OMF - Leafs force a Game 7 in Boston, the guys still feel confident in B's chances 4-24-18

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Tuesday, April 24th

HOUR 1 - So this B's/Leafs series hasn't exactly continued the way it started. The Bruins commanding 3-1 lead is gone and Game 7 is happening in Boston. All that being said, the guys are feeling positive that the Bruins will wrap this series up.


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Beach Fort Wayne and moaning and 48. But today Don you've dispelled any questions. That anyone has stated its intent to return for the 2018 sees a guy he also said it already has thought about his contract which patient considerably less than she and. Given Tom's relationship. With the Kraft family and given the fact. That there is no heir apparent in the building probably have to say. We're gonna give him as much leeway as we possibly can just so long as we can again make sure that we get him back in the fall brought that with Glen when Christian. I think the Boston Bruins now are really going after the score is what we've got to do different I think there on the ropes and Pakistan appearance Taylor goalie if you know be great if she goes and pitches the shadow Fulton put on your goal is not that's not the way to go about it now all of a sudden Boston's going moral way to stay out here I think that's right now beliefs or their heads on Sports Radio WEEI. For a week but. I've always considered the are our purpose in life here he's just been fun for hours. You know right now and maybe get some ratings and and maybe make some revenue for the company and such to make the world a better place a bet apparently out. This is exactly that. And I don't know about you little I think he's capable. Of doing something not you know society to make it a better world not I'm not. I'm not I'm not what I want the million about it he inspired me so for four hours Dominic fry. For all the negative view that you guys gonna bring this up you know because there's a right to the pit box the sports can't get a break right with updates. The Bruin goal we all eyes I don't know what race right rugged leaving guys wanna leave our gates called crazy right now and which are gonna revolution right now normally take on revenues seasons in the winner. Well OK so guys I mean this holiday try to I think that was senator Ernie those guys that's overtime on the trying to make. I I played today I think that's. Yes just a day against the president and am trying to see prominent ad for every negative spin and you have your up on the give you a positive spin out of the. Soledad negative spin right now and bruised and scored the points no no no no no no points boyfriend of all if golf. We at Angola were elect we place is great down yesterday who's who's nice at the end of the Bruins. That aren't right right shots on net no points. I was right if you are trying to send it is an issue last night and held a lot of chances lots of shots at edits does closet so I mean the positive thing is that. Politics there's a breakdown grade and they're doing O. You know that it's not gonna look at this this is not gonna last visit there dine at two games in a row. They had multiple shot shot multiple chances right and and it's just not working everytime I hear there there do you have do you think of the Cleveland Browns. I don't think definitely talk negative now. They're due to the browns are not you let them back Diego international bacon it was a terrific vacation on this very little sleep coming into that little girl Hillary. As I don't know if I use it devalues. And I pay. By did you see a lot of pressure and do something about it why are we positive I don't judge and I had alluded him accomplish that is positive about that don't about it you know you know the gonna win this game tomorrow. Yes they are. They're going to win this tomorrow so it is not panic no guys not panicky. Freaking out a game seven will be fine. Yeah block it and watch it in the gonna wouldn't. Argue why. Why why because. Took is going to be better than he's been the last couple games so can last night. It was OK last to know what happened but yet to score the first goal goes off every dollar he couldn't doesn't have to stop every single puck out when you're sitting when Anderson has finally he's playing and I did it by what it was before the series began he's gonna have to be great I. Hi could you use if you were listening yesterday which you were not actually set I was wrong I thought that I thought. Either one he's struggling that first line specifically. Those guys posse not a birth rot in March on. That they would make up for it. In the wins OK they've been baby killer and the losses they can't do anything we're sport all the ones like you've those guys do their job then you're not united. Situation worse part about thinking did he get the feeling that early on in the first period Toronto was. Just. This come populated they'd pay almost looked like they were ready to hit the golf course. You'll start it over skating stuff they looked real sloppy. With them took advantage of that. Never an Edison was great including that and one where you batted in and out of even he admitted or defense. Yeah I was days it Anderson was outstanding last night joke I'd like that first goal to be on those. The rebound those awful I shot I don't know opens tipped out in front of him but it looked like he was positioning himself to dedicate that rebound off to his left. You know his body was angled. I don't know how to how to they went out and rightly go to work and and that was the media control the rebound Anderson was outstanding. It is it's a first line that they're minus fifteen reminded that we lost his. Minus fifteen and it's not that you are watching them and it they had possession. You build big possessed the pock it is like when there when it's five on five throughout the it does picked on a power play is always get possession of it. I thought they get too cute I think Marcia was very good he army they had possession big do anything with it. It was like a one extra pass too much. You know a couple of times of course Marchand deceased when you wish on that second goal. Which I don't wanna went through Anderson's legs right on the second goal would be just in our own zone to swift on in the end that was the second book for Toronto. Or start about the opportunity he had he had