OMF- Lane Johnson is a liar; Celtics regulate game tempo, 5-16-18

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Wednesday, May 16th

Hour 3 - Lane Johnson accused Belichick and Kraft of talking [expletive] to Doug Pederson before Super Bowl LII and he is definitely lying, according to the guys because coaches don’t do that before a game. The Celtics do well with regulating the game tempo, which reminds the guys of the song “Regulate” by Warren G and Nate Dogg.


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These Fort Wayne and moaning and forty. I took great. Better plant suffered we have our public school in the game. Those are anti seed showers I'm like what you say that you. Thought but it sold bought a ticket sales pitcher JR with Glenn doing Christian I feel sorry for LeBron James tonight his. Inmates are saying legend Gary that's a lot of man to speak for the golf she's gonna get it. It was a lose my home office rebound they need to have he's gonna get back. Question about your app for your mental stability contribute whether we're that good enough on the third night of shooting. Turnovers missed free throws but not in the play right now on Sports Radio WEEI. I bet here and always meant. Taking your phone call 6177797937. Book the Celtics and it went last night and the Red Sox more specifically. They lose all the players here out yesterday in person spends over just that. Stupid idiotic episode. Both on the table right now Matt isn't self badly Mac. I don't. I think we got you know just it's nice to be optimistic but it might go pretty return it. Think that this series is over are ready to carry a look at Golden State yeah I mean. I mean you do when they go back to Cleveland right parole on her toe. That click that Obama's only won one game. It heavily and let me answer this identity who these little in this series Celtics included. That is until we. I'm constantly on it's I don't it's. Going to win in the last between Golden State used and would you vote total of Laura do. Mean what he wanted to do that they're disable you know what we should talk about this series but let's wait till it happens in game three game for game five game six game except I absolutely think that that was gonna win the series little. We thank I think the Celtics are so gonna talk about it liquid. I want to sit and wait the whole time do games may be used me out about it we're going to connect to an OK lie so. Let's just because the lines I think he's since they do you have a medical unit that I make their reliance. I'm gonna go would you let say they do they when these two games you know Rick do you really believe that Cleveland can go back here and and win our games at home here. It in Boston you really believe that there that left. I think credible academic at all when one. Over on my if you wanted to go in and went to an end. In Cleveland you might detail and enough that carried it demanded that. They got I don't get a when he beat him Matt Matt being carefully as I wanna get overly excited. OK but the fact is that you can't look at what's going on with the Cleveland cavs in and fake. That there they have another year. It didn't have another gear solid they will use similar clinical performance he struck him what is. Here's an episode does is totally see the ability to only difference is you get a little bit out of George Mitchell yeah a little bit more interest in Thompson you'd get something other than what. Two for sixty JR has Gary Smith chair will have a big game one of the Art Smith is such a little until huh. Any element now I don't think you well but here's. Abused about a question because I I agree it is still Kabila launched here I. I just can't see how Cleveland wins four of the next 50 let's not talk learning mode just wait and see what happens we can do their. How much are also by by some days when you're gonna lose you're also saying that. It suddenly this team that everyone's just applauding for being mentally tough and you know think in the right way and one game at a time and not be an effective in the underdog mentality. Is so we just didn't like you know I. To take a day off. Armistice was you know honest roll all out there he would happen but there's air it's not that type of. T Christian is the difference in the DA's you know between home games and road games. It would not surprise me if you see a much different Cleveland team in these two games equivalents all the back to the original question. Do you really believe. The Cleveland can because I think Cleveland had to win one of these first oh do you really believe they Cleveland can win four of the next. I'm I do not I don't you gonna being optimistic in my getting ahead of myself yes I am because we sometimes at the do that and we talk about the series. I don't think LeBron James believes in his team. And I think eventually look sensors mounted the of this guy's goal Max effort they passed the ball Leland watches the MacDougal right by the guy. Croshere go read by the guys that do