OMF - Lou is M.I.A. during baseball's biggest week; Ordway is nervous about E-Rod's injury & Price's playoff track record, 7-16-2018

Ordway, Merloni and Fauria
Monday, July 16th
HOUR 4 -Baseball takes center stage in the sports world this week, but our resident "baseball guy" Lou Merloni decided to take the entire week off. Glenn says you're a fool if you have confidence in David Price in the postseason. Christian & Glenn take the Hall of Fame's side in their conflict with Terrell Owens.

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Are you ready. Beach Fort Wayne alimony and 41 Red Sox game thank you rock you came man. How Christian Fauria I think he did a great job talking about the Red Sox beat capping I thought I'd be boring exercise. The game's great. Red Sox roll. Awesome there are no issues those people should just admit they don't like baseball but it's okay should there wonder why that is passing Cochran with the gland Lou when Christian pastor Rick's car. Give us into the mid days. We'll talk about it in the afternoon to talk about it or that would mean days. Afternoon after whatever whatever is what now on Sports Radio WEEI. My final hour here today for the tour bus. Lou's going to be around march negative any of the program but he's gonna be around so maybe we'll talk tool for assistance I'm sure he's got a he's coming up to play golf of his party's. It'll force from the gonna play golf going down at my heels tomorrow we got into my golf tournament for the Jimmy Fund will always love open out. The Jimmy felt that you great work over there and so we'll do a little golf tournament down upon. Hills and Andy he's gonna show up blue blue blue always takes all the time off cleaning chemicals anyway. And really it's about that would. I'm like it doesn't go anywhere where you gone on knoller. So what does he tell those kids. Pay kids were going to center with the sheer theater Harvick and I don't know if you're a good thing you never goes anywhere maybe. Because great it's it's the all star weekend so there's really nothing to talk about and he hits it steals a game more than most people like the lakers. Why to take off if you're a baseball guy he's the insider. He talks to these people all the time we know we sing and he's on the police to actually be that what we're doing the show based off this awesome. Match donors. So he knows all of us more more. Always felt he's picking off the big week for baseball Mitt just like Major League baseball's big week. And he's gonna freak in a week off what does it tell you gotta tell you to the rest of baseball how important is all star game is our baseball insiders as. I don't normally get there on the I don't know what it's just don't generated Knight can't take. Oh the also game needs. You know everyone tries to fix it and manipulated in you know the fact of the matter is that you really should just. You rid of the all star game if you did like a blind pool right. Our secret ballot when every now you wanna call it and you talked to every single player that was voted and that is playing in the all star game. And he gave them a choice in this and you're still gonna get credit your baseball reference it's still gonna say all stock via a bonus in your contract you're still gonna get that money. But would you rather go this game where if you're Chris silly me pitched one inning if you move you bet you may get two at bats. Hey do you actually wanna play the game. Or would you rather vicious and you weigh on all expense paid trip to wherever you want to go to three uptick in the all expense paid trip. Like winning games show egg I dormitory Bora Bora Bora. That's what I'm doing. That's a launcher of Bora Bora to get back specially if you open up of these second half of the season in the East Coast that's right to point auditor and my point is that what is more you or an Ernie Fletcher you're you read learn or before because now it too far. It was cool when you see those putts over the water I really wanna go out there it's like a 24 hour flight shocked that it. You seem to want some crystal blue the point is. I bet you most of those guys rather just have the physical time off. Go wherever they want Ortiz Christian the the young players who getting a first opportunity or even second or third opportunity. It's a big huge deal this is openly dreamed about when they were throwing the ball in the driveway against the garage doors okay. So. It's important that the players that are a little bit worn out is this is not the halfway point of the season. People keep us and were at that point no we are 98 games. For some teams into the season they're only gonna play 64 the rest of the way yankees apart lately it's vital what do they have made and games today. But that's how many games it's not it's not at which won't be on the appointees. It has worn down. You're right he did time offer right now just due to rest and they but you. Almost aren't always yelling to people what would you like that football's the only only major sport that has the all star game actually physically when the season is over. If you got let in only does it you know because they've been doing it in between the conference championship games. And the Super Bowl game but they don't look real are stars now you get your stars that aren't in the