OMF - The long goodbye to the midday shift begins, plus Pats pre-season game reaction

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Friday, August 10th
Hour #1 - We discuss our big move from middays to afternoon drive and get ready for it.  Then the Patriots kicked off their pre-season last night and we discuss what we took out of it.  Plus Mookie Betts almost hit for the cycle, but did anyone see it?  (answer:  yes, they did).

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On you wish. Fort Wayne and moaning and forty route showed a little fight today and resign Carl brown what Ralph Webster Ross who is this. I'm do you tend to get more out of the valuations from the games with a practices. We've got a rare thing so that all counts are thankful broke. Fish Smithson out of Kansas nobody gets up at that anything is given to him by his being sick grandmother. Why is it has an answer rather finds that the market that's a good terminology for a first down right now on Sports Radio WEEI. Don't work it was a longer gala into. For you to zit. I know if you did the same things notable personalities like a lot to tell me police said Dick congratulations on your life limited see you again this is Christmas parties last had no Christian Christians don't at 10 o'clock slot. This is that last time. You get up early deal with that traffic. You're right. You think people cry at 2 o'clock. Many and with with what Ono will still see my pride about 830 when he suited attract capital and elderly got to do to get to hear them. It's gonna cry because in the last 66 pointers the last Aaliyah was it says he's good at this that and he's gonna it's and within say it was last. There's shows but a lot of fond of these is of particular markets that's our response wooden. They're good luck with that got emotional show this morning and if you miss that we've got to get the same event coming up yes in the you know clog our. Curt Schilling his story of what. He experienced here over the last week and we'll get that at twelve. That you enjoy the football game almost unbelievable wall idea why they call it free season exhibition game. Why is it it's. Battering innocent as you watch your what it would even watching right. That for example it will sit there and nick all the articles today they'll they'll talk about Jeremy overs meticulously. Jabil rent a ball better right. All with the Jeremy about how to better align bottom of the blocks remain at night we have bigger holes to hit you played against launches via bill might look at its video Gillis the he got a yarder through there but that was actually pretty good because the guys in front and didn't do his job. All acting hill ran for seven yards and a play but you know hole that blew up Goldberg a second defense is the federal whatever so it's. You constantly watch these pre season games. Annually quarterly. What does it mean nothing reportedly watching us. It was the stay healthy that's all I care about who's the tide and that was brilliant in the pre season one year and ended up to judge felt such. Number that everybody got a set of we spent four weeks talking about sub felt. And then he's got a regular season opened great dropped one pass him whatever it was they got the past about opening day first. Well early in the game and he was on the jets' roster and never couple weeks after that or something like a Soldier Field for a good wind. Our biggest comebacks in this franchise history. I don't you put up there with which suitable as it's like to see ops fourth quarter all of 28 to three. I hate to admit this is unbelievable I hate to admit it you're gonna love this I hate to admit it but I was all excited as you know why we do this but I do every single year I get excited sell it all pre season football. Policy stuff football office pre season football club football. Halfway through that game last night I'm watching Twitter. And I'm realizing the smoky vets is going for the cycle and are cynical old guy. And I switched over to Red Sox baseball or little patriots. Why it was an epic is that it was the patriots game it's supposed to watch pre season go to sort of feel like to watch that the CFL. A little bit because you don't know anybody isn't much to turn on to see if well and go watch that football game would you just like football because in equality of regular season at sea of browsed that it's very similar to pre season. That's exactly what and as you watch it go to. You even had that awhile because of grapple. He changed everything pre season football mostly tickle we percent whatever but Jimmie go drop below. Changed pre season football the last three years here in New England because you got an opportunity to watch this kid. And you are you fascinated by. Osaka futures game and you don't have a future don't Brian Hoyer as you sit there and say it's the future is what I ordered west recruit. I'd nothing special esteem in these films TV actually get into the game last night. And then he left the game right where you're came back in because his helmet wouldn't operate one of the Google I thought it was one of those silica. Bill does that we're always you're gonna Beckett in game again it's the lead back in the game now I want those I was lame I watched all of us over. Oh yeah I did I watch all the post game press conferences and in the press the post game press conference Brian Hoyer actually admitted that he had to go back into the game. Because at links helmet didn't work the green dot helmet did not work. That that was probably tough for tickets for the kids out there playing its first minutes. Of NFL football suddenly. Everything goes dark. Nothing he can't hear them it's idle days is called why. And an adult situations and Emmitt if Bill Belichick is your coach arching thing. Thinking I did something wrong and I I didn't terms were charm I did I get up and Arlen my helmet every out a Canadian night so you just got to continue duel which you do what you're gonna get a chance into the cat. I did you have any hospital one. Play back to football or have a Bethlehem right in that are here are you gonna slowly but you got up yet. You know that's is a part of the game you may take hits and especially being a quarterback you gotta immensely physically tough and and down is that they get shot he got a good shot but you get back up and I think you try to show your team like hey look let's go over remove it involved isn't innocent it slows down. In Portland at inspirational it was him after the game that was posted occurred before. Have you ever heard of if you ever heard of road Ralph Webb before last I can't wait there's a lot of guys have her last day that actually that featured. ID eight Jackson yeah it. But we don't know Ralph Webb unlike. Who the kid the the quarterback. Live Darius whoever was that isn't there yet I thought maybe it was that you do Baltimore right now I know it Ralph I don't know Ralph Webb he was the star of the game. Ralph Webb bleachers the no it was I actually dodger deal was better. I Jeremy hill was kind of a star in the that's that's announcing it that's it about native which isn't it. Everybody assures us there is okay. It's it's. As far as I'm doing this we turn. And Joe's article with elderly do in the just talk relax the worry about it's not that you're fine lot of hugging the the other players you know Russia analog hugging on the side. Yeah Bruce got there sergeant Brady you know I don't there was a lot of lot of hugging up their side you know him well