OMF - Lou issues a challenge to Kirk; is Horford the most important Celtic?, 5-16-18

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Wednesday, May 16th
Hour 4 - Lou issues a challenge to Kirk to do a whole show in his Trenni and Rob Bradford impressions as a conversation between the two. The guys also wonder who is the most important Celtic player and Christian thinks it could be Horford.

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These Fort Wayne and moaning and forty. Try to pray at. Better plan suffered immune from the school in the game for thirty. There's sort of anti seed JR's I might. You say that you. Soft but it solved but they've been saying for future JR with the gland Lou in Christian I feel sorry for LeBron James tonight his. His teammates are saying legend yeah that's a lot man this thing could you don't usually get it it was a lose my home office remember they need to he's gonna get back. Mark time there's no question about your effort your mental stability which will be whether we're that good enough on the third night. Turnovers missed free. He throws but not in the plane right now. On Sports Radio WEEI. Mamiya that's always had. This idea he said yeah. But that. It says I gonna go do the its product that's. I subsided going to have a did you did a great job is it I deck and the fact that's it's no pleasing you. Why do favorite brands and I. Knowing his former friend rob Bradford yeah. Somebody's got the creativity general impression other than mine but yeah what is your little one he has really not protest hurt me as I want to see you can do. Thirty point 32 conversation between Bradford trend and do. But this weekend Joseph Kennedy and me the first twenty seconds of that show with trading limited to shoot and brash reviewed them out that's download cancer Tomas. As someone who's he loves doing invitations by it will ever will never do and again don't order rate. As its debut week you know he'd messed these non of the best one is no question vessel ready. So I. Yeah could you play it. When you weigh in trying to go amounted to me like what's a guy like me doing. And it. It just goes he's hurt his friends. OK we do doesn't former. Diploma and on man express our good friend. Failure of my dad. And that does this match aren't back yet I thought not realizing that in my past that I've libelous. La on adopt the kid that does the activity gets sick yet they and that there. It got to watch it. And that they got good at Penn night and I can't get. It's. A. So the problem well I love this season and hear about that that's a good challenge good guys now Bradford. And training have to have a conscience who couldn't. I. Didn't did you did a great job is it. It's gonna kill him. With those who didn't I don't know why did his -- range and Bradley little she sent a camera along the commercial the commercial. The bomber blows outlaws and supports the deal does all the clothes adjustments and goes out and act of whimsical. And died so is it enough what mistake by Brad probably don't have to do as an amateur yeah rather there was track. And the support is outstanding uber right rough. A week when he really does work for anyone and worked for for that. Mouth of the juvenile diabetes got so heavy he's made some got a common bond anyway I'll ask the and then you know within the close and it like it's the little packet for us. It's hopelessly. At Stanford. And I. But it's a case brought by over the is that it's over your bread for the Mighty Ducks went opponent because W does when I watched trading on TV now digital. Yeah well. It's time. CLC announced in a very important for all the latest visible light. Laurel Johnny yeah anything whatever the hell is score to highlight here many hands version. A Bradford now Lou I don't hear the real breath when I mean that's that's that's why I'm here in our. Are all the any deal it Exelixis you may hear the real rapper I don't think Mike wise the and I occasionally sit down and watch TV and the afternoon. And it watts you know language show. Attorneys on there. I hear. Version I don't hear the real trendy. We kooky and into the Atlantic. President Laura and I don't nearly hour. And I'm not telling you don't but I really definitely a fit with the jumping in with the Bradford in the Casey can watch out it's proved to. No you know. I'm. Not gonna go yeah I cried. Vacant job. Yeah yeah zoo like whole egg on your. Who. And it shocked well not yet. A hundred and edit. It's a rod doesn't doesn't evils he knows. Yeah yeah I'm gonna do that they do and that's the problem we're all gonna have a real rub on the radio now that's judgment here you and your millions approach that's. A I did. How does that isn't America you know not an Paul and anybody who's. Of this stuff has Bradford is I've heard it's very that's that's in missiles to me he's got an address these guys. He's out of this. Think she's I think he's just deal when her. Bradley is I don't know that it shield that occur and where Dan is that current they'd get a little national yesterday about Jen and who's that are all grandma or grandma and Angela did is that Jens sounds like Randy bluntly they. And hot they put them together. It's