OMF - Lebron James' attempt to be one of the people; Does crazy have a shelf life in Foxboro? 11-14-17

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Tuesday, November 14th

HOUR 1 - Lebron James and his Cavaliers teammates took an exciting field trip on a New York Subway, annoying many in the process. What will the CB market hold for Malcom Butler?  Lou and Christian agree that the Patriots are going to get top value out of Martellus Bennett. But will his un-Patriot like personality over shadow his play?


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On youth movement he. Fort Wayne and bony and forty I think era on or and that's. Terror. Some guys who blew Christian Powell's top item of Christian love you guys levee Christian love you do we can you guys today. But you're stuck with this loser of this load this note found with the blue and Christian just Maloney and Fauria. Play the part which and Paul with you talk a vengeance in his heart. And does a map and it went well and I. What you do this morning he's doing everything where hammer you go out and got up for it not to ask or I'll go down to the and for myself and stop when it. On Sports Radio WEEI. That was beautiful. Recovered pretty quickly from Ventura I'm like I had. Knew I noticed it's not gonna happen today that while you're racing all there was to give it but it. But I wouldn't but it is but it you're wrong because it. I think we should have entered basic at that give figured out now I get them efforts here before I don't know always got little flu season we'll go inside. Alleged that people when I go when you got the text message were you. My first started feeling of what I'm happy I'm happy. Yeah a little bummed out and done anything technical sovereign fatal how. Vacations like that it's like the teachers away we have a substitute teacher and we approach do whatever we want to look at the question it was a couple hours. And it is stepping getting correcting you. Cried through Gilroy here so yeah I think so I mean look through its air copy. Yeah let him leave him later handyman but you're right when I first got it is what it was like god all these days off on an answer before the first your college days off. We are toggle off these Jose he doesn't isn't nearly as many easy things to get to edit a I think that was a few days ago yet to my first thought was like odd Jolie must that the old order way that is levels days off. Saddam was that yeah that was my first off. What we estimates the mine yesterday and haven't issued an iron would find. It was on stand always on point so he's gone. It's back to the way it should be what I was deleted it but it does is I think he said the teacher's gone we have a substitute looks like Yahoo!. There's a there's a bunch of things that I think we should get two jobs. RJ like casually you tell your best. Single B I go around Canada. Sorry. Sounding unsure OK I don't know if there's gazans and Diego I don't okay Manitoba you know how easy was a little. In real leading to a road trips like you guys do so you know we blog and play game left on please now it's usually glowed with here. So if you read it I don't got we got rid of not dropping admit there give it to him and that's at Sonoma Serwer good. But it Lagardere I think what happens if she's tough she's got optically it already are not indicating right now you're starting off on the wrong but right now. The (%expletive) him off. I hope he got all the sound that he requested ball because if you don't it's it's going to be bad we've. I made sure in what I think at the end of accomplishments and it even if you like if you know let's make sure we advocates you know something gets thrown out there randomly got prepared. We have all the answers to the test right of the new Tom Brady not to ask or to operate. This guy I can't wait to get one of my favorite subjects why they want I can't wait to get to this LeBron James story. It's also it's a while it means is the thing we wait we of US. I I don't hear I don't matter what would a clintons aren't they don't know and there's no bigger. These artists here's a look at Michener he's he's already of fairness Bo did I call the mount on it if it. So you can do blah blah I don't. Now it items not I don't. Q what we do it is no structure Regis yeah that's what we got we get the bronze on the LeBron is out the front James and the Cleveland Cavaliers play the New York nick is beautiful the Michael rat Boortz on red on the give you now it's LeBron James. And the Cleveland cavs. Play the next last night. And it also they there are New York so New York they had these things called a subways. And on the subway ads subways people like it it's underground railroad I've met the kind of feed them. It's always say there's a lot of thought it was an easy way to get from our point a to point you didn't wait RT any Yankee Stadium though and you know. Laying the mats and she gave them at home but I didn't do it again but I guess LeBron James has never been on a subway before so we treat him like he was at these but these are what I'm full recap. Other people Leo yeah on the subway. And he's sort of taken pictures of all these guys you know hold the phone out in a Grammy and videotaping everything some video. So the video just sell walking through subway on the train. But he started taking on videos of people just on the train one who wanted nothing to do with it a little subtle problems that we hear FL assistant editor for a run brought. No way back shootaround that. Take a different transportation in this. If we pick out. Name. Forty under the bus ride what season is right right so we decide I'm on track which is why there. Those currently average scores of was just policy I did. It's a treat this as this is how it kind of out of touch these guys and players are. They they really do and it's really is that he and it's a ride the train but the common folk but you know to me like they they actually isn't the first time he's ever written trained. Well. It is subway in New York City it is a good position because governor for commuting to school was big universe is so good about Internet and they won't get you know we should do next. To take a cab. And we should show we're normal people there will take you to have said that he had not hit. The cat put to handouts they. Yes so it's on there. RT IC like mad at Michael right. I do it's not so until morning guys they did he bully politics than anything yet