tell us about Bryant. Lawrence you won't 2009 when I came here be floating on. Is he was an assistant special teams coach and I mean he's been with me since day one he knows everything. Your team's offense defense. He sees the game from the top down he sees everything so I think. He's going to be pretty good this year you know obviously this is first game and does that take little time to use that. Cynic you're right if if the drop below were playing last night. We would be sitting here getting all excited or or or getting very concerned if you did not play well because we're viewing him as the future. The future at least not the future now. So what do we cannot last like any. Even even outside of America critical and allowed people it's a spirited that was premature defense when. It went according. Mean it was pretty much your defense and now somebody else than playing that was so law is surprise along don't they hiked our part we played the sick people idolize. I have to suit doll that tree flowers and a few visitors was not nice but that's OK so but for the most part the grouping. Gil wants a lot of separation but there's a lot of things and guys have rivers first look at him that was nice Shelton in the middle. But so beautiful local looked pretty damn good against that unit but then again like I said I'm not gonna sit here in pre season. It's people on Twitter don't. Whose defense deepest hole. On an area. This is what we're doing right its pre season like this just takes that thing for me it's I think maybe it's the baseball mentality. Too early if you actually want to baseball spring training game and we Hadley try to have but to our conversation of oh what we saw in its spring training game. Acute constantly to speculate gap block. You know being the majority abdicating them was impish and enable next year double A and is that a big league arm or fuel for the quicker idea of but it's also march 1 it also it's just. It's it's what you guys are winning and losing jobs they're opening guys so it's an opportunity for them. But other than I look at it gonna put a big picture on his pitchers to acknowledge that it's similar in that in football you don't game plan for the pre season doesn't happen. And so when you get into baseball. Does may be working on his car. And so he's going to spend a lot of time so we not. Pitching the way he normally would pitch dude that that I honestly I feel like I. I thought their seasons were billed as you've been that defensively doesn't even like dean play in the first three weeks of the season right. You know it's as it is we need basic Vanilla stuff. And we've seen it last year we've seen it with the years Darrelle Revis did so last year with you more the first four weeks. Three weeks it was zone defense India and maintenance you get these guys though it won a one man to man cover corners. And he played zone the first three or four doubles that they try to build this foundation. That we need to know we we need to be in zone. And it wouldn't rate it at weeks five weeks it now we can go out of we've got it now we understood our responsibilities. Now we can go to me and we can bring of the things it. It's not elect Heath has been a lot of the gate a regular season so what does it tell you that they drew an eleven point seven share of the audience last night on TV it's full of great no Brady. No grown. A little bit about a month you'd you'd get a lot. Of the regulars out there in the did eleven point seven hours and was or not there we both agree. It was one of those games recipients were down on my watch it if not a shocker muted their first game will get what 28. Yes at least that's what it is having its its football. And all year it's a Thursday night you know it's one game came a week talks that were seven point wanna get that point one that's good really good that's good that is really good gold against that game in Toronto. That's that's very good but I am surprised that seven coasted to only residents and I don't want him. And so here's the latest on I'm Tom Brady is it McBride as the ones reporting yet in the Boston Globe Tom Brady has been dealing with a sore back. I'm not sure that's the reason he didn't play last may be dealing with a sore back. As somebody said last week that he might have a sore pain and so maybe he has boldly sore back. And a sore hand. May or may its pre season game went exactly. I don't think he's going to play if he was a 100% healthy. If you look at a box scores or you watched any of the other action in the late last night. The regular starting quarterbacks. Last night they didn't. Dirt field as they did. It was one of the younger one of this they certainly not the elite guys young guys they're certainly not the leak it implied. And Brady hasn't played much for the last five years. In their in their first pre season game he wasn't going to play anyway. It's not. I keep on hearing is we didn't play because he is a bad back or whatever sore back but that wasn't the reason he didn't play. Was certainly as a neighbor as needed to play. The last few years. Just given the amount of these joint practices they normally. We quietly tell your dolls work on Tuesday or Wednesday or Monday or Tuesday whatever days they did it. They would have all his work in there it full practice under control. And there's no need for him in the play in game one. I do wonder. If there is a need for him to play industry sees that he has not thrown the football that much here we talked about it yesterday if you quarter in game three. I'm with you I don't even know if he needs to play in a pre season. Well I'm the kind of wonder what this groupies he he meets the party's ticket whether it's not indicate there's a big difference between Tom great Jovi to play any games you get the call with sequoia. There's no work in the keys don't work you practice courses it is working in practice will be read the reports and you look at the reports. It really do much right. It isn't it but that may be capacity they hand it right you would think that maybe the vacuum. OK so what that but I still don't think he would have played even if he were a 100% healthy diet plan. Grapple play one quarter believe last that is that correct one quarter. For San Francisco appeal less than that three for six and I get a young guys exit date they played a little that. Luck played last night because while he hasn't played two innings needs to eat it's like a little bit funny Mason Rudolph. Everybody you know is prospering played none of the regulars but he watched him play at the Flacco played maybe a little music has a lot of Jackson and he struggled a good he struggled what was it six that's what it's like that's that's very team at him closely it is for all the but you know every year this'll tick people all excited about the young quarterback comes out of this and a party heard this morning and people talking about it and people talking around here at the citadel Roman god of Brady who's that was an injury was screwed with Feuer who what did you think. Did you did you actually believe before that game last night. That you were going to be a terrific shape and you had a chance of doing what a patriot team normally does and that is. Get to the AFC championship game or get or win the Super Bowl. If Tom Brady would download and enjoy it. Did you really think. We understand these people now are used to having grappled behind him I think that that's the way it should be but I think that was an illusion you should have a young