OMF - Language in the NFL Anthem policy is pretty vague; the guys discuss the Sterling Brown video 5-24-18

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Thursday, May 24th
HOUR 4 - The "you'll know it when you see it" argument might not work out when it comes to what is and isn't disrespecting the flag or the National Anthem. The guys also address the video showing Milwaukee Bucks rookie Sterling Brown being detained by police.

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You read he. Beats Fort Wayne and moaning and forty. It's been. I feel sorry for LeBron James tonight for the team. I'm James what worn out from Rodney. Talk about that would be in the best condition that it created a poultry that's a lot man foul mouth fell open seas off. The body frustrated that LeBron had a rough night with Glenn and Lou and Christian he's been reading the book the alchemist it's about listening to the soul of the uterus if you will to fulfill the personal legend and the rug pulled within you know you know I have my family I have might purpose I have my treasure though he really talked about how he doesn't sleep that much during the play out that he's thinking about everything. Not only lose sleep over. Now on Sports Radio WEEI. I six point 777979. B 37 here and a whole MF we talked about the somethings who have talked about a price retired. Very very tired hood and it was fun to second wind come Friday at you know Rabin on I think you'll find here. Another gear to no level. We've talked a lot about the NFL and the the commissioner's ruling yesterday which I think he's just gonna make all of this. For worse than it was before might affect them looking it up have you guys seen. Any of the people that were protest. Last year I have not I've seen a bunch of them being quoted here not a single one. Where this is going to be a deterrent. Every single one claims they're going to do the same thing next season it's almost as if they're defiant to the to the thing you know they're trying to tell us what to do. Whom we'll show them. We're doing just the opposite. The league gives him as has given themselves a pass. All they have to say is we've met in the spring we went over this with all the owners they agreed to this so we give them a fine. We will we find them up for some of their players do. They can't bitch and complain because they agreed to were removing ourselves from anything doesn't it where we're just we're just at the messenger guys. They they want these rules we set okay will enforce them. So as soon as some other players get time it does something that the other all the owners disagree with then that person that so what if something happens then. So sunny yet for the team obviously gets that don't make their own decisions yep but the New York Jets are saying they're gonna pay the fine. Slowly let's find their players do your thing great okay Joey doesn't really want I'll pay your funds on the court asking for I'd say you're an active this year you're into to a lot of this stuff and you're a member of the New York Jets. You feel empowered right now to undergo an appointment and we're on strict as might guy is already told me he's got a Beckman have this goes no repercussions if the deal right. Yes and I let's say for the guys that. Like them like guys like Chris Long season as an example. All you can't senators global peace now. You know it's not yet known because Chris like these he speaks for everybody believed the does not speak for an. There's a lot of guys that want nothing to do with Chris long's mentality yes and Kate. How long was dad guest doesn't know water boy does a lot of good thing about it. A lot of good things that OK but that is the statement he puts out there and this is what's gonna happen to all you've done you've really kind of challenged him. Ray is what I think so guys like Chris Long we've done says no you can't do what they do all fuel and now that makes you wanna do it even more. Because you tell me I can't you're telling me that what's what. This is what your point of view is more important in mind your bottom line. Is more important then what's going on in the world and social injustice and everything else that goes along with it on the duty even more what's Jeffrey Laurie punitive. What's his stance on that so okay obviously you have an issue right now. You have Chris Long who's still on the team. And okay something happens so another sterling brown situation happens. And they say you know we're all gonna go up I guess we're gonna do. Roller raiser Chris Rock or turn our backs why guys turn your backs well you know because we wanted to give brings some attention XY and Z. Willing to disrespect the flag your owners got to find you. Does he. Probably that's an interesting is it a problem when an owner comes out. Are rooting defenses linking arms there any of them in his mind is distracted. Linking arms most commission said yesterday that we're gonna know it did you bring a district like pork you know when you think. No no it's a nice everybody said oh do you think they're in early in the last year when you saw teams that sat there and just linked arms. The U even if you are against him as a very strong Q4. Respect for the flag is in that moment even if you were against it. Do you look at NC north OK that looks like