unclear if I Dexia. They think they think if this. That they've put her voice and Summers but if it's somebody out there right now as the there is this somebody out there that. That that Kirk right now is lowering in the future friend. That somebody should Allen is somebody should dip I often say. And less than the current relationship that works out that you know we like she would you like him a little friendship and suddenly such an impression of him as an. Starts ripping you know. And then you made him and he HBO and. Does I said that submission so. However I giants met. I like and I like being treated like they highlight it and I don't know why it's about how the old school stuff with Gary ten machine the. Well I don't know I don't I don't realize that time fast I must. And those things I do words we have some reaction across the country on the. And the Celtics is anybody. Out internationally. Pull the plug insane until you have to look at the Cleveland Cavaliers the widely tipped to hold him accountable. A coach when you know what to do with dramatically in your tribe who in the never thought he gets to a point that we you have to look at Scott's effort you soul of this game in the second half wit was Cleveland's after it was nonexistent there was no way to be out it was an embarrassing effort in that third quarter your backcourt combined shooting one for eleven from the field and George Hill and chaos that who'll ultimately ended up getting us out scored a combined 41 that's three as the starting backcourt. But Cleveland. Could pay to Jalen brown and Terry wrote yeah that's just an embarrassment beyond measure. He's just running down again do we have anybody out there who's basically saying they're done put a fork in them it's until we have any and a idiots in here Kazaa. Honestly how you defend them by the way Heidi I only you know he's talking about that the the players that they brought in. And we've already hasn't come to the conclusion that effectively is unanimous down the studio. The LeBron warmup be playing for Cleveland next year hotbed of the cavaliers going to be awful mention it make saying it's. Well if you look at tech. Now you know I got eight video. He knows it's food and all this is like can't love comes over and commit to it brought. Our surveys gone to agree to DR smoked over a got a great bandit when we're gonna win the budget games you don't and you think he's. Like it is going to be like when he was with Minnesota it would big numbers and his team always gonna retire at love's gonna be treated it JR Smith I don't know Algiers mr. bill. The eighth pick in the draft it's just knew that it is not a thing is like I remember the days when. There was nothing but Kevin Love watch Kevin Love here kind of love that with rocks on Rondo at Fenway Park he rides. It's unbelievable. How things have changed your guys that are. All under contract except for LeBron James. And Jeff Green. Everybody else is under contract with the next had they were killed those stocks and they're gonna have stock but in trade love stuck. Mean used LeBron. The good that they'll be a world over they will be the worst team one of the NBA. Because they're gonna take on purpose and Kevin love's gonna be part of that and somehow some immediate trade deadline he gets his butt out of there and they get more assets. And that's a McDonnell over again I think LeBron people go to LA or use an Angel come back around and the Cleveland and write another stupid letter as it when he does lead. Does he write a page letter the a goodbye and I'd always try to do all we could dear John about a champion typically I don't but I told Dow is gonna do be happy when I don't don't don't TP my house. Hope throwing it and I don't you heard my Jersey army stop there aren't any reasonably fine with it. But never found a number of closures he's got to go at it it'll be better purity back is they want. They want us out there's work will be done any of the although their owners of nut job he hears were will be better if they showed some life this week because everybody saying that they showed no lights they didn't really care in these first two games. So what's that can be better they have because it shows some life there and they win a game they win both of these games and at least extend the series. I think people will be a little bit easier on a stick around in flames Saturday night. They do the same thing they've done when they quietly played golf or he does LeBron does for the first quarter of the game. And then suddenly they had the same outcome I can admit they will be blowing a lot to look at dealing wanted to go to Q so if they give a better effort it would a few games and lose LeBron leaves though they'll be nicer to won't know I think the most delegates left I don't think it'll be as bad because he came to completely came back only won one that's why. He won this series get node does this series is all I think I thought it I think you think you're down in flames to this team. This is no Cleveland was taken this Boston's. About every year did you hear he publicly even blame decked in less than a LeBron. Utterly bland that I because we can't nobody in Cleveland