starting quarterback. You know who's you know will be coveted by many many teams buying Tom Brady for ever in case something happens that Tom there was no safety net behind Brady for years. Before Jimmy grappled showed up. Am assured Jimmy go out there and the child that again Buffalo's Jimmy Iraq hello I'm sure the Jimmy grappling of the house. That Jamaica or apple would have been at safety and me. I'm not sure what it meant I. In our mind we all thought he was the future loan but if he lets say it was this past year. Tom Brady went down with a injury I'm sure that you can dependent Jamaica rappel how to cure what do you consider. Francis a different sort of bent maybe it would ran out against Jacksonville. I don't know but I think there would have bet that that that there were gone that far but with problem that major fill a lot better but if if Brady is gone your team is still interesting. Not only thing but it could possibly still be very very good get this the ball. That's a Thabeet or upload deep view bios of the biggest value for him as your go to sleep at night you know because you just you knew he was there in there and at safety net left. You know when he was traded your leg qualities that help raise get hurt needed municipal and he was great. Now. We Brady goes out again. Your playoff team this Kirk. If you're screwed you know that you're likely ballot for a wildcard maybe. All depends how long you've moos Tom Brady it's analyst Tom Brady for a week and it August jet sorts Miami maybe or he gets by. Maybe did the coaching staff comes up with a game plan it get you bought. Hoyer does that make mistakes doesn't turn the ball over. And demagoguing and we count on top mode he's done you don't know if he's gone if you lose in the game weeks six weeks seven. Selig goodbye you know those thirty the share ratings they're getting on Sunday. 22. 2120. That's would you people gonna start tuning out but people just out there early. Just to see. See what it looks like that once they see what it looks like it may not come back this our last night what did you think let's see if Al can exert its all about game. You just turn that they are because you love the patriots and he loves football and and you wanna see if you're the guys played maybe but he didn't know anybody out there you can submit on or whatever again because well most people watch the game the nuts and say oh. The efforts of line is it's the starters at defensive front seven is the stars you know defensive line Republican economic this opposition there was to the running backs there was a wide receiver the quarterback. And and you watch a game last night you can only judge you on with the other. Thing is they were using some players last I didn't emulated the offensive line that was a different number out there. Is sitting on whose playing right tackle who's playing left tackle. A military round gonna tackle they started and then they but they'd they'd have went through a lot of different guys guys I didn't I didn't recognize. But they played a lot of people in a game last night. So this your first pre season game everybody about it maybe we have an admission. Some. Of real height this helmet thing yeah. He's got Zack Gibson scenario comes of visuals you know we can talk about it but come Friday a toll which you see this on Thursday night Friday morning we're gonna be talking about. This helmet rules could ruin the game of football it's gonna happen because we saw elect a hall of fame game. Last night I don't think there was one call was. I didn't see one if there were there were calls and other games OK other games because I saw that last on Twitter and from other games people were reporting about issues. With Thea with the flags. But I have to admit that. I've got to stop this where I had this mentality right freak out Salem Oregon and I'm scared this is gonna happen and I. I'd I'd got to Whitman's going into last night's game I was a scared that we're gonna play for a half hour and at a Red Sox yankees game and we gonna see tons of flags and we were going to be spending four hours today pitching about the new helmet to rule. And I take panel back and I need to adjust to absorb light from and let's take whatever I saw one kid. In in Indianapolis. OK there was a it was a hit Indianapolis why does she went for the ball almost all the thrown. So authors fingertips he was coming down the kid from Indiana the safety of what came down and went helmet to helmet. And a legit helmet to helmet which would have got a penalty last year anyway there's eleven with a settlement. But he hit that yet and at the wide receiver to helmet might have been a defense as rod receiver. The difference is that play was detected. He threw his ass out of the game was to can do now so it's the old rule it would have been covered on the old rule but this year. You get a gently but it would event because he hit him and alma. You know but because if you if he led with a helmet hit him in the shoulder. Yet still going to be a penalty but because you would helmet to helmet I don't know alive was the severity of it so now that that's what I want if you leave with a helmet. It's a fifteen yard penalty but this is called it used to be held. An omen. That objections something it felt great to hear. That's going to be weird. That's got us. Oh it is hit witnessing at all I don't know but we sort of impose price so maybe deck crew last reacted may be that cruel and a priority admittedly do I don't respect for ever usually I usually don't object that leads. And I would be surprised if this week next week of the week after the week after that you gonna stay there that would be my guess you're going to say. Because they're they're they're tinkering around with the question I have is do they go back to where we were last year when we get to the regular season. That is forget about it is this put put the emphasis on the pre season will try it out but what they do this well. And we should listen baseball before they try it out minor leagues beforehand. They try to spring training before hand they don't. But I put it into effect for that season. Would they try it out of the pre season this year. And say we're gonna get a read on it. And find out I'm gonna ought to talk to the competent committee and then next year will formulate. The new rule based on what our findings from the pre season is it. Mean I understand but it almost. Even though they've implemented already and almost seems like they're doing exactly that in in pre season. At least that was who is a guy that was in their talk the patriots right now and that is that what is it who Brad Allen Brad had it down last night. That official last night's Eagles and eight out of paper just that he about it so. It does almost feel like this pre season even though this rules gonna be you know facts come regular season. It's still a work in progress to ZE talked about the good treat pre season it'll be different. You know locker room and frankly when I broke. And go. This is really no we won't we won't be right. Well he's OK just under it will we have to remember policy priority. There aren't enough or als that are subject. Is holding. Isn't it isn't that what that exert your vision so we'll always be substantially different opinions. Yes but as long as we are all ages eight and somewhat. I think we're very best canvas. So it seems like an agent doing last night obviously didn't throw anything on it so they'll look for and if it's even colts. They don't throw