solid there yes and as a team unity Art Rooney looks as disrespect to the flag. So enough. With this whole again we said yesterday like a decent amount member of the military. Somebody that served our intuitive to called right now who both served our country one of them can say that we already had one earlier today I had no problem with that at all. You know I I fight for that freedom for Americans to do express themselves. And in the very next caller. With the same background military backgrounds the previous caller can say I think it's total disrespect. And I think none of these guys should be allowed to do it. Everywhere it was split on what is it what is the Art Rooney thinks that when you lock link arms during near them that's disrespectful. See out of I would say that it in and this is the prom with the NFL be tried to make everybody happy. Because obviously you're in those meetings here fly on the wall and you obviously San Francisco feels exit at feels differently than than Houston. And Houston feels differently than in New York detects different markets so okay so what do we do. Read it and it's like you have one choice and outside the easy choice is do exactly what the NBA did. Take take their bylaws take all there written rules and regulations are standard operating procedures. And just copy it. I did say listen guys we looked around you know I try to figure out who we thought was doing it right the NBA doesn't write the the players seemed like it so we set our right. The NBA says got to stand up so were you thinking the NBA so why is the NBA a look at one way in the NFL. Look at it differently because the NBA. Has learned to deal with that and they have learned to you talk about appeasing both sides. Yeah it is appeasing both sides and you're doing it because they have a specific rule on the role books for the players it is back to David Stern at the present commissioner. In which you have to show respect to fly it's part of our selling point part of our brand. The the president commissioner Adam silver is giving these guys plenty of latitude to go out on TV on a war shows. Even before and after games to get into specific. A topics stuffed it that that people are debating right now in society he saw it. So there's this conversation. There's dialogue there's even progress in the communities because the players are getting involved teams are getting involved. And they are actually accomplishing some stuff out there but they're doing the same thing the NFL is there appeasing both sides you're doing it differently. Because. If I'm watching the game. And I don't agree with LeBron James is a politics. I'm not seeing LeBron James in any way being disrespectful. During the national. Then he's talking he's eight he's making his political views don't later on so it everybody's got political views everybody's a citizens out of this country. He took their own opinion about stuff. Yet he's doing it right and that's what the NFL should deduct the the only way they could do Christian. You sitting down with a player's association as you know and trying to work it out. This is this is in the. And the biggest issue I have with the fact is that the players who are bitching and complaining about a week. Your partner we thought we are in this together that is your only downfall for believing you're right you actually had a voice like they actually care on all they did. And that's you know they don't and it's being made certain we can't let the inmates released I'll probably got a we take control let's pass it on them. That didn't some money goes a Little League there are nine million dollars for two with 32 guys well good right in this thing together yes that's the you don't make single party all this money. Turn up and make some changes and the players all pissed off on AME consultants because they don't want to they don't want your opinion. You wanna change the way things go in the way the rules are. The collective bargaining agreement it's gonna come up again you can make your make your demand then and there and that's what the NFL players do they end up fighting for something. That in the big scheme of things is. It's not the most important thing so we said yesterday that this thing's gonna blow up. Once we have some type of an event out there. Along with an African American and a police officer we we do instead of we brought this up so we had him back in January we had sterling brown. Rookie player for the Milwaukee Bucks but the video came out yesterday talk about timing the video was released by the Malacca police department yesterday. And even though some of the records. A due to the woes mic key role. Which means you do it it's a role apparently will you can't get. The officers' names. Punishment that they got. Apparently somebody has leaked it out today and you're seeing at the players the NFL players are now using. This incident yesterday which is is expected. The the word is out now that the main police officer. Who was the one that was there was sterling brown the first police officer who show up on the on the on the scene. I got 82 game suspension. That's it that's cool days suspension. That's a real badly this is the city of Milwaukee. That is already in the hole for seventeen and a half million dollars in pay outs lawsuits. Because the police