but I'd like he's kind of 98 so I guess he gets wind of this and he hears about it. So he called out Michael he calls out LeBron. Change is one of the quickness. Has ever forget it in the NBA. It's one of the recording us. Look at these mobile homes she. I. Oh. Well again in. Right. Didn't want these black my only thing is that landed rab board here and Eminem. Yeah yeah yeah it's worth eight mile into the guy that he's talk about it live on the street do. Rappaport and got a dollar under strain I don't eat now out of it's I doubt it. So will so Michael Rappaport said there's this guy next to resist a man that's trying to skeet. I don't what's he means dry your hip to all these little cool lingo right ought edited skiing. Like you know that she's pure sold off in case you needed the guys travesty he's sitting right next norm he's all pop and perhaps Sosa's of the guy followed is that there's a Russian scientists got an instant so here's a guy doll there's a guy sitting next to him. Ray Andy and he's got he's the rock put that puts on like running it is. Brightest face any publicity and gene Michael and why and it was neat because he was. Going viral all right so so listen always a slap back listen to the sound of his voice. And then I'll watch your initial response. Ago. Everybody's meetings Michael Angelo and actually refer to leave from here right now is can you not that's my new name for a couple of days. First of all I don't have a wife. Second of all I had no idea who LeBron James was because I don't watch football and that's the. A stop stop OK so listen so. Pulled out of state police opened its appalled he moans and I think the guys say yeah the guys day. Is that no this gay guys responded OK okay and I say OK so hot and no and off of levity and he'd yesterday you heard guys say that Heidi you know he's that he stays in the videos they just listen. It's. And I think that up. If only I I don't exactly offending anyone by saying now is highly available white that you think that maybe he's gay I don't know it was it was Roemer Roemer to let yours out OK it was funny the bad guy did say he was gate cult is assumes. Buy it by the way he's talking in the way he's acting everybody's meetings Michael Angelo that's what you refer to me from here now is can you not. Why did you just do the snap out of my head. I'm like get this fire that's what you're talking wise statement okay and after I saw an item that is the area attacked in his guy who used nothing about just assumed because he's gay. What he's talking I'd never so let me see I do it sounded. Everybody's meetings Michelangelo and that's what you referred me from here on now is can you not subject that's been. So it did just hours more the bigger just beat Unionists of that is it on James or just sort of cool bags and assists just lump them him with all the other tool bags. That exists got a nice little and almost commerce during that game it would indicate what they showed of but again there's your opening out of your opening play. There's other two do you think because I went to the casualties smoked. And fans in New York senate chain and Kyra you're looking down at his ass and that he can mullet back in one. So still it's not solid drivers. Think that that I would love. For the cabs in the Celtics and playing that well and yet they will exist to somehow Tyreke or being. Makes the final shot in the final game. Exist rot you know and it just it is somehow there has to be some sort and dealing dapper carried Irving. Who now when you look back on you sit there go. The one this guy I want to get the hell out of there and guys like bill living thing out there in Cleveland I don't I don't know about not bring double the bad things and you know you know you know cut them down as he blocks out the door and it wasn't a teammate was this it was that. Would you play at that I did every single day. I think people tried to like simplified is just strictly on the court the greatest player in the world but there's so much to comes of the broad. People critical I would never critical of him for wanting to leave. Because you could see why even though he's still one of the greatest players of all time these probably that he's just got to play with. He's out there coaching a team he talks down to everybody he would listen to his speech after they won the championship a couple of years back. But it was obnoxious about him in his journey and how its team finally it finally woke up and allowed him to lead and follow his lead didn't. It was just obnoxious as the decision is the greatest player in the world but I Aniston might carry one to get the hell away from that. No it's this important it's different though if there is on like you know Brady basically does the same thing. It but there's so much humility with Brady there's so much like deferring the praise. It's never about him. Ever ever ever ever it's always about somebody else somebody at the team went to give somebody else to praise of the team loses he takes all the blame. But I know we don't and how these guys and maybe they're so desperate. To attend to play for a winner and get a ring that they're willing just to suck up everything they know is right and good in the world. And it has deal with the things it they have such blogs are what they know they can't get him to be you know LeBron James or give with the patriots though. There is this this foundation is by in factor. I guarantee you that you know just like last year so talk to these guys buying in with Chris Long of Martellus Bennett last year. This year Weathers are running backs whether it's Gilmore watching for three weeks. And after you after four weeks a bitch a lot of guys and a team of Billiton and I've been here before. I bet on teams that start off to a tool like and we can't stop anybody over not in his work it will make admit the mistakes I've seen it before but all these guys this wacko abandon your key to all of me. That it's gonna change. All these guys in the locker keep telling me that it's gonna be different it's not about right now it's gonna be what we're like in 678 weeks it's gonna get better because you know what I'm a better team we're a better. Of those guys up buffalo. After 56 weeks that's it we're done with my stuff for mom but that we tank we went 56 games there are so many people that are used to. Just being in that situation the patriots were the two would do. And say I'd better teams or doesn't get