you you're gonna be the guy but I. I'm not shocked that Twitter overreact to almighty god he said he's not coming Abbas he's understand it in Boston and I get that. But nationally ESP MD shows these guys normally it is tradable as a washed there doesn't wanna get us that. Ludicrous and a little blip carrier ring for sitting there saying I hope I'm only asked the question once it and if you break right now penalties Nobel peace realty particularly prominent. NBA reporter to drop a little nugget on your Boston Celtics that might throw you for a little bit Lou we'll talk about that next. That's that is he's an outbreak has strategic threat is pregnant and don't party at all I don't see how he went four of glad always want the last night let out. You gotta pop. There only a man who was referring to week finished just get out by injury and wound around couldn't stop. Credible source article got a little blush any data show it was an AM yeah. Pretty good at the stuff they believe everything you said it's old piece on coli Leonard and the fractured relationship between coli Leonard and the spurs can it be repaired and deepen the article. He has a little tidbit here. The deals with your Boston Celtics the Boston Celtics made a trade offer to San Antonio before the February deadline. But the spurs turned it down and never made any counterproposal. League sources sent. San Antonio wasn't willing to discuss deals for landed in February. So for the spring the spurs remain resistant to traits. If reconciliation. Talks don't go well with wondered San Antonio has time to reconsider that stance. For example Boston has the most appealing assets spec star young players in Sacramento is number one. Protected 20191. Round pick only four months since the trading deadline the Celtics find themselves in a different organizational space. GM Danny Ainge can stay on course with forwards Jason Tatum and Jalen brown on rookie contracts. Sparring Boston in the financial pressure. Of resigning to maximum contract players with injury histories I re Irving and Leonard in 2000 in nineteen. Boston could still considered Lander. On a distressed discounted deal. The way it's secured Irving last summer but that has become a four less likely scenario. Thing keeping its young cool. So my my thing is this so in February. Changing choir or is he put it made a trade offer. To San Antonio. If Danny Ainge make a trade offer for Wyler in February. Why is he doing now. Two reasons I think one but why would he do it now well because I still in Houston really might be but. I would say two things that I'd be concerned wins the stability. Of Kauai one of this things bizarre and even players have talked about it that are Federer. Well not as bizarre as it is now known as the Zobrist a bizarre Willie wasn't cleared to play until March late march and and when he was cleared to play he wasn't ready to apply he had opportunities and most of the players were rolling arise claiming that he should be out their plight and the second one he has. The my guess is the guy that would have gone the way the trade is Jalen brown if you try to look at a player that most. Resembles why Leonard's game it would be Jalen brown right front not to and that was a different wire. So you trade Jalen brown trade Sacramento pick and whatever to get that the given Brown's second half of the season game might be looking at him differently especially when he's a lot cheaper than what it's gonna try to acquire I. An author that's in differently and I think you think she's always a very good player he showed ball in the post season because he showed well in the post season. May be using him to decline Leonard you don't give as much up. With him and are as soon as well. As Jalen brown because you invasion that he's proved plus worth a lot most doctors on others on our there was that. Why let it for Jalen brown and Sacramento and this and that in this you take a couple things off that list because Jill brown shelled. Yeah I mean San Antonio another hundred room maybe they're not but you know you can sit down look at the way he plays they got me and we shouldn't we should grab that as he can because we can't fix this relation that's. Really what is chemically as far as the concept us. You know he's making 188 last year. He's making twenty this year and he's a free agent fury he actually has a player option the player out there game he won't take now to update the player option so. You'll read Tim four year and a half right. With the idea of maybe keep it long term. Does that change now it's just the year. So Dana Dana do it last year and make a run so if you if you arm of Romero like two weeks ago. San Antonio quimica Y Leonard apparently made him an offer okay trying to get him. In that war that expansion offseason need the extension that we're talking about the nobody ever take no. What they were doing is they were willing to give them an opt out. After the first year of that deal so that he can reset the table and then he could get the super Max contract deal so they will in play games with a and I don't know. What happened near whether it was him or they get cold feet