Super Bowl and even if you most. Completed they don't wanna play you get alternates because they if they get the bill didn't leave so if you need an extra 45 K okay big deal. Point is you would never seat an NFL team have an austerity in the middle as he's met until these guys yet. You gonna play another game. I know that the wind carries the same. And baseball that it bass club but hockey permanently change the rules but still it's physically you're putting out energy outlets give them the option. Listen just have a week off play like you know best. Two you know. I know battles the network stars version of the Oscars for best film I don't know whatever the it at the medical ought to some like it's just the point is I bet you anything. That they wanna waste or is what do you do you basically had to go to another city gave up another place where everybody else who's not that's. Think they're doing. Every player Jackie Bradley junior David Price anybody who's not. Any author game but to think that his brother just. In other cry happy is well taken trip that I normally wouldn't be able to take. You guys got to go to Washington. Yeah I Seattle care about this game I don't care about what they're doing tonight the home run a derby you know am I met once you decide what our big key element. I don't care than the names are big enough. You're not dealing with that the marquee names in the game. And I don't care much about the game tomorrow if any thing. Com where a way for a week here. Which to me is not. I'm not good for for Ritz adds coverage this week so the Red Sox probably don't wanna stop playing Luke brought this point at the other Dana thought it was a good. Won't stop playing right now. Not in the Red Sox off to this unbelievable story of 68 wins and only thirty losses. On target for a 112 pace for under twelve wins. On top of that. This is a historic launch for that. Let Dick how some people I know that they've they're buying it hook line and sinker. I don't know how you can do that I threw that out. And we don't monopolies and I don't you can do occur you're gonna be easily hit me it's like. The winning I want to it also I want to read just killed everybody there kicking ass right now and it's get the point where it's like you just kind of expected. And now I'm not here they want again okay Lowell hit a garlic olive eyes gossip yeah so you you have like two sides. You have the one side that is completely on board they don't need to see one more game this team has everything it takes corps was a great addition. JD Martinez meant they are buying and we'll keep that having a better year than anyone ever expected. Unbelievable. Pitching is great of the David Price a guest amenities but overall yup the best roster any other right mental makeup now things have changed. Or you have the side and I think you're on none where you see you you you agree with all the different personality care turn out everybody looks like there are enjoying themselves and had Republicans are winning. But you just not a 100% sold on it you just not convinced because you think broken your heart so many times you can't buy and these guys have wins. Gaza on I'm not either one of those guys I like to pick and choose its aren't done and it looked like garlic on the other and none of an honest answer defensive putting knowledge of that. Constantly walk on to announce the winner of spin off of me staying away from the simple things like you know some money on the react and why naked and I saw my name is Scott do you want I can win at all you don't think the well one it only you just. That you just talked about character okay. It and you can't be on the side of I eight steel and very suspicious of this team because the boy opened to be is not deep enough. OK I think they can hit I'm not worried about that and now you've just lost one of your starters this week that he may not come back and now all the pressure is on David Price and I'm sorry if there's anybody out and truly believes. In David Price in the post season as a starter good luck TOK in life because I don't high you can you can you can take that take. And feel comfortable about it but when it comes to character. I like the character of the steam I didn't trust the character of the team last year. Or the year before I didn't like the style would they sat there and they manufactured. Runs and we'll just run our ass off the base path and that will make up for the fact. That we have no power were sitting there trying to be patient it is because they percentage is wonderful on days percent estimate was getting a bunch of guys on base. And at the end of the inning you'd add up another two or three L all obese that's what you do they never moved him past home plate. This year it's much different. This is your cable our game that are great team here on board right percent late bike giveaway night no shoes no this you're gonna love the way an issue no. Knowledge of what the issue that way at I'm asking you to pick a side you can't lay on the fence so you wanna make it simple I'm not you know. Horrible break stuff down you know you don't want originally when I do is you pick sides in and you talk yourself out of its at a time you get all the reasons why they're grade and there are good and why you should have faith. And be committed