fixed. And then all of a sudden with every week you win and you wind and you went to give a game that he didn't Denver I guarantee you there also are going on Han. So this is what they're talking about now you got a locker room buying yen which is what I think makes though the foundation that Belichick is bill Brady is built. Which is what makes them the patriots are due at 87 figure things out and. Really is I mean this this team feels like the Chicago Bulls of the Jordan an error where it doesn't matter how good your team is or how many. You know great players you've developed the fact is you you're the victim of bad luck and bad tiny. Because you just happen to have a great team at the same time when Michael Jordan had agreed team. That tells an NFL to sue the division we talked about it a little bit yesterday. How how there is no more bully on the block there's no other team. That you could sit there go well we got nervous about that guy you know this team visit and his team isn't intimidated that seem as an intimate. I understand it and and we don't know they're going to be intimidated. My guess is that they won't because there on the quarterback but the only fifteen that feels like they have the DNA. Is your team. If that's that's a good program in Jacksonville. All my team all jacks well dug her own I had a horse bleep for quarterback both the way they played defense and the running back and waited for net. They actually have. What you've been worried about in the past. Now I don't wolf they have the court lawyer after you've been beaten by teams like this with sub par quarterback play in the past. Merrill also pick up who's gonna hurt and don't who's really running that that show okay. So as the admiral running that show all of Islam cough for both of whom Tom Coughlin has a huge impact on that DNA of that team not it he still has. That they reject the jaguars to the same rules that they had that that New York Giants have a Tom Coughlin was the coach. Now he's not they had coached admiral is the coach they still had issues of being on time so the meeting starts at nine you get there at 855. If you get their 82. Doesn't matter who were always five minutes ahead. So if you take that. And you parlay into good draft picks are just good players high character guys tough guys even though you're playing in Jacksonville. Eventually you get an opportunity to play against the bill a Bill Belichick team and your team is even as far as talent. You're gonna have a slight edge after it could be that dumped him to make some mistakes like these other guys that we keep. I just think mentioning that their debt that's a tepid to stem speaks to the AFC I think in all but still it does. You don't Maroney with her mother defense yet buffalo before Rex Ryan ripped it apart the great defensive mind. You know he just walked away from a didn't feel supported goes down to Jacksonville what they built down there defensively. Is very impressive. And I know what they are and I think that's a speech to the state of the AFC to be perfectly honest with you. But I would think that have been looking at you well we've seen tech teams that beat the New England Patriots. And they still got a few boxes to check. But that's kind of what it what it looks like doesn't yet thoroughly and make the playoffs yeah you mention I stuck by the chargers last week but. The chargers to meet our team that every single week that it can't make it you make it close. Cements. You mentioned this earlier right okay so we talked about the teams so part of it is the team in the players that they have do they get it or not. Earlier on we are talking early you mention OK forget about the team. What they head to head matchup between coach vs coach Smart teams so it's it's so it when you look at me look at our salute to the AFC coaches that I think. Still got an a lot of people don't like Mike Tomlin but he's a Super Bowl winning coach a case you've got to give them some sort. Edwards you know I think with Tomlin is I agree with you but he's the type of guy he's a cheerleader correct. And he's just a small good to -- listen to the pitches really well thought to ask him what has ordered a process roughly. Or for a bogey yeah well sort of just seems hard headed. And it seems to pass that the patriots beat them because of the way they always play withers defense whatever might be an exit that's okay with don't do loss and it's just. Very hard headed the patron to play Pittsburgh and they will be Pittsburgh. A word about that I'd say I don't let's say I'll read only that wrecked their credit they beat him. The other coach that you'd say okay you would be legitimately say listen this guy can go toe to toe is done in the past and he's Smart he was special teams coach for a long period of time. Now with the head coach and he's won before John Harbaugh. John Harbaugh could mess but yeah but the Internet seems a math okay slightly coach can you give him right yes he can't so the other options. And you'll laugh of this and Marvin Lewis Null come on late but cited an act like that's even a little thing about Jack Del Rio. No Oakland Raiders here's the thing the seed got Jack del real since Josie she's. Her dumb as a bubble Jack Del Rio is the type of coach. That like you it's almost like a blind squirrel finds the occasional acorn where do like that's him like most of the time. He's just he's gonna he's gonna gamble when he should and he's gonna go for one when he when he can't he's got a pond when he should probably go you know it's always going to be but. But he he gets a hit the B writes. Lately especially last year this year not so much all the same chances that he took last year. Like even to the beginning of the season the first game of the season flasher when he when he gets into a saints went on port down to win the game to Crabtree. He's doing the same thing this year and it was a working form. So now he's in this predicament or indeed these he's left like fighting his way out trying to make him. Well yeah I just becomes it's your last night Tug boat basically you know after a Denver game. Our team's other pitchers that much smarter than everybody else you know is it getting worse and I feel that it is. Because this talented football team to look at that Denver defense. There's still a lot of talented defense but they don't know whether they had ten guys at twelve guys on the field. You know just stupid plays left and right when you watch