or or what it was so I think what you're trying to do. Is it try to increase the value of quite Leonard because the value of quite Leonard is still those of rent the player. They're trying to get him under a long term contract maybe they don't even wanna keep them. But they wanna be able to create some value because my guess is that Danny offer probably wasn't great Federer. It probably sucked right in your privacy categories okay here's a perfect time. They don't want them he's being an ass yeah I'll throw some yeah awesome you know I just let me just test the waters here because I don't okay. Did they did they counteroffer. Was no no no no lawyer rusty said. There wasn't but the point is it do you think that gaining puts a lot of thought. Endorse bringing in a certain individual. What how he fits where he fits what the future looks like with a certain guy. Or do you think he just has. Let's just sit back to make a rug and I think that's part of it has a lot of leisure routes of the few low balls everybody to see a lot of research goes into the player and a lot of work goes is that it's like that's understood and it just gobbles up that paper and throws it away that he still believes he thinks he can make it work in this player is a reason why when. It's the first I played this is a lot like what you see Belichick do of players but he scouts. That that he brings in during the drafting process but he monitors during like he'd joint practice. And that he just he admire resume he likes of deals of the day he's just waiting for the right moment let them later and we don't write it right into our biggest anymore. I think you are below them that you just kind of threw that out there knowing that out I don't think it's all of I'm sure there's I mean again but at the you know certain situations. So it's hot as it happens so I was happy with some of the report is that San Antonio want they want to keep them they wanna work it out they wanted to do something. Economy views on the long term he's got a there's there's a splinter right now with their relationships we fix a case of your disperse them out and say we don't wanna keep them. No of course not but I you don't think they want to keep up the middle of may they may I think they do. I don't I think last year he's worked so reports like about pop Vick a pulse Popovich. I wanted nothing to do with and into the league as did a lot of around. Even after the had a one on one did they sat and talked in the L they they actually there are other equities had. A meeting with them like a sit down hey listen we're gonna protect you Wordock he's importantly he's making it work he wants that there were not wanted to work. At what point job you realize that that personality there's no way it's ever gonna work. Maybe they're now in the end it there it went but it does seem to address and he did open player. But Christian and makes all the sense in the world even if you're San Antonio and you know the player has lost that may be he's he's a physically mentally weak you're concerned about it makes more sense to embrace him. Get him into a long term contract so that you can deal him away now. So even if they don't want him it's still makes sense why San Antonio through to draw him in. And get the control that right. Which would audiences which is probably an optional front court and yet did try to do that extension and players are gonna pick up that extension other woolly news apparently. You know work it out we're yet another rock doubted he could. He can come back and and and redo a lot of players are doing that we soccer's polish division we're wired to rant was similar players are doing right now they are getting very. Creative with a sell this stuff. But it's an interesting one. When you when you think about it my guess is that it probably was Jalen brown a problem is that first round draft pick and it was probably a bunch of other stuff. At that time they did not have Monroe. Right so they had some. Right is that correct so they have some money to play with the edit read. Yeah trade exception of the atomic remember so there was some stuff they probably could do that might have been it Lou they had a window. And which did he felt he could actually. Do something here any Jalen brown that upon San Antonio lawyer now seriously why why isn't a total that's a that's a totally. You know hostile takeover like companies like. You kind of compared to record company that's you know bleeding money he just. It was the perfect opportunity to to make him and make him an offer in matches that I Cleveland with Kyra. He did that carry wanted out and what did he do. Yeah I saw that coming none nobody startup and outs and that's about with a little less publicized. As it's how we yes we. You can be called value is that the little bit of all do that after eight mechanism model would never got beyond like seven years old remember the same Angel and there never drew. No it does publicize. Contentious I would say. Now nobody but the any. Go back to what Lucent is doing the leg work behind the scenes have ratified or storm knows why but I wasn't a lot of work going into the