wants the same in my eyes again quickly look at feels that there's two teams awful. He was awful in the do anything to surround LeBron. I don't I don't mean the bigger the cleanup business they no one's championship toppling capella. I don't blame you all this time this time I don't able keep your seat North Korea. And it's a light will be on this this time. This time to leave the light on Willits who retired yes yes and only a bachelor just showed that clearly don't care we go we actually do what really we only one day contract will insist on not only on so little about it. We are gets statue ready you know exactly out go low because you're gonna get anyone anywhere else. Negative when in Miami are you like the rocky wouldn't get a statue in Miami rate all the greats have a statue of the stadium. That plated. The only place that's gonna happen is in Cleveland right. I would think so. Well Miami and they went in championship and have a sort of when we capacities and we've won three resource Jack. So I just it's part of this whole light. This whole lake. Cornucopia of gifts you get when he retired I think he wants to be part of cornucopia yes cornucopia yes loyalty to his Labatt. You know hey I don't think it is a couple of goods are in Dallas might mess it up on the so Chris Roos are talking about what is season. I don't have have become soft because. I. Much you pitch you hard early and did you submit. It ended they wanna coats who sought against the pacers when they got the praise whenever they get a sizable lead me they relax and next thing you know. Don't they and two point game and they got to grind it out they don't. Have the heart anymore for this type of. There are not good anymore he actually throwing Trent Dilfer. They're not good and regularly give heart to fight I don't popular is it realistic and they'll bend the game long enough to look runs in each week you. And ended up in the big guys that they brought of the new guys they've Rodham. At a trade deadline they order around there's a history with them. There's no recollection of how things used to be how we can bite through right right guys who hit the floor here almost ties and you know LeBron James is talking like he's been down 024 and you know 31 before it's come back. These guys were there not only did it look was Smith was means that courtroom he doesn't know about that. And about it. Colvin didn't do that I'll Korver did get the middle of me I want him did some sort. Right I you know you're calling the assaults on nature it's usually how it happened so you've been out physical they're they've been they've been pushed new round. They're the substance calling them the ball. You write them in order to stumble yet pushed back and that's what Marcus Marc was talking about Jeff Smith. So what I've what I've used it was like usually a code to come out says somebody on the team and you know to try to you know let's fire somebody and say you know I need to go subsite. And it's get attacked on me it doesn't matter it's like like hockey legacy you didn't get beat up get pushed around. So it'll start a fight. This could get some energy back dictate the tempo of the game show everybody that we get physically I. I think we'll run and he's three and in that guy could bud B Larry Nance junior cause he's useless. So big sell off Canada or Israel I think vs Thompson will be physical but obviously keying he can't go too far either it's like Marcus Moore if you wanna go to funky kick out of the game. There impact players are in is junior whatever he does not as Smart as it's like if you get three or four guys that it's in a tour. I'm actually amazed that his preserve the guys you'd normally think a lot of guys with his. Late makeup. That you would cross the line. What happened with Gerald Hurst Marcus talk Smart but they usually cross the line they usually. You know they may see an issue this didn't happen. You could do this in my neighborhood ID grow up like this young boy oh boy blah blah blah. You can't do that they usually cross the line. I'm impressed with the fact that he's able to contain himself or think they're going right to the edge but he's also aware especially when he picks up an early tee. And when you get matching tees early on in the game. You can't afford to get into another final budget guys million other ratification about it the Celtics got that doesn't matter he's been disrespected he's gonna at that. Somebody has the day we even though it's gonna hurt the team. There's guys like that all the time because selfish they don't care. Maybe disrespect but I think I'm gonna make up I think he has control and an understanding of when something like that happens and Indy desperate empty every once in awhile. They usually he doesn't get that section on and I that's my point now though he's Smart and so word and he he so he's he knows exactly how or two ago. Because. Yeah I. The party's gonna punch your Smith wants DS and try to put it about he grabbed both hands put him down. I was gonna get one to the chest Christen tops it may have saved Smart home. From throwing a punch. Now that was all the back backed up by the. I regret is he grabbed them. Whether he was