OMF - LeBron acts nonchalant about loss; Cavs rolling their eyes at each other, 5-16-18

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Wednesday, May 16th

Hour 1 - The guys start off with the Celtics and their win over the Cavs in Game 2. Glenn thinks Marcus Smart is a better defensive player than Dennis Johnson and is worth more than 17.5 million. Christian thinks fans should have started a “Khloe” chant during the Tristan Thompson/Morris spat. And Glenn thinks Cleveland radio has no passion because they’re landlocked.


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Beats or Wayne. And moaning and forty. I plan tougher and we are public school in the game. Thirty plus there's the anti FC JR's I like when you say that you. Soften it so much of the good save the future JR with. Blue and blue and Chris I feel sorry for LeBron. The inmates are saying legend Gary that's a lot man this could get involved he's gonna get it assumes the home office we've got to be to have he's got to get back. Question about your for your mental stability as to whether we're that good enough elements of shooting. Over this free throws but not in the play now on Sports Radio WEEI. This is the good with the team we've gotten right now for the future with Horford is now good Al Horford all drain. Does that make this year illegally in the mail and I have managed yes there wanna make an average out featured on the troubled sales would have gone chosen to go the garden you know what you're watching on average noticed immediately want to go to our schoolmate now I'm all for his good teacher I go to average down alone on the teacher would would would would. It would sound that no you don't ghostly too much of it with lake if that's only get it. Abdullah and that return but did it and mock hope it now it's I guess you turn right against you. Not mocking it a million Macs I. But not all of it Lebanese outstanding tickle the fourth quarter yet so that it's over with this yeah well it'll work. I know they just do what they're supposed to do that always NBA that Cleveland team look like a team that's gonna fight in these next five games to win for them they'll. Well that was that brought Kordell legendary was it was pretty damn good ideas but it's gonna get out there now they're up and a full inside the out there enough like Omar it. You know I think the problem in the brown was gone back and four of them you know fear what I'm just gonna say that you know the winner I thought the game was determined in the first quarter. And you look at and say why LeBron and his 41 points in the first quarter ends up with 4210. And twelve. That might have been the most over rated 421012. Game. You're ever going to see because I wanna see how many points he gave up the other rent but he is worth a two game was was one for Boston and loss for Cleveland. 21 points in the first quarter he's appeared defending Jalen brown is Jalen brown with a new line is defending him. Jim Brown was not giving up in that circumstance so now LeBron James knows she's got to get his team off to a the solution I got a lot. And what of what would Jalen brown is doing is. Beaten and it carried any experience doing it and so instead of getting to what 22 point cavalier lead. Capital eleven and that was it and that wasn't good enough for them playing a minority I. And here against the team though it's just playing much and that no Jalen brown. Turn that thing around in the first quarter even though we gave up a good portion. Of those tonight and more importantly do you think you're you'll Moodle all the same result and it's on. None are setting just and I don't let the secular to have a chance at least and avoids due to a series at least isn't gonna notice and every chance they need to win this and said that yesterday said if the Celtics win game two tonight US. Asked me the question that or do they win the series and it's just a room and clicked. We can you take particular morning they unity of the a lot of points photos or about floods so I don't. Oh I thought I was at lunch today. Fiber seventh it's five right spot now well it just because the way it was sort of like the Philly game they just smoked him in game one knows that I got to see what it looks like in game two. And filly came out of that 22 point lead. And it didn't matter that's with the Celtics team does you punch him in the face and you're just not used to seeing a team punts back. And in the south listed against Philly in one game to us and that's it it's over because they can't that they give me everything they can handle in the south of pudge back in the and they won that game thinking. With Cleveland. Date that that was yet. What do you tell me that well example but it just saying you need you need to supplement pieces. In eighty Kevin Love goes to 22 and fifth. Dean he played well Kyle Korver nobody got nothing out of college golfers to this thing JR Smith gave them JR Smith and Lowe's gave them their actual school at three points yet JR Smith Georgia 41 the story three they got a outscored aback when I mean in a month into that others are so comes to this front can't do it isn't easily Rizzo did does anybody believe the Cleveland can come back and winning home game in Boston because I don't I. I don't know Oakley he went there and either games at home but we'll see that having don't publicity I think so what what changes I'm just curious so. Celtics all the shelters exulted you know the only one game this event and it's a short series and even if they lose both of them. This weekend what you want but people will will cite the momentum switching. These are to come back and win tonight my boss what music so what changes travelgate and ignores the crowd at the moment ones though so runner JR Smith make some shots so he decided he's gonna play defense yes so that I could play defense what they have done so to win Saturday night on the project supports 58. Now so he's at his peak right every got you got a bunch of it in the first quarter. But ultimately I don't know what it looks like what is this gonna look just like that for for half right even if it's 345 points whatever it is politically even gets up seven. There won't be you know you'll you'll Blake and I see the Celtics up step right in to be the Cleveland Cavaliers are up 73. And ended at their cleans up fourteen. You know it go the other way that it did the moment the double b.s there but it was last night feeding off the crowd and the Celtics steal the ball to land those big plays. Crowd go or not that's gonna be on Cleveland's that's all game out that way I think they'll pulled him up now but they they can't. I don't think LeBron James now lieutenant. And we can debate whether it was a great game forty to 42 triple it was not okay but still. You tell me what what do they want while the reasonableness of that team wanna get from their players are JR Smith. OK but you tell me. What what what are they want. Here's the thing so you considered John as it was good there they have and all his good eight point time in the game so Jason Tatum did start off strong the first core results in the ground. And LeBron James and Jason Tatum have had it and it could go quick run Marcus mark the entire game. And then they're Rosie here in the second