not acute. JR Smith blows over can't cover anybody but what are we doing here we can't wait what are what are we you know what I'm good. Well a gutsy. Everybody has had a hot here yeah and he has ever again they all need to have like a team of the century game of their life for all I collectively together not independently. Together all of them have to happily agree unbelievable game. Ain't gonna happen. I think it's I think I think it's possible so that the one thing I don't think it's possible. I've seen enough for the cavaliers. To say that I do not believe that they will defend. For four of the next five game exactly and if you don't do that you're not going to win the series now can they win Saturday night they're gonna have a long layoff. Yes that affect the probably already the favorite on the board right we'll check on the Vegas like they write. What they were favorite last night OK so about a lot of that is on past reputation and the fact that everybody in the world. New that the over under was 33. On how many points LeBron was gonna score everybody took the over and everybody took the over over forty everybody knew that panels of the biggest land him last night that through the 3330. Three points. Over I thought that was low. You think yes I mean it was low. When he saw the general public all believe the use Google for 47 yesterday all three of us who greetings goal for over forty was just DOS it was from yeah. A report by nick at 33 now. But Wednesday when it's less calls coming from and that. You're gonna see a much broader Cleveland Cavaliers to if you don't. If it's night usually the same cavalier team that you saw these first two games then you're right I don't LeBron and every one of them lift on the towel. But I popular sometimes fans feel like their actual players they don't be overconfident. And if you like if they are a diplomat and map from having dense that it affects the game I think if this is there's ethics when he's angry all right and yeah they don't want are not off. Limited time I think it'll in the series those jewels all Maloney silk walking club but it I don't play him like Indonesia do you know so it's okay to give an opinion and Lou what do you think the gonna win this series that I do does that mean it's a 100% lock no quality of the music but I think that in a way. It changed you listen Tyrell Lou after the game it was a physical game I give a lot of cards the rest let them play through a lot. And then you get to okay either an adult this comment about booty was just. I cannot you know you know he didn't really mean that they are being dirty crystals are related to bring it out in big. He got hit escape played today the as a calorie it was it was kind of brutal the whole night how did you think you guys handled that we gotta be tougher. You know I think plants suffer and we are we see that they're being physical. Only go to the game up and we got to do the same thing so we gotta be tougher mentally and physically. He's doing what's this doing it up that make reminds me of the Detroit Pistons. There's no landowner that's it reminds media of like okay I'm going to be dirty team whenever I get a chance to knock you out or hates you authority down once somebody's now look at how many do. So it was a glittery wouldn't go go loading it up when markets more what the basket a fob attrition Thompson yelled in his face. It now that I'm not during what's putting it up with a JR Smith did pushing apples and bread and then. And then Marcus Smart. Getting up and JR Smith's all of this but some sailor in what Marcus Moore is did Patricia Thompson on the ground. And Marcus Smart reacting to JR Smith pushing Al Horford. Of those two examples of the Celtics booting it up. Reactor known as if he's around. Wrong term is the wrong word has it it sense it sends the wrong message that. The Celtics are gonna get the Celtics are being dirty and she'd been a good lesser intensity now and they aren't lawyers what it. The war if it goes like a street fight. What's coming out here why is it's it's it's like Kyle Korver thought coming out here adjustment is not walking out of their lead he's all talk no action. And you sit there is that I you don't yes it is crazy yeah we cut down but they will knows better but you're gonna see a lot of just what is tough adjustment look like it but that's gonna. You problems Saturday night to be interested to see whether the officials are going to be able to control this one because if I'm Cleveland I'm coming out Saturday night right out of the gate. I am pushing and shoving I am doing almost up I just looked it up both teams ended up last night taking 31. Three point attempts at affected both shocked that the main tanned. Of a 31 yet most of the game to me. Was Cleveland. Out on the perimeter trying to settle and find out where they can get some daylight to take history. And Boston was coordinating both an inside and outside game it was much different. In all but they both had 31. Attempts that means the Cleveland