department did not handle things properly. This kid sterling brown is gonna sue their ass big time. He's gonna make a lot of money on that on this deal he made me more money doing and it is quite a bit the NBA but this is also opened up the door now you can or see her NFL players are using this now as part of an example see what happens semen that was in the street we need to talk about it we need to be part of this conversation what do you say to them. When they when it when they show when you're the video and all my way to be part of the conversation. I guess it ended in a phone credit forced trying to. I don't think that they came up with much but they were trying to 'cause the theory that they should it just just bury their head in the sand because it would of one away. I don't agree with at all because something like that happens during the season. Who is in the Martellus Bennett it's a sudden happens during the season where there's a death or whatever might be. And and players would jump up their week two weeks three and Neal. And we would criticize the league Satan and you had this issue last year. In what did you do you just hope that was gonna go away was gonna go away you know how to deal with things he didn't face it that we would be critical of the league. We're still not. Having a plan in place I guess or an idea or discussion the try to straighten these things out. I don't I don't want new television just left the Lopez who went away but it was let's go to creep back up in the apple would be critical that if the league did nothing they did something. I don't I don't think salt Teddy think that it didn't mean. A confusion to have it worse I disagree with you or I am not saying that it would totally go away but I think we've become numb to. So if it was happening and they were six players here for players that two players here nobody was really talking about it I would agree Lou if we had another incident. Then we probably would have some of the guys doing this. But not that well a big wet but now it's gonna be known but now it's a bigger issue. Because the league has has has put it as an individual policy for the team's supposed you get a team in which an entire team says. We're gonna protest the nationally at the market I don't think you were ever going to get that based on what we saw last year but now you might get an entirety. You get the jets. The judge might be one of those teams that the entire thirteen needles for the anthem what damages that now doing to the national football like. Now you've got a lot of people that are gonna really be pissed off as very disparate respectful. Two to the flight into the anthem. Those people are gonna turn the game soft I think it makes it worse I think the commissioner. Screw this all up and I think still in the end he's leaving the door open that he can come back and fine or suspend players. What's up with then come back and at the end of they don't like what's going on. And change the policy and it the issue I have with this is that to me this sterling brown issue. So easily avoidable. Yeah it's so easily avoid saw the video before the show saw the video both guys sterling brown personal parking in handicapped parking lot. Bet that cop beat a complete heart though his tone was terrible sterling brown postured as it. His his choice not to back up when the cop with telling him to back up even the cops being an ad. Ask even accomplished outwardly saying you know this is my spot like I'm in charge here. To me like. Eight the cop screwed up. By forcing sterling brown to like swallow his pride and you know like controlled an NBA and give up control. Because it didn't do anything wrong on you united artists when different than you and I saw the way okay for you tell me you tell me you're you're teaching accorsi. Forget about the outcome you're focused on the outcome and how it ended when I agree with. When I'm telling you is that. This was so easily avoidable. If the top. Have a different tone in a different posture and a different way of speaking to sterling brown. That's the first step because you're engaging guy that has not done anything wrong party feels like he's there are a great. Okay and then they both business like theirs is possibly go on by both lump paid back up he got them back out. But the you're gonna try to get it I'll do what I want all right I'll on this right here I'm I'm asking your name I don't know who you are okay so I am. I certainly are legitimate questions right flow a bit you can like equitable society at best and. He's Illini audible and what chain sterling brown and what are you don't hear you know our ops their rent an air of team unity here it is our. I thought he handled it in the appropriate fashion I disagree with the earnings that they know on what's your name. What's your name sir Stuart brown Charlie Brown okay I see your ID. Here it is officer got bit. But I think it that you don't want to see where this thing continues now on I'm glad you're glad you keep changing I agree with you on applicable data on an oil is we're edited out you see the unavoidable so I can understand why people off at all. Now there's a lot of aches and says I told you I do you do this what you want. I tell you I agree with you. You just are note that this is easily avoidable incident I