the NFL and at some point that's got to come back to coaching. You know you could sit there in and knows it was a good to see the Kaiser decision hue Jackson at the end of the sat out that less than thirteen seconds left they try to quarterback sneak from the three. Just dumb from a variety go by himself that he didn't coach about the realized that make you realize it's a stupid. Because everybody says the moment. You know Dan Quinn another one. You on the Super Bowl he run the football you probably win that game that you come into Foxboro where every was thrown for 300 yards the secondary is an absolute mess. And you know you come out you got Matt Ryan you all your weapons are healthy and you try to establish the run. And and it just doesn't work like it's just it's just on the football and I saw a little more vote coaches. That goes on a crappy quarterbacks because of injuries and everything else. But could these coaches they don't get their teams prepare and was back in the dates it suits you wanna vote dungy and an Indianapolis there might have been softer but pay me get him outside or whatever goes with. Remember stupid football pitches they're just handed the new in the patriots football games but you see now. Do would you be would you say obviously build the best coach in the NFL no question who would you say second. I mean it's I think there's a better battle there's a huge battle for who's second. Obviously there's so many young guys right now to be ready to go Doug Peterson you're really Golar yeah. Sean McVeigh your eagle Zimmer and I'm not grade gold there yet I would still say peak arrow. And we all know I needed do you yes let me bring that thing. I mean I know nobody. Likes Andy Reid because he just me but illegal nationally out of you so much I would still put any read in the top three. Output at an odd John Harbaugh would be and one of those Sean Payton. Sean pains I mean yes on means another guy a guy that's won a symbol. I'm but I saw about Andy Reid finally gets a bad rap for how he manages games. But ultimately. You go back and look at his record. He he'll always have a winning record he's always in contention that that isn't by luck because of another coach's coach of the teams he's coaching the screwing it up. He's he's he's at least he's getting an area has been a little what it as a head coach on the one what as a assistant coach in Green Bay. But I'd still. Like him. As a coach this is compromised or more weight to the bigger version of orderly the bigger version of big chubby to get the mustache looks like a little it's like always a big walrus. And Andy Reid is daddy. Well now goes to add a practical way I just think slick is here balconies wreckage of it's different yes and we see that older I think Matt can you had a little ice I think Maggie you have a little Charlie Weis. But all that's missing is like a surgery gone wrong about it here's a stash and visit the stash of the slick hair right I don't know Mexicans like it don't and if another it's an oddity a blow to. Little tired are listed given realised by now order ways out EU he's already at four hours of the and efforts were coming at you take your call 617. 77979837. Targets of patriots here early on earth and I wanna get too. Jeff how article where he's talking about there's a lot alike in the first game and Mott in a month with both Stephon Gilmore and Malcolm Butler. And her praises both these guys who have discussed that next is all of that fray here at WTI. Continues with just Maloney and four. Nothing stops rumor loaning you come out of Cooperstown video I can always. Their whole comic Jim hall of Famer well may mean the FCC. And I go yeah. It's poured way Fauria and move Marleau on Sports Radio WE. All of the back go about. Award went on euphoria of that six point 77797937. Talk. Look for the patriots and so this article today from Jeff how. Was ready to promote tolerance thing flew one and only his accommodations are writes the headline is that good outweighed the bad with the patriots quarterback play in Broncos. It is a lot to like about the patriots first game in a month with both Stephon Gilmore and Malcolm Butler on the perimeter. You agree with that statement. There are a lot alike with Doug Gilmour and that Butler sure of course. Of course there is I think that's the strength of the defense that secondary group. The two safeties in the two quarters and the depth behind it yes you drop offs Wallin. Played well. Other than he had that that the the badly timed interception that Chris it called for it was just you know glowing over him yes for the most part the played well and again he didn't rob I mean he he wasn't any game wasn't that that in itself became the second half. Because he had every reason to just completely just dismantled like he has dated it he can't throw the ball down the field had a great drive. You know what you know after halftime so that was playing good. At Serena got I don't think that rock Oslo was the issue. I don't think you know the patriots stop the run and did you CJ CJ Anderson and and and Jamaal Charles average of five yards a carry I believe. They gained just got away from Denver you know so excited to play catch it was a great. Gain by the New England Patriots they took advantage of mistakes special teams was the mismatch. And that creating a huge lopsided victory. You know what it's still has always correlate to wait and see you know sorry but and it really is isn't it I mean because. I don't think Malcolm Butler played while. I don't a guy he says it won't point in this article. He says the Butler lost the overall battle on May or in this but he made sanders' work for most of those catches. Can remember one when he you lost track of the ball Sanders came back but for the most part. He won that match yeah I want it bad yes Kansas beat him bad idea amid Malcolm Butler had a good game at all there wasn't much alike in his nine. I agree to an NF in fact I say that every single week. That Butler is the guy that teams pick on Butler is a guy and you can say it's it's match up but you but it it was the other way around. And demeanor is Thomas and Michael Butler was. Covering the mayor's Thomas. Don't you think the mayor's Thomas would have been more featured wide receiver as opposed to our standards of Gilmore was on him. So that's thrown away from Gilmore picked of course yes there's our way and if so what happens when. Wind Gilmore was down. Right and it