held back on a lot of that attempts from three point. The difference is that like these guys like you know markets mark to the world Marcus Morse. Day they came on talk the talk and walk they can sit there and they can regulate. They can regulate the temple they can regulate the effort and the cast can't match it just that it's more personality he's admitted that he didn't hit the ball to the hole again. So if you create some pull over immediately cast Justin Upton called the whole weekend has something to do with the fact that. More of the fact that the Celtics stopping them from doing that. I think a bigger part of it. Is that defense they don't. Want to entity to engage in that physical game. That the losing our jamming just intimate Tristan Thompson's the only one that can ease it. He's the only one good and well we'll JR Smith well but he hasn't to this point that was you know there was nobody he knows now that stupid but he usually does well he did he does stuff. You're the Smart talked about it after vivid episodes within an event Saturday night not get ready for Clinton won't Kamal played any physical game legendary. But that's what Baines comes there are not elect their daughter got a musical that you Marcus is reliable Baines. You know me being at that interest there was a person Thompson has grown a little all ball like he Baines and more since mark. That bring that intensity at night pruning or not. It's just the toughness and intensity and match. What problem is that they give you an answer knowing they're there were born defensive team that one of the worst in the lead up for re. Like. For a reason they don't have you got to have a certain toughness to be good defensive team have to commit to these balls and my appointment OK you also gotta you gotta be OK with losing. Because not gonna win every battle but yet to be aggressive enough and happy in Europe still that you'll be the right place and attack it and force the issue and make then make. That decision I'm amazed when I see the 31 three point attempt at some attempts because it seemed to me that they were looking to settle. For stuff I talked about earlier with LeBron I think LeBron when they isolated amounts up could've taken the ball to the hole on every single possession what do you do he backed up and took. You know five feet beyond the three point stripe and took a three. He was making them earlier and it in the game wasn't making them later on in the game and it's useless nice little break at the other end. What Mark Jackson is trying to convince me that Kyle Korver is a better defender that he gets credit for iconic does decide to tune out. No he isn't is that you know he's he's a shooter that's what he is he's a liability when he's on the court. So here's Kevin in New Hampshire what's up Kevin. Yet that they can call. Up. You know. I think that in this narrative with the Wear socks team calm for the last 567 years storm back in the chicken and beer and you know little. You continuously wins on this story much like you did throughout most in Major League career or who all. It's uncalled for all right guys would I couldn't tell you talked and. The real story in this does not hyperbole this is not choking. Every story that we hear whether it's. The shipping them to be here whether Clay Buchholz after him here in the league showing up this spring training and saying why a lot. I think you know something out of squat in the GM's. This carpal tunnel they Whoopi. With the video games cockpit base all it is not in support. It why can we agree on that. Yes I grew sport it's not it's a table tennis and I think you credit blue or purple or permit and pitching you know Kevin I agree continued. I think it you wore like what Bobby Fischer that I do. I agreed to be using these immediately sends us. Look Tesla. I mean I'm an accountant by trade. I have or remote mobility in my life if she I can literally. I'm sorry you left what pinky let me start that left two got a whole bunch of guys are you trying to say I know everybody knows how to woodlands on the board job you're trying to say that the training staff to what is your point Kevin's training staff to do better. This is a Sports Radio station a widely continuously give credence to baseball at these. I have no idea what I call it champ I hadn't known that I doesn't go our academic. I have gone and that is an important point that is the only guys hurt athletes athletes what brother loves athletes woodgate mild ER LA models and a half and the end there's games athletes what I didn't expect it. From the top away and be up for the year and he kept. When I got it bad luck of the club yes. I'm sure you would shoot it five mile an hour softball. You don't want it to be is still weak with youth tired I need you don't leave him alone millions companies into the how does the eight the reason why it again. What. I am not kidding if you gave me 6102. Months. I think they basically put the right side Iowa because being. She televise the Indians right