a great opportunity. And aid for some reason had a bad angle and it went through Anderson's the legs and and to the left. Listen goaltending is it would get its of its policies it's got to be great can't be good. Give us as well as evil as he greed or read on that yet you have they have a Butler we know what he's great gift for it and believe it two weeks non but OK yeah he was he was whose great. But also Israeli neck and you must it wasn't like it wasn't like they want you to know the Bruins were at their best either. So your standard too cute and I did it but okay so that's popular guys the skill guys were beat skillful. So they are big or what they would do whatever. This is this it's Lucas got his own right I mean he's he's a polarizing guy here a lot of people I think most people think everybody. Feels it took is good. We just don't know peace correct we just don't know peaking kind of VP can steal games we don't know he's that kind of guy. Yes have been very good in his career early clinching games or elimination games with a an opportunity to eliminate gamers to be limited has been very good at all. It's a he's got a moment you know to to look like he did the third period. Of your first guest who look to see him look like they're all damn game all everybody even after the game last night he said that he was good. But he still got it throws in you know a lot of what I've liked it and now. Acts yeah that guy say sugar sure I was about your iPod is a good looks like a lot of good enough of this class issue. This gave specific arrest shortly Greta I think that with Kathy was not I would agree with I mean you think Jessica we can somehow somebody else and in Pakistan appearance you're goalie if you you know degree if you goes and pitches a shadow Fulton put your goal is not that's not the way to go about it so I thought we played good team defense. A little aggressive with Beverly heat it was terrible game of human element people have been moved on but I hate to tell you he's got to be better than what was the total. Lou's got a lot right now no doubt the first goal although it got a pitch a shutout. That's the thing that so now they don't have the win we'll update Armitage and scored the first goal and then he gives up that cheap because he can't clear the bar and suddenly you've tied it 11. That's killer write to you but you ran the same was he was on his way to blame somebody usually go to went and they. Did he was great at their very much different exhibit 321 issued at 41 defeat and haven't used three saves their testicles off the board. But you're right it's it's about the offense it's about gay and get to Anderson get more traffic in front I think it was a ten minutes in the third period that shot on goal. Edits but they just think that felt like they possess the puck. They are either the shot was blocked there was as an indication of a team blocking more shots and you that'll bio anyone at more than you. All their just missing the next missing and all of their turning the puck over when they do gain possession. So it's real it's about that first line and of course you guys that look at at us and I'd Babcock is make adjustments. You know you see it cast the make and adjustments. As well and he's moving guys around Nash goes down that third line that but that was one of his better games. You honestly insanity or series he has but the least EO he's on that left waits is natural side. I you know he's done it would Backus and Nash so it's still elect an offensive line the big line. So I thought that it was one of his better games it's just I don't know what to do a Tony wiggles. I don't know why Khatami when he goes up there were preaching the rust you would get somebody withers big. You know physical guy a powerful or or or skilled shooter to go preachy it comes Tommy for it it wiggles. It is his fourth line guy he just close trapper and is not Los rapper is a tough kid. But he's a fourth line guy would try to put a lot of skill line. I doesn't match I thought Toronto did a much better job of that the last couple games right now being more physical without first like certainly would postured they're beaten the living crap out. They're just trying to get him off his game and they're doing pretty good job jaw they are out of after the first two games of the series he's a different player David stick. Let those get a little too cute at times you know at my share just wasn't very good at all I mean the turnovers. I mean she's somebody's passes that they're trying to make cross ice that it didn't. You know I've had to have no chance well pops that that one extra pass or the extra nifty little move. You know aside obviously discussion for the next couple of days did you wish grind it out do you playwright and not. And I know I don't know appears you cast the does is he came out of the gates when he first came up but each Borneo it wild is that energy. The ice time start to come down. You see an effective right not as much towards the end of the regular season. Then you got to throw a ball game to what body looked overmatched. And I got a game seven. Where hopefully there's no penalties called to be talking about a physical style play eighty scorer he really want that guy in there but you do unique. You need skill on the other Hinske seventh in its glory its teeth set on nothing like since Saturday you're gonna throw him into a game seven. When you have veterans. That. He probably feels a lot more comfortable with certainly you know but that out of they need goals right now they need somebody to school. Now I'm not sure I would go with anonymous can. Only for that reason is now suddenly there's a good jet school. No he still has finals he still has class they're they have another month they're out I think the third week makes it Whitman said the most Apple's rules aren't gonna. Cry don't for the next few days Tyler Sega 2.0. Over Novak gonna guess Tampa and had a series right when you particularly only say precinct three Sagan you know what he advocate. So I act. It sounds tough call that's that's going to be physical game and he's at some kid you get them flying around. Broads are doing a good job really stopping them and all these stretch passes what they're known for you want a guy out there maybe not as responsible defensively. But you'd you'd need you need scorn you need spelling it I hear you put in doubt the Eagles Eagles data Heidi or