half that now and I know everybody. Like. Contribute at some point in nice it's just too much to handle it tonight in some two point in time because I thought Marcus Morris was terrible the first half. I thought rouge year was bad in the first half they really weren't doing much and wrote shear should have been able to do what everyone voted against George Hill. And then suddenly you said they don't know Miami maybe the moments too big. For Rosh here socially in the second half he makes a shot and outside three and what happens from that point on he gains the confidence back again there and then he -- you is that confidence in Cleveland I'm much jury justly and I think what happens is the normal flanked. Old a Larry Nance junior or a Rodney quote or an Osman one of those guys will will raise your game up. In clean don't feel the big deal don't count on but I don't. Cleveland contribution so you know it was ready could still rotation. Because I want him there he sees he. Lou Lou Lou easy no final eleven minutes Luke knows that he's got about another week and then he'll be out of a job and project will be gone but this. But what we're talking about you know what you said first quarter it was June 2 quarter it was paid in third quarter rouge rouge your fourth quarter it was Al. That's what we talked about before it do you do you trust these young kids and say yes because that that's that game was exactly what we're talking about. No rosier struggles in the first half but Jalen brown goes nuts that data goes not that tape and sort of disappears but here comes wrote here and also now takes it over. You know and there was no it he said Marcus Morris and he was good moments but he'll be a quarter with key might take over so it's just. It's always somebody sees it and it's not gonna be Jalen brown it's gonna be data but it is not going to be ten it's gonna be brown. They'd they'd they'd just overwhelming them. With speed. With that led a schism with defense did you see some of those numbers in the second half. As far as contested shots and wide open shots we shall not all of Cleveland missed some open shots. I think this that was this 36 contested jump shots the three open shots for Cleveland. So that's contested 36. Was like in ninety some percentage rate paid the reopened shots in the second half. They picked up the defense of the nick Cleveland cannot match the Fiat. Good defender Alex say that the especially that first court you so he gave view LeBron James gave you everything he did your David was to document we know he was legendary political as well like loaded up. In the first quarter alone for up for the last reported first quarter alone it's got to be demoralizing to him when he's sweet he does everything right. Yet you have this young guy answered. They don't they don't flinch that was they don't completely out. They don't they don't worry about it so it's got to be it's got to be empowering you yourself don't look guys here's port 21 points to have a second quarter get more points in the second quarter. Completely different person so we got to attack he's got attacked not attacked. He gets tired legs Lynn gale so of course he can't play deep because. All he knows that his biggest impact has to be on topics he's got a score. So any other basketball player high school or college age you they sit there you go you ought to be deficient in something. It out and I need a break it's gonna be other deepens our ball we can pay parity got a head start guardian transition I was gonna wait here and hope we come back when they come back the other way. That's pretty that he was pacing through that through through a good portion of that game the if you noticed they were just I showing him up top. They were spreading the floor out and you sit there going this is that the best of LeBron James you take the guy off the dribble. And the only guy he was effective in doing it against in the second half two guys batons and then when I had been Rhone game other than that on the switch other than that. Couldn't get he did not want what he did he took a step back three pointer that was 68 feet beyond the three point stripe. And knowing what a leader and a fake to me that was thrown at. Ireland that was giving annoyed at and you already know what he did not want working all the defense of her know anything at all some enlightenment the good news via yet. He he he really broke down some film like within ten minutes after that gave fifteen minutes after the game and he was showing like Cleveland missed shots and exit third quarter. And of electing a trip to Thompson under the hoop connect at the only cleave it's in the picture BC five Celtics you know gold for the defensive rebound. In other words everybody in the cavaliers is beyond the three point line towards half court that was their I don't know it is a very bad at all of that rebound with only Tristan Thompson and all five Celtics there at all ad for the 45 Cleveland Cavaliers already have court. The outlet pass was the Jalen brown who took it to the basket. And beat all of them to the basket. All of Cleveland like that the there for five rat the have caller and he just cross dribble the ticket elected he'd beat everybody back. McVeigh any showed he showed three different plays to show that. Five Celtics on the glass. No cavaliers quick outlet Tatum to the basket like these that everybody in the Basque after I leave his dropping back in itself but it's still beaten down the court which is just unbelievable day. They that team quit and I tell you that team realized maybe it was the first quarter when Bryant did his thing and it looked up Macedonia for. They know they can't beat him they wanna go home they don't really like each other it's been a tough years but it's a run for LeBron Cleveland estate mogul it's a morality are there. The bigger guys to give effort like on those plays we. Going good you're hoping against hope there's no question about your effort. Your mental stability. Its appeal whether we're the good enough uncertain. Turnovers missed free throws but not in the played. Barry you throw in the towel and on the moon on LeBron staying in Cleveland through mono he's gone now he's gone and there's no way don't don't don't you don't you really ended for me a lot of people like you're standing up for the broad gains in. You know it is it's what was that they are up 47 in 36 on my daughter up eleven points when he got hit a decent Tatum. Any automatically. Breslaw he embellishes everything for like at any as a big star. It was 50 it was just a legitimate offer is legit card because I don't think it's not legit but can you go there OK. However. We did David Price a hard time not bite and side okay are you want to none are now please stop okay. Computer users there NIC you're gonna send a message and a capable leader. You people follow you in Europe is your George Hilliard any any guy on that team. You for inspiration. And it's. I automatic recourse is to. Why to the tunnel and walked to the locker room legend or why it should shake up and it's all got a confession note or does it got to next three. Case you're in the NBA Eastern Conference championship right now they need days not weeks and they're only what do you say. They that was protocol. They