now don't for a high uncle angry were you. And it probably right you use and what's up Kevin. The secret that you don't wanna make so little if you don't take baseball seriously. I got the admits I'm not. Surely this didn't know that the parties. Did most of the show I don't every day now amid the bad news botnet that you know but now I'm a little that. Our goal is to do it yourself out. I have an idea. Every get the data calls himself a doctor there who says that I don't know I can't get news legal their peaceful loses it like I did today that aids the bronze overall game three that those last three New Hampshire called step it up opted for God's sakes. The State's sensitive. I 61777. On 7937. A phone number. Right here and all MF we'll talk more about the Celtics will get into more vote this stuff similar comments nationally. I think some people start to get on LeBron James Nash and their pick I call on a model little but it will get some of that stuff. Regulators. You know my whole life I decided I had to give them do things in order to secure my spot and household regulate any stealing this progress we damn good to come and onto the court it's much different we are sort of progressed well. She's on the street you go and take two. As to magnitude there's you just can latitudes to keep happening. Anyway and steel keynote and yeah it is not the first armchairs does some very suspicious Tony Gibson to struggle bullies keep them going keep taking steps you've taken the more you get away with us. Current standard of being asked about trying to do what I do. Mom and. What's the we white woman he was on the streets to. So while it's still yeah. It's. Often only to those energies on something. To get annoyed or part of this system. This is 9090 floor mat Isa or ninety flow cash app. I do about like that's gonna wanna get on there is reason this is OJ lives this is not a summer yet that's right yes good summer OJ got. Adore the regularly. As the markets Smart does that's Morse does all of them Jalen brown in his own way that's what he's going challenging guys you know. You know forcing them to make a decision and not take any crap from anybody. Love the mental make up fifty to good. And I he would eat it just right now. It's all gravy here because. Know a carrier ring you went through market smarts injury to know that he was going to be a valuable player in the post season. They get hamstring injury Jalen brown so this is all great and the small house money right now. But the more you see of this the more you sit there and say okay we're gonna give you more excitement than you thought this year. But how the shelf life for this because that's really what you've got the NBA the MBA. What you develop and have the players. You're gonna have a shelf life now a lot of it's gonna depend. And where they are contract wise and we haven't even gotten into that they're they're gonna have some obstacles that. Down the road with too many of these players that are gonna suddenly you know now we all love playing in everybody's happy and everybody willing to give in eventually everybody's gonna want their pay. All right and you're going to be Dielman that. But you couldn't envision right now. And remember they have draft picks to pick the clippers' number one pick in the future the Memphis number one. Are they also have Sacramento's number one pick next year unless they fined figure number one and remember the rules have changed on the draft starting next season. So the one way you don't get the Sacramento pick is in Sacramento. Finishes number one. But no longer with the team with the worst record. You get the 45% chance of winning. Number one is 14% I believe number two was fourteen number 314 it's more evenly weighted so you have a better chance I think. Of getting that younger man's neck. If it. It's a year from now you do the lottery night and the Celtics have Theo who offered Tatum Browne Hayward and Tyreke. And the rolling in the east and their on their way to the NBA finals and they flip that little card over substance second pick. That's just it's dangerous wind I don't need a hot at C I think that's the most amazing thing about. There's really is a delight in you if you guys affiliated executive Rick right now boy it's like it's like you know one I don't know it was a you know what the patriots are getting base they're getting all these great players. You know people start to speak for their hands a bit like seriously. Ryan Clark and I got an aunt and uncle Al is going to be done I'm done I'm done evaluating his team and I to itself. You say you know it's greedy rates and everything now great I don't think people look at it that way now. It's almost like OK now I know they're capable of and I expect more in the I go wild and every single position they're strong. There's there's strong every single listen and their older and the more shirt and the more experienced. And they have their. Clutch gene that shouldn't expect and then the peak technologies are not a guy you