not. You guys that you're looking at the you know you're looking at the others the secondary guys you need to focus on that the number one sat the stock that's in need to focus on the apostle knock. The Bergeron and marks on those guys that'll let you down it's like when Al Horford goes for. 124 points and twelve rebounds a game one and he gives you nothing you know in game five. Still a great game arcades so it's like okay go to Perth the wind you have to hold up your end of the bargain. You're assuming that you're gonna give us at least 11 school or at least something like an act. When you get sculpt. And in all the losses withers it is is an obvious reason for. So I know that you know it wants a point in Blaine to grass forgiven of two goals and regardless of the rebound because of how we did it. You know and you look at him like I did you guys stop everything not a little bit of support I'm learning. And gentlemen I noticed there were Cassidy sync unfortunately the reality of of playoff hockey is. You have to Spain used cliche stand on your head you don't you have to go out there and steal a game. And he gave the game up in game five. Is no denying that he is also an 18 o'clock that's fine he was guy he revolt it was OK yeah then all of a lesson okay fine comes out game six tough situation. It gives up two goals in the two fine okay gives a two goal the other guy and he was on one was not the problem if you're gonna sit there and give stars and it gives star stood on to reverse side of it is today. As that guy give honest effort and good start giving out the start for guys or bad. At the game changes so all of the regular season competition you'll agree. That story Krueger now for everybody always do with them for now through because. News outstanding early enough credit for the way he played their first set game because fox and I kind of school that first line stole a Lori drew was outstanding county been very good at all. The second goal in old gas is talking about you know defensively we sort of lost some things I that he was out of position I don't think he's he's been great. And all that first pairing of char McIlroy I only they have been great. Either so I understand this is and a complete team effort but you're actually right. They there comes a time when nervous that guy you know what you do it's 211. Well. It comes down we gotta make you say it's a basic almighty god and he did that in the third period it absolutely did it at their theories that need to do a lot more wins and a lot. More. Unfortunately that's what it comes down to. You can sit there and say what we've got to we've got high scoring team to get the highest scoring team you want you need goaltending you don't have goaltending eunuch and was ending as early on it was. We lost if and when he lost again it was a game three. You lost in sectors that you worry about it that Null because you remember the opportunities there offensively and he could see why didn't really need Donato. Offense wasn't the problem creating opportunities wasn't the problem is just unloaded on them the first two games. They game three came back with a game what Posner probably shouldn't Patrick in the third period I think he's a bit snake bitten right potluck we called it. Please it is always bring him Donato. And because you offensively that you don't need it right now yet every opportunity to balk at any steal game forty say would go with him. Game five happens you don't show up at the garden which might be the most disappointing period of the entire series. Period one of game five how you don't show up for that in your home in a year in the garden. When an opportunity to bury the Toronto Maple Leafs that you play like crap for for the first period down two nothing. So then he's typically go to Toronto and it's like idol where the offense cable came to life in its second third period we don't need the office we don't need to not. And an eagle there now all of a sudden it's sort of nice squeeze in the state as they say you know any average trouble getting it passed in far yeah his soul. Now the question becomes do you need right Dinara spark something and I'm with you a bit ago. I don't that he plays and I don't. I don't think you play scheme settlement if you got to play them you. Plan a man automatically six we you've got a little bit of leeway to game seven are fearful that he would make. Key mistakes simply because he's never done this because I just to go to the eleventh why more and and this can be physical game. And he's gonna get lost that it could be ready to be played as Canadians have it like eight minutes by a. That's what they're doing the pastor Greg it's beat the crap out of them every time they have an opportunity. The eggs beat the crap probably figured doctors from measles spin moves easel like unity dance around the hole that I can and not let it ride yeah if I mean. OK I did it but you know you're you're still you're you're looking at. You know all these other guys that need to step up. OK so berg from line 23 points in the three victories twenty in the first two right scoreless in the three losses. So minus 156 so little is that that's not that's the story. It's not Tuukka Rask find blame game five on if you want to the story is your best players on delivering when they don't need. Mall the other thing too is that it's not just that they're not scoring this is you know great it'll cost not gotten better and defensive men as your best defensive you know line. You know I could say the fourth line a scrappy didn't do their thing but we need a Bergeron out there and you got martian out there no penalty kill guys. And grit you know outscored the bigger and scored upon. This minus sixteen. Bit given it up. And Andy are days so it's not like I'd be you know we just begun to school but defensively that's still shut down the other line nine on not going to do enact. Sloppy turnovers whatever whatever it is emotional was guilty of yesterday that second goal but. That that's that's also that big of a problem is per trust don't he's dominating on the faceoff should not talk until he looks at. Same result not only goes so that's part of it so. Now that you sit there being cute maybe they felt like a little you know maybe they had a little bit. You know little space between them account you know try some things that they normally would try. So now now all the pressure's on them. Every last