not picking them to win at all you know you you don't like my. Usual bunch of stuff with this team some of it I agreed with some of it I did not agree with the so what you're saying is that this team has Carrick I agree this team as they are now let's give us. Do you feel comfortable. If you get to you division let's say you leave though the Yankees of the dust here you're gonna get them a couple weeks amounted. You won the division. The Yankees are the wild card they play the one game wild card team they knock out Seattle. You come up with the best record in the league you play the Yankees in a best of five series. Okay in a divisional series. You feel comfortable with the aid to sending David Price for the month. Well I don't I don't big and he Tuesday reprise of the gates whose report so. He's not David as you and I feel comfortable. We're able to do with Brett Morse who's having his struggle. And that some one's bad outing one bad Downey overall Yahoo! but overall world. My issue that you guys are priced my side says you do now Steve Rudman the lies that we as OC QL side. Like you because I had the courage your eyes and you know because I don't want to be overly complicated that I. Items not now I think with everything is a portal choices and that is it's a caliper you'd like multiple Joe's with us Almonte yes you are now. On all of the above is the I don't know about all the above all they know they allowed sure. Zinc and breaking it down because I I think there are specifics with the scheme. They do hit home runs right now. Is this is not but SA team offensively and they are given not indeed if you would think about the keeping any reason not to believe them yet other than the last. You know. You talk about everything everything they do they're hoping roses and pedals and a gold bar played they can't do any wrong yes they have bad days too. Overall. Overall. That talent and experience. Single aspect they are every dad just look at it but the people want to believe them because the game change at a speed up because he's been out of the race you not to be that he does speed up that slows down that well it's. Oh deficit is out there. He's Clinton's. All laid out in other sports yeah basketball definitely nobody gives more on the east speeds up off speed it up. If both yeah. More of a a bullpen. It it really does David Price is the most important guy in this team right now to does that everybody feel comforted the JD Martinez. It's gonna continue to hit like this when you get. To the next couple months and in the policies. I would say the answer rejects. Maybe doesn't hit at this rate may be diesel tired but to me he's in good. McKee bet does anybody questioned that that movie that's isn't going to be. One of the best all around players in any game may be second to Mike Trout. As a five tool player on base paths he did it again this week of the page password with the differences in at least one of these games and maybe contributed to another one. Certainly in the field we know what he does will power. We know how did you know just his hitting proficiency. Two triples and a game that's unusual. Step cash don't view that you don't see that often so you see it with great players like it. I don't worry about him whine about Raphael devers OK there's certain guys that I don't worry about but if you don't have David Price. And he is not pitching out of that starting rotation. And he's not giving you something. In this the chances of this team winning at a post season have just dropped down so you should you might play that you've seen enough to make the educated decision about to tell you everybody on that Rosser is healthy and playing at their best. And you play Houston you played New York who wins the series. Everybody's playing their best. So forget about ups and downs and navies and I'm not really sure in this guy is weak OK whatever they are all healthy who wins. It has arcade I don't I don't I don't like I don't like the Red Sox chances and they can lie to look at what is it then why why don't you like it their chances so. So New York doesn't unbelievable being vague when the plane and the key role to play out. And they lose re used to go all the way and actually knocked you out. So there is history and they've overcome some of the Yankees in 27. They've they've they were they were playing great pretty good so you're saying I look at their bullpen yeah I I'm wins so it so it is everything equal. So yeah Castro and in the first question there are a little bit win the Red Sox are again this is what you wanna do yesterday when the who pusher of the Knoll yeah if you go it alone late you're now that you lives up. I'll get a hold the rec center mutate I you know the holy into the change from our home meetings with the it's the Mario. It's radio you rate changed your mind and you can mind. Relevant and fun if you do it. All the time are for four hours so also big deal. You placed on vinyl from rate debris field like some of gonna hold that against nobody's I don't I heard on Wednesday and I don't care that is out there about the Christians there in him. Stay are probably better prepared. In the postseason and they were the last couple years. Because even against good pitching I believe this team will produce runs. And but you've got to starting