took him our hallway okay and yet as I said they applicants who all of the gentle and it looked like he was wobbly fake are that he's a big terror and pain and I. And that it frank okay mark my second okay Jane that I pay off. These guys already know it'd. If I don't completed its failure for Mark James and mark a big companies that they don't. Well you come good and you talk smack Woody Johnson talked. If they don't really you either have a hundreds and hundreds are young is I don't know where I don't present day it doesn't handle that you did yeah. Oh wait and yeah totally and I'm Super Bowl that was him hired great I was tired because of the job I love you yeah. Do you know how. Well maybe they'll get into the dogs are you shaking yeah all right I don't know why don't you. Ultimately them as well as the UAL I hate so I had diet was it was a yeah. Hey if somebody wants his opinion was against you know users out there that you Brill on key to take I had an exit to my head and I dame also. So that would cause they full well most guys are better without them they were marketed as an ideal idealistic units at opposite you suck on the yes. Yes you should not do that and real today designated odds and that's certainly won't let okay that's at that point if I could outrun I would have confidence yeah my point is. I generally you don't mess round with a concussion like that the legal lets you. My thing is that I believe he wants an out he wants built in excuses. So it's not his fault that his team bail so right off the bat. You're up eleven points you go well. The get go wasn't. At some point time you guys show everybody else that is just as important to you as it is to everybody expects recruits hit UK I would say it right. Question I would I would say you're right. If that was the built in excuse and used it at the end of the game. Because I'm agreeing with you I think he does in some ways look at this and say there's no way does this series is working out for me and he's gonna find a way. And he's gonna end up leaving Cleveland and he's gonna be able to say listen we can't win at Cleveland and they get cap problems our motto here. But last night when he got hit that was a legitimate yet Iran and we talked first question about your entry where you checked for concussion. Poster for most we'll finish. Paris mall so that's all they come back from China. Can't yeah I don't mind and always look all of is that it but he could've said it affected his play. He said just ask that we are here not a faculty plus they had no power to do this fly. Not the only place to eat try to create the story so it just letting it happen. That's what bugs me about it did not his ability of these at odds are now he's okay dictate right now his team is not good not enough for him to dictate. So I agree with you some frustration but let's make it sound like wasn't a legitimate hit Basel and doesn't fit what happens here's some guys do. Am not saying if you if you think gate he doesn't even allow up to stay in. He should stay in. If you don't have a concussion. You should stay and and why they test they affirm affirm why why you don't have to work that has legitimate hurt went up when I wanna get an extra yes and extract I think on Ott Al Horford got her when he won it just it pushed out a detailed book. Stayed in the game. I want to send a message sent methods that you're not giving got a lot. It hardly any business this I think he got pop but it was low blows about 34 minutes to go in half when that happened. Total us mom remember no you're but. Goal rate a locker room on the heels of you know the mind games and eventually trade it comes over is that what's wrong what's wrong with wrong. They look at too little bit and managed in new Google law it was odd but it's a profit they have to do that it. A lot of I don't know they do they do I don't I don't visible there's a there's a protocol. If the trainer believes. That you could have had a concussion nobody nobody motion got off he is neck hurt. And he decided you know it wasn't done with that the Ambien and I felt I hit it that the NFL. If he if the trainer believes that you had a concussion if they don't I don't believe they have like the NFL does. Eight independent doctor or whatever on site of the NBA desire to have that put it the trainer believes there's a possibility of a concussion than they have to go. I'm posting this in in the Eastern Conference finals. The traders should think you concussion if you faulted ground and immediately and head first he's taken a and shoulder to the jaw. Come on in the that your job is what activists admit that it might be concussion. Iraq and it is legal legal official there. You'll not taken him out of the game to test for concussion that you look at his jaw if you want you know I mean yeah you're not you know doing it get. You know he came out but still like he I just believed he doesn't think his team to win. Eight as the team to win Cindy because of what more do you want from the game bosses do what Kevin Love to check and he did to a couple over to shoot better. He did it a part of what right things JR Smith. The blue part of the problem part of the problem that his team can't win right now is on him. He's he's not playing a complete game these are the most phony numbers in the world when you guys numbers last night of 42. Ten rebounds and twelve assists a dispute that that's we'll Tony that's a little bit strong to say that the recently Q when is because of him. In his overall play not because he has played better than that how many did he give up at the other line is you have to play better than the because his team is not good thank you so allowed to be on him and his team is not willing to play hard no bomb data presented let's put it. But it did you. Don't think that way that it hurts if you go for sixteen and twenty boards and what he's just one game. That's not a manual that it is on the crap bombs are you know it is because it's still stuck. Not setting an example at the defense event I just coach I thought the game was lost. For the Cleveland Cavaliers in the first quarter because even though we put 21 points up on the board. Jalen brown did what they every wanted to do against him why because he was not willing to extend to play defense. If you can't play defense that they didn't play all year long and now suddenly you're not gonna play it in the Eastern Conference finals they just automatic notion that the first. Sign that tells you. He is and believe in this team correct. Because engaged LeBron you can talk about defensively metrics they're regular season I was not good in a post seasons one of the better defenders in the game. There's been that big Fella lock you down there's not much you can do he's going to be as quick as you was gonna be stronger than you most people as cover to Wear that until we don't see an effort hole. Player yes so we don't see the effort that tells you he doesn't believe in his team. OK so we already talked about the some Morse who started couldn't score in the first quarter Tatum couldn't score the first quarter rosier good score. In the first court Al Horford had a couple baskets for you but other than that. Nobody else could score except for Jalen brown so if you wanna change beginning. What