couldn't. We see the steel tube. I could Agassi and feeling a little but I definitely want it but would you be disappointed. If they got swept all four games now fairly competitive I would deny. It is to me a few of you are healthy I don't think it people looking Cleveland that. The fact they railed beat Toronto. And sweep Toronto. I mean is that it's just it's it's a bigger titles speaks a lot about Toronto yet gathered to be shall have a very good right now as well right and sort of it is matchups to you know and the Celtics matchup because they would be different if they play a 100% they play a 100% of the intermediate what would look like their planes from against I think you'll look a lot of good Toronto just. There's not intimidated. And you'll be different because there's a different type history with the Celtics as opposed it dried case of celebs job. Those two are playing right now. Now and I I don't know how them the matchup would go between Toronto and Boston because let's face it over the last couple years. The matchup between Boston and Cleveland has not been good for Boston I think in the ten games that LeBron had faced. Brad stevens' team. Wow what is it ten to lower eight it's 82 widely in ten games or something like that so that'd happen to good matchup they've turned all around now. Listen I think going into this if they have lost the Cleveland Cavaliers in the series even at five. I don't think you could really be disappointed. Mainly because you look at the future of this team. This team right now has got is bright a future is any team in that league utility another team that's in a better position gold states every 567 you wonder just because there already then that's I mean there already there that that's that fit back there are needed to Iowa process fairly vote no but that's unique but that's a unique situation. And remember what happened there. The NBA came and all of that money because of the the negotiations for children all the TV contracts India and the money sort. And so suddenly Doran said this is the year I'm gonna go and what did he do he went to that team that he lost to. India in a conference finals right that's where he went. That changed the entire balance of bully. And it looks to be a bad thing this week marked which what do you want to mark marks installed on my mark. They have it on your heart good. I wanted to there that is the Celtics. And cavaliers the Philadelphia Eagles. Some teachers are the teachers are. The cavaliers chandeliers right. Yeah so Tom Brady is one game and the supplements like Dillard's equal. And they're the Philadelphia Eagles were bigger on deductible playoffs and somehow the nit bracket Islam in the underdog. Did you would you want to make that there in itself is part of the. I think it I don't think the comparison works. Yet the comparison that I would say that people are talking about it and additional background have answers for Kerry or you know sort coat. Is 2001 patriots. Know a lot of known names in my injuries yet could these few years' estimated used to they're gonna allow it just keep knocking guys op plan against. One of the best teams ever the greatest show on turf would be you know St. Louis Rams at the time. And you compare to the Golden State Warriors with all those great players great offers great defense coat bottom. And somehow. You deal to take them down cedes of these so if if it was the best of seven series of five series against the St. Louis Rams. You think that the patriots how many games they win. To the surprise there when I don't we don't want they will do what they went the first line Helen and they don't they don't win the series. I don't know I. If I hear what you're saying I think this thing is very unique when you look at the India since I believe the third youngest team family. The two best players on this Ross to the two most talented players on this roster one of them missed the entire season. The other one missed a a bulk of the games in the second half of the season with thirty games that would 120 somewhat games. And then you've had some other injuries along the way this is not what happens in the India the NBA is a star league. And it doesn't happen we were seeing something that is very improbable yes and less like a cent to three years no we look back and say you didn't have the stars. You just didn't. Realizing that their point 21 point two years on over to set that are gonna show I think that's their caseload this is not a fluke. This is not a matter of ol' Brett Stephens is just you know creating magic out you know he's terrific coach this is a really. Talented team what it is yet it is missing the most democratic steroid human rights these light lunch you credit a so sick of them I took it or I don't think the worst part about dogs and got a dog among the worst part about it is you have to preface. You know that comment you make every time you wanna say anything negative about about Brad Stevens because we talked about earlier. Bret Stephens were