don't think sterling brown did anything out of the it was very easily avoid Iowa last early brown or by the caught Alpharetta what do you what he's doing not only would giant that good at all I don't usually rebel. I or other video and I'm I'm with person on this it never should of got the DePaul we knew that he's this individual you're overzealous. Overzealous cops is no question about it but. He does ask him to back up and certain brown backs up like one inch. Make it pops is this Nicky says that what's in battleground. And wanna know we did not actually got he they have and it's not to see on the camera you know Eric in. I wanna be my own Little Rock one of these tiny little adversity brought up Amber's it is now is area has a quality isn't Ellie back it up as president should back up in Bloomington you look at Oakland won early round was guilty of parking in handicapped spot side we should reduce our should've been ticketed this was a cop that said that saw something different about this young man. And that's why he brought in five additional cars of four additional part they came onto the scene he waited a while avoid an event voted into what I did not think he didn't take them. He's got a girlfriend in the car with him he's doing nothing does an op when he finally around easily on its wholly avoidable I'm usually the guys you know me I've usually I usually look at it especially when people tried to defend. You know somebody win win their orange which is absolutely asinine. You know we hear that all the time I think this one of these legitimate unless it is with this kid sterling brown did not think boy that's why don't agree. Let's say so Huckabee Kopp avoid this confrontation. Do women get none I don't give them a ticket to understand it hugs and you obliged confrontation. Now given a ticket creek and doing what he's. Announced it was about the random. Walk if somebody does ticket. Yeah that's what they do what I'm not that I. It where it all have to go to college so you plucky pack that you're speeding away eagle on wind speed wind such a rush they might register reasonable prices and that's why I hate that's what I did wrong to spot that's well. Won't easily avoidable him easily avoidable OK so hunt the console isn't popular com should you do have some really dynamic element. Clinton pulled on that Tyson utility did you park the way did you pop in a while regional will be gets caught you Kamal there's a copy I am is that partly Canadian. And guys are asking you what's your name he walked sort of oh he did he get this idea seem he I don't think he did pick. I know we did not okay ingredients go Hillary don't you rip up and make a police yeah O Davis saw the video game until yes admittedly did everything he did everywhere they go what he should've done. Nobody asked some go to back up he doesn't back out. I'm sorry your refuse to believe backs have some video doesn't mold that he backs up one on each. Read the report right here like you you're still focused on yourself folks I can tell you how this is easy avoidable first of all you focus let's just focus on the cop what he did wrong you're. You're cadet in the academy cops guilt there's no yeah salient at Kabul's guides out I don't know I don't know I don't I don't know I don't argue unions aren't you know you screwed up you. Balk at immediate here's my license here's my name I'm sorry I'm an idiot are and it's it's up is a ticket part. We just do what he tells. Three the report right now. Brown cable news Brian Gay guys enter your editor your crowd showed yet hey I feel like I'm identification. Bipolar I don't you're on you're on island. We both disagreement with the outcome and we admitted knowing Lou just says the. I don't let go at night and what some are told you okay yeah I remember that he enemies idea let's move on. Bulldog. Epoch like an idiot you expect to get a ticket what's your name tell me a name give me right. Will we I was stupid I'm sorry backed up OK I take a step back what you need. This is basically giving my tickets are gone away there's no reason to be you know to be why is that he didn't give it to them. I was that you don't you give me. He says on every doesn't know what is going to try to do as many guys got a secret studio Melissa did you miss viewpoint not listen. What do you analyst at this I had it comics that you did not here watching and listening you're you do not want to hold that video you are back at the now we get more. Know your didn't cause the pop audience says I don't know what I'm gonna jump. Did that he does and my only religion is how it might question to you is is this avoidable. Affordable by the police are zone yet it's portable well why can't because what you wanna Jonah out now because he hit her Oprah's fitness. Did it well this is a case isn't it yeah. He's clearly a case where somebody did something wrong starring Brad did something wrong he parked in handicapped zone. He should have been ticketed like anybody else. But the fact that the officer did this thing called all these other offices in when you're watching this video and this kid did nothing inappropriate. And he's Colin all the southern open installment help. I don't need you here is sending them back. I only asked for one. And then he doesn't even give him hates it you're under yeah