he needed to do is okay and score one in but guess what I'm gonna piece at the other end. I'm going to put a hole and Jalen brown knows about Elena score. The twenty like the Celtics did on the last I. I understand on this and again take a step back and listen to what you're saying. He's got to score 21 the first quarter related to shut down defense and Jalen brown he's got a scored twenty. You only sixty points like I. And if he doesn't Don yeah. We said this yesterday he was gonna set the over under but I don't I'm voting going on here I am always on the bums he plays how he doesn't. Blaming it doesn't put up playing better. An appointment and we all wanted to Celtics get to the NBA finals this year. If you may look at that and look back in the history of the NBA and said this is one of the most improbable teams to get to the NBA finals how it done. Worst ever notice the powers that went in the water I heard it coming all Indian player maybe the result is that an Asian development that I am. Ass off of the awful develop later restart the season right now ball all those guys are are all files. Charles is different about it now too late but it and then that's when they don't lately rests on how to go harder to present every single and an edit to do with this being one of the worst teams the browser that because he didn't do last night defensively. And it all happened in that first quarter so he like Jalen brown. Basically keep the Celtics around in in the game so that they could as you pointed out different guys in different parts of the game. Could suddenly emerge become part of their offense and beat seeing Ridley that deficit that we are that's. On my guesstimate that you're just making my point yesterday the pressure of of the expectation that at all LeBron James you anesthetic he doesn't they lost the game because they hand. All animosity here are because if you got out if you saw Islam and it's a true statement. The pressure's all on him that he does it will them to win if he gets the play on both sides of the court to do everything. They lose shall we another player. Got a bet bet that that both. Expectations are gonna just say there's always this guy just say this is a Renaissance above the project is a great great player he's not over rated all of that other stuff. But what is it but we thought I would look at that game last night OK he got to be the leader he's got to present. The defense so that other players on his team is that they go oh my gosh look at what the hell the bronze to Lou Brock is busting his past is all over Jalen brown he's not giving him and it's because his single give these capable of. Do we can't you make it sound like he's playing with a bunch of fool you world. Yes no he's not but he's not being a good example today's market and it has to see the broadly deal for him to. Kyle Korver got to watch he's probably the you know different cities along these guys mentally 87 S and love is going to be as easy up and I don't want it. I'm not gonna play defense at all whom the broadest are simply did thirds now it looks Ron Santo example. Brought me back on defense so I guess I mean he's doing it I do think there is between Jack Hanna and of his. That's my points. To. OK so you're you're gonna we're gonna kill because of his cousins differently no I didn't light up when you watch these games. I want to slow time in any one guy is finally there's one don't play at one and a half an hour possible because you dirt out of fuel. The fuel used it there and you try to pace yourself I see all the time he's a visual and now hate one guy just off. Oprah all the points some believe it was Gordon always had the fuel we talk about it is one of the greatest players because not only is he an offensive minded player I hear the argument with him on Larry Bird and I'd buy into what LeBron better than Larry Bird now why because LeBron plays the defense while just what I saw Larry Bird playoff games played far better defense and that's all LeBron James Blake in that game last night so for all points you score which makes them look good in the next they were although I don't love. I don't pick on Indian 4210 and twelve he defended not playing now he's at a point where. Why was almost matching him in the first quarter and instead of it beat it 22 point Cleveland lead and don't worry about it I would say that do brown even. If you look at why have you need to. On. This and. So I beckoning and I don't remember you tell me obviously sounds that you do. LeBron covered. Jim Brown defensive legal for school not a whole first quarter nowadays a lot of solid all the other hundreds that is why Marcus mowers that nothing indicated that nothing that she was on those guys. Morse was not originally on on the brawn. No they were switching around. De offensively I thought LeBron covering who because it sounds like they came out you. And the story creating these unless they figure out the case they started with Jalen brown. Playing abroad change now there's tons of switching that goes on during the course Jim Brown run j.s playing. We mean. James Brown was defending. LeBron out of the gate my marks aren't or wasn't now. Out of the gate was now no. How did the rappers yes OK we'll let and then they all amassing them wondered I think at the problems that in the first court. That's that's what I mean that's what it and that was excellent again was one for the zone at that that was issued because. I think you know talk about growing up faster than you can ever imagine. I just a mental toughness. Of Jalen brown is it not only accepting it play. Almost encouraging. Okay what the confrontation at the back and forth line let's go okay UB on this I got to come right. Back at you it's like he he relishes the opera to yes then please let me have a look at these guys got us. Fine boy he really does that's why you know we we we talked about the slot and we are talking about trades and quiet Leonard and Anthony Davis or whatever said while we give up one we wouldn't give up both of whom. With him and and Tatum his approach we have with all of that right now. You've seen both of them are much different players they bring different skill set. To the table they both bring a fund nominal sense of maturity for the young age. The problem I would double dealing either one of those guys and Trent. I don't know which one of these guys. Is going to be down hall of Famer down or down wrote one of them pay it borrowed it maybe both of Gordon Brown brings a different skill set is defense is that you guys defensively. Really good news have a guy really good when he gets older one corporate and older guys leave key is that that that example I Greg he's out he's a guy that's doing everything he's got to talk of the media control in the locker room he's he's your guy. The C understood why not sure you give up either wanna from now because you might have to. Great players to all star perennial all star players. What a totally different skill set you combine them together. You look at their maturity one's a first year player the other ones society of like playing in the Eastern Conference finals. Yeah and I think it blew out of you know we talked about afterwards but I was curious. Got called I was on fire correct early on yeah I