OMF- LeBron should show he’s angry after a loss, 5-16-18

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Wednesday, May 16th

LeBron acted casual and not panicked after the Cavaliers’ loss to the Celtics in Game 2 and Lou thinks he should show more anger. It’s OK for him to show he’s frustrated rather than act like it’s no big deal and he’s “not gonna lose sleep over it”



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You can show. WEEI. Is the first time you've been down 02 in the east in ten years have how do you think you'll. Kind of digest that challenge over the next couple of days and kind of put. It's in my family recalibrate my mom and they're going to be fine. Not only loosely forward. There was not a budget guy you know what I wish I wish. When things go bad for me like I can't sleep at night edit it either take a senate tequila. They don't like the whole bottle night wolf wanted to do you know it went on to lives in home to the can execute the problem or a. You know I did not bother. He's got but I think that's a Smart idea that what the worrying. That's cardiac though. Think that's part of it through the course too cool for school something the you know because it's what me panic. Half asleep but they act so also came while with him lately and he had a picture figured out. Oh for wanting to. Old assailant I think most people would admit that you know you're down two games to nothing that bothers you. You know you go home at night maybe you need do the toughness that that welcome rousing yeah I was pissed on those companies that lastly you know time notre. At a tuchman sleep has Jerusalem and it before but you know woke up the next morning news group riveting but this guy. On faith that he's got to play that you know me where to look what sleep over who's let's get this kind of stuck his foot on is putting on yet because most people say of course it should bother you down to nothing. You just what both forty some points it wasn't good enough if you know it should bother you that means you care is so I hate to admit that you're pissed. And he did have tough time sleeping in his younger replay of game over and over again because it tells me you care but he plays off as me. Well again. Gil he got Bobby strong who's an author of a couple of sell these books this is to thank him for what he's doing to him in northern mine Ohio what was whose back they see what you do you'll be a surprise that some deal like well. He's got to get a bug up their minutes to and that's by the way that's the Celtics got. That's not an Ohio guy that's on national. As the Celtics guys analyst and says let's announce. I know we we we follow Philadelphia thank you for your work that you do in northeast Ohio the brunt. What's the real question yes. So I know I know we were like around we're following Philly radio a lot like radio big. It pissed off they ain't there are a lot like Boston intelligent I do not I really don't know I think I Israel at and then you quit is a little bit from the Cleveland that they even. It's like to get pissed off do we have anybody Cleveland today Paul it's like is there just okay Cleveland rocks Cleveland rock Leo and Iraq it's amazing how just they just don't cater and a big deal I don't. Think that this team panel think they have the heart to do it and it's not a thing words our budget because people get mad when you call professionals offer their heart well yeah that that's what you're gonna be called fans play with their hearts and sometimes professionals don't and also you know if I was in that position to it is very hard trust as one of the toughest things the bill and it's very tough to build and in the short on his. It it is so boring talking about that is terrible and I. This error and if it. I think bash are. Outside it's the Atlanta. You from ourselves on lake. So this is it painless I did not see this last night but the people were pointing it out this morning and I went for the time once it painless. Who just should get off to a right now because he gets exposed as the game progresses so this is in the in late media in the second quarter he's all excited. Because he's a big LeBron guy what's wrong way to. LeBron LeBron took the heart. Right out of themselves and looked off balance and out of sync early I expect LeBron to shake up is an expanded Oregon was at the first quarter cavs got this one back charge of the series while the I'm actually surprised he put out usually. Rookie LeBron like crazy. You let a financial guys here like the whole live. I LeBron did say Al loosely to nobody asked every question does that put Kevin Love up there with a crunching supporting which is stupid does nobody want to ask a loving and Bologna. He Kevin Love senate's top item to stumble thicket of monocle and heal the Celtics of the young team. You do you have say what you want about love and call over Thompson and JR Smith. But that is a veteran group correct. And you hear him say stuff like this according to shake your head of wit that cavalier team. I mean I think he can actually take a lot from the Boston Celtics and they had. All the starters in double figures in that comes alive I think we've on the Stevens from the right positions us. There at the level of activity and they moved the ball and