me what are you what this. What do you arguing with I doubt it's I don't know I don't know I don't want us or what you argue with what you disagree with what I said I don't think brown did anything other than parking in my question wasn't whether he did something wrong or not I think it is easy easily avoidable it is. What easily portable. This that's what Jessica I told you before if you are teaching a class act act. Any any police station LAPD. Box that meaty doesn't matter. You still is as a teaching tool okay got watchable thing okay what they do wrong planet orbits it in the front row trying to get an easy day when you rocker you want to hop a wrong. If you look at this front because it in many cases I don't think I think people bring this up and it's not necessarily the case race doesn't necessarily play into it. Could you look at this and you watch this. White police officer was purposely doing this and just keeping this kid go and not giving them a ticket not doing what you normally should do. And the Milwaukee police department has admitted that. He did not follow protocol that put this thing went about it could this beast a case where is picking on this guy or he's suspicion out of the sky that everything doesn't. African American is that bonds got the bad cop for the correct he's the terror Iraq. Because I I would I compromised a back room filled with police officers. Like twelve lump in my and we all the pair ridiculous. So that there's say it does a terrible cop. And he shouldn't be doing what he's doing because he's careless he's reckless and he he can't. He hit but he's always choosing also that my first thing is okay you find yourself in the situation works precarious. He's not really sure how the other person is an act. Your told his you'll common attack mode. You don't come and attack mode he did the collar cop did us a case goes wrong on it buster brown. And I recognized his copies he's got a Hartford and he's in Athens to go to wrong you know what. When it's Christian Fauria here's my license if you allow me to get my car officer and to give you my registration. I you know it iced it up to me I idol aside I think they did. Most of that personal in what I saw what I heard. I think he. Acted the way I would have acted or anybody else would have acted and I'll tell you why I think this is a huge difference. From a a case where you've got and one person and Clark and people come running out of the woodwork to say the opposite purposely was doing that because he was African American forgetting that beat the guy had a gun or had something in his pocket that looked at resemble what it got Eddie was probably a threat to the top. I don't think that was the. So the idea that I usually admit I don't I don't necessarily like somebody unfortunately they picked on because he was actually personal if you think cops don't profile you got your mind. We have to profoundly and that I don't. Not to go over but they don't you love debates now he's exotic blitz slot machines wiped out black I'm gonna look they're black Knight but I drive through white neighborhood willow well brought Bob rolled out. They do it it's human nature that's would you do. They all do it they tell you not you think leaders say one kind of have to. So it to my original point wasn't whether or not. The situation was all jacked up. And a cop with completely wrong and all the cop that showed up. Couldn't I can't I don't know what that they really awesome I'm not aware that never got in the season. And no. Adult situation doesn't hold on stop. Stop not a threat. Not a threat levels of the bay yes not a full blame it on the I'm not saying that the police are wrong my question was very simple you won't answer you think sterling brown was wrong. At the end of the situation initially wrong yet people apart and I thought he could help the situation in south yes I think the only thing he did wrong was park in the handicap spot he should have been ticketed for that. And I think most people the park in handicap spot. Are ticketed for it we don't know this type of situation where five other Clark cop cars are showing up within a matter of seconds in the next thing you don't you're getting. He's four I don't think that is normal. To embody what. Glad that I really let your legend here so decent slowdown talking Amir nobody does we you're we agree nobody does all we're saying is if you're stupid enough the park the way he did you Kamal as a cop there. Elect but some guys who got guys that in his starts up when they how they will the power you do what you think the first words of the cops mouth or some hey what's going on any just. Right dead in their regular. And you're questioning. Tell your name he did you give me licensed out and hit our guys has backed up UTJ stepped back he did that we absolute he's he's got good god told. Look at the civic and that it's not get somebody like yeah yeah tell me another good. Not what you tell me he what is was sitting bolts guy you tell me and avoided this situation both sides although there's syndicate did nothing wrong at all other than parking in the handicap spot. What did you do wrong I don't I just don't see anything wrong I disagree but again but I don't think he did you talk isn't it mark and handicapped spot. And the next thing you know we skate