mean he was the second quarter I think he just caught fire yet. And I think going at a fourth quarter he played fourteen minutes. And JR Smith who played 24. Jeff greeted lately when he. Incidentally I don't understand. While Kyle Korver gives you like another scoring opportunity Daiwa's hockey does exactly what you want him to do. And you only played fourteen minutes through three quarters. Yet I don't get all this planet in the first in the second quarter yeah I want to I mean and then look at the parallel how can Williams amended a third IKEA and in the fourth quarter. You start the fourth quarter down seven. And Kevin Love in the broader on the bench. How's he do over there. I'm looking to start the fourth quarter when you know you know. The finishing quarter starting quarters it's everything right in the NBA write you ten point lead last minute I have accorded it down before that huge. Beautiful points seven point legally in the fourth quarter the first 23 minutes that could balloon up to thirteen to get down to one. If he starts the fourth quarter with LeBron Kevin Love in the back. It does nothing useless I mean not only does he set the and so much of that was deployed by Georgia not to say he's not exist at this point guard. OK now I know it it's so I don't really art rock. He did blow out theory anyone out there who want Fedora wearing an export disruptions are part of the problem like I admit the brunt has to do everything. But if LeBron is not going to defect. Then 42 points she's not gonna be gonna people looking at night I heard it after the game how the hell does Cleveland lose by a considerable considerable amount. When LeBron gets 4210. And twelve and they Kevin Love chips in 22 it's because LeBron gave tons of points at. The other end we'll hold him not wanna play unit that is your folks if you don't want to gauge that's only part of the problem though for them the other part of the problems is today they have no help. Look at the box score this is focusing on that you had two guys OK and I'll I'll throw three former all of his points came in the second court three shots. In the second half 33 point attempts and the second half but it all came from two guys. Two guys is if I just that's who you're gonna. You can talk about that it's no solid argument I've free pass and that I think he's I think he's I think he's great player obviously we don't know that but over I do think that now I do think that he looks at it and he's like I knees covered so and so he did you know open. They pass an alternate data needs blows right Michael over. Music teeth. No JR Smith trying to cover rooted blows right by him I mean it comes to pull over. You know he does look up and I'm sorry but yet he can't do everything I think I agree with a modem it'll plus jobs a month and applaud relatively soft. Right might be decent 56 years ago but they're all that suck. At all. And Alex made a year or so there you know Tom bad deepens the Duma the guy who's worse than LeBron James. JR Smith he's brutal never seen a guy did he gives everyone a free pass not worth it now we're at the biggest impact he had biking it was when he pushed. Al Horford down bella yeah. That was kids and say it already begun goods dirty play I think it was a terrible it's like. Chapter in the fifth row and it was a vertical. Gentlemen a flagrant two there's no question about it but I must say about it via an I don't know if you saw it. Item is doing that and yet I would not would you be surprised at all. It JR Smith came out had 2426. And game on Saturday 44 yes I would they're seeing meaningful voice does how cool overnight now he doesn't. This what he does he'll have a great game and when he does have a great game they usually win. And then he'll let's thinkers like like he did last night but either way. Either way. Does anybody really believe that Cleveland can come and win a game in Boston. Sell. If Boston that they want this weekend and you're talking about a five games here. If Boston loses both this weekend. It's the you know simple Cleveland holds serve. I'm still not worried about the series because I just don't see how Cleveland. Can win a game here in Boston and this from gonna have to do. 56177797937. We go to football golf we kick it off with the Celtics they are up two zip. On the Cleveland Cavaliers we get to your phone calls coming up. Not like that from office won't have to thirty plus that's a flagrant two. It would be would you put someone who's vulnerable open you're like yeah. Ultimately rest. I just looked you know Al's he's a defenseless you know person who's in there he can't centralized fight goes he's now you can look at me you know you go and take two to enhance the effectiveness of various you just can latitudes to keep you know does not the first armchairs passengers especially playing against us he's known for especially pregnant since we we we know that. It's remarkable these Cuban going to keep picking me for keeping community farm stand up and that's what I try to do you know on the market out there and I took things too. Under the old timers don't like hearing this and we were talking about this the other day mark is mark is a better defense supplier. Then Dennis Johnson was because he can guard different people different size different situation. He can do and he's similar to DJ in that that times he shot is working of the times you know who go three for thirteen to three for fourteen. You know it doesn't make it doesn't make a lot of them but it seems like they're timely you know did you ride that emotional roller coast with him last night shooting. Only have to say is I'm Big Three and he is the classic not. I don't. Are. Is that because it was a boy Q&A third quarter as a OK he's got to relax and you know they got an 8910 point lead right now. Stop coming down and just tuck in the three Xena with a chuckle is located but there's there is around he takes an opening gets in one and you late yeah I mean it's. It's very strange you know the biggest problem you have with you must have someone of those championship. Contending teams out there. I'm looking at what on this and I say that might be the guy that puts me over the top. He's just a Bulldog out there he's going to give the rest of my team. A lot more. Energy allowed beaten bigger balls out here just because of the way. That he just won't give up on anything. He's not gonna go to a Sacramento they're sacrament that you're a bad team gilligan's and what does he do we can't stop. No I wrote here's what kind of money that the teams are gonna all be generously write things are gonna go to crappy team. Another bring him in payable a lot of might be the start to gardens okay take it to the next level he is a championship player he helps you win championships you know up you get the final hole whatever your goal is. Does he just does defensively such a game changer too ridiculous. So what how much money is too much money to keep market Smart that would be to question me because I think if the Celtics. God you got to do everything you can and that would mean your Chris mark Becky victory in most years there's more teams but beached in rose year. We'll look at Evan Turner contributed seventeen and a half million bucks a year for 45 year deal from