emotionally in the time he was in the game on certain try to figure what the hell he was there. I don't know he had something up asleep maybe just wanted to give to get competence may be figure out what he's got media minute this kid over the weekend in Cleveland and I want let me be forgotten. Alex Cora had made it had a mistaken early Alex first or second game of the of this year where he forgot about us forgot those of these forgot about just forgot that it takes somebody out at some point that's got to. Habits of the best coaches to homes and again you Merrill are automatically outscored six game a year early music god you know he admitted that he forgot about some. Is that somebody out of buzzing like Judy Martinez on the forget Cleveland that's. These are so excited came back from down to aides say now they leave him in for defensive purposes late in the game. Is Bob always a better hitter. When I'm in the field and he is what is at the end. Okay ready on my debts paid off your food is here Lazazzera that's how broad are literally did for everybody Laura Louie Arnold movie I did finally you do only some favors and helped brought a budget good food. But you get stuff Friday get everything I had I asked on the list right giving us more and everything is on and then some opening you had absolutely Debbie dietary needs is a gluten free meal and their union head you've had nothing to do that was really hard for yes I did with your hero college even we are not talking well I don't music falls away and let them let's knowledgeable about box ramadi and on. I will take this call to Israel why the cowboys getting an artist for the music that I drove. They. Yeah if you know money Yeltsin that there were Red Sox for a second term. I'll live with some of the Blake fought hard they want to think outside the box here doesn't how well. Lead play him. Outside the we did real well thought that dating me seeing what he is would you blame what duplicate. I'm putting their catcher because I'm too fat characters that I have right now I've not done anything worse that's believes. The B block at catcher. Probably the worst production in that position I'm in Italy yeah it's not that the outside the box through and I would who I would agree in I just wonder. And it's hitting one semi night he got a 400 opiate. These Boston beat this guy behind the plate he's sort out three of eighteen base runner and you may multiple mistakes enlisting our guys. They are they real chance that guy is going to eat himself out of baseball who he's gotten back. Asked. Him. Ebitda are out of these fat but. While that's the thing I think that he needs to tighten his game up a little bit. And make tightened it up I mean that you know he got his new contract singles is singles thing oh there felt pretty good had one good year. And here's the reality there's no such thing as you arriving after one year. Tried to retire in a row above Bennington but it just say as I have that attitude that yes we try to get tied to achieve the market rookies one year was great right. Than last year and step back now war logs of some 264 looks outstanding but still. You do look for another year or so vast is a great you know give a contract becomes an loops and loops. He thinks he can steal bases with nobody out and steal third base because it happened once. Why because the catch dropped the ball you got lucky that's a reality or through the crap are we probably should have been out or whatever so. He needs to tighten up behind addition need to block better. You know he needs to beneath the frame better he needs to catch the ball and throw batteries do everything better he's tighten it up a little bit. Very talented player but that is Gaines got a little bit too loose I think you're more likely to trade. Blake's wife heard a way than the yard play him behind the plate and Estes. They think he's a catcher but you don't hesitancy Kate it's crap and get off the plot right next two weeks second term what this team makes the post season. I don't think so the next two weeks yet unless the Yankees go only so I was running you youthful forty years now so Ketchum. The next two weeks. Maybe shows pretty good immunity may be shows and that I look you can actually catch oh by the way after like the first three games may be starts to swing it. Now you can sit and say OK what do you wanna deal on maybe now you get value for. So it that mr. its showcase period ended you've got something you own organization. But why not what are the other two guys who would. But makes no sense first of all you've got three catchers when you only regard to of those guys that actually can play the position. And the second thing is when your other the 25 man out on a team. And a one skill you bring to the table is as a hitter. Usually the it that's reserved for for veteran players right yeah a veteran guy. That understands he's not gonna play every single day and every once in awhile you need him to be ready you don't wanna young kid doing that. The kid