OMF - Lisa Scherber, director of Patient and Family Programs, Jimmy Fund Clinic, Dana-Farber 8-16-17

WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon
Wednesday, August 16th

Lisa started at the Jimmy Fund Clinic more than 25 years ago. Lisa’s father had been treated at Dana-Farber and passed away when she was 16. Lisa and her team are responsible for the day-to- day activities in the Jimmy Fund Clinic and events such as Teen Spring Training Trip, Girls Weekend, Summer Festival and Holiday Festival, to name a few.


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This next guest is one of her favorite people and around known as prolonged as everyone now everyone who does that she's an Angel. And updated with. This is Lisa you're probably now. I want names. I laughed out of it. Them. I've said rescue effort for years I could never do the job that you do every single thing going in the here and dealing with the kids and retirement said that view. You bounce it back and say I get to greet his job in the world and the reason I should could never do it. Because you've seen so many people young children go through well. And then not be able to win that battle win that fight in you have to show up at that funeral and I could never to how do you do it. Yeah I mean I think where were all asked that you know from the nurses to my team to the doctors. You know I think right after that I hear you know win the battle is no there's no losing here so I think for all of those kids that. You know their battle to end it and I really do think their parents and their families and there is their villages of community pick up their back up. Like there's no one that loses are fighting cancer he can't because these kids are truly the most inspiring in most courageous. People I've ever Matt and eat it for 26 years. I have seen. Truly remarkable parents and remarkable children. And I've. Seen lots of remarkable don't think it's. So we are you accuse us our loot you talk about you know you're always in agreement it's tough. There can be no matter what's going on you're happy you got a great attitude. There's the time when your claws come at a c'mon I honestly don't nothing. A pretty nice and it just got a decent company. That it malamute and a good note yeah I go thank you and I reckon there's got to be time when. And Claus always come out of our way if I'm trying to protect something that you know we built her recent the east it's apparent I feel really strong back. You know we we won't have funding for something that's that's gonna change the life of whatever kids if I feel like. You know we can't make this moment happen because. We can't get this funding like I I I definitely I have an Italian 100% at times I if I am not all rainbows all the time you know but but that's what makes me so passionate is my fight. You know I think I I I will fight for these kids and I will fight for their parents in and around the matter what the turn it. So you started treatment clinic took over point five years ago he started there when your tan yes. And that's the thing I have a lot of people lets you know I love these few days it's extremely difficult to listen to a two you know for four hours of two hours are belong you wanna do it. You listen to every day in at least two for 25 years you have to build it yourself right they're teenagers. How does that how do you separate that because there's so much on your plate at war. In as far as other people's lives. He's still that the Oilers. Yeah I mean I think it's one of those things we all have to do that work in this kind of environment that Jimmy Fund clinic it's. He is a lot of balls tackling in the air constantly is a lot of emotions that are just feeling not pass our hearts getting broken hair they're getting built with with joy as well it. You know but I belong car at home and in that car at homes and my kids were report I hate you learn to release you learn to stop you put the balls down that you're tackling him. And that those emotions go and I just direct them to my children. And my kids have grown up an environment where they realize. It's really easy to help people. It's really easy to sort of put yourself out there would be a good person and it changed the world and very small way. And there they've been a part of this theater department's IQ is gone to hear it does as well as their friends and now they're friends have been volunteer. The programs since they've been old enough to do so here's a date interested in getting this field or is it just been too much of their lives they want something else now I don't think I think it's actually really fight is gonna say you're two teenaged children are really proud of what you do this is really cool I am now hold onto that it may be able to tell me that you know if you know if they expect them. But but they're really they love what I do and they love the Jimmy Fund they really. You know my dark time where's that to happen all the time only partly her friends do as well. But I don't think there. Days they don't wanna follow it's hard to follow up slightly footsteps you know I'm saying that they wanna follow their own passion and I think. You know that's as a parent that's what you want your kids and that's Leo we see in the Jimmy Fund pair dances. You know some of them don't know how long their child is going to be with us but they want them to finals there passion whatever that is whether it's him getting on the baseball team more. We're getting into kindergarten and that's the goal of any parent and for parents and uncle. To sort of just. Have your child find their passion is is just that went out. At least to a party established you've been doing this for a long long time he's seen the money that is poured in every single year in this radio telethon. Give us an idea of what it was like in the early years. Win their war great survival rate. Where this money is gone with the research with the care over there at Dana Farber and where we are today I was