player. Whether he wants them now you don't just wake up one day and so quite some problems bring them let's make an offer. You you you put a lot of late work in before you make an offer and it was an offer was made. His trade offer was made. So he's willing to part with certain guys you can sit there and say that these guys showed the post season to me. All that means is that located at value went up as an asset. So now I don't have the media to give up America's picked to go along with Sacramento and Jim Brown or market Smart whatever retain one player off pick one pick off. If these instant play at my sentencing is still interest in the damn player. It's changed. Got acquittal or he's not satisfied with the roster he had. But the question is what was he felt like we know that I don't begin satisfied with a roster he has right now he's looking at additional as The Beatles thing. And net and I know that everybody's been in in La La land here and he suddenly think that thick. That the carrier ring comes back and good Republicans back it suddenly rolled to zip right through golds they make you crazy. I think there's still a ways away entered their closer with those guys. No question about it but they're they're still a ways away. But what was any willing to give up at the trading day doesn't it doesn't it doesn't just the other there. Say I I don't think I don't think he was gonna trade I usually get a lot more than you thought. Well that felt that's there's one realized. Because yet given up polite letter analysts had given up one of the kids and some picks. Candidates you're right that's what we'll think about it but that would make sense to me to give up one of those kids or maybe even two of the kids. To do that and and a draft pick or whatever but he brings a trading. You know Erving he's not trading ASEAN. I love our policies like this mean it's too because you realize the type of player. That's a shoo in for your not suited for the mid level guy told her that that used to be a top tier guy. You need the top tier guy at the rite aid's. That's who he is because you can't. The more you watch the other games and enemies are really the only one team out there that seems to beat the crap out of everybody and will continue to do so. You realize you need big guns. And so I mean what the right mix of of Houston you know glue no as the glue needed a little bakery team great team I definitely can't go without the globe. So that that to me is I like. The stuff yeah. And yeah and localized though ton. Ton of question right health we don't house on this and yet the stories voiced at the wrong people around him advising you guys I was all sorts of issues let him do what any new toy healthy equal island with. I rearming. Jason I mean Gordon Hayward pretty good average gal you know Tatum coming off the bench where they'll Tatum is tartan what everyone do. Priority that's pretty damn good and I know Jim Brown is a very good player and like watch him play. That's pretty damn good replaced Jalen brown Reynolds is going to be a top ten player and we don't know top five blatantly tonight why why. Quiet descends on right and he's physically sound you're right he's one of those fires and I'm proud you you kept an average out in the tournament as an excellent out of our zone as a little thing summary got to do. All of a Palestinian be quickly assert that he called an average out but the that's why I think the that the LeBron stuff becomes intriguing for a lot of people because if you know any change you know that that Danny will do stuff. Did you sit there and say this as a make it says Danny will do. Then I will take the wrist and it looks at that upside. And looks at his roster and and see certain things that a lot of people don't say and he'll take some chances so no this is not surprised at all the Danny reduce. On it and people responded sailed just means that Danny. Likes what he sees from those kids later on the year. Wouldn't it means we don't know is we don't always make an offer to clog we'd you don't get a stronger what does he mean amnesty and what proof we have that the he's not gonna make a run at this guy you don't. I think we're stronger for now I don't know what it did and I did a better opinion alone with Danny Yankee ceased to very clearly and he spends a lot of time practicing around. These players which I think. You get to know when you get to know little bit more the feel of them if you're looking forward to the Celtics and where the roll going and we mention seek it carried back you gonna get Haywood back next year. And hate to bring up the the ball distribution guy you know that shot to death of fishing boots but is he brings it up the guy from Providence is kind of right there is something to that. I think the one thing you've got to be concerned with an experienced. I was or you're gonna act when he suddenly doesn't touch the ball boy he's the one sits on the bench and you gotta look at tape and and you got to look at it in jail for a if I didn't position to be and be an issue but if I'm skinny little funky and I'm I'm concerned about that because. There are certain players that