the flag and it's gonna dish often to pre season but then again I come back and look at the video in the form this library of all these calls they made say that's not one would talk about that not one. That's what we're looking for the right there. But this is not a penalty. So it's almost like in pre season to do what you said there experiment. They don't they don't throw these flags it's almost like that just try to put a check mark on placing go back and look at courts turn around now to do it for opening eighth. This year that's quick turnaround they don't get to the competition committee. None of that stuff sponsors that you form a library of it now there's games here tonight correct social data competition committee a Monday to come to whatever these and the referees. They they go through they'd look at its late Tuesday Wednesday whatever might be now you're an NFL refereeing you get this video. And you say here's what we look at this the library from week one. You know key diesel one's only look at these are the ones that we call that our penalties these are the ones that we call that we're looking for. So Tuesday or Wednesday it has yet to be attorney cuts quick turnaround you can do that these states so Wednesday. Each refereed the league is look at the calls from previous Thursday or Friday night or Saturday night. And it try to get a better understanding of what they're looking for what they're not looking for that's what the gonna that there are so the biggest story though. In the National Football League today is the NFL. Is investigating. The possibility. Of the Pittsburgh Steelers being the latest. To violate deflate your next year. Apparently the NFL is investigating the Steelers were using deflated football's. During the third quarter of last night's pre season game against the Eagles I would ask him a WIP reporting this. He was working became the spots our I reporters at lap for these the Eagles right jazz. Said he saw the football in question it was like eight marshmallow. The incident took place during the third quarter Mason Rudolph was playing quarterback for the Steelers according to ask him. The league has demanded that Mason Rudolph turned in his cell phone by 10 minute 30 this morning that this is the future. Really isn't so here's the thing so this is one of those things were sorely C. Where to pick on you New England. See also consider the source just as he had his duel because the NFL got to respond Ian rat imported this. Awful balls were compliance political rules fall at a pregame inspection process at all proper procedures were followed. In the third quarter of football that was found to be defective was removed from playing will be sent back to Wilson for review. You'll get a good as the field almost feel it they'll they'll look into it. Just like we looked in the incident in the patriots who don't care whose recent Rudolf and and in Pittsburgh or New England Tom Brady that mattered Austin still looking into it. It's this is joke. Secret sneaky people tell me that W the Pittsburgh steeler organization is a much of the Mason Rudolph as a nickel and he. I really needles balls played a lead and downed a bottle and has been wonderful game and it. I. And if that college football cooking up some of the up I'm sure he's going to have that type of a poll. Or he could be an ambitious young man put on the other hand you could you put yourself in in jeopardy get suspended right out of the gate. So somebody in the Pittsburgh Steelers organization is dropping the level in the and one of the football to do want to increase their chances of winning. Eight freaking pre season. About it this ludicrous what does the NFL investigating if the NFL is investigating this. This is ludicrous. Wasting your time now Joplin style launched Odom left anybody it was my. Let's talk about these knuckle heads in Boston WEEI. Well dared. I mean it was foolish enough. Ocean to that they did with that with Brady of the patriots that was full list that needs to be game we see that now. With that the football properly inflated when Brady did the second half of that game what Brady did from that point on. Ridiculous and now the NFL's go to waste their time and investigating. Deflated footballs in our pre season. It's this game it's this I just to complete with Tom Brady had to say on the music pretty emotional office. Socket and that's on the there's those of us. The editor investigate some of the other numbers right. A sailor pre season game. Negate that probably evolved. The numbers document of what these football's went into definitive yeah it probably do that's my job Lou you really don't have got Lou do you really really seizing game you really believe an official. Officials gonna take the time now to severely took what they they gage on the I was also. It's a pre season football game. I don't could have put the low key regional football play football we doing enough the problem worried about a cricket helmet to helmet rule and and we've confused what to catch is now again I got. These guys don't know what the hell's going on you check it like you know you see it yet lawyer and you're tired and given quick kick Alex by experts say MBA to take a ball dropping a flawed and it comes up a certain I'd like Scott. They get a full on it and they gotta squeeze an odd boys let's go there you go through it and in that populist midfield let's go. That's a joke. The trees so the footballs were defective. One of one on one of the most effective one apparently the one football. They sit back to Wilson to be inspected and I'm sure I'll be waiting for that report. So a minute if effective football in this one did they check with the footballs with Brady that may be they have might have been defect now. None is known because we don't know that those difference. At all those different. Yes the civil differently did an investigation and they found that they were defective how do you find out how they defected in what way. No idea. This is just that he can remember which he's he's been checked for defects. Unbelievable isn't it it's just absolutely. I here's the other a story and you don't was going to happen today. Trumpets blasting the players. Who were kneeling during the anthem lastly just don't when we use our around the league that there were players who were actually put their fist up in the air a guy's got a Miami's Kenny stills up. Knock of Jenkins with the the first race you seen the fervor they have a great forever. And you know what was gonna happen NFL players are added again taken a knee when they should be standing proudly for the National Anthem was this the president I numerous players from different teams wanted to show their outrage. It's something that most of them are unable to define. It's a good day making fortune doing what they won't be happy. Be cool be cool to be happy equal. Be cool guys. Be happy. Being cool a football game that defensive paying so all a lot of old soul. Much money. To watch and enjoy is no place to protest most of the money goes for the players anyway I'm not proud of it. Find another way to protest stand proudly for your National Anthem we're being suspended without pay go back to what I said at the time. The for the league to address this. When they did and they have already. Kind of put the the new. Protocol on the on the sidelines or as they're trying to figure it all out for them to do that just opened up the door. For trump to do. What he's doing yes. It's a and I still say you know can that'll