Portland. And market Smart is far more valuable when Evan Turner who gives you medium range shooting that's what did you write off of venture off to match. And more Smart for eight a bad team a mediocre team is not going to be a starting point guard he's not good enough to do that. But man for champions he can literally he's worth more than seventeen and up. Millions working for the whatever it's got an another team Eagles and the market knows city whatever. He'll frustrate element of finance and they'll be able get them one understand it's not a black guy united Bob pointed the gun and on just wait till which can wait. Wonder that I had. Brady got a steal one for nine but you know I mean at a neutrality and it'll be some crap team that. Won't benefit from his hustle plays OK I believe it or diving on it rallied the team that Milwaukee right notice and Middleton yes. You greener guy like this guy here that combats and toughness you look at some talented teams that you'd. Need to get over the hump in that needs and toughness my friends teams contributor bill Adair Wallace over there and well no I don't Metafile I don't think drew blood. So listen let's just say JR Smith. Is not about that life when it comes to going toe to toe and head to head with Marcus Murray doesn't want and JR Smith describes his note yet okay crazy. At cape he doesn't it's I agree with you Marcus I was under its Shana and he will mop the floor with him put those two and a ring it's The Who comes I'll Starbucks. That would never got to that was usual as they can say all you want them and whose are insisting no Mark Jackson jumped all over that right away. Is that more is Smart jumped right into that battle. No you're not gonna commit nor place you're not a simple if you can push us around and throw one of our guys and her one of our guys screw you that is a huge factor with all series like in the other hole we're talking modern brick is Marcus Morse yes. He is a thinker he said you know he's everything you wanted to crowded could be. It you'll be looked at. Marcus Morris he's not. But it Tristan Thompson thing last night you're more that you wasn't he wasn't going to really bad down eight point -- Thompson try to get the edge for Gillick continued to yell and I yell louder and look more animated them tougher than you think about it feel more such. Until the gorilla in the middle right dongle and beat my chest about what that argument used tropical Kardashian off your eyes. Well you know they write how would you do OLE a double team let the little. Yeah go baby go I don't think I would go if you have the cameras here and what's off limits when he stuck in a trash talking which all of that is gone you know what you 'cause there they can't know how you cut your he's laid out right the beginning. I'm amazed that and I couldn't hear it. If Bob the Celtics fans NIC Tristan Thompson John with Marcus Morris. Hello we just blow me out of that is globally and it kimonos FUJR. Yeah. Just over the Celtics in DR Smith is on the ticket sales of pitchers thanks guys as part of this isn't about. A Mauritius and what's more I guess is that he drives you crazy sometimes you sit in going to the Lola and the offensive end what angle you're shooting again. Yet he'll get a role and morsel like seven out of eight animal thing with. What would. I let's get to the focus is just you don't answer first up today what's up Jeff. And I think that Michael. There's so I want to expand a little bit armed cushion or report that kind of reaffirm that. You know pick LeBron cares about where he's rank among all I am let. I would probably say you need that or where that where there's. A greater stigma of the reason why it takes such a and you don't respond. What greatest players toward on imported receiver on Clinton's career record of circulated again comes back and yet read can victory. You got Willis Reed coming and going to matter. He got Kershaw employee's side there's endless amount to grab. And he just doesn't respond that way not the greatest let's not so they're Lou what is our triple a bark is more democratic areas and just straight true you are. The best in the business of poster written. Margaret actually I'm not scrutinized as a somber events at her as an unidentified these are we announced a reminder to you please give me credit for you deserve credit Louis cardinals down I didn't wait it was already gone on a politics that's all stars out again today Christian and as far as what's around you all the new. Stephen Miami Steve. How I managed my values gave. I don't play that we're without. LeBron gone living down in Miami actually that same thing happened. After the San Antonio are essential in those cities. He was having a great series and he could grant wait was looking like it'll out. And a crusty occurrence that time. Well not creating delicious looking hold as well and and you had allele on the interest on because. There's nothing of you in your future what they eat it bit lucky future with the cavs. But the obscure this is a no brainer to me I mean and I think people laments and it all you law does not wasting any Cleveland I can and a couple of other elements to what. He keeps asking in the ownership he's hardly talk into the ownership right now. There's a chance staying in Cleveland and this was a good Christian and I argued his point two weeks ago was that only you know the launch on this one. I don't question is does he go west. A cash which I think would be phenomenal for the Celtics because it would mean over the next five or six years. The Celtics or literally to Golden State Warriors of the east. The of the team that is pretty much going to be the the the odds on favorite to show up every year in the NBA finals or. Does he decide to go into a place like Philadelphia with good young penalty had another veteran to toe and now suddenly thought Boston and Philadelphia fighting it out. There there will be and we are made me artists are in game two there will be that this is there that quick factor and it's it's. It's just how invested are you you know if you if you know you're gonna be in Cleveland. And yet if we're gonna lose this thing I'm good to see some from these guys are gonna go to battle with the next few years or while I'm gonna sit there and he'll Rodney hood and Clarkson that get these guys and Kevin Love is what we need to do. You have to lose this series against the team that we can't beat. I need to see this from you guys in the post season because next year we're gonna do this wouldn't do that. When you know there's no next year. It didn't African play would care Smith again we'll cow Kirk Korver maybe just sick and tied it looked at Kevin love's African states. You know you're just sitting at some point elect packs. Maybe that's what you got the fourth quarter what did you do the fraud alleged here it's not gonna happen and I don't really care because somebody here I'm never gonna see any human again I can Biden and Chris to buy into a little bit of Christians of the fraudulent LeBron. Claim I would say this. Wouldn't you bet that this weekend. He's going to do that he's first of all it's a game that that happens on Saturday Seattle Wednesday Thursday Friday to arrest for this game. That over the weekend Saturday and on the