can come off the bench of the players. Who who can't who need to be part of the the the rhythm of the game more of the things he may be looking. Looking at it and saying OK and that my team was this way this year and these other players when it in the last two months to get playing time. And word the nucleus of what we rideau. This is what we're going to be next year who fits who doesn't what are the personalities. So. There's Dave brown need to be the main focus there were times if you watched him on brown play usually in the first quarter. In which is Atlantic and count this guy is incredible. And he puts up sixteen points he didn't put up 22 points of twenty points in the first quarter of a game this year. And it suddenly he disappears. Because maybe. Breads trying to get other people involved calling other numbers to try to get other people invoke is maybe he's too bald dominant whatever. So did it looks at the stuff I believe. And tries to figure out how guys are all going to fit I think he's very good. And break in this all of them and yet on this in the past of getting guys to fit and guys at the sacrifice they gamble as Big Three had to do some of that. He's really good afternoon that was that was that was any weekly at San Antonio. Like I'm an amount the end of the ball and try to take him for a ticket items like tickets and you know it appeared. Very good looking guy whose potential and this is the courting process is equally. Wow I just elaborate I call another guy handsome and more acceptable important I'd say sex. Yeah okay decks and get your designs are uneasy sense you know lets you. Do do. I did a unit of. I thought you were talking about Danny with the other guy who Cutler Muslims whatever you sense by a comfortable with thank you put. It did he's I think he's really good at the pitcher he might have been kicking tires loop of some bull Loney week offer but he's got Hillary's no way this is an infatuation. Which collide like that is the question Lou disease don't look at this thing because he's got the pieces. More so than any team in the learned a hard to deleting any change would make an offer after a player. These are infatuated with. I don't think you'd do business. Well Lou we could just use them with you because you know of the Jamaican off perform as you wanna fit into what you're doing the new one of the let's just ratings changed each other and affecting your assets have become more valuable so think about this now. In the last. Week we have had LeBron James coming to Boston on the table and out Hawaii Leonard now who has literally right now question actually brush as it apparently was was actually it was a deal back in February and attempted deal by any change so you question now with wars you're asking whether this is still on the table. But if you read the whole article. It's just a mile San Antonio really has some issues of trying to kill all of that China's. You know take care stuff repair the relationship. With twilight it sounds like a mess up this one this line. That I read once once teammate Tony Parker. Publicly declared that his own quad injury was a hundred times worse. Then one. The former defensive player of the year started to feel a sense of siege. In San Antonio offensive see you soon after in late and our attack he left the team for the rest of the a regular season on the planet he is working out in more important now. Here's working on New York should Tony Parker who's got like one foot out the door now. Is sit there going what is he talking about my quad was 100 times worse from below zero dollars and problem he viewed as a team colony out from being a soft corner though what's going on and that's why I think San Antonio and monitoring is only trail this only trying to think you know him on the hawk. Until they can work out a deal with them which I don't see why he would sign a deal with a and so now they can make usually they get value for getting value of this. This off a lot of this a lot of the stuff off of the relief kind of revolves around LeBron looks like LeBron way. Especially if you look at the odds where LeBron James is going. That seems to be it. All the marbles already on its rights he's thank you know yes lobby you about bombs onslaught on the what did you guys on the public you'll watch it ESP endlessly sports center and actually looked horrible and I said how she got me back in the minutes and all it takes his passport complaining of the house I was there for the job for the draft mellow come through next he's he's right ago he's. He's not only is he's this he's. As usual second round range bachelor view of art that you've been a hole he's a dozen armored Iraqi superstar. The league gas at whatever some random he'd he's he won't be the best guy that if you're click. Laws cello. And look won't you listen as he tells him if and when it appears injuries vs the point where he doesn't get it. He he might get his wish and eleven Joseph might end up with the lakers only because nobody else gonna draft him in the first two rounds and so. He might be able to go to camp with the lakers at the lakers and me at all boys right is out of