with a lot of people's opinions out there that the info screwed this thing out by even addressing. I it because it was it was it was that you talked about who's going away. And and I state. Those people would have been the first ones to jump on because here we are pre season in week one let's just say the NFL doesn't even acknowledging a problem at the end. And it's just they just put their head to sandy seeing orders go away last year and it's going that you. It's not even discuss it. This is go play football and hope and hope that nobody does week one Kenny stills and his buddy down in Miami Neil we think the store's going to be. The appellate all offseason. To figure out how to how to deal with this to get but the NFL PA to discuss what to do and the dude protocol there in the nationally at them and a's decide to stick their head in the sand and now they got an issue popped up and they haven't addressed it yet. That would have been to distract well he could crush them more no promise these children have dealt a conclusion that's the problem global what they should've done is they should not have come out with a policy without a conversing sitting down a lot of Zynga but we need to did you have to address of people Fella isn't what they need to address this and athletic all because there's going away. Which I'd laugh bat because something would have happened even if those pre season one all week or so this country would have happened it was sparked it again. And then we want to set it ripped the NFL offered not doing a damn thing about it and an issue with that last year at the center for years this didn't work the way they did is that not work well well. About Sid Evans an update there continues to this thing up what they did they needed to address it. They basically said we're gonna penalize the players not only are we gonna penalize employers that teams can pedal at the plate already backfired on them. We Chris Johnson in New York with the jets will pay the at the funds will pull out our players do it would have made that they've made that policy without even talking to the US Nimitz is also used to advance China so what they should have done is they should have said nothing. About the policy behind closed doors they should have been working with the players association to find out how they could get. The players to agree to be respectful with the anthem and yet give them a form it's what they did is getting ninety million bucks. Figuring that was shot a month. Could the players just while body builders think the nine billion they'll shut up. But the nine million for all of their causes right I didn't see them turning any of the money down. They took that many millions and the players right now are continuing to do what they were going to do and trumpet is reacting to a man and remember. You've got mid term elections here truck is going to ride this pony. It right through to the November election that's what he's gonna do because he believes patriotic it right he believes it appeals to his base your. Yes I mean I. Shared does national at them wave that flag country. You know and it is absolutely that's what he's gonna do it is so it's not this and know what's gonna get worse this thing that comes they better find a solution have been a figure out get an incident at a figure some months they should not go to way and let people pelican was. He should shut down the players association before they announced anything so what they basically did is they said to the players illicit. If if you gonna protesting at the you have to stay in the locker you're you're next play you tell me is a political. About to dictate that to me. You don't we're not when we're we we Borg and stuff with our union that's how we agreed. That's that's. That's part of the problem to be honest with you. Because if somebody really cared they would do you know they would sit there they would stay in that locker room and after the game their address the media as to why they stayed that locker. But it's really turned into you'd cute tell me what to do. Mentality. This is you know I mean they competitive athletes are gonna sit there and say scramble outside for a minute don't you tell me what to do to stay right here to my right. I did a Google mail I get to what to do its attempts to ask you go outside bonus but I'm just saying that they can stay inside. And after the game that can hold their press conference a short in a phone network the shoulder and ESPN. Note to address the media as to why they stay in that locker nugget that get attention but no don't you tell me what to do taught I'm a man. But not only do they get attention they get rates they get praise in the Twitter world they get praised with the mainstream media the media is raising them. The media on the whole very liberal we'll support them. So if it's not like it get backlash won't once the backlash. The backlash is coming maybe from their ownership. They're Darrell owner is coming down with him to hell you don't. Put picket raced out there. It's it's not like they're getting beaten up for that and they don't care about the rise of an okay. I let's get to your phone calls will open a couple struck with football start with the patriots you reaction to well what you saw last night and can abort. At 6177797937. Right here and OMF Christian is often a very busy. Often taxes very big weekend for him. And then starting on Monday we will load shift this program. Up four hours and will begin at 2 PM go two to six every Monday through Friday every single day. Two to six beginning on Monday. Rights that one thing that was and silence at halftime was it's just gonna take one play at times that it's taking step after each other. You know to get back into the game and curious in pre season game like this how valuable is for the coaching staff. Kind of reinforce that at halftime here in the situation here. All of a salute to urge other in the first us. It could get worked up they lost they came less than coaching staff players get work done. Oh my god we love them for Philadelphia just detest sick and it's done where were destroyed. Will never recover. Should ask it. Just the bizarre thing we can get excited about these games and you right Louise to get excited about these. Pre season games and I think I fell into that trap yesterday I was looking forward to that game last. Of sitting in and watching it and it becomes like wallpaper after awhile what are my watch. What are we seeing what it would gaining out. And you're right grapple. If he was on this team and he was playing in a game. It would be like a futures game and we we get excited about it or so instead just don't Brady stories coming out he's got a back issue. I'm not sure that had anything to do with him not playing last night. But it's strange stuff incorporated with Tom Brady so we find out yesterday. From a couple of credible reporters. That they're about to slap me a little incentive lady boldest and and they'll look five million bucks. We can't in which to figure out how does that make sense for Tom Brady which five million bucks the temporary. You would think came out first off we Lou we're reacting as it was happening. And Schechter said it you know there's gonna be about noon on and wrap book came out next week for us can be a bomb threat to loosen up he's making fifteen so what's the ball. The ball we thought would be yo. Ten million right yes please go to 25 billion dollars and to be honest with you. If you don't extend it. I would