bit of pressures on them you're at home you had a great regular season to get home my they had that game senate if you needed it nagging got. Good playing like crap they have the advantage called me and I don't believe momentum right you know for most part but. They're belief in himself is much better than what the Bruins got corn I don't look like a bit and look like they're frustrated. There are pushed seeing you know advantageous as did away. Right now police are in their heads please. I don't bogeys have been here before this when capitals of thirteen. Does thirteen yes McCaskill senator Eric three game set another three to want to Toronto this that was a whole Bergeron Bergeron gave Wright five to four overtime down 41 you come back. And I love the fact you know we only show the look crowd out the only the only candidate when they have like Philip. Entire park full of people watching in peachtree and I actually laughing because I that that's what my lasting memories of that game. Is that you know one nothing here goat judicial affairs going nuts for one racial fears going nuts floated through the quieter 43 this and panicked also and Ford for the heads down the hats are off to throw their hats on they lose they go back and have one last look. I'd love the fact that they're out there watching it because of that. That scene that I'm gonna be able to see on Wednesday night. But. It's got out what you guys I hate to disagree. Medlock disagrees that we seek medical back and forth. But this Bruins team. Given what they showed that you know the first proposal was all year long. How they won games in different areas were to shoot out grind it out game. The way they played West Coast of just all the big moments during the season. It seemed like you always there there are always ready there are always prepared. That's when that first period in game four five rather pissed me off. So I just I don't see. This team did a good painting did not gonna do that tomorrow that the you don't lose three games on the road why you lose three games in a row especially the last games at home. Well done it before I mean I'll and he did a video of this isn't it it's as good as I can also I don't know measures how scenario in I was looking at the Celtics and their game tonight. How is this one guy I was right about how. Album of the Celtics have they've lost the momentum right thought the Bucs have the momentum of that site night it is stupid secrets. In that moment so in the end and yet I'm only really count in my opinion only works. During the game ankle during the run out what the game's over it right over it especially when he's as well bootstraps especially when you movie to the other vein 880 yeah okay thank you know from you you come out of here if you're that your Toronto. You come out first period. And the Bruins are just smack them around to smack them around like prisoners were set the tone right here now let you know this is what it's gonna get that momentum whatever hat. Dawn leaves the arena don't exist when you do feel and see the momentum slipping away. That's it has in this series now in favor of the Toronto Maple Leafs. I think that's a real tough things head to grab back I don't buy that not I don't really don't want to carry out an inaugural week after week or did you buy into would go. Not all you sit back and you look at you look at the film to go. We should be blowing these guys. All logo are the only thing would be you know in in in that sport or B got a team that feels a bit better team in Toronto. If I can beat you more quality got a goalie right now that's on fire. That's really with all the culprits and whether they have a lot of young players aren't maple leaf team that are going to command and and never played an opinion don't have a bad Becky go either way. Zoe we've seen it before I mean always it's possessed of a Vector Group that knows that's been there before that knows how to control their emotions that knows how to. Putted view with the lead up to the game the pregame and lucky to light today that they because they experience already. Or you got a groupie young kids. Don't even realize a big moments. It is playing hockey. They don't really don't realize sometimes that too until later in your career you know the first time eagle like up the playoffs the World Series. On a chair shrinking but the first had to go to the playoffs the World Series. And you lose later you can theorize a lucky we're just to get there. It's the next time you get the US how precious it is but when you're young kids. That has been it's just like you know this is awesome city to straighten the capacities that it that way so the gas but youngest delegates are. It's roads and Ottawa Pitt on the eight other data I and other Internet because these are due I'm not getting affirms veterans right now most I correct myself his earlier said you know Heidi is a guy that you know they obviously take him out he's not getting it done denials got maybe doesn't trust the rust has been good this young that are. He's scratch that game as well Zain eighties again. Maybe he's communities in between he's a little bit office look to grit a lot of experience. Is not the goal scorer that they're not always but you know you throw him in there he might he might be the guy. As opposed to hi and Orton now. Seem to be Cassie dozens he Streisand's got it he's he's not afraid to. Rock the boat. Take some you know calculated risks especially with a dialect or not he needs scores the other guys aren't doing it okay here's a guy that you guys haven't seen trying to get to see this guy whom you know it doesn't eat had little taste in the regular season. He's fresh he's probably energize you probably watching cutting knows where his sweet spot could be knows how he can attack somebody. As you know and if you're worried about a defensive. You know let down on and that's part of the risk. It here's my my one concern and a lot of people have talked about you know that first pairing of char remarkable it in game five. Early in the first period. And I haven't seen anybody write about it I've seen but he asked about it or anybody to talk about it. But I I'd be willing to bet you that Zdeno char dislocated his shoulder. Early in game five. Right he was in a right that are right of the goal when it happened to somebody hit on an admitted he had done the right arm felt the ground. Any just sort of