next game on Monday. He comes out it's a home crowd now it's his last hurrah in Cleveland he really gives it everything. Now once you get back to Boston all bets are off. Because I think he realizes there's no way his team is and we live another game in Boston and it could very well look like. Will we saw in game two. He I think he I think he did give you everything. And any realized it was think it would only be fitted what it would have notes and every quarter was it that that's not enough it's not enough Nikki. Q do this every night at every quarter of every game yeah and. And that's not gonna happen don't let the Celtics not sustainable you cannot. You you've been that much effort that much energy every single quarter you're gonna that I turn around Gary and outlining ways with the EU need she need to take a break. So you you pick your spots each time you make it shot by a spot that's not as important as you know some other some errors in the I think that. Throughout our hitting it was a blue that the clock winding down their bench you know the three pointer just clocked Wendy's jumped turnaround shot at winning and again I didn't make it nineteen points or whatever I just my keys right score eighty points here. You know 77 point subpoenaed to the ball to hold Sam passed and I'm headed chord changes that gotta show no oral or points and say that but he takes the ball hold the first quarter. At seven threes. You sit and it was obvious he's too easy English score it as he's draining his three pointers hatred that passed Lou but it looked like he took every single time in the first quarter that's like a 41 points he got what you want because you drop in threes in your face he can take anybody in that league off. Our but I will say that he stopped duly did never really started. While the capital was too much work the only time I start doing it was on things and on Monroe he didn't do it against anybody else I take it back he did on day. And on and on a lot left after the dust are reluctant to but. I've got to believe this weekend he's gonna go out there and given an effort but he knows he can't win four of the next five games. He can't went to those are going to be in Boston he knows what he's team's gonna do in Boston but the point of trying to make about his defense as they follow his lead. If he's not gonna play defense none of those other guys are gonna play defense. I don't think anybody follows anybody's legion Boston. They all individually blocked here and know what their responsibility. To play at both ends of the floor so it ending is doing what I think is in this. It is is not like the Milwaukee series. Where you say you're losing games or even you don't Philly where like you lost a couple games really close and add I'm Tyrone Lou I can convince my guys guys listen. We're just one play away or one loose ball a little effort here a better coaching decision on my part. That's not the case and these guys are down tonight they they know not my point is that used they're going. I don't know even when hitting any gains because if you got the best that LeBron James to get you right so. Fifty points that make a difference. I don't think it does he trust what he and I don't think you'll get it because he knows he can't do for four quarters he can't. So you watch the so so all of the what games on Saturday. It also gave cover for gotten. Yes I did today if I don't I'm not gonna and it's got to Auburn won right now. And he's not covering one right now I want as it is the only Tatum went off he's what happened it was a cover was govern am pleased with the governor of June 3 was covered down before all the Celtics are playing much harder than him Celtics are giving a 100% effort the cavaliers are not giving a 100% of the you can't win. This deep in the post season if you not to play defense. But she's the leader this team so I'm what I'm saying is that these are phony numbers that people gonna look at the numbers and say fortitude to and a twelve don't blame LeBron. Well guess why. LeBron couldn't stop Jalen brown in the first quarter and that's why it was only an eleven point lead and then where was is because the rest of the game and then gave up what is us. He could have what he kind of isolated he could've taken of all the all offer of anybody he didn't do it 61777. On seven. 937. Regular ON. The Daily Show. WEEI. Is the first time you've been down 02 in the east in ten years have how do you think you'll. Kind of digest that challenge over the next couple of days and kind of put. It's in my family recalibrate its my mom I think going to be fine. Not only loosely forward. There was not a budget guy you know what I wish I wish. When things go bad for me like I can't sleep at night edit it either take a senate tequila. They don't like the whole bottle night wolf wanted to do you know it went on to Louisiana on to the cannot secure the probable. You know I did not bother these guys but I think that's part like yeah I've got what he worries. That's cardiac though. Think that's part of a team they put too cool for school something the you know because it's. What me panic half asleep but they act so outsold game wow with him lately. Had a picture figured out. Thought into. All of sailing I think most people would admit that you know you're down two games and up and it bothers you. You know you go home at night maybe you need to have a toughness that we welcome rousing yeah I was just on those companies that lastly you know turned a chip. At a tuchman sleep has sold and it before but you know woke up the next morning lose group everything but this guy. Unfazed that he's got to play that you know me where mark would sleep over who slots it's kind of cute but he's not he's putting on yet because most people say of course it should bother you down to nothing. You just put a forty some points it wasn't good enough that half. You know it should bother you that means you care it's hoped they'd admit that you pissed and he did have tough time sleeping easier to be re playing a game over and over again because it tells me you care. But he plays off as me. And wallet until. He got Bobby strong who's an author of a couple of soltys books this is to thank him for what he's doing two in northern line Ohio what was whose back they certainly do visual let's try let's say a deal like well. He's got to get a bug up their minutes can and that's by the way that's the Celtics got. That's not an Ohio guy that's on a national. As the Celtics head analysts are so let's not. I know even we we follow Philadelphia thank you for your work that you do in northeast Ohio. What's the real question that's. So I know I don't really count. We're following Philly radio a lot. Reykjavik pissed off they ain't there are a lot like Boston intelligent I did not I really don't know it because very excited and and you quit owns a little bit from the Cleveland would be even. It's like to get pissed off who we have and they play Cleveland today pull its biggest they're just okay Cleveland rocks Cleveland rock Leo and Iraq it's amazing how just they just don't cater. And a big deal. I don't think that this team panel think they have the heart to do it and it's not a thing word their budget because people get mad when you call professionals