it changed the landscape change. I think it's so huge you know I feel like it's one of those things where you know research is kind to sort of making these kids with that the treatments more bearable. That's a huge as a huge increase in sort of speaking there and there's left hind here feel. More that. Just able to be comfortable that's important to their political tiles now for. Certain diseases that they weren't there ten years ago and you know I know we talked about a lot of kids. You know Furrey all day yesterday we talked about miles talked about Mattie both of those kids. Were able to get a clinical trials that prolonged their amazing lives and and to have six more months with with people like that is just it changes your world and so those things that happened we can't do that without money research is so important you know used. You've talked to you I think you had to you know bunch of people like yesterday that might have technical tiles or know that if they're cancer comes back. There's there's always hope. And I think for anyone listening out there there are only job while they're listening is to enjoy the stories and then provide. The hope and that's with funds and whether it's a hundred or ten dollars or 1000. Every dollar really changes so. When that. Are you the first person. That their kids in the famine there and their family see you regulate the gatekeeper but before they enter. Look at the feeling okay W we have what are you going to take I thought I. That's the problem. I cannot imagine what that I I admitted as well I mean now hoping all of them down when I got multiple speakers I think today I'm athletic. And I think we're all the first space they see. You know I'm definitely are the first let me here comes back you block out of time you can hear me allowed to lie yes. They think it's really important that all of us are out there were all very present and when families come in every phase they look back to them. Is welcoming and is is the first face that just made them feel safe. You know one thing to these amazing guys junior and he talked well time because it's not just. The child that's going through you know it's the parents it's the Brothers a sister and it seems like you guys kind of to have great job realizing that and just blowing it will hide all you rightly everyone's. It's definitely I mean when the child is diagnosed it literally. In the bomb attacks in the middle of that family and you know and no one's safe from from back pain and that fear and and when the siblings are young earth their older teenagers are still struggling. With you know how the Wii Fit into this piece and we make sure that when they walk into that Jimmy Fund clinic we encourage them to take your Brothers take your sister's. Make them sort of get to know all of us those that feel safe for them to do we give out Red Sox tickets that are just so great that's another thing that donors to all the time in your listeners. They send us for a toxic assistant to family. That's so importantly their grandparents aunts the uncles we want them all to see this as as a second Stanley for them that we're gonna take care of of this child like there are alone and and that's really important for all of us. So we gotta we gotta. Settled that works in case you've dealt with the morning show. Yet he let those guys I I I only half as we now know that I don't know Agassi yet. Not a Hewlett I think that afternoon guys I know I don't know yet okay that kind of put. With temperatures. In it and who's your papers with your. Morning mid day and you can't lead to your favorite show is. Maybe I'll be at the OK now easily mean yeah I yeah. Yeah. I. Wrote an alert exploited oddly enough it was. I honestly I I. Just I so. Fortunate to have all of you guys just. Have the same passion that we have the Jimmy Fund does that help these kids and having you here for two days and seen your passion. Is just it's been making these beauties he Pamela I want you. I want to recognize. Somebody that Lisa knows and leases spent a lot of time with Michael with Q. Who went to fit your academy and I got an opportunities and a little bit of time with a with a licensing and the date for the super bull in Houston and to come around to the NFL experience and some other stuff is very sick at the time very frail at that time but this kid. Was just fighting through so we could have a good time so we can enjoy. That Super Bowl in Houston and he's just he just made the day effort for me and said dad Michael and Carey's mom and sister. Brooke they were just one they're wonderful people he passed away this past week and I just heard about it yes and thank. Haiti had talked about it on the morning show him. You know Friday who was the services they got into it you know once again you know I think Michael was. One of those kids that you just there. They destroy you and they're strains. In their power and their love for life. That's what it is just their pure joyful life that he just thought the entire time and he wanted to do as much as he could. And in whatever time he had and that's something that you just it's it's a gift for all of us to us would exceed that kind of that kind of strength in the act of love that his parents had. Com for him to let him till how him just couldn't live his life and now I know we're just. We're just so grateful to get to know these families and have them lettuce in their life. So I'll continue to do this until they say it's time to come. Yeah I spoke just a few hours and what a wonderful kid athlete to affairs and wanna want to ask him. But that's part of the problem right now can't save a ball that we still need more technology yet still need more solutions here. And that's why we need you to pick up the phone at 87773812348777. Troy a text version for which data. Can't set the tone of June 20. Go for at least I have enough of that enough I actually love. Yeah. Simulated sick like children we have I. I we're gonna take a break speculation that's bad.