skated off. And I'm telling you it looked good it looked and we we you know at which you see somebody sup a sub let's nation with a shoulder. Or dislocation to show you know exactly what it looks like it always looks the same. And that's exactly what he did in game five so I I don't know where he is health wise never gonna find out yeah you know Mueller finally season's over. But I act I mean from what their reaction as he showed there's no question. Initial popped out on a series is enough but you look the same me. I want one thing I want restaurant there's a sensitive American I wanna throw this out if I don't go look at our list over there is okay if I criticize Canadians. Is that okay look at the analyst. At Arlen everywhere Jeanne. I'm you know I don't economic I don't get any stump on July and Gloria already don't so obviously and obviously the Canadians were were mourning the loss. Of a lot of people yesterday and another one of these senseless. Idiotic killings okay that we saw him with a fan going up on the sidewalk and taking people act. And then so you get the last night's game and is a moment of silence and there should be eaten and you could very emotional you could not hear a pin drop. In in that arena. Start with the National Anthem of the United States and obviously followed by oh Canada. Once again can do this kind of time to get the year so disrespectful. Of that of the National Anthem of the United States out. And so I got to edit adding me here this is what is going on for a while he had a yes. Yeah eleven out of the verdict Merrill three with him quietly in between the notes you can hear these guys scream and jump around that you can hear clears Dana. Yeah. Whose broad street. That up. Staying on me. It is especially with shock and do what's that you would think given what just happened to be a little bit more. Respect you give you both for your spec everything he's on my dad have to close to but even yeah yes it are you don't need that. Need to happen for you. Both sides are being members and it did you guys in that. Partly that the and they booed the hole and the. Ability unless that happens like Odyssey note we say it puts things in perspective right. When a tragic that happens and usually when you in the in the moments the days. After it puts every year just sort of like yeah we're just watching a sport. Unity it kind of puts it all in perspective. And to have that kind of reaction was surprise Weston. Don't connector and a verdict numerous times for it. Kim has like three mounted police if it works in the United States in a what would they be. Me and they are an ally of the United States here. You hear when Rene rancor is doing O Canada at the TD garden of people do you know well we don't mock the Canadian national and it is and I am trying to now you you've got me thinking is that they have in the past. That's them that I ever asked of the best years are all yes it's yet obsolete I don't know I'd know respectful audience Erica and I loved him. I do love Canadian bacon we surprising. Hand we were you were you surprised they when we heard vote. The grenade predict this suspect disorganized obviously yeah. Guys I. And you don't get a physical now with this but always when you when you heard this was their split second we wondering. Is against the loan. It whatever committee about Beckett Boston Marathon. Would you flip left in that. Probably not alone every week we that the city was in lockdown to yes I got there was a man that don't attitude I saw a lot of stuff online last ICA for the candidate they bring that was again critical of them are gutsy player game give what happened put it blew like two hours beforehand. People were questioning why are they playing. This game and you have added. But it if it compares to eat one you know dolce was on lockdown. To okay if this happened at TD garden and then and in the bottom of the band you writes it'll be an economic Beers street. I mean as far as. In proximity to the stated I don't know I'll always displayed on my Alley proximity ten people died and economic and it got injured Alfonzo hitting batters though right and it still shouldn't tragedies they're the owners city since cable idol I think approximately does matter because it happened in Montreal. Mean was that the city night nobody it's still you know it's. Well I guess right. The person who doesn't have to do with it is that it's well with als slaves it's like eight miles away. I'm. Do you think they should play. Armed. Tell Canadians what to do with their I think if we ought to know that we are Boston to a number that should have played let's. I think I haven't let up there via the what are they were just that we should play tonight that's their way of showing respect. The Celtics did hockey today was scheduled pleaded not good but it I think to the two are different though. But if all the different. Yes citywide manhunt hunt going on right there and there it completely dried. You physically couldn't drive I I at that night of the week you know that of the bombings of revenue when their when they set the city late. Hotel reservations. Go go hand on the city community we couldn't get him it went to cancel reservations or problems. Buddha. So totally different. Eight outlook until we Canadians had lived a life I will tell them this give a little bit more respectful. Of the National Anthem especially on a day when you have something like this happen. And that's what you thinking health it YouTube you wanna boo America bit stupid. Written in your players on your teams that are American on that team so without. I fighters here not surprised. At its candidates the way things are now. People hate us. He used more you who you have your biggest example. America never for example and you are an insult proposed a positive response both your on the so you gonna do something that relatives it'd be plot and Arnold Owen because his. It's the phone calls coming up next 6177797937. We'll get into gras over the weekend. This is unbelievable. More stuff on Tom Brady and we'll get to the Celtics in the Red Sox as well. They show. Am I WEEI. The thinking kept going out of that it just felt like sup was off Boston in order to get into the middle kept trying to get them to fans each and just try to get try to be too many guys I think get to you'll. The Bruins played a little bit too much but that first probably easily covered on. The beginning