have been shocked that they make him with due to mimic a thirty million dollar quarterback. That the short term tend to think two years that's two years 55000030. Point five somewhat that. They added five million dollars and just say here's five million Tom. Can earn it you've got. Earnings and so when when you we don't we don't know what these centers are yet right we don't know it's we do not favorites. Snaps we Tulowitzki started games played we don't know. If this chance it could be if your office finished the top five points. Or or something like this we've no clue what it is bottom line is big give Tom Brady five million dollars. They're made of our that's why back when this happened yesterday initial reaction was a delegation put Rob Gronkowski name in this this would all make sense to shares out doesn't make sense. Tom Brady it does nah. So. I'm reading Karen to regains peace right now. If you really look at the money adding five million on top of priest fifteen million base doesn't jump in too far up the latter. In terms of big money quarterbacks he reached the captain but he still has a number of quarterbacks ahead of him. Including. Jimmy G-20 seven point five million. Ryan thirty million cousins twenty million. Matthew Stafford. 27. Million and Derrick Clark 25. If I'm Tom Brady and I'm looking at that list I don't care if found 61 years Ole. The way our plane right now I'm looking at that and say why am I not paid this amount of money so can we wanted to think here a little. It could be that. The patriots and Tom Brady behind closed doors. Have got some idea of when this thing is going to end and maybe there's some incentive wink wink included here. Which would be. Adding a piece of the team you pointed this out off the air and I remember sitting at last night. It seems to me that the craft broadcast last night. And we know that the offseason. Turmoil. Between bella check and the use of Alex Guerrero in TB twelve with the other players was eight controversy. Ones that Kraft broadcast last night seemed to be very positive again about the TD twelve met over the Soledad enough retail you know operation before. The gave it a foot his right so before the game started it sold one of these that scene setter shots in order anyway you know everybody doesn't. Another froehlich the camera on lake patriot place just keep people walking down the mall you know walked in the streets of social. You yawkey way before game just you we are Fenway Park you know whatever it is. They did it before the team. Guys in a negative I don't want. That stuff and they did one with CBS is that kind of change CBS to what the sporting whenever the US yeah yeah no used to be CBS. Changed it to to make it more of a sports for I think it's called sporting glasses on that rather have what's that whatever also the it's all done. Well in advance you know why no because when they did the scene setter at CBS whatever you're calling and out CBO sporting couple sporting club. Who was sitting at the bar Stacey James Stacey James at that point at that time. Would be actually working up in the press box he would not be sitting at the bar is really the bar yes and of course yes. It was all three well yeah things are all we got at a different did my guess is they set them up at a different tell you that it. Again the the scene setter last night before the game was patriot place. And camera just happened to be. Raid on the TB twelve. Right right there does the storefront that. And it was almost like. You know there there's there's a commercial patriot place and there it is on the all all look our cameras happened to you but cook. My gut says he's twelfth the premier training facility and meals almost. It was a promo I wasn't path yeah. It was a read a question. They played off like it really wasn't but it's almost like it it just. If you shall patriot place and it's like Lulu lemon and elect OP wanted to great footwear and elsewhere in yoga pants got there. Millions almost that's exactly what they did that it's O. Is this what they gonna do before every game while the scene setter it it at that fake patriot place are they gonna happen it just happened to set the cameras up front at the because. No coincidence I don't think so but look at the trouble is it for DB twelve. If their prized client though the best got to knock at his back and take it out. It's got is muscles tonight you sit up. I thought that was streets are so could there be a little wink wink that there's a little bit more to this Kazaa which you. Now unless the patriots are looking at it this way look he really gets more than fifteen million bucks for the year. So he's paid fifteen this year but when you put the bonus of two years and we won wrecked would would you put the bonus up form. Then it's really like a 2122. Million dollars. Ford's this year all land so to add five he comes up to 27 but even at 27 he is still less then JPG. Less than Ryan less than cousins less than the wheel Sandra Stafford. Well as it is true in people look at you on always make it fourteen. This year and he's a million dollar gain instant and that's excellent view let's say you made a million dollars. And you got 500000. Upfront. You can't turnaround it's admittedly make it 500 grand this year. You're paying anymore but they salaries 500 grand in your poison you know did you forget that I gave you that 500000 bonus last year. So you know economy is that not a citizen I'm underpaid. You notice that. That's your salary a bid to be looking at the way the patriots may be looking at it that this is really 22 weeks just gave you five and we took him to twenty so yeah. So it's actually you know. Ten and twenty you know 212020. To have whatever it is we just go to the 526. Point seven because twenty million dollars. Is with Blake or else it's in the same breath. That's average annual I think it might be in that sixteen year either way it's a ten. Stiff thirteen in in that range forty million dollars and that's where it but I think it gets me. The tickets range and make it work it work for. I don't get that. Is this guy Rob Gronkowski is gonna prove we can stay healthy. Arrest but why why you giving Tom Brady incentive Lleyton addicts little carrot extension here tonight an extension which is more money. Why you doing that with numbers are proving you stay healthy. Yet prove they still good. McGraw everybody knows plot that plays eight games in the year before. He's been helping the post season always complain but he has been healthy been beat up I get it proved you can stock proved you can play. Earn your money but Tom Brady. Why in God's name does this mean have to earn his money like this. I'll give you one more than I thought this kind of strange it's only for this one year. So it's so they had a conversation with with Brady that maybe he's not playing until he's 45 some Britt keeps on playing his 45 we know none of it's guaranteed. Because. We we don't know whether he's going to from a health standpoint whether he's going to be able to keep it together to 45 nobody's done. And I've done at a high level we get all of that but that's what keeps on saying why we won here what are they can two years. They're going year to year right now and they're it's even more stable year to year but they're giving him like the putting it in front of them. For year to year. It's interesting how they're approaching anybody wanna debate with me once again about who will be here longer available Czech brewer or a temporary posting. We will see