was just Malcolm Butler knuckleballer it's like yet some like three of his best Jameson. Mean a bit making big plays you know yes he gets you know hit every now and yes there was some miscommunication but that's that's a defense of wide issue. But I say that he was a pretty good. Maybe it's because now they're throwing gates who is balancing the does that now the second best course elect abuse that let's let's go up to that guy. Because he's not as good a Butler. Guilt or is. Is obviously the better of that of the two quarters even so yes yes a development look at it I mean and and maybe someone else a look at say it's more about a matchup situation. I don't know deserves a quorum but maybe it's more of a match of situation. And if you had Butler but it yet Boller to mayors Thomas they would have been attacking your demeanor is Thomas. Going against Butler deal more is bigger he's longer. Maybe not as quick. And maybe not a smart's actually not a Smart he's not yet so that's why he thinks it is it is interesting right the Stephon Gilmore. Mrs. three games in during those three games is when Butler stars to trend in a positive right like he SARS the play's best games without Gilmore. Beat to get more to do with them just a pick and but it was actually him playing well Marius I would what are the mayor's house will be catch it a couple of catches. But ultimately it's pretty quiet Gilmore he was three for six with 33 yards. Order me well according to house are in that you know individual matchup he went for five and 144. And yet she scored a touchdown but I guess that wasn't against Gilmore against the bus but ever Sanders. Now Sanders actually wait for six catches 137. But against 101 with with knuckleballer was five for talent by pretend wood 99 yards but the kicker here is on third down. Useful for five for 6068 yards on third down they went down he beat Butler. That and try to figure out as this isn't Malcolm Butler struggles replaced if with Stephon Gilmore. Is because because he's out there with them that pick on him more. Because he looked will really go well and also how much credit me you know Emmental Sanders is pretty good. Is one of the best on that you know top ten easily top five depending on who you talked to he's good he's really got itself mean. That alone man coverage guys moving running all over the place double move a new in an Al turning around and quarterback that's actually throwing on rhythm. At the rent on time. I don't care how good you are. It did look like he got turned around a lot especially in the beginning of the game. But differences Hannity and you know heredity Diddy Diddy that he had just studio overcome it rate and it the in the fourth quarter was an even if I. The decision made since is is a very good quarter that wide receiver. With a decent quarterback I mean it was basically investing he's had all year would you say deal again which is your guy what do you they ought. Or is more. Talent. Or more. Great is great yeah rock is talent there are no myself but I don't think what do you think is I feel like he's he's such a and over achiever as it is just going back to the way he was brought up. The way he came in Little League wasn't drafted in LB site Gilmore Allred and he gets respected those acknowledged it was yeah I don't like go enough that that what he was that you would say that rookie Brady over achiever that he drafted a six round. He is an overture and yes I just think he's very talented well yeah he's there and everything and I think the fact that there was never any. Some guys are under our sorry or are over achievers. They make their way they get to a certain level and they you know they're okay it was a big big big compromise it is kind of like I I've made in the one I don't need it anymore are we working wanted to get work. I think the one thing you loved watching welcome Butler over the years is his fight yes you know that whether if there is a completion it takes a great catch or he's there right away. To maybe knock it out of the guy's hands you know is a day he's always close to wide receiver. If the guy catch it that's graphic about about let's think of right closing unity gets beat. But he closes and is a break ended up you know whatever might get it as the plane yens or a few weeks back when he's very in seconds he broke that. You broke that one guy not the fumble but there was another touchdown. Should have been accustomed to and he recovered any dole when he broke up the past that he was beat but he recovers that that's why I think of Malcolm Butler. But this game here that was a poor game by him. Yes an immediate. Editors I mean greeted him out of but no I mean. It's I guess he just assume is gonna there there is that one play where even calls are talking about like he was right there he dismissed the slot but he just he almost had a he was great covered tight courage. But he missed swiping at the football they report any and that's right so that happens but I think he's more. He's more of a yes he's counted but his grit and his attitude. Propel him to another level. I think he's he gets beat all the time is short. Yes he's got leaping ability to sort of the receivers. Good throw over on you can you can lose some and coverage mom and but what I would tell all my receivers. But you may think you've lost them but he is chasing you there so close aware of that he will close he won't give up so whatever you start feeling comfortable that's. And something that an unhappy he forces the quarterback to make it the perfect pass and he does he's beat in whatever yeah on the told a little bit he's there to recover. That's but let me ask you know is it and has to me I look at his played this year. I don't think it's what we've seen from the past you know I think you said an up and down and because of that I don't see that franchise to Afghanistan. I could see them let him walk. I think I've always felt to erase your talking about batter most he when he was playing well these twenty Gilmore is never gonna take you more job. It was gonna be here for awhile that's why they signed him he's taking. Welcome butler's job why Jonathan Jones can be part of that ticket you keep in mind that most if he doesn't take it the jolt to take his job. Enrolled be in the mix as well yeah actually on the back I actually think. When he ends of leading he will be the victim of or short on it teaches know he'll be he'll be the victim over hyped expectations