offer their heart well yeah that that's what you're gonna be called fans play with their hearts and sometimes professionals don't and also you know if I was in that position to it is very hard trust as one of the toughest things the bill and it's very tough to build and in the short on these. Stop this is so boring talking about that is terrible and I. This error and is Angela. I hit it bash. Outside it's moved in Atlanta. You don't styles on bleak. So this is skipping it decided not see this last night but four point you know this morning and I went for the time one of skip Bayless. Who just should get off to a right now because he gets exposed as the game progresses so this is in the in late in the in the second quarter he's all excited. Because he's a big LeBron guy what's wrong Aaliyah. Oh LeBron LeBron took the heart. Right out of the cells and looked off balance and out of sync accurately I expect LeBron to shake up his next pain in Oregon was at the first quarter cavs got this one back in charge of the series while the I'm actually surprised you put out because usually. Repugnant wrongly crazy. Here I financed and guys here like the whole live. I LeBron did say Al loosely to nobody asked every question does that put Kevin Love up there with crunching supporting which is stupid because nobody want to ask a loving and but when he. He Kevin Love senate's top item to stumble picketed monocle and heal the Celtics of the young team. You do you have say what you want about love and called for Thompson and JR Smith. But that is a veteran group correct. And you hear him say stuff like this that comes to shake your head of wit that cavalier team. I'm not that you can actually take a lot from the Boston Celtics and they had. All the starters in double figures and that comes alive I think we've on the Stevens from the right positions us. There at the level of activity and they move the ball we continue to cut. Mr. Marcus martyr of him and he was a plus 21 in this game he's seemingly an agency to do everything out there on the floor it's not like a reporter or as. Or tomorrow but yeah I'm just really are so so you got a team of of the Brian James Kendall hunter's Thompson JR Smith a cool overs in the game Jeff Green bin their George feels Bentley while. And you hear admitting after the game. That you can learn from the Celtics because they moved the basketball. And they share the basketball and they cut without the basketball. And you sit there and say this veterans and cherry junior ego that. I don't know and part of a brass and Paul trolls every let's say let's hope so was that a show LeBron. Negligible the basketball's that little romp on the ball and I who's running the team I don't know but I'm just I'd just listen to randomly. That that group should know better. Well you know it's funny because that the reality is that just not so little I don't know Dennis are talking about carrier Irving and how he really feel about this. And I'll carry Irving I'm a little of not necessarily worried but concerned about how well these guys are doing and if my spot to secure which I think it is Alvin he's going anywhere around the same time. You look at it that the cavaliers team that you look at what LeBron James doing you're going man I got out at right time yup I ate that ship was seeking. I LeBron James wasn't gonna change he wants to be he wants to be neutral everything they got it I've forced my way out of there. You know what's gonna happen we were already gonna start hearing it. People are gonna look at this team. And they're gonna start talking about you moved carry every Moriarty started hearing some of that are hurting so yet so get ready for that you're gonna hear some of that. We'll get to that may be later on here's Paula Westfield supple. Hello Paula let's feels poses no flow analyst Phil. Does put him on hold a bloody photo Booth aren't going to remind got cold we feel we can't wait for the saw like up again hello Bob. Hey let. I'm tired of hearing you and everyone on the national media. On the cavalier. Instructor now or will Ron now you mentioned the MacBook. Ron put that team together brought 1 o'clock thought you wanna carry on guard he wanted out that he traded at the deadline. He got lots of fire coach will. That. And they locked but it at. The player coach brought in the GM rod built. She is mean Bob Knight Bob excuse me and am I letting LeBron Austin look today's terrorists from last night. Yards I. Not listening mode but I'm you know listening but do you play a little game and he's. He's he's played in the whole game on the ground the united listening at all but you know Leslie the whole game abroad. He even worse you screaming about a young taking just the opposite he's yelling at me. And Christian yes I am not LeBron will not bring it defensively last night. I did not tell you you're a liar didn't listen I never said it. I'm sitting here blaming LeBron I do I. Know. Bloated and the other thing is that by the way it's. Kind of hold us how many people do what they wanna hear it LeBron did a hole about. LeBron did not push Tyreke Irving I just had every said I want out. But Roger needs to not push him out Cairo Herbie you pointed out. Don't use that he'd won if you want to buy out until I read got himself on a dog's name. Runners on the first our music Cleveland that went to Miami and he came back he mixes decision. He makes. You know what we agree with you on him that we agree with you on him dictating the roster yes it Bob I don't know what you're listening to your I ute yeah just gave you just said. The exact opposite of what I've said for the first hour of the program. Let go back. While I do tell us your evidence Iran audiences listen I want now. Every time that obviously doesn't always make an announcement like I have actually officially off the hook today on the day I. I'm bringing in lines for everybody million barrel on my dad he's lying rely my lowest you know their pay a note note does they are I get there and I'm not saying. And on and I know you know. No I know because we have a restaurant at the end it's a sponsor of the spring to the food you're out of the vote when I see the American Express card I'm out of the saddle them with that out. Know you guys on guys yeah are you guys will pull me under bots were rushed it volume is still an average don't live with at least protest is set for the past. Can we hadn't gone and obviously that's huge yeah I don't know try to realize that was a place six point five overnight for ESPN's second highest rated Eastern Conference final telecast since 2000 while you're gonna locally 244. Sixteen in Boston and want to be an awesome arsenal dogs while Cleveland and at. I'm of the arteries are watching the rain I heard one commercial break definite goal are submitted Kennedy round third death ought to run down that was all tonight that fact that I don't know I think W people later this week and then the Celtics would be screaming about Benton and based dance again the good news that he swung the bat well the bad is that allowed Indian based path yes. American and we'll get him right what artisans translator Ronald that the and that we do have a launch coming that you are not wish handle ourselves. I'd like to 61777979. 37 Reggie Ramon.