OMF - Liam Slattery, 23, hepatosplenic T-cell lymphoma (a white blood cell cancer), Peabody, with Caitlin Stratton, RN, Jimmy Fund Clinic, Dana-Farber 8-15-17

In July 2015, Liam was diagnosed with a condition called hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis, a life-threatening immunodeficiency which landed him in the hospital. While undergoing treatment, further testing revealed Liam also had hepatosplenic T-cell lymphoma. Liam began treatment at Dana-Farber right away. Liam’s treatment has included chemotherapy and radiation. He also had a bone marrow transplant and is now in remission. Liam loves sports, especially Boston teams. He enjoys playing lacrosse, basketball and soccer.  Liam is close with Caitlin, who actually took care of him during the annual Red Sox Spring Training trip. He has a sister, Elizabeth, 27, and a brother, Connor 26. Liam has had a few health setbacks, but he is hoping to resume nursing school in the fall at Salem State.

Caitlin has worked in the Jimmy Fund Clinic at Dana-Farber for 6 years. She worked at Boston Children’s on the Bone Marrow Transplant unit for 8 years, then came to Dana-Farber after having her son. Caitlin met Liam before his bone marrow transplant and says they hit off right away. They found a common bond in talking about Fairfield University where he was a student and she is an alumnus. Caitlin has been caring for Liam ever since, including being his nurse on the annual Red Sox Spring Training trip.


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Let's introduce you to Williams Slattery. 23 years of age along with registered nurse Caitlin Stratton great to meet the institute chickens so what happened to you. Tag knows these patterns but it T cell lymphoma and now his war. And so it's like cancer in the bone marrow and you need a bone marrow transplants you get rid of it's I went to four rounds you know men down. The way that I was originally diagnosed with I crowns before and my Accra asthma attacks these black cause that. And died for my blood work from my current events I had HO as before and and I was in the hospital two months prior to my diagnosis. And now on Saturday started chemo for that already had done. Five days of Ito decide. And the next day right when I was about to go home I got the genetic testing came back after right for reits. That. By. O'Meara had tested positive there is a pretty that diagnosis at this time. I've read this study that my doctors used for the decision for my achievements you scrutiny and it was thirteen years study and are only eight cases before that. There is very rare they acted really know how to treat it I'm only one person that's at bat before me. It's that prognosis wasn't carried by the doctors at Dana Farber we're actually very supportive and they. I adjusted. He. Treatment slightly from wipe the clinical trials have been far and it actually works pretty well I was in remission. Right after the second. Round of chemo and the out. Third and fourth round mortgages nature there was no this very hard to find in the primaries just to mention that is absolutely a 100% god. And my transplant resigned December 18. 2015. And act now 610 days out. I've had many complications since then transplant isn't exactly. An easy thing to do that and sound it's not at all. Came and where used to work on the unit averaged cheated on on six west she's out there we need to go oh process. In Jimmy Fund I can't tell you how great she is. And the entire staff there. They just they keep view to keep you positive the entire thing it's it's really an amazing organization. You can't say enough about it. Like I've reached when you're going through something like this everybody they don't treat you this maintenance. I don't I don't know how to explain to him if he put it in words it's very refreshing as they see it every day they teach. They talked to you like you're known person to talk about everyday things. Let's sports. The way we first met each other. By first two years of college I went to Fairfield University. Receives and alumni have flown them. And down. That's how we first kind of connected to Regis I started talking about everything obviously I had to stop school immediately. Had I finished my sophomore year was diagnosed in the summer. So I think it counts you classes. But on Regis like re kind of disconnected talking about like although stuff. And that's by the area and that she was nice that she's with me Canadian tire process. I'm. Just simple yeah that's just yeah. Something to show how you doing it. He's doing great. You know it's been a long road for only him he's got a lot of setbacks that this young man is amazing. I've. Never seen him. Be down about anything he always got a positive attitude even at the worst times he's like some kind of mind to worry about me and world scrambling running around as we are worried about them. He's just an awesome kid it's it's someone that's easy to take care you know it it makes my job easy. Yeah and it's it's he makes it easier but it's got to be. Exhausting for you too or just talk overall because so many kids come in summer there have an easier time and likely Amos or maybe they don't. How do you personally. Deal with it because it's absurd takes a Poland it was a while. Now I mean do the best you can to not get super attached to kids. And young adults. Obviously some of them still your heartened me and the staff please don't mind them. You know it's. They're definitely days where I'm sure I'm more worried about him and he is about himself. But this. We just. You know I always just try to keep positive attitude is they figured. If I have a good attitude and I'm not showing that I'm worried then it's gonna make it easier for him to not feel that way. Helium where she have any a golf term in next month. And the WTI dot com slash golf and the proceeds will go to these outreach to a program as far as going to spring training. And that's for you kind of you to kind of met and can hit it off but. This being chanted yes specifically that was an amazing trip definitely wasn't a lifetime. So after transplant you are not allowed to. Basically I could go to two places outside I can go from my house to the hospital and back. Tango tonight fantastically Gretzky can go to movies. Which is also very frustrating has so I territory one. Now twenty to its entire process I've been allowed to let and it is my friends alive I'm doing things are going on this spring training camp was really nice to exist. It was different you know. My longest stay in the hospital with a 101 days. Does from a provocation after transplant so being able to go to Florida. You know sit hotel. See the game needs players it was an amazing experience in just kinda changed it up from the monotonous. You know house hospital house cost. Over the accident and the support to some of the other kids that are out there with you go through some similar things. A meeting on the kids it's really nice you obviously you had a patch through all the wars stories and everything. It's nice to here that some gas is going to sentence and it is going to this bush is amazing Odyssey the that Tennessee community it's not that the EU. Like hope to give part of me if you're part of that community it's been a supportive. And nine. Great Steve audio and the new life. And it was really good way to connects and meet like other kids my age you do if they didn't have the exact same story they know it's like to be told. Hey you have cancer in like. Passer. Work through that there are you doing today. I've had better days but out and actually yesterday I found out so. One of my it is issues post transplant that causes a lot of complications your organs. And efforts houses these jets had a significant. And I've experienced with and like it lasts my spleen. Part of my pancreas and a good amount in my colon. So. Yesterday actually met with a doctor. Mass. General who is finally figured out how you handled the efforts I was an anchor tenants at the start out right now. Yes pretty good plan I'm excited for it has gotten. That I stayed at I've mentioned before that a 101 day stay where it's pretty rough I had seven. Some like dark days during that time crap like regarding my medical issues and he has a plan for a procedure every once couple weeks. For the next few months to a year where it actually cosmic at least you know which would be nice. And I hope that yes. To the end of this house. Just hang in your and a great place U with great people including Kate with your with people that know. And there are new things coming along every single day I did not take care. Plans for this one that nursing school. Nestle so you can give back some of what you've gotten over the last obvious it was great meeting you rate and we wish you the best of luck alone don't follow it but. There's a great place Caitlin thank you very much for sharing your story we appreciated it.