on the market and will perform well let me just say it is. Right Eagles in nineteen now he has your number one corner he's your number one corner. The same thing it's gonna happen. Teams can challenge them they're gonna make eight catches for 99 yards you know 55 on third down on the occasional big play. But he will be criticized I think you'll be criticized some place else because this system that some perfectly expectations that imperfectly. You know we start making 506070. Million dollars a year usually every single battle everything he's going to they're going to be don't. So so that moiso and right now he's number one and now what's your number two. I don't know I think it's an unreasonable and urged governors he played this year he's gonna get C a bout my blood and maybe in years past you got paid for and as a number one. Butler is Nike patent over a number one. And so but he does lead which she probably will have to stay. You're going to be free agent they're not gonna franchise argue you're gonna wanna go some place cells and solid and overpay for that I think it depends on how he you know how hurt. He was this past offseason. Because I think is a chance that you could have a Donta hightower situation with him they'll say go ahead. We'll try to get 111213. Million and I'm also sure it's gonna be therefore try to get fourteen I don't think it's gonna be there for just it's just like Donta hightower. I think he's played this year. Of these and yet it out oh god there's a different situation because he's because his body type of the position that he plays. You know it's not it's not it's not Johnny letter yet not let tackles not corners quarterbacks although the three position right or start rushing and which really isn't a meat and eat a rush to quarterback but he's not Von Miller type so he's not a left tackle is our quarterback. And he's a quarterback so. The court the quarterbacks will be overpaid even if their average left tackles overpaid when their average. It's not the same and every other positions are such that such a premium so but no I think he'll he'll let the lead Beagle and a place someplace else and look what that Super Bowl game will be big celebration Minnesota. A little loser who downloads and Osama some of the team it's everywhere. And it's and then you'll sit there ago while what cabinet went out of nothing but Clinton could most guys that leave. And it just never hear from again that's of Jimmy Collins is out for the year. Right now I doubt he got hurt you get paired her from dodge challenge don't at all once last hour we heard challenge on song and I can access. But it but he's basically. Antitrust in Siberia right now you never hear from again. It was a good coach that's 1 guy I am I hopeful Bruce here and wanted to change because the guy's an idiot why. Because you went into the year thinking that juice Newton could beg of you both quarterback. In fact you can get a quarterback by Carson Palmer you're an idiot you know and it David Johnson goes down. Yeah they don't maybe cabinet now Johnson goes down I understand that hurts you know whatever but you got weapons there. He got my slow defense they're nice secondary. All you need is a quarterback or what did you do you put all your hopes and Carson African Palmer when everybody in a brother knew who's gonna get hurt everybody so would you have as a back up. Joseph Frick and stand. The idiot. Absolute idiot another stupid coach in this league who are high hopes for. But apparently just another idiot pump dot com dumb dumb dumb is right our Maloney in for a ticket to call 6177797937. What's the future Malcolm Boller do you like his play will they franchise him I say no hole. But there's a chance he can still come back visited the market isn't they would continue to talk pats and your calls as we continue right at the list. Christian rants about them hat socks decency is courtesy of Twitter hacked Christian story. Right now we returned to moral or way Maloney and 48 but Sports Radio WEEI. Could. Couldn't play this is your place in the we'll. World world news just above the injury. Six or seven doctors. You know could go either way it close enough electricity fits. There's time to fix again wave into the and they get their binges in your heart you know he's our guard. The thing wrong doing it and it was awful. Martellus Bennett aka the media the other day about his situation. Browsing. Oden Green Day it was interesting because of that but the last night. There was talk with some people about it because you remember when the patriots traded drop below the San Francisco yes. And they city include Brian Hoyer in a deal for us for a few reasons one was is no reason take their contract. When you know we we million away from the and will sign into whatever deal we're comfortable win right. The other one was because they don't want to mess with the compensatory formula. And getting a draft pick for losing Martellus Bennett. Right and and others are you lost interest long as an addiction other guys. Remember them talking about that I thought they in my last night and Mike how does this affect it. To read story picked the other part to get what fourth fifth round pick Donald the formulas. Salary playing time it's very complex but you think maybe Aaron for the fifth round for Martellus Bennett. So my first thought was the date just forfeit their fourth of fifth round pick by pick up Martellus Bennett. They just. Basically he should raise of these questions his questions are asking yourself and you don't really know so usually an article source it out so that insights and and it's. Women now are they going to. Acquire the player and still get the compensatory pick for Martellus Bennett and the player. Well what are very old court in my sources so I was so Mikey recent tell me if that was what. It doesn't already in line perfectly correct and I don't really need you never know it's of course. Mike Reese is a great source. I love my two sources sort of resource source. When it went Green Bay waived him in a minute they waste him. He's now. They don't let it get picked because Green Bay ways the player. Because comes down playing time and everything else and production and maybe I'm not that's in there or not but. He's told me that because that Green Bay had waived the player it's no longer an equation they're probably lost that pick. Slower because Martellus Bennett was a failure in Green Bay. And they waved him. For