bounds that rebounds pass the ball usually with its uniqueness the biggest fear I would have a fibers Lavar first of all wins the first shipment of those issues coming up the the that the chart turnstiles. The second one I would worry about is I would worry that. LeBron goes out there and says trade his house is yet I. He's gonna have they are I bet true. How you do this. Chris Paul's not champion Houston right now because I'm going to use his story as they apparently used mentally. And know that there's an opening there could be opening in LA so excellent and so it's got to try to go to the hall to go to all you ask your. Are traded away one's old ball yet and Lavar will be busy in them and into Indiana isn't it funny like all of them Chris Bosh each student yeah it's free everybody runs I hate parties and let us in Draper colitis. That that he. Case. The LeBron James gold LA. But it's not going to be LeBron in the current crop of characters that are on that will what will be that will see a boss he will be a team you say hole lead crap that's eligible law that that's up three years and they would trade him and Randall at all. To add to trade totally get it done it monitor and they'll get some veteran player on a weak team a bad team. Who will be happy to take one's a bull and build for the future and Magic Johnson is going to be offering Starbucks. As franchise and as Sony theaters I don't give you. Two are about to. I would view view moved using Adam is rated as a result of it is now isn't everything all right Dodgers rookie like the Dodgers. She's an all electronic. Piece of it. Some house editors further and he's been doctors explain how hours and get typical at its quote harassed you won't go. Basically saying that that Danny tried to do would deal with these Antonio spurs for quite a letter back the trading deadline. A Disney still have interest in working ideologues in affiliates out of his something here in the offseason with him 61777. On seven under threesome. Intelligent sports talk for new England and even if not everyone agrees a 100% of the time Gordon. All due respect I can't believe some of those subsequent about your mom thank the board weighed we're loaning and 48 on Sports Radio. EI. Kyra we are. An Aussie Jason tight. That CJ LaBranche. And our whole foods are ready get paid he's bullet and Rosie and Marcus modeled on that come up and we know how Danny eat raw old. We know how Danny's age does business IE does they'd use sheets of young cats are to come up to just make it three million dollars three day. Okay my guess smartest synod did talk about. I gotta work the least fourteen million a year and knows that what's aborted because of what he does on the defensive end of the floor this book game big game seven before that's not withstand it. Both those Brothers to play I'm proud of them what I'm seeing you is this. Fourteen million or three million killed all of that still doesn't come up to what. But what I re Irvin isn't worth it today. A's want give. I'd knowing it was Stevens who had no problem Fiat or interest in. I'm more interested in and in stuff that he he said rescue dog show. Because on Snoop Dogg says showed snow boots go. Which show is doesn't this you know the double G news network it's Jesus again for Irish. I don't know fares are so and so privilege option apparently unrelated game show I don't know zones got a team should I guess it does do a game show yet he criticism from the game now does not let the game show right well as different he's got different. Okay so what you're radical things silliest even Leon you know any justice Stephen A what we all want and what part of a females anatomy. The lucky ones with the. Yuma questions that lead to a President Clinton hotter quo how to cope. I don't say that question indeed hot or cold hot. I go about titles or burgers burgers. As it. Always oh. Pasture I'm well as savvy than those who I'm I'm also she Walt Disney but dammit everybody knows it on the bottom feeder they're nobody. Right. Does he and that and that is through because they I can thank you. Advertise them to do a lot on his show off off air about his affection for the bottom side of in some ways he's was what the Nazis was Walt Disney have against the bottom obviously the fact that he actually asked to admit that he lied positive. Yes I mean his his at least memories prices. But the bottom feeder and don't chew. On wheels on bottom I mean we all are at an Exxon. And those who are also to what does that then by those bonds it's. That's view. Oracle and dizzy practical and I only can do you. He can't go on to Canada this group dollars and that is. You know just hang out you don't really get abortions they sound like an appropriate. Particles. Yeah I don't get that one I don't know anemic for the cold. Point how would you give you wanna be cooler and freezing cold in the studio every single week they overdo it without them early mover and how would you rather be way too hot political. Zeller and is attempted another take stuff off and put it off what is the blogs are best served as always you can look at my brother called me give you the choice of