in a dark it's it's it's a no but it is a similar Maloney investments this would be off the board I think epic every dollar checks going to be. Based on the same page with with you know. Brady I felt like in the whenever right because Bill Belichick does things differently. But we felt like I did person is beat myself. There Rob Gronkowski was going to give. A little incentives here where there's three to have three to five million more he can make you know or or two to five to four million more economic incentives. Gave played the same as last year. But what it came to Brady. I didn't think to be a five billion dollar in team incentives or individual incentives I've no idea what it's gonna be. I just thought it was going to be an of the year. I thought it was going to be a bald big bonus that was spread out throughout their years. Right let you get two years he's at in cashing tickets thirty captain it's a 2122. Idol every illegal three years now would you be if forty million up front. We'll three years 75. We to make this thing work you know and spread some money around I just never thought there was going to be paying you know we'll give you some incentives so that if I don't get it. And now yes so I'd. I don't know makes it's just a weird weird ring. The other one here the five million I can almost see maybe they're looking at this point six or 27 million and maybe there's a wink wink with other things and ball on which you are it was very suspicious when I saw the beginning of that though. Of that the broadcast last night with the TB twelve stuff. It's. What's safe by the way the grunt hasn't already agreed to an incentive deal when he's just glancing. At a possible. British a British not saying anything this was late somebody got talk. Maybe maybe he's already gotten it because. Did you think a couple weeks ago with this change of attitude. The he seemed to be a lot happier that something it seemed. It seemed like something positive that happened with the organization speaking partly. And maybe you got to deal maybe they're both good and some of the. I still think the other he'll get one knows what he told the date for Roderic thousands like may 24. The had to get past or June or whenever wise. In order renegotiate his deal starting renegotiate it wants which is it just economic applied Tom Brady threw rental. So you have to wait one year. Before you can change that contract so we're probably looking at. Add in August 8 August 9 of next year. Before they can do Hughes deal for 2000 and it is there go one year at a time when you're in a way to week one of the pre season after your asserts it OK okay. Will it join a five million dollars and that's backed up by a drunk we all expect that thing to be done beckoning. So I I don't know. I don't know what's going on this chicks aren't aren't sure. But I just expected incentives to be for drought not for Tom Brady expected of the year for Tom expected more guaranteed dollars not hate Tom Brady. Goal earn your pay. With your play. Really. Is that just happened that's what just happened that often but here's the question now is pretty satisfied with what he is yeah agreement as agreed wrote. So I don't so that's why don't you visibly when there's something else involved. I 6177797937. No Christian lose here I'm here and you're here. Hope you're enjoying listening to bowl and add up here and it's okay. We don't listen to each other previous six NL in home games against number one total defense is well. Brady is six and owns career home games against the number one total defense Purdue and descend on Sports Radio W. In Foxborough right next door to bigger place. Shopping and dining on the way to the game perhaps. TD twelve sports performance. Institute. Tom Brady sitting this one out for the patriots he chats with the longtime teammate and captain Matthew Slater. Does seem to. Seems set senate Garros all these volatile times that I was street and you would think if from a different things that scorpion but some of followers. Think they're much of its that they can promo was worth like a million million or to bring in the instead of league contract at the seven million what do you what Cuomo or three separate the camera on the obvious. Although we could have done dance and poetry is good news there is some good it was weird watching the the telecast tonight listen to a little bit of the the radio was in the car for short period of time. So they had the TV guy. Doing the radio and read over achiever who as done an awful lot of radio play by play. And it was only ten. Takes the snap kick it high and again another few years this August there. Neither the 25 yards and right side maestro was gonna go left. Flags to go down stroke. Thirty outlet brought them up to 32 yard line to. He's 49 yard punt by Ryan Allen look like not have an illegal block in the back here against the Redskins. Who to push them back a little bit further. Trying to compete which guarantees Chatham stuck on an awful offense and while that's a Chatham filled in every little bit what's the difference by the way with the August or vs let's leave the October there. Or when you get the December there is there a difference. There's Christmas I don't know that that and it's acts that got us. Partial record time outs literate lopsided that in. I'd like Melissa long you that it it was a monologues the only gotten these confused rookie Jamaal and it's. A lot of Ohio State and other stuff for the patriots have a new body you hear this. Got a lot closes. Mutual for bargains around and a couple of seasons he's doing the fifty counties and she's taking. Of past relations with the you don't distance Bush's war. It. I'm not gonna ballerinas now for project that was finally pretty design like that was good that was out. If you ask you how would you respond well there's you know the show and there are few that went a little bit who who's great in the to get role when he hits the aid Debian and easy you know the blame block comes in but that you could understand if you're re full front and you get that front foot down and and but really it's a 43. Now you got to drop Becky the more responsibilities won't get coverage if that's the stuff that's economic. And kept covered. Our belts so then he went longer and a couple of other occasions. These fishing zones and out of Kansas and I'm just hope for the Washington Redskins. You know what you get now but on his first name as an entity that anything is given to him by his feet thick grandmother. My feet hesitant to. And greatness isn't it yeah that's. That's a usual is that a record that now but mom whose birth name was at the scene footage given to him by his grandmother and my. Hasn't had threatened by us with the three. Technology. Golf house. A's view of joining us live TV guys are the radio guys do the TV at evening again and Bob Scioscia. And our our our buddy so was doing that. I'll never forget I was doing the post it up there. And it was a year Matt Cassel finished. Up 11 o'clock they knew they weren't going to play. We're sitting in the back what used to do the post came up our post game sales visits puts them. The bill they'll just come to walk him Linda gets the boot to the back just a regular guy comes over gets picked on because that was held here and tell you we have. You lose your quarterback there which it did seven minutes this season. Biggest prize the first and last time go. Heartland historian. That was via the some discussion and vote. Their post it for him he was