that it counseling and not without a scratch his arms but. I don't buy it I think Smart pretty you know. He understands that's that the thing he does his noticed that he doesn't wail away at officials. What he does is he goes and tries to do tries to plead and and making it costs a lot right he talks a lot when. So he says it you'll tap in Google pack the back you know Anchorage at eight XP last night yet he said I call good call. You called a make over LeBron James is running around the unit playing great defense for like ten seconds so many reach the end. Made contact he's a good call out and that's the difference between as LeBron James he's always lead on deep because after an offensive move to the basket if he misses it does get out. Did back in transition they're trying to get pockets at least. They're raising his hands and any job right at the rest complaining with hands up here and hopefully. The often sets up around a place if not you know it's two point. It's getting easier talking about the usually lose at that you know they they've they've they crossed the line are guys that usually don't have Greek. Basketball whatever sport you're playing IQ he does he really seems to now sense of where it is selfish guy. Because it's I don't really care from Burton team and not going to deal what I'm dealing with right you know it made that I'm a bogey cousins out. You know I mean I I don't know maybe maybe be different inlet the playoffs but he. You if this comes a moment where you have to stop your he stop what you're doing and realize you're about to hurt the team. And sandusky did is they don't really care. He can do it the when he was younger I don't think I mean we remember what happened in college so yeah he he's had some issues in the past. I just think now he seems to have a much better sense. Of what's going on in the quarters what he alleges that Justin I don't trust this is as perpetrated right because you see it with a bunch of guys. That literally just they don't care like they eight don't have the emergency stop button just they they just run right the stop sign. And east and he said they're go to major hurting us Rondo. Our meters. And it comes to mind Rondo is one of those anything yet he has no there's no line. You know he's but he's gotten into an aggressive and physical. Disorders are also the official news has done a lot of stuff is the most out need to get more aggressive today with Marcus mower broke at 6177797937. Back to the phone calls coming up next. Always on the. 18 years from now at a bar. This will disappear into the east that are bad news for LeBron. Is going to the finals. Getting slapped. And having that conversation we had last year you don't think Durant better the LeBron. Boston's gonna go to the finals and get destroyed and the last thing that happens in an NBA season. Is what we remember this disappears. Into the ether. Ether that's it's no credible argument for him play better to lose in the conference finals in the finals and one of them. That's the religious is now dumbest thing you've ever going to be better for him in the long run red single yen no it is we'll be talking about his team losing and. Why he's doing himself and yet he's not doing himself a favor because he's losing to a team. That is playing without their two best. Players don't suppan put what process may be your conversations made he would be a debate now than they miss players are now. Now I don't think that's a conversation not a conversation about note not a camper Al Horford looks to me to be the best player on the court. Did on brown great player in farm. If carrier ring were held artists like our right now Marcus cor aren't any good when he's playing our right now are leaking. That is the beef parts of the vote and that's why I feel like that's my daughter if all of this is all of that. It looks bad I don't see if if LeBron. Ends up losing in five games it looks bad there's only into sugar coating it yeah it's awful and by the way for the Celtics to get swept by the Golden State Warriors. If they stay competitive in those four games it is the greatest thing in the world for the Boston Celtics in the future of the bulls salt. Somebody who's worried about his legacy in the you know I was remember that. I can understand someone who's got a little maybe self conscious of that may feel insecure about the way people think of him he wants me to compare to that. The greatest of all time or beauty grits all time. Yeah you know I have been you don't get to the you know you can. Bush and what's decent I want to go to my final again and doubles by yes it's not quite as glitzy over there are back. Once he gets there you're talking about no lose situation for LeBron here in this series as you point out he gets it there's you'll look at the Celtics team. But if he was to somehow carry this team that a finals. And lose to go stay with this team. He's not a ticket hit. At all and if you would think it it'll be let them a few years back when love was with her right Tyree was hurt and it was. Dear members like (%expletive) should the brunt BM BP. Even if they lose because what he's typical he's doing they've only won a game or two because