the circumstances of the injury. Then the patriots essentially would you are gonna lose his compensatory pick and play. But they got the player. That they want it so maybe it's even part of detail but I do hope. We have Bill Bennett is don't wait don't Green Bay game we just lost that compares to our fourth or fifth round draft choice went up again. Let's make sure we at least get the player. Let me what that was the only reason they yeah yet but it really didn't need him. But I'll just economic and they are either Kamal look good look too bad because they are and if it vetted note once they weighed the it was over because but first Dulles. To get the player and so that the that yeah what they just trade cartels metaphor for the fifth. Yes we would like Sony said that all boasting about that what we're for can rule misses so. A guise of free agent he's gone lol no longer under contract. You decide you don't wanna side and you're the patriots. He decides to sign somewhere else because he is a free agent and for some reason. The team that didn't sign who had originally now gets a compensatory pick. Like how does that how does that make any sense well you did that you don't wanna sign him he's a free agent got no rights to whatsoever somebody else signs them and then you'll get a compensatory patsy baseball I don't change the rules at since high school. Rule where they were wolves. Yes I can we rule. I think that they need to. You know change. Maybe the level of player that you lose. Do that the play into it more as a me I don't think you should get a pick if you lose Martellus Bennett Chris Long. You know two ball sheared a guy. Jim Jones. Okay yeah he's probably get a pick for that of a you'd you'd trade is that but I'm just saying in baseball. You turned down seventeen point two million that's a high quality player. Right that's the guy you often call final offer to it and you only get a pick well they only get a pick oh you beautiful offered a pickle whatever they get something in right. If the guy signs for over fifty million dollar contract. So now we're talking about a high quality. Baseball player. Chris Long. Occasion factor into so it should be more of you know if the patriots were to lose so true that have been a free agency. Iran good prosecutor free agency right and is it more of an impact player should should deal with this formula at a. All they determined that eight minute and is so he's I know it's I don't get of the minutia but for compensatory pick but it just didn't think the way it works I don't care how good player it is. You have the option to re sign them you decide you don't want to sign him. And you and you get something back story. I don't want this idea too much too much money at Abra mine under the cap board OK but I get something back that's whenever. It's it's a neat thing. But I saw him with so Bennett. Sobel vengeance in the heart is one of it one of the things I was looking for yesterday. So I feel like he just. Creates these. Emotions. Have fit he is like agenda writes for the vengeance in the heart. Him holding a grudge against the Green Bay Packers. Had to be developed had to be born because it made him look better like this is why I'm doing this guy that let me tell. I would I offer them into almost took let me go about money for them how it's all about team. And I got big semi hard yeah of course politically for the patriots because our initial that they were wrong. So he rates this whole persona. This whole just you know agenda like that and am pissed I'd have been in my heart. And they get their binges in your heart you know UConn guard. The thing you know doing it and it was helpful. Yeah SO you know reporters lap product obviously awesome that he's got size he's heated he had asked wherein it was switched it since what is it. The guys sourcing and I've ordered an S word and just have a conversation of reporters and it's just that and what does. There was the ball who doesn't you know how guys are like cursed during their use anyone who does it just looks. Students uneducated. But he spots he's just fun guy you're more parents like crazy more than the other day talking. Could just send me the walker yeah I've got I got. I got criticism for all my formal organization. At this point it's like a rogue broker and you're doing things you say about its affect you so. Amid this whereas the bills he wanted me markers. You know commitment to wait for myself of that team always had this album here my wife my guard rose from the moment was. Moment where different jerseys. I'm the same man would. Others. But like upload guys in order to do. Though Horford finished to be reborn you must first. And passes. Got to blame it on conflict now officially past decade since the quality really it's just it doesn't I said last week. Is that yes a guy that's that's come that constantly being turned over by team to team the team to team. And he's a good player he's stuck under the guise that it guys each column unicorn but you know court doesn't stop does a better than brawl. Yes in this organization yet have that ability does he believe. But the attitude in the in the personality is just. It's weird to me being weird to me ballet dancers and now it's like it like he turned to ashes. By. We go our bonus to be reborn you must first and passes. As the jungle before the show where we were listening to again and we heard more over last night. He's an effort guided. Forgot that writes children's book you just an F bomb all the all day long and interviewed all the time all day long. It's like I mean I can I get it to me thinks on your dinner and interview. That's just it's late it's acceptable lake to its curse because once people start cursing during interviews and I'd just put the bad taste in my mouth. Like why you can't think of another additive the world around us today. Asia and or. And obviously and and then for those when first when I got here is like guys then at 230. That it got Cotto had to be bad you know never ends note that the never ends well but the real position and ready for this special called mafia organization. Sony says that. That's not gonna happen here I don't think. No I don't think there's enough time again only I think he's gonna play this season though he's gonna have a playoff run with this football team based get a goal way. You know I think at this place is different for whatever reason whether it's Bill Belichick who gets them. As we all know