of that third security got to what fifty with a clean sheet would get very many really good clean opportunities they were to be weighed too fancy. To relax getting the puck back to the point. Not taking good crisp passes so that. Put them on the power play at their hard work that we're gonna razzle dazzle this we're gonna make all these great crossing paths that they shoot the puck. Pretty. It is. He had massive crew commenting I think it's pretty good evening Lou. That said that's why the shots on net or so deceiving with the growth of more legitimate. Good shots. As we said earlier they're missing what's. And that's my point so. If you think that's gonna that's gonna continue that that's that I read do you think this is like somebody placid this. In their locker and they showed up here is you guys did in in the first two games and here's what you guys have done all the big victories. All the losses all the losses that they've had. You guys haven't done anything you've been terrible at both ends. So you think it's like that's some that's his connectors gonna stick around with all the success they've had. That the it's just they just forgot about agents will that I just crushed to be crushed under the pressure. I did nothing to do it that I I think you know the offensive fire on this line adds that their power play's been outstanding that there was African putrid yes. I don't know what the hell that thing was stuck there. Merely its. It was pathetic. Now yelling get there the refs there's a very I don't know the word go bad non cold I thought they'd they'd appearance late they bunch of stuff that in a fiercely I mean. I don't know what you just eat you don't call that badly did you apparently doesn't know that's why would you issued and if there aren't sure about what fifty seconds. What of Ella was less than a game you should've had us basically six on four is that when the first or second period it gets cool. I think they did. That's that's what that was get a bid based emitted fifteen to go in the game. You know it cleared fears. But the Mac avoid tripping with the joke. I thought his stick blade touched his skates. And he went down at the roughing call the front wasn't done Kevin Miller Ruffin. And that was normal hockey just sort of check out at a prom at that at all but it got a break on the back is rough and other match. As you. Unaudited back I thought that was on purpose so I I know that I thought it was to bring his hobbled the it is to what I'll buy it doesn't matter 8888. I know it doesn't you're sitting there you know blitz and everybody commented about it quote about it talk about it tweet about it. To me it looked like he knew exactly where he wise he knows Anderson has a tendency to flop or maybe a ballas are renowned and and he'd finally brought this to Tony didn't. Looking to make contact penalty knowing that you know what there's gonna say that was just him trying to respect it was a penalty but Paula goes after he gets to the roughly two. But any incidents have been yeah. So yeah all click Toronto I think you go to Asia is clearly looking at these things are pictures and audio look at that and say oh. She totally meant to do that we're gonna we're gonna secure some. Not a big thing I don't think that's been viewed come to a but it was pathetic illusions just it was awful. And then they had debt it even that won't pop wedding is the giveaway and it was mush in monopoly to a to a one beautiful state but to grass that kept them in the game I mean it was just. Just off also based on everything you've seen during the course of the season are too optimistic that they're gonna come out and play healthy gain them. And yes I do I really think the complain how the game. And if he might think might might might paper you know night before what is learned I said no let's see if they don't. People will be pissed off this year because the expectations for the Bruins. Were a lot higher than the sort of a lot CN NM my my my opinion before the playoffs started with Baghdad to guess ego because of the great that a because I just saw it in and because you had tons of examples. Her to prove my point over and over and over again that line especially. Kept giving you. Gold points assists you name it they were doing everything the fact that they've gone cold of these and these losses. It's something that you could predict 11 loss sure three. Not even close was it a lot about Tim Thomas 2011. Because that was off the charts in its basic unfortunate for Tuukka we are right we are right. And that's what we're comparing him to. And he's got a he's got steel gains four if you as a goaltender doesn't steal games in the post season you're in trouble you can have you can you can score. Q you scored or not. It's a tough job except that ball he argued this point two weeks ago with me that you didn't need it adds I put it correct and rest he's Kennedy immigration beginning Bruce Cassidy again. Like yes they shoot that he has them to shut out every single time senator I'll bet on the over the past that we can affect every. Every as we go Hillary's like everybody's okay and slurred and he read the Bible or more in the value. I think Mel's doing a hot bath actually with him again as risk death than in Pakistan appearance Taylor goalie if you you know would be great if he goes and pitches a shadow Fulton put your goal is not that's not the way to go about it so I thought we played good team defense. That's enough so he is telling you. That he doesn't ensure that happens and it is and he was crucial now and again that apple pie in the game well on in the game three yes OK but it affected your head coach is telling you to help like Michael we can only I can only expect there's got to be so might have parties and spend some Alaska's pretty good last night he was not good enough case and he wants it so you you he wasn't doing is so your first. And how are not playing any goals right it's the fact that quality and Bolten wasn't good enough. Because he should have known that he was gonna Getty's support you know with Gannett you don't put the puck in the back of the net. So he should have been better he's in a dome right probably expecting someone else the cabinet pick up production wasn't as David asked you what goes yeah. The problem is OK was OK okay he wasn't the problem started under the same problem ours and we don't get out of it but he's got to be great