of LeBron. So actually. He can go to the finals. And get even more praise for losing. Both that there will be arguments. When this is over as to whether this Golden State team. Is the greatest of all time word we're gonna hear some of that he had five in two would be better for Brady and being five. The world has since that makes cents ultimate Billy Bob just because I like his name spelled out. And it always talk like Billy Bob though. Well I'll I'll I'll ask nowadays with David thank you at the cadets and again that's I think that news that's for myself. Then go on each rock. Laureate and the other night I don't know who lack an oil. You know kind of reminded neo you know when he got away with stuff more pride and we were stuck because you know he says got to hope to. My children and got a hole to hole. My only seemed that L let me let me let me think what Jefferson did you know in the on deck circle while got out hope hope and are you gotta hope no dull that I did Steve backlight is good and I didn't and it Soledad you know we try to there. It would hurry and altered and I mean my eight year old last night 10 blocks he says while Al look at Bill Russell blocked. They just minutes ago of a Lou you know it. She never tell where he stuck it up big time it last journal eight doing it again. I'm Lisa political maverick Ross went back in the days you know you're not gonna find anyone that is you know we start we start you know it's our reaganomics as is as far as importance goes. I who's the most important person on this team right now. I don't I'm not in the south the other was a single one you gotta do not want to camp forcing the issue here a lot of key. I shouldn't you average out. You ground. Depends what quarter I don't you know overall and he got to pick any eye you're gonna get the MVP didn't want me Celtics right now right Stephens park. I thought if they don't lie down and you you if I expect from him do medium for. Let himself. That could be it could be every ever anyone else. And that's why at home but it isn't any one of them like usual it's you who work with you if you Hewitt interview took off dozens of but this is not a question there's an astronaut answered the it was a jail around all around the face of it I don't think you war will lead to say now. Yes yes yes and yes. Regardless of how and aids is memorable way and I love and it applied at the time and it will apply again at some point time while he's played the Celtics are but the most important person. It's Al Horford CI I'm gonna disagree with you and and say that go back to the original photos to isolate and it is elegant there's a lady visiting my tough guy among all of our wet I'm hoping hoping baseball I thought this isn't what is it is I used baseball on top of his major browsers aren't occasion not seen one guy like it would take. Launch the typical and a I would only like there's a guy like I tell you why why. That they weren't allowed to hear why does Al Horford late to sort of seal the deal in the fourth quarter. But there waiting at that hole and almost all play answers on just like Nora ballplayer after Al is already has been I think the MVP of the Pelosi that's that's that's what I thought but I still think June brown is the guy. That you know winner rule if you win this thing it's because he's due account what he did last night every single night I. Or when you need to pick your BR AV investigated and reviewed of course it's sort of viewed as I don't wanna let you down all their horses that I will live up to what you thought I was going to be and that's a bit. Because it is that it is one guy that was and that's the problem that Cleveland Sammy. So for war one guy Cleveland would simply say we can show this guy down and we we stifled their office. He can't do that Jalen brown has been the best guy out of the gate. If you look at how the scheme starts Jalen brown starts going you figure the character a stretches where items outside shot when they're not scoring as well cigarette points level for takes over the days after the last night but that's the point is sort of forget that there were two zip. That it no name offense domain team column whatever you wanna call. OK I was watching did you meet me there is no name. I'm trying to tell you yeah you're not gonna make from the Sox is that you're not going to be criticized or not the main market and make it makes it to try it. It seemed like the Baghdad they got. Our bigs of Florida hello Dave. Brought up the ball well. Bill should edit but what about are pretty weak. Bruno noted earlier he's you'll bill and you want him to play. You lost half a lot of serious right now and ended. Decrypt maimed without. Me yes or. Should be back. I don't understand whether any get the flagrant to the you look at the video and there was no way of getting around that that was an intent to hurt no question about it. It. The difference is getting the shot getting the ball. I'm. Bret Bret the bulk go to our back. I think is actually don't overrated. What did you likable and our bad when you lose it and those who would you. Of rose's Brussels. And it. What about our design and I didn't watch until you did did you think that