still subtle most of it now comfortable to do Red Sox game always talking about eighteen in the mall tend to you know only. Is what we do our show next I don't know our good actor to Christian bust of the that you warning and where an awful lot of us who you don't want helpless or printed solar acts they were Obama and Laura radio show check as allow it created earlier. That's a lot of promo sliced up and down repairs to the exact. I guess they don't lie again I don't know relationship whatever obviously but. Him keep him. I guess so words could be against zone could be it could have something to do real word of them so little plaza there was the guy that there was anything. God. And they take a whole month offers us. Who has custody. It the tough month so halftime. Steve Burton who is supposed to ask what 23 questions to load the Bill Belichick and didn't go so long. Who's ready for help it did not go all real lock we should play this in advance of the Christian understands. The art of questioning Bill Belichick which will be to Lemond. What's army now has picked it caused Bill Belichick and coach preaches the football's not about winning or losing. What you hope to get out for staff. We needed pretty much everything better just. Lucky enough in an area. It's been c.'s good situation football this morning at the end of happening like. In about 38 seconds a good football. Well yeah. Azalea. That the Arctic Elena they would bigamy Neil Walker and he gap out exactly and I exactly you know whatever you want segment talked about right so Steve would appear. On April the question about the first half. And it was gonna put the Mike and prominent Hispanic. Give it to you know ten body shake a little bit and is prepared for that second question and now Tbilisi now. Music. Off of him oddly enough in an area. It seems that situation football. It's blowing it in an apple. It is situational football it's always good if things don't think it will actually read your good situational football isn't it 38 seconds ago Nikki took double basses that's the first thousand PO. They're going on. And so boldly and I love Arizona collectible ornaments for the way they talked to bill will do Monday because I can't wait to make fun of myself. The big fund a Christian and make funny you I think that's been alerted the Christian I'm worried about owners and. The onetime Christian did interview Bill Belichick he was actually filling in for me on the you'll big show crew. Because they were flying out I believed to anybody remember it but I think you'll find the West Coast. We have. We should have the the recording of it he was only repeat it and it was him and Pete. And Ian PG yes shortening their 20. Yes well that's exactly it is security and bill and he was scared to death he literally wet his pants. She did not know what actress. Did not know what to ask. He literally if you think the important thing was uncomfortable. Nothing like the Christian thing we have a right we have got we're digging for the audience now a little later we'll find but yet it was the Sunday night real post and for efforts. To those in the interview you bill it was a holiday. Christmas users. It was going to be around for. Sunday night Christian one question. Which would mean there were. To. Don't. The Agassi Pete coveted after the I put these village just they just didn't know what they see bill that the cases. That's a return to let pieces in his car which is just did it take it anymore to a pit. Also I think I had these two seat in front and in years he's joining us from Alltel Stadium as head coach bill bell check for small coach congratulations Merry Christmas and congratulate those men and women yet another. Congratulations on Christmas resolutions again. All right that's our breath a couple. Double and gradually congratulates you Merry Christmas so by the oil and congratulate you again continues to have street congratulations again throwing us as usually does what you do not after game but his gracious enough to join us tonight Croatian coach pat and beat Fred and Steve were. The loans they made front. If it. Yeah that's next on the next time some Feldman joins gotti's joining us from news palatial. Popular fellow baseball stadium. So. Head coach of the New England idiocy in the world etc. just a little of course no. Next week Bill Belichick bill went responded as you got radio this is that they throw them out to be. But this isn't as they should know that I'm not nearly as big as collided. The head coach doing a patriots joins us Bill Belichick to coach just along this morning and Dickerson is amazing week here guys. You know he's missing his weakness in week and archive appeared the week of that year 2007 percentage. Here I would say normally so ugly personally. On us. So that's just as any oil system while I could do is not Smart and somebody off the out. I'll give Teddy Saran discredit that syringes was Smart enough. Take out all of the old sound that he did not like three mistresses Arizona left and there's a gap in the audio here remark and gas that are a lot of guts of them when coach. Over. Sure Boston. Would like to know what your most challenging task of being a head coaches sure enough here on Monday which. I don't know if nothing. That's our patriots Monday that I I. Never thought that the question I would not vote a yeah this is on him to jail this morning in Asia all fresh Smart Alec and Steve DeOssie and Peter were all you certainly want your first book a senior by the way. It's in. This is a yen Mandarin orange spray at the smell it's a little too bad over there and read the does that erupted today. And I am not Gloria. Came across a giant barrel food gathered for a couple weeks laws yeah. Oh that would have the united he's dealing with right now of what you don't have guy that is melted when he interviewed coach will want to know bill for. That one time crucial was that what we're hired Paul that tells that Paul's last duty was to get rid of it. And other guys and I don't think that's right that's what happened at all children by the well thought you off the opposed. We'll talk off the year you know wanted to if you go to that event and a token it's weakening going to be an okay it goes to their. That's what would you vote can I just explained substantive because I know you're you're kind of new it is. Which you need to do is you need to butter them up a little bit so that you can ask the tough question so let me just give you reluctant butter opening arguments about a little aura. All right fire out there will be little to live our neutrality would Belichick what you divisions that until it. How things going in the grip of torturer offseason and then you throw it out atom by a vote exactly. So you get him laughing and joking. And then you throw. You don't bring up lake Burton did an awful first after the game last night and thinking getting it was a thing all the laughing and joking it's all after wins when he's there are laws that. A loss against the jets have come and these are to have Paula Zahn now look at any U and it. And that's like Burton with the alligator parallel leasehold nailed it Brad Pitt. I'll call all funds seemingly in good yeah buddy I don't write it ranks as I want the audio blade 2 PM today gentlemen we have idiotic stuff. Of Christian and I think you would get rid of him. Hundred more embarrassing cut that canceling the debts and we need that I'd six months of sub seven on seven a decrease evidence or phone number right here and limit.