and move wonder why doesn't look at this in the mountains. The next I don't know. He's got this literally went out leaves you hate yourself is taken off the ground by formally stop president and have you decided to name a third as I don't force would be ridiculous to be getting graphic art. Are we gonna take you think we have to watch it we gotta take rob watched it numerous don't know. And it is. Oh. It was love. If you don't you don't you don't see it sooner. See you here you know are brought me and I. I mean I told the back up. Pulled back I told them back up but you're gonna try to get it I'll do what I wanna write islanders right field towards. They're owned it. I'm I'm asking your name. I don't know who you are okay side by yeah. It certainly are legitimate question. Okay well written in black got going on him and right on that you've got up in my face of I don't feel like I had to go back up and you cannot do it I had to back up you did not do it. You back about read it. I don't think we'll take his political pulses can quickly on this the NFL players obviously are taking this right now and they're gonna use this to. Plead their case that we need to have a voice and therefore some of the guys who were talking about now we get incidents like this one with sterling brown and Milwaukee. And we're actually going to have some form of protest. Andy isn't a cargo at any. They are you doing this. Good I just I'm a retired police outside and from Chelsea and among hundreds of simply talking the bud state our initial like this protocol. Basically if you buy drive somebody just you get a car. You put it taken on the path. In the end it if I need necessarily typical. You don't have to wait for the person to come all because believe it or not it's just the violation a parking violation. Sold. It's it is clear that video and executing a I do know I don't just not to cry it all he's he's he's my idea yeah you don't if you look at ya gotta guy and Saturdays looking at the car and a guy comes out of the store. So he says hey how you deal with the FB driver's license. Olivia you ease off the original estimate if you're standing with somebody US for driver's license what are you looking driver's license US take a step back. Well being because you heard it there aren't you just saw the video. If you don't if you think he stepped back in whenever getting it that's fine but he asked to step back he didn't yes the three or four times to step back. And I just say the first fifteen seconds of this as Christians that fifth 1520 seconds of the whole conversation. Could have just defused everything should it be just the candidate slices which he did. And then took the step back with you shut up. And the caught might have given the ticket he might not a Muslim Golan is way and it would've been over but he didn't step back. If you ask them three times stepped back. And it got confrontational that it not bend. They completely overreacted five cops show up later on they take it due to the ground they taste him. But yes the cops particulates how they handle this thing it's. I want but of course this is not consistent at what you have to care. They haven't they have a history of it okay decision is that he has changed and learned that a popular it I look at each individual has got this video. This and has a history lesson on what's going on right now we went along studio looking each individual patient we get it just put it on history. I would put it on history and Milwaukee because I think in this case I think racism both. I think he should have been handed eight ticket he did something wrong he eat parked. In his it to somebody said should I don't know if I don't think you want to biodiesel and no I don't think the officer heading attention I think the officer was in some way try to harass him. I'm not I don't usually side with the stock is I think it'll lot of cases you've got a fear of a gun or you have the presence of a gun. And there are a lot of people that are supportive. Of the person as opposed to the cop because they'd look at the firearm involved and that in this. This was he parked in handicap spot which many people out there probably you've done in the past you should have a ticket. Your partner and cast fun. I'll probably wants to my life now listener wants an answer right once it went along and all I started with most excited Olympic used to involved and I did. Who I love planes sneaking everything it appropriate wonderland all right guy park in the handicap slot you do ticketing goal. It doesn't work like and especially today was that a black. But when you think the ticket with the Hudson didn't Google. A couple minutes till you can pick eclipse dynamic has slaughtered he should elliptical near the ticket could buy. It doesn't look like very expensive when you somewhat Carla mega deal would entire community of people. They have reached a boiling point out the scene of video the video the video will be going hard. I don't blame well fleet Indian box out a little bit this. I don't blame him for being afraid a little bit and no it doesn't work like that especially when it's someone. So we don't get on the menu it's a Connecticut couple dollars yup although by cop. Would you be hostile because of everything you see would you not trust would you do what he does