if that's my argument we do two weeks ago it's not depth and obvious as yours and especially the analogy is an ego integrator and football now let's go right what's your defense your defense sucks. These Super Bowl a couple of yes sure to also. Hey you know what Tom Britt you'd be better yet Robert you can't follow the ball the last series it your all time. You've got to be better Tom Burnett for a good game right ivory are passing it divot couldn't stop a nose bleed yet it's still you know what they listen they saw its what do you. So you're telling me listen if it's your first White Sox are second line sucks but you coaches make in the bad so I'll tell him you know it sorry to cut. You're the goalie pulled rolls downhill you gotta bails out yet. Right that's no yeah. At all. He does think he does about made that timely saves it means score a goal that next shift that that's going to be one of the most important things they did it. But it was interference of goal and affairs is a good call the electrical. He has the he has to make like 45 of these stops I think definitely the third period but that came after the the they tied after at least. So your first reaction was oh my god Duca and the replay is and gets them back right. But you gotta make that he did it they're paired bakery of their amazing. You know that's the kind of stuff you need in that first period. You don't just got to get it going a little bit you can't dominate the play I think. Cassie as it is at the game it was frustrating. Because you feel like you're dominating the play you have possession you put shot after shot gritty maybe you missed some opportunities are missing the net. And the next thing you know it's one possession Bengal. That's extremely fraught. For (%expletive) that you think that one nothing lead and you gave it up just like that. And you gave it up because your goaltender could not clear that puck. He for some rhetoric and a pick for some reason it just drifted right out in front of him slightly to the right and it's set them up with a perfect opportunity and I got a 11 game you talk about momentum. Has beaten you know people climbing from one game to the next now I don't buy that I'd bite in one game. If they take that one goalie you get that second one to defeat. Yeah different games that momentum it's just snatched away from view in the moment the puck drops or it's done cost depending on who as. Who's who wants more I lets you should have I think the Boston Bruins now are really I think there on the ropes on the world's leading these your buddies these days or another candidate. The Riviera and you really do do and in my guy. Isn't it right in Toronto they're either trying to convince themselves that they are mostly. Because what happened thirteen to rip there Frick in hearts out. And and they're scared is all else blew most of the other person the brewers fans have left another round yeah I hope our own. And Iowa but hockey is to them. Yeah I younger harder with sixteen years old he that he couldn't watch the couldn't watch the game because they're scared by Darnell and they're gonna go into terrible entity and it. Here at three overtime on that there's something about the blue jays on the year to run early so the arguments but there. Our team yeah I didn't do it at the gate and to have its least it's an event that this I have no idea but you look. And the Canadians put out they booed when American product or products from all the players and he's probably Americas. And the don't of the eighties when the wall. And us I took the phone calls through yelled let's go to TC in Somerville TC. Eric are quick questions so bad start and a quota and assert all right before you act yes. OK it was you watched miles out and look literally night and look got the growers actually made the play. Trying to you know get a call on me but it you can't call on defense allow body to look. I watched it all straight at jumped on the anyways. Change. It isn't. I quote but at the Irish law. Let's just two hits has he sees it appears clear. Circle around our park it in a week clear clear clear difference these the only time it's from some of the others we can play hockey. As you play like Reagan milieu Olympic men's league on Sunday either. Thursday nights are hard it's declared a fair. Oh I thought they want acting like DC I trust that you played and document a trust the seventeen year veteran Tony Monty but that's a pity to see a show you obscenity skate circles around me ask you can go to seek aren't always got up early at a price thanks. Why flared affair STC. At stake circles around anybody. Well ahead now no matter. Matty out. I had people are you what I want to rest as second line would you defenseman. Are you a bully. Oh I'm prominent knock it up. Still Thompson's. Less chemicals right on the street and big shot. On. Bad secondly secondly though. I would. About a game and when you haven't had three defensemen. That are completely pathetic public McDermott you might ever and create a rookie Seoul diplomatic use but Robert all action nodding in the NHL. And sidestep it. And they've struggled the last couple games but sit down and Aslan says that with a series and then I unpacked equitable outpost. Aren't you up last minute you know. Maybe yeah it's like Brady finally you two and for me. I know that the Fed is in or not so there didn't write a little bit while they beat three time. At a well they beat three of that horrible defense. It. It I don't know that well yeah and evidently although there at that down and you have chances you're doing good and I. That that bit of let me you got to see I love me Mickey you've got it. On their annual. Yeah you re not great analysis yet if you. Don't look good. I know you're upset or an appearance by the way what you're at here. All the decorate it checked that all of the good ones. Those the best what ugly beast but it needs a similar level of other risk. Don't know he is not what race he lets see who I honestly. Now. TCU. It was a losing argument to a so called baseball now. I don't like really had this drug selling and gold's lucky I used to like it involves talking hockey pledged to close or not. And knocked up generated. That's. You're talking with Rickie two year old hockey right now. Larry talking to all the two year old that's you don't have a great age it's that good Chiat day it's always easy to tell. I know that. Not horrible