rotation. Pitch just lost one of that the guys this week and we don't know whether he'll come back and if he comes back. He's he put all the weight on that right leg which is already been a problem with the heat and now he's got to with a foot. Is he going to be the same guy who's. He struck a ramped up skip a pretty damn good and you what you what nineteen scoreless innings this kid was really start to show something. The only teams do what is toying around too too often. In certain counts and not burying a guy get mountain go on to the next guy so he was he wasn't born out long enough. He's pitcher for five and a third five and two thirds he had to be expand his game. If you lose him this weekend and I you've got Chris Hill how many post season games as he. Not giving them making their way there isn't one. David Price of idiocy you'll say oh well I. If they want a couple of the bullpen doesn't count it does a couple of I don't know what you wanna put our bullpen and I already said that is. I feel better putting price in the bullpen for the post season and a few words only. One of my chances of a feel good about David Price. I would feel better if you tell me today David Price to work comfortable. Easy it's not his game. You know he it's not he doesn't have his name he's not the author of game to working three when he goes out there. He's just coming in are cleaning up to try to do something for the dad started to gain some pressure. And we all know it's all between years with him and it's all about pressure right you are on board with the Sox I'm on board with him. Out of the bullpen out of the start but guess what he's going to be a starter and even more so now. Whiff Rodriguez going down this weekend I I don't feel is good. Because I know you really have to depend on David Price so the most significant player. The rest of this but the rest of the season lose at this right last week. He's pitching and a bunch of exhibition games he'll get the Yankees on what's that Sunday night. August 5 so you'll get the Yankees in that game and bright at the Yankees once maybe twice in the month of September he's got three or four. Significant starts that we're going to be looking at the rest of the stuff he'll probably be five it'd be going up against the Sox Arkin psyche or teams in Major League Baseball. But is he not the most significant player. On this team when you get to the postseason. And though it's he but he should be. Should they be 31 million Malaysia B that's the thing and it's like now he's like the X-Factor. Today you count on there now indeed the U moved he hoped those guys make me feel good about looking bad I feel good about Cheney Martinez. And book isn't a great success in the policies and as JD Martinez I feel good about those guys. Just I have trouble feeling good about price. In aid big playoff. Scenario. And to me things have changed over this weekend he becomes more important to this team. Because the one guy you thought might be able to Dallas might might be able to do it if David Price could go zero. And he may be out of the equation right now so out and I can't be scared the fact that you're dependent right now on David Price. To beat he's the most important guy on this team if this team is gonna go out there and win the world sort. A quick break we're right okay. Sports Radio guy. EI. Eating through. I'm disappointed and upset actually and and and so a lot of the old consider what's going on the first thing. This. You know what do you can you clarify what's happening here is that what looked like what I need to clarify what first caught at Texas storm supports all. Your statement is that after visiting all of you so dot got to go also did something happen and doing the business. All all. Why why don't you making this the series. You know. Do you people wonder well are you are trying to spin on it clear that those look like this spitting on them all but it was not just all. That was the stadium a big huge controversy this is Michael or. And he's talking about TERRELL OWENS who you probably heard. I've got into the football hall of fame this year. But he elected to take. His induction elsewhere where is he doing it usually can ecology. You know school is old school of Tennessee Chattanooga. I don't. So then they hall of incomes back and says okay if he's doing that. Weird we're not gonna break up the program. Since he doesn't have a present they re not going through the procedure. We're gonna sit here for you know 12151820. Minutes or whatever. And two of the TERRELL OWENS that he will be part of the names up there that he's one of the new inductees and then at the end of the whole thing will recognize any. Our. In order the newest members of the hall of fame and they will include him in that they would wanna make a big deal. And what you've done and all of this every every party is done and all of this is dear dear making eight controversy. A month away. You're making a controversy that is gonna get bigger in the next four weeks. It's going to play in. To the future voting of hall of famers. There are now hall of fame voters who were coming out and they're talking about. Gonna vote for somebody. He's gonna be there for the abductions are so that's good report the criteria but the dead people. All Leo is testament to implement. Team that