is and remember. And coaching Jewish. Well me OK there you go and arteries and the Armenians as a and you know like saying that penalized or you leave this guy you don't want easier someone else say it get me out the reason is saying and that isn't just for what you just said. And that is there's not one significant player you can look. That is the player in in in in this series there's not one player. So what people are doing is someone who did you guys who win woods got to be the I imagine it's got to be the guy who's managing the entire team. That's what it has to because it it's not one guy it's on corporate. It could they but it's not ship them brown all Tatum Bell. Smart know it's couch. That's what they don't slip elephants comfortable on the fences like this yeah believe restaurant yesterday. Both sides though you comment on both sides are really isn't particularly at a time. I you know I have to say right now rain no well Arnold's. An hour ago. Once again these Glynn blue and Christie for away murder moaning and Gloria fox Sports Radio. Our main job but for Boston sports info. Breaks this all down and this is so I usually don't see this in public and a couple of of the teams we got leave. Score this goes back food you've got who's the best player on the team leading scorer and each game of the up play house. So this for the Celtics for the entire player from Horford brown or for brown. Horford played on rosier for for rosier Tatum Tatum Tatum browned brownies that I look at the cavaliers. James James James James all of it and an excellent and go ahead James James I did an excellent today yes next month. Anybody else yeah Jane okay next month and OK you don't. Jay yet they did okay this that you and other guys that sell it. It all. Hail and certainly wouldn't Q ever Z then in the end the employees resulting. I'm ready to economic and those stats thing Nam. So the street this note Jalen brown. I didn't happen and act is the first player in NBA history. With twenty plus points five plus rebounds it back to back conference finals at 41 years old or younger. First player in history when he was easily. Until you get two players there different skill set I don't know which one we said this early which one is going to be the greatest of the two. But is there anybody that questions that these two perennial all stars. I wouldn't be surprised one of the two is on an all star team next year. Reputation the gonna build a reputation to the the postseason so he would they're gonna be a people's radar now you gonna watch your next year's numbers are going to be good. Yeah this question that they sophomore slump they'll fringes of the biggest problem that Bret Stephens is gonna have next year's then it's. For for always figured out and half of keeper of the rumors being a list of I didn't I give back. How much of a Christian any credit for this event does not deserve any book we wanna think for a Lou. Because they came through with a an unbelievable and spread not just for us from the three of us that. The two and a crew and everybody that everybody all Phil and he is unbelievable. Food. And if you don't over to a Red Sox game a bar Louie is right they are now on Brookline avenue right across this right around a corner. From a Fenway Park he got a check in now it's great place to eat the dry tried everything there was like six different slider at first I don't add in front of who pots which us I had lost art music in great. I thought I think I choice between French Fries your thoughts on what she's so we have always a who'd we gobble this food for effort for daily NK oh yeah but that was supposed to be for that photographer. Unlike the law sounds and then gore and it gets you guys and deliver okay when liberals and quickly you back him up with animal from a list that they let in he's looking at this definitely is my guess is it easy with if he's it was a 130 pounds back on this afternoon is is James the answer all your questions yes I was very good day out and act. Very good I was yelling out here and I am listening to find out yet well that we don't get to Monte. Up. L.'s best teams on agenda. I don't we all ordinary that was this was after he told us yesterday that LeBron James is vastly overrated as it is in your top five memories at six. And I I guess. Probably would you rate them before you tell wiesel read the actual real alive flew back over overrated and it is only tough. Ice but off I'd send us some stuff that's like they'll score about it we feel. Like you guys will talk more basketball than anything else we're done here Fenway Park Alex coral too it's 230. John Tomas he will be with us throughout the course of the afternoon it will a lot of hopes and stop accuracy to it arsenic dormant and Abbas are blaming him for VT or. Us. I've testified. He's still pissed unnoticed and and the thing was they were so dependent on this guidance that let them down in the worst way to give approaches again. To ever again RA is your employees off we had a good day and a stick around everybody some OK I can take some Republicans being found that ball will go back and let you off of that program were out back tomorrow and again that it. Be there.