continue to cut. Mr. Marcus martyr of him and he was plus 21 in this game he's seemingly an agency to do everything out there on the floor she has got like a reporter or as. Or is moderate guns yeah they are so so you got a team love of LeBron James Kendall hunter's Thompson JR Smith a cool overs in the game Jeff Green Bay in their George feels Bentley while. And you hear admitting after the game. That you can learn from the Celtics because they moved the basketball. And they share the basketball and they cut without the basketball. And you sit there and say this veterans and should he should knew he'd know that. I don't have an article grass and Paul trolls every let's say let's hope so was that a show LeBron. Negotiable the basketball also living abroad pound the ball and I who's running team I don't know but I'm just I'd just listen to animate. That that group should know better. Well you know it's funny because that the reality is that just not so it'll I don't get a start talking military Irving and housing really feel about this. And comp carrier ring on the little of not necessarily weren't concerned about how well these guys are doing and if my spot to secure which I think it is Alvin he's going anywhere in the same time. You're looking at that the cavaliers team that you look at what LeBron James do you going man I got out at right time yup eight that ship was seeking. I'd LeBron James wasn't gonna change he wants to be he wants to be mutual everything they got it I've forced my way out of there. You know what's gonna happen we were already gonna start hearing it. People are gonna look at this team. And they're gonna start talking about you moved carriers and we're already started hearing some of them are hurting so yet so get ready for that you're gonna hear some of that. We'll get to that may be later on your smaller Westfield supple. I hope all OS feels poses no flow analyst bill. Does put him on hold a bloody photo Booth aren't going to remind got a cold we could we can't wait for the saw like up again hello Bob. Say let. I'm tired of hearing you and everyone in the national media. On the cavalier. Is constructed. Or abroad. Not U match in the MacBook block that he. Other Roddy what did you want god you wanna carry on guard he wanted to ask Becky traded at the deadline he got. That's the choir coach will. That's. And they locked the the player council brought in the GM rod built. Choose me about the night Bob excuse me am I letting LeBron Austin look today at last a hundred yards I. Not listening mode but I'm you know listening but easily lose a game and he's. He's he's played in the whole game on the ground the united listening at all but you know Leslie the whole game on the ground. It's even worse you screaming about a young taking just the opposite you yelling at me. And Christian yes I am not LeBron will not bring it defensively last night. Did not tell you you're a liar didn't listen I never said it. I'm sitting here blaming LeBron I grew and I. Know. Well and the other thing is that by the way it's. Kind of holds my uncle here with the wanna hear it LeBron did hole about. LeBron did not push Tyreke arena I just had every said. I want out but Roger needs to not push him out Ky and Herbie you point out. Don't you say he won all you want to buy out until I really got himself on a guy. Game LeBron is on the first art music Cleveland that went to Miami and he came back he makes the censored. He makes. You know what we agree with you on him that we agree with you on him dictating the roster yes it Bob I don't know what you're listening to your argued yeah just gave you just said. The exact opposite of what I've said for the first hour of the program. Part pat while I have to tell us your I evidence Iowa audiences listen I want now. Yeah. Every. Yeah done via doesn't always make an announcement like I'm actually officially off the hook today. I'm okay I'm bringing in lines for everybody million barrel on my dad he's lying rely my little you know their pay don't know they are I get a monsoon. And on and I know you know. No I know because we have arrest until the end it's a sponsor this bring you the food you're out of the vote when I see the American Express card I'm out of the saddle them that out. Know you guys on guys are you guys will pull me under bots were rushed it volume is still and that was it don't that would at least protest SM process. Can we hadn't gone and obviously that's huge yeah I don't know but I realize I was like six point five overnight for ESPN's second highest rated Eastern Conference final telecast since 2000 while ago locally it's wonderful for. Sixteen in Boston who. Watching these awesome arsenal dogs likely a lot of not an act. Some of clustering is not much in the rain I heard one commercial break I got an adult are submitted to Andy Brown nerd ought to run down those odds and I think that that don't know I think you all you people later this week and then the Celtics would be screaming about Benson and his dance again the good news that he wanted that while the bad is that allowed Indian based path yes. Oregon and. Get him right what you are dozens translator Ronald that's it and we do have lunch coming that you are not spoke at arsenal. I'd like to 61777979. DE 37 ready Ramona.