would you talk back how would you handle. That is just what question that it's already quote I put him in my eyes it's won that the. There's no question on a Saturday. I don't understand if if you feel that way. We knew then try to do everything you can make a KG DOK well when you get pulled over a cop asks you for an ID how do you handle that. Knowing that our backyard right there. I try to be respectful but I also know that there's going to be some slick talk I also know that they. They already told by people are guarding them but it was. So all of a plot to would you just take a step back what would you do. The company in this race. The quote I did you. It doesn't have school this isn't a schoolyard fight walked up to because it's not. This is not easy groceries and hey how are you doing you have a driver's license they don't they don't do that or one at least that's what feet away and every now it's up marked by the way. Enjoy your miss your immediately commodities apply to Guadalajara. Arnold I don't know somebody's face because I parked yeah it was yet led by seniors aren't getting a little basic Tenet and there's one lesson a clot blocks up. You just hey how you do would you have a driver's license and that it getting it. Sleep late dad's credit hustled home. And I don't know and I I want my day. You keeping an hostility every call that lets you always yell at goats that's good don't listen to a word he says that goats. Good to. Him because he asked him for his driver's license it. I. Dad dad dad let me ask your question what would you like was that the clock is the twenty feet away and you all there I could have a drivers has taken out. They'll hear what he's way relatives layup pick up on the ground I don't know I would you're restricted space. He's an artist directed at you walked out of it is gray helped you really want to cool. Get ready here a lot more about this one because they can tell you the NFL player's gonna talk about this and and I in this case I disagree with the guys I do believe. They've got a case in this one I we got one quick segment to go him. Support we mark moaning and fortieth. Christian Sports Radio equipment guys I didn't do you not listen if you miss you a point not listen we'll. What do you analyst at the start I had it Thomas that you did not watch your outlets that you're you did not want to hold that maybe you know you didn't read the W. No you didn't miss a putt on your says I don't know what I'm. But it. We're done we'll Congo pointedly trying to hold onto a point you're like ice there he is. I just think this is a bad one guys I think this one looks really live it would significantly. Expand we agree with you and I don't think you know. That's what I heard it I don't think it has a program ought to drop out of the guy dictator gets in addition to. Obama. How many millions of dollars in the sterling Brown's gonna win in this lawsuit probably and he does good one along we're. Maybe a dozen or so I don't know I was gonna win over rival history I care about equal recent incident divisional he's gonna win a Wally knows it when I get pulled over his mental coloring and when a cop says relations registration I see why. Right I've escalated it well I Bob and I backed up four times and you don't you've escalated OK when I watched that. I said this is not the normal behavior of account and if I happen to be me I don't think I would have been treated that same one site I think I thought that was much different. Much stiffer and there are some of these videos were saying before were I don't think it's that much different and I think a lot of people bringing race into it in this one I think race played in. I don't. Part I'm Sharon from certain. I like when they when he called for backup like 300 guys showed up a thousand they knew that there at the numbers on his side there of important. I'll tell you what he hasn't really created quite Roma and here. Now it's thinks that's see things in the world in him in a station right now getting so who or why did you eat eggs in the studio wasn't over Normandy where you want me good. The Kitchener. If you hear that brought estimates it fresh this. Says it like everything like this does go way down against one long far. On the way up from well yeah how am I going to do how many times we've crop dusted this this to my I only believe -- pretty good idea so let me get you good Draper in here because amazed at how was amazing out of greater use of it I just still achieved today that's it yeah well. So his last the way around they more jobs they'll Wear jeans as the years in the when he had someone shows that the three I don't own a car that are starting to show just the two months I don't hear about the ratings. That's good. Though that allow LeBron and tie Lou about how the the kind of restaurant night. It was a genius I Denmark Saturday was related industry got a stuff out I thought also off load all pulls off tomorrow so we had little sycamore avenue Lucy and Brian that's correct. And Lucy is driving the ship he strategist ships on the boards called John hunt and think how you think is gonna go to more ball gonna well it's good to have an opportunity to attend animal happens adds up from the government. Are you a great weekend was we'll see you tomorrow morning and a cavalier about it.