it doesn't matter what the outside world thinks of him all that matters that Tom Brady trusts him he was in for seven plays and he threw him three times. OK but I think at many places Dwayne Allen and and disease so the whole second suspect salad. Passes thrown his way is Ernie isn't only the fact that so bill hits him right so bill the only guy that just deals with this crap people along the shores of that bill is on a whole another stratosphere which demands. Players respect him he knows that this is a bad idea to him if he gets thrown out he has to go back to ashes again and asked to rise like a Phoenix if he hits the Roddy here. People know that it's ultimately him again it's not the coach and every coach that he's been winning. Hey he's every organization has been an issue with him leaving so both bills the only guy that gets them out of all these coaches and all these different situations but no the only guy that understands. We'll go broke down parent yes studio holly. But GE team you lose it in depth in key for the he was in doing it steps through the know what happened in Green Bay with Martellus Bennett and didn't know there. Now Martellus Bennett joins the team late last week and he plays in the game last night. He's been very outspoken and critical about the green bay Packers and about their team doctor. Is that something that you have any problem went. Better to answer that question should ask him well. So I don't. Over acrid don't don't know anything about it. Well but he. Fault not the right court are you OK with him boy thing is his displeasure it sounds like went down. There will again I personally look at situations so. When they come in on some of achievers and what are some of the situation. System and in my. Did you believe. Doable I believe bill knows about everything. Bill knows about everything now obviously some things are and you know take priority. Of over others but yes of course he knows what's going on he knew everything Tennessee looks better as a matter of fact air blog the Julie Brown says social money what the hell happened agreement. Additional that's the first question right okay I'm here and rumors. OK your hurt you're not hurt I heard you're gonna retire her geoghan had surgery. How bad is it what went on that is that is an honest to god conversation. That's Martellus Bennett I guess being honest with bill. Bill here's what happened they try to do you policy and play that guy like McCarthy and Aaron Rodgers hurt coach. And over the plate for I was gonna play her only real player hurt for you. That's what you rather do this yeah player hurt for the. The patriots Tony Bennett is gonna have any issues here in New England because I've always believed that crazy as a shelf life. A crazy as a self level above three years. And it it and that thirty cent to worry about in meaning like certain players right Randy Moss. Right great player unbelievable but what three years Gillick and I set the Winston. Because you won you the good soldier geared to be part of the team you're three not get involved enough. You're I hit a ball or not at all around and now they're both the entertainment value erased now your veteran in the locker room. Right you know longer the new guy you know along with a guy that still feeding off that first great year now you're years three now I become a pain in the ass. So Martellus Bennett last year they won a super ball not many bad things to say about it right area worked out all the directly to injury. He comes back right away Brady shows his trust he's gonna play this year around he's gonna try to play to injury which people respect. And then when the year's up he'll be gone now they sound to a two year extension they'll have issues at some point because crazy as a shelf life. And it's not one year or year and a half ago or for Phoenix to be reborn my first time passes. He'll be fine here at all. While Martellus Bennett here he's a great addition. Yeah how busy it was one of these related phenomenal addition yes so can you look at it I mean you've got the plate you want. But he if you really servicing the public their fourth fifth round pick now India. They're gonna get more if its key interest money is it about your gonna ever gonna get there much value out of hand and what he can do and just did what. Him being on the field forces those other defense has to do it's it's eighties it be safe healthy he's fine no nothing wrong with his legs it's a shoulder. So I mean we'll see I think ultimately going Allen will be playing better. But it's just dom and I heard on Mike matters is there you're right crazy does have a shuffling them even if you when he. It has a self played the best case scenario crazy. It wears on you like that personality we had guys in this area studio right here that that gave us some quote little anecdotes about about our boy. Marty. And yes you know you just cannot. Apparently who would be like a plate. Like a bit of many murders. Okay he producing. Keep producing. He's he's got an act and and and towards and it war faceted and it was like it and it hasn't gone into classical player. Where you just you you do that more U Tom Brady was back bleep crazy you'd be dealing right. Yeah those people say he has. Yes what is right and eventually a widget you kind of wore out it got a war and really kind of are forced to do something about Gary. Even though and it was a long time yesterday that good you play with a guy that would just if you can seeing two years here if I read all the time that's who played with. Oh yeah. Oh yeah I mean it's on. Brandon is a rule who's the wide receiver they came here from senate Floyd Brandon Lloyd. Are talking and I feel about it als and let's a play of this guy phenomenal athlete great guy. He can alas. You he's gonna Wear you guys out he's it's he's a meat guy even when it's good he wants the ball he's just an odd dude he lasted one year we have one of his best years of his career. Play for the patriots and they got rid of about the one year. So. Go figure. I'd listen now or ways officers Maloney in for a one hour is in the books the bottom half of the Sullivan thirty gonna talk to Willie McGinest. He's good joint Christian and I had at 1130. When we come back we continue to talk football and one quarterback in NFL. He hates he hates Thursday night's handle Christian loves it when guys bitch about Thursday night suck it up you'll hear from him next his all meth continues after this.