people can't be you know so really this is now. The norm. Like roll in for this is the start of something you know that you're gonna wild wild wild would you not go he he's not going because he felt. He was gift. In the first year of eligibility and babies around and maybe was right it may be some bit bit but there were people on the committee apparently in the I'm. In the room they do it differently for years so that's I don't get it any artillery the whole reason why cycle because it was a first ballot hall of her well but then he's the casting Michael Eric is still Michael Irvin he only did this after he made a trip to the Paula think that it relied quite a bit of the hall relies like I don't. But don't you hate it when people suddenly you know they're they're they're pro testing you're doing something and you sit on without you don't you put a simple. And you don't know I with the money chick that give you these cryptic messages it's what's pissed me off the most about the patriots in the off season with Brady and his little videos and ground in his little. You know social media post and stuff stop giving meet cryptic messages tell me why you test. And it will all judge seek 3 AM right into our office that he wanted to go because it costs much much. The party at Brees and the date he's got you know as a nation right now so that's light goes well you can't find somebody. That's going to. Take care at all from Dallas dot com weeks ago when you put your yellow jacket on a a complete turnaround that we had a big hold of outside of Dennis Rodman does not about being politically marketing and actually just over their careers. And this company that vacuum and audio. As always found a way to be able to be part of it Clinton going to North Korea be part of it summit between that's popcorn got sorted out point. So my OK so fine. He is on ago. Big deal UC's name he does that give a speech. You have it is easy to get bust is that what it is yet you didn't notice everything okay so what would make her. Life. I wanna go so people bitching about the whole thing so you tell me. Should the hall of fame do. In the program. The program is established with there's a sponsor the sponsor gets up there and he apparently you know does the appeal whatever he does the talk and then the player comes up there and play and none on the what happens is there's like a dinner before and everybody comes out there. I know but that the day of you have your Hillary you go for it no not yet though there's ever speaks for you pick your. More sponsor them would they know you're saying there's a sponsor like an immediate none no none none none announcement. There's there's somebody who does it you know we were talking about this a few weeks ago what happens when. Brady goes in there is Belichick gonna be that guy right we were sent so the guy gets up there and right in heat is on that other notes on how you pick your whoever who's gonna announced he would you pay your son your your primary Jarrett Payton you know all was he he introduced. Is that okay so to Owens is not going to have one of those people there so what should the is that they're sorry present for use on at present yeah I I. But what you're what you're saying some interpreters nod nod and a memo you meant and I used the wrong word I apologize double that particularly well as a once a month of their relatives that authority. So you're right present I'd have a present so what's the whole thing there are people appear I heard in the last few users that there. Presenting the argument that the whole of struggle with somebody like a full English to feel. Who's gonna get a tablet idea that would hold the seat that would be his sponsors that would be the guy that said I recommend I'd nominate TERRELL OWENS. Here's why. And go through the tape Google all the bullet and that's that I'm not talking about that I don't I don't I would point to introduce my point is but that it would be the resented because he picks his designer so all they say you know what response to them whoever dominated them as guys because of back. App but why do you waste your time and he's going to get that didn't speak. So I don't radiation so we talked about the people when the people. Thought they will they don't go out to some of the articles because a and somebody could pull out of that would be awesome. It's somebody goes out there and talks about him. Okay and they use it looked to the sky and do the whole thing and everybody starts tearing up that it's emotional. What do you courted dope or is not here today he's as quick enough and he's doing all of that I'll tell you what you do. It's very simple you don't reveal it being time to jerk like you editors his bus and also are alone let's say. You don't play video you know hopefully it'll be part of that you still recognized him his name so gonna be in there is still gonna have you know his Boston there. And his accomplishments in the team's ever. That's fit. And if you wanna be part of it don't force the issue but don't be a jerk about it either he has earned the right you voted form in the hall of fame. So he doesn't get a video he doesn't get a prisoner he doesn't get a speechless usually don't don't just look at I don't know promise that puts it all over the whole thing because they're not doing something