has really never had a run through Major League Baseball he's gonna be a 25 guy you gonna bring him in any key position in the ninth inning to pinch hit the game. And be ready for anything again he's just functional in an inning dysfunctional roster right now. Yeah but he videos were gloves when it's like yeah tough tough he's been able assembled Emerson several school. Never marked as Smart daddy why did you watch the game yesterday sodomy Mosul Italy's we have some don't schism or anything like that unity new release them to do with the mother nature did you Jonny Gomes like an hour and 44 minutes to talk Phillies the other thing I like stories he felt that. I'll go back and checked his facts. Legally the over under whatever you know he had plus minus things that the throughout the other to do is pad those are the eyes with those. So that would be 23. Formal. Games. Police plus. OK from somebody would you read somebody should double check those yes we slide. I six point 77797937. Right here and or mentally. Yeah. Glint in Christian. Sports Radio media. And mobile. Only when you make statements about you know the patriots players you're such. This was your service between Philadelphia and patriots. And our respect respect our. Well. However my sources. Say no it's not. I. Yeah. Art of gore go dirt there. Or call our you know built. Or are important here I don't read it yeah. You know. We are all the book will help all. Are pretty aren't out yet partner your. But. Man it got you know not beat. You know. Behind that however I don't him we have our brand on the. Whistling Johnson from the Philadelphia because he's so full of crap he's done he's talking on a ski Austin's a podcast and spicy sport crap. Because during the course of the week and I looked it up last night all the New England Patriots did to martian ground. Sat there and set all great things about the Philadelphia Eagles like to do every we can be the worst team in the league. And you have zero wins one win bill Belichick's phonetic or run all three phrases and wonderful wonderful. And that's all patriots did for an entire week and looking up this guy's quotes. OK after they want against the Minnesota Vikings in the NFL championship game he called Tom Brady a pretty boy. Said there's nothing I'd like to do more than do thrown mad guy he started talking about it they act like anything robots. Is the one that was trash talking leading up to the congratulations. The trash talking motivate you it worked and you want but it's over sit there and and try to recreate a. Or does that thing we hear what's on the patriots a publicly this it is we will prod and you're the talk a lot of trash. So here is that I've really hard time believing. He actually said that Bill Belichick before the game was talking trash to Doug Peterson says there's. Truly believe that I wanna hear that I talked to one another right on the field before the game that bill. Started talking trash before the game is or single person in the world that believes that bill would do that he does. He's saying no nobody police are trying to figure out how that works that don't want to but you got no chance Domenici guests know and and. Smile out from the back tees are all ahead yeah unity. And international we have. There there's mics everywhere there's cameras everywhere but so you pick up every day they actually have the interaction between it and zarrella. It's. Yeah thank you so much time again we're behind it behind. An Atlanta television that's. This week and you like it finally. Somewhere in area at all but great to be here that it did you actually read the president. He's getting Juan Valdez to I don't write a buck out element now disputing are all familiar probably yeah. When the lights are off the you'd year roots and gas when it walked away answers off. Until since the open houses become news out there it's such a bunch of crap and if this thing up on the philadelphians that angle like we aren't. What is the can bring you this ball congratulations do enjoy it okay you want I don't and they did here and it knows it it's I don't. It's exactly feeling to get screwed out of Iran like that are crucial screwed. And yet all the conflict in the Nash at the narrative right when you you don't like the patriots lot of people out there don't like all right so you you despise disorganization. But how many times have you seen the patriots you know craft their belt object so robbed all these other teams noses in the patriots way. This is how we do it this is the only way that it's more of the media says enthusiasts talking about the patriot way and the players on the patriot way is with Eads its immediate creation. But they have a pattern they have a way of doing things and it's others that might sit there it's a bit of this is how they go about it. But I had never heard bill Evers say like yeah this is why we win and why the teams don't do it I don't know Coke zero stupid. Why would you heard out while you make up so somebody must of got either he's