article about. What you got. What do you think it's not. Those those are just bad luck coach isn't bad luck is that what you are a lot. Expert goal late in saint look at Gary said that thank you agree with me don't call it a myth is why and where and when when you what are. Just go why. You read it gold signs and now is that the five well the all kinds Iverson's arrival but again. O'clock noon the. The defense. Very little about what was it. In the box that's being too cute last night. All yeah. No wonder I did while I donated a million yeah that's that's as a way for Iraq. On billion dollars in nowhere are those of like that it's a typical editor's note this disparity I'll hockey clause does enough to host our great book. If you try to debate within. Right away they go to try to play the game and I play hockey. I skate circles around you like the mini just try to have a debate I thought it was an affair TC didn't. The reason why I'm wrong is because TC plays hockey. Best record in the American League which it partly to. You'll be finished route points. Sorry and installed a look at it this way Lou you TC just did something to better society. I headaches you have it'll ever to appear like downward. Six point 77797937. Back to the phone calls Max. Plus 43. DC it's it appeared clear out. What else it circled around soccer park it in that we generally talk about it from some of gun as we could play hockey and I think men's league on Sunday begins Thursday nights I think like DC I trust that you play they're not give up a trust the seventeen year veteran Tony Monty but that's of hate to see it show you a hundred estate circles around me ask you and dad say circles around the body to. Matty is Albert a fool him and pulled it now had people acting what mine wanted list a lot of second line you only come up around a prominent knocked it keep it fun. It DC there's still a drop the gloves. Right now love cease and after ten long days. On Saturday and I am not allowed at least I'm immensely to our that your livelihood or my they're gonna catch on and I don't know. I'm sure they use it suspended gonna hang them on Thursday nights you're you're an immensely got all your immensely can't you could fight you just get suspended did not gonna stop you from. Fighting if you start three gloves off you'll fight. It is he the idol is as it left Natalie why is it that. I don't hear it with any other sports caller put what I'll say one out of every three or four. Big hockey callers. Have to remind you they played. If you just disagree they tell you play you know this but what he's like does activists on just what I don't know what is lightly and that Y and Z and I don't know I I'd boy I don't know I think is due to play hockey like play hockey in your knowledge I thought I played hockey in high school who plays baseball box or hockey nice clothes hockey play the gospel who was capable I don't ocular lets people play slow and actually lying Iran. You know as the income Kevin Coble and perhaps that's a school better megapixel. I don't know that you're doing it wrong but you have to at some sort it somehow create like a war picture so you can do a better job troop you can do better are talking about how you played. Hockey in high school right know what you remember what you saw you know that she. He isn't in high school lets you know when people disagree all and Aaron they call obviously you know you talking about those bad pass by Brady feels good gadget bag dropped by Ayman Dolan. But he never say I I I play high school football that should have been written on his often. Hockey thing I want to play god and everybody played not only his area already know we get the same thing with or they don't we get the same beautiful two guys much. Yes I think we love you Eric I've I've had a goalie for fifteen years and took it in part to the most. How many times do we hear I played. Small ball college will bought me or does not re delighted and yeah I was a tackle and what you really it's an. I don't either head high school football Somerville high you can get some users log back along with the coach Wright did this and I'm getting analytical and only and they called the Little League the coach like pop Warner hopeful. That's what they do every week so we're pulled a goal we shall we shall square. He keeps his head he's got to look at his defender. Now stick to switch hitters who have been good fun and attract a holiday. I'm with Arnold says. Wanna talk about. Or is sort of on the we're going out to him. A little flat out there is exactly now that I'm you know quite a difference who. That's what. I would follow in. Portland are good but exactly who doubles. As. I didn't know about what on what our way out. It's it's does not appear like these Tuesday's accountable a couple of insignificant and these guys actually just how common knock it weakened and it does actually play that level they were close to the vulnerabilities. In I mean to you correctional inaugural ball is like Anderson Anderson give a lot of credit. And he played great. But also a huge star he's dead but they did have a lot of great eight chances they can't finish with a close and that's that well the really good chances with a creepy. A brief what they're all. I can you do you have dinner. Well. A tad blue. Eyes might get a switch lighting. Hello budget of sewage. Generated an idiot and are you on your outlook for the a little on our. But. This. The street. As always doctor does that count. The cynical good chances my dad always said that if you gave good chances. That you're doing good. Always felt that way is it hitters that well I don't know bands like a veto would you like literally antebellum. Well they're certainly the war is Lou you're a 100% correct licking my. They're notorious. To create. Eastern Europe or go down on the way to go. Oh absolutely. Absolutely not except current affairs who. Don't know you don't all of that is it. It is a lot of just. You don't call that led up close look a little bit I don't call that it because it. I don't understand what difference there isn't it's late hockey game verses and if you do it in the first or second period as the vice score. On a power play in first or second period it counts the same as the third period it makes no sense to me you've got to be consistent level playing. And I I think you're 86% right now and a hundred I think you're 100% I 6177797937. Regular.