has been on. He doesn't wanna be part of the serum correct so why no why you want us. Remedy twelve minutes or whatever to play a video and everything else he doesn't wanna be part of it. Why should you be sitting here playing the twelve minute so I don't have a problem necessarily with a hall of fame is doing okay they should at allocate time in the program. For him other than make sure you recognize them make sure the buses up there make sure you're putting him in in the end but here's where I gets conservative. That when people are anonymously saying. It could be some problems with the guys voting in the future. Because they may be fearful of putting in somebody who's not gonna show up for all whether they gonna show up OK you don't know what they're alive but you're dead. So yeah it. You relevant whether they're gonna show opera not just vote for the best. What was the best get leverage in the end you hope for the best. Human Nebraska and now human events editor and I know that's really gonna screw me Tuesday Wednesday Thursday were broke out Friday so here. When planning a family vacation this summer remembered the Honda Pilot has room for eight and the phrase I will turn this car breaks around is incredibly effective and visit Honda dealers of New England dot com around here that we Honda. Some called the best community Sheila Bostick investment they've shown a city that's not me being sarcastic I have. Happened like this show a lot right now its board weighed Murrow and low he had 48 on Sports Radio. WEEI. I got on Twitter. Tell you that question was coming so I'm you know. Sure. A lot of San Franciscans are offended by and so now. You know. That people get offended by about what's his still this is. You know I'm not so not really sorry. You know as part of our game everybody does it. If somebody's gonna throw at me because. This season. About flipping. Clearly. Now marked down again it was rumored to become a Leo recession in the early in the season tomko finished. If what does that they feel with the McHale. If you do something good baseball you should be celebrating this is. What is this world what's happened the war world sitting there and we have to be polite we have to act like we've been there before. It is well for balls fifteen minutes up here is it it. No no it's solely going to get worse OK when we've I think we've called him the dumbest stupidest idiotic father of the of the year for the last year anyway right. So he's getting headlines on ESPN. Because he's once again. Going at LeBron. Hit that last year where you want to be a little bit relevant do you think you take the biggest stars in the game. The chiefs is now playing for the team. There is controlled by the brokerage and you know how how but how long how old I was going after LeBron. I he's posting bid back in his day he would he would beat a one on one that LeBron couldn't they carries cheat on me just. But generally if you're LeBron James uses these elected your dad's an oral or your dad. Is that is every guys that got back in my day after I get beat them one at top Obama back. Long as those days watched the way while it's cool let's go until all placed on those days are numbered. Number trust me on this one. For all on vacation airlines are you two weeks. Switch go like Antarctica. Now primarily through. New Zealand and Australia liked it climb well Washington OK so euros and admitted he declined did you know you drive down I what you want to train. Okay that I'm announcement re scared I kinda scary GAAP net at cog railway which you did actually climb. All by good fees yeah I was if it was a goal that I it's gotten friend of mine and I did it together and we have a great Everett ever snacks will be going next. I don't know now I gotta look my body recover from this when first sort back guy rich are back together again and and I'm the one thing I I really tried to keep track of because this past week I was in San Francisco. And I try to keep track of of the people who didn't care about the Red Sox anymore right. At seems to be that the new hot thing around here not to get this fifty you don't don't enjoy a team that's got the most wins in Major League Baseball and according half game lead in the American League east right just that. You know what there's there's there's no solidity that difference it's not like him on as a difference of this team is on to wait it is a lot more like they had the best design based think cute this far out on top of the well. All right folks. The estimate is it doesn't win consensus is that 150 I did one yesterday in baseball right now the all talked about but I agree with you. So in that respect your right I let it snow. Just security but still love being still loved being a little applicants as part of Oakland and handed it won't hit the advantage he urged unity and Renault is missing and that I I asked him a sordid affair Friday and I know margins that it had tuna. I don't know guys accidental or its commitment to your to do it again tomorrow. When I am I gonna do I have a choice we roller I don't know tomorrow we're pine hills mall down in implement what will it be Jimmy Carter Reagan wrote I'm. Like a block away from my house. You know sometimes it just doesn't work and all of freezes and not back tomorrow at 10 AM more Audi a boy's.