just lying about it. Or somebody got busier it's you know let you know they'll smile at you to death. They're smiling at you saying all these great things but they're behind your back they're talking about how crappy day you walk and how badly you'll they wanna be too Bruce last. Yeah you do you think coach is going to their meeting room thirteen meter so you guys. We got no shot you know I I'd like to use the words of encouragement but it's. But don't have the words just an app that figured out I don't know that you every single reason why and how you can beat that other team. So somebody got Lee Johnson here always make it up. Somebody want godly Johnson being as you know they don't respect you well I hate you but I think your socks. But I think who brought it up in the narrative out there from the media and you hear it from the fan base here in New England is a patriot way the breed true ways the only way audio audio and I think he's playing off of that but what he's doing is is he's accusing Belichick EC accusing this team. Of of saying all of the stuff. Our current board game. Yeah alone did say that what they gave Mike the week before the game to. He's the one that was trash talking during the course of the week when he trash talk and Robert Kraft is trash talking there are no way you rock. Or to tell me how what does that sound on its doesn't exit rotted rapist and a trash talk another owner it's alive it's totally representatives met with all of them into football patriots and comfortable with. Right they just not happy with it but. Crap is gonna call the owner of the Eagles insert talking trash. Here's the thing he does I probably he'd you don't really need. An excuse anyone who's running it sort of that patriots face you don't need an excuse you don't need to say hey opposite Bayless and I hated their arrogance I hated the way they came on across. I hate the pay the players that play and they're not about robots they don't have any personality but hate to put just don't they don't. Just governor base. You don't need an excuse you don't need to give me a reason why you were talking smack. You're talking smack as you take him to victory lap you're supposed to win the game yeah it did and it and now you feel like you have to ask is in a way. We had you you did you get. Brag. All you want. Cynthia that the coaches and the owners were talking smack. Yeah that I can imagine I can remember a time when any owner or any coach in any Super Bowl team was. Openly talking smack in being critical of the other team. Maybe a stupid bet between get between the mayor's between governors sound stupid like that otherwise not. He does sound you senator earlier he sounds like you got that was on the losing team and they get screwed in a bad call or something like that that's what it almost sounds like to me why would you not sit there enjoy it says hey we showed them. Where one everybody look the patriots. I even want it cause I it's really strange that he's doing something like this and it it just doesn't make any sense to me. That that you would do what you even the Philadelphia. I think you'd. Just try to live like Philadelphia eagle wine now. Like there's like there's a symbol wine that there's so many pages. I accidentally forgot to delete all you most following during the Super Bowl like you know now I just keep them on my Twitter alive some respects the other stuff. Yeah they're like it's late. All that we would assume bully in wind that you drinkers actually you watch IE and none on the idea that the united name attacked over compact they want everybody sells everybody's getting in trouble with analogies go like yeah Blaine Johnson unit goof ball you have a JH I read some house. Out in the LA. Italy won both air BV is somewhat like 5000 bucks a night. It's on not to have points until not to smoke it's not a bunch of stuff he does it anyway well you Drexel place. Our being and an other soon for a bunch of money because he. Destroy the place. Was not a patriot way and I'm going to play better. There's at least planet with the patriots I don't. No it's not tolerate are unaudited. And does this through your ice I don't and its institute you wanna symbol clients. You can make it sounds strange story when listening to this stuff we've glimpses at what's position what is prod you want to yes enjoy. It seems that people must know we have food I'd run line which with a my hotlines you know like nothing you'd like enough is it a bit pain debt. Give him today know that I this is what's that I bought you buy or nothing you glad handing and Lou no he didn't edit edit edit pay just just under got a lot of I invited some people thought you know I got to our television. And finally there are covered all of you but. Nothing they know this is the debt that I paid an order that's wanna get credit for they know youthful enough right there aren't you wouldn't Angel yeah it's all for all of us try to chips. Translate. I thought. We're chips will get another. Already total amount.