being naked or late you know covered up like an eskimo. You know you rather have. You did you don't want to know certainly I think you can others are ready equaled that. I would double food that we don't know it's yeah it was the it was still across all of another article that burgers. Tuchman is there as part of the silly you have to be stoned to be on the shelves via the these guys take this in our. Land what are they don't we go down as gray easy road route now big sponsors pot calling it got a hotline dot com Robin bond as the next guest yes. Oh yeah that's the way it is rough and actually goes like yesterday heard from the lineup. We did you have your. A serial Huckabee Sanders apparently do we I don't know maybe I together. Not a polite and expected to have answering the world's low post for you know to the Muslim than did you did you hear him orange did you hear it's premature without. Her Lucy because mostly pushing the police video. So shy. All right did you could you please explain that hone. And the volume. That came out of that studio. When I walked by and in and Paul's response to the line is very loud okay Kearney yes. You're right you you felt nervous right that's how he Ian dozens every day but he's he's very angry people yes and could what was Glenn doing by the way. Is holding down a talk back button it was it was talking to it's something that veterans should know this you can't he can't you can't do everything you wanted to do anything I want your finger on the top and do anything you want. We'll explain what the issue is okay. You gonna have we're gonna loosely on a rock port deal easiest way to truly say that Paul can't talk while Glenn is holding down the talk back in other words I don't know that's up okay never tell it a BP. This sounds it's the just get ready to go to it and he just talk to nobody wants it to be three seconds again the sound I keep hearing. So I can't get equipped with Stephen A whoever speaking gibberish ready to use. Keep your game finger on the if all goes silent in the studio. Solving espionage shut the F up a lot of little hands on your issues Clinton talking too much just hold it yes there's a Pall cast net and probably going to be upset at times let me do that thing you got to be able to multitask. And he didn't ask that the locals trust I trust me when I could put Christian and there are at. The are aggravating that is. Celebrated and we can do what we can put Christian you realize that we have a questionnaire you realize that he's never would work to do you realize you realize that right. You realize it's a weakness we call them out early. This abuse at the end of ethical along with a bit. He hit me embarrassed and ashamed that he that we call them now because he's a few of the theater major all of seducing Owen Nolan happened among and it I don't know I think there. It's my limits on punitive amount that you're now on the stage and keeps you wanna run by a wanna I think you. You could run the but I'll say this is something is being proposed in California and I've been waiting my whole life for cool I'm not gonna happen if Mitchell fashion beats he's not he's restored its real quick so you yeah. Move him back no no I don't talk about it out of wrote quickly. Did you see that there there's this new radical idea of splitting up the state of California cool yeah definitely it has not been doing an earthquake northern you know you'll think that an earthquake would happen it would just do it don't. Like Southern California late Los Angeles moderate all those areas the cool areas there is anybody ought to be around that was easy to outlaw and northern California you know like San Francisco Sacramento as a world that's part of Oregon anyway but no that's gonna be on state. It's been and what they're gonna call Southern California which is basically all the crap. Bakersfield. Fresno India as a crap now that's what they don't sleep they've made little ball but that's going to be taken over by next laws to blog at San Diego now these Tijuana is going to be tough to ask the state and glues it and say yeah. It doesn't it sound they sound will be handed batters in northern California California is going to be based in LA. Okay that's all the money is anyways California hotel when it goes away. Nor the couple just turned in the northern California coastal state of sixty California anyway it was your drift off. On itself. I taxes is I don't totally miss Ron they've destroyed the the entire state. That most of all and and they still yet have the ability to win their finger at everybody wearing the finger won't ruin what other women it's a bit but they weren't doing it accidentally sent. Yet. People are carried out Jerry B I saw I was jealous in a a rock Dinara look what happened to him he drift off out around somewhere in the Pacific is disappear yeah I mean this is that it nominated and by the light out. So as they are plenty punished and I just think this is saving and take coverage at all the way ECB could Saint Paul in the 1 o'clock hours of no unintentional result push a bunch of buttons okay. Well let's push plot and go to war break right now.